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Healing Our Wounds; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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April 23, 2016 12:30 pm

Healing Our Wounds; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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The Masculine Journey
Sam Main
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Sam Main
The Masculine Journey
Sam Main

The heart of every man is a great adventure but life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a good way when life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. Welcome masculine journey.

We are very bad here with us today and we have something special happening in five days.

Don't we go on and we sure do. It's the salmon fishing tournament. No CMA word fixing the yard again. No, no, no, Betty. What we have going on in five days. Friday I think you call it, but is it Boot Camp can show that's right that's right old people to remember have to remember that with CMA neighborhood carwash. It's not like I get the camp, yet the BP if you want to go register for the Boot Camp. Only five more days away. We needed to really register today are the latest tomorrow right we don't have a slots left.

We don't were filling up quickly and we got people coming from Colorado, Pennsylvania, North Carolina so we can lots of different places and so that's pretty exciting to see the reach of God has decided to bring people here, the ones he chooses to bring here itself – Mindy and I think is a group of five, down from there, you know that's like back in the Stone Age and in talking today about the topic and from India. I know that that's a funny talking about the topic that we started last week on dealing the wind.

Last week we talked about the wound.

We touched just at the end of it on healing. It really wouldn't be able to do it justice with the time that we had. So it's been a bit more time talking about that but you have one more thing to tell you about that you really wanted. Listen in.

If you're not a Boot Camp limit will recently say that if you're Boot Camp were broadcasting live from boot camp subject pretty cool.

You have a chance come on talk with us on the radio, but something like to do were also going to have an interview with John Eldridge next week. The author of wild at heart.

Several books he's got a current book out called moving mountains about prayer is get a movie coming out May 19. It's a documentary it's about riding motorcycles across the West.

I believe yet is called a story worth living in the national premier next May 19. So make sure you're looking to see where that's at in your area the clip and I think really is one from a beautiful mind talk about it now. You will talk about this clip what you love this movie because set it up. John, the main character he has these schizophrenic and so there are voices in his head and instead of staying at home and being on medicine.

He's decided to go back and try to start a career again and so he's going back to Princeton was and he meets up with one of his old classmates classroom for anyone besides your not everything, think that's what it's like with not really talked a little bit about this clip before, but spoke a lot to that particular that's right.

As he says the past those who and I never realized that it haunted me so much as recently and I when I do my prison I remember kidding around with my sisters and I kind of nasty way but anything was nasty. Then my mom and it comes out now when I think about it.

Oh, I wish I didn't say that I wish I didn't do that and wants me it's mostly my prayers now with no problem. The past of my sisters. The road that my mom and dad is dead and I'm still here, God only knows why but I'm still here and now I'm married and my wife is 85. She's blind and deaf and it I go to bed at night time because it's very hard dealing with blind people, but I I've come to the conclusion that it's all deal with price and I can hear because I got to repeat myself three or four times.

When I lay down in bed next to it haunts me and I start crying I really saw crimes. Why did I say that why did I do notice so just everyday life can bring something to absolutely their decisions we make. There's things that we say things would love to be able to take back. I know that some things I said to my kids over the years that I would repeal everyone if I could and we have those types of wounds that you know we just have to kinda take with God, and I know you do you take that to him and Kennedy that his feet were also hunted by other things in her past, but not naturally something we may have caused.

Right as her wounds. It may be coming from another area. I don't know what you mean Sam could you elaborate your talk about your childhood earlier you had some wounds from her childhood. It wasn't necessary something you did all that well.

There a lot of what I did but there are some that when I say were done to me. It was the exchanges you know being a child in you want to be loved and you want to feel important, but you know you become very inconsequential word we use it in very low on the totem pole and that's a wound that doesn't go away I mean, to this day there are moments where I feel it coming on me and be that momentary lapse in the past without feeling slips in and I control relatively quickly, but the way they they continue to come back you unite talking about not feeling I don't feeling diminishment or not worthy or not insignificant was insignificant and in that's around the people that you love when you feel insignificant to the people you love. That's got to be one of the worst feelings in maybe not one of the worst, but it's one that works for me in its United's difficult to talk about because you know that happens a lot where when you love somebody with all your heart. Only God can reciprocate. Most people just say okay I got what I needed and I'm gone. I'm going to play clip or a quick and then were going to come back and want to dig into that obit markers and God probably connect your heart and so this is clip from bagger Vance and this is a part in the movie where acute members of Judah you think you want to say well it will hunting was Jenna has been carrying this burden from the past.

He lost all of his buddies that he was in charge of in the war and come back to his place where he lived, where all these people that had went with them had lived and really just felt like he had let everybody down, let himself down and you got Will Smith's character really can plays a Holy Spirit here. Listen to like kind and guides them back into that woundedness starts to move towards healing is what I'm Thomas again came it came on the plate staying so got a burning care, you don't understand Long enough time gone down choice stop stop stop walking right back where you always been standing there still and remember too long ago, yes you can all alone as you listen to that the will Smith's characters talk about taking back to a place before he was wounded right place of before that when really mattered.

I know that you felt a lot of times growing up that you are insignificant and submitting your expense with the father. No, not with my heavenly father. Not all right. There were times when I felt insignificant with my real father. But when I listen to that. The first thing I hear is he's talking about life. This game is life. It's not to be won or lost is to be played. Life is not to be missed.

It's to be lived so many people get caught up in the past and they don't just let things go there a lot of things in my life that happened that I haven't been able to reconcile what have been able to let go. I can understand what you people that I love treat me the way they did. But I can let it go and realize that so many people in my life today. Love me and that's the healing from the past is the present and you just need to let God work in your life in the present to take you through would help you go back and recognize it but let him show you how he's getting healing today. There's times a God will help you just can put that aside.

You know at least four. Anyway, you may take you back into there's times he also takes you right back into that painful place put in a situation or not, but you may allow a situation happen where you feel exactly like you felt years before, so that he can come in and he can work on that healing can come in and enter back into that with you and say hey let's let's attack this and make it go away and that bagger clip, but I really liked was, he goes back and he says you need to remember your identity when it was it there so much and I clip her so much in the movie you remember your identity back before all this. The world took these things out of you all this woundedness took it out of your remember the truth way back here you know anyone say was so long ago and we have someone spending it with care from way years back going all that clip I would like absolutely. But it could be any one of us really, absolutely we come back written more about healing talk about John Eldridge next week with a bouquet in about five days which is registered to mask injury to register and to get more information injury radio is supported very thankful for every dollar but I wanted to take a moment to share a really easy way to support use Amazon to purchase things you need to do Charity contribution site from their slick good heart ministries and Amazon will donate 5% of your purchase, donate or watch a video on how to do this radio that's mask injury domain here for mask injury radio show are so often focuses on healing and freedom found her walking more intimately with father no one wants to see a counselor, but often times I find myself stuck needing a little bit more help my friends and seasons of the heart human catheters. Counselors help you find healing through the father. For more information on seasons of the heart.

That's mask injury welcome mask, my name is Eli. My father's Sam and last time I was on those values and have an fun time. We talked a lot about the cartoons is really pretty fitting that he lives here with us today that were were talking about that matter a bump and it was from a cartoon called tangled and you're sure that we did. Eli was on some of the meanings and cartoons are really a lot deeper and swear that a podcast if you'd like to go back and listen that it's mask injury and pull it up and listen to Eli in studio we have.

Me and Al and Vinnie and Eli. Rob is not with us today.

It's kind of a bad thing because Robbie really likes those types of bump and Robbie bump in but were talking about healing the wounds were done but how do you take that wounded place in and what's our role in it and what's God's role in it and how do we enter into that and so as we look at this topic out.

I want to go back to that this clip from bagger Vance don't see how that finishes out left her talking about you had that the Holy Spirit character will semester saying you can do this right we can week we can do this. I've been here with you the whole time right right and part of that many when we are in those bad spots, a kind of feels like we were alone that no one was with us to really support us or help us to like climbing out of the six withholding can't get out of it right you just chlorine and chlorine is just like life.

Sometimes it just hangs on a day will come to most of us anyway, where you will let go.

If you give yourself up the garden, let him help you. The hard part in it. You know it senses thought it we try to do everything in our own strength and I know that I had a project just recently in leading up to it and we got like three or four hours sleep and I was stressed out I wasn't nervous but the message I could get from the radio for music from the sermons that listen to was that when you're weak I'm strong and I'm starting to realize when on the weakest. That's when he's going to come through for me and so while it's never fun to be weak. It's always encouraging know he's right there. I guess it always gets back to how well has doing on your work out for you here.

We can be successful at not saying that smoking may have made them so successful today back in an address of things it really didn't matter.

Blessings upon you like with her first clip from beautiful mind that we all are haunted by passing somewhere. Another remember when I was little. Really feeling that insignificance in ion and carried that I carried this I have nothing important to say I have no I do have value in all came from a family member that was very mean to me and repeatedly over long. Yes abusive verbally abusive when I was little and documented pretty pretty soundly. For me it wasn't when I was little. It was about five years ago, but he came after it and almost the point we were laughing together about it. You know that he was trying to make it so obvious that I was important at least to him again today doesn't matter if it's anyone else of your important which we all are, let's go back… Bagger Vance Clifton and see what happens with Gina and bagger as they continue to talk about moving past this wounded part in his heart, and so the visuals buried in price at the best analogy around the game golf game of golf, but it's it's not about the game. It was about Gina getting back into his life. Stepping back into the truth of you know that sometimes things happen to me.

It really may have been a part of, but it wasn't my fault that that thing that hurt me was not my fault. My need to build in the past that we all have pains and we have it will allow different ages represented here and Eli had a question for you. You know there's probably been some times in your life that things are kinda hurt your heart have another yeah now well in the last year's been pretty tough forces last your grandfather revised my mom and those things are kinda hard for us. Yeah me and I miss my grandpa, but mean he had to say we think it was this time and then my grandma she has taken without it was her time to send this to you just have to have an attitude like that so you know I gotta believe that God is in control and God's going to have me through this. It's amazing you know what Sam, do you ever get. Losing a loved one. You never do. I mean a midsole in prayer and God help us along to remember the good things and no good memories and not the be haunted by that goes both ways. I think prayer is a big thing Alisha back to the world that you were before wounded absolutely play one more clip between reviews before it's good Will hunting it in this one is got a lot of emotion to say that the what's happening this, it's Matt Damon again but will has had a troubled childhood, adulthood is had a lot of physical abuse due to the foster system from foster parents is been seeing a psychologist and Robin Williams and so you want to see how Robin Williams kinda handles his heart and helps take him back to truth is, say experience with somebody so I'm provoking so left my mother's rings and ranches to say choose first. So as an attachment disorder stuff. Abandonment is not your fault fault now was a tough one.

Listen to I was with a lot of motion you have force Robin Williams is not with us anymore.

Tough but out in that you got this person to truly believe that something is happened to him was in the fall and who wants to convince us in our life that those things that's happened to us are fault God wants that to take it away, but the enemy is always right there to remind you when to blame you and you often times when we get into disagreements with family members. If you ever been in that position where it becomes the only way to when the arguments are the other one the most and in that just sticks around in it. It's so hard to get rid of that but I don't know about you but those difficult, painful memories, the wounds that's what it's like when you lose. That's what it's like when you're able to let it go absolutely gotta take it back into that difficult place of the Lance that when a backup get that infected part back out whatever is causing not to do something faster and so it goes. And I need a surgery I needed help and it doesn't always feel the best but you deftly feel better when you done yet right because you can move past that stuff once and for all your life as long as we hold on, like they did in the beautiful mind clip. Let us stay in the past, right his enemy does like to keep coming asked anybody he doesn't like to give up that's exactly right.

Robin Williams was it's not your fault That Is the Hard Part. When He Got Wounds. It's to Reach the Point Where It This Wasn't My Fault You Know What a Man Wants to Get That Part I Think You Heal A Lot Easier and You Know When I Give All the Credit to God and Perseverance of You Know Your Life and Things That You Have Done All Things That You Wouldn't Do Again Because They Would Hurt You. Absolutely.

And That's Where You We Got and I Got into Those Places. As You Said in Trust He's Going to Do That Work That He Is Working Hard to Remind You to Sign up for the Boot Camp Is Five Days Left before the Big Kid Kicks off and Just Be a Great Time to Have Great Weather Crib A Lot Of Fun for Me Talk to John Eldridge Next Saturday Were Alive Boot Camp Broadcast, so You Build.

Listen to This Live Will Be Talking John Eldridge about His Movie a Story Worth Living.

May 19 for One Night, Showing Only in His Book Moving Mountains of Please Join Us Guys Really Say before He Say Goodbye To Do Negative Asking Journey Masculine Third Journey

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