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Does God Have a Political Affiliation? And the Importance of Apologetics

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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July 19, 2016 4:20 pm

Does God Have a Political Affiliation? And the Importance of Apologetics

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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July 19, 2016 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 07/19/16.

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The Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
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All right the Republican national convention has started his gun Republican Scott Democrat Scott take party sides stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown as expected beginning of the RNC Republican national convention. Lots of controversy. The defeat of those that wanted to free delegates to vote for anyone.

Rather than be bound to voting for Donald Trump that went down with protests and then lots of interesting things from an African-American pastor, opening in prayer and referred to the Republican Party as the conservative party under God and making clear that the enemy that must be defeated is three Clinton and the Democrats and then different speeches, some better than others. I didn't watch for just reading the reports and some of the transcripts and then while he tromped delivering what many felt was an excellent speech until charges of plagiarizing came up that she took in her speech or speech writer took words from Michelle Obama in 2008 is that getting blown up when Scott Stan Ellis will sort this out today this is Michael Brown. Welcome to the line of fire, 86634. Truth is number to call.

That's 866-348-7884 and you can read my latest article which asked if God has a party affiliation. If God has a political affiliation. You can read that by going to my website. Asked Dr. Brown a SKDR Brown.Ord. Let's ask Dr. I will make one comment before we dive in to some of the controversy surrounding the opening day of the RNC wrote an article asking the question, do white Americans want to keep black Americans down in the article referred to other minorities that have overcome adversity in America such as juice, such as Asians and others course they didn't have a history of being enslaved here and have a history of full out segregation and Jim Crow laws etc. for the overcame obstacles and rose to the top of the society and then Africans coming over in more recent years have not suffered the way those Africans that have been in our country for centuries didn't suffer the same way and they have done very well in education and jobs and things like that. So it seems to be something beyond the skin color issue. So what's happening now I'm of work to different sectors in ministry for decades. I have many friends in the business world. Of course just lived a normal life. 61 years old now is a white man. I've I'm not work ever with people in the business world or in education. When spiritual world that be that the greatest bulk would be in spiritual side and educational side of never worked with people that intentionally want to keep black Americans down. Now there's a question to me that there's remains racism in America is no question that you got it going in all directions and at certain parts of the country still have some very wrong attitudes that need to be overcome. I don't doubt that all but I've not run into an intentional systemic races, so will I find them.

I find it in the system itself. The welfare system and and how that has done so much to destroy black American families it. In other words, I look at them as victims of a wrong system that is broken up, the family and his help keep them down and brought up people with a view that would be looking to the government to fix all their problems which is a way that created many of the problems now. Some believe that that was an intentional white toy welfare and all that to keep Lex out the could be hide.

I don't know what was the part of those discussions could be, however. However, once is this in my article I was not blaming black Americans for the welfare system. Quite the contrary say this is something that must put on them very difficult to overcome. In his heavy generational impact.

That was the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown is try that was pastor Mark Byrne, South Carolina pastor Mark Burns. He is an African-American leader significant that he be opening the convention prayer shout out from Donald Trump and the organizers for diversity and for saying the Republican Party is not simply a white party. Some might perceive it to be what you think about the prayer.

Let God be the judge as to whether Donald Trump is a believer in Jesus.

I'm hoping he's turning to the Lord and that will see the fruit of that in his life that he'll experience genuine conversion and will see the fruit of that, but let's listen to the rest of the prayer 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 7884 and if you're wondering where my coming from where my coming from. You know that I could not vote for Hillary Clinton for many reasons. You know that I staunchly oppose many of the values in the Democratic Party platform, their militant pro-abortion, pro-homosexuality stand their weakness on Israel. Their weakness on religious liberties and things like that so cannot vote for Hillary Clinton for any candidate who upheld the party platform.

Many of you know I endorsed Sen. Ted Cruz and gave warnings about Donald Trump is a candidate. The number of occasions all the time, same listen I hope I'm wrong.

If you selected. I hope I'm wrong. I hope that that he proves to be an excellent president.

If you selected and assayed again and same with Hillary Clinton. She was elected I would hope I was wrong about all my concerns are that this on a personal thing.

So I'm not looking at this in a personal way. Do my best to say all right as an independent voter, yes I voted Republican find large for some years, unless I knew a particular Democratic candidate that I thought was outstanding. I want to get behind was a voted Republican for years, but I'm registered as an independent just my own heart my own mentality. I'm not saying it's right for others on the Savior registered with the party that's therefore wrong the same for me.

I feel better registered as an independent because that more expresses my heart as a believer. I'm trying to look at all these issues in a pragmatic way as a believer as a follower of Jesus, and not with partisan politics and not supporting one candidate or another, as best as I can. So let's listen pastor Mark Burns praying at the opening of the Republican national convention last night's guy times three that we live in a state that does the attack that comes against us project a light breeze darting the United States. She sat while I appreciate the passion and I appreciate an open prayer in the name of Jesus. Thus far, the campaigns of both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have been anything but uniting they have rally people behind them. They have been anything but uniting and right now, given the volatile situation in America, it would be very difficult for candidate to be a strong uniting candidate unless that person was somehow transcendent, unless that person could rally America together in such a way that would transcend politics. Be very very difficult at this time to be to be totally candid because we are so divided and I want a candidate to stand for one thing and other people want to candidate to stand for the exact opposite thing. Then there are others with yet another viewpoint in the division seem much deeper now in America than in past years on on many many different lines so it would take some type of extraordinary political leader or some very intense crisis we become strong leader to really bring unity, but the campaigns thus far.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have have been as un-unifying is anything as I can remember, and un-unifying is not a word is at the moment but what about this idea that the Republican Party is called the conservative party under God.

Remember the account in Joshua chapter 5 Joshua chapter 5, Josh was about to attack Jericho, the first city in taking the promised land. And he sees an angelic messenger divine messenger standing there with his sword drawn and he says to him, are you on our side are on their side and how does the answer no, that's his answer no on the captain of the Lord of hosts that in Joshua falls down on his face and and and worships so the the big big issue. The big big issue is are we on God's side.

Are we aligning with him to what extent is any party align with him that you might say well it's obvious let's look at pro-life issues. Republicans have put out their strongest pro-life platform ever and Dave call for the defunding of Planned Parenthood on the season. On the Democratic side, I don't think Planned Parenthood's ever had a better friend running for president and Hillary Clinton when you look at marriage and family issues. Republicans are taking very strong stands for marriage and family as God intended, and upholding religious liberties with the Democrats four years ago there there platform is radical. Now what is radical damages every day, knows where that's going to go there it comes to Israel. Something else I believe is important.

God's sight. The Republican platform that was stronger on that and in order to show solidarity with Israel didn't even mention the two state solution in the platform. Not that the parties opposing efforts in assigning the emphasis and reaffirm Jerusalem as is the capital of Israel and and reaffirm that that the embassy the American Embassy must move that's been on on the books for years pushed it through.

Clinton didn't do it. Obama didn't do it it's it's they're supposed to be done. This never gets done.

The Democratic side was weakened in any way specially through the influence of Bernie Sanders and some fairly radical voices that would be very weak on Israel, to the point of of semi would even say Israel bashing circuit sale of the Republicans are right on those issues and I I personally agree. I personally agree with Republican platform is massively better on many key issues of the Democratic platform but to say that the Republican Party is the conservative party under God number one, the whole party in your plenty people within the party that are anything but under God or devoted to God or devoted to biblical principles and then within both parties.

You got some level corruption of some level of cronyism or some level of the that the life politician power syndrome.

You got that, then you've got the fact that one selected. Many times the candidates don't act on them what they've promised so the idea that God is on the side of one party or another.

I have problem even though I wholeheartedly affirm many of the key planks in Republican platform and wholeheartedly reject some of those the Democratic platform and there might be some Democratic five fermenter better than Republicans, and other issues. All of course can be debated, but I think we make a mistake when the Lord God in this way and you're just like in the sports game he's rooting for the Yanks note he's rooting for the Orioles. Now he's rooting for the Mets know he's rooting for the nationally God doesn't route and is and and and he's not for one team or another he's for the advance of his kingdom on the earth is for the glorification of the name of Jesus. He's for his will be done on earth as it is being done in heaven is for people turning away from sin and turning to him and he'll work through all these other things including sports and politics to accomplish his will and to accomplish his goal. Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War was asked if he was on God's side Tamron crest question again. The question is am I on God's side. That's what matters are we gonna be careful because I imagine to be people praying at the Democratic Party and praying for for God's woman. Hillary Clinton and saying that we are the progressive party under God, and let's let's not drag God down.

Let's bow down before him, as people in need of a Savior gamer and see God how can we please you in this election cycle can be challenging her emotions in play place for the do it. Sure people of God with me kingdom view hey friends, this is Michael Brown. I want to encourage you to join our support team today become a torchbearer. One of our regular monthly support that enables us to broadcast a lot of fire in America and around the world and all. Every month we sold back into any many different ways join our team become a torturer asked Brown a SK, click on donate. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown.

Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown like that your word is your mind that you do what you say you're going to do. I and you and keep your promise. Those were the words of Michelle Obama 2008 and wanted Trump 2016, side-by-side when you hear the key paragraphs or just read them side-by-side the one hand, their generalities. It's not like she's quoting some esoteric saying that you never never ever hear or something that she said is my unique philosophy of life kind of generic and the other hand, the overlap is is to striking to miss. Now it's not like Joe Biden, VP Biden quoting from the life of someone house making reference to his past his family's past history.

What was it is all history calls with Neil Kanok something like that. So I mean that's that's that's wild that's wild, but there seems to be some level of plagiarism� Play couple more clips and I'll give you my take on 8663 freight 7884 will go to clip number 11. Again, this is side-by-side Michelle Obama 2008 and wanted Trump last night.

Even if you don't know them and even if you don't agree with that thought so and more that I continued to pass along flowers and we need to pass on. I was pretty generic right dignity and respect. Respect that's totally generic.

I don't see any thing you could say was plagiarism there.

Listen to one more clip and I just want to give you my take on this whole thing could number 12 live guided by values in the past month. The next generation because we want our children and all children in this nation to know that the only limit to the height of your achievement is the region of your dreams and your willingness to work hard for them because you see the annual meeting right now their accusations. Of course that Michelle Obama plagiarized from stolen ski rules for radicals, saloons, he would've been a radical leader who greatly influence Pres. Obama and you can understand some of the president's views by going back and and and strategies by going back and reading a Linsky's rules for radicals.

These things are fairly well accepted and well known. And I'm looking at these lists online. Different articles are here 10 examples of plagiarism in speech and this and that. So on the one hand, I think for trump supporters, they heard a great speech from Monica Trump.

That's what they heard, they heard a great speech and would speak well of her is the first lady put aside the this being the third wife put aside her own past as a model and things like that.

They just hear this woman and mother and wife speaking and would be very positive so overall, I think for the trump supporters again in terms of the speech and in their view and their view. Now the fact that she's being attacked in the liberal media is is kind of in a feeding frenzy over this that will fire up the trump supporters even more.

We post breaking news on the S Dr. Brown Facebook page on a regular basis breaking news just posted an because the plagiarism charges wasn't no verdict was being made by ostriches posting this is the news is as we often do two things going on. The news of some trump supporters very, very upset over that and defending in every way so the attacks only to fire them up more on the flipside, the flipside, the critics when I can vote for Donald Trump anyway and even who's a great speech Malani they wouldn't of been swayed. Now they have more fuel for their fire so in an in an interesting way. I think both sides are again powered by this. Both sides are going to get fired up by now. She said that she had written speech herself. What I take that to mean is that she personally crafted it. Generally speaking alike. I can relate to someone writing a speech for me currently set for split-second but it's common for political leaders, and then bill crafted and kinda make it their own.

That's probably what happened was I to laugh about this, but can continue conceive of a top level speechwriter borrowing words from the potential First Lady at the DNC eight years ago and using basically is identical words. Years later at the RNC for the next potential First Lady and thinking nobody would notice that stretches credulity. IIII don't understand how anyone could do that on any level of professionalism and the one thing if it was some professor commute graduating speech at a college somewhere and and the grab some from there and and then was incorporate into someone else's speech. You think it's a good line that was in the notice. I took it from here or there, but some like this for Michelle Obama to Bonnie trump eight years later, in the parallel conventions. I can't see the so how then would it happen, leaving the person just stupid. One possibility. Another possibility is that somehow the they read many speeches listen to many speeches and just got some of these phrases stuck in her head and forgot where they got it from and put it in and the third is that by some strange stroke of coincidence that Malia and/or her speechwriter just happened to come up with almost the same words may be the most likely scenario is the second one maybe but anyway all the scavengers rile things more now.

Opening prayer last night. Pastor and Dylan. Maybe you could the you could check this for me but someone sent me a note saying that a Muslim is going open tonight with prayer Muslims for trump that he will be opening see if if you could check that out for me that would certainly be sending a negative message to the base you diversity sherbet opening and prayer. In any case.

In any case, let us pray for the will of God to be done in the presidential election. Visit asked Dr. Brown the Lord check out my latest article all and take advantage of the special you want to know how to be led by the spirit. This is the Expo line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker, and Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown back to the line of fire and I went on the radio when we launch this broadcaster free to go. I was praying about exactly what God wanted us to do. Being on the radio was not my idea, meaning I'd sit down and think you know this to be a great way to extend our ministry. I think I will do this to some of the Lord had been laying on my heart for years. The burden grew over period of years, and then people came to me, God laid on my heart this was coming our way literally came knocking at her door so we've taken this is a sacred responsibility, a sacred calling from the Lord and I was articulating for a colleague as we were expanding onto many more stations and I said I feel called to be a voice of moral sanity and spiritual clarity in the midst of a society in chaos in the church. All too often in compromise. And, of course, some might question those words at some point. What society in chaos church.

All too often compromise, but I think is the years of gone, you understood why we said that you understood why we've talked, the way we do, and many of you say okay now we get it, and in many of you that first heard our theme music and heard the talk about revolution and hurriedly introduced on the air as your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. You might've thought will that's that's kind of extreme language, what would you mean moral, cultural, spiritual revolution, but the more you look at the state of society, the more the more sense it's making and the more you realize okay more of the same is only going to produce more of the same more of the same is not what we need is just like for years when I was overweight and I'd say okay well among a minute I want to change my lifestyle but it was really no change I would. I was just kind of thinking tomorrow will be different tomorrow will be different tomorrow will be different as I can be different is not to be different. We go through the same cycle over and over again with the political process we go with the same cycle of getting all worked up. We gotta get this candidate in. We've got to get that candidate out and then maybe we do get the one candidate out the other candidate in and things often change very little on time at advancing the kingdom things of change negatively things often change very little in terms of values that we have an even through the excellent presidency of Ronald Reagan were still boarding over million babies a year despite him being such a strong pro-life president and then if you think of a Reagan appointee in the Supreme Court.

He's he's been a Justice Kennedy, one of the key voices in the wrong direction. Now some of the biggest moral issues that the nation's face that have gone to the court. So what I'm saying is this, yes, be involved be involved in the political system yes be involved in voting as long as your conscience allows you to be involved in calling on your political leaders to stand for certain things to oppose other things that recognize that we need more than anything is a gospel based moral and cultural revolution. What we need more than anything is for God's people to be so changed that we going change the world.

How by living godly lives by evangelizing the lost. By making disciples by touching those in need by getting involved in every area of society just talking to pastor the other day who's saying to be to yourself why, but planning on on getting involved in the local school board because he wants to make a difference in in schools. Talk to a retired principal is patent and Indiana's pastor said you need to be involved still in school. So here this retired principal got on the local school board and with the help of others they've open the doors for the gospel. Incredible what is right in the public schools we get involved make a difference in above all, we pray for God to move on this earth through his people touching the world saying is politics important politics only go so far will be right back to change. Return for the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown in the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown about to get back to teaching to theology to make sure there were always going back to the word going back to to our roots and foundations in the midst of all moral and cultural things that we discuss, but to try to answer the question, is a Muslim going to give the opening benediction.

The invitation tonight at the Republican national convention of I been sent articles that name one Muslim so G tar off then I looking at a program that someone else sent me seems to be a bona fide program of kind a moment for moment with-convention has an indicate indication, but with another gentleman's name was also appears to be a Muslim name. Obviously, Muslims for trumpet saying something because of his strong stance about immigration and things like that but of we shall see.

We shall see. But if you open one night prayer in the name of Jesus and then open it and see whether conservative party and to God and then prayed Allah. The next night can see how that is going to unify evangelicals who are strongly supporting Donald Trump the not overwhelmingly but strongly the nuns those who and when he asked those who have dropped out of religious affiliation. They are supporting Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump can just very interesting to see the way things play out all right. We are we are changing gears now switching gears and a few weeks back I was speaking with Jonathan McClatchey, a Christian writer, international speaker, debater, apologist, and wheat. We got into a few subjects and I want to bring them back to talk more about this academy that he does.

As we talked about how the gospel needs to be our foundation. We need to get back to the gospel if want to see the nation changed the defense of the faith apologetics that remains a major major issue so Jonathan over in UK over in England. Thanks for joining us today on the line of fire back, just a quick question for you. I I know you can most actually give your own view, but generally speaking as your British colleagues look over at America what's what's there, take on what's happening with with our candidates right now. Did you hear much talk and and can you tell me how we are being viewed.

On the other side of the pond right now while I'm in the midst of the presidential campaign. The race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. I know a lot of people in Britain think that the fact that Erica that the rate of the treatment of the individual that it, connecting people in America really faced with difficult a bit better able goddess that knows no surprise in terms of how things are being viewed and then just on your end at Howard things now playing out in the.

The post breaks it decision are things calming down, or is it still as volatile as ever, but I swear a lot of the people that voted to art from the European Union regarding a decision on some of the argument that the Rector campaign utilized.

That turned out to be not as convincing where before the referendum for quite for example, the immigration issue turned out not to be as strong as I've European Union and Art degree market require that the UK keep their current immigration policy and things like that and set me up immigration with one of the key central argument for the Rector campaign to that there's a lot of people are feeling regret over their decision and to leave the EU certainly is very hot topic to Laurier. Interesting that we are watching with great interest over here in the states. All right, apologetics academy, I had the joy of joining you some weeks back. Talk about messianic prophecy.

We spent a couple hours I was online in the state you were hosting in the UK and and people joined us from different nations, several dozen people may be close to 40 people. We ended up having back-and-forth the Q&A and some many debates in that in that respect. So tell our listeners about apologetics County why you started it, of whom who's invited to it. What kind of speakers you had really been running in February of this year and the part of the cabinet with a trained Bible and equip the church a personal level I hosting weekly webinars, online webinars that leading scholars and thinkers are Christians are provided access to world-class intellect, probably otherwise would never meet her opportunity to interact with, and in addition to Christian speakers actually often bring on out and invite noncoercive speakers make the Muslims to prevent their challenges and their critique of the Christian worldview and is in fact followed by a live interactive Q&A using audio and video insert departed academy that provides opportunity for current apologist to sharpen your skills and debate by interacting one-on-one with unbelieving critics of the faith in the lab experience Christian the option to back and witness the back-and-forth and thus reap the benefits of the equity in the principal or Christian, and their allies in the presence of access to Christian scholars as well interact with the argument of non-Christian scholars as well and what kind of fruit.

Have you seen house.

It helps those who have been participating what kind reports you getting back while following very positive.

The webinar converts extractable and and people really appreciate a guy bringing me points from across the theological and philosophical spectrum to present her case not have open dialogue critique, debate, discussion and and it encourages new noncoercive, infected and elicited while and I we discussed a really good discussion to you. I have been getting a lot of good feedback from an author on the Egypt Caldecott record be fashion and put them on YouTube and I VHA videos of them getting a lot of download the most active carbon Michael hunting APS was on Amanda 64 people attend the webinar and intent are the people are can affect people a bead on my channel about 40 or 50,000 m iMac Journal of his regular getting a lot of demos on each of as well.

Now why is it so important that we tackle these issues. We believe in Jesus and believe in the Bible.

We live godly lives, we try to reach her neighbors and friends with the gospel.

Who needs all this other high-level intellectual stuff white Micah distracted some would think that way.

Well, I think I'm in our culture today where there is an increasing need for Christians to be educated on apologetics and the rational defense by optically M particle and the college students enter into being entering and interacting with the difficult challenges that they are confronted with in college and university and the one of the into the audit academy is that they can actually be prevented with those challenges I have from people actually all those and vision and and they can be inoculated.

I'm am Robin enjoyed it from when the company college classroom and are confronted with the anti-Christian viewpoint. It actually already encountered them and seeing them engaged with a high-level.

Now, in your view, obviously you have expertise in a number of subjects you your your working hours, PhD in cell biology, you have a Masters degree in evolutionary biology second Masters degree in medical molecular bioscience and a little later to talk about the subject of intelligent design.

The debated atheists in moderation. Muslims and others in your mind as you have watched these debates as a host where has the Christian side scored the best points. Obviously it's a subjective answer as a believer but maybe you could say was played out with the audience but but where have the best points been scored to say yes were on the side of truth. Here I'm just on either their general program at Michael Hunter are in a row on and I have a more active applicators of the rubber crying seminar and another Adam and I and, for example, when we handed Darrell.

Dominique is a good method to think it never existed and we had some really high-level scholars in the audience including Dr. Timothy McGrew is a very well-known philosopher experimentation probability theory and that we had Chris Winchester. I'm almost finished his PhD. A narrow New Testament studies and Barbara ineligible. Richard Carrier type argument on behalf of other scholars in the audience made a really good job am think dismantling the negative position on the customer interaction with Erin Raimondo on the end and it is connected in pericardial and professional manner as well for a structured and new people are free to interact like a professional webinar platform to rape her hand and I promote them to be wife with indirect light with the speaker I'm getting the WebCam and microphone or if they want to.

The questions anonymously or to participate in the chat window at the big number way that people can participate and as a specific race to hold it right there will be right back. Tell people how they can participate friend. No cost involved. This Saturday, you can be part of an online apologetics academy every set file line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, you get a free and all Genex academy this weekend Saturday. It is free.

It is online. All you need is is a proper online hook up with your computer and you could sit in and be in the midst of high-level excellent discussion interaction with top scholars, theologians, atheists, skeptics, and with other believers weighing in as well use it on that that well-versed what you don't have to do anything.

You just have to listen and enjoy. My guess Jonathan McClatchey leads the apologetics academy.

If you go to apologetics � apologetics � you find everything you need to know there a Jonathan who were some of the guests coming up in the next few weeks of Saturday we have Alastair Smith from the selectmen of Christianity in Scotland is going to be doctors. But the case against same-sex marriage, and then the following week we have have taught biblical scholar and Dr. Michael Acuna come to talk to me.

Are there differences in the Gospels, which is the topic of his latest research Michael Acuna equipping the famous resurrection scholar as well and then the following week on August 6. We have Dr. James White coming on to another the body of yours that are Brown and he is going to be talking to a backpack control versus uncontrolled actual transmission in regards to the Koran and New Testament will bring out the advantages and disadvantages, respectively. All control versus uncontrolled motive title transmission as well be a very fascinating and knowingly Dr. following after that. We have them webinar is going to talk to about it or am responding to Mark Barker means misquoting Jesus as well go at excellent and what time. This is take place this take place every Saturday at 3 PM Eastern which is 8 PM here in the UK, or 2 PM central or 12 noon Pacific got it right so this is a time you can be listening Saturday afternoons apologetics � right. Let's focus on on a specialty of yours these these few minutes that we have an intelligent design. Let's say you're talking to someone though. Maybe with maybe with a college education, but someone has in specialized in in science or anything like that. So you want this to be intelligible for them, but she wanted to be something that they can take in the massive scope. I take a couple of minutes to give some of the strongest arguments as to how we can see, there must have been an intelligent designer behind the universe are behind human life sure about the design basically request for patterns in nature which bear the hallmarks of intelligent tonality and out of design is predicated upon the historical inductive method of current bath exclamation for multiple competing hypotheses and when we find certain telltale features in living systems such as the information content of an electorate for molecules of DNA and RNA. We infer the most costly sufficient explanation for that type of the fact is conscious, rational, deliberative agency, by virtue of the fact intelligent fidelity of the only known type of collar catbird exclamation introduced type back trying to explain, and the I'm DNA and is involved in many things within the cell and one of the things that the does Eve specify the sequential arrangement of the meeting lasted on the sucking of the protein and there are that the DNA taken is transcribed by an enzyme complex called RNA polymerase is transcribed into what's called messenger RNA in which single-stranded RNA polymer which is then and am troubled I would find of the nuclear or complex that by the nucleus and Victor Reiber them met the ribosome is the two-part chemical factory. It is translated into protein.

The other three character were run along the messenger RNA transcript and the after character words are: codon and each codon will specify an amino acid into the sequential arrangement of the of the nucleotide fogginess the letters of the chemicals along the, the messenger RNA transcript: determine sequential arrangement of pneumatic subunit and so that is information that isn't what we mean when we talk by information, specify complexity and when we look at the structure of the protein and visiting the criminal work done on the you can actually there is empty criminal evidence to suggest that the ratio of functional and nonfunctional protein structures in the vast array of common probability waves of original amino acid subunit is astronomically small, so finding the functional protein structures within combinatorial spaces like searching for a tiny tiny needle in a normal pace back to having a very limited time to do so at remember the next flexion only effective once you have functional utility. I want you actually found the functional protein structures, and after astronomically rare and isolated within that bacteremia. Combinatorial impossibility by combinatorial faith that it will not represent a significant challenge to the evolutionary paradigm in his molecular machine confounders things might be Carol Davison, for example, what material felt the divine and the eukaryotic mitotic spindle apparatus which is involved in a Intellivision in higher life form the if these things are extraordinary of engineering and design contract there.

There is found various challenges to the ocean paradigm coming from all sorts of different fields. One problem, the waiting time problem and waiting for the emergence of coordinated mutations required to explain certain meditation Cornish mutation can be defined as learning when required, to a more coincident genetic changes that want to gather is an adaptive benefit to get back that was reflection to operate them render the election of course.

But proceed by random mutation and natural special election or am genetic drift, and so forth that election can only work on mutations with a positive or negative adaptive value and at least some adaptive advantage of wire to a more coordinated mutation.

This gives rise to the waiting time problem that all that all mutation the two time constraint.

The dependent population size and generation. Time one of them at the waiting time for mediation to occur on the second of those of the wooden plank of the patient of his mutation, get mutation has to become spectacular confirming the loan individual either becoming the norm.

This establishment turns out that esterase history wife doesn't really provide the resources for emotion to accommodate the waiting time might suggest that the and and obviously you said you said a lot in a short period of time, and some folks heads are or completely spinning in terms of even trying to grasp. It's being said and you're still dumbing it down. In other words, this is extraordinarily complex. Were talking about extraordinary engineering and many scientists say yeah if you only had 14 billion years for this to happen that's not enough time. That's how they look at a limited it's it's it's there would be too many coincidences taking place for this for this to be explain any other way except for divine causality. Hate friends. Check out the apologetics Academy apologetics � join and it's absolutely free. You'll find your mind stretched, you'll be edified.

You'll enjoy the presentations you will learn a lot from them hear that music that means we are out of time. Check out the website asked Dr. plenty of resources waiting for you my bottom line bow down before sovereign God if he could create order.

What about intelligent design is that a strong apologetic argument that we can bring to the world stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown actually actually we just had some information on intelligent design were not talking intelligent design now so if you wanted to get the last five minutes of the last hour of the funny thing is, I asked our guests to use absolutely brilliant to, dumb things down for us and you realize how brilliant he is and what she knows by things being done that I think went over a lot of heads got it. Go back and listen.

The fact is we have been amazingly designed and made by God. The more signs we learn, the more we see that but that's not my focus today we are going to get back to the political scene and a kingdom redemptive way hears them to call 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and let's let's listen to Hillary Clinton at the NAACP convention. There many voices right now.

Speaking to the nation. There is much turmoil there are efforts that are helping to unite us.

There are churches working together for unity for prayer in different cities. Their police departments meeting with community leaders. There many efforts being made for understanding and for harmony and their other efforts being made that are more provoking anger and hatred. We must be very careful that's been something I've said over and again I'll continue to say let's listen though to Hillary Clinton, Joey.

Let's grab click number five first and she's speaking at the NAACP convention about son and Landau draw how urgently we need to make reforms to policing and criminal justice cannot rest until we wrote out implicit bias and stop the killings of African-Americans not obviously this is something of great importance to all Americans, not only people of color.

The question is though, do we know for sure what happened in those two cases are. Has there been a thorough proper investigation and do we know that there was clear negligence. In these cases it's one question and what we do with the statistics that indicate that black cops are 3.3 times more likely to pull the trigger on a black suspect compared to white cops.

What is the argument that effective policing has saved tens of thousands of black lives and that really Giuliani's contention that the police are the number one savers of black lives by enforcing the law in communities with high crime rates.

What we do with those arguments. I am 100% 100% concerned about injustice. I am 100% concerned about that which is unfair, that which is destructive that which turns a blind eye towards the very real needs in the very real complaints. Any complaints in the best sense of the work of a portion of the population. I am all for addressing blind spots. But as I said to a call yesterday as as I said to a caller who was thanking me for what I said on the show but feeling as a whole with the churches with the African-American community down.

I said the key thing is when something is presented say the Michael Brown coming in Ferguson hands up don't shoot well from everything we know that was a myth. There is no such thing as hands up don't shoot. So now you got a whole community rallying about this if you have other center. This is what happened. So what happened need to do is come together around Jim.

It undeniable cases that we can then stand for justice together for plan by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown draw that contrasts with the Republican who are currently meeting up in Cleveland and I think it's fair to say were going to hear a lot about taking our country backwards because that's really what they mean when they talk about making aspirin and yeah so the rhetoric is going to deepen and intensify Hillary Clinton versus Donald Trump this is Michael Brown. Our goal is to rise above the rhetoric or goal is to rise above the partisan politics. Our goal is to evaluate everything by God's Word and God's standards and God's truth.

You can read my latest article by going to ask Dr. in that article I asked the simple question. Does God have a political affiliation is got a Republican's got a Democrat, is there one party. It's God's party and the other part.

It's not God's party were we turning things upside down by asking that question is, is the right question. The opposite of that. Namely, namely, we are on God's side. We on God's side might find the clip from Hillary Clinton, speaking at the NAACP convention taking place the same time as the Republican national convention and that that first clip of of Hillary Clinton was at rally in Cincinnati, University of Cincinnati self. Also from yesterday, but in a different rally. So again, let's go back to the NAACP convention and I want to appreciate something that Hillary Clinton saying and then raise a challenge to a click number six Hillary Clinton against the NAACP black 500% more likely to die from asthma than white kids 500% right now, a black baby in South Carolina is twice as likely to die before her first birthday as a white baby.

Imagine if those numbers were reversed anywhere white kids dying. Imagine the outcry and the resources that would then write. Let me first say to whatever extent those figures are accurate to the extent Hillary Clinton is pointing to a genuine inequity. Our society will, by all means, let's address it by all means, let's be aware of it, by all means let's see where the problems lie and how we can address those problems.

Here's here's what I find troubling, though, here's what I find troubling with the statement I ready number one she is speaking to the choir.

In this regard. In other words, this has nothing to do with bettering the situation of black Americans as much as getting the votes of black Americans.

It's like she sends to a wide audience to sinister black audience report that up. More importantly, what's the feeling you get it's society's fault. It's the governments fault.

The government needs to fix things.

Isn't that the very thing that has worked against African-American families for two generations now. Isn't that the very thing that is undermined the progress of civil rights in the 60s.

Isn't that the very thing that has taken fathers out of homes and is gotten in a situation of dependence on the government for welfare and other benefits. In other words, whether it's true that the institution of welfare was a white supremacist idea to keep Blacks down, which I don't personally believe it may be some had that intent.

Whether it was well intended but destructive.

Either way, it's destructive, so you're now going to point a finger at bad evil society and now the government somehow has to fix things.

That's the problem to me. Let let yes of course there are things the government does and when the government is being unfair. We need to address. But this whole idea of one group is a victim of one of my guests last week. One of his big points was don't play into the victimhood mentality don't play into the victimhood mentality that is always self-defeating. I've written about that in the book that Nancy and I wrote together, breaking the stronghold of food which will be announcing give you details on that shortly.

In the book breaking stronghold of food.

There is a chapter on excuses are for wimps and another book that I'm working on about rebuilding America to Scripture due out next year. Maybe the middle of next year and one of the chapters on dealing with their that the blame game and the entitlement mentality and how that's crippling Americans across the country of every color and every background in every age and again this type of rhetoric to me plays into the whole mentality and and then again when it's basically saying is that Blacks are suffering because of white people and it's a generalization that I take issue with. At the same time wanted to stand together to improve the quality of life of every American is much as we can together or remove obstacles together but perhaps that the biggest issue I have with this is, she says right now black baby in South Carolina is twice as likely to die before her first birthday as a white baby no-no Hillary. Your stats are way off Mrs. Clinton. Your stats are way off that black baby is twice as likely, maybe higher to never get out of the womb.

Yeah, and Mrs. Clinton. You support that you are a staunch supporter of Planned Parenthood, which is murdered more black Americans than any other organization. Think of it years back brainstorming with some pro-life friends, I said how about the slogan stop the black genocide and others independent of me had sought in those same lines, so that's what grieves me more than anything that that Hillary Clinton and Planned Parenthood are close close coworkers Planned Parenthood's never had a better candidate than Hillary Clinton never had one more in tune with their heart and their vision and here you've got Hillary Clinton talk about like babies dying for the first birthday.

How about how about getting today's zero, that, that 866-34-TRUTH right just little bit more from Hillary Clinton will go to click number seven again speaking yesterday at the NAACP convention parts opened up everything on the bus challenge now is to expand job so everyone can afford the fair Basra reaches every neighborhood.

I can't tell you how much that type of rhetoric grates on the everybody else's fault.

You have a job, whoever you are young personal person by person by person, wherever you are. You have a job. It's somebody else's fault and reason you have a job, as does the bus doesn't come into your neighborhood. That's the governments fault.

That's the white person's fault with some type of conspiratorial issue a notice, safe and affordable housing has that going to come about. While obviously Celeste be given out.

Prices have to be dropped two ways that can't be sustained. Since what created a great financial crisis. It years ago, one of the things that led to that crisis suits to me. In my view, this is more of the same. This is the very thing that has worked against the dignity of black Americans is who gives you the right to say that your wife and she speaketh NAACP in their eating up every word. I think that's a shame. I don't believe that what she says ultimately empowers. I don't believe what she says ultimately lifts people. I don't believe what she's saying ultimately gives the sense of responsibility and I don't need the government to help me. I don't need the government to bend over, especially to me if if I study hard and work hard I get ahead.

Like anybody else I may have more obstacles to overcome. If I'm one ethnic group or have certain skin color come from a certain neighbor. I may have more obstacles to overcome, then someone else by assuming they can't be overcome, and as long as political leaders are getting voted in by making promises of what the governments going to do to help somebody rather than say we want to empower you say this about empowerment know this stuff does not empower has it has empowered over the last 4050 years, quite contrary.

Like that here again is Dr. Michael Brown. We white Americans need to do a better job of listening when African-Americans talk about that seen and unseen barriers you face every day.

We need to recognize privilege and practice humility rather than a sound that our experiences are everyone experiences actually. Actually, we've been doing that very very studiously for years on the line of fire as I have eagerly listened to callers from different backgrounds to share their life experiences with me and because I didn't grow up in in racist environments. 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 78842 way and with your comments of mentioned the second organ teacher have a nose little boy was a black man married to a white woman. So what this was the early 1960s, and they they had family turned against him.

Friends turn against them in. They were thoroughly welcomed in our home and so had a black organ teacher, married to a white woman. They sometimes join us for dinner.

That was my dad that was that the environment that I grew up in an I've had the joy of ministering multiculturally for years having dear friends from from virtually every every race and ethnicity in and skin color, coworkers, and I so honor the body are so honor the diversity I so respect the differences in society and the different strengths and weaknesses that each each group brings how we can help each other how we need each other and many callers over the years, many African-American callers have really filled in blind spots for me because of my was never racially profiled. I didn't have to overcome certain obstacles that a black American might have to overcome.

I wasn't treated differently because of my skin color being in that the great majority here in America. So I become very sensitive to these issues and and believe that there many things that white Americans just don't get just don't see at the same time I believe the policies that we have that the welfare system.

The way this mean that there are no people deserving of government help course, there are but the system as it set up in my view, is designed to keep black Americans down rather than to empower them and might my African-American colleagues feel the same way so when I hear Hillary Clinton speak and I second what have these policies done.

They've heard they've not helped. That's what concerns me. I want to see justice policy quality I want to see empowerment.

But I believe this plays into a victim mentality points the finger at someone else caters to anger and then deepens the problem rather than solves the problem, 866-348-7884. Let's go to abundant North Carolina Rhonda, welcome to the line of fire Brown are doing well thank you gift them out are your on your knowledge and your program way all family elected.

There are couple of things that one day the ferry is back at the nurse that it fixed.

When you played I'm about to have met with the black children that concerns me back on it, probably pretty close to the trait and it does bother me a lot. It does tend running black children, but the kind that let me say that my whole family my entire life. I am why that I have on never ever. I'm not even a faint gift from God. Even though it probably is. I've never understood the difference. That people look at people different because their strict skin color. I have been caught awful names my whole life because of that I have one family member that married to a young man leg and a grand black and fair granddaughter Atlantic that my whole life spared out when I'm saying about. I have never felt unnecessary fear even with young black man, I've never felt fear towards black people and I know a lot of people say this, but it is trade my best female friend is black and we are heart back over what And I have noticed myself in the last few days that I have been getting more fearful, I would just how much more fearful and bad of fate failed, and my dealings with people and I'm going about my job and home health nurse, I got out the house and in a lot of different neighborhood and I realized that what I've been doing in my car was listening more to the Navy talk radio and the listened to my Truth Network where you and I'm here the word out that I and I thought of. The second thing I've been on many mission trips every year. Never ever have. I looked at what the political system was in Ecuador before I went to Venezuela before I went never ever have I done. I've always been full of faith have always prepared, by prayer, I've always prepared by rating the word that I could spiritually guide and is public about Christ and the gospel and I think that all of us therapist and need to realize that our mission field is the United States right now we don't need to even be taken on a nonpassive port definitely missionaries everywhere out with our church by I think that our mission field is right here but we have all of the airway have to be full of faith have to debate the card it will hinder NR and Karen our love for everyone and bring it allows the cry have to do Rhonda.

We have to be so careful that we don't get caught up with the speed of the agent and I appreciate your horrendous project appreciate you sharing. When I was in Jamestown, North Carolina couple weeks ago when gentlemen came up to me and had been a regular list may be listening. Nasser. He had been a regular listener to Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity but he said he needed something more positive and now listens to my broadcast as well. So with all respect, I remember that with all the beer with all respect to tenant to Rush and Sean as far as being radio hosts and things like that with great success and and Rush tends to be can be optimistic as well. But the fact is we don't need a natural optimism. We we need the gospel we we don't have my just someone giving us a positive political outlook need the gospel and often especially in the midst of politics we can really get worked up and were prone to this against this and end the sow and the next. There were, get agitated in our emotions in the wrong place was we need to bow down before God to him as the king and to say Lord here we are, regardless of who's in office. We still have liberty to preach the gospel right now in America we have some freedom counterattack. But regardless of who's in office. We can stand. We can speak we can preach the gospel to the lost. We can make disciples. We can pray. Let's give ourselves to what we can do as believers we can do that no one else can do this. Give ourselves to an impact America on her knees in prayer and in living this out as disciples want to thank you so much for calling. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown matter is, however, he does audience and if you look at the message.

Even with Mrs. from saying what you said, it's a pretty divisive message is no intent to really hold the country together against the other. That is a former anchorman Tom Brokaw on NBC talk about the first night at the Republican national convention will respect to Mr. Brokaw have to laugh at those comments. Do you think the Democratic national convention is going to be more uniting for the nation.

You think it's going to be less attacking Donald Trump than the Republican convention is attacking Hillary Clinton you think it's going to really appeal to conservative evangelicals to conservative Americans. You think it's going to tone down its pro-abortion, pro-homosexuality, rhetoric do you think it's going to tone down its perhaps race baiting would be the best way to put of course not, of course not. What a biased statement in my view by Tom Brokaw on NBC.

That being said, surprised. No, not surprised at all.

I expect the liberal media to be going after the Republicans and Donald Trump. I expect to conservative needed to be going after the Democrats and Hillary Clinton. That's the way it's going unfold by God's grace we are going to step hi upper conservative in our moral views because of Scripture because of the Lord and therefore I'm going to take issue with the Democratic national party platform which is radically pro-abortion.

On the final details of been released yet that we can fully expect radically pro-abortion, pro-Planned Parenthood. Where's the Republicans are in their platform calling for the defunding of Planned Parenthood. Let's say the. The decision to redefine marriage that would have been looked at as the ceiling in the past.

Outages can be the ground floor and Democratic thinking so expect things to get more and more radical just expected and autonomic goes with the differences young to take issue with those. But this God primarily identify with one party or another. Isn't that part of the problem is that part of the downfall in our thinking essay with the moral majority were the religious right where it gets hitched to a party, as opposed to saying to the party cures will we stand. Come and join us here is where we stand be part of us and if we agree with you, you'll get our vote.

866-34-TRUTH we come back in a moment I want to ask my just as often as possible. Joining me on Tuesdays at this very time, James Robison just got affiliate with a political party.

And if you're conservative Christian like me conservative follow Jesus like me and you say, under no circumstances did you vote for Hillary Clinton. What's it going to take for Donald Trump to get the vote of conservative evangelicals will will talk about those issues. The first, a special announcement special announcement. Have you ever wondered how you can recognize the voice of God. Have you ever felt a need to hear the Lord more clearly. In my personal life and decision-making for my family for ministry. How can I do that I can really be led by the Holy Spirit. The Bible certainly talks about it was musket dreams and visions prophetic words we just feel something I did extensive teaching on this eight lectures 12 hours some years ago and we put it is the very best teaching at every done on it. How to be led by the spirit you can download it at 60% off the already low price. It's it's practically a giveaway for everything you get for 12 hours of teaching go to the website take advantage of it. Trust me, you'll find it really, really helpful biblically-based sound practical, helpful, go to ask Dr. Brown though. ASK TR Brown job boards can just order download to conventions very special resource offer at a trustee will be a blessing to you will write that the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown back friends to the line 5). My latest article on the stream asked the question, does God have a political party affiliation. My guest James Robison founder the stream was one of the leaders involved with the birth of the moral majority one of the leaders that helped encourage Gov. Ronald Reagan to run for president of so James Robison is seeing the successes as well as the failures of these types of of movements and political involvement.

So James, as always, especially during the political season is great to have you on the broadcast with us. You cannot restrict ongoing society representative you do orally living in a time whatever wisdom comes from. Our future is bleak.

I almost of freedom over his word knowledge, absolutely. And in this means even though we vote and we get involved politically that we have to transcend politics and bring a kingdom view to everything that's going on so is it true on any level that religious conservatives were more majority ended up hitching themselves to a party, as opposed to standing their ground and send the party. Here's how you can work with us.

Was there anything done wrong.

Strategically, we can learn from Gerrit that I wrote a book in the visible restored) imports to write about a way that is the master client only to get what you want to know what must we do not get that book became a New York Times bestseller. I have actually suggested to be a guitar talk family entertainment buddy actually take that book. Metal all about portal layout by William bear that you will push back on distrust your assignment, you will find a proper inspirational way to approach the tremendously high pressure situations repriced in the book. I pointed out that I was yes known as a part of the barking of the religious right was actually part of what was called a freedom rally and balance problems kicked off television for all saying that: chapter 1 is as relevant. The homosexual practices against major larger dog and that these are issues we need to address.

Not with maintenance but little that I was kicked out and then we went to the Bible of freedom rally was a huge rally, not the briefing the writers� You one that proceeded all about it all the conservative leaders and church leaders across Amish farms debited in dollars of the bench and start and it was just it was a shot heard round the world overthrew the fairness doctrine. I was the speaker with the FCC directly up national religious broadcasters convention.

I was the keynote speaker or writer also spoke but anyway we did some good things there and the more majority were Acquired are but the first time I see hope your meeting with Jared and I came up because of the more majority.

October 49, American sound to it. I did not believe that we would like a power base necessary to change everything up so that would be short-lived. But it was also the problem. McCain bear was was obvious that the Republicans with breaking had embraced some of the deep concerns or questions, and rightly so, what they look like an arm of the party, there was). Robertson and Ron J believe the birth of Automator under Pres. Preacher I Had Those Opportunities Years Ago I Was Very to Get in This Part of the Realm of the Political Leadership.

Me, I'm a Preacher Quite of the Message of Again. Dawood Became the Mentor I Stated That Not Here. Here's Our Situation to Be Very Difficult for Real Serious Christians Who Take the Bible and the Constitution Seriously.

Biblical Morality Is Robbie Zacharias. As We Seen in Our Beta Genocide Turn Morality and Reason with Heavy Emphasis on Reason. Well, When You Got a Party That Males Applying Standard Redefines the Family Redefines Gender Cast Aside Basic Principles of the Word of God and Even Sensible Banking and Then Males Applying Gambit Demands the Right to Terminate the Sentence like Planet and Then with All Just Almost a Vicious of Vocal Approval of It Call You the Rest of Us Found Bankers and Terrible People in Your Work.

You Want Carol.

Women Typically Do What They Wanted with Her Body in Which Your Body, What Body Will Innocent Child. So When You Have a Party but As My Elbows Points in All Quarters Are Christian to Get the Party Unless They Come to the Table in the Democratic Convention to Proclaim the Truth of God and Say If These Rotten Poinsettia Platform. Now the Republican Side.

There's No Question Republicans Are Correction Good but Have A Lot Of Rethinking to. They Do Need to Focus with the Greater Compression on the Needs of People Who Don't Have Much, but the Government Is Not the Answer. We Can Help Move People Part of the Answer We Can Protect People's Freedoms like Become a Party after so You Do Have a Seat at the Table. It Appears I Do Not Wish to Endorse a Party. I Wish to Endorse Principles. All Parties and I Think You You Expressed Some Spring Today. Very Good Look at the Concern That No Were Not on the Part Yes We Are a Move of God. That Should Impact Every Party Every Candidate.

Every Voter in a Powerful and Profound and Positive Way and so Right Now It Is Your Thinking As I Am. There's No Possible Way We Can Vote for Hillary Clinton Is Impossible. We Could Support the Democratic Party and yet There There Are Many That Continue to Have Reservations about Donald Trump. Thankfully, You're One of the Voices That Speaking to Him and Speaking to His Family and Obviously Giving Him Godly Counsel. I've Got That the Utmost Confidence in What You'd Be Saying to Him in Terms of Being Gospel Based in Your View, What, What Does He Need to Do If You're Speaking This Year. I Remember Being at Meetings with Ted Cruz When You Were Speaking Publicly Speaking in His Ear and in Urging Him to to Hear You in Certain Key Areas so You Been Quite Forthright in That Regard. Would You Be Sent to Donald Trump to Say Sir If You Want the Confidence of Conservative Christians in America If You Want Their Vote. Here's What I Would Counsel You What You Saying to Him like a Place of the Playbook of the Wisest Possible Counsel and Understand That Biblical Counsel Is Absolutely Unshakably Reliable Religious Talk about Biblical Counsel but Biblical Counsel. In Other Words, Make a Seat at the Table for Joseph Broadbent of the Old Testament and New Testament Teachers Are Apostles and Prophets Do That Is Done Is Open the Door.

You Can Hillary Clinton.

We Don't Get One Thing Most Christians You Get Donald Trump You're Going to Get Some Things That People Are Tony Perkins Told Me You Stole the News Media. This Is the Most Conservative Platform I Ever Say That the Republicans Are Not Presenting and That Means Conservative in Line with Basic Family and Map Website Freedom Principles That Certainly Biblical Principles and Especially Getting Rid of the Jobs.

Remember Prada Pretzel Preachers to Do What They. What Liberal Preachers and the Liberals Are Continued Their Vital Paying Attention but Allowed More Than Ever I Think They're above the Law, but He Refused to Obey It and Are Some Insecure Preachers That Believe the Truth Are Supplied to Say Anything. This Is What You Are Going to Stop Me from Exercising Free Speech or My God-Given Accountability Is Possibly Restrict I'm a Preacher, but Shapiro Sent by and Preach It to Everybody.

So When You Look at the Other Side You're Going to Get Something You're like to Get the Perfect Justices in Light of the Comparison. Are You Going to Get a Judicial System and Perhaps a Justice Reform. Are You Going to Have Strength of the Family Ancestors Here You're Going to Protect the Innocent Life. Your and You're Not Unless I Support These Things That Are so Absolutely Inconsistent with the Word of God with the Heart of God and the Severity Is but That Doesn't Mean You Know the Person You Be a Democrat or Republican Candidate on Either Side Trying to Run on the Right Principles among Their Party Back to Prince Everybody Out Of the Democratic Party Believing Family and Marriage and Personal Responsibility Is Not the Government. They Are Recited to the Whole Party Change Platform Walked to the Core Support Active Duty Christian Support People Demand the Right to Kill the Most Grant Is Another Thing Our Site. Everybody That Was for Some of the Parts Needed to Get What If Daniel Could Say I'm Not Going to Deliver Dr. I'm Not Going Interpret the Dreams Reliably Site the People Because I Don't like Belch out. I Don't like Darius and I Don't like Spiders Reported This Man Ever Stop Delivering the Term All the People That Work with Ted Cruz, Arthur Chris JR Parks Bushel What We Get the Right As Believers to Suddenly Decide Our Choice Didn't Get It in This Democratic Process. Now We're Going to Totally Do Exact Opposite of What Everyone Asked the Other Candidates to Do Were Not Noticeable, but the Character of the People Forget the Part That This Person so What Does the Church We Preach to the People Can't Get I'm Preaching Very Grim Right Now. I Talk You Get Your Rocky Platform Corrected Writing Secretary Of State Clean up the Art Stop� This past Indefensible in Any Way but Don't We Ask People to Move beyond Their past into a New Day with a Mighty Bite Wisdom to the Table.

I'm Telling You, I Have Been with Mr. Propp America Are Talking Eminent Spam. All Leadership They Are Listening. Are They Moving up the Pace. I Want the Way I Want. Not Necessarily so Much My Responsibility Just Sketch off Right There. Sorry to Do That. Take Another Minute If You Can, on the Other Side of the Race Time Is Precious to You to Stay with Us Couple Minutes. I Want You to Share That on the Other Side to Break What You're Saying Why You Believe There Listening. That's Important Here Because You've Been around the Block. You're Right That the Line of Fire with Your Host Dr. Michael Brown. Your Voice Is More Cultural and Spiritual Revolution There Again Is Dr. Michael Brown Back to the Line of Cars Is Messages. Visit the Stream.Org That's Simple. You Read My Articles There Factor. The First Ones to Post Them in These Once We Come Writing Exclusive Article Just for the Stream so You'll Find Great Commentary on What's Happening in the Society Inspiration As Well As Key Breaking News, Often with Christian Commentary on It Is. It's Happening so James Right before the Break We Had to Cut You off If You Were Talking about That That You Do Have the Ear of the Trump Family or Some Other Evangelical Leaders That Are Speaking to Them and That You Genuinely Feel That He's Listening. So Another Words You Don't Feel That He's Just Posturing by Gathering People like You around 10 by Selecting a Conservative Governor like Mike Pence's Running Mate. Don't Feel He's Just Posturing for Votes, but Either in His Heart of Hearts He Believes This Is Right or Simply He Believes This Is the Direction He Should Go and and He's Doing It? Captivated by Juniors and Seniors Are Some People, Is Recorded in Court. Also It Very and He Believes That I Care Deeply for This Country but I Have a Where Is the Surest Positive Earnings Circulars As the Amount for As Those Other Slightly Last BBQ Basket Part Continue to Work with Tony Perkins My Curios Prolapse at Stony Brook. How Effective Are Been Keeping Him Totally at the Title and Increasing That I Won't, but Compounded Here What Your Site I Want to Hear What You Say I Will Know What Your Site Is a Relates to Israel about Important Matters. I Will Be Working for You. Have a Seat Pipe Novel Targets the Republican What We Think Is More Conservative Biblical Somebody Said I Want to Know the Church and When the Family Basically Is Saying to Me, We Would Lose Everything to Help Us Contribute Turnaround. Nothing Really Matters Anymore, but Freedom in Helping the American People That I Believe They Made Because I'm Telling You They Will Be Largely Distracted from Everything but Mr. Trump Given Any Attention to It When I'm Watching the Family Here for More Tension to Try to Help Their Dad Here, and I Find That to Be the Case, and I Continue to Be Asked and I like It Very Clear. I Am Not Back out Are Not to Leave a Seat at the Table. Even If I Disagree with Someone on Why You Disagree. There's Why I Think It's a Problem.

It's the Very Things Are Said to I Suited to Every Candidate Which Some Samples I Probably 14 of the 70 Spent Time with Mike, I Spoke the Truth and Shared My Concerns with Everyone about What Because I Believe That We Feel Freedom, Solid Principal Foundation and We Have Moved Away from That and the Walls to Protect That Which Matters Have Been, and so on, Pushing 20 I Want to See Donald Trump Make Jesus the Most Important Thing in His Life. Most Important Person but I Think If He Got up and Set out Head of Damascus Road Experience. I Think That Would Backfire As Much Is October Jailhouse That Religion. It Would Be People Would Bring up Buyers Manipulation Is a Liar. I Said to Him You Keep What's Going on between You and God between You and God Walked out.

Be Very Careful How You Talk about Religion Reason Things Eyesight. I'm Telling People Right Now Are so Sick of Political Correctness Are so Sick of Your Establishment but We Want Something Different to Mr. Thompson.

I Want to.

Let's Work to Get It Done. Let's Let's Correct the Course and Friends for Those You Don't Know James Robison Personally When You See Them on TV. You'll See Some Intimidating Love. You See Someone Caring about Starving Children in Africa, and the Concern Is Genuinely There, You'll See the Getting Choked up As They Present These Things As As a Couple, James and His Dear Wife and You Might Think Well Is This Guy Hard-Nosed Listener. I've Been in the Pleadings Where with Gracie Spoke of the Political Leaders in Ways That I Think Will That Was a Strong Statement Here.

I've Talked It with Candor and Grace Filled Tums of the Difference with Me about That.

I've Written or Said so That's Encouraging to Me Because I Know James You Are Asking for Prayer the First Time You Were Getting with Donald Trump's Family Text Me Asking for Prayer Using Going There Just Kinda Blindside You Yeah or or or Wide-Eyed. I Should Say You Been around Enough Political Leaders. There Is Nothing Magical about It. So II a Conference Okay. He's Going to Hear the Gospel from a Friend Here He's Can Hear the Gospel, the Fact That Now after These Weeks, You Feel He's Listening Even More Personally That's Very Encouraging to Me. You Know the Many Questions I've Had about the Trump Candidacy.

So As You Tell Me That Is Really Listening. And Now I See Heather the Platform Was Drafted so He Didn't Fight. It Seemed Right. They Saw Art Yeah That's That's Positive to Hear and Encouraging to Me and and I Appreciate You Sharing It and Listen. If You Have an Open Door to Talk to Hillary Clinton like This.

I'm Sure You Would.

That's the Problem of the Door Is Not Open Their but It Is Open the Side of Donald Trump. So Let's Keep Praying That God Will Surround with Godly Men and Women and That He and His Family Will Have Ears to Hear, to Do What's Right for the Nation. Thank You Sir for Your Labors.

Look Forward to Talking to You Next Week and Please Pray and Vote Don't Opt out Because You Didn't Get Exactly What You Break Might Be Getting Something Better. Many of Us Actually Want. We Might Actually Get the Awakening of the Spiritual Move of God, but Our Hearts Long Boring Desperately Made Be so Mad If We Long for That. That Would Be the Joy of Our Lives. Thank You so Much Dear Brother, I Hereby Give Your Prayers and Those of Your Listeners Right Let's That's Genuinely Encouraging to Me to Hear Friends, Genuinely Because like I Said I I Know What James Said. Behind the Scenes I I Know It's Not Just Coddling and He Refuses to Endorse Any Candidate As I Can Endorse and Tony Perkins. I Know Where He Stands on on Key Righteousness Issues and Religious Liberty. Sick Is a Colleague and Friend in Your Neck and Find Someone More to Commit More Clearheaded with Better Understanding of These Issues Than Tony Is Not a Hater Is Not a Basher Gets Maligned. That's Because He Stands for the Truth so Encouraging, Encouraging Words for Sure 86.

Now, Why, Why Give out That I Get a Minute and 1/2 in the Program. Why Give out the Phone Number Tell You What I Want to Do. How Would You How'd You like This, Check This out. How'd You like to Become a Monthly Torchbearers of Supporter's of This Dollar a Day to Help Us with Radio Broadcast and to Protect the Privilege of Helping Us Speak This Message to the Nation. So We Do It Together Helping Us Reach the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel, Helping Us Stand for Moral and Cultural Issues in American Take the Gospel to the Nations Not to Think of This. How Would You like to Support This Ministry and at the End of the Year Basically Get Every Dime You Gave to Us. Put Back in Your Pocket to Help Pay for Your Israel Trip Become a Torchbearer Today Go the Website Asked Her to Cascade Your Brown.Org and Just Click on Donate and Check off the Option to Be a Monthly Support of the Center Brand-New Preach Message Every Month We Send You a Book to Equip You As a Thank You Gift When You Sign up.

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Looking Civil War for an Icon of Their Spiritual Use Them Now in Prayer for the Elect

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