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The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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February 13, 2021 12:30 pm


The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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February 13, 2021 12:30 pm

Welcome to Masculine Journey fellow adventurers! This week the guys are talking about distractions, both good and bad. The clips are from "The Lion King," "Up," and "Race." The journey continues, so grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

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Hi this Roy Jones with man talk radio podcast.

Our mission is to break down the walls of race and nomination your chosen truth radio broadcast will be starting in just a few seconds. Thinking this is the Truth Network, the heart of every man craves a great adventure but life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way when life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear and come on a quest band of brothers will serve as the guides and what we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. Welcome masculine journey are glad to have you with us is weekend. I know you think that we probably practice and we have all this deep discussion about what were going to say and there are times when we do talk that will save it. Rob yet in asking this question before the show, but this is a very important leave again yeah yeah you notice it's Valentines it is Valentine's Day eaves as a public service announcement guys. If you haven't bought your significant other, something now your your your kids, your wife, whatever girlfriend hopefully not wife and girlfriend go out and get you get one more day. But now I now wait for an hour and then dies. It's a Saturday so hopefully you got time to get always take away can buy it after round pants day when it's half-price. Don't get distracted. But we will save your bacon on the shop safe.

You make it exactly. So you it if you haven't gotten it and it applies to you.

Make sure you go do it today. Don't wait till tomorrow. Don't wait to last-minute what we do talk about today. Oh yeah that's right where you talk about distraction and in Indiana you have a great clip that canna talks about this topic a distraction yet from Allied King and the just set it up is the hyenas are in their way to get where they're going and they have to create a distraction so to Mont Cuba get recruited to role show Wally slip around about the hyenas so that that's got was little Sosebee example potentially very good distraction.

Yes. Okay, so let's listen to it and come back and talk about hyenas I hate hyenas select skies life date a content on you guys have to create a diversion. You wanted to try the Dragon. Finally got to. It's a funny clip and so in that situation, you brought the clip to explain it. You know how the program works have been distracted. It's a good example is sometimes you do need distractions in your life that are good, but what we talk about today is both sides of the equation and talk about times that the enemy tries to distract her. Which is all the time.

Honestly, you know, try to do any type of Internet search on an innocent topic. I promise you will get more than a couple click links down below and you're going to find a really bad website that it's gonna want to try to lead you to write and when everything is captured the take you to a distraction if you if you've looked up anything on the Internet. As far as trying to shop just look at your side little thing when you're on Facebook Windows social medias and sourcing of advertisements for those things. It's life is full distraction and he what you think you're on the liner we distracting about the benefit all yeah may make direction. I really always struggle with why is you know there are a lot of different white tractor personally.

For example, I feel like I usually get you to give attention way too much attention probably still do to some degree about work. You know it can be a good thing I become about date that it can be a distraction from the things that God really give attention to another way that I felt like I really became distracted. All through my life as I worked on the job and it wasn't you go in and day down at your desk and you work on the project that's all you would focus on. I was comically deal problem distraction repetitively I like, barred my brain always be ready for that yet in a good way to be able to things like that but it also prevented me from ever giving thanks they do focus that they needed to think it affected my relationships, and effective other things because you know God is all about unity with our undivided attention. When we sit down with our family. When you're looking over at your phone or doing something else and not given due attention right there. You know that can cause problems, so that I'm trying to work on and I can't think about that, but it is definitely something that God is distracted brought my attention to that. I need to work on.

I'm sure you can you repeat that I was looking over you that's that's a great point, I realized years ago when I was married that I can either watch TV or I could listen to my wife. I could not do both at the same time and so she wanted to talk. I literally would have to not just turn the volume down the turn the TV off so that I could actually listen to what she had to say because it was very quick to specially sports around meaning he had that right on the head sports Ron. I don't have to sound look and see what's going on you know and that's not necessarily good distraction in that timeframe like you talking about. And so what are all restaurants to they put those back onto the my wife is like got. I don't know whatever x-ray vision.

When you look at and I'll used to baby girl next table.

Now it's at the TV so she doesn't consider some game that you're looking at now is just, you know, and it it's offensive, but I'll be back on if you can stand there and watch and then all of a sudden you know that look like a good shop. It does United it would be the point and I've learned Robbie's you talk about back in the day when we went to restaurants seemed like such a foreign thing these days to talk about other than on a very special occasion going to restaurant but I would have to sit with my back to the TV.

Otherwise I just knew that I was not going to be engaged in other was going to be a point where I would check out there would be a silence and I was gone. But if even that far honestly be honest about it and play another clip because it is it is the clip that really we thought about first for the show. When we set Hayward on distraction. This is the clip that was thrown out there and it's from the movie up if you don't see the movie up. It's about an older man who loses his wife and as I decide to go on an adventure that he'd always promised her that he was going to have it with her they were going to do together and he decided he's going to go do that anyway, and he gets some either comes along with the missile Boy Scout that you get canna holds up in his house, he gets all these balloons to come to his house and the house flies away, but the little boy scouts on his front porch.

He doesn't know it in the land. In this other land in there looking around and they're seeing some things in the shadows in some rock to look like a turtle.

Another set of rocks that look like a dog than end up being a dog so to listen to how that plays out like she hi there you say LIKE a dog. I just met you and I love you made me this color so that I may talk my Masters all throughout the movie.

If you haven't seen the movie you probably heard people say squirrel and not known the reference and so vehement seen the movie.

This is this really what the references every time Doug's in the middle of something very very important. There's a squirrel comes along his peripheral vision, and he's completely lost for at least another five or 10 seconds and then he picks up where he goes and that's how the enemy takes us out. He tries to get us to have the squirrel moments right that you know yeah I'm really into this conversation. My buddy Jim talking to me about squirrel something on my phone. I got a look at whatever that is.

The squirrel moments is really what he's trying to do is to get us taken out.

Just try to pray, and we can talk about that after the break, but yeah just sitting down and trying to pray.

Jim laughed at me before the shows can I have a habit I don't really sailing to the guys that I close my eyes before the rugby for the last 30 seconds or so before the show comes on and I pray and I have a little prayer the sage time and I was praying with eyes close, leaned forward and hit my face right on the microphone prayer was interrupted for a minute that I went back to that was those microphone squirrel moment is how we would call that yeah yeah you would've enjoyed that NEC when that happens, we do not hear about the third time you're calling only to get on the reserve list or something. Yeah I got there yeah yeah you see you next week in studio you make that proclamation now so we can hold you to it next week. Okay, we did that show on truth the whole truth and nothing but that is our network so you so this topic of distraction you might want to feel the guys honestly now it's it's in every day like every day my entire life.

I sit down okay today's the day is the day of my pray without ceasing. 20 seconds later, tomorrow's going to be the best you know if this is always certainly hope we could do it and I'm thinking someday I might actually but who knows maybe a really short day. I was thinking about. As were talking and you talk about your your profession and what I do and building houses. I will for a while was a trainer in one things I had to really work with people in the training was to ignore the distractions is all day long until you build in 1015 houses even if they're on the same community of people working in those different houses and they all want your time and so you have a set agenda to get done for the day. We also have to make sure they get their stuff done.

You know that you can get beat up by their time in on what I used to coach him to do is wait and I'll call you and see. I'll be down there in about 1520 minutes. Anubis presently turns me down there in 15 or 20 minutes.

They've Artie figured out the answer.

Pray that I can spend my day running back and forth. If I'm not careful to distractions and never get things done and I think that's part of it is how to overcome distractions to talk about that when you come back masking were hoping to have a boot camp and we can talk about coming up soon, not quite yet the keep check that out there masking journey. We live in an on-demand world time, whether meals and content. That's why the Truth Network is The Truth Podcast Network some of your favorite programs plus some that are podcast on rich content that is written moments detached a greater understanding of Christ. This is my son. Talk about ways he helps me smile smiled at him as his information on website there on how to do that to and click the donate button and get a masculine and find masculine mail PO Box 552 728. It was really kind of hard to find a bump distracted when I stumbled upon this one and it's Andre Crouch, gospel singer and he's talking about the enemy in the song and this is just from the chorus when he talks about he names the enemy distraction and so don't don't buy into that distraction is trying to lead you astray is basically what the song is about and that's enemies plan and that's were talking about today's topic of distraction. Now Harold you had something you want to talk to us about on distraction while I work for many many years as computer programmer, systems analyst, and so I needed not to be distracted so the tactic that adopted been able my tunnel vision to work properly was output on the earphones, put on some music because music did not interfere with my thought process, whereas phone calls people stop in at the door the officer of the Q yeah can that that was a distraction that interrupted my work and so I deliberately push people away. I just ignored me like you don't exist busy go away and in the earphones in the music work that worked extremely well. But even somebody like me that has good good tunnel vision and the ability to concentrate can easily be distracted and I mentioned to the guys earlier that I can remember as a kid sitting in church and if a wasp came in the printer was no longer there. He was gone. All I could focus on was the wasp and is he going landowning will be staying in the PC was kinda hoping he would just a little bit yeah it's it it's makes me wonder why my son wears headphones all the time around me.

Maybe it is what it talk to me. Thanks, Harold.

Now I have a complex noise always get the earbuds in and I'm like okay now I'm gonna have to think about that little bit. I really screw with this topic because I want to take it to Jesus.

When was Jesus distracted me was he ever saw never have a distraction. Now the disciples would say oh you know the way kids or down you blind folks in the way we get important stuff going on. But Jesus never really had a disruption distraction and I'm saying that because I if there had been such a thing in the 50s as ADHD. I would've been diagnosed with so and I'm still ADD.

I just don't have that much hyper left in me. But I've also got narcolepsy. So for me to focus on anything is a wonderful challenge and I know you talk about in prayer.

Now you get distracted well thought I pretty much stay distracted, but it always can wander back to that place like sometimes Harold I'm not picking on you bit yeah I am.

We could be so focused on what were trying to get done that. We miss what we really are supposed to be doing is what I just want to mess up their and then there's the question of, you know, what did Harold do for headphones back in the 1400s final thing, now I remember these vaguely. It's too big, and that song was the ocean 112 slug my favorite playlist so Rob Let's get to your clip okay yeah and so what you got until smooth, about your clip and then will Layton is from a wonderful movie called Ron and it's about just the story of Jesse Owens and clearly he came up in a time of I guess more vocal presidents is that even a word but there's not a prejudice local private yeah so there's a lot of prejudice and here's this. In this particular scene. He's practicing being a track star and this football team is practicing in a course they are being horribly offensive to actually lift and words cut out of the clip to make sure you didn't get the worst part of that offense but there's plenty of offensive words that are being said to him as coach begins to help them with how he blocks out the noises and so you'll hear is a come back in the locker room after they are out on the field that the coaches now begin to teach Jesse how to focus on what's important, instead of all the noise and insight listen to the clip which you have to do here in a second.

You can't help but trying to see wow this is kinda me in prayer. Go ahead.

Why Ray yes he owns back to basics my swing from the man who pulled over that one.

Just like so you can't get distracted is now one second.

Her head turned by few guerrillas along the panseared home.

You should not say so for my perspective is just a beautiful scene while so much my lot of paying attention to the noise instead of panic and attention to the coach I use is there to speak to you to give you some sense of direction which is prayer. And so for me I really really really struggle right here like and I get up early. I go to try to start pray and I'll find myself sit like it's 20 minutes later and I haven't really said the first prayer I mean I actually would have a script to try to get me on track. I get going for a minute, maybe 30 seconds and then I find myself often Lala land.

When I finally come back on right like my goodness another 15 minutes is gone by and I haven't gotten my third line in this literally goes on quite often for more than an hour before I begin to break through the noise and get to where Jesse got to write that second and so recently on James Banks did a piece, encouraging prayer we talked about the full armor of God being a prayer exercise that here God is going to show us how to stay focused be like Jesse but he's going to do it right actually putting on this armor because the battle is a spiritual battle and we really heard what was just going on in that clip you may have thought that it was a lot of things, but clearly it was a spiritual battle and so one of the things it says very clearly at the beginning of the full armor in Ephesians 6 I think it's around verse 11 it starts talking about. You gotta stand before you put the arm therefore stand and now that you're standing stand. Therefore, it's obviously very clear so I began to study that word stand seeing how important it was to Paul and I understood once I began to really look at the word in Hebrew why Paul said it so many times because when you really pick credit from a from a Hebrew letter standpoint, the first letter represents the hand of God is called a unit, but it represents the hand of God coming down. So if I'm a reach up and grab God's hand first thing I gotta do is let go of all the other mass that's got me so distracted just like Jesse did write and now that I've got a hold of Jesus's hand.

Guess what is going to mail, print, and it it may be down his wrist going to Harold but it somewhere for sit is this now mark which speaks to me being able to get under the blood of Christ, and like Jesus said to the woman caught in adultery.

Now where your accuser so just bite letting go of what I was going get and recheck grab God's hand come under the blood silenced those noises because you don't have any accusers.

The second letter is his attic which means righteousness to some extent, but it also means hunt to be hunting for something and so when you're looking for.

Your keys are not too easily distracted.

Here, your you're right on the deal, right, or if if you think about something that you really in Jesus made the reference all these people that were looking for the lost key the loss. You know Valerie all the things so this idea of hunting for what. And then last letter is a bet which means house, but it means very specifically in this case, God's house and it is up okay. Just like in our other clip but if you think that you're looking holding Jesus's hand hunting for God then it gives me a chance to at least for a few distracted to go there again it's it's a process to me, and I'm hoping at some point that it that I can begin to relate this morbid actually since I begin understand this. I really have put it into my prayer. Regular activities in the morning and it is quite helpful and once I fall back out of you know concentration on every call that I go back to it again and say okay let me get hold your hand. Jesus gets really, I need to hear from a coach I can be thinking about all those things that people said to me I can be thinking about all the people that are judging me. I can be thinking about all these different things. But when he got a hold of the coaches hand at any saying can you hear me I think it's beautiful and really that's it. You have to be able to recognize the squirrels for what they are there squirrels unless you have no really, just like squirrels want to watch girls. I'm not saying you can't go watch Grossman's thing is recognizing the distractions for what they are and what they take you a way from what we didn't get to in this part of that the show will talk about the after-hours is when Vince got distracted or will call it entice when is God enticed you also ensure some stories about the distractions we find we go to masculine to pick up the after-hours podcast will talk with you next week. Letter topics can be.

We know God's give me the middle of it. He's really working in our lives and health of these working in years to avoid the squirrels to grab his hand and hunt for his kingdom will talk to you next week.

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