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September 26, 2020 12:30 pm


The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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September 26, 2020 12:30 pm

Welcome to Masculine Journey fellow adventurers! The guys open the discussion this week on the topic of celebrate, and explore their thoughts and share their stories on the subject. The clips used this week comes from an Interview with LeBron James. The journey continues, so grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

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Hello this is Matt slick from the match look like podcasts to defend the Christian faith and lay out our foundation of the truth of God's word for chosen Truth Network podcasts starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network, the heart of every man plays a great adventure but life doesn't usually feel that way.

Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twist and turns, so how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way when life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides and what we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. Welcome masculine journey. We are very glad to have you today like yourself and I say that every week we are very grateful for listeners out there and how much you help us celebrate what were able to do each week and so it is very grateful that you join in and listen either on the radio or via podcasting for doing that and you can always reach out to us through our Facebook page.

Through our website. There's emails that he can reset the science with any questions. Any ideas for clips. The ideas for topics you'd like for us to talk daily devotion.

I obviously that's a reference to wait a couple weeks now.

I can help it. When I got the website for the daily devotional that we don't have what we do Like classic Danny now going through to you and is your top okay I went to the body parts and slammed his back at me. It's actually your top documents help us talk about this topic a celebration for sure. So you know we were connected with the wild art ministries be referred to Ransom heart. It's based on the wild at heart. The boot camp so we listen to. I think most of us listen to the podcast quite regularly, and then they just recently started doing something for little been there boot camps are involved in the ministries and basically they were going through.

Are you taking Carrie hard in this crisis wherein they been on that thing for some time because you know these wherein unprecedented times, but they is a talk to us as a leader.

They said how are you handling your heart and in doing so, instead of you know you've heard on this ministry before we really focused on letting Jesus do what he wants to heal us that how Isaiah 61 he came to heal the brokenhearted, we don't feel like it's just a one and done, saying it's a process and its continuous iterative you continually do work with anyone.

That's a core interview. I explained the means of its continual bids, saying we do in like IT you are constantly improving. So so with that said they their point was I heard them ever talk about it really am sure they have, but they said you guys really need to celebrate were God brought you because everybody involved in that ministry and involved in unit as it outreaches throughout the United States and the world people are greatly affected. It's just really discipleship, but it helped me and focus on the heart not getting that too much, but you got to take time to celebrate the successes that you have the growth of the stands or the failures or the disconnection from God that I felt for years.

It's at such a blessing to be able to realize that you know I don't that he was brought me through him in a better place and I need to celebrate our listening need to move on to the next thing to become a better manner. You know a better disciple. I need to stop right here to celebrate with God and the accomplishment obviously celebrations are important right because it would have a part of the Old Testament was they would take time to have celebrations and festivals and things and and so God knew how important celebration was to our hearts.

And that's what John was reminding has to take time. Don't look for that next item on the to do list is you getting any bit to put the next checkmark on what I need to work on for healing or asset management next to go next right yes we have to do that would take time to say you don't some amazing stuff. Let's celebrate that for season absolutely. Even a short season to really want to go ahead and play your clip.

This is a unique clip we have not really used anything like this on the show that we have been my son Michelle it's not a now is that's it has to do with the live NBA finals that are the Western Conference finals. Right now my son is a huge Laker fan, so I you know I like to keep up with what's going on because of that's important. My sons heart and honestly I've never been much of a Lebron James.

However, when I saw this interview I was like oh my goodness, you know, he hit some really deep stuff here that I thought was really beyond cool on this topic. I consist happened actually is interview happen Sunday night after his teammate had made this phenomenal Anthony Davis economy DNS clip you can refer to as a D a D is Anthony Davis hit up buzzer beating you right at the end of the game three point shot there down by two and they win the game with this just phenomenal shot. However, what you don't know is that Lebron is not played well and little in the fourth quarter of this game. A lot of people are knocking him about that at end here. He has a chance to celebrate his community when they're kind of accusing him of like United.

This was to be you are actually slide out knob, I jotted down like every last one of its inmates and staff that we had out special moment for special where have you seen take on the pressure a personal one shot like that to take it to make it was not about making a shop about having a belief just take one and result thing right back a note to our game right before Colby we play Brooklyn at home had a similar shot right there on that left-wing writer for their bench foster when a game he missed and that he was down himself and outside of us. It was you open just the confidence to take the shop to make mall but the belief that just taken and live with the results is what is all about it and now tonight was noise moment sometimes of Marmaduke just know find space to bought out on our top is one of our top submissive leaders around. I was able to find him and he knocked down time to time is always been about the man arena got a call from Theodore Roosevelt knows about God is in the arena is gone through everything a blood sweat and tears knowing our situation. Competition is about the work that you plan belief yourself not about the daughters of naysayers, people will want to talk about your John slander you and put you down and bring you down every single day. It's not about them to.

They've never been married and understand so 80 in all specialties will be done on the first one. It's all specialties.

Thus was all about but you know you put the pressure on yourself when you don't really care about what other people think is what other people think on it doesn't really matter that understand anybody can talk him outside guide to the ring concert arena since Isaiah 10 grants had to throw that little bit in there.

The it that that the more or less the clip tomorrow like it that the course what he's talking about is a basketball game and and I don't understand is therefore important. My sons are normal people, but in life. This is huge.

This is so huge that to be part of Amana brothers actually does stand up and and give a talk and ask God to come in and do something and a lot of these guys you know Sam. They've never done that never spoke in public and they're not only speaking in public. They are being completely transparent about their sin and and and going deep into where that was at and how God bailed them out of that sin, and in the point that I'm thinking is that like oh my goodness they stepped into the arena originally would Jesus to even take on the sin to even say I yeah I need to go do something about this problem. I have yeah I know I'm going to heaven, but I have other things obviously messing with my family there messing with my world are messing with my workplace and Jesus, you know, I know you want better for me and someone to step into that arena either get some counseling or would you and the Holy Spirit, whatever that looks like and and and and then write you seen the Sam how many times and the guy steps off that stage as he beaten himself up like crazy permits most time because Satan has come at him with a brick bad right and and I think about what Lebron said there that you know I don't want Andy to forgive a special art, you know, reminding that that was just off the hook, especially big Jimmy you know all during all of us, but also the invitation is to each person is to go there to step into the arena. Let Jesus take you where he's been dying to take you, but it takes courage, and it's painful.

I'm not saying it's not that I think the there's lots of ways you can look at it and risk always seems worse than what it is most the time you and I know for the longest time when I was a young Christian I would make the statement I don't like to pray for God's will in my life because I don't want to get Africa's right guy was Mike that was my whole thing. I know soon as I pray God you know your will let make your will happen. I will be in Africa somewhere, and I don't go right. It it it's not like that raven got this and some people with me and that you and I think that's a whole risk component.

Also reminded us of the stuff that I see you I don't like a lot of things I see on Facebook once was. He some quotes really: NUC quote it's along the lines of unity as you get towards the end of the life you you look at the risk you didn't take in there they outweigh and body more than the ones you did right you know it's good to get to the end and you say wow if I should have taken more risks here is I wanted to live to safe, and I think that's what happens is we want to fill in our comfort zone one. Stay safe when it's going back in the woundedness or it's going into place a calling or anything like that. It just feels so risky you know and I know it's can be painful going into a wounded area is going to be painful, but the good thing is you don't stay there. You come out victorious on the other side of yeah and the bad thing is if you don't risk your likely not going be able to celebrate a lot right now is no room left right and center have not know what is at no risk in the biscuit exactly at the last Boot Camp Gymboree team is not enforcing out with your here with us tonight, but now he took a huge risk is that he came in the group and he said I'm a break an agreement right here that you know I'm let some people get in my header Satan get in my head and believe that I could play the guitar and worship at end Sama worship with all you guys sit near and he brings out this guitar and were all looking at is another like this might have a good start of Isaiah and I don't think I'm any good, but you know that it's but oh my goodness, we celebrate the fact that he broke an agreement and quite honestly, I was sitting there going on my gosh I have that exact same thing in my life that I need to work through and a lot more,, and will continue to do that but also go to masking to register for the upcoming Boot Camp November 12-15 masking Rodney here with another great product from my pillow. It's the new mattress topper into my pillow, mattress topper and get some of the best sleep of your life comes with a 10 year warranty and a cover that's washable and dry. It's made in the USA and back with Mike Lyndale 60 day moneyback guarantee. Go to save 30% use promo code truth or call 800-944-5396.

When you do might give you to stay under my pillow as free as my promo code truth or call 800-944-5396 day Mars with magical journey radio like Gary FL real solutions Boot Camp. I didn't grow up in church so I always felt my spiritual growth is coming later on in life so new that I had to get here and I guess what surprised me most is it's not a suit and tie kind of environment that I expect it's real guys real problems looking for real, godly solutions. Register for live good Boot Camp November 12-15. I'll see you there hey this Rodney from masking journey radio at the last Boot Camp. I actually had a chance to respond to the worker talk now.

Here's what Sebastian learned about the true reality of spiritual warfare. The true reality of spiritual warfare that there really is an enemy. It's not just me and God. But in reality it's me when I get up in the morning we want to go to work on my drive, my daily life. God is something for you at the next Boot Camp. Register now masculine. coming November 12 through the 15th. Good. Happy I you're talking about not taken risk. I'm going to refer you to a John Prine song call safety Joe trunk lid off YouTube safety Joe by John Prine will do that we have.

We are talking about this topic and celebrate in any came up with the bumpkin, which is cool and the gang from the 90s of yeah yeah little link well with word up from last will and so we got we had another when the gym wanted us to play, which is three dog night celebrate celebrating the name celebrate, but the whole topic is to celebrate these things as things that Jesus has done in your life and when we left. Robbie was tone about Jim Brekke taking a risk going through into his woundedness right with Jesus in front of a group of people that he really believes cares about what they think. I would hope that he cares about what we think it can't seem more risky than that, but as a result of that year impacted deeply and it changes what you doing now you're on a 12 string nine finger yet and empty, if this is okay without any Robbie is bringing interference in with his. So yes I there's there's a lot that you said that's a mouthful, but you know I made the same agreement is to play the guitar wedding.

My parents wedding is big and my brothers and sisters, and I'd love to play the guitar but then I fell victim to some people say and I didn't play well, and sought for 30 years didn't play and and as I was the gym. I was like man I need to break that agreement that would be good so I pull out my guitar and started to play classical gas which is really difficult piece that I play classical guitar and so is really different animal. I just went headstrong into it. I'm like I'm in a play this at Boot Camp I'm I'm in a get this down like I've never played it in my life in him and started some plain hours and hours and hours a day. Well, the attack comes.

So yesterday last night that were not talking some that have little while ago. Last night I decided trim the bushes and as I'm trimming the bushes, and failing to use the directions of using both hands on the tremor at all times. I decided to take one hand off and kinda make sure that the other one was to straighten what time it attacked my little finger and almost no it wasn't as bad as bad, and I could see the Satan was the seat because if you ever watched somebody play classical gas little finger is absolutely one of the most critical thinkers in the so it is nine strings now on a 12 string guitar and and and I asked Jesus kept my heart because I put so much time and did this amount, and all my thoughts of what this was, can be like to play the super camp and now he said Robbie it's me and you know this could be a new kind of adventure you have to relearn the song chief learned as a kid you know and and you have to relearn the way you do it because you can use your little finger anymore and so excited about the eventual and really honest about it and liked Stu told me this morning because everybody's talking about the way I'm holding my little finger in this Comcast cast thing that I have ceases. We appoint people to Jesus or to see possible effector and the thing about stood straight up and we are like guys doing. We we prayed for him in the back.

Robbie got a question, the whole rest of the time, like guys do you know that's part what you just said there the Robbie you get the woundedness you're entering into some healing the enemy doesn't like it so he rears its ugly head at that right right right in somehow convinces you to use one that we know it, but yet you're not letting that rob the joy of the adventure in the promise of healing right you cannot let that sit back and that's part of that celebration is believing in the promise of what Jesus is going to do is been doing and getting healing. However, it's been wonderful and you know what it what experience I'm so grateful because of Jim hadn't now jumped in and take him arrested. He taken an end and there we go. So, celebration and it's just huge.

I'm really really glad you brought the topic.

Yeah me and we were we were listening to John say this I mean it, hit me was like really thought about it that much that we don't do that.

Now I know that I have celebrated we have glorified God in this community we have that there is something about the enemy will take and point you to all the crap that you don't do and forgiven and get you to forget same. You said earlier, we forget the good things God does in the progress that we've made no we don't do that to our children. I mean I was telling you guys earlier and I was to say this but at this like it's right time is just you think about the best celebrations doing the Bible to me is this brought prodigal father Michael's prodigal father because he was the one that took the action more more so they made this a prodigal son, but you know when that takes place. The sun is walked away realizing he's in bad shape and he goes back to father and they do it bit animal always say the fatty Acute I'm using the staff in the ring. He restores them fully and I was thinking about that. I was like we think about that is a one and done okay. He saved now he's good move on that kid probably still had a bunch of junk in his life that had to be you know he had to go through progressively to to deal with the wounds and stuff that he did have guilt from when he walked away all that stuff that's same thing we have to do have to think that you know we celebrate you know we are, we celebrate, we want to celebrate those things ever up every time that they come along every victory. I have to think that in heaven.

There's a party going on. I mean that's essentially what it's saying and that that really it talks about their celebration in heaven when one sinner repents, but you know, as we progressively mature and get those things out of our life and become more like him work that celebration is isn't just here.

I think it's there as well and have I think one of things he said and he was were good at.

I think as a team for lack of a better term corporate Sullivan celebration were not really good at individual celebration is much as we need to be and I think that's what John challenge was was celebrate personally with Jesus the things that's happened in Harold you had some unison say that one of the celebrations that comes to my mind is the Lord's supper when we celebrate communion that the I had previously thought of it as a celebration, but that's really and truly what it is the fact that Christ came live live in lives now promising that will live with them while what a time for celebration that I actually really study back up based on the time you know me, I was coming from you, Mike going all out for. I will say this, that every feast is a celebration and and that the Lord's supper is a feast and you know that's part of the deal. And when you think about those times were you are breaking bread with Jesus. I mean, here you go the way your break and jeans I mean is, what's going on with the quote in your free to talk to before the show things it can to get in her way of celebrating. I don't think it's a conscious choice. A lot of times I don't want to celebrate some level of fact you want to make sure that the healing stuck for lack of a better term, the escrow to get back. Where was itself. Don't celebrate too much to you.

There's that element, but I think it's more along the lines is how forgetful we are to talk about on the show many times you tell people he support you should journal which I don't ever write Robbie's good at doing that. But that journal keeps you from getting from forgetting those thing rights. He can go back and say wow I remember that the few times I have journaled a member and have told the story before but I went to hanging rock. One time I took my journal and I was can be praying over something I needed some answers to and opened up my journal I looked in a few years before had been hanging right about the same thing. Mary gave me an answer I had got it out. Two years later, I just read okay I just walked a mile for nothing units. Having just open up know that the journal I was you talking about that. Let's celebrate that government, you know, in the Old Testament you know what would that he knew Gandhi would people would be forgetful and he was constantly telling go build an altar. Go build this tabernacle whatever to as a reminder, you know, I think back at me. I mean I was the same. What something right now I can celebrate I used to wet my feet are wet my pants in this see you know behind the mic and now it's just become much more natural. It's just because you get he grows you he really does II was at that time was for the after hours and the other thing I do not think we were too much with to do list mentality, especially as men we want to get things done and so I know you think I'm celebrate that because I have nothing to go. Do you know this last weekend I spent a lot of time working on the outside of my home even to the point I put up a hummingbird feeder filled the birdfeeder. I did some stuff and then I realized yesterday ever since and set with the curtains closed. What good is it to have you like these will have curtains or whatever right, I need a fully open this up so I can celebrate okay this is kinda cool.

Even something that small were just so hesitant I'm on the next project you check a box and time to go do another one in Catholic now take time to spend some time with me here in celebration and I think because we don't celebrate. Sometimes things don't stick as well as they need to have someone add I guess I do show that I can celebrate together. Mike in your face.

You are right we don't celebrate things when we shoot in spent since Andy's into thing thinking about things that I haven't celebrated and I was just weird to assist around the house this weekend and my 13-year-old niece when she was alive time to the story about but she was christened I was going to a time in my life of trying to be ordained in the in the Church of England and I got a big packet of stuff and and in big bold letters is basically said if you've ever been divorced. We don't want you way I read it and it just crushed me and I'm sitting on Sunday morning, soaking then so but in essence what happened was the pastor called me up to do her christening. So she is my celebrations. I see her 13-year-old child and thing God said no you let me choose what you that's awesome come back for the after hours so you can go download that it many different locations modify iTunes just about any workers of high caching to get there. Continue. Talk about this and go deeper in the meantime, go to masculine register for the upcoming boot camp November 12-15. That's got some amazing things is going to do their each of us and each one of you. I know he wants you there. Just make time and make the plan. Just go do it master this is the Truth Network

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