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Thoughts About the Suffering Messiah

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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February 23, 2017 4:20 pm

Thoughts About the Suffering Messiah

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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February 23, 2017 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 02/23/17.

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Dana Loesch Show
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The Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
The Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

The concept of the suffering Messiah. Where is it in Judaism when you come from stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry under the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH events 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, of course, it's thoroughly Jewish Thursday so I have on my mind, but all the more. Today, for several reasons, this is Michael Brown. Welcome to the line of fire. Welcome to thoroughly Jewish Thursday. If you have a Jewish related question that you want to ask you about Israel be about the Hebrew language be about Judaism or Jewish tradition, the about certain biblical Jewish related issues. Issues concerning the Messiah in your Jewish person and you don't believe Jesus is the Messiah phone lines are open 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884. All right a few reasons why Israel and the Jewish people and the Messiah are on my mind even more than normal what is on Saturday, God willing we leave for Israel Saturday evening, the with a group of about 56 people will be flying over to Israel for a tour and we will be together in the land in Galilee in Mount Carmel in Jerusalem.

Just a very very special time so looking forward to connecting with attribute if you're part of the tour you're listening now.

Yeah should be excited we are to them. We are really praying that God will dramatically wonderfully impact all of those go on the trip.

So it's on my mind a lot and gobbling every day next week will be broadcasting live from Israel be nighttime Israel. The government will be broadcasted live from Israel every day next week.

Okay that's that's one major reason is Osama model. Another is March 23. I'm scheduled to debate Orthodox Jewish lawyer ushered Norman about Jesus being the Messiah of the Jewish people. It will be at the University in the greater Atlanta area Kennesaw University there Kennesaw State in Georgia and really looking forward to that, putting the truth on the table for all to see.

Exalting Jesus Yeshua as Messiah of Israel and that the photos well will be available on Lifestream.

She will be able to watch that on Lifestream as it takes place so that is happening and then I am preparing to do a series of video debates with my friend counter missionary Rabbi Israel Blumenthal your theological opponents, but we are fellow Jews. We pray for each other and will be each releasing some debates together the plan would be. We agree on the subject release.

Each of us our own video on that subject. The same day on our respective YouTube channels and then after that of perhaps a month later we each post, rebuttals, and then further rebuttals and this way will do our best step. There you have it side-by-side were saying on these issues and that we each responses were planning on doing that and then we are getting ready to launch a major broadcast that will blanket Israel as I'll be speaking to Israelis about Jesus, the Jewish Messiah pretty much. If you have a TV in Israel you get this network so were thrilled to have this opportunity and we know that there open hearts and minds.

We know among the nonreligious that the looking for something more. We know among the very religious that some of them know something is missing and there must be more. I just spoke with a man who is living a thoroughly Orthodox Jewish life right now.

Spoke with him earlier this week and he said everywhere he turns he sees Yeshua everywhere he turns the more that he studies the more that he learns in Judaism, the more prayers that he prays in the synagogue when he goes through the cycle of festivals and holidays.

The more he does that. The more he sees Yeshua and the clearer it is that he just says so what do I do now. So were praying with them and giving him some guidance right now. The biggest thing is that he acknowledges the truth before God and the issue is the Messiah of Israel. So when did this idea of the suffering Messiah arise in Judaism signing of a test run on another Christmas will suffer, Messiah Jesus, but Jesus did that they believe the traffic Messiah so they do. Many also believe in the suffering Messiah that start come back to that in your calls. The sun break the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown to thoroughly Thursday Michael Brown here for we get your calls before I give some thoughts on the suffering Messiah in Judaism. We take you into it debate. This took place last November at Oxford Union. It was publicly released just this month of February 2017.

The proposition that was being debated was the UN is a failing institution and speaking in support of the proposition was and by asking director of the Truro Institute on human rights in the Holocaust and president human rights voices. The Oxford students voted to defeat the motion to hundreds posts 206 against 54 in favor we have to understand is there is a massive anti-Israel slant and anti-Israel bias in this setting. My friend Rabbi Shirley Potala brought the great Jewish thinker Dennis Prager with him over to Oxford to participate in a debate together on his issues having to do with Israel. I think it was last year could been here before but I think last year.

In any case, Dennis Prager tilts really couldn't do it because of his radio show commitments and things like that thing on three hours a day for for many years, which really convince them of the importance of it so he and Dennis went to two Oxford to conduct this debate. Steve got two great Jewish thinkers to find auditors to men who were quick on their feet and Cordish. Truly, Dennis was absently shocked by the lies that were being circulated. The anti-Israel lies the level of bias that the strongholds in people's thinking quite extraordinary so I just wanted to hear a few clips from this and you'll hear some interruptions. These are not supposed to be happening, but this is the Palestinian UN representative Riyadh months or you'll hear some interruptions with the so let's start with number 10.

This is and by ASCII speaking at the Oxford student union international democracy is not actual democracy, offering all democratic rights of the folks back home to the Palestinian Authority, whose leader is entering the 12th year of his four-year term and his stated goal of the country without minority rights, or more precisely, ethnically cleansed and Jews that's very true so much.

When the boss was elected for a term but as often happens in these settings in the Muslim world. The term changes because it is a society is been more use to despotic rule, the democratically elected rule and for Mahmoud Abbas.

If you have a two state solution the Palestinian state must be free of Jews five 4 million or 2 million Palestinians to live in Israel proper by Palestinians, they would have to be free of Jews, right click, number 11, let's listen some more general assemblies record family held an emergency special session explaining years on any subject that Israel 400,000 dead in Syria in a few weeks ago all the generally family could muster with three-hour informal setting to discuss the path of eventually having a special session on Syria. No emergency. Special sessions were ever held on genocide in Rwanda or Sudan but managed to adopt during Pres. Lincoln tossed term 19 resolutions condemning Israel and only seven critical human rights conditions in any of the other 119 state exactly extraordinarily biased, extraordinarily slanted, and anyone who doesn't believe in the reality of anti-Semitism worldwide, or even the irrational nature of anti-Semitism worldwide simply needs to look at the UN Gen. assembly, the Security Council, and thankfully our new ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley replay the scripts earlier in the week after her first meeting with Security Council. She came out saying what is this what is this risk must be dealing with issues with Hezbollah in Lebanon and other problems like that and settled I want to do is criticize Israel. Yes, very true and very revealing one more clip and yet will just take it again. The Oxford Union debate on whether UN is a failing institution so the Security Council has never condemned the terrorist organization Hamas 13-year-old Israeli girl was stand in the back while sleeping in her by a Palestinian teenager this past June doesn't count or as Palestinian ambassador months or said anything at the opening UN exhibit last year in November." Him.

We are so proud that the backbone of this popular uprising are the youth of Palestine CP spoke 30 Palestinian minors had killed and attempted to kill Israelis, tearing into my writing on the children who are indoctrinated and recruited facilitated through the UN.

Remember the vote in the end was 206 against the idea is you and is a failing institution at 54 in favor this is Oxford. This is some of the most brilliant minds in it.

In Great Britain in the world in terms of students and folks that are out there. This is how much they have been brainwashed as a drink in a post is a course struggling to get the truth on the table and not this propaganda right. Let's grab a call that I want to give you some insights about the suffering Messiah. In Judaism we are Paul in DC. Thanks for calling the line of fire. Good afternoon Dr. Brown my question about George.

By the way, but my question to you what whatever point in history were argued. Judaism believed in triune God, not a triune God in in a way that would reflect traditional Christian beliefs, but aspects of what I call God's complex unity are found. Or let's say the concept of two powers in heaven, so that there is God. And then there is a highly exalted power by his side. You have two thrones the type of concert not a traditional Jew would say Nono we have always been strict monotheists in the in the most orthodox sense of the word, and it believed in one indivisible God, but in reality there are aspects in Judaism where God's indivisibility is not so clearly stated. For example, of the idea of the shift key, not in Judaism.

We often know in Christianity is the Shekinah Shekinah glory. It speaks of the divine presence on earth. I've asked rabbis is the 15 God sometimes answer get is yes and no. So what it means is that the subpoena represents the presence of God on earth and is Israel goes into exile. The divine presence goes into exile with Israel and there is some ultra Orthodox Jews who pray for the reunification of the holy one on a daily basis. So the divine presence its XO.

This will be reunited that speaks of complex unity. Another example would be was called the member which in the Aramaic Targum is the word of the Lord.

The Aramaic translation that would been used before the time of Jesus and subsequent to Jesus in the synagogues were Hebrew was no longer known by all the peoples of the Hebrew Bible would be read in the Aramaic would be read, and this is a concept that speaks of the word is almost the divine mediator that the this.

This personification of God's wisdom, intelligence presence goes forth from him so that is by the word of the Lord that God creates the world not just by speaking of that by this intermediary and you have things is blatant deceit. Genesis 28 where Jacob says that that the valve we have in Hebrew and just 20 of the Lord will go with me.

The Lord will be my God, the Aramaic of its it's the word of the Lord will go with me than the word of the Lord will be my God, of course, no drama more the beginning was the worst partner was with God Word was God. And then the concept of sphere road which comes later in Jewish mysticism with these 10 emanations of God so that the invisible God in heaven can interact with people on earth. The untouchable heavenly deity can interact with people on earth, and their evidence of oversimplifying saying that so there are concepts that I would say intersect with God's tri-unity even the personification of the Holy Spirit. In rabbinic literature with the Holy Spirit speaks and acts and very direct ways.

The Holy Spirit intercedes between Israel and God. Things like that. So you have parallel points you have touch points you have intersections that I would say not the same concept of a tri-unity. Some of argued for. I don't think you can. Curricular noted Carpenter, for example, I think of Jennifer 1923 on after the Lord talk to Abraham he goes down to Solomon very term the Lord nor the Lord rained down however you are the Lord from the Lord exactly at that question came up last week and we addressed it once again. Even with that would not be a fully articulated tri-unity but just are aspects of what I was God's complex hey Paul, thanks for much appreciated right back.

So what about the site is an error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown. I like to Israel. It is thoroughly Jewish Thursday. It is Michael Brown.

If you have a Jewish related question of any kind for your Jewish person you don't believe what I believe.

Give us a call 866-348-7884. Okay you know that I was not raised in a religious Jewish home and I have never represented that I was raised in a religious Jewish home. I was raised in a nominal Jewish home, and if you traditional Jew said to be, will you don't know what it's like to be raised in a traditional Jewish home the right because I wasn't raised like that as a child now II interact endlessly with those who have been raised in traditional Jewish homes have read the literature of those who been raised in traditional Jewish homes have read the traditional Jewish literature of the my best to put myself in that place that that mental, spiritual, emotional placement, not never claimed that I could fully relate to, it was likely raised in ultra-Orthodox home or anything like that never represented that any differently than the truth. And I do find it comical that there is this notion. It's sweet. It's sweet but it's it's comical that when you get saved is a Jew that a lot of Christians just assume because you're Jewish, you must know something you must really have insight into the interpretation of the Bible, you must what I was I was shooting heroin. Using a state where you get insight into the interpretation of the Bible.

We are Jewish. I was a nominal Jewish home and look even if I had been a very religious Jew, but let's face it, I could have been a very religious Jew but that would've then colored Howard read the Bible's if I came to faith short of the Hebrew well I do a lot of Jewish tradition that God took my eyes to be inside out, but even then it's not like you have this automatic spiritual venture. Spent better hearing was a long-haired hippie kid all the Bible must really make more sense to give Jewish role.

Maybe at some point. And yes, through my studies of course. Anyway, I had never heard of the idea of tumor size Judaism until I was ready a believer growing up. You heard this the standard statement. Christians believe the Messiah has come, believe the Messiah will come if you say to Jewish person.

How do you know that Jesus is not the Messiah, the syllabus, I will bring peace on earth establish the kingdom of God on earth as of Jesus hasn't any listings with those of the Messiah, among others who support or simply answered simply rebut it as well.

So I was sharing the gospel one time knocking on doors. I believe in Queens New York in an apartment building where my friends and I would go before prayer meeting before church service and just witness this. Always looking for more opportunities to share the gospel and it was a young man oh may be.

Let's see if I was maybe 17. At that time he was probably within five years of me. I don't remember specifically, but it knows around my age this to say that and he began talking about tumor size injurious. I thought I'd never heard of it. If I'd been a religious of course I would've heard of it was known, but I never claimed to have a lot of knowledge for Judaism. I got saved by knowledge came after I got sick so he began to talk to about tumor size, the size of Joseph with you in your safe Messiah center David Schiffman, David, and how they believe in two separate messiahs and the one Messiah son Joseph will suffer in the last great war, not on the how much detail he got into be into things with me then I will remember I dismember the conversation in my thinking. While I do know that in the beginning to study and learn. After that, but as it's taught in traditional Judaism that there will be two messiahs that some teach. If Israel is not worthy of Israel is not living righteously enough to be two messiahs assessor Joseph assessment David Augustine noted every two messiahs. And in the teacher goes like this size of Joseph will be a warrior king. He will fight and die in the last great war so he'll ill be be liberating the Jewish people who will be doing the work of the Messiah in many ways and then he himself will be killed and then in this final great war, Messiah, son of David will raise him from the dead and the size of David will be the central figure. Thereafter, and there are Jewish interpretations not not common, but some Jewish interpretations actually speak of this Messiah center Joseph dying for.

Since say seriously yet. Let me give you a quote from the influential 16th-century rabbi and harmlessly was a famous preacher darshan and Hebrew Moshe Al Schick and a mystic as well but but listen to what he says is commentary to Zechariah 1210 that with the belief pierced. I will get to asserts that and that is that they shall look unto me, for they shall lift up their eyes and to be in perfect repentance when they see him on the peers that is Messiah, the son of Joseph. For rabbis of blessed memory has said that he will take upon himself all the guilt of Israel and then shouldn't and shall then be slain in the war to make atonement in such matter that shall be accounted as if Israel had pierced him from account of their sin. He has died and, therefore, in order that it may be reckoned to them as a perfect, they were pensively to the blessed one sin that there is none beside them to forgive those that mourn account of him who died for this and this is the meaning of they shall look upon me see what that is a 16th-century Jewish rabbi, well-known preacher and commentator that that he said that the Messiah son of Joseph will die for the guilt of Israel because he dies fighting for Israel. It's as if Israel pierced him and and and that it will be reckoned to them as a perfect atonement you sent is just like some Christian translation somewhere my first read it in a book by a messianic Jew, Hebrew, Christian, David David Baron and he had sufficient background to know the Texans translated accurately but then I I didn't just look at any edition I got the most recent critical edition of this text and this is how it reads it's it's accurate. This is what Rabbi OSHA said usable. How could that concept arise me what it is it because the gospel of Jesus at such impact and and the idea of a suffering Messiah so powerful that Judaism could ignore other other explanations for their other explanations were people tried to say this is how we know, or this is how we speculate that this idea of a dual Messiah.

Another Messiah arose either way whatever the origins are really a book by David Mitchell claims the origins for a suffering atoning Messiah a separate Messiah that was a Jesus composed combines both of these my viewpoint, a book by David C. Mitchell on the subject and it's got a lot of interesting and controversial things to say but here's the here's the thought this idea must be taught so plainly in the Bible passages like Isaiah 53 of the things like that that even though this would be seem to be almost accommodating Christianity competing with Christianity or say okay you win a suffering Messiah subtly but is different even even so, it still became an important Jewish suffering Messiah dies fighting for Israel is raised from the dead to me would say God's make an screenplay for people the right thing. It's the light of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome to thoroughly Jewish Thursday Michael Brown delighted to be with you latest video that we just posted on our digital library, Canada's Islamic phobia laws an attack on free speech. She can watch that a digital library. Also, I believe we posted at least two articles since yesterday. One of them.

Yes, childhood sexual abuse often does contribute to homosexuality and another which asked if the liberal left will rebuke were rebuke would rebuke the pro-Paris comments of Georgia Tech, a Star Trek frame and go more of HBO fame and pay the left one after Miley Anapolis for his comments and I would say in context in giving his overall message. His were even less offensive than those of talk a and and more. But hey, why would the left go after its owner. Perhaps the left doesn't expect morality from its own only expects it from the right 8663 for 87884 some news from Israel.

Let me just go back to that. Okay so I was at a conference last week. Over the weekend you heard be broadcasting live from greater San Diego in the midst of the storm last Friday action, Oceanside, California.

I was a conference in Israel. Islam in the church. Interestingly enough, that's when California hit with what was called the Lucifer storm several fatalities as a result of a server coming to sunny Southern California think of one. The world is it overcast and then the rain and the wind wouldn't get hit with the bedpost on all but it was miserable weather fruits of cow well in the midst of this conference. There were speakers who talked about the persecuted church and there was a former Muslim with extraordinary testimony. We hope to have on the radio soon to share her testimony.

My friend Ron Cantor as he listened to.

Just sat there weeping as he listened to her testimony and then Tom Doyle, who was armed with his previously his wife. They spoke about the persecuted church and it was just a moving gobble he will have them back on. Maybe early April Thomas a new book coming out about this, but just moving stirring stuff to hear Tom Doyle's wife talk about the young wife of one of the Ethiopian Christians who was beheaded by the seashore. Cold, brutal blood by Isis, the whole thing film that hears his 19-year-old woman will was pregnant. The time her cousin was killed. She just cannot believe that she had the privilege of being married to a martyr and a man that that honor Jesus with his last drop of blood and is a white boy would similar current uneducated woman have the perfect amendment just stirring stuff. But as I listen to them speak out.

I was reminded of how essential it is that we as God's people stand together with persecuted Christians in this terrible persecution, especially in the Islamic world these days. Here's a report on looking at and this is according to a video that was released February 20 and the success reported. New York Post Christians are the coach favorite pray of Isis G Hardee's according to a video released from the 20th by Isis affiliate through the suicide bombers floated nearly 30 people in a Coptic cathedral late last year. The mass man identified as Abu Abdallah of mastery is seen promising jail jihadists in Egypt that they will be freed soon the group liberates Cairo a narrator rails in the 20 minute clip against Egypt's 9 million Christians silly out figures like the Coptic Pope and Christian businessmen is the terror groups favorite pray I must reach Ms. Egyptian was the name that Isis gave the terrace behind the suicide bombing at St. Mark's Cathedral Isis claim responsibility for the bombing facilities calculate that's on the Sinai Peninsula is waging an insurgency war since 2015 friends love Jesus please stand with those who are suffering. Suffering greatly to the part of the learning plan and it's the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown to the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown come back 87884.

This is how my passage tumbled passively look at in a little while but just a bit more on persecution of our Christian brothers and sisters around the world. This is from Robert Spencer yesterday on Jihad Islamic state vows to quote massacre Christians a law gave orders to kill every infidel.

This is again according to statements made by Isis expense reports narrator goes on to say that Christians were no longer the lease term used in Islam in reference to non-Muslims who enjoy a degree of state protections to the group describes Egyptian Christians as infidels empowering the West against Muslim nations. Art soaked in the past that say 500 years ago your Christian in a majority Muslim country, you would have second class status would have to pay a certain tax just yeah and you would be called to me. It is DA fluid spelled in English and pronounce the dummy so you would you would be in that status and again second class citizen, but you would not be forced to convert or die. You would be looked at as a Christian who was subjugated to Muslims. You might be under pressure at different times.

There might be times when there was persecution that came against you, but the norm would be you would be a second-class citizen in that country could be the same with juice.

At times in Muslim history. But according to this new video. According to this new statement.

No no longer second-class citizens. You are just out right infidels.

You are nonbelievers in a hostile sense and aggressive sense of allegedly empowering the West against Muslim nations. So, as Spencer explains this is examined Islamic law. Christians of the cool people of the book when Jews enjoy the protection of the Islamic state of the submitted pin indicia and except of the military, humiliating and discriminatory regulation regulations designed to ensure that they could feel themselves subdued Corolla 929 but if they vilest as Violet's contract of protection.

They are crew for Harvey infidels at war with Islam in their lives or forfeit did a log of orders to kill every infidel variations on the statement killed and review final. The Craun two 191 489 and 95 so again this is in reference to the video we have just referred to in the last segment. That means that Christians in Egypt are going to suffer even more attacks and more persecution as well as Christians in other parts of the world over in Denmark what it what you think of this right over in Denmark. This is being reported via publication there in Denmark called the local but it's in English, a man who filled himself bring the Craun has become the first person to be charged under Denmark's blasphemy law 46 years are now. If he burn the Craun actually burn the Craun sand, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Ron Somalia, Yemen, Libya, the countries around the world. If you burned public it with the case would not go to court.

There would be no case to go to court because he would be beaten to death on the spot. You can almost be assured that there'd be no way the police could get to a first or in many cases or Afghanistan.

Other countries the police would even bother to try.

You let the guy be beaten to death. So here it's Denmark, he found himself burned across and he is been charged with blasphemy. So it's one thing happens in a Muslim country as this is considered blessed this to speak against Mohammed would be considered blasphemy in many Muslim countries, unless they are extremely extremely extremely liberal which could be where but here in Denmark is a very liberal quote progressive country interested Fletcher also suffered a copy of Islam's holy book in his backyard in December 2015 and posted the video on the anti-Islamic Facebook group yes to freedom those law along with the words. Consider neighbor it stinks. Burns Dennis prosecutor John Reck and Dorf announced his decision to bring charges in a press statement issued on Wednesday afternoon quote. It is the prosecution's view that circumstances involving the burning of holy books, such as the bodily Craun can, in certain cases, be a violation of the blast because clause which covers public scorn or mockery of religion. So interestingly, this is the fourth time in history then he was been prosecuted under Denmark's blasphemy clause 1938, $0.44 for posting posters mocking Jewish teachings that he 46.

Two people were five for carrying out a fake baptism of the mass ball and 1971 to program leaders administrator were exonerated for airing a song mocking percent of their chart so that would indicate that in in Denmark's history.

They have applied this equally all right attacks on Judaism attacks on Christianity now an attack on them is as long as I would've been my big question I was surprised to read this, giving the progressive liberal nature of Denmark is just this just a result of the influx of Muslims into Scandinavian countries into Denmark and things like that but it would appear that this is been consistently enforced. Now I have a research this summer comes to somebody. We talk about math people burn the Bible and must the Bible in society and nothing happened. So if that's the case, then this would obviously be a reaction knee-jerk reaction to Islam, but if in fact they have enforces different ways and if someone did burn the Bible and in mock Christianity are much Judaism that they would also be sentence, then hey if that's your law, so be it.

A Dennis prosecutor's famously declined to invoke the countries blasphemy laws in 2006 when vigilance posted forgiveness pronunciation published 12 cartoons picture the prophet Mohammed, the founder of Islam, human what happened there. They had some cartoons of Mohammed no one were seated. The turbine would be like a bomb you know these things that were real overt attacks on on Islam and reconnecting Islam directly with terrorism. Mohammed directly with terrorism and the prosecutors did not invoke the blasphemy laws that of course there was an outcry. The Muslim world. Worldwide, it Muslims could murder Christians that's okay. Moses converted Jews. That's okay. Radical Muslims could persecute others.

That's okay. Don't dare insult the prophet at boa. Not saying it's a good way to evangelist and self prophet. It's a good thing you burned across the center for split-second would do either. I would speak the truth in love to Moses about their faith and do my best to to present truth to them that within open their eyes, they would see the error of their ways and their need for Jesus the Messiah, the son of God, but dated Denmark didn't invoke the country's last bill is 2006 that in my view would be in keeping with what I would've understood Denmark. They did this time charge this man with mockery of religion or public scorn of religion.

Back in 2006 the newspaper generated anger across the world of multiple who and the Muslims generally deem even flattering pictures of the prophets would let alone those intended to mock him, Moses, Lou, was dictated. Mohammed, etc. this goes on more that typically treat physical copies with reverence, with many believing they must carry out a ritual cleansing before touching it. There was as a professor I had in my Arabic classes in college.

My two years in college before taking more are breaking grad school and she had studied Arabic in Cairo and here she is, as a single woman over in Cairo learning Arabic to set of academic interest and she she accidentally dropped the Craun one day it's dropped it off her desk is picked it up and dusted off picked up in the whole class looked at her in absolute shock you just you just off the cyclic guy. I appreciate your zeal, appreciate Islamic zeal in terms of reference for for God in reverence for their sacred book, but it's seal is very misplaced and I was neither believing in something that is a false revelation that yes if it was given by inspiration was not given by inspiration of God was given by demonic inspiration is a strong words.I'm still a strong words. I will say strong words against the Craun being from above. I appreciate the reverence for the Craun.

I appreciate the reverence for all law would simply say it is a subservient fear servile fear based one, rather than one based on the truth of God and the love of God, 86634 will be right back on this thoroughly. I will file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get another minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown thank you for joining us on the live wire 8634 truth. Yes you Haley asked that we reference that earlier in the week and again early in the broadcast.

Why is the UN so obsessed with Israel. Hey, maybe you can hear this stack but just check this out. In terms of the.

The toll on life in Syria.

There is a report from our roots. Seven news that at least 3443 Palestinian Arabs have been killed in Syria since the beginning of the Syrian civil war, including 455 women according to report by the action group reposted insincere whisper of outrage over where where is the role outrage or the why is it only outrage when Israelis killed Palestinian why not outrage when other Muslims kill their Palestinian Arab colleagues who by the way, for the most part were living in refugee camps in countries like Syria and Lebanon because these Arab Muslim countries don't want to resettle nor repatriate no let them be an open sore making Israel a bed with the be an open sore. That is out to make Israel look like the evil villain that is cast. These poor people out and now they have nowhere to go. They had plenty of places to go the surrounding Muslim territories about 650 times the size of land of Israel. Plenty of places to go. Some countries there with lots of money and power to resettle, but it doesn't happen. This happened not not just by coincidence but by choice and by plant seed in an edict of the Arab League. For the 1950s that they will not resettle Palestinian refugees has the ongoing problem from generation to generation. Hence, Palestinians living as refugees living in refugee camps for generations now. In countries like Syria and Lebanon and Jordan of the disclosure also stated that 1164 Palestinian Arabs, including three women are currently incarcerated in Syrian government lockups report describe conditions imposed in every Arab refugee camps in Syria such as the Irma camp, which is been blockaded by the Syrian regime for Army for 151,339 straight days grants report 190 Palestinians died of undernourishment, medical neglect in the armor camp that out please. Please grasp what were talking within Syria predominantly Muslim nation.

There are Palestinian refugees so these are fellow Middle Eastern Muslims Arabic speaking Muslims same culture same language, same religion as the majority of Syria. They live in refugee camps with outcry over the conditions of Palestinians living in so-called West Bank are so much better the conditions of this Palestinians living in refugee camps in the midst of their own Muslim brethren whistled outcry over this and and here they are suffering in the According to this report. Because the camp is been blockaded by the Syrian regime Army now for what four years.

The Syrian government has barred residents of other refugee camps to return to their homes for years. Report also notes that over 100,000 Palestinian Arabs have fled Syria since the beginning of the Civil War in 2011 with more than 79,000 and fled to Europe and another 31,000 and fled to neighboring Lebanon report also notes that 1000 Palestinian Arabs from Syria are currently being sheltered in the Gaza Strip through by the Hamas terrorist organization which is under partial blockade, Israel, Egypt to prevent the smuggling of weapons and the infiltration of terrorists, this Iran's supreme leader `holy intifada to destroy cancer. Israel this is the man. This is the leader. This is the country with which Pres. Obama made such a ridiculous deal ultimately putting tens of billions of dollars back into Iran's hands, not just for their economy resume client to continue the fun their war against Israel, call Israel a cancerous tumor. Iran's supreme leader on Tuesday's expressed support for court holy intifada to eradicate the Jewish state, arguing that the international community is headed toward confrontation with the Zionist regime.

This is there any surprise. Is there any surprise with this. This is as reported by the times of Israel in the opening address of the regime's sixth international conference in support of the Palestinian violent uprising against Israel ayatollah, knee hailed the resistance against the cruel occupation is worth resistance and cruel occupation which he described as the worst case of oppression against one particular people recorded history. Also, choose Israel's founders of being responsible for the current of people in the wider Middle East wave of terrorism. Some call the third intifada began last year and manifest itself manage stabbings and vehicular attacks against Israeli troops and civilians since moving forward in a bright and hopeful matter about his permission. He said we will citizens intifada will begin a very important chapter in the history of fighting that will inflict another defeat on that usurping regime and if you hear about this hundred 70 headstones were vandalized in the St. Louis Jewish cemetery. Yeah exactly according to Lieut. Frederick Lemmons of University City Police Department. Numerous plots were damaged and headstones were pushed over. Some of the graves date back to the late 1800s and the defogging boundary to the barest cycle of vandalism quote horrific act of cowardice to describe it is worse than any previous anti-Semitic attacks at the defamation league had Jonathan rebuy called the incident. Another revolting manifestation of anti-Semitism is any of this any surprise to any of you listen to this broadcast for any length of time ants should be absolutely not tragic, yes sad, yes, disturbing.

Yes, unnerving.

Yes, surprising.

No, no, this is ultimately part of the Satanic desire to wipe out the Jewish people, all Jewish people sinned and fall short and need God's help as much as anybody else.

We need our Messiah Jesus to forgive us and washes clean and that exalting views is any better than anyone else and simply say we been chosen by God for purpose. Satan is doing all that he can do for that purpose. Firstly, like to do is wipe out the Jews can't wipe out the Jews actually wants to escape right of land of Israel, by all means keep Jerusalem out of the hands of the can't do that, then by all means keep them away from you.

Sure good news is he'll fail to lose bad news is there suffering and pain for people and for the whole world. Along the way snugly messed up world with a lot of pain and suffering juice through history have been right in the thick of that pain and suffering. May God redeem the pain.

May God redeem the suffering that he points us to our suffering Messiah.

May we realize that we don't just need a victorious king coming on a horse. One day we need someone that we can relate to suffered with us, who suffered unfairly, who suffered unjustly, who was ultimately put to death because of false accusations was raised that got that poor people is really check out our Jewish resources asked ground utterly. If you haven't downloaded the android app or cell phone tablet do it. It's aspect on asking your ground here is a bottom-line single attack by the fail, the concept of the suffering Messiah. Where is it in Judaism. Where did it come from stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and resident of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, a friend welcome to honor fire on this Thursday through Thursday. This is Michael Brown know when I came to faith in Jesus at the age of 16, I remember hearing from my friends that there were prophecies about Jesus, about the suffering Messiah in in our Bible in the Hebrew Scriptures, and that they were written hundreds of years before the time of Jesus ever hearing about also knew I was so young.

I didn't know anything about it. Didn't know anything whatsoever so I was talking to my dad one night over dinner and I said you know III heard about these prophecies that points Jesus in our Bible and and he he asked where they were no gently challenge me I know.

Clue right. A brand-new enema where on the Bible at all. I'm been showing all the profits I'm going through that so I I went up to my room, Bob Mike King James Bible since 1000+ pages and have it open up to the estate of all is a 53 noticed looking for this book.

There was an I give him start to read the members he read it yet red in the face.

He got rid the face and any he reacted in an uncharacteristic way for my death very upset very angry because it's so clearly pointed to Jesus, you sure in our own Bible references Ross when he was bar mitzvahed was given a Bible. Some of the Rabbi Bible in English for him to read and he one day brought it to his dad to show him there's a prophecy about Jesus in our own Bible and his dad rented Sedona on on on on will read the New Testament, almost to the New Testament. I want our Bible is that this is the Bible the Rabbi gave me Russ Moritz Revere it's signed by the Rabbi's fuzziness of a changed summary faith. I can say how many testimonies of heard of Jewish people who when they first saw Isaiah 53 we convinced it was written by Christians. It was written in the New Testament. It was written after the death and resurrection of the Messiah.

You can read it and he recommitted English translations of you have some verse is very here and there some points but also those the sponsor minor compared to the overall issues and it is attacks that so powerfully conveys the image of the suffering servant. It is attacks that so powerfully so powerfully conveys the image of of one who suffers and dies first, since it is not surprising that Judaism also has its own version of the suffering Messiah always varies in certain ways, but for example, in a a midrash call to secure a body which would be eighth or ninth century and this is homiletical messages so these are messages tied in with Sabbath readings or feasts and holy days, and things like that is a lot there about the suffering Messiah and in in point of fact their references even to Psalm 22. So, which of course is a passage of a righteous sufferer who seems to be abandoned to death than God.

The limited delivers him from death. In any case, this idea wherever it comes from is found in Jewish tradition and to me it's not only a reflection of yourself into the ages now. This is projected back in enema size one like us and he suffers and is part of the people. Literature course is true, but it's also the garden planted in our traditions, so that as we pray God will open up parts in mind so even within Jewish tradition, even within Jewish tradition, Jesus the Messiah will be clearly seen by the more personal you got a Jewish related question for me of any kind. 866-34-TRUTH is the number and gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown forward to being in Israel this week and gobbling leaving Saturday night, arriving on Sunday with your tour group. Can't wait to do that and then take them around Israel speak in certain key places. Just amazing to go out the sea of Galilee on a boat to same see Jesus walked on. Give your word, not Carmel. The same Mount Carmella || fire from heaven praying and in Jerusalem near the same location where the apostles were prayed and you places where Jesus would have been ritually immersed, baptized, is just as it's amazing. Can't wait to do it 866-348-7884.

I want to get into some interesting Jewish traditions about suffering Messiah in a few minutes.

First will go to the phones, our friend Isaac in Hollywood, Florida walking to the line of fire by doing very well thank you Art the driver to quick question will give it a shot. Okay so first of all, Daniel nine. Can you just go through really quickly that record your your videos on anything it doesn't really matter, like the specifics of the 70 weeks are the main point is that before the destruction of the second Temple, although things have become. Do you what is your belief on those specific like at the end, when it shall make a strong covenant with many for one week ago that speaking about because I'm kind of loss. Yet deep and let me say that Isaac is not that it doesn't matter as far as the details but that the details are secondary to the larger picture. For example, let's say that you were you were flying to New York and some was gonna pick you up at the airport right and they give you the hears Isaac to give first and last name. He's this he's this tall this this this will be wearing a baseball cap to give the whole description and actually you lost a baseball cap. Along the way, but everything else meets the description sunken sentences. Isaac yesterday, but really what is best for All yeah yeah of a loss to the light in your selected summer okay you the same person. Even though Sylvia description was 9% accurate but if on the other hand, they go to the wrong person, a son, Isaac, some wearing a baseball cap and it's immaterial. So every point is is important. The Scriptures are important, but sometimes we get into these endless battles about the division of the weeks or or things like that of the syntax and to me it's secondary to to the larger argument which excludes I'm happy to get into specifics on the read from the NET new English translation, which often sides a bit more with traditional Jewish interpretation in traditional Christian interpretation or agency here and there 70 weeks have been determined concerning your people and your holy city to prevent rebellion to bring sin to completion, to atone for iniquity, to bring in perpetual righteousness to see of the prophetic vision and to anoint the most holy place so would simply say to anoint the most holy Synod. It could refer to a person with a high priest is sometimes spoken of in that way I was with a short it's spoke of the presence of the spirit in terms of anointing the holy place and in the presence of the Messiah there. But either way, that's the larger description that for the context. Again Daniel is in exile in in in Babylon. It's in the midst of a 70 year captivity he sees in Jeremiah 25 Jeremiah $0.29 no fatherlessness to know that after seven years as can be returned from captivity. He's praying about it. Repenting of sin and God gives this revelation basically St. 70 years is nothing.

It's the �490 and 77's unusually something much, much bigger right and it has to do with the rebuilding of the city. The rebuilding of the temple and its destruction and within this time within this 490 year period hears what has to happen. There has to be an input to rebellion bring sin to completion.

Atone for iniquity, bringing perpetual righteousness of the prophetic vision was methodically so if this does not ultimately refer to the Messiah, dying for our sins and bringing to a climax that the punishment for human sin and bringing in everlasting atone. Perpetual righteousness assumes the vision of that doesn't do it that that never happened. It never happened. So this is so no one understand the issue of the command to restore and rebuild Jerusalem until the anointed one, a prince rise will be appear to seven weeks and 62 weeks will be it will again be built with pause and moat, but in distressful times. That's the NET. Let me read from the new Jewish version Jewish version says this you must know and understand for the issuance of the words restore and rebuild Jerusalem until the town of United leaders seven weeks for 62 weeks will be rebuilt square and moat, but in a time of distress. The many Christian interpreters struggled with that because they said will hang on.

How does that work because you got two different anointed ones I've no problem with no problem with it whatsoever and no problem saying that you have appeared seven weeks. Okay. And so there's some some words restore and rebuild Jerusalem what that word is this debate since it was the word that came to Daniel since it was the word from Cyrus since it was a proclamation of of Arctic services in in that's recorded in the book of Nehemiah and there's this DEBATE about that, but somehow that from the issuing of this word to the appearance of this anointed one is it Cyrus is called God's Michiana God's anointed one is a 45 I've no problem with that jugular problem with dividing this into 49 years. Stop in and 62�7. So 434 years. In seven years. I've no problem with it that there are three distinct periods no problem with it whatsoever. So I would not say anointed one in caps. I would not say Messiah I would just say anointed one and leave it like that right. So now verse 26 now after the 262 weeks and anointed will be cut off and have nothing NET so this is now after a period of 483 years.

Are there any gaps between the weeks it's possible between the seven weeks of the 62 and the one it's possible that there are but even if there are of the could not be substantial because you're being told about a 490 year period of history. Basically, and that's the larger focus. So if you have gaps that spread out over thousands of years. It seems to miss. It's important, therefore I differ with the interpretation of some Christians that the last week the 70th week is still future still ahead. And speaking of an Antichrist will make a covenant in the middle of that break it if you get that from other scriptures. I just don't think you can do that from Daniel on all the light respects the scholarship of those who hold to that right so now after the 62 weeks and anointed one will be cut off and have nothing.

The new Jewish version says after the 62 weeks, the anointed one will disappear and vanish.

I was a disappear and vanish is is really not a right translation at all that it is that disappear is not what cut off means certainly and that's why almost all other translations you'll see will say something like cut off and be no more cut off and have nothing. I believe that's an accurate translation there. As for the city and the sanctuary.

The people of the coming Prince will destroy them resemble come speeding like a flood until the end of the war that is been decreed. There will be destruction. So here is a clear word about the second anointed one. If there are two separate ones.

Here is this second anointed one.

And here he emphatically is going to die. He's going to be cut off and again this is all part of the 490 year revelation and now it's speaking of of the end of this Prince that's going to come this coming Prince. As for the city and the sanctuary solicited temples rebuilt, there is going to be destruction come again, since that's obviously the Romans are right and then verse 27 he will confirm a covenant with many for one week, but in the middle of that week you will bring sacrifices and offerings to halt the wing of abominations will come on the distortions of decreed and is poured out on the one who destroys that some of his languages, especially in the they the Hebrew is at least as difficult, if not more difficult than English and and that's what you see some variation. That's why Siegel the last want to do is this fight about some of the specific wording say like verse 27 but there cowboy Street verse 27 one is that it's speaking about. He the Messiah will confirm a covenant with many for one week.

Within the middle of that week will bring sacrifices and offerings to halt how he'll do it by dying for our sins and and that's in the middle of the 70th week and then what comes after the wing of abominations so that was coming after that.

As a result, is now the destruction of the temple. That's one way of reading it.

The other is that is speaking of the time when the temple was destroyed one generation later. See you got a hiatus of of almost 40 years and during that time will be some type of agreement or covenant with the Roman Emperor, which will then be broken and then because of that sacrifices offerings will cease because of the destruction of the Temple and on the wing of abominations will come only destroys into the decreed end is poured out on the will to destroy. So destruction of the Temple and then ultimately destruction of the destroyer. Be right back. We can talk about that get you the question David London. Let's talk again about Isaiah 53 steroid. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 860 Jim is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us on the line of fire was like to hear the voice my friend Polder this is Michael Brown and you are listening to 30 Jewish Thursday on the line of fire, 866-348-7884. Isaac just one more comment, when you look at the diversity of commentaries on 927 both Jewish and Christian commentaries really so cat I don't want to be too dogmatic here on this and there is a lot of ambiguities in the language in terms of who the he is and with that the reference are and things like that but what does seem clear is obviously ties in with the destruction of the temple and to me that's the best explanation for the cessation of the sacrifices and offerings because the temple has has been destroyed.

Other commentators look at this is stuff that happened in the rate of Antioquia's in the second century BC, when he defiled the temple and they see the prophecies coming to pass them.

My question is, aside from the 490 year chronology doesn't work. This is way too early for that to happen.

The question is when did the six things mentioned in 924 even remotely happen when the temple was cleansed on it.

After Antioquia's was pushed back.

It answers it never happened. So that's that's my overview Alisa quick but I just got to bit more depth. I'm sure you're familiar with the church in the architecture of Ethiopia. They claim that they have the ark of the covenant and no one has actually on the only person like the head of the church or turbulent. Yeah it's it's a fascinating story. It would be wild if true, I've I've read that there are people in the Orthodox Church whose whole gold Orthodox Ethiopian are easier for church and their whole mission is to guard the ark and that they stand watch over it.

The other outside the building where it is and they stand watch in a sweat profusely because the intensity of the pressures is a wild story, but as far as I know, system myth, I don't I've not seen anything to verify it.

It could be true, it would be utterly bizarre to me that people been searching for the whole Raiders of the lost Ark mood was actually based on a true story. Indiana Jones was based on a true story archaeologists ventral drones and the have suggested his country store with with all of the liberty of the concept, but the idea that no one is found that the Israeli antiquities market is there is no one they were located in that to me is just bogus. The other traditions about going to different parts of the world so I don't know if it was true that the amazing wow you know there's a real art is a dispute about that. We know that it was taken by the Babylonians that Jeremiah said that you will talk about the future, meets Simon to be there for you will ever be discovered. If so, that would be one of the greatest is not the greatest biblical archaeology. It discovers all time, but it is been there in plain sight. The whole time very outside under skeptical about that's all sure thing. God bless you Matt 8663 freight 7884 what we go back to London England with David, I'm ever talking David some weeks back.

Welcome back to the line of fire. You� I thought that a limited love pantomimed out on the� Out the one of the questions I had. According to that both the evidence that it is the nation of Israel that have committed nonviolent document put it on Ark of the argument put on PT that could benefit to them.

The mentee committed by London. The cleansing of the temple labor leader with them and take people out the fabled of nothing wrong but it would be by the violent and the other wanted the pudding getting rid of it some kind of agreement and putting it out of the pig and the government yet another student to the violent and go with what you'll apply to the state. Sure, we just have to look at the Hebrew word violence and see what it refers to some mosses that he would buy the weights it's unrelated to the terrorist group Hamas in terms of the etymology of their name. So Thomas and in Hebrew is as I explained in volume 3 of my series answering Jewish objections. Jesus refers to violent bloodshed and and acts of of horrific injustice against other human beings. For example, if someone suffered the death penalty in ancient Israel the person was stoned to death. That's not Hamas that's justice. If you went to war and you were fighting your enemy and you killed your enemy. That's not Hamas that's not an act of a violent injustice, so it would it if Jesus wanted to the temple.

PT drove out that the cattle with a whip and he overturned the tables and sister without the city, with anybody but if if he had gone to the temple, God forbid, and started swinging swing his sword and beheading people that were just innocent temple that would have been Hamas but but certainly when you look at what I did is elected every single time it was used in the Hebrew Bible, and it's it's always speaking of Gulati violence and in horrific acts of of violent injustice and nothing here would in any way compared to it or could possibly be called violence, and in fact Jesus was known as a man of peace is a life that's the whole narrative that his disciples ultimately understood put your sword back in this thing was, you know he's a man of peace that what we know will meet. He ended up being crucified willingly right so that Windows will usually yes go ahead of it getting the executive remotely take my income tax takes. He simply drove the demons out of out of the man and they begged him not to let them not to send it to the pet you have final destruction. It wasn't their time. It was a demonstration of how many demons were in this man that someone but it was it was the demons who killed the pigs and that's that's no question about it. He simply drove the demons out of the math. Not not only that you even admitted to the appointment. He didn't have to take an active guy named Damon without getting paid. What will. Okay that's asking let's ask another question that said he just drove the demon out of the person, which is what commonly happened right the demon go somewhere else. Was the demon enter somebody and that person then kills a person is Jesus.

Now the nascent activate the demon killed the demon possessed the hell were in other words, there is this type of final judgment. Why doesn't God stop every rate before it happens when God looks down right now he sees a kid that's born. This can be like in Adolf Hitler when he grows up wisely just come in the womb because that's not the way it works. There is a time for final judgment until then human beings make choices Angels make choices demons make choices and relive those consequences. Yeah thing out. The idea that he would he would file something about he would do that when he was when he was taken away like a lamb led to the slaughter she saw for sure is that he is now the shocking thing great characteristics when they pressed him when they said because defend yourself. What that's what was characterized by steroid.

It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown Yeah just a matter of a couple days and God willing will be in Israel with our tour group and if everything works out. We've got the studio set up the places from which were scheduled to broadcast every night next week, Monday through Friday should become your way live from Israel.

And I guess Israel time will be 8 to 10 at night every week or will be 9 to 11 anyway will become a way live from Israel. So please be praying for God's blessing on the tour for everyone coming that will be the life-changing experience there hoping it will be August 30, surly, thoroughly Jewish Thursday, this is Michael Brown so pleased to be with you and I'm good to go to the phones momentarily, but first just wanted to talk to you about a fascinating Jewish tradition if you have any Jewish related questions for me. Hebrew related questions Judy's related questions by all means give me a call 866-348-7884. There's a discussion in the Talmud Bella and Tom with the tractate. Sue, 50 2A. So in in the Talmud, everything is known by page front and backwards off as it's called in Hebrew the front and the back so 50 2A, that would be the page that's facing you in the book the children be open from right to left and the 50 2B is when you flip it over the page.

On the other side and all of the standard, conditions are printed the same way. So that's how you learn that you don't learn it as much. Chapter and verse is, as you learned tractate which is booked and paid in side of the page so there's a question about Zechariah 1210. His discussion of about the end of days and why there is morning and one Rabbi Rabbi Joseph and the rabbis disagree. Consider this matter once said that the morning the eulogy is for Messiah son of Joseph was killed in the war of Gog from the lender boggled prior to the ultimate redemption with the coming of Messiah been David the Sieben David and once said that this eulogy is for the evil inclination that was killed. Judaism believes that human beings have a good inclination and an evil inclination and we are in a battle to subdue the evil inclination and allow the good inclination to rise and have dominance in our lives so Tom and asked granted. According to the one who said the filamentous from the Sieben your safety was killed.

This would be the meaning of that which is written in a context and if you looking to me because they have thrust them through, and they shall mourn for him as one mourns for his only son. However, according to the 1/7 eulogy is for the evil inflation it was killed this one need to conduct eulogy for this. On the contrary, one could should should conduct a celebration. Why then did they cried other words, Zechariah 1210 the let's move they've pierced of the latrine because the one they thrust through that okay if there morning this Messiah son of Joseph, a secondary messianic figure in Judaism who will die in the last great war they be resurrected by Messiah son of David. If, in fact, Zechariah 1210 is about the we understand why this morning there.

Zechariah 1210 the look of me as a pierced is actually referring to the evil inclination. Why should they mourn. If it's been defeated in the Talmud says this can be understood as Rabbi Yehuda taught in the future that the End of Days God will bring evil inflation and slaughter in the presence of the righteous and the presence of the wicked for the righteous, evil, inflation appears to them as a high mountain for the wicked appears to them as a mere strand of hair.

These weep and those weep the righteous weep and say how were we able to overcome so high amount in the wicked weep and say how were we unable to overcome the strand of hair and even the holy one, blessed be he will wander with them as it is stated with regard to the eulogy Sosa slaughter posted to be wondrous in the eyes of the remnant of his people in those days should also be wondrous in my office. It lasts pretty far-fetched interpretation that there morning over the structure evil-of course, cyclical Policies because that this Messiah dies side of the slain son, whom he pierced.

This will happen. People born side in the morning. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown 63423 go back to the phones in London. David, thanks for joining us today. I doubt knows how bad I didn't. I hit the wrong buttons are the Libya note speaking, let my left. What about when he said� It will take over their utterances when he's on the cross. GT speaks that the passage to speak of, no resistance, and he's before his accusers, he says nothing.

This acidity never speaks at the time of his death or he never speaks before that.

But the whole passages is talking about the very thing again that that he is known for, which is, he didn't go fighting and squirming rather, he was treated harshly and afflicted. But he didn't open his mouth.

No protest, no calling down fire on his enemies. No trying to defend himself like a lamb led to the slaughtering block like a sheep silent for sure is. He did not even open his mouth and that again is characteristic of the Gospels to the point that the others are shot good at uniting their defend yourself uniting us anything but. But he didn't do it because he committed himself to the father and and it was the father's will that that he did when crossing microblog taken me� When he thought it put out.

I quit fighting, but not in agreement.

Note that even the and is not on yet just just just just to be clear that number number one it's talking about before his accusers on the way to slaughter. He doesn't resist, which he doesn't okay member this is prophecy. This is not a detailed history being given this this prophecy be laid out. That's why people read it. Never a state of shock.

Your thinking. How was this written hundreds of years before the event. Happiness was only you succumb to faith based on this high on the cross. He says seven different sayings.

He says it is finished, said father into into your hands I commit my spirit, and so on and so forth. So all that is there. But did he resist note did he speak up on the way to slaughter note did he try to stop them know he's like a lamb before sure is like a lamb go to slaughter rather on the cross. He says many things one is he draws our attention to Psalm 22 is no protest. There is no anger, there is no fighting. He draws our attention to Psalm 22, which is an extraordinary redemptive Psalm, and that some points to this one who comes to the jaws of death seemingly forsaken by God and yet delivered from death to the praise of the whole world.

So he's drawing our attention to that some number that relate to the quote, make them anything about minimum yet. Here again, David. This is a prophecy in 15 versus of the life and death and resurrection of the Messiah right it is is not a detailed description of every last thing so look at every major statement that's made. There is a true overwhelmingly so did he resist note did he speak up to defend himself.

No. Did he cry out when he was being beaten, whipped, put on the cross. No where does it say that as he's dying on the cross that he will commune with his father, where is it say that he won't speak to the people there and he urges on the way the cross. He urges women you know to weep for the instruction is coming on. That is not weep for me weep for what's coming on you witness and say that he won't do any that it it doesn't about blogging about. He's doesn't protest the doesn't resist this. It's a did open his mouth. Does that mean he never breathed in a breeze with open obviously not exactly Evan ethernet open is not this is a figure of speech. But again, what is the picture the pictures here Mohammed is a warrior will actually be heads some of his enemies. Okay David is a conquering king who who fights and subdues enemies. Joshua leaves the children of Israel into the promised land to defeat the enemies of Israel. You know Napoleon Bonaparte is a great general and and are invalid and in general patina is all these guys and other generals, their warriors and all this okay and some blood in others them as our the leader of our faith was crucified without resisting the leader of our faith told his disciples, put your sword back in a sheath.

This is the father's wealth, he said to him I could call down thousands of angels right now and they could they could destroy. But that's not why I'm here I'm here to die. He came as a lamb, and he died as a lamb without resisting, without protest and yelled at the outset that it is not enough.

Half obviously obviously the they have like I know that the couple dimension. Multitudes of people following him relate people who love only more organic than Malone did not pay what you had those on the one hand you had a multitudes following him who were helping him as a great prophet and the son of God, that others following him who were there to find fault and into attack, but ultimately you he is rejected by his people.

He dies it in obscurity and virtually alone in that respect. So he is despised and rejected and hated and throughout his entire ministry career. He is spoken against, but crowds would come.

They were fickle. They would come because he fed the 5000 so they can for food. The next day they came because they saw the miracles they heard his teaching became hungry for God of his came to criticize.

So it's it's a mixture among them.

There were some that were very very sincere and the you cannot say the Jewish people as a whole rejected the Messiah considered the Jewish nation did in the leadership did many of the people were deeply sincere and and followed him for life of God. Multitudes it up and coming about me kind of a parietal coding that would only absolutely love this whole again when says he was despised and rejected. It's ultimately picturing him on the cross because the pictures we thought he was suffering for our sins. We did that we thought he was suffering for his sins. We didn't realize he was suffering for our sins so that for example in in Isaiah 53. This is ultimate spoken. First, he grows up in obscurity and in Nazareth in Galilee what their parents nobody it starts small town� Nothing and nothing special about a mic while he is the most handsome guy we've ever seen or note. None. None of that and then he ends he is throughout his ministry time he's he's called Beelzebub you drive out demons by the power of Satan himself, and what is is a response despised and rejected by people who experience pain was acquainted with illness. Obviously ministries among the sick and carries the pain of people hid their face from he was despised and consider them insignificant, but he lifted up our� He carried her pain even though he was.

We thought he was being punished attack by God. The 50% he done so, this is talking particular about his rejection is dying on the cross. We thought he was suffering for what he did but the revelation he was wounded because of our rebellious deeds crush because of our sins, he endured the punishment that made us well because of his wounds we have been healed. All of us. It wandered off like she piece about each of us and straight off on his own path with the Lord because the sin of all of us to attack them quite vivid language there for sure. Hate David a good chatting.

If an event on some of the spiritual search and I pray that WB clarity and the ability to to see his truth and is worded to really know him and Catherine got a get to other calls and other other news and subjects with thank you sir for calling and it's good talking with you again at 8663 for 87884 before I go back to the phones this week's Torah portion of the red in the synagogues on on Shabbat this Saturday is Jeremiah excuse me, is a partial admission for team the Torah portion called Mishka team which is judgments.

These are legal legal pronouncements and it begins in 21 one with the laws of slavery right to 2418.

This is the book of the covenant with some of the fundamental laws that God gave Israel after the 10 Commandments, so this is read in the synagogues. This this Saturday and along with it. The power that the half term. The supplemental portion from the prophetic books is Jeremiah 34, 8 to 34.

22. What's that about. That's about the releasing of slaves.

Slaves there for seven years, etc. six years. The seventh year the released because the Israelites failed to do that. The refit felt the release of the seventh year and this is dealing with that. Okay they would grant them free in the seventh year in the Jubilee year so this deals with that Jeremiah deals with that and then interestingly, Jeremiah 33 verses 25 and 26 okay why why is that portion read as well.

But let me read to Jeremiah 33 2526 other would make the following promise of a covenant growing a covenant concerning the coming of Dan, I have established the fixed laws governing heaven and earth just shows I've done the social ill will never reject the descendents of Jacob.

Roy refused as well. My servant David sends through the sins of Abraham, Isaac, was starting to show the mercy probably going back to the fact that God made last with his error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown and joining friends and praying for the salvation of the lost sheep of the house of Israel this is Michael Brown. I am delighted to be with you today, 866-3423 your Jewish related questions. I've got a number of new articles that were posted in the last old 36 hours or or less. The most recent yes childhood sexual abuse often does contribute to homosexuality right before that another article will the left discipline Georgia Tech a and Bill more for their propeller's comments and then right before that the madness must stop and right before that American warning to the church worldwide. Please learn from our mistakes and refer that Milo C Peckham Citroen pedophilia usual in the last three days roughly on our website. The line of okay I got up cough drop. I was sucking on and it hopefully is out of listener hearing. So if you hear it shuffling around you just let me know.

One of the thought on why you have Jeremiah 33 2526 red after three 482-3422 in the synagogue, and this is in conjunction with the weekly reading of partial Mishka team Harshaw being the weekly portion.

The passages of Scripture that are red and again it's from Exodus 21 to 24 that begins with laws about slaves in Hebrew slaves and they serve six years. Recent seven so Jeremiah 34 822 that makes perfect sense because that's about his failure to do this in the judgment that would come, but what you then go back and read the verses that come immediately before 32 2526 this and chapter 33's is just a few verses before the passage that read, here is my educated guess. Here's how 3422 ends rather water from that I will soon give the order and bring them back to the city they will fight against it and capture it and burn it down. I will also make the towns of Judah desolate so that there'll be no one living in them.

You don't go on and on adverse and there. So this is not uncommon in Jewish synagogue readings. You will then end with a positive promise uncertainty.

This is customer you know bring whatever patents were judgment and a promise afterwards. Hence the promise that God makes to Israel that initially submit a covenant concerning day and night in the fixed laws governing heaven and earth shoes is done this, you will never reject the descendents of David never refused to choose one of David's descendents rule over the sense of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob Dietl restore them and show mercy to them. Here's a similar thing instead of the synagogue lamentations book of Lamentations.

Let's listen to the last two verses of Lamentations. All right says this respect yourself for so that may be returned to you renew our life as in days before unless you have utterly rejected us and are angry with us beyond measure. Who, us, that's a painful way to end the book that is the way Dansk is Lamentations and it's a pain what the synagogue does is it repeats.

Verse 21 repeats. Verse 21 brings back yourself. The Lord's. Let me return to you renew our life as an days before here's another example. Again, this is a practice in the synagogue when these portions of Scripture or read. Let's take a look at Ecclesiastes, please ask these. Let's look at the end of Ecclesiastes.

All right. And here's what it says last two verses. Having heard everything. I reach this conclusion.

Fear God and keep his commandments, because this is the whole duty of man.

Verse 14, for God will evaluate every evil deed including every secret thing with a greater evil strong word sobering word. The synagogue does not. To minimize this broad customer.

The synagogue is full of sober readings. Let's just say, even though that God's mercy is exalted God's compassion is exalted, you don't have an overemphasis of grace and undress under emphasis of judgment, and in synagogue readings. Some of the synagogue does Jewish tradition does is after verse 14. Forgot evaluate every deed including a resequencing with good or evil.

It then rereads it then rereads verse 13.

Having heard everything. I reach this conclusion for God and keep his grandma's. This is the whole duty of man of this is the whole man. It repeats that as a final, edifying ending 866-34-TRUTH I got time for one quick call we go to Stanley in Richmond, Virginia. Thanks for calling the line of fire forever. The references are generally regarded about liturgy return across show you my darling, I wired everything related regarding her family did several things, not. He went literally return the stone throw away is only his knees and prayed. You will be caught. Father that operated this cut be removed from me, not my will and I will be done anyone back after cycle let you fall asleep you what he did three literally say that you know in an out-of-court pastor while he do that if you do what we came a good whirlpool when you show that he's a human being coming in the flesh rather ended, and it usually I don't ever, ever, respectfully restrict your yeah sure this is this is commonly asked in terms of why Jesus prayed that in the garden, and it does reflect that he was fully God and fully man and he knew it wasn't just a matter of dying on the cross and suffering horrific horrific physical torment and agony, but it was also a matter of spiritual torment agony beyond anything that we could imagine because he was going to bare our sins on the cross so it would be unspeakable and yes he knows exactly what's coming, but he thereby shows us two things he shows us the fact that he was a real human being as well as truly God is a mystery. It is mind-boggling, but it remains true so that's the one thing he demonstrates his humanity, not the sinful sense not a fallen sense he accepts the father's will. But he says if there's any other way to do this then let it let it be done. Nonetheless, not my will but yours was in full submission. That's part one shows his humanity, not in a sinful way, but in a very real way. The second thing is, it is our way of knowing that there was no other way. It is our way of knowing that there was no other way for human beings to be redeemed if there could have been any other way possible. He would not have died on the cross. If there could've been any other way to save us rather than his death on the cross. Then then the couple to fast from them but there was no other way.

She knew it was coming. He talked about all the time is no questioning that he told his disciples and unsteady settings can be rejected is can be beaten is can be crucified is gonna rise on the third day he was the Lamb slain from before the foundation of the world. This was part of his deepest, innermost consciousness. And yet, the approach the terror of the moment was overwhelming, and hence he knew not God tells us that he was five he was heard as he prayed with loud crying and tears and reverent fear. So this is the humanity of the son of God and the divinity of the son of God. A full display. Thank you sir for your question.

Much appreciated. What is Savior we have one a Messiah pray with me, friends, salvation is velocity for the house of Israel and if you're not involved in helping Jewish ministers join us partner with us right now for the line of fire that were click on donate demos today because making a difference was my bottom line decided for us beyond ever

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