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What is Truth

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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January 30, 2021 12:30 pm

What is Truth

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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January 30, 2021 12:30 pm

Welcome to Masculine Journey fellow adventurers! An important question is the topic this week. What is truth? The guys discuss and share their thoughts. The clips come from "Meet the Parents," and "The Andy Griffith Show." The journey continues, so grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

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Hi this is Roy Jones with man talk radio podcast I misused to break down the walls of race and nomination your chosen truth radio broadcast will be starting in just a few seconds. Thank you. This is good Truth Network the heart of every man is upgrading lecture life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear and come on a quest band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now welcome the masculine journey we are glad can I I am glad you're with us every week and I was as a team were very grateful for the listeners out there. I'm thinking about that a lot heavy just reach out to those who need a chance. If you have any topics you'd like force it to talk about her take on.

If you have eclipse forest is and look us up. Our contact information there.

You can reach us on the social media, twitter, Facebook, in any of those things whereon you can reach out that we loved to hear back from you attend anywhere and talk a little bit about this week show.

This was your idea and you actually here, so that's an achievement. Again, while the topic is a bail and and then comes a thank you for coming in and then also tousled about the topic. I know topic is is what is truth and is, come out of some of my spiritual journey. I guess with discerning modern day events and and things going on in life and that kind of thing in bed thinking about the process in which try to discern truth and how to act and you know not be irrational not be your club been downloaded roads many many many times and, what that looks like and you know the Scripture that came to mind was where Pilate asked Jesus what is truth and so that's kind of the question what is truth in and how do we how we navigate through life. Discerning truth and weeding out what's not and were not getting it the full truth all the time but what is a process look like in my life and guarding the heart against untruths and theirs is not a shortage of things out there to say words the truth lie in it.

Ramming just look at 2020 election and all the events of everything after that, you know leading up to and after that where's the truth in that situation may depend on which channel you watch on TV and you want to make you the truth it was a truth and in covert records. This expert says that that expert says this and they seem to contradict and so you like where's the truth there. Where's the truth was social issues right into it. You hear the everybody side, where's the truth lie in it and then you get into the personal part of it. Where's the truth in relationships, you know, I can feel something I can sense something that doesn't mean that it's true there is a word I find the truth in limits that if it's a hard thing to try to find out there. So were hoping to find some solutions.

We talked through today and you have the first clip here that you want to set it up at all sure so equipment from the parent and as the title for Greg is meeting the father-in-law father-in-law. He directly engaged to the man's daughter father-in-law worked for the CIA well-versed in interrogation and he give them a polygraph to find out how much fruit he helped truth. The list of potential son-in-law would be and I'll talk a little bit more about it after you play the clip's price is complicated, that these are hundred percent accurate right there. You'd be surprised how accurate they are himself fairly easily if someone is lying now and ask you some questions and all you have to do is answer yes or no okay right let's give it a whirl.

Did you fly in an airplane today.

Yes I did not think it read five euros for dinner tonight.

Yes, was an undercover know it was rare that was a little rare for my taste, but I relax you ever watch pornographic videos. I mean right about that is the Beatles jumping back and forth. But if you would add more to the back that you were talking about fruit probably in the larger you know what happened. And in today's event of medium stuff but really get down to individual and what we consider to be true and a lot of times we have no problem telling the truth if it serves our purpose might look good or it doesn't really put it under a war really pushed to a difficult question. We start whether it you know how rare pot roast door for them in a situation will not you know you do doesn't take those things directly on and weed out and sometimes we are the version of the truth that we exhibit is what is comfortable for us will have to think that even when people are doing telling things that are true or maybe true to them really true that I think it all has to do with this kind of putting on the fig leaf and hiding behind what we think is right or true. What the world wants to what we want the world to whether it be our idea whether it are our character. Whatever it is just a matter of whether how honest we are good to be with ourselves and what we see people thought of the chapter and start sharing parcel to say is technically true, this is not the whole story right and somewhat defective that you pointed out many times when whenever were hiding what you're doing. It will tell the full story. But if you're doing it the you know you're not really be fruitful, and I was asked about the last word of integrity tonight. This is where it's been hitting me the hardest.

This word is messed with me more than any of my previous work year, but I was thinking example right is said that I can tell you things that are factually accurate and give an entirely different perspective. What the truth is one that came to mind immediately was my wife. I used play games after night sometimes all night long wife and asked me what time to come to bed last night was after midnight well was found in the morning. That is, after that I and I did that almost without even thinking about it just cover up stupid yeah it's it's easy to fall into that trap where you know I'm not can actually live here by not giving the full truth it creates life. Let's not forget about their faith Abraham and Sarah was his sister.

Well yeah half-sister, but more importantly, his wife is really cool thing about the word truth. In Hebrew, which is a Mets it really is on it. If you look at the Hebrew alphabet, the beginning of it is now in front the first letter in the word truth starts with the first of the very middle letter is a madman. That's the middle letter of truth and then the last letter and truth is the last N and there's a sense of the beginning the middle and the end of the story, but also when Jesus said I am the truth I met Alpha and manganese actually sinks on the Allison on the top of he would probably actually say I'm out of the member in the tub because he is the truth you see the whole thing comes together in this picture of the whole story is in order.I am in.

If you, as Jim was saying earlier 20 verses before 20 verses after that's good, but try all the way back to Genesis 1 revelation and if you're going to encompass truth. I mean, there you go.

And so it's fascinating how you guys went to that.

I'm not telling the whole story. Well, you can see that's a Mets it's it's the whole truth. Think you have the eye and give you a hard time about Hebrew, but I do learn a lot that was very good. I enjoyed it quite a bit at a time to get your clip and if you would go ahead and set up quickly to get about 30 seconds to spare. Then we can come back and talk about the clip is from Andy Griffith show in this scene where Barney is in a hearing where he has embellished the truth with a young lady who deceived him who she was and now Andy's countable trial and Marty's having to backtrack some of his statements so I said, you may step out and say that all you want to step down as the season a lot here, everything about the essence I may speak if you wish to thank sure I sent all and things that the truth is, sometimes I get carried away at myself. I was talking with a young lady there. I got them bragging little man. I guess that's one of my faults but I sure didn't think it was gonna backfire and be used against and landings. A best friend. I got the whole world as far as I'm concerned. He said that Sheriff to all and things I said.

For example, here is using the squad car for personal reasons because she was too sick to get market just one example of the things and is done for the folks in this town are that understand this is a small town sheriff is more than just a sheriff is a friend. The people in this town they got a better friend than Andy Taylor. As far as Andy Nolan's job. I just like for you to take a look in the record book.

Mr. Jackson, you know, there ain't been a major crime committed in this town. Thanks to Sheriff Taylor the only ruckus he never had a neighbor is if you try to remove him from office. He asked me if Andy runs a tight ship. Mr. Milton.

Now he don't.

That's because it's something that he's been trying to teach me ever since I started working for. That is when your law man and you're dealing with people in a whole lot better if you go, not so much by the book but not a heart. I guess maybe that's hard for Sunday and understand that that's all I have to say illustrates the point of you know, we can take things out of context right back and talk about that to reach out to your sales.

If it feels like everything is fine. You might want to come listen to the masculine journey and find out why we use clips like the to illustrate the story, God is telling in the lives truth is God designed which fights to we will grab your gear and come every Saturday I this is my son Eli talk about ways to help his ministry smiled at him and's information website there on how to do that to and click the donate button you can get a masculine and find masculine mail to PO Box 552 728 back to mask injury were talking about the topic of the truth is I'm learning how to use the clock so I didn't give any Andy. Danny is his name enough time to really talk about the clip we displayed from Barney.

You know, in that you know Barney has done this interview right he's giving an account and they kinda taken some about context and yes they have a party is talk about the way the sheriff department run to this young looker reporter and he's power. The loss of the finale.

They brought charges against Amy and Marty is well being Marty's mother freak out. I did not know there is. Do this and how bragging a little bit what he said and so he they took what he said and made Callaway a case of lies against Amy and Barney, backtrack fingers truth is, here's what I mean it and you he talks about Andy delivering groceries Dan Watson and the reason he use a cop car out of anything and so often a bit like Marty so often in my life is want to make things yes I think the book talks about being a poser and I know that chapter will wrote it to make things look better than they actually are and to and first so often times in relationships to have a misconception of what I think somebody is thinking about me. I don't know if you do that or not but I had a man tell me long time ago. He said that he said is really nobody. It is not your business what somebody thinks of you and because it plays into the truth of who you are and David Powell's AMI agreement so much stuff that you don't discern the truth of who you truly are and what you somebody has said it well before the show was that God navigates you know what that word keep from reading in me but to navigate okay Lord.

Here's my perception. Here's what I think to be true. Help me navigate through this and and get to symbols of truth and who you've made me to be and who you want me to be so yeah we do we get to the truth the right match for everything. Once a process we using in getting there. That's the tough part right. I think we can continue to talk for hours and hours about the problem and we got more clips of really help identify the problem, which will play some of those in the after hour and and talk more about it more about the resolution bit and we have that the listeners here on the radio show. You know what, what's some answers to the problem you have is how do you get to the truth when this topic first came up immediately remembered something I heard 30 something years ago and my blackberry and it blew me out of the water. When I heard it and it still drives my looking at the truth. They said the truth is not a concept is not a proposition that the person and until Jesus Christ with the Holy Spirit of God have spoken into a situation you don't know the truth and wait. You can go through life not trusting anybody but that's not really the point. If you are looking at the situation there to other people are doing the best they can, but they're not gonna know the truth. Most of the time. The example he used was a great one. It was on the Sea of Galilee you in the storm. They said you have these fishermen have new storms and they knew they were perishing, and the truth was asleep in the back of the boat. The truth wasn't that they were dying when they woke him up. The water was calm and the truth really comes from the relationship not from data that you collect Thomas well said, and I spent a lot of time in the book of Job. Here in the last week or so and I was looking very specifically at Job 41 which talks about Leviathan gives you real good picture the enemy. If you want the truth about the enemy want to see some of his tactics and what he does and what he is and his anatomy is really from ask just amazing to me. I guess it's better word for it but anyway he's got these armor plates that are on him that that are called scales. When you look at the word scales in Hebrew. Again, it cannot just go there for minute it is the same word to shield and so I began the process that that he is so well shielded needs like a crocodile. You can't get air underneath the skin and unfortunately as we put on the pros that were talked about we get our out there. Our alibis so airtight you can't get to it in order to get to the truth right and so we literally have something to take off this armor that I put on myself the shield to protect myself similar to the word shield it. It has to do with Christ. Christ is your shield.

He is the truth and it is your shield.

But if you begin to put on your own shield you put in on scales like Satan wears okay and it it's it's really an amazing pictures.

I think about all the ways I tried to protect myself through my personality through you know poses through all sorts of things that I do so that nobody can really get at the truth right. However, if I really put on Christ. Then all of a sudden, and I go to that place of delighting in the fear of the Lord like he totally is my shield that I don't need to put on the shields and and as I do that, God walks with me and he shares his truth.

Once he can get down to the authentic Robbie but my problem is that guys down underneath all those airtight alibis have been perfected, I was reminded of preshow talking to someone brought up the example of how you identify counterfeit money. It's by no and the real thing. You don't have to try to learn all the things it could be different and wrong. You know the one that's right. I think the first thing in for me, and identifying truth is, how does this square with word of God. I've got to know the word of God I got to be familiar with it, like with the real money you got to know the real truth of the word mess the first place to go and then another thing that I do somebody's trying to tell me something.

I asked the question what's in it for him because it if you can identify that somebody is in it for the wrong reason.

They're trying to lead you down the primrose path is usually to pad their wallet, not yours to take from you while they Robbie on the back and ask you something, because I think it's it's easy for our listeners listen to us all the time to any minute. Last week he said. Guard your heart and I say no, put up shields will how can I guard my heart not put up shields, but that's not the same thing that summer talking about me and help us clarify that my heart and still be authentic as a beautiful thing is if you look before my God. Ephesians 6 it says above all else, put on the shield of faith, there is a real shield.

I mean, this thing is like the authentic you know like the golden shields that that David made. This is Christ, and he is absolutely all-powerful and if I really do trust what he's what he says in the end of the story, so to speak. If I know if I trust the word of God, and I know the end of the story than actually I'm really really guarding my heart in the best possible way because I'm asking God to do it because in all reality I can't take on all that stuff about for me and in finding truth.

One thing when I look at relationships guys really help me. Over time you say you know what I think I see is not usually truth that I see what's on the surface.

I don't know what's going on underneath. I don't know if they've had horrible news and someone yells at me on the job site right just snaps back at me is really horrible. Think if I take that at face value as being the truth I'm going to react in a way that's not to be great likely inside. Learn to say okay is probably something broken under their God help me to help find the truth.

Help me to have patience only to understand I may not ever know their story realize what I'm seeing is not necessarily the truth of who that person is how the behavior is there's more to it than that in every inning until I closer relationships you get into a fight with a friend or whatever. It's okay. I know there's a deeper truth. There than what I'm seeing and seeing the surface things. It feels like truth but that doesn't make them true.

Just because they feel that way, and on and having God help you try to find that truth in the midst of it within your own heart and hopefully within their heart that maybe think about and counseling talking to a couple I remind them. Okay, do you love your spouse in both of them almost invariably will say yes and it will be well not like I used to sometimes, but the love is there, well, you need to always assume that when you're having a conversation that they're not out to hurt you as I love you and we do we take things more often than not in the worst possible way and then we defend ourselves with those fields are talking about the really of the devil, and the member.

One time I lays my father told me you don't need to defend yourself would you rather defend yourself or have God defend you. Okay God's will do a better job every time. But it guarding our heart is one thing that guarding ourselves from hurt is usually going to bring more hurt and I think what you're saying Robbie as far as guarding your heart. Walking with God is guarding your heart thinking about a relationship that I can't always trust what I hear, because you have an enemy that is putting a spin on it right. He's one it's chattering behind you saying this is what you really heard. This is what they really meant. This is a real character. All those things you can't really know that your hearing at the time but it's going on in the walk with God in the mid-70s I got what's really going on. I can't trust fully what I'm hearing. I can only trust you to help me interpret what I can walk with him in the midst of it really hit the tip of the iceberg of so much more to talk about it in the after hours and you can get that by going to mass you can go to spot a five Pandora any of your podcast outlets run all of those you can get it from there into mass conjure the after hours. Please go do that when you listen listen to the joyride. It's an awesome thing put on by Keith or producer. It's amazing topic. It's amazing little 32nd thing each time, but it's it's joyful.

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