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Loving in Spite of After Hours: Rerun

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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February 27, 2021 8:00 am

Loving in Spite of After Hours: Rerun

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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February 27, 2021 8:00 am

Welcome fellow adventurers! This is a previously recorded Podcast episode. The guys continue their talk on loving in spite of, right here on the Masculine Journey After Hours Podcast.

There's no advertising or commercials, just men of God, talking and getting to the truth of the matter. The conversation and Journey continues.


The Masculine Journey
Sam Main
The Masculine Journey
Sam Main

Hi this Voyager man talk radio podcast are missing is to break down the walls of race and denomination your chosen truth radio broadcast will be starting in just a few seconds.

Thank you.

This is the Truth Network French and the hard, masculine journey after our time to go to be more transparent on the topic of this so sit back and masculine journey starts here welcome to masculine journey after hours you're talking this week about loving and spite well.

Kind were talking about loving and spite of right and just fill in the blanks have you been in any type of friendship, relationship, you could probably I love you in spite of how you blank right and you could fill an end with this matter by you know, write your beliefs on this your way you eat the way you snore.

Whatever might be your I just fill in the blank.

There's lots of reasons to not love one another when it gets down to it, because were all broken wounded people right in the process of being healed.

Hopefully about the quote of Abraham Lincoln that made famous from every Pollyanna when in her locket. It says if you look for the bad in mankind. You will surely find and the cool thing about it is is I think about the whole topic. Sam is that if we can really look for God's glory. Look for how he's reflected in a bit, then we can begin to call out that and often. Interestingly, what it is.

It's been driving me absolutely nuts. Also just happens to be the way that they reflect God, and then it leads you to the conclusion that at times God may drive me nuts as you were talking I was thinking about my youngest daughter Sydney and in when she was growing up she was so justice oriented like I was if I was correcting the boys, which is her little brothers in size cracking them. She was the fairness judge you on everything and it drew me so incredibly nuts. I came in my high time zero. I'm the parent here. You're 14, you know, whatever might be no yes like a child bearing and at the time that was in and spite anything for me. I loved her dearly. In spite of that, but what I've learned over the years as I really love that about her tissue reflects it uniquely. She really does look for the just the situation of the just answer an ancient law enforcement someone she was she was now. She does training right yeah she was. She was a prison guard. You know, for a number of years in a women's prison in Raleigh and that that's really a part of who she is and swing of things.

I appreciate the most about her and love her dearly, but the heart you know what to eat what you just said is really what that was. She reflects God's image in that piece differently than most people I know and they went someplace like that. It's been my experience that whatever it is in them. It shine so that I can brightly you kinda want to put shades on like stop that to stop it. Quote Bob Miller exactly Andy I get to you early because I went to mental shown and talk to you. The previous shows will get in this part of the show early difficult for us right what I didn't say anything to get that's voices in your head. Just keep my boat 1995. Think back the date, but cultlike wall Have a failing school that he takes students on all over the country and they like in the tropics to the US and in doing it. You pull all the youth together some of the bar quickly right away.

Some of them you know world. But the more they spend time together.

You could see how you know they like because that over time where they might become several what would you like your trailer, you get an idea on any clip out there for individual thing.

So you know get something from the trailer and go watch a highly recommended. Maybe, but was also cool about it. It got topic that we talked about it. Masculine journey when you got the father would you got community. You've got, you know that You got where The father. Boy did that coming together and and being responsible and that kind of thing really good movie like all reference to a particular type of become big part of the movie later on in it, but really what you're being at Boyd coming-of-age in how they wanted to interact with one of them. I guess they like because they love by Mr. Preston is a short supply while actually doing what comes really good. It is expected. Now you actually have to go on Amazon or someplace like that rented it cost me three bucks but it was well spent three box was actually up on YouTube. Think about and I now you tell hello and he said three dollars if it's worth it just to pay Bossi to hear about Rob you very very sorry that when it was exactly what it sounds like a great movie. But honestly, I miss the guy that did the voiceover stuff. That's a good resource for years and years and years he died. Probably what 70 years ago the man he was guided all those overs yeah yeah and I were watching a special on him where you know that's all he did for a living, visited the trailers he was going to Andy on that show. I know you don't spoil it for people, but hasn't tie into the topic you know in your mind what what are people going to get out of it in regards to loving and spite, so the board would not be the bond over time they would make Graham and there would be cup that happened.

For example, there was but yet he came on like his name was Frank and he had a lot of father that really on and Frank came on and he didn't drive went well with the God early on but daddy and try to become part of the pain. Well long cool it off for whatever he had been public. Well I get all of the heart and a good have to kill it, but it out of misery, and the Boyd really give them a hard time obviously will differ kick them off the boat. Reluctantly, what the Lord well that the guy with the jerk that target or problem with the ship part of the storm there was a trial. Find out what you know what what happened and all that dad was gone behind all that will break my wrong and and kind of PEX glee got involved like he couldn't do anything to help Boyd out when it came down to it in the and love the Boyd in spite of an end and the different form of the crop. I really hate that I block a lot of it was a perfect example of where the money you know since is about since you still like candy out there in the I wish I'd known this part. When I saw the beginning part of the movie set. What Frank actually does when the skippers on trial in the skippers trying to bail like I'm just given up. I'm walking out. I meant to go isolate and lick my wounds so to speak.

What Frank that Frank had gotten the bell from one end of the bell was significant to the whole movie and on the ballot it say Annie when we get when we go one week of all, right.

So the skipper all these boys saying you can't walk out on the she can't walk out a mess and he stands up to walk out. Will Frank has the ballot and he starts ringing the bell, which calls out you know everybody all the guys you know in this courtroom. Of course they all stand together in the end they all meet in the deal because of this bell and the idea of the community is when we go we go all right right and so when I saw that I was like dad gum and I miss the scene in the beginning the movie where the where they were explaining what the bell exactly was so if you do go watch the movie since you kinda got an idea what was going on. Marianne, it's really, really, and we'd install a candy there's much you do not know about and I don't want to write ResMed the sled and had the whole time. Nothing is there any other movies you want to ruin the plot talked to three but will bring this to your clip a beautiful mind.

Yeah, he's a beautiful mind. Robbie's mind is Howard and return this many from now it the movie cuts really really close to home because my first wife was schizophrenic and and what that means is this schizophrenic people they hear MAC people speaking to them which are not real. So it's reality to them is a really distant issue.

So in this particular scene. What's the main characters made on national it's based on true stories Nobel Peace Prize when price played by Russell Crowe after he became gladiator for the same producer that we are still in the risk that the white squall but anyway Russell.

You know he is schizophrenic and his he's married and his wife clearly loves admin and due to him being locked offkilter by these voices and people speaking to him. He misses an emergency or for the baby which nearly causes a tragedy which now the baby's mother is obviously been hurt deeply and so the doctor has told her that is no longer safe to be around.

Russell Crowe is the character would be engineers, and so I have to because it's very visual scene I have to come explain what's going on so she's turned around and walked away.

Now she's coming back having embraced you what, what would it be like to stay with him and so she takes her hand and she Set around his face and says this is you'll hear her say this is what's real and you're seeing her loving response to that and then she takes her hand and puts it on his heart and says this this is real and so when you're hearing her say this is real you're seeing real love between somebody who knows that they dearly love this person, but they're no longer in touch with reality and showing them that what is beyond any reality is love, things have whatever you do, Rosen is right about one thing you shouldn't be here, safe anymore so I love that line at the very and I need to believe that something extraordinary as possible and so as I mentioned, my first wife was schizophrenic and asked last days. I saw her she was in the straitjacket because she was painter, assuming she would attack you because she thought people were toning to do stuff and so I saw this clip it took me right back to that place of wow this this is what real love is way in spite of something where where they were delivered literally losing his first name and it made me recall an interview I did. I was asked to interview 100 either psychiatrist psychologist counselors for the Christian Association of Christian counselors, national, and God had given me this question to ask every counselor and it worked every single time over the weekend. I did all these interviews hurt so many amazing stories good to simply ask questions nine second Corinthians chapter 1.

This is God comforts us, that we may comfort others with the comfort that he comforted us with what is that meaning your practice and as I said that to each of these individual counselors and psychologists all that they would tell their story of how you know they had an abortion or and they were now helping people that had abortions where they they had attempted suicide merriment helping people suicide. They had problems in their marriage, their marriage counselors. This one gentleman sat down and he looked exactly like Sigmund Freud administered at the little wire glasses and the go to the enemy in the you know the double type suit with the vest in the whole deal. You know and and as he sat down and asked me what I'm Dr. so-and-so when I sincere doctor of psychiatry you know, and I was like man I am of my questions can work on this guy's a little tight but anyway I fired away. Ask him about God's comfort and said well, I've actually never told them of this. But I went insane and said I just been married about two weeks and I was absolutely certain that there was this red light that I was staring at that I was certain it was Satan.

And that's all I could focus on was this red light and I was sitting in my hospital bed and my newlywed wife sits down on the bed with me crying. She looks into my eyes and she says I do not know what to do how do I get where you are because I cannot live without you and and he said there was such love in those words in that statement that although I didn't know anything other than that red light and Satan. I knew I had to fight my way back to sanity because I'd experienced a touch of real love that I knew it came from Christ and you know that's on this intervener you do a lot on the radio you get here a lot of neat stuff that one is always something in my heart like okay you know that's that's a touch from heaven that week we got to hear that we got to hear that story and and if you ever see it's a beautiful mind. You'll see it in my clip you'll see true love that comes from no self-serving position that it it's it's you know what when you get the picture of Jesus completely. Loving you, in spite of the fact that you have no touch with reality. I mean I mean I love if you see what I see right this minute, but I I think Jesus looks at me as he he's Clifford but no sense of what reality is, right this minute, but this is real. This is love. This is the Cicero in that movie instance Remley realm of ruining movies register at that bit in the beautiful mind. It is based on a true story of John Nash in any does when the Nobel prize in economics, but he can take some medication and he's taken some medication. The mixing the complete zombie and doesn't let him live in his calling. It keeps him from any boot and able to think about these mathematic equations but not very many people on earth can do in obviously that's why he won the Nobel Prize right because of people not been able to do things that is done into watch his wife love him through that, knowing that he could take medication and not be clinically dangerous but loving him knowing he needs to be who is called to be in finding a way to work through that is an amazing vision of love and there's also a friend of his that is initially think is an adversary loving very well through this is as well in spite of what he's dealing with and integrate show that shows the power of love, of helping overcome things And so sure several people wanting what happened in my story. My story is I was not Christian. My wife betrayed me for my perspective what I was told she did what she was in the hospital of the mountain and I divorced her. However, now I did speak to her a few days before she died and she really did love I really did love her and you know that that's not coming back for thinking of. So I guess the question I would have for all of us here in the studio for Andy units on the phone with us and and for the people out there listening is to spend some time with Jesus and asking him in your relationships in your friendships, relationships with the spouse or girlfriend or boyfriend whatever that might be with your kids with your friends and work coworkers.

How are you calling me to love them, in spite of filling the blank and Danny talked about this friend you had that most people can spend five minutes with right you learn to love him in spite of that behavior because or something deeper underneath right yeah he was a still is.

He got his life together for a while as we newly sober and mean he had a abdomen comfortable with a high school education and he was a he had 2 in psychology group of atheists. Here we were, we were Doc Holliday, Wyatt Earp, Kathy, you got to know a and can see his heart for people and he would help people and if he loved you he loves you, and he'd probably like a calling to this day if I needed immediate show up and and so then those are the kind of things that is interesting in my life that every meaningful relationship ever had friendship wise started on the rocky ground and in the love and somebody in spite of who they initially showed up to be in any goods testament to how God decides to work relationships and I do would be clear on one thing. I think the key to everything we talk about on the show obviously is is walking with God through it. If we try to do it on our own power. It's not can work out well inside i.e. I do believe there's times that God calls us to confront each other and love right and maybe this is a time is calling you to confront and I'm not saying don't go do that. I'm saying walk with God, and know that's what he's calling to do right, but maybe this is an in spite of time and I just need to focus on the things that I really love about that person. The things that make me feel endeared to them right and let me build a case of evidence for that and then it'll help me get past some of those other things is that if you know they were all just works in progress and wanted things that when I start asking this week okay were have I loved in spite of and where should I love that I didn't love and ease and that's why really took me was to the well where have you love nor have you not logged and really going through that kind of religion some things and it was very peaceful going to go back through and see things in your past. It was like okay here someplace were you loved well there are some places where you did love well just be able to understand them a little bit deeper go over them in your head and make sure you kinda relive them because there's a bite you your life BC in your life now and this is your different personality, different contacts and button those things come into your heart and relive them. This is very therapeutic to walk through those yes yeah and just because you're Christian doesn't mean you get it right thing stretch of the imagination.

Not all the atrocities it's done from Christian to another Christian in upcoming shows), but I think it's it's walking with him and that could be an interesting exercise to sit down and say it and be careful not give the enemy foothold here we got. I know you love me in spite of filling the blank on your own stuff and then really realize how much he truly loves you is man, I promise.

I know I got a lot of stuff that he could go out.

I am done with that guy right you know he's not is is is grace oriented as he needs to be here. Is not this is not that it is harsh sometimes in the situation. Fill in the blank you know. But then Athena date is say okay, above all that the greater thing is you love me, regardless of any of the stuff in spite of that, because you know that that's not my true person. That's my response to the world.

That's like reaching out in a way that keeps people away from me. The other guy you talk about Danny you know we all have ways we've adapted to deal with life and God deals with us on the level. That's not there, which is so wonderful because the valet grace is good port upon you. You like you can either beat yourself up over it are live in the wonderfulness of that grace and just say I accept it and just love it for what it is and that's that's very very by cassette from dispatcher to get very content.

The enemy had give you some capacity that has some grace for others realized just how much grace God truly has on you itself yeah you not to say I know I need that go to mass and reach out to us. Let us know what we could talk about in the air that would help you, a topic suggestion. Great movie that you seen on this. We'd love to have the opportunity and privilege to pray for you to send this email. Reach out and say hey can you pray for me in this evening. Put your name on it.

We would do that we would help you in any way we can from a spiritual standpoint masking can get our contact information and any upcoming events you might have talking next week. This is the Truth Network

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