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My Brother's Keeper

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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February 6, 2021 12:30 pm

My Brother's Keeper

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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February 6, 2021 12:30 pm

Welcome to Masculine Journey fellow adventurers! The topic this week looks to answer the question, am I my brother's keeper? The clips are from "Hacksaw Ridge," and "The Least of These." The journey continues, so grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

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This is Stu Epperson from the truth.

Talk podcast connecting current events, pop culture, and theology, and were so grateful for you that you've chosen The Truth Podcast Network it's about to start just a few seconds. Enjoy it and please share around all your friends.

Thanks for listing and thanks for choosing the truth podcast network. This is the Truth Network, the heart of every man plays a major life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads, but the masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a good way when life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear and come on a quest band of brothers will serve as the guides and what we call the masculine journey.

The masculine journey starts here now welcome the masculine journey were very glad to have you. This week we got a studio full we get the phone lines full with just a lot of people with us this week which is great in around a full house full house pizza straight flush. If your plumber that means something here, I'm hoping to have a straight flush. She say really it's a law ministry in Simi Valley do not even is well Lincoln's birthday eve Super Bowl leave all my goodness, you're absolutely right of the games tomorrow. Can Brady do I hope me personally out there. You can hope he does okay yeah we went on the phone with Jim and Andy Murray get the gym first is Jim it in and stellar fashion. Like almost everybody else in this room does from time to time, we have a topic and then we leave town and so this is your topic you came up with this late last week only to tell us you're going out of town out that well your topic and about bye-bye brother reading earlier in the that I realize you will bold by bite here. If you are not with this. So once what's her topic East talked about a little bit to go ahead and go back into the topic paper you have.

Yeah so we can all I'll likely to get involved with life. If anything Bill already where is the dog fighting to be able to go with the battle and so we take this up, he's in a little of the court-martial right now and so we pick it up and kinda listen how plays out.

Why is it so important you refuse to even touch a weapon to serve in combat is when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. I took a personal everyone I knew was on fire and enjoy, not including me to man my hometown. Therefore, if unfit to kill themselves.

They concern I had a job in a defense plan. I could've taken a firm that a right. It isn't right that other men should fight and die that I would just be sitting at home safe.

I need to serve have the energy and the passion to serve as a medic right in the middle with the other guys know this danger just what everybody else is taken life, be saving the world. So say don't tear itself apart doesn't seem like such a bad thing to me to want to put a little bit of it back together. The defendant's rights as a conscientious objector protected by an act of Congress, and you cannot be compelled to waive those rights. That includes in this case is to something their arms sign Brig. Gen. Musgrove were services command, Washington DC I with choice. This case is dismissed private dust free hellfire a battle within a single yourself.

You may resume your duties, Jim. It was an awesome clip. Tell us about why you why you picked that clip for this topic will merrily call most everybody and they are people bothered serving others bought are we letting down our law risking everything but people don't like about that.

Let me Scripture with retail and link click but I fight you will live love your enemy be good about you, bless those who curse capable one Creek water like you on the cheek off of the other off one picture click do not hold back your shirt gift to everyone who have never take that big of yours man do to others as you would have that you if you love those who love you, what you love those good luck that you do.

You are doing it to you, what credit even better if you lived about what credit you with the fettered feedback despite love your expecting nothing in return.

Then your reward will be great. You will be kind of yet grateful be compassionate your father you that the baby is the not stepping out of your comfort. Giving your all you serve God that have fire along that was a really good passage down as far as time it into the topic.

It's it's hard to think about exactly who to help when the health how to help you think you get it this walk with God through that absolutely yeah I'm here looking at Sam I am a sinner man and like what's in it for me and I ate. I say that in just that a lot of times and that's that that that's the truth you know where you get get you get to the point where you know you Robbie had asked me in the preshow. You know who do I avoid helping and you know the sad part is the answers much everybody and I get out it it back to you know that I was listening. Jim and it struck me that you know something he rarely had read in that passage is pretty much the way I feel about loaning people money is that if I might do it. I'm not going to know do it to the point where I'm expecting something in return. You know, because if I'm owning your money. I did, I'm writing it off insane. Okay, I will never see this again because especially if your good friend because the friendships more important than getting the money back nine times at 10 yeah it until he gets in the way for me going. This is a combination of two different things. Honestly, cynicism gets in the way and judge mental and judgmental in in one of the communities in this area where we live, in order for somebody to beg on the street they have to go get a license from the city license probably cost money. License cost money, and so I struggle when I see somebody with a license thinking okay you went to all that after this is judgment on. I know it is you want all that effort to get a license under put money down and make it to City Hall and do all that you just get a job that's where my mind goes and I know it's judgmental because I in and then I look to see kinda what they're wearing and they look like they need the money because are so many people out there that the play the part that the incident that doesn't need it right and I you know from my standpoint know I don't have a problem, email, or feeding them on the street and out that the worst place you can approach me as I can front of a grocery store or in a restaurant known front of restaurant because of the first thing I mind is like a take on I go by email, I'll go buy you groceries everything you know. But I'm not going to give you cash so you can spend it. You know doing who knows what and I we still recalled being good stewards of what God has given us and you have to give things in good faith there's you know there's the point of helping somebody out which I don't mind doing writing and we do it all the time I my life is my better half literally and see she's constantly saying he would get it to Camille to this person a regular help out these guys because in other having Kobe going on right now my great let's go do that you know about from a standpoint of total strangers. I have not arrived.

It's I'm hit and miss on that and again I know that it's just judgment.

I think I've seen too many. You know I don't YouTube feeds or whatever of people being followed back after having begged all day and have a nicer car than I have had that they get into, and I know that's not 99.9% of people story out there that's one that sticks in my mind, and it shouldn't based on the passage Jim read it shouldn't really matter right. But for me that's a mental thing I gotta try to get around is is looking at people and making a judgment. Do I really think they need it.

Like if they've in front of a restaurant. I have no problem buying them something needed just a matter giving them money, not knowing if it if I know it's a definite need absolutely right, but with the unknown for me is when it makes it really hard to go do so you you have experience with this.

This last weekend. Actually I have a dear friend that all of us know in the ministry by name. Corn is Ricky corn but I just can't corn because it works out well. Of all the jokes I like to tell so we are in Jamaica. I noticed this, he has put this phenomenal giving ability to like everybody, we came to if we went to McDonald's and there were 30 people out there that were begging.

He was buying bags of hamburgers and handing them out if you know every place we went he actually gotten quite a bit of trouble from the person leaving because he kept on being so generous in the that would seem it think that Ricky was extremely wealthy. He saw the port you know as far as resources he was giving out a very little but he what he would give give give them the other day was having this discussion with you over the phone and how important that when you meet one of these challenges actually been given a test from God, and that was echoing around in my mind when I was out of the street over the weekend get that for him. Yeah, I can like normal asked question didn't give enough time to answer. So that is deleted as we come back is Ramsey until the rest of the story. In the meantime you can get a masculine look up to see any events you might have coming up or to reach out to this.

We live in an on-demand world time, whether meals and content. That's why the Truth Network is The Truth Podcast Network some of your favorite programs plus some that are podcast on rich content that is written journey moments journey learning and be touched a greater understanding of Christ. This is my son. Talk about ways to help us only smiled at him and's information website there on how to do that to and click the donate button you can get a masculine and find masculine working to mail something to PO Box 550 92728 Robbie story just a second is one that goes with anything for the bump and who is what that song Matt mar their own great but I could barely remember it right away that with the Lord deeper than I normally do but yet it out on what Jim was getting him.

Can you confirm that absolutely really where you what I want to torture my scalp.

Everybody talked about thinking into the probably is a song out there called my brother's creeper different different outcome did not like about you.

You started, that's okay. We picked we were getting to the story were our buddy.

Corn had an impact on you right now. He he did and it was an interesting thing that the idea your brother's keeper actually comes out of his Jim mentioned the story of Cain and Abel in early in Genesis. In chapter 4, and so this was obviously Cain's response to God after he murdered his brother and the word keeper. There is sure mar in Hebrew, you might me I was going nowhere but in the idea is actually looking for Jesus in your brother, to some extent in some part of one of the definitions of that word is to treasure your brother and corn is somebody to treasure in my, my, you know you is he's outside the normal box if you get to meet corn but he kinda rolls around in your mind because you know here's this guy that really just does not look at life the way most people do and he very much is that kinda generous guy so my family was downtown Knoxville. We were switching cars with my daughter in college and the story that I won't go into but we came out of a restaurant downtown. It did snow so it was pretty cold like 28, 29 and here's your downtown Knoxville Tennessee and here these homeless people and as we walked by one of many goes man I want a hot cup of coffee actually sounded like corn as he said it, and naturally as I'm hearing this is rolling around in my mind like a man corn would be. Tell me it's a test Robbie it's a test this right now you get tested and sets out corn would talk and so we went around the corner. Actually, my daughter wanted to get a cup of coffee and we went that I just like man.

I've got to give that man some money to get a couple cough.

My license don't get the money gave the gym plant is go get him a cup of coffee so I got him a cup of coffee and out with some sugar is a five dollar cup of coffee was a nice hot cup of coffee and so I come around the corner and I give it to this man who was sitting there and I can't say the exact expression that it buddy went H yeah hello Babe it was like he looked at me and he was like thank you thank you thank you and I was just like you. You could see this and I literally went to tears. I couldn't help it go to tears not just because this man was so grateful that I could do so little and get such a huge response, but there was another big part of me that I was experiencing I was I was like channeling my inner corn that's you know, one of the joys of the experience actually was to call corn on Monday and say corn man you don't know what impact you made on my life and I told him the store names like you know that was Robbie that was a test that mandated and you know I treasure that it really, really real cool level and I think there's that mouse that I'm a minute share of that I think is very important in the Hebrew alphabet. There's a letter called a gimbal and his letter called the doll and will begin all is the so-called rich man who is looking to give back to the poor man what has been stolen from him. In the end, the Jewish concept of it is to give in a way that you don't him Baris the person who is receiving because actually you're giving back to them what was stolen from them right. Satan is stolen so much from all of us.

And so when somebody gives to you to some extent you're receiving that which has been stolen and so there is no nothing other than just the opportunity to give back to somebody something that was stolen. So when Jesus is talking about to give him that code or turn your chicken whatever he's talking about giving them back the dignity and the treasurer of them being in the image of God himself and treasuring your brother as you would treasure Christ because that's what he says right Jim and I passed as much as you gave to the least of these, you gave it to my brother so my clip is from the movie the least of these, and this young girl and her mom had been staying in a car there homeless and they come into a little restaurant where she is working and they heat she gives her daughter a sponge bath with paper towels in the bathroom so clearly they have no money for Christmas and then this little girl walks in and sees the Samoset Mayor and she sits down has his conversation is something Christmas but they're just kids that are so bad when visiting Christmas to be pretty darn bad thing is if you're not working copy answer is Christmas this is a special person and some sees a single mom's groceries. Let's little girl. She is when Wells came here, she wasn't looking for a job.

She wanted to wash dishes, clean anything to get Katie in the one single me for gave key Christmas so I just think that's a phenomenal understanding there of how you know we set up through our culture, people's expectations about if I'm the reason I didn't get much for Christmas as I must've been naughty and that little girl and these people just praying that to the forefront and again the movies outstanding is called the least of these, but the idea is, do you see what what's going on there is the treasuring that that they have of each other as friends and and the treasuring of what's important beyond the financial situation which works out. Does Jim look at about three minutes left and in this this segment they were doing before. Good after hours. Bo did get your first question, and kinda asked the team here. What does being your brother's keeper mean to you. Jim will start with you accident your question below, start with you. What does being your brother's keeper mean to you. It basically what they're what I like about load, grant that I collect that.

But what about helped out alcoholic and literally felt dollars helping him out got clean and sober program and man fell off the wagon and the not long ago I got a call from a complete thought he was trying to get down there to come to church. You sleep me because I would and I broke my heart to tell the no I'm not there, I'm not that bad. I like the tears talk about it now, but I now he and another program in town working on I allowed him to reach that the fact that the meter relied on and that was one of the hardest service I platform over several years, God had to do it and not have to do it the hardest possible way. The great point is sometimes the greatest help we can give is is not giving them the assistance that they think they need because it does make them turn to another source and hope that other sources turning to God and to where he can help them rely on him not on one another and I know we've all had friends that we've had to do that with individually and collectively, and it is one of the hardest things to turn and say I'm sorry I can't help you right now you know even if you financially could do no that's not what you need to go do right then because that's not what they need most nets were coming in and walking with God really comes into the equation because you get it, knowing that time is and only he knows when that time is this essay not this time. Maybe yes this time.

Maybe next time. If you need to work in a do that right but it it's always a godlike local like the laws of the live live almost got you your bill of what do we normally people. It's great point somewhere talk about a lot more this in the after hours we get more questions we get personal stories to share.

You can get a masculine to download the podcast download the after-hours podcast. You also get it. It's modify and test any of the podcast outlet. You can get there please go do that we will hopefully have a Boot Camp announcement coming up in the next couple weeks of pencil teaser out there that we hope we will have one and would love to hear from you so please get our website reach out to us. Let us know how you doing let us know how we can pray for you without you next week. This is the Truth Network. One of our generous sponsors here at the Truth Network has come under fire fire from the enemy fire for standing up for family values. Actually one of the biggest supporters of the movie unplanned that talked about the horrors of abortion.

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