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Guard Your Heart

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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October 10, 2020 12:30 pm

Guard Your Heart

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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October 10, 2020 12:30 pm

Welcome to Masculine Journey fellow adventurers! With everything going on in life especially in 2020, are you taking care of your heart? Are you guarding your heart? The clips used comes from the shows "Star Trek," and "The Joy of Painting." The journey continues, so grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

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Hello this is will Hardy with Brent talk radio. We all about breaking down the walls of race and denomination your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few minutes.

Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening to the Truth Network podcasts.

This is the Truth Network, the heart of every man, ways of grieving with your life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. How do we keep from losing heart while trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guys called masculine journey masculine journey starts here. No masculine journey. We're very glad to be talking about a topic that I think that at some level we all think about do we do anything about it and I don't actually have the words to think about where the screen came up is over the last few weeks I've noticed a theme in some different communication I've been getting at my work they been sending out this covert update every week and that's every two weeks, but the very last paragraph of it. The owners of the company have been including a paragraph. Ever since the beginning days of covered way back in February, March of make sure you're taking care of your heart you do things that are good for your heart and run a mile run a mile you need help taking glycerin vegetables and other not just that but also you emotionally for your heart emotional and cardio were not talk about cardio yeah I look around the room and cardiac business accidental party like a set of stairs in the serviceman on the wild heart has its leaders thing the group out there is been having different people from around the world and join in people's commitment and areas of the message yeah and Johnson reminding that you know about your heart, waiting for your heart and really made me think about during this time of yes Cove election which wears everybody down guards left side of the equation, Your Honor.

Set aside. Satan wins exactly. It's it's just that they get here fast enough.

You know this lease, the ads go away.


And again, regardless which position you take to get tired and beat down by law and then obviously social unrest and things. It's been going on society and insist very attacking your heart and so what do you do to offset that one of the things that you're doing to bring your heart life. That's really the topic today in your heart is indeed hungry. It wants things it it's going to consume things. Oh yeah, that is, it whatsit what are you giving it to consume in your life right now. Yeah I love the topic. I'm so glad that you, you know, thought about this and that you know others and I'm sure God prompted you to bring this topic up because it it is needed in an yeah is a band of brothers we come to talk to each other about that sort of thing and probably not enough, but to take it on out to our listeners approach us to consciously be thinking about it and asking the questions. What am I doing intentionally to care for my heart right now and you know some of the things I'm doing you know I fast from the news I you know I I don't need to watch the news to know what Joe Biden thinks or what Pres. Trump thinks or what the news media thinks I don't already know what they all think about and I know what I think a night, and I believe I know what God thinks. But since I don't need that and it's not helpful at all. I mean, I don't hardly watch any TV on TV anymore ice try to just do Disney plus and all of the cartoons you know what you know they even speak in the snake in the this stupid presidential ads into you know everything.

It seems like, and it's just like work I go to escape and so yeah I do a bit of that in the and then he and I do try to focus in every morning on just reading from Scripture I try to dig into Scripture and just, Journal Scripture a little bit and pray through that and and that seems to be the best.

Imagine that really yeah yeah me. I would try that. It seems to work pretty well and in it when I don't get it. I definitely know it and when I do get it. I also definitely not so if you spend any time on any version of social media. It really can understand our first clip yes yes there set up a first yeah so if you're a Star Trek fan you'll love this it it comes from Star Trek and honestly our friend Dewey Hilton sent me a text the other day and said great, and we been sending some text back and forth. Hey, pray for me over this break, I need some prayer on this data netted out these thing types of things and in the midst of well how are things going in your world hi get this text from him and he's talking about his air-conditioner, but it fits for our show is is is is is worse than is this man is is only three years of that original series it I think is what you're hearing me like 103 33 years is original series back for Star Trek remember correctly I mean I caught it in reruns.

Obviously, you know, I see it, so the original ones. I think I did but anyway at that must the McCoys like something every week somebody died it out every show you. I think if you send it if you spend any time these things the same politics are important. I'm not saying that the social issues are important very important. If you're only feeding on them.

It's not going to lead to life context, context, content right, you know, at some point you just get weary to get worn down and wariness worn down leads to the it's not a life-giving thing. No, it's not right and again I'm not saying none of those are important very important. We also get to have the balance of feeding your life treating your heart things or bring it life that I think you have to be aware of what's going on Ameena. It's been fascinating to me because I do think a lot of these things play into this to save the world we live in now, which is different than it was five or 10 years ago. I believe think we all see a shift was that said, your spot on and that they don't. Other days it when witness first started happening with coeds at their watch work from home and rise work from home but there watching all day.

It was like man I can't take it and it doesn't.

There is, you cannot. The spirit is not meant to live off of that it brings no life. You do have to be aware of what's going on but those you know your your heart wasn't made for that. It was the wrong file think there's some reference to that later but you know you talked about not watching the news.

It's been a decade now that I haven't really watched the news intentionally if I've been somewhere in the news happening beyond where I couldn't get away from it that I watch part of the news and I do try to keep up with what's going on in the world but I'm very selective when I try to read. Yes, because you know, at least at that point I can commit to have my own opinion versus trying to hear everybody else's opinion on you not get the facts and I want to like you said you knew about covert had I protect other people how to protect myself. What I need to do. But beyond that, there's a whole lot of it I really just don't need. That's not going to my heart very well. I mean how fast things change. Do you really need a new 10 minute update email constantly on covert Emmy was changed since related things began and was changed in the hearts of other people with the other situation since certain things and began it doesn't change that fast volume to have a general knowledge of what's going on and I get enough people around me doing watching all those things. Watching the news telling me this Tony that I've got my trusted sources that I go to him, like you, I have a large the actual nightly news and probably two decades and I've now completed want to percent out of sports. I don't want to single sport from a guy who just loved and played it and was all part of it is a big deal for me by dear Darren, I'm I don't do a lot with a lot of TV shows at all y'all watch some movies here and there, my wife, but that's about it. When otitis is cool down for the evening that I just cannot protect myself and you know what I have found myself is a lot of podcast. That's when I'm driving or doing things I'm working I can never my earbuds in, and I can scan and listen to other people talk about something much more positive know our podcast I listen to him.

I'm back in seasons ago. I'm in season for right now I've found other podcasts I listen to their newer that I really like and I like old let me go down that one for a while. Listen to the heirs and just that I want to be fed by something as positive in some of them are godly. Some of them are specifically gathered there godly, but there are about the social issues and how to respond properly and the like.

Oh that helps so much to Mike good biblical solid references to the social issues of the day in what's going on in the world is very positive for me to listen to was like okay there's an answer to that, rather than oh my gosh the doom and gloom of how my going to deal with it. You could just watch a presidential debate known exactly what was going mad. Yeah, that was that was the outside I watched the snippet that's all he needed to know I did want to watch anymore of it you know it, the it it they isolate little podcast or little snip from the and on YouTube or something or somebody put together from Pee-wee's big adventure. I know you are but what am I so that's basically if you miss the good if you miss a debate that's pretty much what you meant to say I was pretty much the truth of the same as they were dead Jim working with my life to the end of that thing that's for sure. Regardless of what side will when I found myself needing the faster rate and little bit higher blood pressure. I can turn on the news. Take care that that's true. That will do it, but aside from a smart remark.

I do have something in your positive nature that were talking about, what are you doing for your heart.

I can give a shameless lad because I have no stock or whatever, but there's an app on the phone call you Bible and I have various reading plans and you can share these reading plans with other people and you're able to make comments regarding the lesson and so forth. I found that to be very very helpful for my heart. At this time because getting up in the morning and I'm not an early morning person no more than that. I'll but when I get up and go after that 1st cup of coffee and I get out my phone and I start doing whatever reading plan were owned reading the comments from the other person. That to me is something that is very good for my heart that you think you and I know something be really good for advice hearts listening right now. That's going to boot camp number 12 through 15th masculine journey to register now boot camp November 12-15. Robbie Gilmore here your mattress get a little thin on top. Check out the new mattress topper from my pillow.

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Remember that promo code car guy is running from national journey radio at the last boot camp. I actually had a chance to respond to the worker talk now. Here's what Sebastian learned about the true reality of spiritual warfare. The true reality of spiritual warfare that there really is an enemy. It's not just me and God. But in reality it's me when I get up in the morning we want to go to work on my drive, my daily life is something for you at the next boot camp and register now masculine coming November 12 through the 15th time Carson came on Dan Keene's grandson on the masculine journey radio mics. They can be strangers like mine. One of the things that I realize this week was that I need to take time to listen to God.

I felt like the Lord spoke to me and he said Mike how you listen.

If you're always busy so this weekend what I've done is I've taken some time just to go on walks and to be loaded. Join us young guys in the next boot camp coming November 12 to the 15th masculine journey back with you soon. Camp in your back with us now if you and you can do it after between the between the shows between the plug that will pause button to go back and listen to it if your list on the radar, you just may have to wait another 15 minutes or so and then you can go register but we want to have you there God wants to have you there benefit ceiling like the one we have the summer, it was just amazing to see all the stuff that God did in all these bumps we have, you know on the between the shell you not to break it. It's all from this most previous boot camp and we just had the most recently other testimonies that you hear yeah that's it's really cool and every one of those testimonies. I think the first time visitors. Many carts and I guess he had been a lot of my kitten for denial almost the entire crew have the last boot camp for first timers and almost everybody that came except for think one or two small groups were there by themselves and that's another key is if you're thinking, man, I'd like to go but I really want a friend to go with me know. You don't you don't you want to come by yourself. Don't jam yeah absolutely idea.

It was step of faith because I was more reserved and you know I didn't know these guys you know they may try to don't mean the water, you know, start shooting at me or something like that but no real you just really didn't know what to expect and then I don't think I've missed one since I just must become and Rodney came the first time by himself, and the beauty of it. I went to my first begin by myself.

I think you went, by yourself in the beauty of it is you can really focus on you. You can let God.

You don't have to be selfish when you're by yourself right because were not going to ask you to go hang off Mina hang out with a bunch of other guys and tell your story to all these guys right were gonna encourage you to go out and talk to God about that and you don't have to worry about anybody coming back into the cabin and go on a you know, did you talk to God about that issue with your why you know or or whatever you can be there by yourself and you and God you never by yourself. Not my first giveaway I knew a couple people are there, and I kinda stayed away from everybody because I just wanted alone time with God and the only uncomfortable time that was from a person, you got heavy step in this uncomfortable timing is great for my heart. One file to Hillis Gillis and woundedness that was one the guys I knew, and you know Susan walked in from 176 okay what your wound my hands now talking to God about how I should allow you to select. Yeah.

Mary is yet is right now as you see I got another table and eat lunch. He said you were talking about the heart what you're doing. What's really good to be very honest from March February March.

Other than the boot camp.

Honestly, most of what I did was good for my heart was Tuesday nights come to see you guys record the show on Tuesday night you place on Saturday and then you pick it up either Saturday on the radio or podcast or whatever, but insert.

It's our time that our community gets together and that was necessary for my heart. During that time, but honestly it was that the only thing I was doing that was really that healthy for my heart well and and that was even hard. It was because at at certain times, we couldn't get together, all in the studio.

Be one or two people in the studio and the rest of us on the phone and and just we work together and then we longed. We literally do long for these big ants. We love them week we go a day early to set up everything, but also to to kinda let our hair down demanding I don't have any hair to let down, but if you let it all yeah we had our hair was let down, but you know we cannot we cannot go a day early to decompress and take some time with God for ourselves and cut up and and have fun with each other and we long for that and we long for this and so that some of the things were doing for a hard know Morgan I was listening to Morgan Snyder's book, becoming a king, and if you don't have that book yet it if you like to read, read it and get on Kendall Amazon audible of guy I got all three honestly I'm just a freak like that, but according to what I'm doing but I was listening to it again today and Morgan tells a story of a Bart Hansen who is with wild heart and he's on the Board of Directors. While the parties were the speakers and speaker team and you know parts. A man's man. He knows equipment is worker and heavy equipment all his life. That's her attention. Construction and he was dead. Bart was telling the story that you know he was out working on his ranch one day and all the sudden, his Kubota tractor died and it wouldn't start and he was tried everything he knew to try you know diagnostic everything you can possibly think of, and is just you know just it's that you yeah exactly.

He's on his way back you know walking back to the house to try to figure out any just pray and God can't, you know what's wrong with the Kubota tractor and as he passes the fuel barn. There, he realizes I just filled my diesel tractor up with gasoline. That's what's wrong and and so the point is, your heart needs fuel and it needs a particular type of fuel.

The news is not the fuel analyze no matter where yeah yeah the that the presidential debate, not the fuel your heart needs.

It may be something that you need to listen to know you be wrong but it is not good for your heart. I can promise you, but there are things that are good for your heart absolutely.

I start thinking about a house of this topic came up and think about what my doing, and I was feeling better and so things are sinking one of my doing, and in the first log in and play clip. One of my mate weight share after hours of that I've had. I found after went to my divorce I always consider myself not be very creative.

You know, as far as like artwork. Yet, you must result if they know me but I II just I couldn't really do it had no desire to do it.

My kids can enjoy that some of them. Someone didn't but I like yeah that's really not me and so I took this class is paint class on a date. You know when a date with this painting thing and I love you one as I left it was gone.

I started to learn to paint. I really enjoyed it while I went through shoulder surgery and some other things and and I just kind of quit working on it kind of set in the other room and I thought well motivate myself up here in my dining room table and make that area and there an art studio is hanging in there and that's it for another year and I like this is ridiculous and so one day I just started the pain a little bit and am going to play the clip and then come back and talk with, this is the ultimate person who loves to paint and gets joy from it. This is Mr. Bob Ross lets us know him touching the canvas just to convert the brush just the corner and begin pushing making the bristles been slightly downward national tree, and he is right here in this pressure. All you have to do is push them out. One of the questions I get asked quite frequently to a tree decided don't like you may be on making taller watch here to say wait a mess of fish treatment and will show you this tree to make history taught her how you have to do is touch and come right back over the top of just paying a bigger tree right over the top. You don't make mistakes. We have happy accidents have left longer, depends on if Abby acted in the background. You know I can't pin a tree still want Bob Ross and used watching the second map is a never really played golf at irate happy trees let's go to sleep but watching him and the joy that he gets from doing a show called joint pain that something like that in I I started sitting on last week, two weeks ago and work on this painting and I probably changed it three times since then and painted over the spot. Over that spot. And it's nowhere near what it started to be fully told you, happy accidents that what I'm finding is I'm really enjoying. I don't know what it's can end up being know, but it's like okay I like that I don't like out of pain over its Martin toylike something you know I got the thought of what I want to may not be the same thought.

I have two days from now, but it really doesn't matter because it's not about the destination and I'm a destination guy. It's about the journey but your professional court procrastinator. What unity now almost everyday. I didn't do it yesterday, but I painted a little bit every day you're not careful. You're going get so much pain on that thing you can't take it very thick painting very expensive training to sell the paint just listening to that clip because I've never Bob Ross my life no now and I don't know I'm not.

I just think I'm less artistic than Sam, and Sam was hard to impart himself, but I just listen to his heart as he talks is aces full joy and there's something out there for all of us that brings that joy. I learned that I enjoy creating and finding beauty in things right and I think that's a story I think is universal to all of us, whether that's creating a great Excel spreadsheet whether it's creating a great computer program whatever it is it's the creation portion that brings you life.

Why is that because were created in the image of God, of a creator right Shaklee is out a couple weeks ago helping a friend of the show Cory. I was picking up some trash on the jobsite had the owners of the company, and in return make it look good in it. I couldn't out there just being frustrated because it was hot miserably hot day out there picking up trash pretty much all day walking along and see some pretty cool rocks like that's a really weird looking rock and so they're pretty good size pray about the size of a cell phone may build bigger and not pick him up just been on back my car took him home and kind of broke him up a couple weekends get them in the rock polisher and I took him out last week and think Mathers will crumbled up and be nothing there. Beautiful and I don't know what to Turn out the negative takes like five weeks. If you think of patients. If you get a rock polisher.

It takes a long time. It's about five weeks to go through the cycle. Could you go through these different grants all these types of things. You know, each week you do week at a time you probably spend more electricity than you could buy new products as the process is this saying what's been discarded literally in the seas, rocks laying on the ground why God created and what they can become so Sam you must've pray for patients and the guy gave you rock polisher and what he does do as you know is part of the process of maturing asses put this in the rock polisher and we stay there on a particular subject or something for a while and then we move onto the next thing that could stages it is it isn't and we we touched on such a little hard of the topic.

I would encourage if you haven't yet went.

Listen to the after hours to do that. Go download agreement talk about more of what we've been doing for our hearts, but also has the enemy been trying to come after hearts in the midst of it what you throwing at us. Things like frustration, apathy, those types of things are the key tools the other get us off of those things give our heart life. In the meantime to the masculine register for the upcoming boot camp November 12-15 got to be there or hopefully I'll get to be there and we can't wait to see you there. Please join us see them and talk to you next week. This is the Truth Network

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