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Word of the Year After Hours: What A Year It's Been!

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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December 26, 2020 8:00 am

Word of the Year After Hours: What A Year It's Been!

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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December 26, 2020 8:00 am

Welcome fellow adventurers! The discussion about the word of the year continues right here on the Masculine Journey After Hours Podcast. The clips used come from the television show "All in the Family," and "What a Fool Believes" from the Doobie Brothers.

There's no advertising or commercials, just men of God, talking and getting to the truth of the matter. The conversation and Journey continues.


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Hello this is Willa Hardy with man talk radio. We all about breaking down the walls of race and denomination your chosen Truth Network podcasts is starting in just a few minutes. Enjoy it shared the most of all, thank you for listening to the Truth Network podcasts. This is the Truth Network coming to you from an entrenched barricade in the heart of a letter masculine journey after our time to go to be more transparent on the topic covered on this week's project. So sit back and on this adventure masculine journey after hours starts here now welcome the masculine journey after hours and are doing the conversation started in the show, which if you didn't with some of that you ignored it. Were talking about what we were talking about our words for the year. Robbie, could you do a quick recap of what that means we talk about word for the year. Sure so some wings enjoy doing for number years and and people while the part of done it for years, maybe forest essentially begin asking God in the month of December of a word sort of a topic that he would like to work on with us in the upcoming year. In this case, 20, 21, and so similar to the listening prayer that you would do if you came to boot camp in and asked to hear your new name essentially disconnect throw that out there got what's the word that you would have made want to work on this year and then you just listen and hopefully and I know he will come give you an answer and then as you said in the first show if he gives you the word grace now is pretty slick I list you have flickering at others. Things got you around the owner ask you little bit about your word from last year. You know, and then think of a clip from that goes on that for that with the new year, new word. I had a clip about that.

I don't think the 20 got in just 2021. Okay woman right here so I should tell us about your 2020 word and then we can go on to the next line 2020 word was father and it was a progression from over, and he showed me that your to be and overcome. Are you going to have to have me as father to do that I can do it on my own which will display next I thought I could but now I'm not building that so I have to have a father have to have good father and as I thought. When he gave me the word first thing when in my mind was, oh, it's only about me being a father. It is a roundabout way, that is really about me knowing him as father. So I have to go into a relationship with them to understand what he is his father and he might most often prayerful euros just bother me and what I found saying that this continually throughout the year in any kind of situations you know where your work at home or just find yourself in a situation it would sponsor so much comfort in the fact that I okay Lord, follow me. What am I to do here. You know what should I say help me get through this event to get through that situation and he would step in and help me out. The next thing you know I'm in the throes of something, and I'm come back from Donna's items. Thank you father for that because it was just something that I gag you just house not normally where I'm at. My mind would go on to different places and he kept me on track. He's Me and focus on things and able to share the word several times with people that are as I'm sure unbelievers and things of that nature be able to share different things at different times that I'm normally not very comfortable with and was much more comfortable and content in doing those kinds of things and in the year of collated and riots in an election, then where ask which still is an ending that all that stuff askance and still be going on but it was contentment. Along with that and it was as that was the Bilotta fathering was keeping me calm in times of anxiety is normally no yard. I get all into the stuff in the near you just let all time amended his podcast stuff that that truly is a place where he took me into finding and searching out him and other places instead of just searching out worldly things and just being able to follow through that in the year of chaos was was absolutely wonderful because I didn't have to worry about all the stupid stuff going on the rule. I hear that from everybody else talking about. I know what I need be front and center in getting it firsthand anyway so he took me and through the word father and he followed me last year and then you know when we said they were and become up on the word I knew was coming up as a December and I usually have the newer don't ask your question there other for somebody out there none of us in this room. Obviously that for some after the Lex try to control everything which be everybody in this room. How much pressure is taken off when you discipline able turns a father, I need you to father me through this right then then sum the pressure get lifted as far as I don't have to have all the answers. I just have to have the ears to hear, that was one of the amazing things I'm good that you bring that up because when you get fathered and you allow yourself to be fathered. You don't have to come up with everything and that's one of the things that I started noticing throughout the year that gave me that contentment that okay code was the first thing that really hit right in the in the urine as well. This thing is out of control all kinds of stuff coming at us and had no idealism to prolong surveys like El Reno, you know, knock down the curve and always, stuff like the curve and really give hospitals time to react never to be through this and then here we are today still at same place were insulting started so being able to not have to have an answer of the talk with my wife, my son, my daughter. You guys, I'd I'd I don't feel like I have to come up with anything.

I just sit back, relax, and what comes comes what doesn't, doesn't. If it's right or wrong idea. I'd I really don't feel all that responsible for having to have the right thing is so comforting, but I think you know as a father this is that person. In general, but as a father and feels as though there's all this pressure to have answers.

Anna and I found that you know a lot a lot for me is sin. I don't know how to father.

My child in this situation fill in the blank because their life is continually changing. Just as yours is in everyone else's isn't, and so whether that's personally if it's not about your kids, you help father me my finances are you help me in this area, but at least puts it back in his court to where he can fly the midst of it yes and you have to be willing to allow them to do that because you can shut them off and trim often turn out and go another direction. If you want it really easy light to you want to try turn away from think going to chase at rabbit trail from elegant go ahead and go with your word for this coming year will I started to pray than this year and as I, start early in the praying arena were to have this journey in in December I got the word really cool to click hit that didn't have this journey as well as a map for Decembers. I never usually done that. I like last year I showed up the studio overdoing the word that I go pray and I got it, you know, got my word in this year's as I prayed I got my word which is family. So in order to be overcome or need. My father now. Father is going to teach me about family and again my my brain went to oh me in life. My immediate family and so as I okay so what you have for me with family were we going to do what is anything I need to be praying about or what I need to be inking about were real Lord and it was like now.

Rodney talking about my family family in Christ. Now the church's church and saw Mike how this is more about not does not just be with only those folks but you don't know who's in my family you know the next person you touch her to talk to is in my family are not but you need to treat them as though they are. You need to be with them as though they are and you need to talk to them as though they are and just be comfortable and that which is something not so it's going to be a challenge for me. I think to be that comfortable but that's the next step in the he has for me and so we get to our clip which is about family. While it has the word family in the title yet another we never get a clip from this particular TV show that you are able to get widened by.

I sent you that one first.

The discount is like no matter how father else can I go with the first one I sent you an was kind of funny but then this will at least find one that was a little more appropriate in its from the show, all in the family and assess what he put on my mind like something I want clip money and effort family and I want to go few different place to be Just taking me to all the family on the family and sizes going through some clips and see what was out there and of course Archie Bunker is not your typical Christian father was say and basically what guy could given to me was, here's a vision of what a lot of people and a lot of people will rail on the Archie Bunker known the family for what it was a show of buddies like that's what's relevant. Today's culture yelled.

The people that are ripping on him doing the exact same thing in this is very relevant in the worldly view of family. So that's where I went with the consumer doing and here's returned on so you get you get Archie and meathead's son-in-law there down the basement they got a blanket around it and trap down there and Archie kind of goes in IE they sound like they been drinking but I would think they had now it's that they are talking and they get, you know, can intimate with each other and so Archie starts talking about his dad a little bit and you can see were his skewed up view is of father and it was a site all man this worrying a lot of people have very bad views of father because her earthly father was so horrible in many different ways and even even really good fathers have their downfalls. Now, so this was that I thought just a good Good way to bring in worldliness in the and fatherhood with Archie and meathead all I all lands on these still my only a jaded vitamin E then Lala not this he was God's my old man used to call people same things your old man that I always knew he was wrong. So is your own. Knowing what is he was really father was my father-in-law meets I do something may. When it is Andalusia buses, but they keep moving ahead close by and I Symantec comes home communicating flies avoid guided actual baseball and take it for walks in the park owned by the life I made by whole way. My father and he blessed busted me, teach me to do good-you showed me in the closet that sees me to do good because he looking at is the most uplifting clip while the rally appreciated where Chris was everybody happy new year. Those of you. Obviously you got a guy that struggling with his feelings of his father there there there some good feelings and there's some really really bad feelings. Yeah, and that's where I think most of us are reality right we have a lot of good and a lot of battle next double together can we separate the two, and again, the statement keeps coming to me is the father made me know the father majored.

If you really look at the real father that made you younger that heavenly father B find it when you take things take your eye off that there's all kinds of other things creep in your life and help relatively as a listener that the I do think about the family of Christ as it is full of broken people You know and that's unfortunately what we do here is a lot of people stories of incumbent cantons this very heart wrenching and stuff that the country and I think that you know we all think that the way we grew up was normal. I mean that not yeah I tried to kill myself three times that you just average that stuff normal stuff families go through in our my mother minimum.

She attempted suicide in the hospital for year and 1/2 in outer just a normal stuff that people go through but it's not, you know, we put them in the closet for seven hours, but the Archie normal.

That's all he knew and and so to all the attacks and the things that happened in everybody's life and you get to know nurses start thinking ending at Danny unit sure little bit about your word from this year will cut back into this thing so the word was released in a calendar robbed it from the adventure of middle this year been quite an adventure and because when we started talking and previous show you got the email or texting Mike, I have no idea what they're talking about. Then I generally will share at a new injured, but I didn't so you just would that were being released to move the keying and ending into you where we are now is amazing with your new church pastor just announced his resignation.

I don't think it is because of us. But going what are A+ B that number that butted to see that and to not the pastors. I like to listen to you guys and listen to your passion about what you do. It is amazing because the light you know what needs to be a part of what I do this, the heart behind you know going to boot camp. You hang out with you guys have the luxury ordered the literal call it an to do that. But to see that you rob your passionate about this hearsay review, passionate you. It is something you won't is making changes and I think that's kind of what discipleship is about. It makes it attractive year were wounded, broken and messed up Nina I told you guys one time were teaching us that if you find the perfect church don't go in because you're about to miss it a reality and and so to be involved into you to have these tools to to walk forward is amazing and so I will start praying for word for next draft. Think maybe I know what it is but not your but not catch the growth catching is not received this letter get Asia tied together so maybe every religious and accurately. Reese could make a great meal. I don't.

I have got it all covered. Okay well I guess I'll go so I will play my clip first and it's on the word believe which which is what I believe to be my word for the year to look ahead and play it. It's a clip from a song from the Doobie Brothers called what a fool believes Michael McDonald has a great voice but you can't understand anything he says. Talking back and read the lyrics to you afterwards but yet this is the little clip from them so they had played listen to that song since I was a kid literally was like one of my first albums ever got because my sister gave it to me. She was tired of it inside the best of the newly brothers right into that target all my albums initially not known the song forever had no clue what it said of the what a fool believes and so that's a clip that I was thinking on this topic of believe what he says is, but what a fool believes he sees so basically what he sees. He believes to be the truest thing and no one no wisemen has the power to reason away. What seems to be in for me what that was saying was I look at a situation and I come up with conclusions that may or may not even be true right and that leads into my beliefs, whether in and mainly it's been about me a lot evidence I had this this year that I was working on this word.

Believe and so I'm out working the other day and unlike what was my word for next year and I'm ready for new word and in a hearing, say, hope what that word two years ago. I don't do that. What why am I going back to another word. It's mostly progressive God.

You know I like being recessive and going back to another word so I went and I downloaded the last couple years shows and I went back and I listen to the word of the year and actually my word of the year for 2020 was hope.

If I hear word of the year for 2019 was believe it.

Apparently I just stuck with believe for another extra year you get a repeat kindergarten.

It sounds like yeah definitely God saying you didn't get the first time into for two years of been on the same word and realize a been on the same word really was important to me this year because he's really come after these things that I see things and I believe in the truth but they're not in any of joking with you, A+ B equals C right will yeah that works in a math equation doesn't work in life and relationships especially doesn't work with her on woundedness in the things that we've done that have damaged our own hearts overtime.

You know that the end meal that you really like for me to believe that A+ B always equal see in gods really need a second year to unpack that for me yes officer slowly I am. You know apparently it and I know my word for 2021 is not believe it's it's hope and we'll talk about that in the second but not really. This last year's been pretty important for me on this topic.

It's really help me break through some of my own personal beliefs and on September and I said as you stick a sticker upon my mirror and in my car and I did it was that it was there and it's is what I choose to believe today and I left it there for probably about a month maybe a little longer because it made me do something with it. Every time I saw it right and what I found was that I'm quicker to catch those agreements and quicker to catch the enemy's lies and not let them funnel into beliefs right because I want to hang my hope on the belief that God's Artie shared with me, that's more true than the things I thought about myself with the world's told me of those types of things I want to pull out a little more from what you are saying that A+ B equals C I am sort of a math problem after guys here get for you, but in relationships. That never works when you are thinking about things that are so many factors that impact that that that outrageous look at the political situation that you can look at it from whichever side you're on and say how can those people on the other side believe that they can't possibly if there thinking and that's because our perception is not the reality. And the only one that has a reality as God and so thank you, Jim.

It that's been a big thing that's helped me this year is really I needed a second year of focusing on belief and I am God did tell me hope.

I know he did that, I think you just deferred it maybe will regroup again and in go back to this belief and some my word for the year this next year's hope and it does build on belief because if you have the right beliefs and of hard to have hope, right when when you founded in things that are lies and you believe this to be true. What's really do hope for at that point. So God had taken a break through those beliefs.

In order for me to be in a position to get greater hope and I'm in a play clip on hope it's from the hunger games and what this is is you have the the enemy and less you know that the president is that the enemy in the situation, and he's controlling all of his areas like and what they called him into the different regions that they call them that he talked about this topic a hope why they have the hunger games he gives hope. Maybe not too much hope to listen to and talk about how is the only thing stronger than fear of specific lots of hope is dangerous sparks, as long as it's comparing so so contain no like that clip for a lot of different reasons. I do like the fact that it says that you're the only thing that can beat fear is hope. What you know love obviously beats her as well but it's one of those things that it's is a natural polar opposite to that he can't live in fear and still have hope. It's it's hard to be in both of those camps at once and and so for me I want to be on the opposite side of that this year when guided really help me see hope in a way that's very big and very contagious and very not just a little hope that these not worried about that bigger hope that the enemy is worried about is actually kinda my my hope for this year is that understand that word at a much deeper level and and find out more of it in my life and have it make basically a home in your heart and actually Danny's tuna sermon on this very word Sunday Sunday tells a little bit about it Sunday Sunday Sunday Sunday Sunday will it build enough still gotta get you to give me the pronunciation of the Hebrew again will get a C GM evidently edit it but as I was recovering from hernia surgery. God gave me something about hope you called it a procedure. It was really little procedure but the hope in in the Hebrew now, not the Hebrew scholarly together but did it. It refers to thread that correct so you're very fiber and in God's hope so.

Using Scriptures as he knit us together in her mother's womb you you're very fiber was made by the hand of God and so your core beliefs, what you believe is side makes you react to the things yes exactly what you were talking about you in and we act all false hopes. I think about my addictive life that I think about the reason was it was a false sense of who I was or who I was not because I believe in a very core that men are not scared of who we aren't, were scared of who we truly are. That's what makes getting the word for years and is what we avoid things because if I discover who I really am. Maybe I will be sent to Greece or Africa or maybe not. Maybe God wouldn't choose me to do this. It is so much I was just another state or town village had everything went further from one southern town. Another southern town in the movie of North stick out. I don't think I think it fit right in. This year there still time in the year I missed the time you're free.

This isn't something you gotta have a January 1 and he may not have history like the 15th of the 20th enough.

It's hard to say they pray about it in the second word for this year and then continue with them on their journey in helping unpack it throughout the year as he really brings to your life deeper and deeper meaning and more importantly a deeper and deeper intimacy with him for the masking this email I reach out to us in social media would love to hear from you. Hope you have a wonderful new year and will talk to you next. This is the Truth Network

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