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Distraction After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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February 13, 2021 8:00 am

Distraction After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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February 13, 2021 8:00 am

Welcome fellow adventurers! The discussion on good and bad distractions continues right here on the Masculine Journey After Hours Podcast.

There's no advertising or commercials, just men of God, talking and getting to the truth of the matter. The conversation and Journey continues.


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Hello this is Matt slick from the Matt slick live podcast where I defend the Christian faith and lay out our foundation of the truth of God's word for chosen Truth Network podcasts is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network infringed barricade in the heart. Masculine journey after hours time to go to be more transparent. Another topic covered.

So sit back and visit venture. Masculine journey after hours starts here now.

Welcome masculine journey to say Robbie listen to her intro in a little while, you know, but I feel like all of 20/20 and so far in 2020 when I've been in the trench barricade you have it it it really feels that way and I'm not enjoying that. As much of the time we did it was a really cool thing yet it sounded like a working entrenching on pipe the fight entrenching this feel so different now. Now after you know wars, hell yeah you know Stone's mother the day I feel they're talking about.

So what would you do this with Groundhog Day work. I come home see this is yeah I work I come home if I can Bill Murray living in quite funny funny you mention Bill Murray because I was thinking of a different movie. He was in and I could was thinking you don't entrance barricade to be a good way to catch a gopher it will and will yeah I know that moving several what we need a distraction once more in and hopefully and hopefully were providing a healthy distraction from life's kinda down moments that we've been all living over the last year year and half whatever it seems so much longer. It's been rented here against Groundhog Day last year to the ground hard to sense or gopher day.

We yeah well I had pop-up this week on my phone score high boys and I were at the the Eagles concert last year, this week and was within like a couple weeks he canceled other concerts, you know you know anything. Well, you know a few few months and in the be back in everything Jesus can change then we often live in it and it feels like we could need the distraction right and I think we do it and hopefully were providing it. I consider amending good healthy distraction. Something that gets your heart in a much better place. Robbie reminded me a while ago distraction at home when one retired home.

I made the mistake of noticing how my sweetheart loaded up the dishwasher and being the nerd that I am things have to be aligned properly or else there's a problem alive spent nearly 44 years as a problem solver in computer analysis and stuff. So I decided to solve the problem us was very successful and distracting. My sweetheart from the way I love her, making her angry over the fact that I was telling her she didn't know about the dishwasher and I had not thought of that as a distraction before the show but that's exactly what it was through squirrel out there and she chased it. Yeah, probably didn't well for you that for me to eventually ended well. You guys are still together that if you really want to work out finally comes around fans all the time. Yeah it does so were talking about this topic of distraction and I will go ahead and play clip. This is in. This is the after hours. I probably could've left the beep out of it but anyway this is from happy Gilmore. If you haven't seen happy Gilmore incidents an old classic so I don't feel bad ruining it for you but you happy wants to be an NHL hockey player and he's really not good.

And so his mom, his grandma's house gets taken, due to taxes and these get so much time to earn money and he realizes he can hit the golf ball really long way to goes on the golf to her knees actually doing pretty well in the people. That's part of that to her. Really don't like the fact that somebody that's not didn't belong in their circle should be there and so they hired somebody to distract him and the whole thing is are hoping that he'll blow up as I know if he blows up one more time he's going to get kicked out, of the professional golf tour to listen to a professional distractor, trying to distract at the Gilmore use sock to shut up all blank page now Jack will be okay.

You can watch this movie happy does okay but it works for a while. This distraction works for a while because he's name white where it hurts right he's hitting with a little bit of truth in a whole lot of I and that's what our enemy loves to do. He likes to hit us with a lot of truth that he likes to call us names. He doesn't beep amount become straightforward and so as we were talking about distractions owing to the first part of this particular shows talk about housing. We tried to distract you how to does he try to distract you and then also talk about how God's enticed you know when he's taking off point will do that. The second part of the show, but beginning with how does the enemy try to distract you from me. Honestly, sometimes it's unhealthy right he'll try to distract meet it to fall into old habits to to battle against pornography right you not hear the little things saying it wouldn't be good to go do this or you'll feel better. Whatever.

And I won't. I know that but it doesn't stop him from trying that sometimes it's those types of distractions. Other times it's not in this really bad distractions but they're not the best thing I could be doing, he'll distract me with other good things that keep me away from doing probably what God really wants me to be doing, you know, instead of spending time talking with my son. I'll be doing something in the garage organizing making it known more usable churches can get trashed again in over the next two or three months now, I'd be better off spending the time talking with my son and I'm not consciously making the choice of the cycle.

I'll do that later this distractions Stephen sitting down to try to do something. There's five other things to come to my mind and say like you getting these.

And again, not Nestl or any of those, necessarily bad, but I have to consciously say what's the best thing I could be using my time for Chris monument this time wants and and so it's a constant exercise for me to say okay what is the best use my time. And honestly, sometimes that's just relaxing is anything I can do is I can stay so busy with all these distractions I wear myself down and when I wear myself down are more susceptible to the other distractions is trying to get me to fall for that aren't healthy for my heart that are healthy for me as a person in my walk and so he hits me on lots of different levels and it's hard just sometimes sort out the squirrels if you don't want talk. But if you listen, the Pasha to sort out the squirrels from what's really important you know but walking with God through most of it will help you do that, I was thinking about my grandmother go to her house. She is like a cornball way walk in it she would just be sitting on the couch by herself. No TV old city and is used to just wreak havoc in my middle process building in Goshen need to be reading a book or something because my brain always had to be doing something that was the distractions and the older I get, the more I see the value in just sitting about this like us. It is only like Robbie got maybe five minutes and then the squirrels running but sometimes the techniques of the topic of employment like Jim did the same things are going well there is a there's an enticement God to stay on track and yet the enemy is running around like a squirrel trying to get you out of. We were doing ministry and Asheboro. We had a ministry track and things we wanted to do with me as discipleship and in some things came along and some of them were distractions and others were enticement, and it was tough to distinguish and I can remember, and always references my wife help me one time with. I was working for Sears and appliance technician and we have a laptop and I would open up the laptop and I would see all the service call ahead for the day. It would be 10 to 14 development times in my brain would just go off the charts so I'd be thinking about for five on what I will probably do's and Escobedo slowly test driving all of it. Losses why don't you just open up the first one and concentrate on that and don't look at him and it was helpful to the enticed to focus on what's in front of me yet. Being aware that there is an things going. It's really good.

I was thinking about you were talking and rallying to get some even save the. The first few times I did boot camps if something went wrong with the microphone something went wrong with the video it would take me out because II had practice it and honestly, when I look back, it's because I was trusting my effort more than I was trusting God's direction right that II would let that distraction completely take me out of trying to do the talk of boot camp. How hard is it sometimes probably now even though we have better technology we have better stuff. We kind of learned to expect the distractions rightness so you know it, we just can push through right is God's bigger than whether that clip works are God's bigger and whether the audio is just right, you know that we just can have to learn to push through those distractions is another way to say I'm just not gonna let them inhibit me from doing what I feel like I'm called to go do to and anybody who works in technology or radio like I remember a couple times last, first in this like the headphones wouldn't work and I wouldn't even know if I was on the air and the producers point at me like talk talk talk to me going. You can't hear yourself.

You try to target distracting to say and they were all these different things that happened to me in those first couple years that were horribly distracting.

However, they taught me that like while the show must go on a mass it's a it's a great line because it's amazing how many things like that. God is teaching us to be able to block out and cocaine This is what I was here for. But when Danny talked about his neck trying to pick out the one thing that you got to do it reminded me of a couple of hunting incidents rights even ago. If you've ever done that you can go quail hunting right and when you flush a covey of quail intermediate thing is a lot to shoot into that bunch of birds was founded by no no and anybody that hunts quail will tell you EEE you have to pick out a bird and have to follow through on that burden have to make sure you shot that bird and then you can try to catch another bird. If you get time or even 1/3 if you're but you gotta really focus on the wind by the fact that the birds flying all over the place and really go and one time when I was a lot younger. This is a funny story from my perspective is we I this was a second time.

I've read that went deer hunting in my life and it was pouring rain. I mean it wasn't like raining a little bit. It was pouring pouring pouring rain on in these days of his car salesman I smoked right in about the last thing you want to do in the deer words and smoke a cigarette because you know I have tremendous sense of smell like you know that it's pouring rain so hard I give up the idea of seeing any deer right is just, I mean literally pouring so I light up the cigarette I'm sitting back and I look out and there isn't one beer there has to be sincerely at least 60 deer in this field full of beer and every line that I could see there were deer everywhere so you know what I did right. I just shot out amongst this is you so distracted by some the just caught you like oh my goodness, that it just goes back to what you said that when it when you got multiple targets you know you you gotta focus on the target that you feel like it's the is a significant one in the midst of it and it really is a great lesson we've use that word a lot previous studies that again focus that to me is the solution to what's the topic you get distracted. I had to get what he had to have my health has you are asking about hours so I get so many I can't think of this as I said on easily distracted. But I just decided to go with the Dave this morning I decided doing the Bible in a year and that's about it.

2030 minute deal. Listen to a recording and love that after that on SL today I went to catch up as him almost week behind them are only in two months. At this mounting too much salsa today and will catch up to three days.

I listen to the recording and the coffee pot went off all get my coffee.

I'll come back and read and I got my coffee went back down of the computer which is I was reading and ended up in galactic civilization. Without even thinking about it so I killed aliens for half an hour and blew my chance at catching up in ad that is not a usual day and then today I was off and so whenever I mollified. I have a good friend to have. Work on fixing my house rental property and we worked on both the day. The water heater in my house. I cut myself two or three times doing that.

We went over and dove into sewage issue with the other place, only adding when I say couple for some four times a year including punching wall which is the only one that really drove the identity I literally got well a lot more than taking a shower this very juicy when opening it up.

We expected it to not be full of stuff that it was and after I was bigoted it for a while. He said he will be dispelling for a while so the reason for both of us to get the seek but we got that fixed it mostly work. It was still gurgling but it was running and that headed home. And this is my day off so the phone rang. I said well we are not working today. That's probably a church number because I usually tell by looking at it and so on driving have anything else to do so well grab this distraction distraction save somebody else from get McCall and it was a huge blessing for me. God spoke to the young woman they called me was evidence of terrible things going on in her life.

So I think that's more of the enticement from God is. I had most the day you did any you get a distraction to share, remove and okay go, and everybody talk about a quiet but I mean I don't know about you guys want to talk a little bit about that reading the word or reading a book. It is anybody here read playing. Like 34.wandering my symptoms of the word really should be. Be still and know that he is God, where no problems at all.

This would doing our best effort to be spiritual or Mayor or just enjoy a book, your mind keeps going in the same thing with prayer. No. If you have something to do and you and you tend to forget the best thing that they pray because it will definitely come to you while you're praying right, you heard a lot of hope that you know the best thing to do with that. Betty is and a lot of time from the enemy, but take a notebook with the right things down get you so you will remember them later on in your prayer but you know distractions are all over the plate and be good or bad. I mean talk about Jesus and the pregnancy following. Most of us would probably look at what Jesus when he was walking along the needed somebody that would be the direction to me because I got my list of things to do with Jesus. It was just an opportunity to extend the kingdom of God. But how you look at it.

We really need to look at the opportunity God gives us what you talking about is distraction is really opportunity for him to bless her. The other person for the use of the kingdom, but probably the biggest thing that the enticement area you talk about this quite a bit always go back to me at the foundation of where I really feel like I came into really understanding God's father and in a deeper place that I didn't separate from my life, I was working a lot about and I become very jaded, frustrated, kind of cold. Even though I was still pursuing God is not like I wanted to be changed job that job travel for me and I began to go on these adventures with God. I felt like the in retrospect, I used to think that I would cover Dragon got along with tightening means leaving the end of the thing may be opportunities available connected with God it a much deeper level and that was technically probably direction or I don't know distractions. The best word from from the monotony in my life and that he was like I must go out here together and go deeper and I'll never forget that those are always go, but I've been able to do that travel perspective, but I still feel like I'm still full of me into the dangers of thing. Even though it traveling God. Yet what that is a good opportunity for him to get the focus on you don't have all these other things going on your route.

You know in nature. Whatever you got your attention I get the inside really blessed my life.

Think Cindy I am on the topic of enticement before the show we were talking about it before we came in here tonight was thinking about my wife and I lived in Indiana for number of years and we both grew up there had moved away from move back there and had pretty much decided where to stay there the rest of her life. That's over. Gonna live in, so we bought an old farmhouse and we were renovating it and setting it up to be a bed-and-breakfast after the kids get out of the house, you know, as a remodeled in the closet had plumbing underneath the floor and behind the walls so they could become bathrooms you made are the closets and the kids rooms by foot by 8 foot because that's a small she can make a bathroom that that's a full bathroom and so you did all that stuff and Mike is my construction background and the company I was with was expanding into a second location in North Carolina from Indiana. The art event in Charlotte and were going to come to the triad and my boss asked me to come down and look at an opportunity to come down here and I was like oh this is just a complete waste of time. I'm innocent point me coming down to do that, you know, and anything I like for you to go visit so said okay well sorry I took my wife, my daughter and youngest daughter and we came down here and place is beautiful and everywhere return we found things we liked and went back in. We decided not to really talk about it together and I would to pray individually.

Time about what we thought we should do once we prayed to the said amount time we fasted for a day and did some other things and we came together invested.

I think we should be moving down there.

You knowing it was the furthest from my mind to ever do that and moving down here you know the company was with closer doors a couple years later. Within a few days of those closing the doors at I didn't doubt that we should leave. I just knew that was with me here gentlemen called me became a good friend and he and Jim and I not Jim Knight, Jim Graham and I in a mat and we started the ministry your way back years ago write it in. That became the boot camps in the radio show all that other stuff in their mouse has a journey they've been on the come here, but that was my journey began with an enticement to go to a place I never thought I'd want to live. To be honest, Harold.

Any prior won't like this about me but when I lived in California were to the guy from North Carolina and I made fun of them all the time from being from North Carolina I teased him relentlessly for me, North Carolina and God's sovereignty. He puts me here and I love that it makes me eat my words will yet again and put me here in and love it but it was an enticement that really brought me to this close group of friends that that saved my life in so many ways that would not have been there if I was staying in Indiana not follow the enticement, and so yeah I can look at that as a distraction to what we had planned it. Oh my gosh gave me life which is so much more valuable. So I got on my case. As far as enticement and Tammy was the original enticement like if you marry me you gotta go to church and so I was not sounding like find a car salesman on his only day off to go to church, of all places, but I went to this church and heard the sermon by Dr. redhead at the First Presbyterian Church in Greensboro and he talked about this crazy prayer, where you listened instead to talk to me. So the funeral God truly God. He knows what you have discussed, you got two ears and one mouth it's better to listen than to talk and he said went through this whole program of how you do this and then you just sit there expecting Jesus to tell you some so it wasn't maybe two months later my son ran away. My stepson, Leslie, and he ran away and he was gone and he was gone and hours went by, and it's like three in the morning and I searched everywhere another search called everywhere and in the call. I was terrified everything was it was way past you know anything that would seem reasonable to me. So after I'd extended everything I need to think It's like, well, I tried that crazy prayer and an I'll never ever ever ever forget that I'm sitting there praying listening, listening, listening, not saying anything, and also by here this I got it covered in front you can be fine and no I ran in the living room. Tammy is a massive I just talk to God. He told me he's got it covered everything looked at me like I was on those aliens you shot longer so well. Sure enough, about 10 minutes later it's like whatever was 330 in the morning, here comes his police cruiser up in my driveway and Leslie's in the car and he says and I saw this little boy in apartment Greensboro. They really should be walk around this time of night night looked and I found them in that incident had such an enticement in the may come in after Jesus because I realized that not only was he gone that I had access to actually listen to what he really had to say in it really impacted my faith in amazing think you really like us were to leave you with is theirs distractions out there that are good for Hartford's distractions that are bad for heart. Sometimes it's obvious. And sometimes we know the difference. Sometimes we don't. But I will tell you likely talk about every week. What Jesus Jesus, help me see the truth in the midst of the situation. This is the Truth Network. One of our generous sponsors here. The Truth Network has come under fire fire from the enemy fire for standing up for family values. Actually one of the biggest supporters of the movie unplanned. The talked about the horrors of abortion. Yes, it's Mike Lindell. You've heard me talk about his pillows for a long long time and no doubt big business is responding to Mike Lindell and all this generosity for causes for the kingdom by trying to shut down his business.

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