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Enough After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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January 23, 2021 8:00 am

Enough After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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January 23, 2021 8:00 am

Welcome fellow adventurers! The guys continue their discussion on topic of enough, right here on the Masculine Journey After Hours Podcast. The clips used are from "Coach Carter," and "Schindler's List."

There's no advertising or commercials, just men of God, talking and getting to the truth of the matter. The conversation and Journey continues.


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Hello this is Willa Hardy with man talk radio.

We all about breaking down the walls of race and denomination your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few minutes.

Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening to the Truth Network podcasts. This is the Truth Network coming to an infringing marinade in the heart of a letter.

Time to go to be more transparent to sit back and masculine journey starts here will commence injury after hours and are continuing the topic that we started in Robbie. That's why ask you to get the microphone going to do the kind of set up what were talking about today, you're not enough.

After this, it had enough time to finish this when you have enough enough that today's topic in the last week we talked about loving in spite of not loving, in spite, but loving you when you're getting trampled on. To some extent and in continuing to love them, and so that left the question in a kind out there. When is enough, and again another disclaimer, this is not Robbie giving anybody to opt out of a relation is just, you know, how do we get to that place where we can sense of peace from God on where he wants us in this relationship and as Andy put it so well in the regular show. Now there's a time to love and a time to hate. And there's a time together. So I'm just kidding. I just I was think of all the emails ever getting prepared and say Robbie said all this people I want you know breaking ties with that I could do this you Robbie inferred Robbie implied that a better no gathering of stone. Well, if you listen the first show we had a record number Scripture for Scripture were Scripture for today. We are, and there's more. And there's more DNA.

You have a Scripture that you would like to share with us where really waiting well in John 15 says Jesus, I am the true vine, and the father is the gardener. He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit he prunes will be even more fruitful at ousting a lot of that's enough is it we've talked about this is relationship wise. That's another deep-rooted hope and I'm not going to be one of the limbs are cut off and thrown in the fire but pruning relationships and only God knows what Be fruitful. What does it and that's why we refer back to human think is the pruning that I needed nobody really likes that. Looking around the room and pretty started most of her hair like a bird that's a great thing that Jesus even said there's times of pruning needs to be done and Robbie made the point in the last show that you stop loving that person right just because you're not having normal interaction or any type of communication doesn't mean that you are released. Quit praying for him to quit loving them in a different way and continue to ask God in our work. Where do I fit in this.

How can I help what went well but being fully aware of it and he knows if you know if it's can be a permanent pruning raising Olympic pranks sprouting claim is cut off a little bit of the edge just the airport there.

So if you had a clip for us right and we had like 12 of you have a clip to write you to let on that same you did a great and I was trying to be so not only an empty cheese. And I think between the group was one from Coach Carter as a coach you came into an interesting program that the team had been really good, but they were all failing students and he's trying to lay down the law and the father. These kids and in doing so, one of the kids that you hear talking, he ends up just bailing in the beginning and then the coach allows them back on the team and when he comes back on the team this stuff you will see in the clip but when he comes back on the team. He really has to run all experience and all this stuff is teaming to actually step up and help them do fulfill the requirement to get back on the team will end where the clip picks up is the coaches sitting down with the players. I haven't done so well in their studies. Tight glucose takes action and then after he does that.

This kids. He bails again so you got a couple of occurrences of enough in this clip in this and I will contract signed by me and signed by you in this and all academic progress reports prepared by your teachers. We have six players failing at least one class a players getting incompletes based on attendance. Gentlemen, you failed to.

I'm sorry we feel we failed each other that there are some of you who have upheld his contract, but no that we are team and until we all meet the terms of this contract with Jim will remain locked Johnson to get sick. Ms. Sherman have generously volunteered their time to help us reach our goal of co-driver 3.3 that's good. These go all the points for the team to weigh the Richmond Oilers. You know what Oilers stands for. Know that you're not just walking out on me walking out on them back and ran all those sprints kill myself use our team made it ended while you're over there pantomime is likely through whatever means were Scripture on the anointing you can get past what does Euler stand for. As you anointing up to and evidently the kid must not only enter disease logged out. I don't. I forget what it is. I think he brings it up later, Jim, Jim and I were doing the Wizard of Oz oil can get yeah. What man I think you are hitting on the house and their heretical oil and if you don't get the ravaging of the fact it is so in that sometimes saying enough is the right thing right but it's can we get back to walking with God and users sit near him and Lynette Cook was playing when I was not acting like the 10 Jim I was thinking about a company work for in California if you don't know what about me I'm pretty loyal to the companies that I work for is with the company in Indiana 17 years before they close their doors have been with my current company eight years and I a it with the company.

I believe in the company I stay with the company and is with the company was a young builder had a lot going on a lot of houses don't have pride about between 80 and hundred houses going about five of us were there and is in charge and and I had a boss came in the didn't hire me, but he came in after I was working there.

He spent the next six months telling me how I was not fit to do the job. I was too young. They never should've put me in that position. Like anything and then he was amazingly surprised when I quit and try to talk me, you know.

But when I look back at that. It was at the point when I could say you know I had enough and I went to work for another company and stayed with them the whole rest of time was in California until the recession hit out their construction shutdown is with them pretty much most of the rest the time that I went to work for somebody that appreciated right and I think sometimes we look at that enough is always being unhealthy and it can be very healthy for walking in God with you. I think there's a time that we as people God intends us to have enough at a point in time. I mean, Paul and Barnabas had a time where they there was enough they dislike seeing things out and they came back together later on was at times they need this separation. I mean, I think a lot of this took to Robbie you know Robbie, we know that he's these faithful Jesus says in dropping Scripture for you guys and Hebrews 13 five. He said that I will never leave you for or forsake you. So that really put something in our heart. That's the standard okay Jesus will never leave anybody that therefore neither should I but as individuals as broken human beings. There's times we just have to you know that some space between us and the other person because like we were talking about earlier. Your heart can always stay engaged and it's not necessarily meant to particularly if you have to individual separate visions anything God continually puts us in and we talked about it. Ransom heart wild heart team wrote a book about the Divine conspiracy right where God actually puts you with people that will help rub off the rough edges right to become more of a polished product announcement over talking about into the think that's is part of being in a relationship. We all need to grow and change and become better people make is a world kinda stripped us down in her work in progress type thing, I think it becomes on the unhealthy side when you start losing sight of who you are right when you no longer know who you are in the midst of a relationship or for you to stay in that relationship. You have to pretty much give up your values, your you how you see life those types of things and then you have to say okay this is not a healthy place. I got my need you to let me know how to handle this and maybe not at that point he supposed to bail but at least deftly keep taking back a God thing that I I I can't stay in this place. What do I do here because I don't think he wants us in those places that are truly unhealthy for service quietly at Rodney. You have a clip and this is probably the most positive and this actually is the most positive coping depends on if you look at the whole movie are just at the clip portion what you explain it to find out why it's a positive yeah so Schindler's list isn't the most uplifting movie.

Of course, but like most people probably have seen it if you haven't.

You deftly need to.

It is set in Poland and World War II and Schindler is a businessman who decides he's gonna make his fortune.

You know, by bribing the Nazi party into giving him factories like Allman are the Jews because their cheap labor and the next thing you know he's developing relationships with these folks that is working with ABMs to become friends. Then he basically loves the people and gets caught up in their plight and actually becomes their Savior ends up saving well over a thousand people in from going to concentration camps and from going to Auschwitz and the actual list itself is specifically 850 people at the end of the war, when everything is about loss for Nazi Germany. They said okay were going to send the stupid Auschwitz and he says one last part of the last thing he had for his money. He was able to get this 850 people sent to his factor in another city.

So we yells able keep saving people made a lot of money in this business and then use it all and ended up broke at the end of the war because he was doing everything he could to save Jewish lives and where this clip picks up is wars ended. He's walking out of the factory all the Jewish workers of a hat or standing around looking at him whitewashing come out and he's just kinda saying what he wants to give to everybody like everybody should have this and then he's just out there and they have a letter that everyone assigned that basically is saying know this man is a good man. Don't arrest him out and everybody in the factory signs it.

That's one thing to watch for you next thing is you'll hear is that they gave the Marine and he can't read it so explain what it says in Hebrews a wasn't for that, and then he breaks down a little bit and ends up talking about how he didn't do enough and then after this, which I cut off the clip is a discus too long, that time is he completely breaks down is crying and all these people start coming around and hugging on in the love and honor him because he is like many of us we feel like we never do enough women really want to. When a heart really and something it it just doesn't feel like you've ever done enough in their time know you did you did you did so both as I once get a bottle of phase 1 trinket. Likewise, everything in trying to explain things in casework capture having work signed as is nations running you the clue you obviously have somebody that made a huge impact to their time and then obvious a generation that followed is said and you guys thinking is listen. That is if you go back to Desmond Dawson story you this whole concept of just one more right.

Just one more and I think that you you get to see them near God's heart and the fact that you know they don't see anyone lost anyone. She doesn't need to.

That's not what were talking about it on this, but we are talking about that time to say when is my heart valuable enough that I need to step out of this area that's you that's a healthy very healthy way that someone said that there's enough here and I gotta do something about it right and then you get so caught up in that that that becomes the ulterior motives. I get to keep going going going and now he could be wrecked by always living his life saying I never got the one more please God to be able to say I did do enough.

God is very pleased. Here and take that and run with that in his heart because it if you will most little one things as were never perfect. If you love the little small things are really yet you never just put them at the foot of the cross. There are going to eat you alive. Over time, and that's what the enemy gets at foothold on those agreements with you and the next thing you know you didn't slide it up against the wall. I heard it said in my mind keeps running around in my soul kind of every religion in the world with the exception Christianity says do do do do do do do where Christianity says Don and you know that ends up being the point because it it I feel like this every week and the Jesus labor love like your tamales applications whatever resources we have, and like I have this huge desire to enter into each of those battles and try to figure out a way no tip bring God's blessing with his jalapeno prayer and everything I can possibly do. But it you need to leave a lot of them gone man. I didn't do and and at some point in time. It's really wonderful exercise to give that to God and say okay I didn't get what you want me to do this and it's it's an individual what Jim said as we are prepping for the show almost everywhere was one of those things is an opportunity for you to surrender to the Lamb. Actually did get it done and it was enough. Yeah it it's hard and I think that if left to her own. We would leave relationships way too early, way too late because it will will take on things that were not meant to take on it. I think that there's a healthy place as you listen to Schindler's list thing of saying I wish I could've done more. And then there becomes an unhealthy place of of feeling like it was all up to me right and I think that that's the risk we take an irregular relationship as well. The you know we don't include God in the midst of it, and we say okay if I could just do this better if I could just just do this differently if I could just IIIII right instead of going to guidance and got what you want from me and started to find that balance always between now it's very easy to run to get a more got and more are I getting nothing.

But there's balance is really somewhere between the databased research of God and find that you don't go to them and ask it held till reveal to you gorgeously.

It may not be what you want to hear but you have the open and obedient to hear and do what he says that's our part.

You mean it. I'm staying the same thing you guys are saying but just it gets into a matter of what part came with this as part of the fall be an orphan child is we want to take control upon ourselves.

So all relationships successes up to the phenomena stay faithful and keep going after that person indefinitely. That's not what God intended. Anytime you take on control and on and get him out of the mix of actually being the one in control and get guidance from him, you're messing up a meeting that's that's my take on it because that's what I've done. A big part of my time bit big part of my life and it's it's nice not to feel it takes the pressure off when you feel like you're the one you're the glue that holds a relationship together or whether somebody chooses to do right or not.

Whatever, it's not. It's not hard it's not our job to function in the role of God right and I think that you know if you go through life and relationships. A lot of things you have to ask yourself is, in my groin. In this relationship is this relationship helping be a better man or woman and wears his relationship taking the next you know we we all know those relationships.

It think is damn bad roads as those relationships we probably should follow the depths of ghetto sin, and so on so forth. But you know I think if we honestly look at the relationships bathed in prayer, like we been talking about, you know, go to God. Say what you want me to do here what you want me to do their you may not get the answer right away because sometimes the person has to grow or you need to grow in order to repair or heal a relationship or to continue as the case may be, like rally the same sometimes of relationships are never covered enough. Jim, our buddy Jim Graham was here and I hope he's feeling better and I wasn't feeling well this week and he would talk about in his story which he shared on their many times of there's there's a. The weather the storm right that not every relationship and and Harold. You could probably speak to this more than anyone in the room even married a lot of years enough. Yeah it's yeah when I don't remember enough BC sometime but yeah but even married 56 years right counting our engagement and my sweetheart 58 years is not enough said enough is not enough that you know that the look of the abacus you don't hear from well I I can only say that you know if God gave me another 40 years, it still probably wouldn't be enough to me, that's the other side of the issue about enough a lot of our discussion has been up when you reached your limit well with my sweetheart and me. There is no limit in affiliate so blessed.

We both want to serve God.

We try our best. He's at the center of our relationship and no I can't say that there's enough even after all these years. So you just sit around seeking to may I never argues you never have a crawler all Robbie's dishwasher together like that because Robbie knows all I periodically write only we have extreme difficulty communicating. My wife throws hand grenades. I use a sniper. She was a sick gradeschool teacher houses systems analyst, computer programmer. We are so different and we do have difficulty communicating. She thinks that I'm a moderator I'm really not but our love for one another in our love for God keeps us looking for more, but it never be enough.

Thank you and good were delighted to really. I mean, that's wisdom because I mean we all we know that bit you have had challenges in their relationships, but just to hear that that that's what the perspective we should hold on to that you know we go always continue to go the extra mile even though I think there are certain situations, but to be that committed to your wife off.

Yeah, it merely know that there's been rocky times, but it's the love that you have for each other love for God that helped you get through it, so somebody but titmouse probably been blessed to work with Harold and closely during the few fairly vocal outbursts. The beauty of it because Danny said earlier that you have two people, Blount nine, and I watched them both swallow like 14 gallons of pride in order to enter in to try to figure out where it where do they go from here.

In spite of the fact that you can see by the red faces in the bubbling over but then I also have to say analyst is watching these two is they do express their displeasure with each other is not like they've been holding it in for 56 years. I can assure you that even when it's all out there and and allowing the other person to love them and get their perspective and to be able to feel like they know you well. So if you're around Janice around Harold. You will definitely have the sense of I know who these I don't have to wonder if Jan's upset with me right this minute. I've seduced Edward Solomon and the males I met, but now it's really really refreshing place to be with people that live from the heart, and they speak from your heart and there are two people, on the same and I think you brought up an important aspect you know got to be the center at any relationship you know if you have had something in common with God and you know you both have to answer him for your behavior. I think it makes a big difference yeah deftly does and I think involving God, early, early, early, early, early on in the relationship is key. Amen.

And I have been in the online dating world, you know, often on over the last few years and I have learned a lesson to deftly include Very very early because when you're dating people that are of my age seen in the 50s I heard somebody said you can do that.

Has it working for you. Yeah it's intense challenges. It have you had enough you. I've had enough that's mandated on quite a long time.

Actually, I am involving God and I'm asking him to take an action for me notes deftly including him in every step of the way, not just think it's rocky but early on one thing I'll say things usually get better from the way they start to for started pretty rocky.

It's probably just a pretty rocky lease for a fair amount of times that's a pretty good indicator of I mean I want to get relief on this when you type it again. The key is all that we talk about walk with God in the midst of it, only he knows when enough is enough and what enough truly means you next week. This is the Truth Network

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