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Loving in Spite of: Rerun

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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February 27, 2021 12:30 pm

Loving in Spite of: Rerun

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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February 27, 2021 12:30 pm

Welcome to Masculine Journey fellow adventurers! This is a previously recorded Podcast episode. The guys discuss loving someone in spite of their quirks, faults or characteristics. There is a lot to unpack here, so enjoy. The clips used come from the films "Tombstone," and "A Monster Calls." The journey continues, so grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

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Hello this is Matt slick from the match look like podcast ready from the Christian faith and lay out our foundational truths of God's word for Trojan Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network, the heart of every man raise a great inventor, but life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a good way when life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear and come on a quest with your band of brothers will serve as the guides and what we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now welcome the masculine journey we're glad you're with us this week. I'm glad you every week you need to guess what to say if it's out of a cut in their right as I was opening the show. I turned to outback turn you down nine military stories that the baby had something really vitally on the throne on the topic. Tell me okay will look at the vast majority of it easy and it is with us on the iPhone is you figured out going to be talking famine and studio there's five hours which is nice to have a group again.

You know it with covertly been kinda pleaded at times and it's is nice to have a I have an analogy, but a lot of people I majority majority yeah I can and I can think of the word may be a minority that maybe I minority report. Okay, we thank you this week show.

Okay, I gotta confess I get to confess that I give Ron Robbie not Rodney. I give Robbie a hard time for the movies that he likes guys and so my Barbie memories.

The Barbie movies. The camp rock.

Yeah, I could go on but he wears them.

Well I is where about it.

In it he brings great points in his movies but I'm sent around a couple weekends ago. There's not a lot going on is going to flip man watching some TV shows and movies and I find myself watching a couple different romantic comedies in on his first hard times I give Robbie and this is a shot a man's shadow. You know that we do. I love romantic comedies and I enjoy them, especially the done quite well and so there's something in my heart for the verses chick flicks I Robbie and I am romantic nominating okay okay yeah eyes roaming around, just okay yeah that yet as it previously those chick flicks sleepless in Seattle you get the picture. Yeah, I think there's a fine dividing line the notebook is left knee that is what I like yeah so anyway I watching this and I can remember what movie it is in there's a statement that's made and it you know this person is really complaining about this other person you know that they followed.

Can the same formula people me, they don't really get along very well.

Then they fall in love and that's pretty much every romantic comedy out there. Harry Met Sally yeah yeah exactly or become some level friends but there's a lot of tension Doris Day rock Hudson yeah that's with the people of my generation. Errol Flynn did it before they talk) stone party and Betty rubble. Yeah, that was a lot of also watching this round, and I don't remember even what movie it was the watch a couple of weekend and the statement was made it was enough that I rewound it a couple times and played it again and it wasn't like it was that deep of a statement, but it really spoke to my heart and it was the guy said out of nowhere to this lady you like because you love despite she's like what what what are you talking about. He said we you like people because of who they are. Something about them that draws you to them.

The character, their sense of humor their quirks and mannerisms. Those types of things or something about them you like in your grandchildren in the a lot of times the same things you love them, in spite of the things that he said despite I use a word, in spite, you can can use them separate everything in exchange for one another, but you love people, in spite of the mannerisms of their character, sometimes of their opinions right those types of things and so it really struck a chord with me.

That is, you as friendship system relationships develop over time. It's kind of the story you we all kind of came together as a group of friends because we liked it something about the other person. But the more your around other people. If you want to focus on the things that annoy you, there's plenty here, there are areas that I give up what is annoyed about just think about any friendship or any relationship. Everyone is the start of a romantic relationship that usually the story there something you're drawn to with that person to fast forward 15 years in a marriage let us things are driving you crazy now. You originally endeared to make sense to make a great show topic Sam yeah I know I spent a lot of time setting it up and I don't know okay yeah let's get down because I think it really speaks to a lot about relationship and about the word love.

It does and is very practical. It applies a think base pretty much everywhere yeah you if you been any type of relationship over any period of time. A lot of it depends on what you choose to focus on using the intentional yeah if I want to focus on the fact that they never put clean dishes away.

That's gonna drive me nuts.

I would love the dishwasher or how they are the dishwasher that could drive you nuts right or I can love them in spite of how they do those things made a choice, impotent in. Instead, most timely love in spite is very spiteful of them over those things in on it. It's kind of that play on words of knowing we are called love in spite, just not to be spiteful about that.

Yeah, you could but one dominator the other choose over that which one you want to let Dominic absolutely absolute so go ahead and get to a clip would like to get to your clip and the end and realizing I'm pointing and people can't see me pointing to microphones pick from one of the other.

So we go ahead and set up your clip a little bit and will play and come back and talk about okay, this clip is from movie tombstone and it's after 20 into the movie and there's been a big battle scene and wider, does this miraculous walking through flying bullets in so it seems focus on Doc Holliday in one of the guys it in their their band is is where where easy.makes comedy down by the creek walking on water and the declivity is basically there asking Doc while he's there because he's very sick as tuberculosis is thinking.

It is very sick should be in bed and a civil Wyatt Earp is my friend Andy, Esq. lots of friends and doctors.

I do not and ended the contrast between Wyatt and Doc is dark is a very interesting character with lots of different personality falls and and very colorful personality and your wide is the opposite of he's law-abiding then Doc is not in their an odd couple of sorts but I'm sure there's lots of love, in spite, in so doing play the clip in coming see anything like that area heard of it like that down by the creek on one. Let's hope he's got another miracle. Obviously I know Ringo Van for anyway. A lot of my friends in any with that you know you're saying you have two people that are from the outside looking in her polar opposite. One can law-abiding Sheriff pregnancies law-abiding the other ones borderline outlaw. The other best friends, at least in this movie there and so what was about the clip really spoke to well About a friend of had for several years to his kind of abrasive would be a mild word and name my committee and he just has the propensity to take you off about five minutes conversation. There were many my like, but of love. The mid-spite of who who use it town because underneath the surface of it all.

There is a kind, gentle heart there and most of the time. Will there be a wife or a friend or someone I find is if you can get beyond the stuff you find who so my truly using and we talk about a lot going after their heart, and you Dia my wife Dale. Not easy to deal with most days there are times when I'm very sick. She had do is log in the bedroom like she did last week that the is in spite of the seed because love at its very nature is a verb that you have to choose to do so in excess, where I went with that was that you I'm sure Wyatt probably just initiate docket towns and vice versa. But the in in relationships after choose to love my children in spite of who they choose to be sent out. I had choose to love my job, in spite of things is a this is, the thought process.

Yeah, I was thinking along the lines of children and that's probably the one that's one of the easiest to relate to and think for a lot of people because I think it is you want your kids grow up.

You don't really approve of life, the choices they make.

You don't necessarily agree with their stances on certain things that you find a way to love them.

In spite of those differences by any do that with friendships and and I think about in the chapter and was in second Corinthians 13. Right of the left chapter as you start going down those that lineage of of things. It's all about just put word in spite the words in spite their yeah eat you doing all these things. Love keeps no remembrance of wrongs in those types of things and it's all about that concept of how to really love somebody in spite of their character flaws are brokenness, their woundedness, all those kinds of things in that comes into play in relationships like a ministry doesn't run yet. I would go right back into when you were a child, specially a teenager. I mean I remember. I love my parents, in spite of the fact that they just don't understand now it was just coming when her teenager growing up your parents are the dumbest people who will write yeah and that I just went through my teenagers being the dumbest person in the world selling all now there at least out of that.

Not as dumb as a pretty dumb but not not quite that dumb anymore, but you have all those relationships and really when you look back through it and what God's taking three to learn through those relations, you wouldn't toss that out psych okay there were some tough times are some rough stuff that my gosh, it's really shaped me into who he's meant merely one of my favorite times of with each of my kids and I'm almost there.

Is my youngest is when dads eliminate it that it actually know a couple things get out some hope it yeah that that's a joyous day when you get there masculine can come up at some point don't have today quite yet they go to mass and to find out what were doing. We live in an on-demand world time, whether meals and content. That's why the Truth Network is The Truth Podcast Network some of your favorite Truth Network programs plus some that are podcast on rich content that is written in the Lord journeys joy moment journey learning a greater understanding of Christ journeys joy nighttime by the same mask line to talk about ways to help his ministry only smiled at him as Information on website there on how to do that to and click the donate button masculine and find masculine working to mail something to PO Box 550 92728 yeah you know that's one of the songs you listen to your foot starts like you know open and read the lyrics regularly. It's nothing like you think that's why when it hit me this week and you have this topic, and the like wise a song stuck in my head now is glamour this for years and this is one of those catchy tunes you know it's a jump right in your members immediately. All the words are coming back to you like this is a conundrum of a song write these lyrics and the guys I want you to look up the C what what is he actually saying in here and you're like there's a bunch of ill bunch of work times use law of all throughout this thing, but yet he's talking about. Use your love and things of this nature is like. In spite of everything he saying he doesn't want to be loving you just wants to be using. It is just a completely antithesis kind of the were you really want to go with this know Mike, this will play on words of in spite of despite and things like that. Like this kinda fits in with this whole plan words and it's like is not what it is on the surface the song is named your love and there's nothing about your love in the song. It's all about me wanting to use you as just a consumer mentality that Completely highlight all this is a definite place, not not what it seems on the surface you have your data gauge out there any age at this point anymore. If your daily edge probably evident on the playlist good Sauget outlets that it is it you know.

But it is the things you listen to God. That's really Yeah but what were talking about today's the opposite of that.

Your loving people in spite of their flaws and they might not seem as flaws and receiver strengths, but you know you see them as follows, and I am loving them. In spite of that, and him it's hard but that's what were called to do you not. I really think of the environment. Our countries and not to get on either side of the political equation, it would be good if we could love each other, in spite of our views right and right now there sometimes it seems so impossible in the society were in you have a really really good friend.

We've been friends for 35 years and we don't agree politically, so don't talk a lot about politics because we realize that's not a great place for us to focus her attention. You know that we love each other deeply, because of been friends for many many years. We just learned to love each other. In spite that we view things differently and he's very passionate about the way he feels. I'm very passionate about the way I feel uncertain things. But we've learned okay that's probably not an area to go in enter into very often because the fruits probably not be good to do something that my sweetheart have been married for 56 1/2 years now. Yes, how many differences we have and yet we still love one another, but she loves me in spite of some of the things that they would drive her crazy and vice versa. But the greater thing is that we have a commitment.

First, all one another with God is the third partner in that word were committed that regardless of how aggravating we get to be. We will be together because we don't have have a different choice. So we have to work it out. Robbie can attest some of the difference is that we have. So I'm over there laughing and yet we do.

We've we sort of switch personalities since we first met we first met I was very outgoing and gregarious and laughing all the time. She was very withdrawn child. So for now we flip I'm the one that is typically quiet and withdrawn and she's all over the place she can meet a stranger and so but you know the form on the make is that the words already been use this choice. We have a choice to make and we can either focus on the negative and Michael Batchelor so we can okay I can live with that. It is in the midst of it, though, you have an enemy that wants to stir everything up. Oh absolutely you not given married 56 1/2 years and haven't heard somewhere along the way while she's driving me crazy with filling the blank] in that centimeters trying to get you to find evidence to support that position. It is whatever we focus on is what were going to find evidence of answers. I want to focus on those things that are driving me crazy find plenty of opportunity for that, but it's focusing on the other things that the love pieces that make it make all the difference in the world running. You want to go ahead and set up your client share. This is from a movie called monster calls and in this movie the main character is a little boy about pie 11 years old at this stage, but early in his life, his parents split up so he grows up. Without his mother and his father remarries gets, and other life. The boys picked on at school. He's not get along their and this kind of this monster that haunts in the whole time during this movie that becomes where he's gets intimate with me talks to this kinda comes to his point life were now he's mom is dying of cancer. She's in that she's in no time.

She's in the UK, so never really got to be with her, but as he's there visiting this scene comes into play were she just told them this treatment regiment that thereon.

Now whatever this new one was is not working and so the couple things you need to know about this clip that you can't see happening and things are may not be as clear in the audio is. She says con she just call his name is Connor social say that a couple times con in his comments, hard to pick out if not attended, that anything one should be watching for his when she's comes in and basis, is this the thing most sorry about in my entire life, which is the fact she's dying. She reaches for his hand and he pulls away and that's when she kind of site.

Oh, I got I got a reach into his heart. Really, really deep here because he's angry and really frustrated even though he was just as now Street site anything things well it's very powerful. Does the loving nature of the moment, will you, you have the sun to conceive this you know there's gotta be something you can do you know to save your life. He does not want to lose his mommy's angry and frustrated over this whole thing so in spite of being separated from her for so long are not really being a big part of his life.

He loves her dearly. He's there it's I just just cannot believe these poplars mom then his mom is so angry and frustrated and here he is kind of worry all about himself really not caring for her at the time immunities. He's young yet right doesn't get all the stuff and so in spite of all that she still loved and him and she realized that, in spite of the fact that he's acting this way. Now it's going to be different. Later on, usually gonna regret this, and she's given information to be angry to be frustrated and relay to enter into. I'm giving you forgiveness now for what you're going be thinking about the future and that forgiveness is a huge, huge part of what we all need. So he's going to he's getting that now head of monies Annika she can give it to Jan he won't also have his regrets.

At that point yet back and so she's giving the out down the road that he can see right, she's much older and has that vision of what is going so India went pretty much the whole show without asking anything. We got a couple minutes left at the you I want you to think about the journey you been on and son ship in I am good, doesn't God really demonstrate that to us every day.

He loves us in spite of on the bike maker. I got all God your way going to talk about how and you know obviously outgrown clothes per bargaining. Talk about the lack of we got the father of the way. I didn't know way. I should've probably direct my life on, slow about it but when you not only feel connected to God in way that that also something to wear. You have that evil when you do the wrong thing frequently may or may not be related. Great, you're not stuff like that time whenever you know that your outline to be corrected. You know that you're being corrected so you still know regardless of what you do.

He does love you.

He doesn't want to go after trying to figure things out and and you will need to depend on him, but he is merciful and in love you in spite of what you the best example on the way to work were probably talk more about how we do it with each other than individual, but he, for example, for you I can hide to some degree. My thoughts and feelings from you guys. I can do that with God. God knows all the dirty laundry night.

He knows everything he knows every thought, yet the love is just overpowering because he chooses yes he is to deal with me to your point has to deal with me on things that need corrected right so that I can have a better life. I can have a better hope for future maintenance and but that's all done at 11. As you point out, but in the midst of that. He just loves immensely absolutely in Brabant and get into the show. Her little talk that I am really excited about the after-hours yes I know it's common and is got that that white squall clip which is an outstanding movie we discovered here lately and I got some from a beautiful mind so when we got a lot more to go on loving and fine and that's that's the movie beautiful mind that's not referring to yourself, how do you know it's just a pond masking 30 G reach out to us.

Is this an email would love to hear from you. Show topic great movies you see the longest lines of things we talked about. If you see a great movie pointed out to us would love to see it. Would love to learn more about you and your story and and how we could pray for you any of those things go to masking pick up the after-hours show, I knew the podcast outlets talking actually, this is the Truth Network

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