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The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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April 3, 2021 12:30 pm


The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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April 3, 2021 12:30 pm

Welcome to Masculine Journey fellow adventurers! The Spring boot camp is fast upon us. The discussion this week is on one of the topics talked about at the boot camp. The clips are from the show "Lost," and "Good Will Hunting." The journey continues, so grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

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Crawl here when you train one pastor and some donor friends are standing by to train a second call 833-443-5467 or go online and train a Every gift counts and now every gift is double training hello this is Matt slick from the match looked like podcast right defend the Christian faith and lay out our foundation of the truth of God's word for chosen Truth Network podcasts is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network this is Truth Network the heart of every man is a great imager life doesn't usually feel that way.

Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twist and turns, so how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request band of brothers will serve as the guys we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. Welcome masculine journey. We're glad that you're with us this week we can you honors the reason of the boot camp talks that will be doing it at boot camp and so far we covered a couple different ones will be covered. Does anyone remember I did okay I was merely proposing when I was in the court desire to quit is what really makes a man come alive. And then we also did yesterday coming last week we did the poser. I think I'm super poser apparently were superposed so we have to figure that one out. We have to text we do it we super have what it takes. Anyway, you know your poser if you have to leave town. Whenever the poser talk, it would Mexico be on judging anyway so he is an elevator and he will you tell us what this week's topic is as you wound everything okay. Thank you for that same now we want to talk about the wound, and I don't really want to talk about but that is not what talk about the boot camp this year in the spring and you know what I think I kind of avoided that cockamamie unit talks this kind of there's certain things interesting and I felt like I needed to do it.

I responded early on when I started doing talks about my wound but it's not something that you want to go into naturally deep, people avoid that. You know it's something that you know somebody will either push it down say it didn't really happen or we know it's there. We just avoid it. So that's what were talking about here is just really going in and not just staying at the wound going through the process. It will get you to healing because really all this goodness of God that we talk about all the blessings from him are going to have to be come out of that healing to where you can go on and find your new name and and and really experience friendship and learn how to do spiritual warfare.

Whatever way you staring at me leave now you absolutely right. I think there's one other option I think that we see sometimes probably in our own lives other people's lives deftly sometimes in social media people also will where there wound like a badge to some degree I really think we can we can throw it out there in front of everybody could never get healing from and none of none of those really work until you find the place where God can help you guess it could be our excuse and set about wound right yeah it could be the barrier against other people as well so you like to go to the first Alice got the first clip… Out of the others put right back on you'd like to set this up will doubtless go with the clip from lost okay yeah this is from the TV show lost it was. I know several years ago, but in that TV show. If your you watch it for a little while. It's about you know this plane crashes on this island and no one knows what's going on is no real leader. You know the pilots no longer live that type of thing and so they keep looking to Jack, one of the characters to rise up, he's a surgeon and they wanting to rise up and take leadership and in their something ending that wants to, but he just can't and so he's talking with one of the other castaways units on the island with even asking. And Jack was it really come from this reluctance to step into leadership when everybody wants you to do it and Jack flashes back to a time when he is about 10 years old. He's been in a fight with helping defend one of his friends and he comes in and his father, who is also a surgeon and setting have his after dinner drink or drinks to try to cope with the day and this is the interaction they have with each other document so tell me what happened to Mark Silverman couple guys jump Mark so they didn't jump you today, maybe a year younger than you had a bad heart got real hairy real fast boys look in your old man to make decisions and I was able to make those decisions because at the end of the day after the boy died. I was able to wash my hands come home to dinner and watch a little Carol Burnett signs. How can I do, even when I fail as I have what it takes. Don't choose Jack sighed you want to be the only try and save everyone you fail to ask probably talked it would stick with you. You know for a long time.

If that's your father who your candy called the look tooted to give you an answer of how you doing as a man is even a young man your dad to have what it takes instead directly says Jack you don't have what it takes and you never can have it.

It is a very confusing conversation he has with him, his dads battling his own demons.

Obviously you know you fast-forward and in the TV show and that's what TV really get some things right. Sometimes they fast-forward into Jack's life and at this point he's in his late 20s early 30s a new surgeon kind of thing. Maybe mid 30s.

At that point any still battles that old voice saying you know Jack don't choose, don't try to be a hero. Don't rise up and people need you to visit the other day you're gonna fail and you don't have what it takes you and we all have those Jack moments in our life where coach or somebody is spoken. Those types of words to us and we think they don't impact us, but in practice, but if they're never healed. They echo around in there somewhere.

Efforts are at and I think what we're telling about this earlier. We don't focus a lot when things happen to us all through our life, but I think the ones that are most impactful stay with us. In effect, who we become.

As we grow into an adult or those wounds that happen as a child, so you can deftly tell you when you learn somebody story you know it when when you know squat about somebody else you know their story that you can you kind is considered okay that's where that probably came in you and help them see. Okay, maybe that's why you're battling this right because there's an end out and dealt with wound even back when you're four, five, six, even before healer alienated Robbie and I want to point you can you live with head breakthroughs. This level of healing is God taking us back into very early years in our childhood to deal with issues because a whole host of things down the road. It doesn't feel related pride and makes it feel like a six-year-old Simon so when they were asking Jack why why don't you leave this heat he's feeling like a little boy and in like you didn't have what it takes exactly like it felt there and so you know, one of the critical issues I was dealing with when I was 12 or 13, obviously with some abuse that I have from Michael and I went to my relatives and so every time that I would find myself struggling with those addictions. I was going back to that 13-year-old Robbie that had to be had to find a way out and it it's so it's part of Jesus's plan to bring them in and out to that situation to help that 13-year-old six-year-old five-year-old or whatever age were to interpret this and then forget the older Robbie to begin to integrate the younger one so he doesn't keep embarrassing me or by the same token, I actually feel him and and that young. Part of me come alive in the wonder and the in the childlike spirit that God has in mind that we would integrate back into her one of the Scriptures that we use a boot camp and basis of the camp is Isaiah 61 talked about on the show before, but Jesus talks buddies come to heal the brokenhearted, and that word for brokenhearted literally means shattered. If you imagine dropping a glass from very high after a plateglass window all the shards to go out there and each one of the shards are wounded places that's happened in our life in different times that he's getting integrate back into get the picture fall again if for sure and and you know I was thinking today will what's the significance of a child to to Jesus. It says you know, don't forget the children come to me and as such is the kingdom of heaven but also you remember when he talks about if you offend one of these you know this better than Millstone.

We help around your neck.

How does that feel to him when those things happen to you when you're wounded when you're in that child's bombing. That's what he's trying to prevent you know he doesn't want those kind of things happen in the children because he knows the impact on the one on any notice, only he knows he's gonna be there. Never again be released relationship gained by taking the person through that healing process but it's just he understands the young heart better than anybody you know.

So I think that's what it Scriptures. There ask you as a listener out there. When you mess up on something. What's the terminology use with yourself, it's usually very condescending and I promise you it's tied to a place back in your history that you're just trying to build evidence of, you know, you're an idiot. Okay what's pushing back on a wounded place way back there somewhere. It could been a week ago could've been 25 years ago or more. This pushing on that place that Jesus is trying to deal with because he has to reconcile that or you won't move past this mean your past defines you totally you're impacted by your past, especially if you don't deal with these things right and the cool thing when you begin to unpack and again come to the camp. We hope and and see the effect of all this and and bring God in is that when you begin to feel that young place welling up like golly, I feel I come to our and I feel so anxious then it's like a check engine flashing like okay mom mom mom Jesus. This is something that really is going to require some work on my part to go back into this.

You know, it may mean counseling.

It may mean a lot of things, but what he definitely wants is he wants in on it and he wants you to live back coldhearted and in the bind up though shards back into what he originally designed for absolutely no good counselors will take you back to those places right in in in in an energetic Jesus in the midst of it. You don't have to come to boot camp to have that happen.

Jesus is right there with you all the time and the reason we say about coming to boot camp because with a boot camp allows you to do is to check the outside world away and just get away for three and half days now and really just let Jesus do work that so hard to find time to do in a busy daily life right try to get somewhere. We not getting a text phone call something or somebody pulling at you a boot camp allows you to do that indicate healing is a registry debate can't go to masculine registrations up there. It's coming up at the end of month. April 29 through May 2 masking to register now. What if one weekend wasn't up to, you know it all, masculine journey camp basic training designed to give men permission to be how God made warriors based on John averages wild at heart. Experience four days purpose for God to come after an absent reawakening dreams and desires placed in your masculine journey camp April 29 the second masking and register today. This is masking journey. I'm here with my son Eli talk about ways he smiled at him and smiled at him as is information on website there on how to do that to and click the donate masculine and find PO Box 559 so any other depressing all of us with little sorbet got married to Melissa that I like, oh my gosh it might be that guy. Why did you choose that for the bump and so interestingly, I felt like I had my dad did go about me but I remember my brother bring him except that he didn't feel like he got the time with dad like that like that. It is known and always to be a song where there's regrets of the father not being there for the son and the wounds that happen to me.

You know, I'm too busy for you. I'm going to make it a career on Micah my building, my kingdom and then the kid hey I just learned from you.

The rest of the song goes on about the kid, turned back on. The father watched with same late in life, so is a hero before the winter break. There is a point you in a make about boot camp know what I say is one of the big advantages of boot camp is you find out you're not the only one that's good point that the enemy wants to convince you that it's just you that deals with these things you found out that it's a lot more common than you probably good point point so into you and talk a bit more about the topic of of woundedness and so where do you want to connect so you know wounds, wide variety no, we just talked about the song and just that was neglect in the in the example earlier was basically father telling us that he didn't happily take verbal abuse, neglect, now the next element. Robbie did to set up this next clip on Goodwill hunting but just on it. You know that movie's been around for years and really is a classic on on wounds in the and what it does to an individual in some really powerful moments where counsel goes after a man's heart and just the healing that comes from that but it's morbid. It's a different type of abuse and that that movie if you haven't watched it in strong language bothers you that would not be the movie for you to watch get the vid 8-bit Angel version yeah exactly. I am one that is kind of prudish when it comes to language.

It's funny that is one movie where. And it was flying all the time but it didn't impact me like it does in the others because it's not gratuitous righted system. Their language so it's a case of this young man is obviously a genius because you know he's working at Harvard is janitor, but he's figuring out all the math problems but he's got a real problem of his tempers got a real problem with fighting he gets in all kinds of trouble ends up you know, getting probation is got to go see of all counselors he'd be the one I would pick Robin Williams just does a fantastic job but in this picture seem you know he's been seeing Robin for a while and they certainly know I've developed a good relationship.

Any trust him. And so that's part of the reschedule here the response that you will hear and heed their comparing stories, and so he finds out that Robin Williams dad was an alcoholic and beat him. And now he's being confronted by how this worked out in this uncial here little bit of a story on how his dad beat him and then how Robin Williams goes after that which had a gigantic impact in my own life in the understanding that really threw this clip for my opinion this clip every human being needs to listen to this because at some point in time in their own wounding. They will face this particular reality. He sees ranches to see. Choose about ranch foster so now it is like. Will has an attachment disorder is stuff. Abandonment is that why am that what I wrote all this, you see this is not your fault is not your fault.

I now felt. It's not your fault, right don't you found that it's as I actually was working through Jesus and one of the incidents is really messed up my life more than anything else was significant one from a family member but I always thought I caused always thought it was my fault and and fascinatingly is, as Jesus took me back through that and it took him to do that that I I literally couldn't accept forgiveness because it was my theme of this was my bad. This was something that the guy can put myself in that position. In order to receive this particular treatment and and all that other stuff and so the blame was there, and forgiving yourself.

This course the epitome of the pride that I think he's trying to get to a lot of our wounds that that we want to take that on ourselves and so what happens there in that clip to me. I my prayers that we would all hear it and be willing to go back into these places and really evaluate as an adult or as a 65-year-old instead of the 25-year-old whatever it is, go back into that place and let Jesus help you interpret that and then accept his forgiveness so that you can then give forgiveness to those people. But you haven't forgiven and otherwise there is no healing without all the forgiveness it's important critical to my mind point of view of yourself. The other people and sometimes God Mike, how did you let this happen. I listening to that earlier. I have not need to listen to that some more because I have wonderful parents. That wonderful grandparents.

I knew I was loved unconditionally. I struggled with this topic for several miles.

Probably all the boot camps except for one or two where God intervened, but I do feel like most of my wounds have been self-inflicted so how do we deal with those I was Robbie last week. So this week I will be exam and asked Andy. The tough questions that he billows anti-unity past it. I don't know that those those tough ones, like that of just you know it it's a process. I think it's something that where do you have to to get more more input from others just looking at what how that Robin Williams in that case went after Matt Damon's heart. He didn't just let it go. Matt was hiding. Goodwill was hunting. It was where was hiding. He was hiding he was hiding in and he was posing. We talked earlier about this how we can depose and that's to hide it. That's to hide you, you know that wound and he didn't really want to let go of that Emmy he really had to keep going. I mean, it was almost came to this you know there because he just wanted to keep backing away and it's in to allow somebody in Italy and we talked last week to about authenticity. You know for Robin Williams to share his story really open. You know will back to healing whom he answered that a different way. Jim knowing you for a few years now. You're your own worst enemy.

As far as your very hard on yourself. I would start asking God, where did the foundation of that begin as I promise you there's probably a wounded place where someone told you you accepted. I should have been smarter in that situation, and it would've been avoided right in everything else, since it is just building evidence back on that wound but also I would. I would add that which is exact along the same line since you asked the question is, you had a enemy who knew exactly how to bait you write which is what happened in my own story when Jesus pointed out to me in in the inside of that is Robbie. You were duped, you were you were thinking the outcome was going to be this through that behavior, but the enemy knew what he was really set you up for and so it was in fact you were set up and you were stolen from an Abbott you took all the blame because again it was pride I was going to say you know the you know the law know when you find out the one that you guys are right in. I did have a breakthrough that when a this was counseling when I was doing chaplaincy training and I got who I really didn't like those on the leadership of that.

Basically I was talking about. Well, I need to read the Bible more. I need to do this and that and he looked at me and said your arrogant and that blew me out of the water is how you get arrogant Adalat. Bottom line was that Mrs. was a breakthrough in step four. Dustin Galloway go but it was God's forgiven you, through Jesus, and you won't forgive yourself. So here stepping in and being arrogant.

Say you know what you did for me wasn't enough God and at the time that really hit me hard so Bob, as you put it well. I always doubted my own but I have to forgive me forgiveness to continue the topic and the after hours. If you listen to it on the radio.

Please get a masculine and you can get the after hours. We continue to talk about woundedness and at the end of the day Jesus needs to guide you through that it may be a father wound.

It may be a mother wound. It may be a coach, a sibling, it may be an ex-wife or a current wafer, whatever that may be.

Jesus knows what you need to work on most of the wounding to go to him and say Jesus where do you want me to work please work in me and help me move past this talking more next week. This is Truth Network

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