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The Heart of the Father After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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April 24, 2021 8:00 am

The Heart of the Father After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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April 24, 2021 8:00 am

Welcome fellow adventurers! The discussion on the heart of the father continues right here on the Masculine Journey After Hours Podcast. The clips are from "Robin Hood," and "Father's Day."

There's no advertising or commercials, just men of God, talking and getting to the truth of the matter. The conversation and Journey continues.

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Crawl here when you train one pastor and some donor friends are standing by to train a second call 833-443-5467 or go online and train a

Every gift counts and now every gift is double training This is Mike Swick from if not for God podcast our show stories of hopelessness turned and I hope your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network coming to you in French and the heart masculine. After our time to be more transparent and masculine journey starts here now welcome to messenger after hours and sided with his were only about the weekly 60s fighters away from boot camp and so very excited. His past families bedtime is to flip you like I would like to have a here you could be through the door catch. Eventually, I guess this is your method of father is a method is preferred, but not all agree with that is finishing up the regular short talk about who we are and God. And I think that's important to understand that were brothers and sisters in Christ and this is our identity. It's the truest thing about us you know it doesn't matter how bad we screw up. That's not our identity. You know you're not a doctor you're not a lawyer you're not a janitor, your brother or sister in Christ, and it becomes your true identity and so I want to open up with his next clip it if you come out to the boot camp you'll see this clip and it it's a trailer from Robin Hood and the older man help me out and he is you got to think of his name is basically explaining to Robin who he is and who his legacy of his father's think I'll go ahead and I don't know that's the trailer so I'm not the guys name. You say Jimmy's life is a famous actor in Russell Pres., I think I have a lot tell you about history about your follow me every subject will hold for you are your father's son and I wanted things were talking about windbreaks was that the legacy we leave behind and it is not just being fathered by God but fathering those around us.

Basically, in the name of God. If you will write we we find ourselves. I was sharing a story of what was going on. Today I got a beat up old Jeep truck that I've had for ever and I can laugh. I like this is one of my first purchases at a college it's it's 30+ years old so I am now aging myself how God but I laughed about the truck as I had a friend who told me Jim why did you buy what you want you can have a stroke forever, and I laughed at them right and what I didn't realize is what he saw in me. At that time growing up. Yeah I was one of those problem children that were racing on the streets. You know we had nothing better to do but play with our cars and I know I was fathered not by my dad. My dad had no clue what I was doing half the time, but I was usually fathered in those early years by my friends father's you know we had a I had a friend named Troy and his dad basically help us tear down a 302 Ford engine for his Mustang and put it all back together and you know and you learn things along the way. So here I am now with my beautiful Jeep that's you know's and I'm laughing because it's it's recently gone a heart transplant. My youngest son has placed a 38 Chevy V8 would just put it that way into this into this engine day but he didn't get things completed all the way and because I have been father by no big Troy's dad. I knew things were missing and I'm basically cleaning up the rest of this building.

If you will. Well, what was interesting today was that's my oldest son and I like you Sam. You know I I've got a couple kids from a my first marriage which I fully met. I completely screwed them up and so I got these two boys for my second marriage and I love them dearly. I you know I don't want to call them stepsons because to me the arsons and so you know, our oldest.

It is in the house and you know you through some serious strategy in his life. He's come to the human's daughter come to live with us for a period of time until he can get his schedule worked out so on so forth. So not only am I fathering him because he brings his truck and he's got a Jeep Cherokee needs ghetto adding all sorts of parts to and stuff and we discovered just because it says it does assert thing online does. It's Right it's always fun because you happen fun with it because I told him it didn't sound right and and about three hours later he's looking at me with my eye tore apart and he likes me. Doesn't sound right.

So coming out of but God gives us the opportunity to pass that on to father those around us and not just be fathered but to father those around us and I find you my opportunity to father my granddaughter she's forced Eastern for this week and she is a handful, but in that I can see you know I can love her well and let her know that no god loves her. You know that her daddy loves her and that way she doesn't see God is this for some of the benefit will look like, times when God uses you to father people. You obviously don't.

As a father. That guy what you hear is to help think I know how to do that he doesn't really know how to do that. I was showing what I know you know me and I know this amount of it right. But in the end. In the end of the day that still fathering that you're helping them grow in an area that they didn't know how to do it ended and I looked at eight. Danny and Sandy. It is, it is what you wear your hair and have been known. John 14 from the one brick in the Scriptures you but of John 14 verse nine where Jesus asking to show show us the father and Jesus little frustrated says he who has seen me has seen the father and ask out of the coma prayer Lord, let them see you in me, because that's ultimately what we were talking about your glory shine back and when I think about that I think about my dad and my dad's birthday is coming up in the he's a 78 and he a master with cardio Harold to be your dad. Actually older than you know.

He told us about cars and that was one of his passions, but dad was not a openly emotional so then we snuck in somewhere along in my childhood, and your dad was that all ballgames dad was that the practices and I was not a star athlete. I made a joke last week was in Gaza reason I like golf is because the by throwing the ball at me and though I try to tackle because I got it. I like that but was an athlete, but dad was there and so important to me was somewhere lost the connection in their just recently while think of the book, fathered by God by John Eldridge in this, lit me up and then a friend of mine challenge me to write a letter to my dad's last Father's Day. I think it was right for you played that clip of love that you got there yet, but I wrote a letter to dad. But what in that process. I realize the sacrifices that he had made that were were unspoken in MD the fact that when dad is present. I feel secure, even now and and to reflect that with with your legs you got wind that dad's always present.

There should be some security in that, and if you see me you seem to father Sir those kind of reflections. It is, how I see these would moan kids.

I have a talk on the steps and he's not my biological son but if you meeting you only been around me a lot because we carry a lot of stuff but I have a daughter and yeah the enemy try to convince us and experience that we were just awful.

We've been divorced twice. Both sides, you know, the trauma wall that when we realize that you want life, takes things over sometimes and they survived and are pretty good kid. My daughter sent me a text today put on my calendar for August 2022. She will be known as Dr. Dr. yeah yeah I don't know where she got that from. I'm still thinking to me and my Southern heritage. We use the term we will use the term father very much is daddy wish Scriptures is tribal father which is a term of endearment. Which means daddy and make a Last Supper, not the last dinner for all you like that was it. One things for me. I'm realizing that I am growing in trusting God as father is had some situations over the last few weeks that just normally would send me into a worry tailspin. I was at work and holdover curving into this little great sticking up and pulled about half the front of my car off and I normally that would freak me out this ring. I didn't have the funds to go get it fixed and I just as a grant. I guess it happened you know when I went home and found that you can gorilla glue a lot of stuff together and it'll hold for very time is the holy looks brand-new. I'll get a fix when I get the money, but I didn't worry and I didn't stress that same day, I thought I lost my glasses and I just got new back in September and normally I would be tearing everything apart.

You know him and I did look and I couldn't find them. I do so well you know I got an old pair of glasses notice wherever will be great but I'll get through until I can get another pair. This happened to show up. I found an insulin part of my car can find. Few days ago. The air conditioner wasn't working and every year that's that's the story of my house. My air conditioner doesn't work upstairs and you normally it's quite expensive is an old air conditioner in Canada milking along as I don't have $7000 from your system and so I had has Mike mount look at it night and normally honest that wouldn't slap the night before worried that it's can be more than I can afford to do right now and so are you not guide you got it you have not written worried about it. The guy came out and it was hundred $20. There is no news is like it could've been 600 it would've been okay. You know you figured out how to do it that it was more just see this this feeling of finally in my life I'm feeling like God. I know you're there and got my back. I don't have to turn out to may be quite expensive. I know either way we can get on the other side of it right and that the enemy with a twisted and turned those things. I wouldn't slip for a week now I would've been stressed out of probably pretty crappy to my son you know because I've been stressed out in all the things it would've inside, things of that were going because I said okay I got it I got a father, I can trust and doesn't mean it's going to work out the way I wanted to but it's going to be okay anything out microphone in front of his I think Jim will question a question from my asking question and whether someone is somebody in your life to father you specific sample know general well no specific example, if you can think of one. Thanks for the heads up on that and we talked about our mother was totally different. I was kind of tracking with you though I will say this before I get into that is just the fact that there were a lot of times in my life where it just seemed like I was always running from the let one crisis to the other was like oh here again wake up in the middle of the night just worried about stuff you know and just worried that if I did, I have what it took to provide for that need to fix that problem to keep it to stay employed you to stay married to whatever it is and you know it is through the son ship is where I've gotten that grounded confidence in God that you know it, like you said, it may not work out the way I think it will work out.

But when you talk when you walk through the Psalms and you talk through walk through the Gospels. It's constantly trust God trust God trust God and that's not the normal Christian experience a lot and a lot of people five particular mind so but as far as bringing people into my life to father me so you know there's a lot of things that I still don't feel like the day-to-day.

I'm not a mechanic on the I do well in technology but I got the limits and construction and and whatever it may be, but that but there are things that I do have skills for NASA former father, but as far as what it took to become a man who is confident where I feel like I have strength that you have to told the story about my new name.

I feel like God gave you had given me my original name was Andrew, meaning strengths, but as far as individual and I'm not there try to be too nebulous and not specific, but not everybody on this team in some form of the other has fathered me through the words that they said either on this radio show at boot camp through a text you know and that's the way God does in a band of brothers is key to being father and I just have that crazy guys every time when we do the type of show to talk about how you get father but you know it would be. Maybe it would be dishonoring to God. In my opinion, because he put you guys my line. I know that I father didn't teaching you not to sit next to me as I would probably flip you simply write it so that was just as well imagine what it's like saying yeah that's why every time I see them. They are hitting you and smacking you and doing something.

It was a lot more fun when they were bigger than me yeah and that much better. Yet Eli could just overpower me if you really wanted. I would be ugly yet. I would pretend to get what you get to talk about a lot is hey I had this father in my life I had somebody but it was minor somebody else's. This guy took interest in the one of things for me on that. I don't really have that story of hey I spent a lot of time with this man who was mine father. My dad, you know, we didn't have any real serious heart to heart talk seal is not Christian. He was a very is a good man. He did a lot of things for those around them.

But he also was pretty selfish and a lot of anxiety did and didn't have time at certain times when I really needed him.

But yet was not completely absent. Either salsas wishy-washy kind of in and out and were I kind of learned it was by observation. So I would see something and maybe somebody else in a couple of coaches when I was in high school because those are your most say usually can be molded and shaded in you know different ways but my JV basketball coach was also my science and math teacher was just very steady and consistent and so during basketball, no heat, he was always honest. Do the right thing all the time he did. Let's get by with anything more like one of the varsity. It was so lax, Mike.

No wonder we don't need discipline on this team know.

Fortunately, no. 15 so so that the grade I was in. We all got there together. The senior was like okay we were better together. He also had as a JV team as a freshman he was that he was a JV and freshman football coach, so I got warmer while he also coached wrestling and he was the PE teacher. So I got no interact with them a lot, but he again was another man who was just not let you get by with anything is not use Holcomb people accountable and now we we have silly jokes like if you'd like. If you screwed office on 85 jerk Nozick did not. I would always make fun of his voice and stuff. He would these are guys that were very serious about what they did and were going to just let people get by with thinking CIs watch so many other men just let people walk over look the other way with things and just let things go and I always look at these two men is men that were outstanding and what was great about the Jade but the football coach was we were really good as it freshman team as a JV team and then we had a couple really bad coaches that came in so time I was every single year that I was in school in a different varsity coach and then our freshman coach got your seat when were seen as Your coach. We love it man is he yells accountable. He made us good again as we we we got out really fell often. We had a very talented and mortality team when I was a genius and probably didn't senior went away more success were seniors and it was because of leadership because he was somebody who was there to yeah and it was that he took time to let you know where you should be and what you should be doing and what your role was in things that it was this it was just different than what most guys are doing. You could tell when some. He loves you and cares about you versus somebody with this there right now I want to thank the coaches and the teachers out there you know no one things and I was putting together my collage if you will, for the talk at at the camp was II was kind of shocked how many teachers ended up in there that's you know, took time 2 point me in the right direction and LED is young man and I was I was all over the map.

I could've found myself in jail of a billion times in I often tell my old wife that it's a miracle I made it out of high school a life. I mean, I have lived a rich, lifeless to say but the teachers and the coaches are often know the front line and they're taking their time to father these kids. I know for me personally, you know, probably one of the biggest father figures. I have was a swim coach in the EU would take time and he would laugh you know that some of my stories.

I was telling the get out. I just recently was in a automobile accident, and I laughed at him because he's have me re-create this event and I says yeah I'm tell him about us as and when the car landed 80 burst out laughing at me. I didn't realize was what good actually come out of my mouth because when the car landed Jim, what were you doing off the ground. Anyway, so you know it it says teachable moments that you know it and I just wanted take time to thank the coaches in the teachers out there for the time they do spend the time they care about the kids for me. One of the things early on in my career in construction.

I had no desire to get in construction.

I hated that type of stuff and I had to eat and so I got into it temporarily talk and find a real job and I've been doing it now for 35 years you know that one of the reasons why I have been in it for so long is a guide and invest a lot of time and in with me when he had time when he told me was really good. Now in that part of it was he when you go away from the job site go see his girlfriend in open so you want me to run the jobsites it is imparting wisdom just as a necessity but still one of the things that he told me select you going to make mistakes in your decisions you have to make decisions every day going to make mistakes but the worst thing you can do in construction is not make a decision because the job comes to a halt.

Don't make a $10,000 mistake make a $200 mistake that I promise you, you get more right than you ever do wrong and you learn from wrong, you won't do it again. It was so incredibly freeing and I still run into situations 35 years in the industry that I've never ran into before and I look and say this is a note to hundred dollar decision, a $10,000 decision. You know what I need to do right going to get more information but I just make a judgment call and if I'm wrong on this fix it. Getting about construction. It can be redone right and so it can be costly but you know I that was very freeing for me it's really help me throughout my career and so things I try to pass on as I've done training with the with the people of interning with is the select don't let it intimidate you.

You never going to have all the answers right your government into a new situation all the time just make a good decision to move forward and commune, and so for me that was a big one about infinitely influential guys in my life and dad big I've been about 19 years ago, some you guys made it with Boot Camp. We came to Jim Daly and you know he was somewhat between a father and older brother that I never had an abandonment at Sunset Avenue were reduced to go and don't seem a lot or talk a lot nails as we relocated, but he poured into me in so many different ways and he was kind of the guy who had all the wonderful construction tools and skills in and those kind of things and he kidnapped me a couple thousand. Took me to mission events and stuff like that in maybe stretch a little serving very volatile. He listens or not Greg things like create this week is is you can listing this is God mascot got open my eyes to the people that you brought into my life to father me. The other thing we didn't really get into this time to God intimately stepped in and fathers and we all got stories of that but also asking God. When you stepped in and father me when that I have calmness when I should have had.

When did I know that everything was going to be okay those of the times God said I gotcha. Spend time with him and ask him to unveil this news to you and then register for the boot camp is going to tell you a whole bunch more. There masculine register now. Talk to you next week.

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