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New Name

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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April 10, 2021 12:30 pm

New Name

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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April 10, 2021 12:30 pm

Welcome to Masculine Journey fellow adventurers! We continue giving a preview of the topics being covered at the boot camp. The discussion this week is on new name. The clips are from "Hacksaw Ridge," a Chevy commercial, and "Les Miserables." The journey continues, so grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

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Crawl here when you train one pastor and some donor friends are standing by to train a second call 833-443-5467 or go online and train a Every gift counts and now every gift is double training because this Roy Jones with mental radio podcast admissions to break down the walls of raisins nomination, your chosen truth radio broadcast will be starting in just a few seconds.

Thank you. This is the Truth Network, the heart of every man is a great adventure. Life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear and come on a quest band of brothers will serve as the guys called masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. Welcome masculine journey. We are glad that you're with us today and there is a night for days until boot camp 19 more days till boot camps if you want to come, please go to masculine and register.

We'd love to have you there, right in the middle of going through some of our boot camp topics. Obviously, in a much condensed version of what we would do it boot camp they were doing radio shows on a Mensa thrown it out of the group. You can say the topics that we've done already.

There's been three anyone caught his eyes a man's heart heart of a man, even one would not be number one baby number one poser poser be number two and Lanny wound to healing works. Let's check the Jeopardy judges yes so Robby this week it's back to you for your topic again. You started it with core desires right in our back to your topic again.

Could you be doing is talking camp Santos will bit about how well today's topic is so exciting. I will never forget it when I came across that my first and I didn't get it but I deftly thought it was a great concept that Morgan get a new name as it describes in Revelation, but I want to point out that it's one of the coolest things about boot camp that you experience when I hope to go register it master is that these things fit together like a great pool player. If you ever actually played pool excellently every shot. They take lines up their neck shot so they can sync up my whole right numbing so the 1 Ball You Know Makes Way for the two ball etc. so these talks like you gotta have core desires to really begin to understand the larger story which is the second topic sets up the poser while the poser completely is integrated into the wound because you need to understand what standing in the way are you finding the wound that the two of those talks between the wound and the poser line you up perfectly to begin to accept this concept of how I can I get a good I can in the name and so one of the things that some he said from the stage may be my second boot camp might have been the first one of those times and it impacted me and I've never forgotten was that we each bear the image of God. In other words, we reflect him in some way very uniquely and you personally that your person will ever listen you reflect him in a way that only you reflect him the way that you were to sign that way.

You were created, and if you don't do that if you don't take on that identity. That reflection, nobody else can in the whole world misses out all of all of the universe misses out on what that would be an example would be just like tonight were missing Harold which really is a sad thing because now he was there when God invented, but nonetheless when you not when he is not eerily Harold size hole you you know you can't. You don't have that sense like he's here if you were normally the table. Not a big hole that is that's uncalled for. Anyway you get the picture is true and so one of the things I was so glad about boot camp was out here. I have an idea so many men tell me I know I've got a bigger purpose. I know that I'm meant to do something more than what it is and I'm involved in all these things will this talk is aimed directly at helping you see how it is that you do in fact reflect God, and the beautiful thing about it is a key ingredient is he's gonna be the one that tells he is not to be the guy standing up on the stage. I can tell you that it's going to be and what we call the covenant of silence after the talk you go out and you talk to God and you ask him what you call me yeah you know a lot of guys want to know, and we have a talk called your place in the story right. They want to know what my place in this great story that God's creating and has been creating continues to create and unveil what's my place was really hard to know if you don't know who you are right you got have an identity of kind who you are and that leads you more into the place of your role, you're supposed to play right and so much don't know is you have what I didn't know I shouldn't say you that you may know very well that you have an enemy who fears and has been trying to make sure that you never walk in that identity in this matter fact every time somebody pops up and begins to reflect God that he doesn't necessarily hate you nearly as much as he hates God in the way you reflect God really upsets him so as these look across the horizon. Every time he sees a little bit of a God image popping up out of the foxhole family waxy like lacrimal right and so one of the ways that he has been whacking you your whole life, and if you knew me well you see she, Robby, you have this great big gap between your two front teeth. Well as a kid. A lot of people made that my identity, I'm the guy with the teeth that you could drive a freight train between the two in outlet or whatever it was that they said at and that made me feel inferior and that make me feel like you know and so we were getting these labels well those labels and how you found them on your life. You know, Satan would love to pin them on you. So if you are it going to boot camp in the days when Desmond Doss did you know you would get a label from the Sgt. here and so were to give you an idea of how this is not supposed to happen when you hear your new name is not coming from the Sgt. you are very strange looking individual.

If you don't mind me saying so private name Andy Walker hello defendants, sir. People name is cool you say Walker Sgt. something off in your presentation Place. Is it your hair is at the wrinkle in your trousers with such gas course that sent the knife is your name soldier's pretty right now your name is private, 80 July, who through the knife will part Indian tribe. He belongs Polish wrong, I believe you must have charity or Swanee blood. I shall henceforth call you chief is a sign of great respect to your people. Are you grinning at me Moyers that your natural state.

Sgt. Desmond, I have seen stalks of corn with butter physiques make you want to pull an arrow can carry weight. Sgt. should be easy to make sure you keep this man away from strong winds. Sgt. outside. I believe any man take such pride in his natural naked state will surely enjoy the brisk of the outdoors.

Now move your private well I can read myself you just assure you that we need a professional sitting in the careless and slams the way to go quickly, so I'm sure you enjoyed listening it but is not at all funny because when you're the recipient of some of those tags that you God.

It was actually an opportunity for Satan to try to get you to hide because if you hide, you know you not to reflect that.

But Andy, you picked a clip that was obviously near and dear to my heart but I think it's actually near and dear to God's heart and so can you set that up for listeners and affiliates. It's pretty easy as a means of short clip and when I was first talk.

I did a boot camp with the new name and write about that time I started anytime were talking about the masculine journey. I'm watching TV.

Look up her stuff with this perfect commercial came on about how whatever you name only. Whatever you love the name and it's really just about people name in their trucks and listen clip and as a Christian cargo five status for years that you know I called red red.

And if you got a favorite boat or just think about when you name your daughter when you think about the name of that dog.

But what I don't know what's beautiful about the clip. Is it when somebody really does love something that's when they name it and if you believe me with all your heart that God loves you. Talk of course he's got he's not got one name for you.

I guarantee you he's got lots in this you delve into that journey.

It's unbelievable. So here's the good clip from the Chevy commercial and not point out is my son works for Chevy shameless plug Terry Labounty to be specific. Now they what I got it to as if those were affectionate names you could tell that those people truly love their man column crappy piece of vehicle it's fall apart or whatever they gave them something a good name and and that's what God does. I think a lot of times wearers were used to the first clip in getting those names like private idiot and whatnot. And you know just we're not where we were disconnected from his love and what he really wants to call us but to Robby's point though and it was for him.

I told him that was a gift to him because he was one of the first ones I never heard about government actually naming a vehicle that was years ago before noon with the ministry in it and it really is and make an impact on me.

I don't know that I ever gave my car name, but I thought it was really cool and just and in what is all red Eastern time asset and I think And you know you take better care of your car if you love it, and the name helps you give some endurance, but red and I Danny you have a really powerful story on this because you you woke up to this, not in the boot camp and actually in a sermon one time and it it greatly impacted.

Yeah the will play the above immediately friend of God. Israel somebody like all the another friend, Beverly showed of the church one Sunday and they played a song for seven ever heard it, and then the pastor had a message about being a friend of God, and God calling you friend and like the clip with the Sgt. recalled lots of things in my life and different. I was the kid people picked on at school. For whatever reason, is a teaspoon issue. Robby's neck anything but you know, having grown into alcoholism and drug addiction got sober in the label alcoholic and even sitting in a 12 step room which I truly love is you impacted my life that I was Danny nonalcoholic, and so the story goes that finishing, you guessed it, that's what that's kinda how I set it up as I know you want to know how it Danny heard that in how it impacted his life. I no idea. But guess what you got a story like that coming your way when you hear your name from God's only happen in a boot camp Masten journey what if one weekend wasn't up to, you know, and bring all masculine journey boot camp basic training designed to give men permission to be how God made warriors on John averages allow that hard experience. Four days purpose for God to come after and perhaps reawaken dreams and desires uniquely placed in your masculine heart masculine journey spring boot camp May 2, masculine and register today. This assumes Masten journey. I'm here with my son Eli talk about ways he held his ministry, smiled at him and smiled at him is his information on the website there on how to do that to and click the donate masculine and find the masculine mail to PO Box 558 yeah so I was in this disservice as the phone played the pastor begin to preach.

I realize that what they were saying scripturally in James 223 says Scripture was feel.

We said Abraham believed God, and it was imputed in human righteousness, and he was called a friend of God. And when God calls you friend is a powerful thing I can say Andy's friend, but when Amy said this is my friend Danny is old mother connotation and so would God calling me friend just just rocked my world and revelation was God looks at me favorably and not I struggle with that and still probably struggle with some to think that this knucklehead to look at in the mirror. God looks upon me favorably and lovingly and gives me a term of endearment to call me by he does it is no condemnation in him and that's kind of the story behind this all means that you don't. I'm not some subhuman deadhead that wrecked his life. I am a restored renewed old things have passed away. All things become new. Kinda guy that can walk in the newness of life and walk and reflect that glory that he gives me when I choose to test it absolutely sent there were things I was thinking about as we played that chorus right I don't how may times and said I'm a friend of God.

That was quite a few times and made it repeated same here at yeah that's the whole point. You know I think God has to tell us these things so many times of the sink in. Right. That's what makes a course powerful is because you get to the end and you gotta know the next thing, and as I'm a friend of God right and so if we could only treat the names of God gives us with that same type of reverence, so to speak, to where we start to believe it.

As we hear it. That's a hard thing because it feels kind of foreign what's really weird as we accept the labels the enemy gives us really easy to take the word of God. That is the truest thing seems so hard sometimes is a clip I looked for.

I couldn't find it in the Tyler Perry movie camera when is young girl has trauma in her life and and Medela character. Medea tells her is not what you called it matters is what you answer this kind of the principle behind the things that when I answer to you idea goes to jail. There was a girl the same fellow that I remember that line, it was great. It doesn't matter what you call this matter what you and let's just that's awesome when I heard that it reminded me of one of the boot camps and it was the second name I got from God, and I remember were going around the room. What my name if you heard, and somebody on the other side of the room said beloved son, that's one he gave me. Ultimately, I think there were five or six out of the 18 to 20 guys there that heard that if that what boot camp and I don't really remember hearing it since that's sort of like the Franklin that's one every one of us can claim were beloved son, beloved daughter and just get hold that alone will get you a long way down the road towards getting away from the pose and from the wound. So for me when he and I guess it was my third or fourth boot camp gives had gone on. I thought this was just a great thing is revelation to talks about it in the light stone in your giving it a new name. If you're in overcome her and so this particular boot camp went kinda hard for me and it used to be that I came back to the Christian car guys show on Friday night to Saturday morning at in these to David new name talk on Friday night so earlier that day. We had played paintball and I gotten slaughtered and I won that when I heard the woman talk. I ended up with this unbelievable headache that I thought had to do with paintball but the real question that was asked during that particular woman talk where they talked about was your life normal when you're a kid in or were things going weird and you just think that it was just a flesh wound.

Well the fact that I'd attempted suicide seemed not all that normal to me and I was wrestling in my mind why am a world that I attempted suicide, I knew that I attempted it, but I'd forgotten why Ed attempted it and the more I thought about it worth my headache.tell actually rather went to accompany silence after the wound I had to go just lay down and try to get a grip. I felt so bad. Came back heard the new name. Talk and knew that we are supposed to go out and ask God what he calls while I'm driving back to Winston. From that point time Park Springs is a Rapid and as I'm driving back. I said okay God what you call me Mrs. Robby II call you faithful. I want you kidding me I got a name like me like a dog or something like Old Faithful errors drop it out I am a cooler name of that names like Robby work with me here buddy work with me. It's not who's the guy that never left either his parents during the divorce.

Lisa guys never quit a job never cheated on a girlfriend always been there on time for this event and that event Robby, your faithfulness, what I call you it's it's it's really a big deal he's selling me on the fact that it that the insanity of this conversation to me at this point in my walk is unbelievable but that's that's exactly where was I wasn't buying it.

It didn't make sense to me. Didn't sound real and then I began to go okay well they told me that Satan uses these attacks to pinpoint some sorties call this guy ghoul he's calling Gould to hide something that would actually be his glory.

When is calling you private idiot he he's saying that specifically to try to get you to hide your glory, and so I thought well you call me faithful.

How would you attack faithful if you're trying to get faithful to hide and it hit me like a ton of bricks. The trail in my whole life is just like it when doing me me me me I could see all this role, the trails that it happened to me throughout my life and I went oh my gosh.

He has been coming after that faithfulness, my whole life and as I began to walk in that now. I guess this is been 1012 years, while I can't begin to put a value on seeing the times where I was faithful when it was not the popular thing to hear everybody like turn their back on me. Whatever. But see, God had called me into those situations then and and I realize it's okay not to be a people pleaser. I know everybody thinks you're wrong but I know I'm being faithful and I know I that's who I am and and I and I walk in that it times at and and feel God's pleasure in a like you know the guy in chariots of fire. You know he could feel God's pleasure when he runs. I can feel God's pleasure when unfaithful to one of my children to somewhere work with one of my customers to one of my friends because I know that's that's the cool thing now. The invitation is there for everybody. I even had come to boot camp would be really good work and help help you on that were to give you information is can help you isolate it, but it's available to everybody surly question for you what happens when you don't walk in that name of being faithful like what does it do to your heart when you're in a situation where you feel like you can't be faithful my gosh how like I want to crawl under and like it's it's a very, very, very difficult thing and I've been clearly put in that position many times in my life where I had to betray somebody and all man.

I mean, it is devastating that so one of the ways you know your name is really true right it what what does it do to your heart when you can't live in it when you want to pay was the same thing for me. When the names you gave me was loyal and it really is very hard for me when I'm put in a situation life feel like I can't be loyal well the something a promise and loyal to an expectation that I know was set those types of things it really just eats at me and I know okay that's really going to be a part of who I am at my core I God said because it really tears me apart when I have to betray it right so I have one of the clip wanted to get in.

It is from the movie let Ms. which we actually is a completely different clip from this in the in the actual talk, but it introduces a character by the name of Jean Valjean and at the very beginning you're seeing a this wonderful picture of grace were actually to an extent. His life is saved by a man that could have turned them in and sent back to prison and it says I'm ranting you from darkness that, although the fact that he was ransomed even walk in his identity. In fact, he hid because he was still on parole, still had a past yellow passport and throughout the movie. He continues to hide in the thing I want to point from this is it takes you through the movie and the different things that are said that he has a guy that is really the self-righteous guy in the movie and is really the older brother in the prodigal son, if you understand the story of the prodigal son.

There is an older brother who is there always accusing you of not measuring up to what the father had in mind. And when you hear the very last part of that. Jean Valjean finally claims his identity in a course. The older brother says I knew it, John, Jean, my brother ransomed you from sin and hatred is promised to become the new lender's window full of bright glass between me being hungry anymore. I broke the nickel machine's name is intended to escape four times as they see. I want to stop.

I want you might be making a mistake and honest man is nothing to fear from the current free when I'm in charge of what to say may destroy when the man you want to get something in my family that knew it, my friend. Yeah so yeah I did have a friend that came and it absolutely wrongly so you know it cannot dampen what we talked about after hours, not for those who listen to the podcast verse you go to mass concerning to list the podcast of after-hours reading here any story we got stamp stories coming from a lot of people in mind Rodney etc. right now.

Just think about man. How cool would it be to help have God come in there and speak into your identity and what would it mean to come be with us at boot camp go to mass concerning starts April 28 through May 3 29th, excuse me, that corrected May 29 through April 3.

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