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What is Truth After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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January 30, 2021 8:00 am

What is Truth After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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January 30, 2021 8:00 am

Welcome fellow adventurers! The guys continue their discussion on what is truth right here on the Masculine Journey After Hours Podcast. The clip used are from "A Few Good Men."

There's no advertising or commercials, just men of God, talking and getting to the truth of the matter. The conversation and Journey continues.


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This is Stu Epperson from the truth. Talk podcast connecting current events, pop culture, and theology, and were so grateful for you that you've chosen The Truth Podcast Network it's about to start just a few seconds. Enjoy it and please share around all your friends. Thanks for listening and thanks for choosing the truth podcast network. This is the Truth Network coming to an infringement merit in the heart of a letter masculine journey after our time to go to be more transparent on the topic of this setback and masculine journey after hours starts here welcome to masculine journey after hours were glad that you're with us and we're talking about a topic. The moment my friend Bailey set up his daily you brought the topic to the team that doesn't mean we stay on topic. Are we going to stay on topic for you to bring the topic to us if you'd like a good tells what that it was the topic and item offered at the whole set up there. If you remember what was the topic is what is truth and we've been talking about, the premise of the holding is unit in a world in a culture where you are bombarded with information you're bombarded with different opinions different things. How you sort through a get down to truth, to navigate your heart, and Emily well and asked, been pulling and tugging at when we were all topics are around the world around general area of truth in such a broad topic with the Hebrew definition of is awesome didn't listen to that agreement. You need to go to master and download the regular show before the line doesn't say after hours and elicited untruth and inhabited a great thing you tell us what it meant Hebrew, which is really a cool thing and some you have to listen to their when I can tell you that it's it's pretty awesome and there's other people to share in this part of it. The daily you didn't really get a chance to share how you find no, my life is such a checkerboard. Sometimes, but ultimately to to sort through things if I if I'm old point obviously doesn't bear out in Scripture and that applies to anything and even taken that in perspective and in love with my friend Robbie said is you have to look at it through from Genesis to Revelation. There is a whole story. There and because you can take so much out of context but doesn't bear fruit. What kind of fruit does it bear and those are, my litmus test is okay. Is this what is doing to my heart and yet I found myself in in. Although the political stuff, no matter where you were laughing knowing that no matter what happens in this is not good for my heart. My heart is hurting because it was unprotected and and so have an assembly go okay what is truth and what is the healthy part where I navigated it and so, change in the process a little bit but but be a little more get older and got much fighting me you have a fight level, but is not some buzzard to fight his goal but is just okay there there there is more wisdom in discerning more, rather than because I can be a knee-jerk reaction you can, watching day to let up. So that's kinda my heart behind the thing LinkedIn Andy gets on the phone. We didn't really revisit your last, I'm sorry we can adapt it for a little while but the how do you navigate and try to find truth well the dark with what God did that on the way the crew like like to start their but you know that whole worldview. What Jesus came to do to set us free. The good and evil in this world, we have an enemy like that enemy all the things are part of part of the Karami are the current foundational bedrock crude, nonnegotiable ventilator. Scripture you know things can be interpreted in a way, evaluate things all your time and you may Scripture take away all your life and it changes over time based on your experience, but does it mean you were dodging me your interpretation may become a more in line with the actual truth is you grow and mature were constantly changing people and the truth is always truth, but how we see the current you know may change over time you are talking about about what's going on in the world who cannot believe that I believe the media can't not believe doctors are not believe Dr. Don, the current health crisis is already way I try to take didn't look through the lens of the Bible. I try to see what people's motives are right. I pray a lot of preferred and you know I don't know.

I really don't know and check it and I think that's where you guys were talking about, guard your heart today for me to be able to figure out not get an answer from God. Right away, back away and say well it must not be a mental note right now and move on. And maybe I'll get the answer later, my profit and when I got thinking and click click here and in them and any hope you're okay with a little bit out of order, but this is from the movie a few good men play is on and say something about it and won't get to completely guys here and play the clip and then the scene yet Jack Nicholson's character that's standing is what what's called court-martial court-martialed the gays and the jury is on the witness stand thinking like I kept thinking jury box and set it it's not the jury box is on the witness stand and is being questioned by the other guy. I really don't apply. I have seen the movie and I know the clip, but it's my clip it is this he's talking about the topic of truth in what is a very short clip. Come back and talk about it and it hearing you answer the question answer the question you want answers entitled you the truth, that's me.

There are times I can't handle the world's truth in on any kind of touched on a minute going to go ahead and switch over to.

I've had to lease for me. The way I look at things politically coven everything that's happened in 2020 and everything before that it's it's not like we didn't have issues before 2020.

That's kinda magnified right this year that a long time ago, I kinda realized I may never know the truth, I got the okay with not knowing the truth as far as the way the world sees it, or the truth in a situation I can't really looking Scripture initially find what to do about covert right.

Specifically, I can say that got got got got me right is going to cover me. He's gonna take care of me. Whatever that means either in the cipher in the afterlife, but I can't get that answer in Scripture. But what I can say is the truth of the world for me isn't the greatest truth.

I got to worry about the truth of God is what I need to worry about what it says in Scripture what he tells me about my heart and guarding my heart from some of those things because honestly I don't know where to look, and we get the great Internet out there and supposedly get all these answers but you can find every side of every equation that you're looking at the word even find the truth to get it on some of the stuff is the study says this in that study says that this party says is not party says that right in and I'm a firm believer to somewhere in the middle may be shaded one side more than the other but the other day.

I'm probably not going to get to that myself and I just resigned myself to be okay with it.

Not that I want to be ignorant of it. I'm gonna wash my hands. Lee's hand sanitizer I'm aware mask around people I would do the things I think makes sense to keep myself safe and other people safe within the day that may be the greatest truth I know about it and that's got to be okay because I need to focus on God's truth so much more things and bring joy to my heart bring healing to my life.

Those are the things that matter. Not that the other things are important. I'm not saying that within the day. In former years ramming another election where you have another medical crisis are going to have another. This ring is another that I want to hold to the truth. It doesn't change right to God's truth. Jim McKenna throws it over to you, what, where do you navigate to sing on truth patients. Lots and lots of patience.

God's word says that all will be revealed, and I'm a firm believer and I've told my kids often growing up that the truth will reveal itself even know when you know the person is lying through their teeth. They will be exposed. Sooner or later they will be exposed and navigating the waters especially in today's political climate or medical situations. Being you have to take everything that you hear with a grain of salt, and make medias into say sensational elation and we see a lot of that going on and a lot of that takes patients listen now hear both sides of the story but don't jump to conclusions. We all want to jump to conclusions like they were talking in the preshow lot of us get tired. We get frustrated we get angry and we want to hear something that's going our way. And so we we tend to grab a hold of that and hold onto it and we end up talking to people who we know are going to agree with us and we can look at each other and say hey look like and all these other idiots see this and so what ends up happening is, we tend to start losing background instead startled tend to lose the truth when the truth is God still going be on the throne tomorrow and got going to have his way with this world it's you know it takes me back to time when I about lost my wife and I was looking at her son says the truth is, she's not going home until God's ready for and you and I are knocking to stop and how selfish would we be to stop because our worst is going to be her best and God uses all things to him for his glory, not ours and if we keep these things in mind and continue on down the road and have patience. This only way we can process agreed it's easier said than done something that is true. I want patients, but with the answer now just come to me Sam again answer. Thank you.

Jimmy would add something mom actually it's with his well because I look at things. First of all, as a part of history and coven. It's a small bump compared to many of the plagues illnesses that have hit humanity since the beginning right now. Yeah, Christians might be in trouble in this country compared to what we were a while back, but I don't think were gonna see them being burned in the garden for light or fed to lions for entertainment based not anytime soon. If you can get it perspective on what's going on.

It's a lot less likely to shake you and the truth is is Jim went out that the king is still on the throne and what happens here in the temporal as no real impact outside of being an opportunity for us to share Jesus Christ. Others think. Jim Jim, I would ask you another question when you get over to Rodney and he said something about Scripture that how can we read Scripture at one age rated a few years later read it a few years later rated it might month later read it. A week later and it has a different meaning to this is some of them not true. They all true.

Are you the same person you were six months ago six years ago.

16 years ago. It is a living document what we read. If if we are reading it correctly, which is asking God to show me what you want to see what me to see in this what I need in this moment, you'll see all kinds of interesting things that you never saw before the Scripture.

And that's I've been reading it for 60 something years.

One or two and I will still find something fresh every time I go in it. Now don't go in as much as I would like to. And that's one of things I'm working on this year to but that's can speak to you through his word and he'll speak to you in prayer. Just take things to him and get it from him. That's the only real truth and hopefully as you're going along the way were were getting closer to God. Since I started way out here in on hopefully at least I'm still a great distance away. At least I am a lot closer than I used to be in Roby that's kinda what happens for you when you go back into Scripture you got introduces these new things to you all the time Was Hernandez listening to everybody in thinking about the word truth which ends in the top and end. What is taught about that letter, which is absently critical to understanding of truth is it is the end of the story and Juergen, I understand what the truth was that the answer your patient's word is absently correct because and things will be revealed because at the end of the story here it comes. But here's the other amazingly beautiful thing about the letter tiles is in the most ancient Hebrew scripted.

You can find it is across that's assignments like psych like a stamp of God. That's what the top means it's like it's God stamp on something. What is that it's across the and and that's the end of the story for my sin for Robbie Dimino. It was it's there at the cross and and so when you put all those things into perspective. You like all my gosh, so we need Rodney and had enough Rodney related anywhere, I think so far so anyway get I got enough talking about truth dear Sam, I got my mom and Mary Al's hundreds of this conversation, the doors that come to my mind are exegesis niceties because in what we've said here today Scripture Scripture Scripture right. We talked about from beginning to end Genesis to Revelation. We've talked about making sure that you know Jesus is the way the truth and the life were all completely there so I try to apply that in regular life you know is you guys of said real enterprise reiterating what a lot of people set already but it's you need to know the full story. So letting Scripture interprets Scripture and they have that coming to you.

I just had a different point in your life at different times in different settings and letting it speak to you. You know you want to make sure you don't go into the niceties website.

I want this to be true. Therefore, I wanted to mean something right and this is can be an easy thing to trip over and go in that direction than many people do, so that's where people get this whole scared category of ever saying you have heard Jesus talk to me now obviously we not scared to say that but you can get into that words like I want things to me what I want them to mean. And now is my truth is not truth anymore is not history. So why go into understanding like you guys that I've become so close with.

I listen over long time. Probably not with patients like Jim was mentioning that I listen and I try to put that the bit the whole picture together is yelling to get bits and pieces of the picture. So it's like a puzzle you try to put together to find out is this person bringing me.

Truth in this situation, what they do in the last situation do I have other things to go by from that person because again I loved where I think was any mention something about down to the individual again is it you have yet individual truth in mice.

What am I saying is it true as we love the put things in the categories these days and Sadie's grandiose things are true and we never talk about a person. We talk about systems we talked about groups of people and it's this groupthink stuff and it's like, well, okay, fine. You want to group things Garrett you want to put theories out there but where does the truth line exactly what they're saying because what you're saying is about this group of people missing don't stereotype these group of people that yet that's exactly what were doing big context not doing another.

So it's the truth comes down to the individuals in your communication one-on-one with people and that's why think we need to keep landing and that's where Jesus had advised that his communication was, I'm going to talk to you directly unlocking to come in and through all kinds of other places. He had profits and things like that in the Old Testament that spoken him when he came he spoke on one spoke write to you right your heart and I think that's where we need always try to really let that come to guide assisting okay what is Scripture say where it where the word of a land there because of their if they're off on Scripture and the often many other places really quickly is a really good on Scripture, we have probably have a better tendency that they're going to be corrected. Other things in life other than in Scripture quite well.

I know yet if I have to again.

Scripture know entering Scripture rather than just little boy had he said is what I want to believe like work Jim that with this patient's well you know what I'm stimulus you talk I'm I'm imagining you know this object of facts and like to dress up the facts right yellow lead you to believe one way or another. It's like an onion right feeling those layers off of what's dressing it up. What's not really there to get down to this court to get down to the fact and the facts may or may not be what they've dressed it up to be an egg.

Once again it goes back to patients to seek to get to that court. You use that doing the Shrek clip we should have it if you talk about onions and peeling back the layers. Rodney, you know, whenever you talk I always have to get out the dictionary.

This is an excellent ice and I really have no clue what you meant when you're saying this to be quite honest yeah honestly I don't mean exegesis or I exegete Scripture is just letting Scripture interprets Scripture okay rather than bringing your your own version of whatever you think or believe into the meeting. I said Jesus is the is the opposite. Bringing your own belief into it before you read and just reading into the meeting rather than letting it. Tell you what it does mean by itself but I'm sure by else out there knew what it meant. I just didn't and so and asked have no clue that's is can like if you're looking for divorce in St. Paul said it's better not to be married, that that's taking what you want to believe and torturing the Scriptures until it's what you have. Yeah, I would ask you guys just another question here you do you believe the truth of what the world tells you who you are, or should you believe the truth of who Jesus tells you who your we know the answer that right right and that's easiest answer is you know the guy I'm a prince to the King of Kings in our worry we've all been adopted into the family. If you know Jesus as your Lord and Savior and that's the truth and is can like the bomb we all love you that the voice of truth, that's of that song is all about. Don't believe the lies the enemy's telling, listen to the voice of truth telling. Listen to what God is telling you. We often talk about the boot camp. You know there's only one person who knows who you were created to be. Who knows the truth about you and that's your creator, and that's to you have to go to talk to and get in touch with in order to know the truth about you. So Danny a different question.

You want to listen to what the world says about interpreting your wounds that you had over life or what God says about interpretation when Paul listen to God. But that's a good spiritual answer.

That's right answer to only answer, but I was thinking is, as Jim was talking Jim wanted Jim to her. Jim explained that but the reality is I don't wake up every morning thinking of a prince thinking I'm a lawyer, thinking the end and the voices starting in well you in any goes down a passive is not my is not my fax box so to speak is my intent everywhere turned it in. That was appointed as wanting to get to that it we keep talking about going to the truth of God rightly on the most important things the only place you can truly find truth is with God right now we will walk in a band of brothers and were very lucky to do that and you guys of all spoken truth into my life and you help me with healing and help me with my identity and help me with other things in God's but usually is a great gift in doing that, but still my deepest things come directly from him that sometimes it's through you this directly from him. You know it and know when I can give you the answer today to what the answer to covert is because none of us know we don't know what really happened over the last six months. Politically, none of us truly know what happened with all can have an opinion within the day. None of us truly know what happened. We don't know what's true about any of the stuff that we've been facing right week existing to know how God needs our hearts to process it. Maybe yes with patients yes are trying to find the truth. Yes, of knowing at all be revealed. Yes, with some level I can be okay, not knowing the truth right now because I had no place to turn to find it in every answer that I'm looking for the one thrown out there and what I'm saying is the deepest truth you need to know about always at the same source is on us. If you focus on your healing identity that the recently brought you to this earth to show his glory through uniquely through you and those are things that matter the clip we didn't get to, which is fine. I realize you were negated as the matrix and there's a line in that and I'm hoping a lot of you seen the movie but there's a line in there that literally change my life tremendously, and said there's a splinter in your mind Nemo that you know that there's something more going on media may mow a lot of the Disney movies is a splinter in his mind to his movers on but the point is that he saying there's more to it in the splinter that's currently in my mind as I look at all the events of all the stuff is like oh my gosh there are people out there who do not know Jesus and he could becoming next week but I mean of course I don't know how short the time is the one thing I am certain of this is splinter my mind saying time is short and and I'm really feeling like oh my gosh how much time do we have to share the light to share what God has given us and you not to do the ministry that he's given to us. We don't know. And so the beauty of that particular truth is I don't think it's wrong to listen to those splinters. I think it's I think it's important to go down as rabbit holes to see what Alice may have 49er as is pointed out in that because it still points to in my opinion back to Jesus is on his way and I want to be at my post doing what you can bring people to know Jesus. When you talk about what he's done in your life you know you I'm firmly believe you not getting him into the bay to change her stance on this or that or the next thing they have to decide to do that right away, you can share is the truth of what Jesus done in your life in Crete. Hopefully hunger them to want to know it for themselves and that's really theater the day the deepest truth is, let them walk with him talking next week. This is the Truth Network. One of our generous sponsors here. The Truth Network has come under fire fire from the enemy fire for standing up for family values. Actually one of the biggest supporters of the movie unplanned that talked about the horrors of abortion.

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