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Is 2021 Shaping Up to Be Even Worse than 2020?

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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August 30, 2021 4:40 pm

Is 2021 Shaping Up to Be Even Worse than 2020?

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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August 30, 2021 4:40 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 08/30/21.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. Get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. You know, you think, well, things can't get crazier than 2020, and we've moved on, and Trump is behind us, and the craziness is behind us, and the riots are behind us, and then here comes 2021. What in the world is going on, and what is God doing in the world?

This is Michael Brown. Welcome to the broadcast. I'm going to open up the phone lines for anything on your minds today.

866-34-TRUTH, 866-348-7884. A little later in the broadcast, I may share with you a very prescient warning from Charles Finney in July of 1836 that remains relevant for us today, so I may do that as well. But first, let's kind of step back and think about what's happened so far in 2021. So, it starts, of course, with one of the most traumatic events in modern American history, the storming of the Capitol, the so-called insurrection, the massive crowd to rally there in D.C., to pray for justice in the elections, to quote stop the steal, and then President Trump saying, all right, we're going to walk over now to the Capitol, and of course, you know the rest of the story. Things happened that others were certainly not planning to happen. Latest reports I've read indicate that there was not some massive, or I should say confirmed, that there was not some massive conspiratorial plan to storm the Capitol that day. Some planned it, but it was not this massive plan.

The vast majority of people that were there were there today to pray and to rally together. But that happens, absolutely traumatic event, and then as a result of that, Trump gets blamed for it, so he gets impeached a second time. First president who's ever been impeached twice, and obviously political leanings caused that. Now, add to that the fact that there are now calls for the impeachment of President Biden. Correct me if I'm wrong, I'm not a historian of American presidents, but correct me if I'm wrong, I'm assuming that this would be the first time in the same calendar year that there were calls to impeach two different presidents, the outgoing and the incoming. That's part of the craziness of where we are.

And then, think back to this, there is then Twitter and big tech banning the man who's still the sitting president, banning him from social media. That was this year. That's major stuff. That's big stuff. That's unimaginable stuff.

That was just this year, 2021. Okay, in no particular order. Let me go through a number of other things that happened. Israel, war with Hamas, Hamas taking advantage of some emotional events and some controversial things taking place in Jerusalem. Now they're going to be the guardians of the mosque and they're going to be the guardians of the sacred mount and they're going to attack. So of course you have Israel's iron dome, largely successfully defending against the missile attacks, but traumatic for the nation of Israel and casualties on all sides. That was just this year as well. And then again, in no particular order, but since we mentioned Israel, Prime Minister Netanyahu out after serving as prime minister longer than any person in Israeli history. And then with an interesting coalition, Naftali Bennett getting in as the incoming prime minister then to shift over after two years to his counterpart. So this is again, unprecedented kind of stuff.

This has happened all this year. And then remember the Russian alleged Russian hacking of the pipeline for a massive oil pipeline. And for the first time since the 70s, people are lining up at pumps to get gas. And this happened during the crisis in the 70s. And that's when oil prices jumped dramatically and never came down to what they were before that. But people that are old enough to remember that say, yeah, lining up to get gas again at the gas stations. So this was, and wearing masks in the process because, yes, some of the biggest, biggest news thus far in the year is the resurgence of COVID. There was the feeling that, okay, we're getting over it and it's passing.

Be it through herd immunity, be it through people being vaccinated, be it for whatever reason, life started to get back to normal. You know, senators calling for masks to be removed in planes because it's still mandatory. And, you know, you get on the plane, they say it doesn't matter what the state regulations are, federal regulations, this and such, they have to wear a mask from the moment you get to the airport to the moment you leave. And, you know, senators saying, hey, it's time to end this. There's no reason for it.

And then the Delta variant sweeps in. And now hospitals, ICUs filled again, a colleague of mine fighting for his life right now. I mean, this is, thought it was passed. I was getting ready to go to Europe for a dedication of a church with a dear colleague of mine. And right before, well, you know, we got the tickets ready to go, would have been a week or two from now and then get word, no, actually America has been put on the high risk list and X number of things have to be done in order for you to go. Otherwise you have to quarantine. And so that's changed things dramatically. More lockdowns.

We've got countries like Australia with massive lockdowns and helicopters, you're patrolling, making sure that people are abiding by the lockdowns. And so that trauma, the trauma on the kids, education questions and on and on. So that's rocked our world again. And then questions about the vaccines remain and back and forth, the country being divided over that. You know, and you got preachers standing up saying, you will not get vaccine.

You will not wear a mask in our church and others saying you will not come anywhere near us unless you have a vaccine and a mask. And so that's continued to boil. Again, all 2021, these are, I'm not just picking, you know, Kanye and Kim got divorced and I'm not talking about things that are just in the news.

I'm talking about things of national interest, of international interest. And then Governor Cuomo, superstar Governor Cuomo wins an Emmy for his news conferences about COVID. And this is as some are accusing him of gross negligence and blaming the deaths of thousands of elderly New Yorkers on his policies. Because remember what happened, that there was a concern there's going to be a massive rush of patients needing hospital beds, needing beds in ICU. And you had a number of elderly patients there. So got to clear them out to make room for the young people and the others. So that's a deeply flawed policy to start, you know, making that value judgment about which life is more valuable or whatever.

So they were now sent to nursing homes and then it spread through the nursing homes. So there are people saying that's murder of thousands of people. But he gets an Emmy award and, you know, book deal and all of this. And then sexual harassment accusations reached the point he's going to be indicted and he has to resign. I mean, he's one of the most powerful political leaders in America.

The son of Mario Cuomo, his brother Chris Cuomo on CNN constantly talked about as a potential presidential candidate. Now he has to resign in disgrace. And then you have in California Governor Gavin Newsom who wins by a landslide and has been a popular figure, you know, from his days as mayor of San Francisco issuing same sex quote marriage licenses years ago. Now there's a vote for recall and it's neck and neck as to whether the majority of Californians are going to say, yeah, we want to recall here. Just sick and tired of his policies and the effect of his policies and blaming him for a lot of the problems in California. If you look at the fastest growing states in America, no, California is not one where everyone's moving into to the contrary. Many are moving out of.

I was talking to someone that moved his organization from California to Nashville and and he explained that the vast majority of his staff was very happy to make the move because things are so shut down and constricted there. Okay. And then on a more popular, broader level you've got the ongoing insanity of cancel culture. Dr. Seuss, Dr. Seuss, the beloved children's author has six of his books banned.

Six books banned because of political incorrectness and alleged racist stereotyping. And then you have the man who had been the leading voice of the conservative movement for many, many years in terms of a media voice, Rush Limbaugh dies of cancer. Again, just major things that happened that impacted many lives.

And then you get to the events of recent days. So our completely botched withdrawal from Afghanistan. Again, regardless of you agreed with, if you agreed with President Trump's policy and what was negotiated, where things were going, whether you agreed with that or not, there seems to be virtually universal agreement that President Biden completely botched the withdrawal. As Trump said, first, get all our people out, then get all our equipment out, then destroy the bases, then get the military out instead of the military leaves first and leaves all the equipment. I mean, the Taliban, they now have some of the most sophisticated military equipment in the world in large numbers. And then as a result of the chaos, the suicide bombing takes the lives of 13 of our American soldiers. You see the pictures of these young people, men and women, folks in their 20s, married, doing their best to serve the country, serve the people of Afghanistan and absolute tragedy, suicide bomb kills many, many others, including 13 of our own. And you add to that now, according to reports, as we got reports of another potential suicide bombing at the airport. So we take out the suicide bomber with a drone attack. But according to reports I've read, because of the amount of explosives in the vehicle, the explosion killed others, including a family with several children.

So it's just, it's a painful, difficult time, a time of shaking of people. And latest reports I've read that are getting wide circulation say that the Taliban met with military leaders of America not that long ago and said, okay, we have two choices. You can control Kabul and the airport and we'll take the rest of the country, or you just take the airport.

And according to this military intelligence said, all we can use the airport, we're good. You see what's kind of that. And now Louisiana on the anniversary of Katrina gets hit by a massive hurricane, landfall considered perhaps the worst we've been hit with. Hurricane Ida and the pictures there just everywhere you look online. Here's a nurse standing in the hospital videotaping as the roof on another part of the building gets ripped off by the hurricane and the debris comes smashing towards the window. This is a year of great shaking, great pain for many. What is God doing in the midst of it?

We'll be right back. It's The Line of Fire with your host, Dr. Michael Brown, your voice of moral, cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. We know, we know in the world that Satan is at work. He's always at work to destroy lives. He's always at work to deceive. He's always at work to seduce.

He's always at work to pull people away from God's purposes, to destroy their lives. We understand that. That's in all ways. We also understand that people are at work. People are doing things, making choices. We also know that there are circumstances that arise as a result of that.

In other words, you do this, it sets that in motion. We also know that God is at work. The question is what is God doing in the midst of the chaos? What is God doing in the midst of the storm? 866-34-truth, 866-34-87, 884.

This is Michael Brown. Welcome to The Line of Fire. Look, my goal is never to excite you into a state of worry and panic.

My goal may be at times to awaken you, to stir your heart, to give you an awareness of what's happening in the world around us, and then to say, okay, what do we do? What do we do about it? How do we respond? What is God saying? What does God want us to do in the midst of the storm, in the midst of the craziness?

So, if the scenario that I set before you is negative, well, it is negative. It's a lot of pain out there, a lot of uncertainty. Many people asking questions they haven't asked, many people grieving and not knowing what's coming tomorrow, it really is a time of upheaval. Now, for sure, there have been times of far greater upheaval in world history. We understand that, and there's some parts of the world, if you look at, say, what happened to Yemen or Libya or Syria or Lebanon in recent years or Iraq for that matter, the upheaval there, the places where ISIS has raised its head, other parts of the world that have been hit by civil war, the ravaging effects of war and upheaval have been far greater there. But then you add in, now they're dealing with COVID also, and they're dealing with the other uncertainties.

It is one thing after another, and the picture that we painted in the first segment is just a representative sampling of the biggest things that came to mind as I sat with my team and we reflected back on the year thus far. But God is not sitting idly by. God is not saying, oh, this is so terrible, what am I going to do?

I wish I could do something. But sometimes we act as if that was God. We act as if he was wishing or hoping or just sitting idly by kind of wringing his hands and, oh, it's really bad. No, number one, God always sits enthroned as king.

He is always worthy of worship. And in his presence is not fullness of fear, fullness of terror, fullness of anxiety, but fullness of joy. In Philippians 4, 6 through 8, which I just learned listening to a book by Max Luke Cato, Be Anxious for Nothing, that Kindle, if you're reading an e-book on Amazon, it can track what you're reading, right? So if you're reading it on your cell phone and you get home, you want to read it on your e-reader or on your computer, so it's going to track where you've been. And then if you highlight something, it notes that, and it can be shared with others. So you're reading a book, and you may not have asked for this, but it's like, why is that underlying on my book? Oh, it's underlying to tell you that this is a commonly underlined passage. According to Max Luke Cato, the Bible is the most highlighted book on Kindle.

So it has more highlights with it, more people underlining things as they're reading. And according to Max Luke Cato, the number one most highlighted passage is in Philippians, the fourth chapter. And these verses, verses 6 through 8 in particular, where Paul says, Be anxious for nothing, but in everything with prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving make your requests known to God, and the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your heart and mind in Christ Jesus. That is a key passage then in verse 8 telling us what to meditate on and think on if we want our hearts to be at peace and our minds to be pure and wholesome.

But here's the point. God, in the midst of the craziness, is worthy of worship. God remains good. And when we put everything in his hands, you may not get answers. You may not get solutions immediately, but you get peace. And it's not a false peace.

It's the peace of knowing God and knowing that he's in control. Now, many things happen contrary to his will. In other words, he gives us freedom of choice. Many things happen contrary to what he desires. That's why he grieves over those things.

And he gives us those freedoms and then we are accountable for those freedoms. And yet if we know him, we can trust our lives to him, regardless of what the devil is doing, regardless of what human beings are doing, also knowing, in addition to that, that God himself is at work. That there's certain things he may be bringing as judgments. That there are other things he may be doing to counteract what Satan is doing. But for sure, he is working. What does Jesus say in John 7 when he's asked about healing a man on the Sabbath? He says, my father is working up until now and so am I.

So the father is always working and always carrying out his plan. And in the midst of what seems like craziness, the kingdom of God is being advanced. I'm hearing more and more reports from more and more people around the country about the Holy Spirit being poured out and many people being saved.

I'm hearing that a lot. I was talking to an international leader, well-respected international leader last week. And I said, I know that I know that I know that this is happening and it's going to spread all over America. And I saw this army of evangelists in my mind's eye a few years back.

I saw tents all over America. I saw evangelists on the streets and in church buildings preaching and equipping the saints. And so that's the antidote for the madness and the craziness and the upheaval that we're currently experiencing. It's the gospel. Yeah, the gospel and Christian action lived out.

Yes, not either or. The gospel includes living out our faith. But preaching the gospel, awakening in the church and preaching the gospel to the lost and seeing people come to faith.

Because to the extent we can step away from the politics of the moment, to the extent we can step away from the current events and preach Jesus in a non-partisan way, you're saved or you're lost, you're in or you're out, you're a child of God or child of the devil, you're under the power of sin or you've been forgiven of sin through Jesus. To the extent we can do that, people are ready. People are hungry. People are thirsty. People have questions. People know there's got to be more.

People are uncertain. And we are saying, hey, the reality is we all need God. We just realize it more now.

And I said this to my friend. I said, I know that something is rising. He goes, oh, of that I'm sure. Of that I'm sure. So I want to read to you from Hebrews 12.

Then we'll take some calls and talk about a bunch of other things. Hebrews chapter 12. It's contrasting Mount Sinai, this physical mount that you could come to and that was burning with fire and God's judgment was on those who would dare get too close. And then the heavenly Zion that we've come to and the glorious scene there. Now, Hebrews 12.25, as a result of that, see to it that you do not refuse him who speaks.

If they did not escape when they refused him who warned them on earth, how much less will we if we turn away from him who warns us from heaven? So he's saying because we've come to the heavenly Zion rather than to the earth, the Mount Sinai, the stakes are higher. At that time, Sinai, his voice shook the earth, but now he has promised once more, I will shake not only the earth, but also the heavens.

And we've not seen that yet. Any shakings we've had are minor compared to the final shaking. The words once more indicate the removing of what can be shaken that has created things so that what cannot be shaken may remain. Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us be thankful and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe for our God as the consuming fire.

Deuteronomy 4.24 quoted here in Hebrews 12.29. Okay, let me apply that to us right now. Let me apply that to human beings in every generation in which we've lived. When things in our world shake, they reveal what's really there. They reveal the real state of things. When a couple that has a fragile marriage goes through real serious trials, often that marriage falls apart. A couple with a solid marriage goes through that same trial and they draw closer together as a result. Someone full of fear and anxiety during times of national crisis, they're just an inch away from a heart attack, it seems, just because they're so, no, just the panic and not putting someone down.

I'm just saying that that's what happens. Someone else full of faith, when the shaking comes, the fearful things happen, they rise up in confidence. We can trust God.

We can trust God. So, it's just like the refiner's fire in Malachi 3. The refiner's fire, and that's how the Messiah came to Jerusalem 2,000 years ago, the refiner's fire brings to the surface what's really there.

So, you throw in silver, gold, looks good, looks fine, but the fire is so hot that it separates the gold, the silver, it separates these expensive items from the dross, from the mixture, and that dross, the impurities, rise up to the surface and then are skimmed away, and now you have the real, real deal. So, what's happening now is the shaking, the ongoing chaos, the uncertainty, the mile a minute of constant updates and news, and you know, you get on social media feed and pray for this one's sick, this one just died, it's just one thing after another of the suffering that's out there, the pain that's out there. It is, friends, a ripe time to talk about God's unshakable kingdom, because we who know the Lord, in the midst of the chaos, the confusion, the pain, in the midst of that, we are shouting out, there's a better way. You can be certain, secure, forever. You can have a personal relationship with God. You can actually learn to take refuge in Him.

Think of that. Take refuge in God. That it's just like going into a cave on the side of the mountain, and you go in there and you're out from the rain and the elements, just that real, except more so. Let us take refuge in the Lord. Let us find strength in Him and let's go tell a dying world, here's the water of life. We have a better way.

We'll be right back. It's The Line of Fire with your host, Dr. Michael Brown. Get into The Line of Fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. The Lord is our rock. That's not just religious talk. The Lord is our rock. We find security in Him. We find strength in Him.

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Just looking at this website, Foundation for Economic Education, FEE, established, what, 1946? Is that right? Yeah. Rand Paul sent this out to people today, Senator Rand Paul. Harvard epidemiologist says the case for COVID vaccine passports was just demolished. New research found that natural immunity offers exponentially more protection than COVID-19 vaccines. So this is Harvard published, Harvard professor.

I'm not an expert on this. I had one doctor on, one medical doctor months back who raised very, very serious concerns against the vaccine. I'm going to have a PhD in chemistry on the Young Earth Creationist, who feels very strongly that the vaccines are good.

I'm doing my best to say, hey, here's information. You make an informed decision, pray for wisdom, do the research, and try not to be moved by two extremes. The extreme of fear, oh no, oh no, oh no, it's going to get me, it's going to get me, it's going to get my family, it's going to get everybody, it's, oh no. The extreme of fear, which I can understand, especially if you've lost people close to you. Or the extreme of presumption, that vaccine isn't going to touch me, nobody's going to touch me, I don't even think about anything. Because people have made their very proclamation and died. Well, they're not me, they're not in my faith.

Well, that's what they said. So you can say, I'm really trusting God, I believe that's the best course of action. Well fine, you pray, you do what is right before the Lord based on doing the research you can and asking God for wisdom and getting counsel from others you can. Because the one side is, you put this in your body, you're perfectly healthy, you might hurt yourself for life, you might get heart condition, you might have some other disease that comes as a result of this because there have not been long-term studies.

Or, you don't put this in your body and die of COVID. I mean, it's not like a game. It's not like you bet 50 cents on which team is going to win in the little league game and say, ah, alright, here's the 50 cent. No, no, we're in people's lives. And unfortunately things are so politicized, even within the church, that we need to step back, take a deep breath, trust our lives afresh, Lord, I belong to you, and then ask Him for wisdom and make informed decisions. Don't stick your head in the sand waiting for everything to pass by, don't respond by fear, don't let some preacher intimidate you either way.

Step back, get your head clear, make an informed decision. Alright, with that, and speaking of Harvard, alright, guys, pull up my recent article on Harvard. I'm going to come to that next.

I'm sure there's some good coming out of Harvard and, spiritually, some nonsense as well. Okay, let's go over to Terry in Rock Island, Illinois. Welcome to the Line of Fire. Thanks for calling. Hello, Dr. Brown. How are you, sir?

Just fine, thanks. Just wanted to, like, encourage you, I got a little bit of a break from work, I'm one of those nurses that's working in medical field, pulling a lot of hours because of church staffing and the COVID variant just flooding through. But I recently called up on a broadcast you did on vaccines and how the church should respond, and it really helped me clear up a lot.

Well, Terry, first, first, thank you for your service, and before we go on, can I ask you a question? So where you are in Illinois and your colleagues, you are seeing a real spike in terms of hospitalizations and people in ICU. If so, how long has that been going on?

It's been going on for about a few months, sir, right now. We're seeing, unfortunately, we're seeing a few more younger people come in, you know, praise the Lord, they've all been able to be fully recovered, but they've all had a little less than that, you know, maybe they were all like, a lot of them, you know, I know a lot of mainstream media says that there's an anti-vaccine spike and people being hospitalized, and what I've seen, that is true. So a lot of people are like going, I wish I would have gotten the vaccine. I'm like, well, I wish I could have had more of a conversation with you. I'm just a nurse, you know what I mean?

That's what a doctor would tell you later on. Got it. Got it. Yes.

So, Terry, aside from expressing appreciation, was there anything you wanted to share or a question you wanted to raise? Well, yes. One of the things I was really concerned, you know, when vaccines started rolling out, I had a lot of questions, and unfortunately, I had a lot of negative responses to the vaccine, saying, don't take this, you don't need this, this is a precursor to the mark of the beast, there's a mark of the beast, and I was like, oh my gosh, you know, so. But unfortunately, the Lord had a lot of good people around me, a lot of Godly men, to be like, now hold on, let's look at the Bible. What does the Bible say? And I'm like, okay, Revelation 14 as well says, you know, that it's going to happen later on during the tribulation that the mark will be introduced.

Yeah, Terry, the simple thing when they say this is the mark of the beast, say it can't be the mark of the beast because we don't have a beast yet. That's the simple answer. And what's there yet if you're a pre-trib? Yeah, if you're a pre-trib, that would be the view. Maybe not being pre-trib would be a different view, but either way, right?

Yeah, so again, it's the extremes. If based on science, someone has concerns, we don't have long-term studies. Look, I just looked at a comment from Avril on Facebook, hospitals are filling up with COVID patients, hospitals are not filling up with COVID vaccine victims. So on the one hand, from everything we know, that's very, very true. And Nancy and I have lost friends to COVID, there's no laughing matter.

I mean, you're an eyewitness. On the flip side, Terry, what do you make of this? I've heard now from two different people working directly with people in hospitals, so not like fourth hand. In other words, the person said, no, it's my relative or my friend that works in the hospital. And both of them have been told if someone comes in with COVID, but they've had the vaccine, put them in a different category because we don't want that to show the same way. That's a separate subject.

But I mean, so we step back and think, who do we believe or what do we believe? Or are things being accurately reported about deaths because of the vaccines that are being suppressed? So people just want accurate information. That's the key.

Yes, sir. Well, for what I can tell you without breaking any HIPAA laws or work policy, there has been no falsification or segregating of people coming in with COVID. The only thing that is being reported is the result afterwards. Like they will say people who have come in unvaccinated are having a very, very rough time, maybe long term respiratory damage or heart damage. And of course, unfortunately, there are some deaths. And as we see now, young people have come in who are vaccinated and they come out surviving. They come out. Right. So that's right.

I mean, I've heard that repeatedly, but that's that's your own observation as well. And you're saying that when you say young people, you unfortunately been seeing young people, but thankfully all of them have recovered. What what ages are you talking about, Terry?

I would say like about, I would say the youngest we've had six years old. Wow. Yeah. But praise the Lord, fully recovered. But it was a panic moment for the parents. And of course, we got to like treat it, you know, as such, because we don't because we want to preserve the child's life.

And of course, teenagers come in and we're like, OK, you're having a rough passage right now, but for one, just hang out with us for a while and then we're just going to take care of you the best we can. And then just from you're not giving medical advice to the general public, but just your your experience in terms of what you've seen. If someone gets the symptoms, then the first thing to do, aside from pray immediately, is act on it. Right. Get a test and then do something immediately, because the sooner it's addressed, the better. Is that accurate?

That is very accurate. You can get a home test from any drug store right now and just keep them on hand. And it looks like a lot of the public like a little insert card and you get a Q-tip, you'll swap it in like according to instructions, you'll put it in, close it, wait like 10, 15 minutes and you will have a pretty accurate result if you have covid or not.

Got it. So just having all your doctors saying this is what I did. This is what my tests will show and let them direct you from there. But yeah, you don't have to go in to a hospital or doctor to see if you have covid.

You can get covid tests and keep them on hand at home, just like any other medication. As far as you know, those are fairly accurate? Yes, they are. Got it. Even like in my workplace, vaccinated or unvaccinated, we have to be tested per weekly because of the volume of covid patients that we work with. Right, that you see. So they don't want to take chances. Terry, may the Lord strengthen you there on the front lines.

May he use you to bring life and hope. And again, let's not react to extremes. The fact is we're dealing with a deadly, deadly virus. The question is, what's the best way to handle it? What's the best way to save lives? And where is the government guilty of overreach and going too far?

When is the government giving good recommendations? Let us act with wisdom as the people of God. Hey Terry, thanks for the call and the kind words. Dr. Michael Brown, your voice of moral, cultural and spiritual revolution. Get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Thanks for joining us, friends, on the broadcast 866-34-TRUTH.

First half of the broadcast I talked about the craziness of what's happening in 2021, and then the question of what is God doing in the midst of it. Now we've focused a bit more on COVID now, and looking at a comment, another comment posted on Facebook, guys, just scroll up the tiniest drop right there from Deborah. It's crazy to believe hospitals all across the country are fabricating information. It's also insulting to hardworking healthcare workers. Deborah, absolutely, for those on the ground who say, what are you talking about?

This never happens. It's utterly outrageous. It seemed like a slap in the face and one of these conspiratorial myths. And then I meet people and say, no, no, I'm telling you firsthand.

I know it's through my sister who does that. So, you know, we're constantly faced with the stuff of where's the truth? Who's reliable? And who has an agenda? And then again, for the most part, right, the people on the ground, they're the ones risking their lives. They're the ones working the extra hours to try to save lives. So as one colleague said, a medical colleague, that the closer you get to touching people, the closer you get to caring for the patients, the more the people involved in the medical profession are caring people. I can't imagine that someone who has no sympathy for suffering people doesn't care at all about that.

It's going to work as a nurse changing bedpans for some patient, caring for some 93-year-old person and cleaning them. And, you know, I can't imagine that they would just do that because it's a good living. You know, they're making sacrifices. And so many, when my mom was sick at the end of her life, I was just blown away. I was really blown away by the care of the nurses in the hospital right at the end. I couldn't thank them enough. That's my mom. And you're doing all this for my mom.

And she was one of millions that they've cared for, corporately speaking, over the years. But my colleague also said the higher up the food chain you get, the more you're at the executive level in big pharma, the more there's greed and other things driving stuff. And, you know, Americans are just trying to sort out what's what in the midst of this. But, again, I urge you, avoid extremes. This is the mark of the beast. Or you're going to be dead tomorrow if you're not vaccinated. Or if you're vaccinated, don't come near our church because we're faith people. Avoid the silliness. We've got people's lives on the line here. Also mentioned earlier in the show a fascinating warning from Charles Finney going back to 1836.

I think I'm going to save that for tomorrow. And I mentioned Harvard and a study out of Harvard just saying now that that or Harvard professor now saying that natural immunity after getting COVID is far, far, far more effective than than the vaccines as far as fighting the Delta variant, which reminded me of an article that I wrote over the weekend got posted this morning and Harvard hired an atheist to be the chief university chaplain. Yeah. Harvard University hired an atheist, a rabbi, a humanist rabbi, Rabbi Epstein, to be the chief university chaplain. I'm not making this up. This is not a poor joke. This really happened. As I posted this article, someone messaged me on Facebook saying, you know, when I was earning my THM at Harvard, there was one of the famous leaders there, professors, Christian leaders there, Reverend Peter Gomes, one of the most influential black Christians in America was an out and proud gay man. Teaching morality and ethics. Yeah.

So this is no surprise, but it's it's not a bad joke. Let me read from from the article. So Harvard, when it's founded in 1636, it had different mottos. One veritas Christo et ecclesiae, truth for Christ and church or in Christum gloria, to the glory of Christ. This was Harvard at its at its founding.

It existed to train a literate clergy. But here in New York Post reports, Harvard University's Organization of Chaplains is getting a new president to coordinate the campuses Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist and assorted other religious communities on the new president. Forty four year old Greg Epstein does not identify with any of those traditional religions himself. He's an atheist.

So this is what, quote, Rabbi Epstein said to New York Times, quote, There's a rising group of people who no longer identify with any religious tradition, but still experience a real need for conversation and support around what it means to be a good human and live an ethical life. We don't look to God for answers. We are each other's answers. Okay. That if that's your philosophy of life, we don't look to a God.

We look to each other. That's your business. It's between you and God, even if you don't believe he exists. If you say we can lead a good ethical life without God, you want to seek to demonstrate that and live that out.

That's that's your business. Just don't be a chaplain. You know, it's if someone decides to meet it to eat meat and they want to advocate the importance of eating meat and how wonderful it is to eat meat and even advocate a carnivore diet.

Fine. Just don't run to be the president of your local PETA branch in your college campus. Or if you're a Muslim and you believe that Allah is the way and that's your belief and the Quran is God's word and that's between you and God. Just don't run to be the president of the Hillel Club, the Jewish club on your campus. Here, a chaplain by definition means to be a religious leader.

Let me give you a couple of quotes here. Merriam-Webster website offers these four definitions for chaplain. A clergyman in charge of a chapel. A clergyman officially attached to a branch of the military to an institution, to a family or court. A person chosen to conduct religious exercises as at a meeting or club or society. A clergyman appointed to assist a bishop is at a liturgical function. According to, a chaplain is one of the ecclesiastics or clergyman attached to the chapel of a royal court, college, et cetera, to a military unit.

A person who says the prayer and invocation, et cetera, for an organization and an assembly. And the military website states that the chaplain's responsibilities include performing religious rites, conducting worship services, providing confidential counseling and advising commanders on religious, spiritual and moral matters. Chaplains are commissioned officers stationed wherever there are military members including combat environments. Again, that's for military chaplain. But if you don't believe in God, friends, you can't do any of this.

Okay, chaplain, would you lead us in prayer? What is an atheist prayer sound like? Now, I'm not saying someone who is an atheist cannot have for themselves a coherent worldview, cannot have values, cannot have things that they believe are important and that we might agree with many of those things. I'm not saying that an atheist by being an atheist is therefore a mean person or a nasty person or a hateful person.

I'm not saying that at all. I'm simply saying if you're an atheist, then you believe that what is material is the only thing that exists. If you're a consistent atheist, that there is no other world, there is no spiritual realm. So, if we ask an atheist chaplain to pray, you cannot pray to a god or to gods or to the spirit out there because in your view there is no spirit out there. There are no gods. There is no god. So, it's what do prayers sound like?

What kind of religious exercise could you have? I mean, it is utterly, absolutely, on the surface of things and in the depth of things, utterly absurd. That's the world we live in today. Oh, and by the way, you know how controversial this was at Harvard? Greg Epstein was elected unanimously to the position. You might say, you don't understand, Mike, he's a good organizer. He can bring different groups together. Okay, then appoint him as an administrator, not the chief university chaplain. By the way, it's even more absurd to be an atheist rabbi. Now, I debated a Reform rabbi many, many years ago, Rabbi Silver in Florida, and he was, he was borderline atheist if not atheist. He told me that even for Reform, he was way to the left. And after we finished our opening presentations, I got up and said, the biggest difference between Rabbi Silver and me is that I believe the Hebrew Scriptures are the word of God.

He doesn't. And people gasped like, how dare I say that? And then he yelled out, that's right. So, he did not believe the Hebrew Bible is the word of God. And he was a rabbi. So, there is, there is no Judaism unless God rescues the Jewish people out of Egypt, the Israelites, unless he appears to us, unless he made promises to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, unless he appeared to us at Mount Sinai and gave us his Torah, unless he called us and gave us the prophets. There is no Judaism. Now, I know people have argued for atheistic Judaism or radical reconstructionist Judaism based on other ethics. Bottom line, there's no such thing as Judaism without a God who called the people of Israel.

But the good news is this is the environment there and it's become more clear. In other words, there's nothing hidden. The Harvard of old that existed to train illiterate clergy, and here, let me just read this to you. One of the goals for, in order to graduate with a basic degree in arts, not theology, the student had to be able, quote, to logically explain the Holy Scriptures, both of the Old and New Testament and be blameless in life and character. The great goal to know God and Jesus Christ, which is eternal life. May God spark a revival at Harvard and in the midst of the wokeness and in the midst of the deception, may the Holy Spirit of truth arise at Harvard. Another program powered by the Truth Network.
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