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America at War with Our Biblical Values and Faith

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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May 2, 2016 4:40 pm

America at War with Our Biblical Values and Faith

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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May 2, 2016 4:40 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 05/02/16.

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We want some clear signs that America has declared war on our faith.

I got a few today stock for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown looking.

It's a surprise that we find ourselves where we do today. It's no surprise that there is so much hostility towards our faith.

Here in America. This has been building.

This has been growing but it's becoming more and more overt. This is Michael Brown here to sound the alarm. As always, but with encouragement with faith with clarity.

I do not believe that the church of America has really awakened yet to reality. I do not believe the church of America really recognizes where things are at a still, we have too much comfortable religion. We have too much convenience store Christianity, we have too much entertainment in the church and soothing words from behind the pulpit. Thank God for everyone that speaking the truth.

Thank God for everyone that's hungry for revival. Thank God for the one who wants to stand for the truth and reach out with compassion to those who don't know the Lord would still many many American believers are slumbering may take a whole lot to wake Manny up his number to call to get in the conversation with me today 866-34-TRUTH 878-848-6634.

Truth is the number to call if you'd like to way and if you'd like to weigh in with your own experience in the workplace. If you are experiencing more opposition to the faith more hostility towards the faith.

If you have to be more and more careful with what you say and how you say it maybe is a schoolteacher may be in the business world. Maybe in some other phase of the society. I love to hear from you if your in college or high school and are not in school right now and you are experiencing increasing hostility toward your faith. It's becoming more difficult for you to just speak up.

Then I'd love to hear from you as well. 866-34-TRUTH 784. On the other hand, if you believe that things are just where there is that we just where they should be in terms of freedom of religion and freedom of conscience and that you think things are being handled right way. Now that the church needs to be put in its proper place that America is not a theocracy, etc. and therefore of religion has limited freedoms love to hear from you as well.

866-34-TRUTH as I'm speaking now I'm getting email reports about violence that's broken out across France's gangs and riot police crash in towns and cities during traditional May Day demonstrations nine arrested five police injured in May Day in Seattle.

It was May 1968 that supports a lot of the revolutionary movements in that fateful year 1968. Being a year of revolution and upheaval in quite a few countries, but the May Revolution in France almost toppled the DeGaulle government so interesting that there riots going on now but I'm just looking at some posts on Twitter. In response to my latest article 7 sure signs that America is at war with our faith and in some of said this, there is a war on bigotry and misinformation side of Christianity has picked the wrong side little weight in this on Twitter so apparently a few folks not in agreement with our faith within their amazing how they twist the facts to fit their delusion of persecution and then another of humanist, by definition, there is no one Christianity. You just don't want to follow the rules all looks like the rules are changing looks like the rules are not what they used to be. Looks like freedom of religion is increasingly becoming freedom from religion. What we do stand up and speak out all the more clearly and loudly file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown you are studying your dress so many religions and incisor protected rights. The practicing if he can't come at the expense of other people mounting public safety and taxpayer dollars seats across the country are introducing bills and let people discriminate again following listing laws on recent religion that with the ACLU their YouTube channel. Published on April 13, 2016. Can't use religious freedoms to discriminate against other people had on hand on when culture changes so radically around us that are fundamental religious beliefs which would have been shared in terms of moral values shared by virtually all the founders of our country.

If you said to the founders of our country like Kelly have religious liberties, meaning that we don't have to perform a wedding for two men or two women, they they would've looked at you like you lost your mind what you talking about even the least religious among them would afflict you like what you talking about what what is marriage of two men or two women it today. Groups like the ACLU were telling you if you have a business that you do not have the right to say sorry in good conscience I can't participate in that 866-34-TRUTH 87884 this is Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. You better believe nothing less than a moral, cultural, spiritual revolution will produce the changes that we need the ACLU, of course, responding to North Carolina's passing of HB two and then Gov. McCrory's executive order which soften the bill in certain ways. Of course that is never enough. I give seven examples in my latest article 7 sure signs that America has declared war on our faith. I'm gonna go to the phones pretty quickly today. If you are experiencing increasing hostility towards the faith.

If you are experiencing in the workplace that it's more more difficult for you to share things freely.

There could be consequences were as in the past that there wouldn't have been. Give me a call or if if you're convinced I'm on the wrong side of this issue. By all means let us know why.

From a Christian perspective or a secular perspective, 8663 for 87884.

My first example of seven sure signs that America's declared war in our faith. The NCAA so national collegiate athletic Association announced that it will not hold any men's and women's final four basketball events.

This is one of the biggest sports events of the year will model any men's and women's final four basketball events in the city.

The court discriminates against anyone based on sexual orientation or gender identity in its official statement. The NCAA declared that quote the board's decision follows the recent actions of legislatures in several states, including North Carolina, including Missouri which have passed laws allowing residents to refuse to provide services to some people based on their sexual orientation or gender identity issues of Mississippi, while proponents of lost focus on how the particular displays. Critics have voiced concerns that they created an environment of sanctioned discrimination and the NCAA is saying where you side with the critics on this ring aside with the critics so not only that has the NCAA grossly mischaracterize these recent laws, but is now guilty of discriminating against biblically-based beliefs and declaring think of this, that no final four game will be held in any city that does not allow men to use women's bathrooms. That's what the NCAA say if your city does not allow manual identifies women choose women's bathrooms. We will not allow final four game to be held in any city that can protect a Christian photographer for being forced to shoot a same-sex quote wedding. We will model our final four game subsequence. Consider this treatment can consider this you go into a Jewish photography of company and say we would love for you to shoot our wedding that's taking place this the first Saturday of June next three months. Renate said no, but we don't work on the Sabbath were Jewish. Okay fine we just was the only day I can do this. Only we can do it. That's the best day for people gathers a Saturday your discriminate against us is Sunday. That's our day of worship in Reston so we have to do it on a Saturday your discriminate against now say that. So you go to Muslim caterer and say hey we love you Decatur wedding where he got great foods and stuff in and out in a week.

We will need pork though we are Muslims. We will provide pork where discriminating against us because Christians were freely anything of course is not discrimination your Christian photographer and say hey, we've we've opened a a new porn website and we want we want the best photography and we hear that you are terrific and in terms of still photography and stuff like that non-Christian that violates my face to to assure that we are put out your your discriminating against us, your your holy religion over nonsense discrimination obvious, but you got that same Christian photographer or Jewish photographer, a Muslim photographer and say to them. We want you to shoot our same-sex wedding ceremony in the Muslim or the Jew increases a sorry we can't do that.

That valid surveys and that is not discrimination.

How utterly, utterly unknown search in the NCAA is going to punish if you hold to those views. The war is here friends, 86634 will start in East Orange, New Jersey Jackie thank you for calling the line of fire. Hi Dr. Brown you are just so on the mark because the very thing that you are a direct thing. I had directed in a method I gave Friday night at my church all night prayer given the example of Dr. Eric Walsh was in the Department of health in Atlanta Georgia with buyer from his job because the government that eat at the minute you note to his employer and he had like it just got the job and then a few days later he was a bit miffed because the government that I think that is just the most horrible thing just blatant act of discrimination against Christian people of God, get out great extent beacon the port and give a deluge of email phone call back to leave the different places that with data discriminate like that. Yeah you're talking Jackie about a man who is highly qualified David French writing for the national review pointed out that he works Eric Walsh worked for former President Bush and Pres. Obama to combat AIDS, he served as a board member of the Latino health collaborative. He started California's first city run dental clinic for low-income families dealing with HIV AIDS that that wasn't enough because he held to Christian views. I remember these were sermons he preached of the Seventh-day Adventist church say Faith is Ben Carson so this wasn't even that at the workplace. He gathered his department together and said now I just want you know what I believe and held up the Bible. This was his church. So he's fired for what he preached in his church despite his high qualifications. Despite no charges ever coming against him for being bigoted or discriminatory, discriminatory, and his his attorney that it's fighting this case with first liberty Jeremy dice said no one in this country should be fired from their job for something that was pay said in a church or from a pulpit during a sermon, especially when he's not preaching hatred or go out and no kill the gazer or string up the is a black man himself. He doesn't go up and straighten up the black substring of the white piece of design the Bible teaches this. The Bible teaches this, and holding to these views yet and Jackie. One thing we can all do is do exactly what you did and whatever setting. We have and whatever setting we have, we speak up and and and look at the very very least, at the very very least we need to do is share Jesus boldly and clearly in whatever setting we have and not be ashamed of the name of Jesus friends wake-up time. Thank you, Jackie and I hope your folks responded well with all my primitive effective in all night prayer meeting is another positive sign, artful monster jam. The want gets us more calls. Listen to it to a doctor will offset is it I don't believe I did anything wrong. He said this is been very painful for me. I really am a strong believer in the Constitution, but now I feel like maybe all these ideals and values that I was raised to believe the ideals this country was founded upon no longer exist. I have been doing more study in recent months on the philosophy of the founders and the Christian nature of the colonies leading up to the founding of our nation and how much the Bible was used in our educational process can be part of a major book cobbler comes out next year and when you look at this you think of how dramatically we can't and listen. My goal is not to establish a theocracy were clergy rule America and enforce religious beliefs on everyone, no. My goal is to see God's people shining brightly. My goal is to see us being the salt and the and the light of our society. My goal is to see us advocate for life-giving biblical values living them out, pushing them forward through the democratic process. We have in our society right back with you calls, 866 by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown, the boycott target AFA website now has over 1,145,000 signatures.

Yeah, striking, and according to one report I read can't verify this, but there is been a 5% drop in stock value which is cost them $2.5 billion. Now the goal was not to hurt target. The goal was to send the message and to tell target. If you disrespect us in scorn. Our needs and our sensitivities in our common sense safety requests and impose the struggles of a tiny minority on everyone else and then opened the door wide to sexual predators abusing these laws sorry we can't give you our business with the hope that other companies will recognize that this is costly.

So what if, after not go to my favorite places. You know I love Starbucks but I hear Starbucks is the same policy is at the end of the world and I have Starbucks so you're not a coffee drinker, I don't care fuzzy coffee drinkers at the end of the world and out of Starbucks or are we that shallow moral conviction for saying if this is what what it comes to we that shallow moral conviction that we won't avoid a few things or deny ourselves.

A few of pleasures to make a statement and to be faithful to our conscience of our God, 866-34-TRUTH. The number to call. Let's go to the go there, let's go to a.m. in New Jersey. Welcome to modifier. Dr. Brown I don't do a lot thanks. Kurt upgraded their market right on their Herder question about experience and hostility under there workplace on gender. Yet an arm former dictator Dr. Brown, minimal, social worker, so much that I wanted to share in order God clients but I noted there are certain limitations on their screen like like the policy are just so policy associate but where you like on and on particular to the minute, the current warning I feel spiritual tension spiritual tension building good about about the bill before doing is a strong believer in all whatever occurs automatically. Yeah, that limitlessness is it worse now than it was years ago.

I would skirted probably your amenable or mounted before. Her friend like Thomas took on monitor provoking in all ungrounded agendas yet yeah yeah sure. I mean look. It's one thing to say okay when I'm doing social work.

I'm just an employee thereof, of the state within the federal government, and I can't just go in there and preach the gospel, etc. if I see someone with a need or if I see someone with a unit with a problem that's that's faith-based or I know the gospel could help not just make an appointment to see that person outside works. I have a Christian I love to talk about the Lord that I can to throw more time with the want to talk more find any. After working those parameters, you know that that's that's understandable. At the same time that the increase look what I'm told.

Agree with you is that there is an agenda that's been put forth, which is not just neutral. It's anti-things that you hold to anti-things that you believe in it. That obviously is very difficult to function in an environment. Earlier earlier earlier compounds are not needed any nonelectrical work to sabbatical the door did not tighten any particular type solution in a fight you.

You stated believe spiritual issues, one per clerk on occult marital gridlock.

I know you care. Example spiritual problems. Humanistic solutions [spiritual solution or clerical pollution of the gospel is yelling at Harpreet and when I go to hell. I know at times and hundred hundreds per month assignment. Despite this blight are a current delivered auditor. This is what it is really a problem, install yellow and the doctor permits regardless enough to be in prayer and you know anybody else who go through but are grouped one from them again and and and and look it's gotta be frustrating that you've got to curing your hand, but you're not allowed to administer II would suggest that you you just have some some contact info and say hey, off the record here just as as a friend if they thought if I could pray with you in the future, something I'd love to contact you know, here's how you can reach me and and see if you can then outside of work situation sure the gospel and if ultimately you're just so burdened to be sharing the gospel and its exploding out of you and you just have to do it. Then the Lord will open up another door so Grace Grace to you it's it's a very legitimate frustration double lead you and gobble gobble give you grace as to how to handle things properly.) 8663 for 87884. The second example in my seven sure size and America's declared war in our faith, the Colorado Supreme Court has chosen not to hear the case of Christian Baker, Jack Phillips, who was previously ordered by the Colorado civil rights commission quote to create cakes for same-sex celebrations, reeducate his staff and file quarterly compliance reports for two years. According to Jeremy Tedesco, senior counsel with the alliance defending freedom. Quote yes, the Colorado Supreme Court to take this case to ensure that government understands its duty is to protect the people's freedom. The father believes personally and professionally, not force them to violate those polices the price of earning a living.

Jack was happily serve people of all backgrounds for your simplex exercise. The long cherished American freedom to decline to use his artistic talents to promote a message of event with which he disagrees that freedom should be placed in jeopardy for anyone.

The court declined to hear the case.

Meaning that the state civil rights commission. Not only has the power to require a bakery to make same-sex quote wedding cakes but also to require that they could to quote reeducate his staff and file regular reports, proving that he's breaking those cakes.

The same article, Chairman Mao would be proud estate mandated reeducation like this, friends. We have a special resource package this week three books and it a special message that will stir your hearts reduced by more than 60% were the books it's time to rock the boat and little whatever happened to the power of God. Three books with revival wake up themes that will stir you and special MP3 message is tremendously reduced price. Take advantage of it. I really feel that this is something that will spark your own heart to go after God. If you're charismatic and say where is the power of God talk about and preach about this but will speak right to you. So go to ask Dr. Brown, the Lord asked K DR Brownsville right on the homepage. Take advantage of that special. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown thank you much for joining us on a lot of ground, delighted to be with your voice of moral sanity and spiritual clarity of my third example on seven sure size and America's declared war in our faith is the firing of Dr. Eric Walsh of our callers mentioned that earlier highly qualified. Newly hired district health director with the Georgia Department of Public Health was fired because of the content of his sermons at the seventh day is the seventh day Adventist and item number 410 welcome to item number four in a little while. Let me go to your calls. First, in Vienna, Virginia for Licia. Welcome to the line of fire around my thank you. Crying George Mason University and down things funny and I think that the stirfry special. Just at that everything that's going on with a quality HD quality on back that staff and feeling that I carry. I feel like the Christian trying to shut me down at discriminating against Christian prayer leader something different that what you actually encountered there.

Of course this is a hijacking of the civil rights movement and both students on campuses and businesses in journalists and entertainers are all grabbing hold of this.

This again is the new black, or transgender is the new blackened and if you pose it you know you're on the wrong side of history.

Yeah, they're all chanting alike.

Of course it breaks down on many many different ways that that is not the new civil rights movement but are you is a seven years.

You're just sensing rightly so, are you actually running into this where is an overt hostility to Christian or conservative views in a from professors from peers. What you running into yourself that whenever it comes up ;-)). I really got the question you better life back at my friend at the subject would come out. Look at me now. It would go against my religious belief in the Bible that sexuality is, and then they went out and I went even if they were after that I need about how you're born with that they can't help it love it love and die in Iraq right after that. Yeah, and at times has it make you feel personally feel like they think on. I guess that I am a condescending right yet that it how a lot of them vast majority of them are eight � have a new Christian feebleminded are close minded on yes it solicits it's the truth like I remember being in school and that in the 70s and there were certain hostility. I was hit with in different classes in a very secular view of the Bible and religion and some professors.

Downright hostile. But it's it's increased greatly and what's even more tragic about it is that in the beginning, the vast majority of our universities were founded by Christians and they were founded based on Christian principle, everyone was expected to read the Bible but whether was Harvard or Yale or many of our finest institutions in the country. That's how they were founded things of turn one encourages Alysia to stand strong because you are on the side of truth you're on the side of love and ultimately people become into leaving the message that you have so stand strong and the spirit of God strengthen and encourage and be bold. People need Jesus that you know the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown knowledge that you will leave here today with like the importance of teamwork is nothing to do with your major is about how to study how to operate not to listen carefully how to think critically and how to resolve conflicts through brief. In other words, it is working with others. That was former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, of course, extremely liberal, yet he said something at a commencement address at the University of Michigan this past Saturday which I affirm in the midst of other comments would have made that I would differ with and for Alysia is just talk about on her college campus, George Mason, the hostility towards the faith both from professors and from peers and that if she says hey corn my faith homosexual practices sinful.

She gets hit with an condescending terms of people turning on her people born that way. First, there is no reputable scientific evidence that that's the case in second, even if people were born that way. Will's research is a pedophile's are born that way.

What is what is at prove there are others that say people of a violent gene that mean it's okay if the guy I was born a homophobe and he beats up the gay guy come on, what if someone says like I have an obesity gene sciences time at that you have a fat pride parade which we help people deal with and overcome obesity. So the idea people born that way number one.

There is no scientifically reputable evidence that that's the case, number two, even if it were what is approved about the morality of the behavior say love is level Ist who who said the government is responsible to sanction and endorse every loving relationship and if love is love, then you can't limited to two, you can't limit it to send non-relatives, not close relatives. You anything goes as long as it's mutual love is see that the slippery slope.

There is, is not a myth. It's it's reality and the idea that suddenly you're going to have the societal experiment you know you had people with homosexual attractions through the centuries, even if it even had people in some societies where these things were even celebrated instead. You're now in a situation where if if society was to radically change things and redefine marriage and you're the slightest protest with some of the matter with you.

By the way George Mason 50s when there were George Mason is added where they're getting their talking points from this on their website to find detailed information on George Mason unit George Mason University's discrimination policies and other discrimination laws go to the following sites where they send you American civil ACLU lesbian and gay rights odors that say it or what before go back to the calls graphic number 10 this is Michael Bloomberg. This is the the point that I wanted to address right agree with what he had to say the most important skills in the working world and it's why colleges always expose students to challenging and uncomfortable idea effects some University boards and administrations now about the pressure groups and shield students from these ideas safe spaces code words and trigger warnings is, in my view, a terrible mistake and how to deal with difficult situations, not to run away from micro-aggression is that micro macro sends one of the most dangerous places on college campus is the so-called space and we should try not in politics or in I agree absolutely great. Absolutely agree but but hang on, wouldn't for Mayor Bloomberg want there to be schools was put safe spaces for those who identify as LGBT is, isn't that that the very same mentality that he is speaking against on college campuses rightly so, that offends me what your elephant that you're offended okay there we have to have a safe space for the offended the nondefendant in the what kind of nonsense it is. It is utterly bizarre thought police politically correct quote safe space that all it does is set up an artificial environment where there is no conflict where there is no disagreement where everyone has to just come into conformity to groupthink. What cut at our college campuses, of all places, 86634 in Washington DC. Mrs. G. Welcome to light a fire background of aquatic. About on not important again. I'll give going against your fate as a business owner.

Why is it that it but the check that I go now. Why did that after all all online impactors of thought are not speaking out about it in the church so I think even when it comes the politics they are not specifically about this issue. If your business going and you do not want to make a cake for a gay or lesbian couple. Why did have a charge in general a lot objectives are not just cinematic. In that character. Why are they afraid all what is the reason why they can't because they lead to believe. I don't not educated on how to handle the featured outside.

All I really talk about down people make me think a lot of my daughter and I darted in college and she found me all the time that pressure that they go through having to deal with all that gay and lesbian issues, but we are encouraging hot water it and it'll get doctrinal questions yesterday when he conquered a charge for chart and upbuilding way creature can't get off fellowship.

We don't talk about it not being built. What what what is the reason why you can shed some light is very important question in a very telling question and I'm so glad that you and your husband are there for your daughter needing encouragement and strength. Why aren't these issues being addressed more in churches from behind the pulpit. I spoke of the church yesterday morning and I was asked to address. Can you began Christian and also to to interact with transgender issues as well and I said to the people look you need to know how to answer these questions biblically and with compassion and with wisdom. What happens when your kid comes home from school with questions. What happens when you're bombarded on social media. What happens in the workplace happens in society around you and it it it's telling that so few pastors do address these. There are several reasons and only God knows which applies in each case. In some cases, they have a mistaken view of tax-exempt status of separation of church and state and think all they should do is just kind of preach biblical lessons of a spiritual nature from the pulpit. Of course it's a very mistaken idea. Another one is they don't know how to address them. They themselves don't have the answers and therefore they don't bring it up because they don't know the answers. Another one is there afraid to. They they don't want the controversy. They don't want to be blacklisted.

They don't want to get in trouble with their denomination. Maybe the biggest givers in the church. Their granddaughter just came out as lesbian and they're affirming her and if the pastor says something they're going to leave and take their money with them. Maybe they just want to be looked at as nice people. So, in point of fact it's it's terrible that more not speaking up.

It needs to be done. Look George Barna recently stated that studies that he did found that although 90% of Christian leaders believed that the Bible clearly address most of today's controversial issues. Only 10% were bold enough to address them. And as for the congregation's overwhelmingly the people said addressees.

We need help. We need answered. We need to be equipped we need to be strengthened out. We need wisdom. What does the Bible say how should we respond. This is because in the real world you're dealing with your daughters dealing with it and it's a shame it's a crying shame that more are not addressing things.

Little by little more are but it's it's a crying shame. I know for fact speaking to leaders that some will not do it because it's considered to controversial. Some will not do it because they don't want to rock the boat. They they know that the moment they bring up the issue they're going to be looked at is hateful and some say look, I don't want to drive someone away from seeking who has legitimate needs who struggling you can do both look when I address these issues when I when I speak plainly about these issues from the pulpit. I do in the way that if someone came there struggling with same-sex attraction, a 15-year-old kid has been suicidal. They will feel the love of God.

If someone walked in there a man who identified as a woman and he's there in a wig wearing a dress, holding his Bible. He would feel love. We can speak the truth in love.

Please pray for pastors and leaders to stand and speak like your sister is a major need and we have no excuse. Please pray for awakening behind the pulpit.

The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of poor cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

Thanks much for joining us on the line of fire. 86.

It's frustrating, but do not allow fleshly frustration about your vision or thinking or judgment. Instead, pray for God's heart to love those who are on the fringes to love those who are different to love those who struggle and often behind the LGBT anger and hostility. There's often hurt and pain but see through things and see God's perspective and see what God wants to do in these laws and the potential to change life while at the same time standing up for what is right. Remember the philosophy we have followed since early 2005 beginning 2004, but clearly articulated 2005. Reach out and resist reach out to the people with compassion resist the agenda with courage 866-34-TRUTH go to Baltimore, Maryland Stephanie, welcome to light a fire during the law.

Thank you currently work for initial so where when a member called anything while running eight of me and my wife Mary or mail containing a husband.

Note we get ahead of baby back to debate and on email workforce to congratulate them and now we have to say will congratulations on your marriage on your baby and back door under no active convicted parent FATA critical of the gift. I would happily yeah Stephanie. What if somebody called in and he said my girlfriend and I just had a baby and we did. Would you be required to say congratulations to that person as well. Okay yeah what what I would do is is speak to your supervisor.

I can imagine that the law requires you to say congratulations. That's just good customer service with your company right do you do have a problem with then handling the case handling no updating the records are doing whatever it is that because you struggle as well is a primarily say congratulations. What right thinking regulation and no going over audit benefit with an no sound ethical, frustrated and supposed to know so there they cannot bear for them and I'm here to help them break that Don does not feel like I'm going to get everything I believe right right and looked increasingly to be faced with the Stephanie and and you don't want to water down your convictions so you have to you have to work this through before the Lord. What I would do is it if if you notice a good worker and you got a friendly demeanor snow is no mechanics.

You should be mean-spirited or nasty or you got, you know tons of complaints against doing customer service and things like that. I'll go to supervisor and say listen if if something is really contrary to my faith in the lid. Let's just say somebody Hindu person bought an idol you know and and for their temple and they wanted to increase their insurance because they have a new idol for the temple right you have a hard time sale.

Congratulations on the new idol of so if you say look when things violate my religious beliefs.

If it's a guy with his girlfriend having a baby. I'm supposed to congratulate Orford CO2 man that just got quote Meredith to congratulate him that that's a violation of my faith. I this is. Yours truly, Michael Brown, I heard a loud clap of thunder, and next thing I start seeing messages on my screen that we are off the air off-line so somehow I got knocked off-line, but I'm back so my my apologies looks like okay so we are we are reconnected.

Everything is good, Joe. Just give it a heads up once more before I hang up all right hang up the phone were back somehow, there was a jolt of of the clap of thunder and what happened. Maybe there is lightning that I didn't see but shades). Looking out the window anywhere. Anyway, my apology so right in the middle of of an important call, my dear sister, if you're still there.

If you're still there off you. I would recommend you asked the supervisor and say hey this causes me to violate my conscience and my faith in all the good worker, you know apply to everyone, but I can't say congratulations to good conscience can I do something else. What would you recommend can I simply thank them so much for calling or say glad to be of service to because were to serve everybody that's fine and serve everybody if if a gay couple comes into my store. If it is not a convenience store and they say it out there to get above the water in a candy bar.

Of course, is serve them like everybody else and if if the only time you don't is if you have to participate in something that you differ with. So I would politely asked that I would politely say what would you recommend because I can't do this in conscience and give a number of scenarios given number of scenarios including a guy with his girlfriend saying hey just had a baby and you know I don't know if this is covered on my current insurance policy because were not married yet and how does this work you know and you would sell. Congratulations. Having taken out of wedlock so silly respondent if they respond negatively. The really pray that the Lord will open another door if you can't do that and could conscience you serve everyone that doesn't mean you have to congratulate everyone on every decision that they make when those things are in violation of your faith. I friends sure to visit the website aspect around the Lord check out latest articles, latest videos and this week special resource office was her Israel trip.

My bottom line today. There is an increasing hostility towards the gospel in America right now. That means we must be all the more loud and clear, and loving. We want some clear signs that America has declared war on our faith. I got a few today it's time for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown so I started writing out articles that I need to write one item after another after another after another after another benefit. You know what I think I need to write one article with a bunch of examples. This is Michael Brown you're listening to the line of fire, and I am your friendly, loving, caring, compassionate voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution not mean-spirited, not angry, not hostile, but speaking the truth in love as God is broken my heart with love for all people, including those I differ with including those that I would see on the fringes, including those whose viewpoints or beliefs or agendas are very different than mine is. God is giving me love for all people. He is also put my heart to speak the truth love speaks the truth. We can do that today on the line of fire. 866-34-TRUTH 784 so I wrote an article you can read on bunch of different websites today seven sure signs that America has declared war in our faith. Seven.

Sure signs that America has declared war on our faith and I list actions from the NCAA from the Colorado Supreme Court actions against him from George against Dr. Eric Walsh and I've got I've got the NBA. I've got Department of Education on and on it goes. And I share some of these with you but here's my question.

Are you experiencing increasing hostility to the faith in the workplace that your school, your college campus or or even high school middle school are you experiencing increasing hostility to faith in your social media circles among your friends and peers. If so, give me a call. I can gets all the calls last hour. In other words, the answers yes many are there is an increasing turning against the gospel and biblical values in society to the point that we are now the guilty party. We are now the guilty party for saying no we we don't think a man should be in the ladies locker room. You know, we don't believe that God made man to marry men or women to marry women.

Now we are the guilty party and we should be discriminated against if you live in North Carolina you may know that the NBA announced that it will not hold next year's All-Star game in Charlotte unless the state changes HB to the bathroom privacy act. So unless North Carolina agrees to let grown men use women's locker rooms and changing facilities, and illicit removers protections for religious liberties, it will be punished. What kind of social madness is this scene I've heard you address these things before.

Yes, free years, but I'm trying to address them even more loudly, even more clearly even more consistently because so many have still not awakened and is one woman asked last hour. Why aren't more pastors and leaders speaking up.

I only bashing people from the pulpit and screaming and yelling and and and damning everybody to hell. His views are not exactly like ours. I mean speaking the truth in love the shape need equipping. I receive your hate mail that night yes but thank you emails and posts at an and calls a day and night from people saying thank God you're speaking out. Thank God for your radio show. Thank God for your articles and videos. You are my voice I'm I'm grateful for that. I know God's called me to do that. I take this as a sacred responsibility.

Can I say plainly. I should be one of a multitude of voices addressing the same issues as opposed to one of the clear minority of the phones back, starting with Barry 866-34-TRUTH error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown on moral sanity and spiritual clarity. First item I listed in my seven sure signs in America's declared war on our faith and by the way, could have been 1530 amended to so many.

These are all recent example, the NCAA and acid will not hold any men's and women's final four basketball events for those not familiar. This is a massive massive sports event every year that they will not hold any men's and women's final four basketball events in the city that code discriminates against anyone based on sexual orientation or gender identity, identity, meaning once again that if Estates is really to protect people's religious liberties and if Estates as we we are not can let grown men use a locker room with a girl, then the NCAA said we won't. We won't hold the final four basketball game there men's or women's again the social madness people and drunk in this Kool-Aid. This social justice coolie that is full of deception. They may think there's an effort writes what they're doing is standing against public safety and standing for discrimination 866-34-TRUTH of Barry and Stephen city, Virginia.

Thanks much for holding over from the first hour welcome to modifier director Dr. Browning got but thank you Demetre NCAA got GH get a generator going to college or in college now they're all athletes and and I guess what I would would say about that. It is at some point we've got.

As Christians we got to stand up as the Scripture says faith without works is bedridden and let the world know that you know we don't we don't agree whether the Christian athletes refused to walk onto a court or the alumni review and your support school Christians in my viewpoint need to start applying pressure can be done without being hateful and just saying that this is our belief that we believe in. We got along a line, then we can't support you are exactly exactly soon and that's where if enough people stand the bullies have to back down. So let's just say, and I've I've appealed to Christian athletes to do this very thing, professional athletes and I'm an interaction on some level a behind the scenes on this right now but let's say the athletes in the NBA Christian athletes and you got a good number of them that a strong committed Christians and they are the strengths of the leak that the athletes of the strength of any leak.

The NCAA without student athletes has nothing without these players who are who are playing hard. I was just in Alabama and was in the church were some of the Christian players go and and Alabama won the national championship in football without the Christian players on the team. The team would be greatly weakened that a good number of Christian players so if the athletes simply said don't use us as pawns in the culture wars where to get education at our school and we know that as the team wins that that the TV contracts and other things and rewards for for winning championships brings a ton of money into the school. Please don't use us as pawns in the culture wars don't use us to make statements against religious freedom. Still don't use us to make statements against public safety. It it's it's one thing if we are to have delegated in a way that I have campaigned together very want to get fit in America want young people to get fit and have a campaign for our great athletes get involved with, but to use them as pawns in the culture wars. I mean it's it's one thing this it would have a drive to encourage students to do well in school and and you know we we want to be good examples of student athletes. Great but useless because the culture is by your hundred percent right. They they need to say sorry, we can't play under the circumstances and send a message to the NCAA send a message to the NBA to the NFL. If enough do it. The bullies will back down and if they have parents like you.

Barry the tell their kids really stand together on this. I'm paying for education but not where you stand together on this than the kids would be much more emboldened as well. Yet, you're absolutely right, had how your kids feel about the site. Have you talked to him about it somewhere in the you're talking about it. Some of them are going to talk about, but the. The other thing is the nebulizer throwing the door wide open for sexual predators. Of course, I'm really not that that's an imitation look every time this comes up as I think that some guy got some audio clips and inflame the moment but every time this comes up. People say while you're assuming that this transgender guy wants to abuse your wife for your your daughter or your sister or your granddaughter know when not assuming that resuming of one that many will still be uncomfortable with the presence of a biological male, for example, if Nancy was using a fitting room at target and a biological male came in there, who identifies as a woman and who is harmless in that respect, she would still be uncomfortable with the presence of a biological male in there and if if your your wife or your daughter came walking out of the shower stall at the YMCA with a towel wrapped around them and there's a biological male sitting there, who identifies as a woman is quote harmless to still be uncomfortable, rightly so, but how do you distinguish between Batman, who is quote harmless and the sexual predator who now uses this as as an entry point and we have example after example of sexual predators doing this very thing that we raise it get mocked for it and it's a shame Congressman Louis Gomer said that he thinks it's something like 20% of women met maybe get a status who report either being raped or sexually abused at some point in life suits are at least 20% and those who identifies transgender or less, than what was less than 1/2% so even for the sake of the large number of women who say that they been sexually abused or raped traumatized by these things put them first and don't have a grown man walk in the bathroom with them even if he's not a predator put their concerns and their safety and their needs first and Barry, if if you've taught your kids rightly and base your convictions, I would.

I would assume you have. They should understand it. It's a costly thing to follow Jesus and I almost need to write a chapter or an article were we lay out how people have suffered for the faith through history and until this day around the world and then we said okay here's a sacrifice for us, don't go to target the theft. We need to put it in context only another target. What listen. God bless you make may the Lord use your kids to make a difference and here's what we do we stand up wherever we are. We stand up wherever we are in love entry. Thank you so much Sir for calling I appreciate important discussion to have with our kids. So let's let's go to these clips here Megan Kelly has Gov. Patrick or North Carolina Gov. on and then then she has. She has as well.

Montel Williams come on and if Megan Kelly is not some staunch rocksolid conservative foxes is hardly some staunch rocksolid conservative TV network. They got even less so over the years Fox News. In particular, but still more conservative than the other networks Megan Kelly if you want about wimping out and a bunch of people's of what the world were you thinking what what happened to you. Let's let's grab some of these clips starting with clip number three and Megan Kelly and Gov. Pat McCrory are interacting and she's missing the point entirely. Gov. McCrory weighs in, and then I'll play more Gov. McCrory bakery before you hear what Montel Williams has to say could number three in women's matters in my whole life and urinal situation like the stalls going to do a business and like each other so why are you concerned about young girls exposing themselves or seeing someone else exposed in woman's bathroom with her so I can't believe were talking about this. Okay, so how does this keep coming up.

This is not an issue that we started or created. So listen to what Gov. McCrory has to say. Number four. It's a basic expectation of privacy that I hear from mom and dad's and families that when their daughter or son goes into a facility. A restroom they expect people that gender of that biological sex, gender be the only other ones in that that's that's the expectations that we've had for many many years do we need to even lay this out.

Do we need to even explain that you have signs in front of that same men's bathroom women's bathroom men's locker women's log for a reason and Megan Kelly are you unaware of the predators that have been going into the stalls and they hold their cell phone under the stall under the that that under the changing room area or under the bathroom stall to try to see was next to him or hold it over on top your unaware of those things happening in were saying we need to shut the door on predators.

However, possible, and you're saying you're five-year-old girl with this sister going to the ladies room and there's a grown man in a washing his hands. Then I can wonder feeling a break for the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcomed the line of fire. So Montel Williams upset with comments made by Gov. McCrory, Megan Kelly, I don't see her a lot, but this is as wimpy as I've ever seen her and others a thing. What in the world. What in the world are you thinking as a mother of children. So listen to Montel Williams is upset with North Carolina's bathroom privacy bill could number five pricing and habitat are similar because this is all a ruse and what the Republican Party has understands that you taken a bill saying to me to and their discussions about bathrooms. We were discussing Harrison if you're transgender you can't use the bathroom of choice. You have to use the bathroom on the sex that you were born with.

Therefore, if you go to North Carolina you have to cure your birth certificate with you because that's the only way to validate your sex and potty police. I misunderstand outside asking you a meaningful manner. One you talk about these words too strong, but that discussion strikes me is quite idiotic. First, Megan Kelly mocking the idea for the sectors on the birth Megan, what, when did you find out if you're having a boy or girl. When did you find that out three or four or five years into the child's development you you and your husband said okay I guess we can name him Charlie or name her Sue or when the.

The nurse said look at the ultrasound. It's a boy it's a girl orifice in the old days. He did note to the baby was born.

That the old days in so many parts of the world don't have ultrasound and zero. One lady would say yeah you carrying this way. Stephanie girl and another related knowledge of been around.

I can see that Stephanie bore the ways moving. It's like really is it you want and what's Lord Sagan's a boy or girl you have names been prepared for for both and then then what, when did you find out.

Megan that that your kid was a boy or girl sex is on the part yes is not assigned its identified it's recognized in less the child has ambiguous or or missing or dual genitalia or something like that or some chromosomal abnormality that is quickly manifest that it's a boy it's a girl and you name it, you can say okay were going to call you Jordan, Jennifer, and then as you come into your own identity will decide if you really Jordan, if you really Jennifer okay were going to call you Sam Sue and then is as you really identify clearly that will determine if you're actually Sam, if you actually Sue come on in and look if if someone to all outward appearance is female is that 100 people in 100 people identify with that person is female and that person at sex change many many years ago and looks Toby female. Nobody is noticing that that woman that that man who appears to be a woman represented to find this individual that no one stopping them for going to the laser because no one has any clue that they're not a lady so I can keep the predators out because the predator is a man dressed as a woman. That's the way you keep the predator out and when the man who dresses as a woman can go in there and and you say well you got a carry purchase of enough cash potty police judge of people not have heads on their shoulders as they are saying these things is there no sensitivity to the fact that this opens the door wide to predators and there are now examples after examples after examples of people using these very laws and infiltrating bathrooms, locker rooms and is there Montel, you don't have the slightest problem.

If you got granddaughters and there at the YMCA in the ladies locker. You don't have any problem with a biological mail using the shower stall next to them you have any problem with it if is not a predator you got no problem with that seriously have the conversation goes on will go to clip number six and number two buildings at different articles here. One is the antidiscrimination ability to sue for this relational statement is part of the ballot, let attention allow want to talk about it. That's one feeling that it is a portable bathroom that will not allow anyone to sue the state of North Carolina for discrimination in any of the contracts to think they're gay and having been discriminated against based on their sexual orientation all know that the language is so broad that this could be misinterpreted to say black, Hispanic, Asian woman, flatly, and also I would be clearly unconstitutional, but nobody's talk about it if you take a look at. Also, the other time at which says that even in businesses. I can't sue you in the state of the front discriminated against me. If you don't allow I my wife would have to be Caucasian to get a room in your hotel.

I can't sue you and say look on their site. The remedies are there because in federal law you can sue how many people can afford a federal lawsuit.

The fact's first were not having these problems.

The Charlotte bill was a radical bill.

It was a radical extreme bill that was wrongheaded that never should've been put forward, and the state corrected it. That's the first thing the second thing is, there have been no cases that have been brought to the Atty. Gen., of which I am aware where someone was refused service because they were gay or lesbian, in particular because they were black. There is not zero. And you have all of your state discrimination laws on the books ready say it could be interpreted to mean us in such nonsense. Why is Fox having Montel Williams and Megan Kelly agreeing with him. As if this is somehow a sober conservative fair perspective.

Montel Williams has compared gay marriage opponents as he would phrase it compared us to ISIS in town. A man let's grab one more click click number seven and listen to what Montel insists in the last one slipped To the minimum wage so I got a bill that basically email says no matter what the minimum-wage limits or country were To anybody come into your state.

So they feel it is against Est�e Lauder.

All right, so, so here's the thing to say what, let's discuss that we will discuss minimum-wage assessments is that really the issue is that with the offer is over no is the NBA is the NCAA or they say we won't. We won't do things in your state.

Because men like no that's not the issue. Don't make it an issue. Montel if you could at least agree that we want to keep sexual predators out of bathrooms and locker rooms if you can at least agree that the first concern should be the safety of the privacy and the, the, that the feeling that when I go to bathroom I go locker room is as a woman is a girl in particular is the most vulnerable that that when I go in there that that at least I can know that I'm in a private safe place. It is not to be scorned sir, is it to be completely scorned.

Are you to take the sensitivities the needs and concerns of 99.7 or 8% of the population costs them because .02% struggle to make any sense to you, sir possible that your activism is finding you from rational thinking on this will be like that. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown thank you so much for joining us on the line there is no hostility towards the faith. Increased hostility towards the gospel increased hostility towards conservative Christian values in America, and it is to be expected. Darkness does not appreciate the light doesn't mean everything the world does historic and everything the church does is light obviously not the means.

When we hold to conservative moral values that those who don't will feel threatened by those those who don't will express hostility towards them. Those who don't will oppose our freedoms to hold to these in many cases, I'm delighted to be with you. I've written article 7 sure signs that America has declared war on our faith first water callers in the last hour and 1/2 express that yes they are running into this bid on the college campus.

The it in the workplace and increasing hostility towards their faith.

If you running into this as well in the workplace among your friends, peers on your college campus or school campus. Give me a call like to hear what you're running into. If you are seeing an increase in hostility towards her views, 8663 freight 784. On the other hand, if you think that we have no right to hold to these views, except in private that this is the proper separation of church and state, by all means weigh in as well. 866-34-TRUTH 87884. I want to go straight to the phones in Durham, North Carolina Tony walking to the line of fire heavily on your pastor let you out or work of God are up to matter about the issue became issue will be a no-brainer.

Christian. We are called ended up in a we are called to speak the truth in love with the light of the world about of the work along the back and will bring up your mail mail you where you go, you go I just took it upon myself to read the PO just within the past week and I see why there are with the wording of the spiel beyond the bathroom back to give it a no-brainer, but the gimmick of burning building to look at the art docket needed to get done and I haven't been bothered by anything that anyone else so speculative but blessed. Of course not part of my greater conference for not that I have been persecuted all openly uphold what habit you should not� It is that of all the people that were talked about. They have to be the Marquis and our outlook.

I can't believe it.

LGBT out number. Those who think like you I bought it on the Internet. But what concisely felt a Christian who are not the fingers of the fake. They are ignorant to the true or they are reluctant. Likewise, both Christian leaders after she was iconic giant around your here one thing not really sure what airfare that you yell at her get back. That really isn't issue with me. I got looked at leadership in particular and church leader. We got to make acrophobia, go to the nuclear you know what you start and without the thing that because you are indeed in favor of the word of God being the inspired word of God cover to cover it. My microphone article.

I thought that I wanted to bring all before you. You're very welcome and totally. Likewise, I appreciate your passion and what you're saying I got a break coming up. Stay right there. I want to address what you said on the inside of the BRCA1 give an example from Pastor Brian McLaren on the TV broadcast.

Years ago, and where he is today Tony I hope for the pastors and leaders hear your words you're saying to them as a cognizant member be clear that the trumpet give a clear sound so we know how to respond. Hey this is Michael Brown.

I want to invite you to join me for our second ever trip to Israel. February 25 through March 6, 2017 this is a great opportunity. I get to interact with you are radio listening audience. Our ministry partners as we experience the land of Israel together and it will be a life changer. We've got great price on the trip.

And if you're one of our monthly supporters or torchbearers are eligible to receive a special discount of this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Space is limited.

Accepting applications on a first-come first-served basis. For more information on the trip to secure your spot, go to ask Dr.

Click on the Israel manner or call our office at seven 047-8237 file line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown and on our faith here in America and in Tony in Durham, North Carolina.

What I want to say was this when you say that some pastors and leaders are just unclear you don't know where they stand. There is a wisdom in Jesus. Sometimes were he will answer your question directly and ask you another question that will expose something in your own heart, but you better believe that Jesus was clear on who he was and where he stood and what it meant to follow him and the New Testament makes very clear.

This is right. This is wrong. There may be issues we could have a friendly debate that a peripheral issue but the clear issues about faith in Jesus about who God is about what God requires of us. There are if there are foundational clear issues without question the layout New Testament Sertoli some years ago I saw is probably Larry King. He had a faith panel on talking about redefining marriage homosexual issues and things like that and if I remember Timmy Beverly LaHaye, Ron TD Jakes was on Brian McLaren was on. If I if I remember. And when asked Brian McLaren he said you know what hurts me about this question is, however, I answer, I'm on that offend someone. In other words, if if I stand against homosexual practice on that offend those that that claim to be gay Christians and if if I stand with them that I'm going offend those who claim to hold to traditional biblical morality and what I heard that answer.

I knew his compromise is ready compromise because the Bible is clear on this so few years.

After that, he comes out in favor of same-sex marriage, I believe, performs a sermon for results honors someone else. So yes sir. Their failure to answer clearly on important life-and-death issues where congregants need insight and wisdom, and equipping as the pastor doesn't know where to go there tons of resources.

II offered several times to pastoral networks.

Bring all your guys together it if it's if it's throughout throughout the state or throughout the city bring them together.

Don't pay me anything, I will show up and teach for the whole day to equip the leaders to serve and let you know about resources we have free resources online and of the things I can purchase so as to serve so there's no good reason for Tony.

We must speak the truth in love. John Wesley said were all approve few profit where the Puritan said ministers are physicians, not cooks, and they shouldn't study to please the palate, but you sure the patient thank you sir for the call 86634, rightly so, when Montel Williams appeared on Megan Kelly show and talked talked about Saints.

The bathroom privacy and things like that. Megan Kelly makes a mockery of the sector signed at birth, just it's almost like people just drink the Kool-Aid and stop thinking rationally and in her guests. Montel Williams, what is he have to say I'm not saying he's unreasonable every point on these points extremely on reasonable previous leaders, an article on Christian from June 2015 talkshow host Montel Williams compared opponents of gay marriage to ISIS and the Taliban. A social media over the weekend and then double down.

When challenged on his logic. Yeah, exactly. These are the extreme stands that are being taken. This is how we are being viewed, which is why all the more we must stand up and speak the truth. Well then I'll get branded even more while you can get branded when Jesus was that had has anybody threatened to nail you to across yet has it really happened. No it hasn't happened to us here in America. So let's let's not be cowards. Let's let's not hide behind our spiritual needs and back down from loyalty and faithfully to the Lord, 86634 a family policy Institute says that the target stocks have tanked with over 1 million people boycotting the retailer I met references earlier in the show them a compact with some detail the company stock fell from $84.10 per share on April 19, roughly $79.36 as of Friday morning that loss of $4.74 per cents per share of cost it would represent a corporate loss of over $2.5 billion. That's people just saying please please do what's right and and and and please care about the vast majority of your customers who do not believe that a war against gender distinctions is a good thing. I want to play one more clip Montel Williams on Megan Kelly. Now, from what I've read, this is just public information. Saw Wikipedia have not researched Montel Williams life at all but probably raised Roman Catholic served as an altar boy them. There's an altercation with the priest at 11 what kind of altercation was was he abused or attacked by a priest with that kind of altercation. If so you can understand some of his hostility towards religion. After this he moved away from Catholicism in 2014. He said he rejected all organized religion is been a student of many world major will face so listen to his views about those with beliefs like most of you listening to me right now. Clip number eight was loves this issue hit. I am exploiting anything distinguishing on top of crop stand out front is appropriate for a grown man to going to a little girl's bathroom, talking about how horrific this will be for our daughters and so I'm really think he's onto something.

Writer Morgan Stabler and Michael Hughes which one is which.

This is Michael Hughes but Michael was born a female male is Michael now supposed to walk into the women's bathroom and tell me that you're going to like to see Michael salmonella for in my case, Morgan was born a female male and this is Morgan now so morning now has to walk into the men's bathroom and do what we don't know her anatomy as she walks out to Muslim inspect to see if she's been a stop. The stupid both of these guys claim to be Christian moralist. What is the basic premise of every religion on this planet. You can judge by what you do for the least of us. When you pass on. How dare you try to judge them on this planet and claim to be a Christian. It can't have it both ways. You can't take crews think he's onto something is not onto something is national outrage over this nonsense. Donald Trump is presenting himself as a champion of conservative values and as a protector of the Christians and is going to bring Christ back into Christmas and Christians deliver a better friend than him. He did not stand up in North Carolina and the Christians in North Carolina nor the Senate with common sense and in and safety.

So Montel, if you care about the least of these. If you care about the least of these. How about the little girl's. How about the little boys that are traumatized and upset by the presence of a biological male or female in their respective bathrooms. It is, is that of no concern to what about the women who have been sexually abused. Is that not of any concern to you and yes you care about those who identify as transgender. But how about trying to help them because the vast majority of boys who identifies girls vice versa when they get past puberty no longer identifies trance. The vast majority, and many after sex change surgery still fight depression and still are suicidal and you can't just blame it on trance phobia. There often other issues that don't get dressed and once more if there is someone who was on hormones from say the age of eight hormone blockers eight or nine minute sex change surgery at the age of 18 a bit on hormones ever since your birth certificate has been changed. You don't realize that that was a biological male that went to the ladies room because Noah and no one ever would've known anything differently but once you make the law.

How can Montel.

How can you not see this once you make the law say all you have to do is identifies female use the ladies room. It opens the door wide to all kinds of abuses Montel, you may not claim to be a Christian. But how can you call Christians hypocrites hypocrites when you are despising Christian values of the values and the needs of tens of millions of the least of the number by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown is my article.

Signature signs America declared war in our faith by going ask Dr. Brown double-clicking on latest article. Be sure to click on latest videos what we've added a few more important videos in the last few days will run through the was real quick and CA announced that it will not hold any men's and women's final four basketball events in the city. The quote discriminates against anyone based on sexual orientation or gender identity. So if you protect religious freedoms and if you say mention: women's locker rooms, they won't hold the final four games. There are two Colorado Supreme Court has chosen not to hear the case of Christian Baker Jack Phillips was previously ordered by the Colorado civil rights commission. To quote create cakes for same six celebrations reeducate his staff. Yet reeducation camps reeducate his staff will not in the camp but reeducate his staff and file quarterly compliance reports for two years. There were three Dr. Walsh the highly qualified new Lehigh District health director with the Georgia Department of Public health was fired because the content of his sermons as a Seventh-day Adventist number four. Several senators have introduced a bill that would deem all efforts to change someone's sexual orientation or gender identity, and unfair or deceptive act or practice under the Federal Trade Commission act, it would be legal and illegal is illegal for a Schismatic counselor to sit with some 20-year-old man is been abused, growing up and is now same-sex attracted and struggles and does not want to be sensitive to crack it would be illegal to counsel not just a minor. That's obscene enough to save the illegal counselor, but a 20-year-old man illegal counselor, a woman comes in. I feel like a man in a woman's body.

I don't want want want to be a woman.

I just want to be alone. I want to be at home in my body of the illegal counselor person MSU Sedona celebrate your homosexual attraction or celebrate your gender identity, a Philly therapist, Adam Jessel said this in today's climate of Bill tells me that he's attracted to his neighbor, Fred, young child is neighbor Fred's young child he wants to reduce his attractions. I as a therapist and try to help if there is no one attracted to Fred's wife this to something on the committee to help him with but if Bill has an unwanted attraction to Fred himself that it's regarded as unethical for me to help it could be a legal sent after the illegal's number five the NBA announcement will not hold next year's All-Star game in Charlotte North Carolina was the state changes HB to the bathroom privacy act number six the department of education is decided that religious schools that receive federal money and obtain federal exemptions to quote discriminate against LGBT students and employees will have their waivers posted online for public view in a publicly shame you if your Christian school. It helps to Christian values only. Number seven, a federal court sided with the transgender student who insisted that the Obama administration's reading of federal tout title IX rules would allow her to choose her own bathroom with her junior high school and in the government is threatening the government is threatening if you want title IX funding then you have to let boys use girls bathrooms vice versa boys use girls locker rooms if they want to. That's how they identify federal government, and I can give more examples of one of the thing happened over the weekend before I get to that. Glad, which is the gate used to be called again was an alliance against defamation. I renamed the galas and allies against disagreement, but because they had so little defamation to deal with her desponding. I was glad they're not happy with bitsy with Disney, Paramount and and and let's see Disney, Paramount and Warners. They they have flunked glad LGBT report card not gay.

Positive enough not enough gay characters, and God forbid to be a kind of joke that can be taken in any negative way and their calling for LGBT characters in Star Wars, but of course you must have Star Wars characters who would gay if you have Star Wars without that, that's the absurdity were living with okay so Curt Schilling baseball legend and top baseball analyst Curt Schilling fired by ESPN.

ESPN has allowed some of their hostess in the most rancid things, despicable things. Comments against others that were are utterly apparent. No problem because it's leaning left. But if you mean right at six and its offensive giraffe secret. Schilling gets fired for his sharing on his Facebook page. It was it was offensive looking picture of a guy dressed like a woman but I mean really offensive picture and basis and you stay out of the ladies room and Curt Schilling. Just when he gets fired for that, well before that the Red Sox and the Yankees Boston Red Sox with the systema New York Yankees which I grew up with my team in the New Yorker Yankees and Mets play for the Yankees. They've got one of the historic rivalries in baseball and yeah Joey. I know Boston swept over the weekend. Joseph Red Sox fan, but there was this amazing comeback an unprecedented comeback that the Red Sox engineered against the Yankees us to remember the sinking feeling in my stomach over that is Yankees fan and then Curt Schilling who plates her injury pitch. One of the most famous games in baseball history known as the bloodiest socket game and I believe he ultimately sold that socket donated the money or something. But the camera would zoom in and out. The guy was injured in the air as a picture you can have an injury in your your your ankle, your foot and in play threatened and be a top shape, but he courageously played through it. His his blood he socket game, game number six in the World Series and they aired they have it they have a 30 for 30 documentary four days in October and they they aired that observers it was game six of the American the conference championship.

They aired that before the Yankees Red Sox game last night but there was just one thing missing and fans noticed it was missing the blood. He saw game wasn't there. The blood he sock game wasn't there.

Why always time constraints out there a ton of things you could have cut out. ESPN is gonna cut out from a documentary is drama filled documentary they make, they do cut out one of those courageous pitching performances in baseball history will most famous games in baseball history memorialized by the name the blood he sock game. Why well. After all, Curt Schilling came out with an anti-transgender comment saying that the people are saying. What in the world. Churchill he replied while for one year complete fabrication to defame greatest quarterback now omitting about four hours of the game.

I think I played in integrity hashtag integrity much? You people say what what happened what happened to the game and Schilling rightly says yes that is some of the biggest racist a sports commentator, but he makes a comment all know all know he is out.

Wake up time wake up time wake up time America said what can I do pray for awakening your life speak up we have the opportunity and stand for those with those who are taking stands and let us equip you go to the website asked Dr. check out all the resources there and sign up for Israel trip next year it's gonna be amazing. My bottom line today. The more people try to silence us more. We must stand and speak

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