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My Brother's Keeper After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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February 6, 2021 8:00 am

My Brother's Keeper After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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February 6, 2021 8:00 am

Welcome fellow adventurers! The discussion on my brother's keeper continues right here on the Masculine Journey After Hours Podcast.

There's no advertising or commercials, just men of God, talking and getting to the truth of the matter. The conversation and Journey continues.


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Hey this is Mike Swick from if not for God podcast our show stories of hopelessness turned and I hope your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just seconds.

Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network coming to an infringement in the heart of Broward time to be more transparent on the topic. So sit back and masculine journey starts here. Welcome masculine journey after hours and meals are here in the studio, but a couple of us aren't Jim and Andy are doing this over the phone and Jim this is actually your topic this week as thank you for taking it going away and we had talked in the previous show little bit about what it was but can you set it back up for us. What were talking about today I went out lately.

I heard what I read earlier about our Bob got my Bob brother's keeper, but I yeah obviously will not between Cain and Abel. But the where I went with that. No, well, where I went personally may or may not be where we go with that, but it am I willing to give beyond where I'm comfortable with what I'm getting my willing to lay down my life forever, and did use the clip of someone who chose to be a medic to combat the and play does not man from being killed by the Japanese and most of us are going to have a story like that fighting with all of the time when we have really stepped out and out comes up to God and are we willing to bet they'll get an example that most humbling lay down your life already really get the point where okay God well already since you have the microphone I grabbed was just watching to work out well. So what is being your brother's keeper mean to you and can you share a story of when you step out and done, I think being your brother's keepers going above and beyond doing something more than just the ordinary and doing it for nothing for you.

Doing it only for them, and in that vein, I have an answer just been diagnosed with terminal cancer and so I'm trying to reach her with Christ as much as I can. She's she's confused. I think with the gospel message doesn't really know what it is doesn't really know Jesus. And this is a point time or I would not be really comfortable doing this kind of thing is also in the all the other family members who go to church think or say. But I'm pretty sure they're not in on Jeff and I Jesus here but I have to at least try right so that's where I'm at right now is trying to go a little above and beyond in no talk about the gospel know what Christ is and again like when her daughter was asked by my mom, you know she saved the answer was I don't know she's been baptized so just that's going to give you the background of why Matt and just trying to say okay we need to have a little deeper understanding. So that's were I'm trying to step in and be my aunt's keeper and also than my cousin thinking yeah and I think you know we we get other than the previous show we've talked a lot about the monetary value of taking care of you know strangers and those around us. But for me, be my brother's keeper has always been more of spiritual well-being not only a disciple but discipling others in their Christian walk and I can recall when I was between shifts that a new Christian somebody just had become a Christian, a particular friend of mine thought I was the home for wayward Texans. We won't mean anybody hand-to-hand's name starts the same as mine and I ended up taking this gentleman in my home complete stranger to me, but through that process.

I found myself discipling and helping him get started on his journey with Christ and for me that's how that's always been interpreted to my mind is my my brother's keeper in my helping him with his walk with Christ, not so much the monetary end of it and you also shared a great story with me over the past Boot Camp, which really helped me out.

My will appreciate that. Praise God, I am not talking of the first show where I struggle to give people money.

It's not that I don't want to help them. I just I'm never sure what they're going to do with it and I know that that probably shouldn't matter but for me it kinda does times when I is user talking God reminded me of a time back in Indiana back when you know you look on the Craigslist to buy stuff right and so I found the computer guy was selling well over an hour away from me and my interest had everything I wanted you know you sell it.

I went down to meet with him got down there matting. He told me very quickly.

He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and less than six months to live.

He just bought the computer and was selling it in on we started talking and I ended up buying the computer from them.

But even he started talking about not knowing how there could even be a God is most things in and we started talking and we continue to talk and I went visiting probably three or four more times.

We talked on the phone several times really thought that he was going except Christ in I was postconsumer on this day I don't know what data we can.

I got down there and was all excited as I was for sure dad was gonna get this 19 Anna got there and in he'd already moved in.

I was pretty devastated initially and then I prayed about it and God said no I I ask you to do what you did right.

It's my job to take it from here. My was it your job to get them across a line Sam it's like to get a pretzel in this aspect you know what Robbie was telling the story. It brought to mind time to happen to me where I was. I think I was heading for want to work on very cold morning and I had just bolted the McDonald's drive-through got myself a couple of now Eggen baking biscuits you know and so I'm start to pull away and there's this woman basically blocking my way right and she does. I'm so hungry can you know can you spare something for food. So I reached down the bag in order to be able to get away and handed this woman a biscuit start driving away as I looked in my rearview mirror. This woman was chowing down on this thing like it was the first meal she had had in months. I felt so bad. Try to eat that other biscuit don't bite but it brought back get out there.

There's times when you know God presents people to us that you know we help along the way.

You know sometimes you know it is the word tells us were in the sea near planting the seed sometimes are doing the watering and I think that in that particular aspect you may have been planting the seed for somebody else to pick up and move on with that. Yeah, it for me and help me understand that I have to be available when God wants me to be available. You know may not be helping every person at every stoplight as I drive down through the town, you know, maybe it's not helping everybody do that. Me, that's not what is called into the being available when he touches my heart and said no. This one's yours right. This is one that you need to health and it always seems to be one of the most frustrated and are in the biggest very well what I want to get the computer on the scene when he first started to tell me a story is like oh my gosh, I do not have time for this to be late getting home and Bob about about it and then he told me the rest of the story is like oh my gosh I was extremely late getting home.

I bet you know what it is fostered into a really good couple weeks of of soul searching and praying with somebody in and I don't of the outcome of it. I will never know the outcome of it that doesn't matter that God knows outcome and rightfully he's able to take that for the guy, you know, left ear, things able to be part of the family. Harold yeah story that you wanted to share the first.

What's it mean to be your brother's keeper made mainstream in Christ means a lot of it can mean a lot of different things sort of already been mentioned, but the man out of the comfort zone story is probably about five or six years ago now was on a Wednesday night in my way and Bible study. This was pre-covert days when we actually meeting on Wednesday nights and there was a fellow along the side of the road, close in the module and later when I was on my way home on this fellow had made it about a mile or two the road and this was a very cold windy real bad day and when I saw in the second time he was crouched down trying to get out of the wind and so he was within our know, about a mile mile half of my home so I got got home and I told maleficent.

I have got to get this guy. And so not knowing what I might be encountering up that I did get my handgun put it in the car so went back in and stopped and asked guy where he was going well. He was going over to Lexington. He was coming from Ohio.

They had gotten caught in the rain storm earlier that day, so the gotten wet and saw Ashley took them all the way over to Lexington where he had a niece or somebody that was was living and had a little threadbare jacket or whatever will I had an extra jacket at home that I own in the car that I gave you and I'm not telling a story for interpersonal glory but I'm just telling it to say that I felt so great about that because that was a person that was in real need and shirt cost me the gasoline's time but that's nothing compared to what he got an know that something that will go with me to my grave that was a time when I was little bit scared. You know that's reason I got done I use to check a lot myself when I was in college, but a while.

Things have gotten a lot different in the intervening years, but you never know. You know were told that sometimes we may be entertaining Angels unawares so I didn't know the man but felt like it. I left him in much better shape than he was in the founding and to me that's been my brother's keeper, thinking of Andy.

What about you so Harold Gomer, a little like thunder but it really think about the brother being your brother's keeper. I've heard the saying the opposite of love is a God of love different. Sometimes we live that way and were not actively looking for opportunities to love and I would like to give you love no stranger that have ministered to and I have I really have the one couple years ago I was out West reported North North Carolina and ran on legume by the road, ask God if I should go back. Went back and there was no doubt that that's exactly who outcome and I was both a minister. That lady Bangor are awesome. But I also don't think we can count our brothers for example her brother are a band of brothers and three were all for keeping each other and we do we do through the text that we have ministering reaching out to others. Need not like we could play okay will pray for that.

We probably have a brother doing weekly got there and a lot of those prayers right if not all, and I just think it important to remember the got the regular community and the we can't discount those people, even though those of the people that would love it back like the Bob like Jim Scripture said that Bilbo got together with both equally new altogether. He brought the ministry together and everybody has a community like really remember the best day by day that we can do or be our brother's keeper and you making a pretty big assumption. Love you back fill it saying that we do love you back in it and honestly as you may have different back difference in my casting out on it. Back when I was going through my divorce. If it wasn't for good friend of mine that talk to me multiple times a day, every day. I don't know that I would've made it through it you now and in the help these good Christian friend and and it made all the difference in the world and united in he likes to have the saying last time you need sometimes needs Jesus was scan on and that's what he was for me during that time because I felt like I needed a voice I could audibly hear consistently enough to God's not capable of that. This is not how he tends to talk to me you know. And I think a God put that friend in my path.

During that time to help me get through what he knew I was going to need to get through because I don't know how I would've made it through without right and it's not always a stranger to your point, and it a lot of times it's it's a loved one that can be a cousin, niece and nephew and aunt Andy Andy look at the incident. Andy brownies you talked about, you know that we are all called to kinda do that.

I think that we just need to be available and I don't think God calls us to go fix everything it causes to be available on the things he calls you uniquely to go do right, you know, maybe I'm not real passionate about all the people at the stop sign at don't care about them is that's not why God called me to today, not tomorrow my way and he might that's how God works with me is a way that I hurt at first upset stuff but I get it up. That's Katie Bixby my words quite often. But knowing that it's being available to what he wants us to go do know Robbie you have a ministry along these lines that you do you help people pretty consistently and the Jesus labor. Love is a great training God training ground for God teaching me stuff like, tell one story that I have discovered truly when you really apply yourself to help somebody else. It's one of the keys to the kingdom that God gives you stuff or somebody else at just will blow your mind. So here's example.

I had this company.

It was a battery company but claimed they were going to help me with anybody I ever needed a battery for and cited several of them that needed a battery and then this lady outside of Fort Worth, Texas needed sheet and an actual rent and the offender was up against the tire so she couldn't drive it.

The battery been crushed in the accident and and I was trying to figure out how to help her.

I didn't know anybody in Fort Worth, Texas and so I called this battery company thinking all this is that you know that there know this from finally getting it a battery because these people are located in Fort Worth, Texas. While after two weeks and is getting right like a few days before Christmas that year, they finally after two weeks, sorry we can't get your battery and I was because here's his company has resources like out the consumer man I cannot begin to do the simple thing and I am just screaming God in prayer. I might you know how you would like God really, really, these people could buy this lady a call these people could do anything they won't give me a battery and God and is very gentle way says so if you care so much about this lady. I mean, why don't you do some yeah okay and it was that I even I didn't have the financial resources to give her battery right at that point my life I really didn't so I was like okay God what I do.

Well, he's like you just figure out who's close to her that has a body shop and you start call and so you know with Google maps and all you could do this was Garrett you know is it's not the easiest thing the world to call people you don't know and asked for help. So I make this phone call to this you know Joe's body shop first phone call I make and it's within two blocks of this lady's house and I get the receptionist and I tell her the story and with the Jesus labor love. We help single moms widows have this lady's got this carpal ball. All you have to talk to Bill you know I'm like okay will get me.

Bill set Mary comes bill in bill you know I'm with the Jesus labor, love, and I help single moms amaze DMA to tell me that you talk about Jesus Christ on the radio we assert.

I didn't know at that point the conversation was good to go downhill faster where it was going go places. Let me tell you Psalms on you cannot give God I'm not going to help that lady to help her today to start going back on the road and this can be on the road today what you know I was the body shop business for some time.

I'm like yeah. No way. I say that to him unlike you go.

I mean, here's a phone number you make it happen he went he got off the phone he went all their and you know fixture car, put a battery in it that you know here was two days before Christmas. That lady was back on the road.

I thought about that so many times and I start to think, there's no way I can help this person in a cousin so often.

I'm overwhelmed by the needs that people have them. I'm telling you you have keys to the kingdom. When you step into God says help this one. It blows my mind the time and time again that I've got lots of stories like that one that one to one or more colorful ones. It's amazing.

Not only do you have a chance to be the middleman because that's really really are.

In all these cases when you realize it or not, were just the middleman got the blessing and that person over there needs it and you just get to be the one that gets to be in the middle of it and then God shows off and then you get to tell about his glory and that's that's me think you have a UEM as with the company when it first moved down here and they were very giving company that you like to get out and so they had said okay what you this Christmas time to find somebody in need. I am willing to help them through the company and so unite put some feelers out and found lady over into Vacaville. That had become wheelchair-bound and didn't have a ramp to get in and out of her house in on so was able to coordinate the guys at work with me at the time and went over and we built a ramp and ended up replacing the door because the old door was, not big enough for wheelchair either in answering to replace the door and doing some other things and it was such a great thing that to watch their hearts come alive as ever help in this lady that none of us even now to make a difference in her life and and I got to meet her with that and talk with her little bit and I went home and talked with Heidi and is married and and we decided instead of getting so much things Christmas just to find out what her list was and so the kids and and and NASA butter Christmas and went over and celebrated Christmas with her and is probably my favorite Christmas memories with the kids you know it wasn't about what they got, you know, it was about watching somebody else get something that they needed just to get through life known in such a great feeling of being to be able to be a part of that and watch God at work in the midst of the kids were able to share testimony and do some things over there.

You know that's all available answer company that was a Christian-based company, but also you know through God's work of St. okay this is the one I want you to help which is critical. Jim still your show and I know you're on, so we gotta get a few more minutes left. What else would you like to cover the show. The women got to yet a great big part of it. Don't know that anything missing other all but I will report back. The outcome is God work. We don't have to follow through clearly the way we think were going to have to many of my well I'll give you possible report today. I was a little girl where we were eating running around finding her mouth was having a hard time keeping up with their and I heard today. Deborah and I thought that's what her mother later. Anyway God called me to tell little girl and she could board pretty much the calendar that God used damper in the Bible. She was a great, powerful, yet she was hearing God hear what your God with other and I did that as well like it with her mother was little she was receptive to it that was part of a deal like that and it was okay, but her daughter day.

The baby goat, meaning that they the meaning of the name. I thought you little bumblebee but I thought that's what my attention to her that I was wrong and I'll maybe were you gave her and you are given that that was like what God and her name was even better Doppler effect remembered sweet girl really had a part of God glory. It's like your Harley parties drop is what it sounds well. The older years, but I very clearly and it would close up that I really thought you.

Jim was talking about me all the athlete's walk with God, through the midst of it is God's calling you to help your brother today that brother is but I know God doesn't. So, just asking to make you alert and aware what he's trying to tell you when those needs, you can be that person help.

I think it's Deborah Jim go find a Deborah have to say you're supposed to.

Deborah, thanks for listening and will talk to you next week. This is the Truth Network.

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