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New Name After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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April 10, 2021 8:00 am

New Name After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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April 10, 2021 8:00 am

Welcome fellow adventurers! The discussion on new name continues right here on the Masculine Journey After Hours Podcast. The clips are from "The Carol Burnett Show."

There's no advertising or commercials, just men of God, talking and getting to the truth of the matter. The conversation and Journey continues.

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Crawl here when you train one pastor and some donor friends are standing by to train a second call 833-443-5467 or go online and train a Every gift counts and now every gift is double trained hello this is Willa Hardy with man talk radio. We all about breaking down the walls of race and denomination your chosen Truth Network podcasts is starting in just a few minutes. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening to the Truth Network podcasts. This is the Truth Network coming to you in French and American in the heart.

Masculine journey after our time to go to be more transparent on the topic covered.

So sit back and masculine journey starts here now welcome the masculine journey after hours are continuing to talk about the boot camp topics go to boot camp come up in 19 days 19 and so I guess depends on when listening to this with the podcasts so it's coming up April 29 through May 2.

If you heard anything else we've just misstated it. April 29 through May 2 would be the boot camp and it's time to register now. Would love to have you masculine register for boot camp. We'd love to have you there were talk about a really cool topic this week that Robbie does a great job on the talk at boot camp that's on the new name Saran continue talking about this concept is written Scripture of God giving us a new run Sunday now and throughout the Scripture.

You can see the people he loved, including Abraham. He got a new name right as to Jacob.named Israel and Gideon got his name and Paul got his name and Peter certainly got his name so as we can see that's that's throughout a very consistent thing and if you believe like we do that the book Bible is a book of examples, not a book of exemptions and those examples are that God has something very wonderful for you as a name speaks so much to your identity and uniquely walking in that etc. so Satan is very aware of the power of this and and so he has his way of corrupting Matt and Rhonda, you have selected a great clip. To illustrate this. Yeah I love the slip and the one thing I wanted this kind of mentions on longwave names is not only does he give names but he gives nicknames like sons of thunder and things of that nature. So you know the friendly side of God right now and you do this picture mean he's got personality is not just sitting up there, you know, bored to death of those dummies on hearing always. He's having fun.

Jesus wasn't too far removed from the Sarge from the earlier but in this clip coming up its old one from the Carol Burnett show the little skit is about Mr. Todd ball and Mrs. Wiggins and Mr. Todd ball.

He is the office manager and Mrs. Wiggins is his secretary builder crowd will get this lot better. The new card you need to go look it up in see what this is all about is truly funny show and what they're doing is Mrs. Wiggins is always kind of dance and doesn't get things and she just kind of sits there never really does any work in Mr. Ted Lazo. I try to get her do some work. Well, he's got a client coming in in the skit and he's like well if I don't know an answer.

What I meant is on a stand up and I want you to push the button on the intercom and tell me have a very important phone calls I can leave the office and go find out the answer and then I'll come back and you know look really smart.

That's his idea what he's been trying to explain this to Mrs. Wiggins and she's not getting it. So he's like I know what I do I'll show you what I want to do a dual role reversal and here comes the skit is simple to understand how this is a lack of working you now is you got a real important phone call. I understand you and you find good news that he will will will you know now that you're fired. It was Mrs. who Wiggins pretty good point of it is well very easily we get caught with the wrong name the wrong identity and were walking someone who were not so we want to walk what God says we are rather than what all of our enemies say we are ultimate enemy is Satan and he's putting things in your head. Your whole life, like we said earlier in the range of regular shows that it's so easy to agree to all the negative things are so hard to come in and agree and say yeah Laura, walk in you call me who I am.

So like for my own personal story.

It's it's not as much that I have my name yet because I actually haven't been pursuing that real hard because I do like I always talk about how contented my last year was even with the crazy things going on in the world because the one thing I have taken identity and is on the son of God, which is one of the talks and 80s been doing a lot on that's really help me the last campuses just that son ship that identity. It's part of my name and who I am like Danny was saying in the first show is not necessarily the name itself, but you know who you are and him and that is vital and so in its own way right mean that something is no doubt that it that is how he looks at your son is a huge deal. Yes, I remember my dog used to call my dad used to call his dog sign and that would just really upset me like I'm this my name is called the dog some but it's a huge deal and so you know how is that actually effective July will ends up doing is making things every time I'm in a situation that I think things are going south. I get upset you to do and other things along those lines were on my not acting out who I'm supposed to be. I can revert back pretty quickly. Right now it helps me so easily as it wait a minute, you're a son of God, the Almighty, infinite, all-powerful God that has you in his hands.

He saw he's got control and you calls you, your son and like you I say Robbie were all his favorite ice cover minor, that's okay. I'm up there with all those people I think they're better than me in his eyes. I'm right there and I miss son and there's nothing more crowded that I could ever be, or have of that and does nothing of ever earn. This is something I've been given just a great gift. You grant that Mike like you had an intention had an intention of the Scripture on Tybalt and asked Jesus chose to father and his reply was, if you see me you seem to father then asked what were talking about it.

You drew the picture will whiteboard opposing class shows when the principal of Cascade Mill bit, but the the reflection of the father, and if you would see my my biological father but that you would know I was his son. I'm spitting image of a Neanderthal that I had with this is that what a prayer it would be, like we were dumb at the friends of God to be Lord let it be so. In my life that if they see me they seem to father the calls. Let me reflect your glory. The way you intended. And that just make something inside me tremble in many different ways because I know what the enemies can do that and I know what you can try but but I'm a friend I'm his son I'm his his and what father will not protect their children so if we believe what we say we believe reaching the media that if you see me Lord show. Show yourself through me calls are created in his image and his likeness and that is so hard to get hold off, how it is. And Sam the beauty of the thing is you I see Jim was also very intense because I have been shoved the bike away but seems to endear me know you realize how many names got it through the different boot camps because there are varying like think about your kids right how many different names do you have your kids I know each of them. They have a whole host of name sometimes not very good settlement like some amended one of the joys really of of working on this over and over. The time is discovering new things that that where God really see something in your unit of reflection that you didn't necessarily know is Aaron if he begins to call that out.

It's beautiful, yet really is that it makes you realize why you do what you do and I talked a bit on the other show one of the names God gave me. At one point was loyal and lukewarm.

I get it I that things had appreciated but notice this year might my son got injured playing football and I had volunteered to be a parent that ran some of the video stuff for the team and even though that the guy that that that runs it, called me and say I've no expectation that you're going to have to come because your son do not plan there is something in me just not would let me say no. I've Artie give you my word Artie told her I would help you wholly or not you believe you shorthanded knowing that that comes from a very good place helps me understand that's why my response feels so right in those things is because that's the way God made me. When you walk in that you just I don't enjoy standing on the cold weather on Friday night in the rain. Recording the games that I don't really do enjoy that. But I enjoy being true to who I am. From what God told me you know and that's a really cool place to be. It makes even the uncomfortable situations more comfortable And and Andy you had that situation with your friend that was try to get into that. We promised that delete into that a little bit of so have a fight here on this take me while I get my kidneys flipping me and stuff. So did to set that up though and I think it's a little it's somewhat important. As I got my new name. This is probably about. I guess four years ago or so in my my struggle had me and I mean I've heard mighty warrior, and I still believe that plays in the my life was going on it right now but I still didn't feel like that was settled there was something in me that felt like I was not walking out the identity that God give me and always felt like since I told it on the wound talk last week was my dad left it kind of out of my life and I didn't feel like I got everything from a father that I should and I felt like week is a man not mad I didn't naturally do you know all the mainly things. He was a builder and all that but that wasn't it was more of how I was carrying myself emotionally getting anger those different things. I just didn't fail to like a cured spiritual strength so at boot camp I was asking God what my name was and he was like well look up your given name. So I'll go look at my given name in the definition of Andrew is strength. What is been there for me all these years. I just really hadn't noticed it and it really made a difference in my life and I was able to share that whenever I gave a boot camp talk. The next time I invited a good friend of mine we been friends best friend since high school and we got reacquainted and he loves the Lord and was walking close to the Lord and when he came to boot camp you not really know what to expect and I'm like first time he comes boot camp. I have to give a talk, and I'm already scared with just really scared that not really. Was it was it was an intimidating time, but yet I really enjoyed it. Well when I shared I shared my story. He shortly, but come up after that and said that he had gotten his new name name which was counselor and so I had breakfast with him this morning just so happen. I'm biting the show to share the Sheraton. He wasn't able to come but I said are you walking that out because I knew that he had went and got a degree in counseling or whatever and he said ESA will not like what most people would think I'm like yeah I get that night, knew that, but I knew that he was taking his position at his place in his church and his ministry through his job and all, to actually cancel people and help them out. It was just really cool and the point.

One reason I bring that up is is you you know most of us guys of been veterans been multiple boot camp, but you can come to boot camp and get your name the first time you know there sometimes that you have to get that old name out of the way to be able to receive the new name and that takes a process with God, but I just it's available and that's it changed my life. Sorry to carry a really nonmaterial that I my new name. The first name I got and I think it was my first boot camp and I had the same sort of reaction you guys did some kind people, which I not that make the work kind to me growing up because I was extreme pacifist, but my new name was gentle giant and come on you, oh Lord, people been calling me that a lot at yeah get it that I wanted something cool like Andy's mighty warrior area and the what he gave me. I had two friends for most of my life, both of whom are science fiction and fantasy, and I never was. I read nonfiction. Most and biographies. Most of my life. I love science but they gotta drag me into that kicking and screaming and one of the series that I got into it in the 70s 80s was the Thomas covenant series in my cliff notes just disappeared off my phone. Perfect time so I forget the name of the applicant's Donald or something like that. The author, but in most fantasy and most any fairytale representation of giants generally evil mean nasty critters in this series the Giants were gentle and were very at the end they were seafaring which that make much sense.

Why would you put the biggest beings there are on board ships, but one of the things about them is that when they did fight, they were the fiercest warriors that were they did everything they could to avoid fighting and that was that was me.

Growing up, it still is in the only time I really want to go into battle is what I'm defending others that I love and that gentle giant and some people call me that.

Now a few people have shared that with dog associated with everybody but people call me that. And it will give me a warm feeling where my first reaction was no monkey be something cool challenge.

It's a it's a beautiful thing you think that the first job description man never got to name animals and it is said by the Hebrews and I believe this is really cool that Adam had unique wisdom, his gifting was seeing the actual essence of the animals. You know how they reflected God because they all do have the creation reflects greater and God went about naming them in Hebrew and very very cool ways. And when you actually begin to study the animals names in Hebrew, you're gonna find some really amazing things like the name sheet right that that that animal you know it starts with this added meaning the righteous, and it was no coincidence that Adam was the one you know that that set these things up even back then in the essence in the name of God himself. In Hebrew is a phenomenally powerful like you call on that name and and you call on that essence. And so inside of each and every one of us was like in far great great great-great-grandfather Adam was here, he could he could see knew what it was at and then call that out in you and in the cool thing is, Jesus is still want to do that, to this very day and maybe we can get a referral from Harold since you now heralds the closest thing we got Adam and I think technically it was Adam then used two sons and Seth came along later on.

The heroism the men Harold and Harold right that range unique in Harold Harold means friend of in the unit has a get this Harold. This is joy find it funny that you went to your given name and get the meaning I my middle name which I generally will share with anybody because they don't mispronounce you work EW ART and Carolyn found today that that means Shepherd and I love that always liked the name because my father and grandfather might not mother wound was I couldn't be like my front father and grandfather. They were so wonderful me in such wonderful man that I just never felt like I and Sam your name your birthday tomorrow. I do birthday tomorrow.

It's yeah 15 years ago today I legally change my name from Neil to Samuel is my middle name as well and it came about. My parents had not expected a boy when I came along and they named me after some friend of my dad that was supposedly a great friend that I never met my whole life, so I really don't know how good Freddie was. But they decidedly got me home to call me Sam is a grown up all the time at these two names and it was just frustrating all the times that this legal name had use in certain situations and everybody else whatever name you knew me by Sam and so fast forward several years, Heidi was married to her and she said I think you should legally go ahead and change her name and so I thought about it, talk to my mom. She was for it so I change my name to what they wanted to have it be fast forward to the boot camp a few years later and I was telling the story and the wound of how my sister always used to tell me to shut up that nothing to say that no one wants to hear what you have to say and I want to guys come up to me.

John Fuller is a go look up your name in Hebrew, like okay I'll do that. And so it looked it up in a meeting God hears and for me it was a very healing thing that yeah my sister may not want to hear what I have to say other people might not want to hear what I have to say. But God always hears me. I'm important to God. I'm important to the people.

The person that really matters.

You and he hears what I have to say it is very healing moment for me and I am God that also echo that when I was searching for my new name cochlear lady think I would learned is like you gave it to you what Sam, oh yeah, I guess that works yeah and say I was a pretty healing thing and in the power of the name is huge. It is the given name. There's a lot of jewels there sometimes of if truly in the parents. It's not God or in seeking your name. It's the stuff of million movies right that somebody figures out they really are the hero and you know when placed in the in the ditch in a whatever that look like all the sadness they fought their way out. You begin to see that unique identity that God is placed in them in unique ways that they can rise up and have what it takes. So as we started the show with this idea of you have these torque or desires that leads you to need to know that there's a larger story that you want to. And that leads you to need to know that wow you're not playing the role that you may think you're plain that you're posing your way through so many things and that's caused by a wound that week that we talked about that we talk about through that so is is you think about how that sets up this concept of now taking on my identity. Realizing that there are still several more talks to go find that there is so much that this lines up in your life and gives you an opportunity to go to God it because I'm not going to mange it right. It's good to be gotten you know Robbie said earlier that the enemy sees mostly when you're young, but all throughout your life when you try to rise up in some way and reflect God, he beat sat down in one way or another, which causes woundedness which causes the desire to when opposing see that whole cycle play out in when that gets broken and you can step back into that identity is really when you can start to find life doing things on challenge each of our team to do this time is we don't have the free time for the new name is to go out to God.

What do you call me in this stage of my life know what you call me a couple years ago what you call me yesterday where I met today what name do you have for me it is really see what he has to say because I think it's can be some pretty cool thing to those kind of questions in prayer or hugely powerful, so your lady watching you going to arrive. You can go to boot camp. Well that doesn't stop you from hat having that that particular prayer which is so precious and and anytime you give God a question and you let it sit there and not allowed to listen give him time to answer and then begin the process what he tells you and then tested. That's a big part of where you where you get breakthrough in which by the way, when you think of the word blessed that that has everything to do with breakthrough in breakthrough is when you see something you never seen before and am God really is all about wanting to provide that to you but in order for that to happen.

You have to listen. It's hard for us to be quiet and settled and that's for me. Big reason why boot campLeo foregone conclusion of boot camp and have some time because when I'm at home trying to quiet and be still. It just doesn't work as well.

My life, you know, with things going on around me just just too much and just be a boot camp when you're alone and basically everybody there is praying for you. You're praying for them and you're all in it together.

You just get the brotherhood and everybody you know trying to champion one another to help each other out.

It just makes it a completely different atmosphere which I'm personally just able to get much closer God actually think through what you have here and again what I love is that I have no idea what to have for me until I come back To Hassett Metz as can work him he told the set May April April 29 through May 2. That's when the boot camp actually is that it's a Thursday you come in Thursday night and I take off all day Thursday, because on Thursday night were done done but oh man time in between what God will will bring in your life, not to mention there might be some nice fish and I like to sing.

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