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Heritage After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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January 9, 2021 8:00 am

Heritage After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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January 9, 2021 8:00 am

Welcome fellow adventurers! The guys continue their talk on heritage right here on the Masculine Journey After Hours Podcast.

There's no advertising or commercials, just men of God, talking and getting to the truth of the matter. The conversation and Journey continues.

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This is Stu Epperson from the truth.

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Thanks for listening and thanks for choosing the truth podcast network. This is the Truth Network coming to an infringement barricade in the heart. Masculine journey after our time and be more transparent on the topic of this so sit back and visit venture.

Masculine journey after hours. Start here now welcome asking journey after hours in the anything like me, I'm so excited I could not hit the play button fast enough on the after hours to get to the rest of the story which we talk about here in second and you get a story there may have you finish the first want to go in kind of set up what were talking about Savini to tell us a little bit about the topic were talking about today talking about work. Basically old now. Maybe it why am who I am negative that it tried to untangle his life and find out who God truly bit me to be and what is going into building who I am, where we've been benefit all of the core question we all have did God create the need to be one to be legally meant any house topic when you're not here now we same question we all can have at our core, but I don't think we can articulate a lot of times, but it's there and when we left the regular hearing a radio show that we do and we came over to the after-hours podcast you are sharing a story of your heritage and where you left off. You can look back into your actual lineage right you look back into and and kinda uncovered some things there. Hello hello while you impressed on me. I know everybody follow so many times a pilot do it but he liked the list and to develop really got into it by always being focused on. I've always loved history.

And when you see your family in your lineage that had you know, even though a lot of time. You all you did get your family tree would get story find out the coming of God, the great great great great grandpa grandpa that was actually was like my first sharpshooter in the Revolutionary war, and then I had two or three generations back I had a all that was a pastor or more of a layperson, but he was but then I just started delving the other trips though the trip about when I went to Yosemite and God gave me some gifts on that trip just signed someone say, but I felt like that would give the Link that back to a trip my dad take me on when he and my mom split up. He left the state and he knew I needed something from a heart was three placement may affect significant places that he took me to the romantic so I had that script that was to Yosemite and that same summer I went to France when my daughter she went and spent some time there. She western part of that I was able to go to Norman, I just I went and walked out of the great in the cemetery just everything all the different light of significance of Normandy in the D-Day invasion and really, that might impact the bay because I felt like you know these guys really like all of us because we are living on our freedoms that we have worked on the backs of those in that heritage.

I think also. God always calls us to be a warrior saw felt like there was in there. I came back and I was going to ancestry. Our family who had moved to Missouri while move back to North Carolina when I was 11 years old or whatever but my family a few generations back. It came to the Western cortical was going on around you but took a trip that frames, and went out and spent some time going to grace by going the place so you know a lot of that is the physical, but it may got me thinking about the spiritual and you know what really got our family tree, because if you look at old and New Testament there lineages that are documented quite a bit right so you know there's a lot to what God's trying to do in the family and I just begin this look for the spiritual aspect of it of what my family had and then I looked at, what my dad had done in my life and some of the things he did and start really look at him all you know, back where it came from in Missouri we lived along and this river was good to be damned and he said no we cannot do this little totally affect the environment and he thought got that damn he was one of the got the damn stop start looking at my life and I started bleeding thing for think that I see that I don't like you body beginning to stand up, begin to see the heritage of what he left was caring about certain things taken.

I know, got along so much talk about this because the branch going through 2019, like the whole show.

But just something God. And 2009 community continues on just getting look at how you know you got you got planned for not only us but our family and how he uses that impact and change the world actually doing that right now standing up I am.

You could tell your listeners where you are, but the great I'll display the prior marks appear actually came up quite a few times during this whole season around the election. I think it really impact our nation not to get into too much political but I just feel like word of a very critical time. I personally think were almost in a situation where we we we really need a second revolution but we I believe God is all in it and I just want be, do my part. You know I have the freedom to go a little bit more than others still like presence matter of the big, because I care what things I want to point out any I know you are going up your praying for God's will. I know we all have an opinion on the way things should work out but it you're walking around literary around parts of Washington, praying for God's will to be done and I think that's right. We all want and whatever the situation is for God's will that to manifest itself running so what about you what's in the Shiites as long as God's will matches my find to last week was we had this would heritage we talked about and Harriet inheritance and those kinds of things and what I love about God is he is so faithful to us that when we lock our radar in on something he shows us things within that.

That's why we do the word of the year and that's why we for some reason when Danny's came kinda last, as he wasn't here. The weekly shared insight. It just had a resonated with this, like a weaned we need to go that direction and John and Alan talked about it on the wall that our podcast is that when you when you focus on that word for that year. It's amazing were God will take you, and it'll pop up in the strangest places the smallest places and how often it comes up and then themes and things of that nature. That's what I love about this.

Just this week was how is came up his right away came up in our we I guess pastor and he came in and he preached on Luke and it was the end of Luke 957 to 62 and basically that's not like, showing the cost of discipleship were you three examples where one says I will follow you anywhere.

Help others. He says follow me and each one of me really knows her heart and points out will. This is where your idol is in the one that kinda got to me on this one. This main topic was when he said in 59 and he said to another, follow me. But he said Lord, permit me first to go and bury my father will course back in those days you didn't bury them. Days later, are even months later.

Like we do now because: we can have a funeral for months they buried in that day before the sun went down right so this was something it was nearing here in the skies, hard times thinking okay is one of the berries father but continue want to 60 but he said to them, allow the dead to bury their own dead. But as for you, go and proclaim everywhere the kingdom of God.

So inheritance part really hit me because the passion pointed out like not only did he want to go very but what on what happens this guy may have been the first air, the oldest son you may have been somewhere down in the lineage.

Please only get some kind of inheritance in this exchange right is going to go, so who knows what's on the heart is it doesn't explain a bit very possibly this man sitting on a long way to get my inheritance will does he realize inheritance is given up by not following Jesus at that point. For me it's like oh my gosh is inheritance is right there in front of them more than he could ever ask for and he is mine is mine, and his heart really don't know. I would fall you but GP not wait for Mama to go back and bury my father and get my inheritance back over here. I thought that was a just a very unique way to look through that passage. When Jesus went towards your heart out. So that's what I've been asking myself, you know, where is your heart that you know where you not taking inheritance from Jesus and taking inheritance more from your earthly father and parents and family and their country and other things that you inherit and what is that influence on you and Silas are digging around of the one that really came to me and was like oh my gosh spoke use me was first Peter one and is others go three through five as Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who according to his great mercy has caused us to be born again to a living hope to the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, to obtain an inheritance which is imperishable and undefiled and will not fade away, reserved in heaven for you, who are protected by the power of God through faith and salvation ready to be revealed in the last time I mean, there are several different hashes I want. It's got to inheritance and this is a great little stated it loses Fontana fun because I typically don't get into the word that often and do this much digging that it was just of since now we had the word in the even right away. Then there's the sermon it's on Mike okay let me go dig some more limitless. It was Eric. I don't know I just went goals that you you can't resist.

So just it was just such a fun week to see where inheritance comes up all the time over and over and over and it's something you're supposed to receive will how many of us have horror stories and our families are from other people that receive an inheritance only to have to pay taxes on the ends up in fights and it causes so many disruptions like were just looking at the wrong inheritance and insight just we just begin hearts and eyes on Jesus is just so much more wonderful.

So back to the question transfer who has led into your heritage will that's can be so broad because I think there are no the obviously influences or your direct parents and I'm an only child so I don't have influences like you guys all have from your brothers and sisters. My mom was deathly the spiritual side.

My dad was unsaved and might mother's mother and she was so quiet and reserved, but her faith was superstrong and unrehearsed on that side of the family know they all go to church.

I don't know. It also might aunt my mom's mom, sister and they are all very faithful now. We got email so many different chasms in the family of unbelievers, but the other big influence is my dad's half-brother who became a huge nail follower with his family in those two words and the patriarch and matriarch of their families and brought their whole family to Christ and most of the grandchildren as they had four children. They have what 12 grandkids and most of them are following Christ. I know very well there's a few that that don't. But you know you have that that heritage that you get from that and that's why I love hearing the stories of work. Bad heritage is broken in good heritages, and I hate also hearing the opposite. All there was a very good heritage of following the Lord, and then at some point somebody broke it, but it's always interesting and intriguing to go into that but mine mostly comes from my mother side. Thank you. I am in rev you you pose the question before the show you where did you see that childlike thing in and what's funny was as I thought of my dad. My dad would not have been a spiritual leader in my house.

He didn't EE eventually came to Christ. Not long before he died in within the last couple years of his life and so he lived in 60s some years without really being a Christian or walking in the habit. Yeah, I saw him come alive with his quick wit you know and that's that's really where and I was drawn to it because he was so quick at things, you know, and so I definitely inherited something that Sam knows yeah I it's it's been around since I've been around in.

I I've never known life without it. It is, I kinda unpack that as you were talking been a nice link to my mom and mom didn't come to know Christ either until I was in use in the youth group. You and she didn't know that she became a very big spiritual influence to me later in life that you looking back at my mom she always had this amazing capacity for love.

She loved you where you were, regardless of whether issues a Christian at the time or not. That's is kind how God made her not only amplified issue became in close union with God and she really walked with Christ of the last several years of her life that just amplified more and more morning and became more and more of who she was and I look at that and that's really something I strive to be part of my heritage knows to is I think about my kids, they don't always make the decisions I'd like for them to make that I need to love them, and the decisions they make and have to agree with the decisions that's not what I'm saying but love them in the decisions as I know there are many, many times she didn't agree with the decisions I made, but never once did I feel like she didn't love me and I am and there were times that I felt like I had to hold onto you know when when life's beaten-down enemies beat you down and you don't really know where to turn. It's nice to know that you have an anchor like that in on so that's what I hope to be in stride to be a heritage email and to leave a legacy to my kids you know and I know that may not agree with me that I don't doubt that he's gonna love me, you know, and so I think that were impacted the I've had bosses that were great spiritual influences on me.

Surprisingly, by skimming the book while the heart you know and gave it to me and I read it obediently. Initially, until I got to the first chapter and I was flying through it and stop in chapter 4. Like most people do at the wound particulates. It's takes a lot of work through that one bit. Yeah I can imagine where my life would be had he not handed me at the time it was a notebook. It was a as a binder is giant that that company was with had to have known John and help John and Ashley Cinema forward copy of the book before it was the book sooner literally rename half by 11 pages on the paper initially is when I first saw it in the book came out within a couple months and then actually got the book so I wonder if you know your sense of humor which clearly anybody that knows you sent a giant part of Sam and Ann had a distant distant cousin in Lansing and I let him in and she listened to one of my shows, and she immediately commented on my Facebook that while you have the same humor that my father had your you're so quick with the ponds and most of that I do and when she did that, I realized, wow my father did it to.

And guess what my grandfather you know so you know it's a heritage that really is quite a gift think the joy that is come as a result of Sam's humor.

I mean anybody's been around us. You know it's a gift. Some people question and that I will mute out on the left with the bad. What type officially that I am not real fond of the blank. There is that you little bit this topic you are doing play clip real quick and equip time for it.

Oh okay nevermind know what will just go ahead. I don't think we do so we can talk a little bit about digging into your heritage, your daily eye. The sad thing is, I've Artie spent more time on your word this year than I did on my most of last year if I will ever be perfectly honest the percentage of time for percentage year its way ahead. That was a that's what I've been listening to the word was that I got means been two years on this belief is. I did spend enough but I think you know digging into this heritage is really key to unpacking a lot of things. I go along with you to find some joys in alike, and he was talking about with finding out some of the historical warriors that were in his past, and I also think you can find some woundedness because every family tree has a few broken rotted branches and you and we all have it you nobody gives us opportunity for God to unpack that night.

I look at how my vision of my dad's change over the last several years as I got to know more about who he was not died in 1984, as I haven't had him around. Ask questions with you being with the sister that shares a lot of information about my dad when I was in Florida one time and just talking my mom before she passed away in learning his story.

Help me to understand him better, which help me to move past some things were winded areas is in it was coming from a place that I had no way to fathom if that makes any sense make we all probably live that to some degree, And getting back to maybe the kid arrest he gets to see his dad give him the wound that cause the eye twitching all that stuff but when he saw it as an adult he can immediately interpret as dad was scared.

He did not erase you because mom was fix the time and any was able to forgive the father is when he could see it in context, but at the same time love his younger self, and enough of my favorite parts of the movie is when he hugs his younger self is no longer ashamed of and and I think in my own life family times and I've been ashamed of that young place in me and it it it doesn't lead to the childlike place on a goblin force elites back to where you we get back to beginning the show with Loki, then me twisting and turning with the truth is, as I learn more about my dad story and I think I share this on here once before long time ago that my dad was late teenager, 17, 18 years old. He and his dad got in a fight and not a physical fight that a argument he disobeyed his dad on something in the rule at the home. As you know, you're going to get a beating and at the time that was literally a beating United took about beach omitted pretty much in my dad said I'm an adult and I cannot magna beat me again that's going to happen is we don't have a place to live and so my dad had to leave the house that day and left and my grandma got really really sick on how long the time span was later we got really really sick and my dad. When you come home to see her but his dad would not let them come home until he took his beating first. Wow. And so when I learned that about my dad story not given my my grandpa that I knew that's as far opposite of the guy I ever knew. I knew this loving Christian compassionate guy that got it changed over the years is that that's not the dad raised my dad. You know that when I could understand that. I lifted some of things. My dad didn't thought while he was in the heart of China have it easy and it what that does is and unpacking that heritage and reason went into that. Was it takes away some of the enemies foothold when you can start to understand even the wounded parts of your heritage.

Writer gives God opportunity to work which is just an amazing place to be more transparent that it is better what was that name. About the only way you you be able to act. If you look at Loki clear that the cute clip is somebody pouring into you and a misconceived idea of what they're trying you and and it twisted and turned, sitting down our or walking through a journey like I get out of it embarked upon. Okay, God, help me unpack the current and third, you're right, it is going to reveal some pretty cool thing getting it going. Don't become wounds that are unveiled and uncovered in an healed these foothold.

The problem with childlike faith when your child just have childlike reasoning right and that's leasing the kid right one plus one has to equal tune as you become an adult you realize that yes that's true in math.

It's not true in life that one plus one must there might be three or four other ones in there.

You don't know about. That's wise not adding up and it doesn't seem to make sense, like the enemy says it doesn't so irritably be able to recapture that childlike faith with an adult healthy adult reasoning inventory can go back and look at it and let God lead you through it man, how incredibly powerful. That is just even in that one little aspect of it. But then there's so much more.

When you discover that you have the common ancestry with other people, you know down records eventually were going to get back to Adam some point in the world and to be related as we get back there you along the way.

Just discovering this things and that's the part that we never even got to which I think is significant, as we have a heritage because we are in fact got some where we can spend about three shows unpack and I will imagine that that clearly the neat thing that I see when I see that reflection of something that truly live from your heart is your really looking to God. So what you're saying is your kind of Loki clearly shows that he had adopted son that make a yeah yeah Guild night the other night Loki, Loki either or you pay its L okay I thank you for being a part of the show Danny thank you for this topic were praying that you get over coated quickly. You sound good guide.

We can see if we know that you sound good were praying that you get over it quickly reframe it doesn't go to your family and I would just pray for all of you out there right now that's battling the effects of coven currently have last people to list all the things it's done in your life were praying that God will help you find healing in the midst of anything going on through this year and pray for 2021. Please go masking and reach out to us would love to hear from you and will talk to you next week. This is the Truth Network

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