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Republican National Convention: The Party Restraining Romans 1 (at least mostly)

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton
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August 28, 2020 8:00 pm

Republican National Convention: The Party Restraining Romans 1 (at least mostly)

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton

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August 28, 2020 8:00 pm

The Republicans held their National Convention this week, nominating President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence to be their nominees at the top of the ticket. With the Democrat and Republican conventions being held in back-to-back weeks, it was a good opportunity to contrast what each party supports and opposes.

Last week on the program, we discussed how the Democrats have become the party of Romans 1, “suppressing the truth in unrighteousness” as they openly advocate for abortion, homosexuality, and religious restrictions in clear opposition to God.

This week we’ll examine the Republicans and how their platform and policies measure up against God’s word. You’ve probably heard someone lament, “Democrats and Republicans—they’re all the same.” But is that really true? And what’s at stake for the future of our country depending on which party takes political power after the November 3 election?

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The national convention party that is straining. Romans one lease mostly talk will discuss today right here on the Christian world view radio program where the mission is to sharpen the biblical worldview of Christians to share the good news that all people can be reconciled made right with God through repentance of sin.

Placing your faith who Jesus Christ is and what did for us on the cross of David with the horse.

The programmer website is the Christian world

Thank you for joining us this week in order. Republicans is probably most of you know, held their national convention this past week nominating Pres. Trump and VP Pentz to be there nominees at the top of the ticket met with the Democrat and Republican conventions being held in back-to-back weeks.

It was a good opportunity to contrast what each party supports and opposes as a last week on the program. We discussed how the Democrats after their convention, have become the party of Romans one where it says that people suppress the truth in unrighteousness as they openly try to hide it openly advocate for abortion and homosexuality and religious restrictions and all manner of other policies that are against a Christian worldview and in clear opposition to God. This week will examine the Republicans and how their platform and policies measure up against the standard that the ultimate standard of God's word. You probably heard someone lament at some point along the way young Democrats and Republicans there all the same but is that really true. I think that's a very, very unreasonable and illogical case to make, especially after you read the platforms of both parties, which we read the Democrat last week will be the Republicans this week and so what's at stake for the future of our country depending on which party takes political power after the November 3 election. One answer some of these questions today here on the Christian world view. Now that this is the first time in in in multi-memory that I've watched a lot of the conventions I can't member exactly much. I watch of the Democrat convention but quite a bit and I watched a lot of the Republican convention this past week, usually think of just one speech after the other, but even it was both run virtually to so there was no a live audience. For the most part there were for some of the speeches of Pres. Trump and and I VP Pentz but they weren't in the typical large venue, with thousands of people there, and so forth, and was very different. Different feel for these conventions but I really found them very interesting and very telling.

After watching these conventions be each party. This is their their their big opportunity.

No matter how many people in America for what wonder the helmet people ask you, watching not just the president speech or the or former VP Biden speech account of the big headliner of the convention, but how many people actually watching what the other. These parties are putting out that that they put on display. What is most important to them during their convention a comes across loud and clear, and so the fuel you get from the Democrat convention is that America is unjust okay with all the racial tensions and where an oppressive society and their systemic racism that was loud, loud and clear through their convention and there's a darkness over this land because of Donald Trump. They think that he's something akin to a white supremacist in your tyrant fascist dictator that that's the the strong impression you get from the Democrats on the other hands from the Republican convention that the strong impression you get is that America is the greatest nation in the history of the world. We should be proud of this country and we have our faults but let's work together to go even higher in those are very very different messages and it really goes back to your worldview and how you you see our country and this was made loud and clear how the Republicans see our country and on day one. They had an opening segments of the video of it it's hard on the course. Hard to see on radio, but they had all on the play it for you. Just the vision that Republicans have for where our country is right now. Here's day one opening Republican national convention. We come together tonight to imagine a future term and by the shining light of our hopes and values and say judged by our character with dignity and respect lives matter, irrespective of race, something beyond our dream exception is best stand in the breach to preserve petitions promising change every election but delivering emptiness chose a different man who is not a politician, a man who cares man who loves America's a man who works tyrant. Even tonight during this nomination zone jobs undeniable greatness of diversity, safe community, serving caring for one fanning the flames land of promise land of opportunity. Land greatest country with the greatest citizens which achieve the which attain the greatest achievements that that is the message of the Republican convention this week and again just contrast that if you watch any of the Democrat convention that this is a dark time in our country America's unjust their systemic racism and the president himself is a really really evil person that is that that's the message and so that the takeaways that I that I saw in watching the not just that that was just the opening to it, but all the other speeches and so forth. It's very clear on the Republican side, there is a patriotism there, which is a a love for this country. America and they there you see in that little vignette there.

There is there praising the praiseworthy aspects that the free enterprise.

The rugged individualism the achievements the overcoming of difficulties. This kind of thing.

But there's also not a complete glossing over of areas that were not perfectly need to know we need to point out areas for improvement and so forth. And again, the Democrats was were were fundamentally flawed and were illegitimate. You hear that all the time. Our founding was illegitimate, it was oppressive that our founders were racist. They were sexist they were homophobic need to take their statues down.

They were saying that the Democrat National convention but that's that's who their supporters are in the streets. The country is actually rotten at its core. It's in unjust it's there is greed there is just there is visit is the disparities between rich and poor. Show how how wrong and how bad our system is so the result of that that worldview is that people won't kneel for the national anthem they they the they see the flag in the sports stars and so forth. And they they think RFQ been told this over and over again the countries phenomenally flawed and will Jill illegitimate and unjust people think America is a terrible place and they want to fundamentally transform it so on. On the issue of patriotism. There is a love for America and it maybe it's too much love Ami may be there there there country worshipers over over God. Worship is not saying that the patriotism generally is is a biblical concept. God had taught in establish the there. The role of nations at the Tower of Babel that the world should be nationalistic, not globalist accounts would lead to the Tower of Babel God being upset and separating people because he knows, and all man gets together and some globalism like were for the human race globally rather than for your nation honoring God. That's where problems come in and so there's a patriotism there is strong patriotism at the Republican national convention. Also you can see in that vignette. There is a constant hope and optimism for the future and they don't believe in biblical eschatology, maybe not.

Or ignoring where the world is going as it says in Revelation, but we don't know when that's going to take place that could be very soon, but it could be very far down the road so we have to live in in terms of Christ could return at any moment.

But we also have to live in light of Christ may not return at any moment. So we need to keep on serving, honoring and working for the kingdom of God and trying to spread the gospel and the good news. Until that that point comes in. So there's a strong hope for the future that the Republican see America as a city shining city on a hill. The future can be better were the Democrats, at least the more radical ones. See the system is finally flawed need to be burned down and that's what you see in the streets. Burn it down.

We need to work toward the ultimate hope for the world is a mark is a utopian Marxist vision member. Communism is always the endgame for unregenerate man because unregenerate man believes in the goodness of man and doesn't believe in God so if man is inherently good if we just get the right leaders who understand us and we just this put together the right system which which is always calm as we equally share in everything. This is going to be the Kumbaya that the peaceful moment that the good the great promise for the future so patriotism huge difference hope for the future. Big difference in the parties and then lastly, I think the most important one for this particular program and the focus of what we do here in the program is the policies and values of each particular party, the Republican Party, I would say has mainly Christian values of the policies they put forward our our derived directly from a bullet a biblical worldview the biblical worldview doesn't get its is values from political conservatism is the other way around.

Policies like the right to life, the principle of of work in incentive an individual liberties. These come from as our founders said from God, not the other way around and sell those values to a large extent are are are being pulled directly from a Christian may be necessary.

A biblical and narrow biblical worldview, but a broadly Christian worldview. And so you heard speakers at the convention talking openly about God. Their faith you might you hear the name of Jesus Christ being mentioned that this wasn't biblical Christianity, but it was a Christian.

General Christian worldview being broadcast that the that the Republican Party is associating with.

We'll talk about more than Republican national convention rare for this. The Bible says the children should be raised in the discipline and instruction of the Lord is nothing more important than sitting, walking, talking and teaching your son or daughter to love and fear God, the church is swimming in children's resources, but it's also important to select ones that accurately represent God's word gospel and I store Christian worldview.or we are intentional about offering resources to build a sound and strong faith in children, you will find several models for children and raccoons look serious and good news for little hearts series. We also have video and audio resources like video and Sugar Creek gang browse the mall.

The Christian were and then use them daily with the child. God has put in your life. That's the Christian world view.the Christian worldview radio program bears live Saturday mornings at 8 AM central time. Did you know you can also listen according to schedule. 1 Simple Way to cure past programs is at our website the Christian world You also find short takes their which are bite-size highlights of each program beyond her website. You can search for the Christian, were you in the podcast app on your smart phone and subscribe for free program is also sermon iTunes Google podcast and stitcher if you need help navigating online podcast realm. Just give us a call toll-free, one AAA 646-2233 will follow the links on the homepage of the Christian worldview.because when believers have a sharper biblical world and nonbelievers come to saving faith lives and families are change for the glory of God.

Thank you for listening. Thank you for joining us today on the Christian world view radio program. Just a reminder today is Saturday, August 29 and Monday's 31st of course that means were only three weeks away to the day from the Christian world view golf and Dinner Event Takes Pl., Monday September 21. Another knock on the dinner portion of the event this year. Socialistic golf event next would hill country club and was that a Minnesota if you're a golfer or know someone who would love to play and that I just get in contact with our ministry through our website. The Christian were the would love to have you out. This is a time of fellowship with the time of support for this ministry and hope you are able to come. That's Monday, September 21 of this week on the program. We are talking about the Republican national convention. One of the Democrats last week. This week are going over the Republican national convention and were subtitling the program the party that is restraining Romans want to talk call the Democrats, the party of Romans one. Based on their platform and what they what they want for this country's Romans 118 through 32 and suppressing the truth in unrighteousness and in really advocating for things that are clearly against God's word and will.

And Republicans, whether they know it or not, have derived their political values from a generally Christian worldview. And so the other party is trying to advocate for values that are mostly consistent with Scripture to get into that right now in the program because last week we read the, the Democrat National committee platform this week were going to read the Republican national committee platform that can read the whole thing but just selections like I did last week just feel this notice that the the GOP that the Republicans stand for live support limited government not big government, individual liberties and freedom of speech and freedom of religion, freedom of self-determination and another was decide for yourself on situations. We don't have the government making all your decisions. They believe in the Second Amendment self-defense to believe in law and order. The principle of work as it is a worthy calling instead of the incentive to work rather than a welfare state opportunity and they also believe in America that America plays an important realm in the world as a superpower status that that if America is not around.

What is the what is the bulwark what is the hedge against evil actors in the world. And then, in contrast to the Democratic National Committee platform that we read last week or almost every value has some sort of un-biblical notion to whether it's abortion or their morality or economics are for open borders or or a very large version of big government or AE worship of the environment that creates radical environmentalism rather than stewardship of the environment, so I just pulled out this week. The Republican national committee platform and to read a few of them do think it's important to to hear this and just make the contrast between Democrats and Republicans because they're not the same that that is such a a a week default lazy conclusion to make to politics only see politicians sort of not not do what we like them to do older all the same.

Well maybe in one day.

They were closer together. I think they were then Democrats and Republicans were closer together at one at one stage in our many stages or maybe for most of our history where there is differences in tax rates and so forth and so on.

But as of late, and especially now at this time in our history. The differences couldn't be more clear and they couldn't be more far apart so we got Republican national platform.

We start Outlook where we did last week with bioethics issues. You remember last week we started out with this particular category where the Democrats oppose all federal and state laws that prohibit or restrict abortion to this.

Think about that for a second you oppose all federal and state laws that prohibit or restrict abortion and support taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood. That means that you want absolutely no you want. I mean, anytime, anywhere you want a woman to be able to in the life to kill her unborn child.

Just think about that. The breathtaking breath of that particular policy for the Democrats now compare that. Here's to the Republican national committee platform that the Republicans support the sanctity of human life, and affirm that the unborn child has a fundamental right to life which cannot be infringed cannot be infringed opposes the Republicans oppose taxpayer funding of abortion. Complete opposite calls for a permanent ban on federal funding and subsidies for abortion healthcare plans that include abortion coverage in the Republicans oppose the FDA's approval of my my for practice. The abortifacient, formally known as RU-486 Republicans oppose euthanasia and assisted suicide misreading is right off their their platform. Republicans oppose healthcare providers being permitted to unilaterally withhold services because the patient's life is deemed not worth living, and urges all states and Congress to make it a crime to acquire, transfer or sell fetal tissues from elective abortions for research easy. That's the dirty little secret is a dirty big secret actually going on this country that the abortion industry not only kills unborn are partially born children, but it in those cases, they sell the body parts so as much as Republicans can put that particular video clip for the first three minutes.

They are overlooking the, the, the, the wicked sin that takes place in our's and our country every place a row all over this country basically with this particular practice taking place. I don't see how God does not judge this nation severely for this taking place.

The Republicans are for that. Mind you, but to to overlook that and still think you know we are so great and so righteousness they are saying that but you can do. You cannot look at America like that when that is taking place in our country and the moral depravity which is affirmed in this country again, Republicans aren't affirming other affirming the opposite, that is the reality of what is taking place. Still in this country. Many countries around the world. I'm sure the Republicans support a congressional ban on the sale of fetal body parts. We just talked about that this support funding for ultrasounds and adoptive adoption assistant they support states protecting women and girls through laws requiring informed consent, parental consent, waiting periods for abortion clinic regulation. As you can see here there is one item after the other on the protection of life again just contrast to last week, the Democrat party opposes all federal and state laws that prohibit or restrict abortion. There's just it's it's 180 in the opposite direction.

There's more time to go through all my lives. Republicans oppose infanticide and call on Congress to pass a federal pain capable unborn child protection act prohibiting abortion for 20 weeks, the point at which current medical research shows that unborn babies can feel excruciating pain during abortion work and get to a soundbite today from a former employee of Planned Parenthood, which is going to make your skin crawl, and then goes on to say what's more, hear this.

This is supports this. The rope Republican support state and federal efforts against the cruelest forms of abortion, especially dismemberment abortion procedures in which unborn babies are literally torn apart limb from limb.

This is right from the Democrat National's are the Republican national committee platform and finally on the issue of bioethics, the Republican support a federal ban on sex selection abortions and abortions based on disabilities which, of course, the Democrats support they they think you should be 11 abortion for any reason. If you want all you having a girl you want to girl okay abortion. Oh, you're gonna have theirs and be a problem with your your down syndrome okay abortion, just think about if there was nothing else we talked about today that particular issue of life as if the life in a woman's womb, weeks or months before it's born is actually not a human being. That should be enough for any Christian to say it is so easy for it to to understand so obvious to understand which side should be supported and which side should be opposed must go on to more of them missed when the whole segment of a few more minutes left on the Republican national committee platform. They support the ability of organizations to provide purchase or enroll in healthcare coverage consistent with their religious, moral or ethical condition convictions without discrimination or penalty. In other words, they're not into having forcing businesses to provide abortion coverage or transgender change coverage or any kinds of these immoral coverages that the Democrats want healthcare all healthcare in business to be able to have.

To include in their healthcare plans for their customers. Next one down to go a little faster here to try to finish in this segment. Republicans us up oppose bigotry, racism, anti-Semitism, ethnic prejudice or religious intolerance. Therefore, therefore we oppose discrimination based on race, sex, religion, Cree disability, or national origin, and support statues to incest discrimination now. The Democrats would support that to but they would take it even further into transgender is him and homosexuality, which then immediately creates a problem for the religious liberties of Christians who don't service or support those kinds of sinful activities go down next to Ed, the issue of education Republican support a constitutional amendment to protect current parental rights from interference by states federal government or international bodies such as the UN. They support school choice for all students propose that the bulk of federal money through title I was move out.

There's too many here basically want to give you school choice and not have.

You basically have no choice other than the public schools. Let's go down to marriage and family issues. Republicans support tradition. This is very key support traditional marriage and family based on one man and one woman every child deserves a married mom and dad in our laws and government regulation should actively promote married family life as the basis of a stable and prosperous society that particular one can't be overstated as well in black lives Madison.

We want to disrupt the nuclear family there say we want to break down society because a mom and a dad raising children for all of human history has been the one building block of a safe and stable society. There is much more will get into a couple more after the break Melinda more soundbites from the Republican national convention on David Wheaton listing to the Christian real view were talking about the convention today. Comparing and contrasting Democrats to Republicans more coming up. He liked all love playing in the Christian worldview golf event at historic Woodfield country club in Wayzata, Minnesota on Monday, September 21 golf registration includes lunch range and 18 holes with current and one of the best courses in the state.

Bring your own foursome or we can fit you into a group whole sponsorships are also available. Shotgun start is 12:30 PM. There won't be an evening dinner event this year due to indoor group restrictions golfers will enjoy the rare opportunity to play. It would with its immaculate condition, challenging greens setting all in support Christian worldview. Your ministry we hope to see you on Monday, September 21. Registration deadline is Tuesday, September 8 to register, visit the Christian world that's the Christian worldview that will be sure to take advantage of two free resources that will keep you informed and sharpen your world. The first is the Christian world view weekly email which comes to your inbox each Friday. It contains a preview of the upcoming radio along with need to read articles, teacher resources, special events, and audio of the previous program.

The second is the Christian world view annual letter, which is delivered to your mailbox. In November it contains a UN letter from host, David. We had a listing of our store items including DVDs, books, children's materials and you can sign up for the weekly email and annual by visiting the Christian world view.calling one AAA 646-2230 through your email and mailing address will never be sure and you can unsubscribe at any time: one AAA 646-2233 or visit the Christian.talking today in the Christian real view about the Republican national convention which took place this past week.

The week after the Democrat National convention were doing some compare and contrast today and going over the Republican national committee platform credibly pro-life, pro-biblical family man and woman Mary raising children. Lots of other things in there, but we want time to get into today, but the last one I want to bring up is the issue of religious liberty your member last week that the last thing I read about that the Democrat National platform was that they oppose broad religious exemptions exemptions to allow businesses, medical providers, social service agencies, and others, to discriminate. In other words, what what they see as discrimination is if you if you don't want to do something or be involved in something because of your sincerely held biblical or Christian convictions best option for you. You you can't quote discriminate against someone so use the example, a typical example. There's many of them coming out all the time is one homosexual rights are are are pushed back against by a Christian business owner let maybe they have a wedding are a cake shop.

We've heard cases like this, and they they do they don't they. They are happy to serve all customers when it comes to designing a specifically a specific cake for a homosexual wedding that violates their Christian belief. They refuse to do so, and they get sued, lose everything. The Democrat party for that that therefore, Christians not being able to refuse service. On the other side. Republicans are completely against that. They want people to have religious liberty to be able to live according to their their beliefs and this is what the founders had intention right there in the First Amendment for for religious liberty whether there are so many they have the Republicans have so many items talking with you get to them all, but there is one after the other and their support of religious liberty and Christian should take note that this is the party that wants to support religious liberty. So Republicans oppose government discrimination against businesses or entities that decline to sell items or services to individuals for activities that go against the religious views about such activities has the opposite exactly what the Democrats are are saying the rep Republican support the right of America's religious leaders to preach and Americans to speak freely according to their faith. Republican support efforts to defend the religious beliefs and rights of conscience, of all Americans and to safeguard religious institutions against government control and see AutoCAD on time read all of them's they support laws to confirm the long-standing American tradition that of religious individuals and institutions can educate young people and they can receive government benefits for doing so and participate in public to debates without having to check their religious beliefs at the door. To me this is in the Republican national platform Republican support the freedom of Americans to act in accordance with the religious beliefs not only their houses of worship, but also in their every day lives. They support the public display of the 10 Commandments as a reflection of our history and our countries Judeo-Christian heritage. They support the right of religious students to engage in voluntary prayer at public school events and to have equal access to school facilities, and they support the First Amendment right of freedom of association for religious private service and service and youth organizations to set their own membership standards, Democrats or poses. If you're Christian organization like the Christian world view. Let's say what you're able to.

All you you're able to only hire people that are fellow Christians less discriminatory or I don't care if you're Christian organizations you need to make it open to anyone, even atheists, to be on your border on your staff that's completely ludicrous.

That's with the Democrat support you'll see in groups like FCA on college campuses or crew were this pressure for them to have to have in their leadership or people they hire, they can't discriminate according to what these people believe it sounds crazy but it's absolutely true. So looking at this platform. This is a very conservative platform again. It's a conservatism is pulled from a biblical worldview, not the other way around, and ever have. After having washed the convention and after seeing Pres. Trump for the last four years actually a bit to my surprise I had no idea. I did not expect him to to be so conservative in his worldview as a present mafic I think. I believe he is the most conservative president for sure in my lifetime. I think even more so than Ronald Reagan was right ring was very conservative in lots of different ways and it certainly is that this is debatable between Trump and conservative abet Reagan but I think Trump is actually more conservative on the abortion issue then then present Reagan he's more conservative on the Israel issuing Trump move the visit that the capital or the embassy US Embassy to Jerusalem in why no private persons talk about that but if she did it when he sees a huge supporter of Israel which which we should be baldly going back to Abraham a covenant that those who bless you will be blessed when he's done things from that from basically from not being a very conservative person is personal life before he became president to have this change. I didn't see it coming, at least to this extent, so I'm pleasantly surprised. So, we can. I want so in light of that platform I didn't have time to read it all in one read the whole take the whole program to read that. But I want to give you a sense, you can contrast that to what we talked about last week. If you didn't hear that programming go to website the Christian real you can't go over and read review the whole thing again today so want to play that sound but I mentioned earlier from Republican national convention from Abby Johnson.

Maybe you've heard of her, but she was a former employee at Planned Parenthood and she gave us an extremely powerful speech on what the abortion industry is like and how important it is for Christians to never get too far never get away from the fact that that particular issue of life.

Abortion end of their early in life before life. Also late life euthanasia because of you support abortion. You can support end-of-life euthanasia of someone else makes a decision that while you can't run your course and you don't not contributing to much anymore. Your expensive to the system.

That's where that leads.

Here's Abby Johnson, the former employee of Planned Parenthood content and I think eight years working for Planned Parenthood.

But today I am a pro-life activist college Planned Parenthood approached me at a volunteer fair.

They talked about helping women in crisis and their commitment to keep abortion safe, legal and rare was convinced a volunteer and later offered a full time job as a medical assistant before my promotion to director of the clinic. I truly believe I was helping women, but things drastically changed in 2009 April. I was awarded Planned Parenthood's employee of the year award and invited to their annual gala where they present the Margaret Sanger award named for their founder, Margaret Sanger was a racist who believes in eugenics will win founding Planned Parenthood was to indicate the minority population. Today, almost 80% of Planned Parenthood abortion facilities are strategically located in minority neighborhoods every year.

Planned Parenthood breaks its racist rates by presenting the Margaret Sanger award later in August. My supervisor assigned me a new quota to meet and abortion quota. I was expected to sell the abortions performed the previous year. When I push back underscoring Planned Parenthood's public facing goal of decreasing abortions. I was reprimanded and told abortion is how we make our money, but the tipping point came a month later when a physician asked me to assist with an ultrasound guided abortion.

Nothing prepared me for what I saw on the screen and unborn baby fighting back. Desperate to move away from the section I will never forget what the doctor said next beam me up Scotty.

The last thing I saw was a spine twirling around in the mother's womb. Before succumbing to the force of the section on October 6 I left the clinic.

Looking back only to remember why I now advocate so passionately for life. I founded and currently run and then there were nine nonprofit organization to help nearly 600 abortion workers transition out of the industry for most people who consider themselves pro-life abortion is abstract, they can't even conceive of the barbarity they don't know about the products of conception room and abortion clinics where infant corpses are pieced back together to ensure nothing remains in the mother's whims, or that we dealt and called it the pieces of children room for me abortion is real. I know what it sounds like I know what abortion smells like Gmail abortion even has somehow been the perpetrator to these babies to these women and I now support Pres. Trump because he has done more for the unborn thing any other president during his first month in office, he banned federal funds for global health groups that promote abortion. That same year he overturned an Obama Biden rule that allowed government subsidy of abortion, he pointed out record number of pro-life judges, including two Supreme Court justices, and importantly, he announced a new rule protecting the rights of healthcare workers objecting to abortion, many of whom I work with every day life is a core tenant of who we are as Americans in this election is a choice between two radical anti-life activists, and the most pro-life president we have ever had something that she compel you to action, go door-to-door, make calls, talk to your neighbors and friends and vote on November 3 action that reelects our president and do it with our very most vulnerable Americans in mind, the ones who haven't been born yet if that doesn't draw enough contrast between what the Democrats support and what this president Republican support. I don't know what will will will more after this. In the Christian worldview the Christian world view radio program bears live Saturday mornings at 8 AM central time. Did you know you can also listen according to your own schedule. 1 Simple Way to hear past programs is at our website the Christian world You also find short takes their which are bite-size highlights of each program beyond our website, you can search for the Christian, were you in the podcast app on your smart phone and subscribe for free program is also sermon iTunes Google podcast and stitcher if you need help navigating online podcast realm. Just give us a call one AAA 646-2233 will follow the links on the homepage of the Christian worldview.because when believers have a sharper biblical world and nonbelievers come to saving faith lives and families are change for the glory of God.

Thank you for listening. There is an abundance of Christian resources available, but the reality is that many of them even some of the most popular nightly to a sound and strong faith is only one perfect book.

The key aim of the Christian world is to identify and offer resources that are biblically faithful and deep in your walk with God in our online store will have a wide range of resources from all ages, adult and children's books and DVDs, Bibles and devotionals, unique gifts and more so browse our store and Christian world and find enriching resources for yourself, family, friends, small group or church. You can also order by calling toll-free one AAA 646-2233. That's one AAA 646-2233 or visit the Christian world to listen to that Abby Johnson message again from the Republican national convention. This just powerful to think about how great this nation is and yet what takes place inside our country. So whenever I think about the greatness of America do think this is a great nation, a nation blessed by God. Absolutely love this country, there is this there is this check inside me realize what what is taking place in this country. We need to have people in leadership who will not advance that even more, but try to pull back on and that is this is the great saving slavery's estate upon America that this is it. And I was overcome this situation, the issue of abortion is far far far beyond the, the, the terrible sin of slavery. 60 million unborn babies have been aborted since the law that wicked law was was made illegal in this country we don't always sweep so many soundbites here so little time on this can apply one more by the president and I figured I should display that will maybe get some from my pants and Nikki Haley and many others we have in the coming weeks, but I think this of this five-minute portion from Pres. Trump. I think Drew that the distinctions as we compare and contrast Democrats and Republicans drew the distinction between the visions for each side very well. His Pres. Trump and his Republican national convention speech because we understand that America is not a land cloaked in darkness. America is the torch that enlightens the entire world gathered here at our beautiful and majestic White House known all over the world is the people's house. We cannot help but marvel at the miracle that is our great American story. This has been the home of larger-than-life figures like Teddy Roosevelt and Andrew Jackson, who rallied Americans to bold visions of a bigger and brighter future. Within these walls lived tenacious generals like Pres. Grant and Eisenhower who let our soldiers in the cause of freedom from these grounds. Thomas Jefferson said Lewis and Clark on a daring expedition to Grosser while an uncharted continent in the depths of a bloodied Civil War, Pres. Abraham Lincoln looked out these very windows upon 1/2 completed Washington Monument and ask God in his providence to save our nation. Two weeks after Pearl Harbor Franklin Delano Roosevelt welcomed Winston Churchill and just inside they set our people on a course to victory in the second world war could just a quick pause here you can see we had another huge contrast be the founders and the great leaders of this country are our honored here rather than being just sumps summarily disk dismissed as racist and sexist and and slaveholders see the difference. There also can hear the all the sirens and the noise going on the background there's all sorts of protests people were blowing a bullhorn to try to drown out the the event that was taking place. This particular night.

These these protesters.

These leftists were in the streets of Washington DC when this is taking place. What united generations past was an unshakable confidence in America's destiny and an unbreakable faith in the American people.

They knew that our country is blessed by God and has a special purpose in this world it is that conviction that inspired the formation of our union, our westward expansion, the abolition of slavery. The passage of civil rights, the space program and the overthrow Fascism. And communism. This towering American spirit is prevailed over every challenge and lifted us to the summit of human endeavor. And yet, despite all of our great this is a nation everything we have achieved is now in danger.

This is the most important election in the history of our country and I can that you see the distinctions these parties are not one in the same. The they are so far apart, their visions are so different. I really believe that the people the unrest in the violence and the and the Democrats to support them that the leadership of the Democrats is overlook indoor training about it.

You don't want to overuse the word X a stench like a threat to your very existence, but I don't think that's an exaggeration.

In this case with if radical leftist getting control of this country. I think it is an ex-substantial threat to the existence of America as we go for it. Is this America's Mike pence said the cost is between Democrat Republican.

The question is whether America will remain. America was at a time to play a sound but was very powerful is continued.

Pres. Trump at no time before have voters faced a clear choice between two parties to visions to philosophies or two agendas. This election will decide whether we save the American dream or whether we allow a socialist agenda to demolish our cherished destiny.

It will decide whether we rapidly create millions of high-paying jobs or whether we crush our industries and send millions of these jobs overseas, as has foolishly been done for many decades.

Your vote will decide whether we protect law-abiding Americans, or whether we give free reign, violent anarchists, agitators and criminals who threaten our citizens in this election will decide whether we will defend the American way of life, or whether we will allowing radical movement to completely dismantle and destroy it won't happen Democrat National convention Joe Biden that his body repeatedly assailed America as a land of racial, economic and social injustice. So tonight I ask you a simple question.

How can the Democratic Party asked to lead our country when it spends so much time tearing down her back. They do not see America as Justin exceptional nation on earth.

Instead, they see a wicked nation that must be punished for his sins.

Our opponents say that redemption for you can only come from giving power to them.

This is a tired anthem spoken by every repressive movement throughout history, but in this country we don't look to career politicians for salvation. In America we don't turn to government to restore our souls. We put our faith in Almighty God, I'm glad he ended with that because the concluding thought here is present Trump Republicans. They're not the one to save America spiritually, but they are going to restrain the party of Romans one. The only thing that will restrain revive us. This is the better word America is when churches and preachers preach the full counsel in the gospel of Christ, and we as individual Christians do the same because when there is regeneration of the heart there is change in the family in the country. Thank you for joining us today in the Christian world view will forward to talking to you next time. We hope to these broadcast turned your heart toward God's word and his son to order a CD copy of today's program or sign up for our free weekly email or to find out how you can be reconciled to God through Jesus Christ go to our website the Christian world, call us toll-free at one Tripoli 646-2233. The Christian worldview is a weekly one-hour radio program that is furnished by the over comer foundation is supported by listeners and sponsors request one of our current resources with your donation of any amount go to the Christian world or call us toll-free at one Tripoli 646-2230 3.2 was sent Box 01, Excelsior, MN 55331 that's Box 401, Excelsior, MN 55331. Thanks for listening to the Christian will you until next time think biblically live according

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