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Bad Dads of the Bible

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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September 12, 2020 12:30 pm

Bad Dads of the Bible

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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September 12, 2020 12:30 pm

Welcome to Masculine Journey fellow adventurers! Nope it's not Father's Day, but the discussion this week shines a spotlight on the dads of the Bible, and how though they were great men, they were still flawed and often times made serious mistakes. The clips this week comes from the show "Family Guy," and the film "Vegas Vacation." The journey continues, so grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

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This is the Truth Network, the heart of every man plays a bleeding manager. Life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a good way when life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear and come on a quest band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. Welcome masculine journey. Glad to have you with us today.

We are on the non-Father's Day topic Father's Day in September when recording this this and so there was couple months ago we were talking about fathers today and and probably not in a way that you anticipate now you get to the name of the topic that were going to talk about what's a couple things that come to mind when you think of dad's eye. I think it bad jokes. That's one of them. Yeah things are labeled bad jokes, which are ponds typically most the time. Once my kids rolled her eyes at that. I still send him anyway.

And that's types of things and then also there's dad noises. There you go noises and only dads Mike and Cliff and dad noises that sounds want to set up just a little bit with the topic like can you picture now say lot. As a dad, Abraham and Moses's David making some of these noises.

Jeremiah is a dad. But I know that will release these all definitely yeah yeah Esau and Joab and he was he was.

This is perfect that you went through that that was so much less. I saw Sammy praying silently as the interim music was going to let you know he doesn't do that please in the prayer with us began, but I saw him have his own little prayer. There thinking that you know may lead into more scariness back to that noise and see if the sound familiar with. You've made him you've heard your dad make you want to do now idea how you will sit there quietly while I make dad noises my head and got a John start having keys upon Robbie's Mike down looking for clips.

The name of the show is bad dads of the Bible and before you freak out with the topic. Honestly, it's really hard to find a good dad in Scripture other than God, obviously right we go back and really peel back to what the Bible truly says that some problems and so yesterday I was trying to find some clips and I was trying to find Bible related claims to go with what's out there and sitcoms cartoon shows that it's kind of waves, showing the reason I think we find it funny is because it imitates life, and there are issues with dad not being engaged dads making noises and so when I heard that I just I had to play for my son which made him laugh quite a bit actually is like.

I recognize a few docents and the beauty of the topic. From my perspective is that in that wonderful that we have these examples of how these men struggled really bad like really intense struggles with really bad sin. In some cases, and yet we see exactly how it played out what happened when God came to the rescue in certain circumstances and that we realize that we are not all in in life because you know if the Bible was written without this you know clarification of what really went happen went out without the authenticity and how would we know which also kinda gives me a hint that my kids need to know that I didn't live the perfect life either, so that they could choose to learn from my mistakes even when they had serious consequences, and I think some of the people that we hold up in the Bible is being great men and they were great men necessarily equate to great ads.

The way that we look at at least two stories that were able to read the whole story, but the stories that were included in Scripture and before you get a medical one play another clip to set up our first personal drama talk about which is which is David actually that's what we talk about your click probably the NETTIE. So this is from one of the vacation series with Carquest Great Wall, and you might recognize because maybe there on their way to Vegas this time and at ease out in the atomic wilderness here, but the part of the clip is that he gets an opportunity to enter introduces kids to them. The line that just stuck in my head was kids.

What you gonna do and then the life says they just need to be able to make their own choices. While if you do that, then you could end up with because Nettie kids to Sam his government property all around us like nobody's going to build. They grow up so fast on the I keep telling his own fears and sell Shetland and what can you do boy exiting through straw never lasted grab Saarland goods we are when the other went to work on you type it is any everywhere. These famous for You got mama's legs entered a sense of balance can't.

So, speaking of cousin Eddie how the world cannot even relate in any way the David because as we know the story right. But unfortunately his daughter was raped by his son Amnon and he knew it and chose to do nothing which, in curated his sister's other brother Absalom who then killed Amnon. Still David didn't do much, if anything, and actually kind of sent Absalom away for a while but then he brought them back and and Absalom took that opportunity to begin to know really try to overthrow David and the whole story. As you know he is. He took over Jerusalem, he took many of the kings wives and concubines that were left in Jerusalem slept with them on the roof of the palace events where everybody could see it completely in no defiling every thing you could possibly think of, and at the time and the culture then proceeded to try to chase his father down and killing and yet you can see David's heart here. We talked about this he knows we are preparing for the show that here was a father that was terribly brokenhearted when when Absalom was killed by Joab and in Joab actually called them out right now over over that situation, but he might might my sense of it.

Was he just did not want to be the bad guy to his kids, you know, Mr. David say kids be kids make the mistake of the ponies.

Joab told's tone David. He would've been happier if all the warriors had been killed and Absalom and said if you don't if you don't show the man respect. You will have anything left. I can imagine being in David shoes in a one and I think I would make a different decision. You know neither one of those. But until you're in that position.

Do you really know. Do you really know absent of God stepping in and helping you in that situation what you would do right mean you're going to go one direction or the other you know I want to sit back and kinda judge David and say your bad dad, because you didn't do anything about Amnon and tomorrow you know when he raped her.

You didn't do anything you know and then and Absalom thinks when I brought it to him and told him the story and indolence actually takes it in his own hands and kills as is half-brother Brandon again. He doesn't do anything you know and I don't know what causes that paralysis for him but I know that it doesn't do anything well for the whole family.

The whole families destroyed as a result, is he doesn't enter any doesn't engage. He doesn't do anything you just cannot let that happen is a classic example of what happens when fathers don't do what they should do. Samuel was brought up by Ila.

But Eli's sons were terrible with what they were doing.

So there killed the lab as because his overweight and falls back breaks his neck when he hears that the wars being lost and his sons are killed, and so forth will guess what Samuel's sons turn out these snakes in the grass as well.

So even though Samuel himself or as I can remember there's nothing bad said about him other than his sons were renegades. Why think you you said it the best Sam and whether you meant to say it that way or not, how you happens even a broken clock is right over 12 hours or so. Know absent of God stepping in.

We don't know how to make any good decision. Quite frankly, and so when when we just act out of reaction or we choose not to act which may be your reaction to know our own woundedness and obviously David had some serious woundedness from his father. We talked about that earlier as well, but absent of stopping and saying God.

What I do here but for grace there go out absolutely compactly cooler know them about David's story have context and will talk more about other people in the Bible and looking to see where we go from there. But first masking register for the upcoming boot camp November 12-15 masking Rodney here with another great prod from my pillow. It's the mattress topper might bill a mattress topper and get some of the best sleep of your life comes with a 10 year warranty and a cover that's washable and dry level it's made in the USA and back with Mike Lyndale 60 day moneyback guarantee good save 30% use promo code truth or call 800-944-5396. When you do my gives you to stay under my pillow as free as my promo code truth or call 800-944-5396 talk about ways and smiled at him and is information on website there on how to do that to and click the donate button you can get a masculine and find masculine working to mail something to PO Box 550 92728 sales feels like everything is fine. We can listen to the masculine journey and find out why we use clips like these to illustrate story, God is telling in the lives of his gun designed you which flights do we grab your gear and come every Saturday.

Thank you. We were expecting. What was the other song that he took the T-Bird away yeah producer. He does a great job with your messenger to joyride and then also with producing us every week and make and sounded a lot smarter than what we really are and if you could listen to everyone you know that talking about Baghdad's of the Bible I think in order to understand David you Robbie. I think you articulated well you know what was David's childhood like writing. What was his experience with his father. We know from the Bible that part of it that when Samuel showed up for dinner you know when he asked for the sons of Jesse to come for dinner so that he could decide which ones can be King David was invited to the party and it wasn't until nobody else got selected and Jesse had to be actually asked do you have any other kids before David got asked to dinner now.

The Jews have taught in the literature, generations and generations, there was a very big reason why David was invited to the party and it has to do with his great-grandmother, Ruth, which Jesse being his father considered himself essentially a you know illegitimate because in the Jewish culture of the time your mother determine whether or not you are a Jew and so since Ruth was clearly a Moabitess, thanks for another bad bad lot will get to that later but anyway because she was a Moabitess, and that made Jesse illegitimate and so he felt in some way in order to have legitimate children, which he really wanted to have. He needed to have a child by a woman that was also not Jewish, and so he divorced his wife, which was David's mother continued to discontinue relations with her and then he said about this plan to sleep with her handmade so that he could have a pure immuno son by this union.

While the handmade not unlike tomorrow and some other situations, you know, pulled the switcheroo on Jesse. This is what teachers teach that she went to the actual wife. His wife and said I don't want to do this. This would be defile in Alyssa be wrong, and so they brought in Jesse's actual wife who never told Jesse that she had slept with him at night and she has this child who is David so but she never said anything to everybody so they all assume that David was know by another union similar to what people thought about tomorrow's truck and similar to it. You know, Leah, and what what happened in the situation with the switcheroo there so never had this woman revealed this and they treated him like he was illegitimate his entire life.

That's reason I was out watching the sheep everybody treated him horribly and they even make reference in some of the articles I've read on this to the sum of the Psalms of David was specifically writing as a response to being hated by his brothers in a course you saw that to anyone to fight Goliath and his brothers like Kelly I get the big guy you know that there was not a good relationship there and so he was distant from his own father. His own father. From the standpoint didn't believe that he was legitimate, nor even his own father and so interestingly, when Samuel anoints him king with the Jews teach here is that his David's mother came to the party as Samuel was anointing David King and says to the group.

He finally admits that David was Jesse's. In fact, son, and says the stone the builders rejected has become the capstone. And that was the first time that that saying it ever been, use, and I find it fascinating the Jews teach this, but yet you your rarely here in Christian you know you know apocryphal order not to talk about where people are talking about other historical documents that clearly point to this phrase the stone the builders rejected no it is kinda critical to understanding Jesus and and understand that he too was thought to be illegitimate and off you know that I think it's amazing how God is been orchestrating these things. I don't know what part of these instances, not the Bible but things that we can see her there and we do know that David clearly here I'm I'm seeing a David that does not want to be the bad guy to his key doesn't want to be the father to his kids that his father was to him and be distant wrist in spite of their send it there and you had some good to say about that. Well II mean it it it may very well be that David is doing this as a response to his own sin and the grace that he is shown. This is post Bathsheba.

Some of these kids are a result of that, and so every time he thinks about anything that these kids do. That's bad. He has to also think about.

Had I not done these things, they wouldn't be in the situation and so you know he's walking around with a lot of guilt and and that sort of thing on his head.

Now saying all of that Jesse was a horrible dad to at least David and it appears he was to his other kids as well because his other kids treated David horribly. However, God still used even lot you know the Moabite through lot. David through Jesse.

God still uses every single one of those to produce. Jesus literally you know Jesus in that lineage and so you find all the way through that it and that's the point of us telling the stories right is that not not a single one of us sitting here tonight is the greatest dad.

In fact, you know, some of David sends her some of my sense some of Peterson's are some of my send some of Paul's sins are some of my sins. I'm guessing some of Jesse sins are some of my sins.

And so every single one of us sits here with that same conviction or we should if if if you're not weird just not paying attention was a joke, taking flat to commonality, so I mean honestly, we are all sitting here with some sort of sin in our life some sort of bad dead tricks of our own unite. I tell people all the time unites a we do stupid human tricks. Well, in this case were stupid dead tricks you know and we make mistakes but God can still use us and God can still use our children and our children's children and so forth and so on. And that's the beauty of this whole message and I love the fact that as we were talking about before the show that God didn't sugarcoat any of this when he inspires these men to write this down if and you said it.

If you were writing the story you would've written it this way, they wouldn't be anything like this. We would hide all of this stuff and just present the good anybody thinking about presidential candidates right now. How can you not will do any of those candidates come out and be authentic and say yeah you know what I really blew it on this one. I really blew it on that one.

I really messed up here. I'm an authentic guy yeah but for the grace of God there go I know not one of them there presenting the humanistic story, God doesn't present a humanistic story. He presents a God story which can take even messed up guys like whoever is running for president right now and use them or their children or their children's children out one of the things we talked about beforehand, or were there any good fathers in the Bible and the bottom line is only God, I don't know that we have anything to convict Joseph, but but I need to have these kids were fathers of tribes, but that would be the only one I can consider that an I'm actually kinda glad because with my kids. I was a very selfish dad and I wanted my time and I spent time with them, but God ended up bringing them up as wonderful children and and a look at Timothy and say what you know who could who can be an elder by those descriptions, because you gotta control your own health. Most of the guys in the Bible couldn't of been elders. By that definition to point and I think I want to point out as well. As fathers, our kids are to make their own decisions to make their own decisions right what we do with that we enter into what type of environment we give them there so many more gas clips and invert people in the Bible that we can talk about that. I think what you gonna boil down to is none of them are perfect right they're not perfect and anything that they do. None of us are perfect and absent of God intervening absent of you inviting God to intervene. You have no hope of being perfect in that situation.

You have no hope of being even good in that situation unless you just get a lucky nugget once in a while right is even a blind squirrel finds it not once in a while I think it's awesome that he enough as we sit down with a band of brothers and I talked about my struggles with my kids and you guys can relate to where I'm struggling in this situation and you tell your story and I can relate to that and that such and such. So when you take no Lawton's girls were Judy and tomorrow. Or, you know, each of these stories is radically different with radically different sin, and yet still in it is really off the charts from the standpoint of really and then you know you can't help but find something that kinda fits your magazine like oh that's my deal right there and at and gives me a chance of something to relate that like God can fix that while he can fix me which is again I think is really important reason why we gotta tell our own story and where we struggle so that people can see that greed and I think that if people really went in and dug into the stories of the Bible. It realized some of those if you put them on TV. People wouldn't believe and be true if they think they're so far-fetched. They talked about was it which was one that had the daughter-in-law that are you trying to get you that yes thank you and I will have to get to that story another day or after or after hours left Qubec that if you know what after-hours is to show that we do 10 minutes after the show actually going to talk about the things it wanted to cover in this episode he thinks he got brought up in her heart and so did the podcast. It lets different places, modify iTunes could be bad dads of the master journeyman set a bad debt a go to mask register for the upcoming boot camp November 12-15 at great place to say God I need you to enter into my fatherhood here. Me being a father. The things I didn't get for my father.

Lots of things you can do in fathering you that weekend. This is the Truth Network

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