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The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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January 9, 2021 12:30 pm


The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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January 9, 2021 12:30 pm

Welcome to Masculine Journey fellow adventurers! The conversation this week turns to heritage, both natural and spiritual. The clips used come from the films "Thor," and Disney's " The Kid." The journey continues, so grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show. Pray for our country.

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Hey this is Mike Swick from if not for God podcast our show stories of hopelessness turned and I hope your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just seconds.

Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network, the heart of every man plays a great adventure. Life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear and come on a quest band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now welcome the masculine journey. We're glad that you're with us today. Have a small studio gathering now for the first time in a long time. We been separated by covert we have, we get the three of us in studio two of us on the phone call to get the in studio Rodney Robby and Sam. It's easier to remember. My name is Adam Whitman at summer and then on the iPhone to get the daily in the Indy and some shocking to somebody at some point in the event that this is not really I guess were January 9, Eve, about the guy that really exciting Christmas or New Year's or any big event and where to look back with the post stuff now enjoy tomorrow. Danny, will you tell us a little bit about the topic because you cannot. You kinda brought it to the team indirectly having got actually brought into the team, but he spoke through yeah well we have been about work for the year and the word came out okay this might be an interesting ride so and obligated big a little bit into started little bit you reworded and and and is looking at heritage and what it may go. I think we had talked about your legacy a while back and to differentiate negatively what you will eat will will heritage directly receiving the body of leg so and looked at the aspect of the spiritual legacy and you my natural leg you over worldly or ever struggled with how label that but as so discounted is beginning to unpack the kind of excited in little nervous about what the year break of the year. Sure has started out with a bang without, but, in a nutshell you are thinking about why is Danny Lee March the and you know that heritage in the end the things that came downstream to make a timeline and then in the midst of that is you really start to unpack some of your heritage, you find that the enemies then there are also trying to twist and turn and get you to see things differently along the way and so there's is opportunities for even agreements and their or healing it in that as well and you know will get to that a little bit here in our first clip in just a second bit in any incident out that that thing to us about a week ago on your spiritual heritage and the natural world. They had heritage knowing that that's not spiritual related necessarily your house, what have a parent I want to be that type of thing and yes some of that spiritual bit and wears at all come from it.

We like to think sometimes were all kind of self-made people with more you think about it we just we just kind of taken other people's legacies and adopted them or we've said I don't want to be that way, which is still there legacy impacting you think about it. If I make a choice not to be like my dad on something is legacy still impacted me in my heritage this letter words now. Did you set up the first clip that comes from thorn in the original movie of the far right. I catalog, all bets are will watch the ward and I saw this clip of like this would probably be a good clip of the show and it is that Loki who is what bored brother is as if ice crystal that had to do with why no movie, but he either goes still aware, but his father stopped and that they interchanged a cliff gave he learns where he truly go up even exactly 1 of the nice people out of the cold. But the and his father rescued from and basically adopting and the interchange between the way they see what his life unfolded a day and night difference, but he learned something about himself and just like you said just now AMP sound like he's choosing not to be that way. Got to you is legacy of his father, had impacted you is father daughter you do is of the noble and easy viewing it as you you put me on a shelf of the trophy and you back out. They get any impact the decisions he makes going forward and so true with that as we you are impacted by other people's leg of the be it from a spiritual you think about all the BN and then women in my life that have no hope of a spiritual that was spoken about life negatively and positively and how it makes you make a turn. It did, the enemy loves that they just with don't think that you have been like a lockout and openface fishing reel that has back lashed down that sex is ever going to hear a lot in school. Apparently a big backlash going on absolutely and playing will come back in and unpacked a little bit. No, my son Koski wasn't the only thing you took from you that wasn't no the aftermath of the battle Levinson to the temple on the be small giants of suffering.

I now face. Why we need. Why would you take me some time to I thought we could not tell kingdoms one day. Think about the something about peace you do spends none of them so I want an honest out in writing lockout. You might have you submit like you twist my way told me when I was from the beginning. Why my son wanted only to protect you from the truth as I am the most parents tell their children about at night and I will make sense now why faithful will be well maybe you can clearly hear in that clip you got a loving father that's trying to explain himself. He got something that's almost whispering and look easier. There trying to time you know you nothing more than upon and in this big thing that your suppose a dad who supposedly love you, is trying to do enemy greatest friction in my life ended how I would assume everybody. I don't think I suffer from terminal uniqueness like I used to, but the is that there's always that whisper of your different and you Except you do what you are and that contact with interns.

It and in the like. A bit earlier in a backlash fishing reel. The you deftly have Loki use is found out something he did know about himself and then and deftly takes an online different direction. And what's really weird of and watching another TV series don't tell you what it is because if you're watching the series.

You don't want to know what happens right things. At one point of the father and the stories.

One of the kids finds out that these adopted and it takes an almost identical turn incompletely to that of the negative side that there was nothing good or or holy about what the father was trying to do in that scenario, uniting, and I think if we listen to the Clintons are probably called you nights would be my guess is that if we hadn't together because nights biblical expression and people from you yet how often do we have something that we think is true and we know and we put some faith and belief and trust behind something that is false on the fullness of it, but there still a lot of reality but once we get just a little hint of falseness of that truth. What we like to do.

We often will go off the rails will run with that lie in think that's the truest thing about everything right and then we we internalize that and come out with this backlash. No and that how often does it happen in our lives we can think back and probably find so many areas where that is happening to us in a rate whether some small recently or something.

Even major allies, you know, it just I think it is happens very often it as you. I was thinking is that clip was playing about another clip that we've used many many times and it it's thereby loves Raymond clip when there there betting they give that a non-court cases instead of going to the therapist and so the making of all the stuff that you see in areas you see what the boys think their heritage is in and through healing and discovery. They find out more about what the true heritages and so that's one of those opportunities, a CAT scan open up to us as we dig into this topic specially you do any of this next year, but to us along with you as we walk with you.

You know, one can't be impacted without everyone else being impacted in some really looking forward to some of the disbelief and my heritage being unpacked along the way as you unpack yours today. He's had some impact on you that we got a few minutes before he gets it to break that what we talk on the spiritual side, who's had some positive impacts on you spiritually and your heritage. My dad's mother would be by my grandma. She was she was a devout Southern Baptist lady and constant, and the spiritual impact, and she wasn't one of his firebreathing bag that she was she would be well to correct you. Scripture read you know the error of your ways, but the impact of her life has been a positive role that even my mom. I found out later how deeper faith that you would think of something we come back from the break I got ask you more about that meantime go to masculine you can download past podcast get contact information is like to reach out to this love to hear information from you on topic ideas are clip ideas master sales pick a fight if it feels like everything is fine. Lincoln was an amazing journey and find out why we use clips like to illustrate the story, God is telling in the lives of today.

The truth is God designed you to find which fights do we pay will grab your gear and come in every Saturday I this assumes masculine Ernie I'm here with my son. We talked about ways you can help us when we, is information on website there on how to do that you go to and click the donate button and go to masculine and find the masculine working to mail something to PO Box 550 92728 where I know, but I'm saying real. He thank you for that.

The bump and I don't I don't know that's going to give me something to look up that was is that the Oak Ridge boys of the Kathy gets ready to partner her knee persisted on. I love the Oak Ridge boys did you know that some did know the song that you really like you, I just stabbed a rather good time rather than you disclosing to the Oak Ridge and was again a daily when we left off.

You're talking about some of your spiritual heritage and so you talked a little bit about what your grandmother's and they can talk about the other grandmother were devout followers and they were in their own way and what I will be in acted mediated as she lived in the other one, unfortunately, was after she passed away a little time with her Bible and Martin talk much about her fate, but when I look back at her life and rated units of the things she wrote in the margins of her bowel.

I thought wow what a what a legacy she has left behind, but those are father committed suicide when she was a very young age.

He was an alcoholic and dear she she married a man who struggled with it with the same thing.

It only had a struggled but you know, but she just was one of those those anchored so the discounted sale Gry don't rely and you know obviously was impacted by it, but it never Scripture from who she was and she was and that that's kind of the heritage that that funnels value on both sides in my life that that you know that anchored. Unfortunately, I can one of those battered ships, but the but you those, they guard their unity and beheaded heyday of my life. But there is that. Keep a this thing we call Christianity and if this rock you can stand only the bike staying in think you reminded me you know and I was growing up and my dad was 49 when I was born I was not expected. I kinda came along, even though he didn't know that I was going to come on and so his dad was was quite a bit older as well. When I get to know my grandpa you know I my first memories.

My grandpa on and all I remember about my grandpa just being this very quiet goodhearted Christian guy right. But as I got older and I learned stories about my grandpa when he was younger then you can really see honestly for me and it was very uplifting because it was a very hard man when he was raising his kids in some stories I heard about how I raised my father and I and as I got to know more of the story I can appreciate the heritage more because I could see I was a God had changed. My grandpa a lot from the guy my dad saw growing up in the eye I saw later on in a bit. Also, just the stories of how you know my dad was not necessarily exactly like my grandpa either you or I thought he'd been really hard on me in comparison.

He wasn't you know once again that it's been going into that heritage gives you some clarity to help you can understand more about you and more about the story that you and it entered into when you're born Robin want to go ahead and get your clip into little bit different turn on heritage and then in the after show. We can talk about and all of it to my clip comes from the movie the kid which we use quite extensively in looking at boot camp is Sean kind of what opposer looks like an a man by name, arrest, Durex is actually an image consultants are sort of a professional poser teaches other people had opposing incomes are very much like a jerk and through the miracle of Walt Disney movies. His younger self.

Young Rusty durance comes to in our show him how we ended up being the jerk that he had become an end and he actually had quit living from his heart and when you see the young Rusty durance rather than rest. You can see that this was really a cool little kit well in the clip that I'm a show we kind of get a picture of a couple things that restaurants has just try to help this kind of a bad illegal situation and made sort of a bogus movie in order to try to make them look better than he is and his girlfriend took part in it and she's ashamed of taking part in it, and so on order to try to appease his girlfriend.

He tosses the movie in a trash in a restaurant with her walking out of the restaurant right to the home or whatever and he's want to dump dive your dive into the dumpster to get the movie out of there and she's trying to talk him out of not doing it.

She thought he acted like you know what she should've acted when he threw it and so she wants to detract distract him by showing them the moon so take a listen and see happen in with a base commit is a PR clip right in China make the guy look like is this is great. Oh good okay right exactly and I could not get that clip my mind I was studying the word legacy but actually Tammy and I discussed what it look like heritage related season. I'd study the board heritage. I got mixed up in Hebrew. In is Danny and I have discussed heritage and what that looked like and to just give a brief picture of it because Hebrew letters are pictures as you have this seed which is and then, but nonetheless it's a seed followed by a stamp that really means. Truth or the cross, followed by a childlike part that's legacy. Well, I started to think about how I was impacted by the people in my life at that age that were living from their hearts and I started to think she what was it like when my dad lived from his heart because a lot of time. He is pretty tight and he was living from his heart when my dad took me fishing you know that was the announcement and and and he would sometimes actually because he loved the automobile business and he loved financial statements, but I can remember my dad put me on his knee. When I was six or seven years on the same mouse on this is a General Motors operating statement at right hears her working capital and this is gotta be about this market and he would take me through because he loved that into the I mean and I developed a love for it because he had he lived from his heart from from those particular things and I know the reason I got my car business. It was my heritage was my father's love of of the car business, but more than that it was how he lived from his heart. Now my mother lived from her heart and then as I begin the process actually got a little rusty Durex healing so I can't recommend enough that you watch the movie the kid on the Disney and what happens is this younger kid finally shows him away back to the guy that that girl would fall in love with right that the real kibitzing on the set, childlike faith was. I started to realize as I processed this that I had a sibling that would constantly tell me Robby grow up you you're so immature you just need to grow up while when you grow up you you don't tendo you. Have you ever thought about and you watch the movie a lot, Sam, little Rusty wants to know why the moon turns orange in it. When it comes up in all these things that we wonder about, like one of the delights of my life. The you know is to wonder about the Scriptures just sit there and wonder and and so I think about the legacy that actually did get a mean excuse me the heritage that I did get from my parents on my childlike this that I really lining. We were wrong. There you get there legacy disclosure heritage right there you go. I got you had it right and what is clear is that he never grew up.

Yeah yeah I'd I never thought eager out. That was is now personally I might say on the opposite please don't grow. We got a couple minutes left in Andy's sure little bit did Lincolnshire morning after hours, but some about your your heritage.

I am daily to rely you had 30 minutes. You knew the questions coming to a question though started but we talk a little bit more on the after our talk of the guys last year.put me on a journey where I felt like to dig into my heritage. I finally got around to doing the access. What I did after political stuff, but got about what along with that also got to be too France trip with my daughter going to dormant it felt like that old

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