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February 15, 2024 6:16 pm


The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham

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February 15, 2024 6:16 pm

On a Thursday Drive, Josh tells who the Carolina Panthers need to prioritize signing, now that the honeymoon phase has ended for new GM, Dan Morgan, breaks down why this might be the best time in years to be a Charlotte Hornets fan, reacts to the new College Football 25 teaser, Executive Director of the NSMA, Dave Goren, joins the show to break down today's breaking news that the NSMA awards will be held in Greensboro, this year, Josh discusses grilling shrimp, in Weekly Positivity, and 6th man of the Tar Heels, BDaht, joins the show to tell who "Jody" is.


This is the Drive Podcast with Josh Graham.

Now you're talking my language. You can hear the Drive weekday afternoons three till six on WSJS. You are on a Thursday Drive. It is WSJS, News, Talk, Sports for the Triad, where a trailer was released for the new college football video game today and the Charlotte Hornets have suddenly become the 90s Bulls. As a result, morale has never been higher for the producer of this show, Will Dalton, who is both a nerd and loves the Charlotte Hornets.

Which one of those two things are you more excited to talk about today? Today, the Hornets. We've got a while to wait for the football game.

We'll hit on all that in just a bit. The honeymoon period is now over for the new look Carolina Panthers staff, namely the front office led by Dan Morgan. Don't look now, but next week is when you can start applying franchise tags to guys across the league. And the first real test for the new look front office is figuring out how you're going to bring back the top five defense that's already on this roster.

So there is good news and bad news here. The good news is that really is on the roster. You were a top five defense under Ejiro Evero last year and Ejiro Evero didn't get a head coaching job. You blocked interviews of him going other places.

He's coming back. That's great for Dave Canales and company. The bad news is two, you could actually say the three most important pieces on that defense.

You need to work something out with this offseason. Brian Burns and Frankie LuVue. They are the only two free agents that Carolina needs to sign. W.D. Carolina has 21 free agents from this past team.

21. Only two do they need to sign and it's Frankie and Brian Burns. Then there's a drop-off. The next best free agent after those two, Jeremy Chin or DJ Chark or Amir Smith-Barcette. There really is a significant drop-off. Many of the key players Carolina needs, all their key guys from last season, guys you would consider to be key guys, they're under contract.

That's more good news but you need to work something out with these two who are looking for paydays. Burns specifically. He's worth somewhere between $25 to $29 million. He's probably asking for $30 with Nick Bosa resetting the market at around $34 million but if you give him somewhere between $25 to $29 million you're going to make him a top five edge rusher in terms of salary. He did not play like a top five edge rusher last year but it was a tough situation for him feeling like he should have been paid and he wasn't and he wasn't happy about it. It was a bad situation all around and he was being double-teamed for most of last year. Some are suggesting they should trade Brian Burns.

For what? You already turned down last year two first round draft picks and some so you're going to be accepting so much less than that. I don't even know if you can get a first back for him at this point. If you do it's not going to be a high first round draft pick and whoever you take probably will not be remotely as good as Brian Burns is.

He plays a premium position. Those are the types of guys that you trade first round draft picks for. You hope that you spend first draft first round draft first round draft picks on. It's not a guy that you ever hope to trade and he's still 25 years old.

So I don't move off of them. I'm not all that concerned that Carolina does not have their first round pick. You figure out a way to sign Brian Burns long term and if you can only get one of the two signed then you can use the franchise tag on the other to ensure you keep both Burns and LuVue on the roster. The reason I say the top three guys you need to work something out with it's time to extend Derek Brown. You know our buddy with the great lovable laugh from the Pro Bowl games a few weeks ago. The big record-setting defensive tackle. The best player on the Panthers defense. You don't want to step into the same situation you just did with Burns with Brown do you?

Probably not. So fresh off the Pro Bowl games and having a big year you sign him as well. And again this isn't me playing with fake money or anything like that or being unrealistic with the cap. Carolina only has two free agents that they need to sign. They have a decent amount of salary cap space as was and isn't this the whole reason the Panthers brought in the salary cap guru slash nerd and Brandt Tillis from Kansas City to manipulate the cap to create more room?

If not why else is he here? He's the one that did creative stuff with Chris Jones and with Patrick Mahomes in Kansas City to create space. So hopefully he can manipulate things in a way that everybody can be happy and you can bring back this top-notch defense over the next few weeks until the start of the new league year in the middle of March. A big test already in front of the Carolina Panthers and it centers on maintaining not adding to maintaining this top five defense and finding the dogs that Dan Morgan talked about in his press conference just a few weeks ago. We need to find those leaders those competitors as Jay Stu would say those dogs like we need some dogs like we got to get some guys that are passionate about football and love football they want to come out every day and compete on the practice field in the weight room we need competitors we got to bring that back here we got to bring that back here at the Bank of America Stadium to where people get excited about coming to see our team. It's not just finding dogs it's signing dogs and keeping them around. When I hear him describing those types of players I think of Derek Brown I think of Brian Burns and I think of Frankie LuVu figure it out because if they don't it's not going to be the greatest start for this new front office. OnX at WSGS radio if you want in that's where we're streaming video in addition to YouTube and Twitch Will Dalton the executive producer of this show. WD tomorrow we're going to be out at the couch not on the couch at the couch wake baseball starts tomorrow college baseball starts tomorrow I mean it feels like it should NBA All-Stars this weekend yep you've got what else do we have Daytona 500 so much is going on I think people knew I don't think you needed to add I don't think you needed to add 500 there at the end I think people 500 kind of oh that's right B.Dot the six beta tutorial basketball he's gonna be with us today too maybe we'll talk about the Dave Daytona 500 yeah when he drops by since this show went on the air in summer 2018 there have been very few moments of real optimism for WD's beloved Charlotte Hornets no playoff appearances during that time so really how long is the list like moments where you truly felt optimism LaMelo drafting him that him being pretty good and I've before this year what I felt good about either the possibility of maybe getting Wimby in the draft but then when they ended up getting Brandon Miller with the two pick but I thought I loved that initially I did not as much as you lamented how close you were to getting number one well what's Wimby I mean that's what I'm saying I'm a I'm cool with Brandon Miller okay we we under we understand that yeah not a lot of moments about this no that's the point right I can't think of many other things they hired a coach and then that coach said I'm good and thus they had to bring back Steve Clifford and yeah not a lot of great they won the trade deadline exactly a week ago and there's real optimism for Charlotte in a way that feels different than what we've seen EC in the house feels different than what we've seen the last five six years like they were the most active team on the deadline adding Grant Williams Seth Curry a number one pick moving off of PJ Washington and Gordon Hayward adding more assets and with this new roster Charlotte is three and out and one last night by 23 against the Atlanta Hawks and pretty clearly Charlotte got it right with Brandon Miller it was between Brandon Miller and Scoot Henderson and Charlotte got it right and Brandon Miller had 26 more last night he is tied for second and rookie scoring in the NBA currently behind Victor web and Yama that's that's competent and the ceiling feels higher than usual from what we've seen in recent memory because we don't know what the possibilities are with the new ownership we've we kind of learned after a while what it was going to be and what it wasn't going to be under Michael Jordan but will these guys be willing to spend into the tax we'll find out they're looking for a new head of basketball operations we learned earlier this week with Mitch Kupchak shifting into an advisory role in the organization is this job has this job been more attractive than it is right now when you have this team performing the way that it is right now without LaMelo Ball even being back so LaMelo being back in the mix you're going to have a top five pick in all likelihood next year and you're going to be in all likelihood next year Brandon Miller is a budding star and you have new ownership that's a lot of checks a lot of positive with Charlotte that you generally just haven't seen what you could argue to be the worst run NBA franchise for decades on end maybe until now so the sixth man of Tar Heel basketball b-dots now here we've got grammar school to do in a bit wake baseball number one team in the country we have a pair of tickets to give away for Saturday's game as they open their season tomorrow we'll be doing our show from the couch tomorrow afternoon and when I say the couch b-dot I mean the stadium is called David F couch stadium I'm not talking about where you're probably at right now the couch yeah that's probably where I'm gonna be all season long when we're talking about Wake Forest baseball you're not a baseball guy it doesn't sound like no no don't give a damn about it although I do hope that the Tar Heels do extremely well on all things Tar Heels when it comes to you know PWI sports so let's get it going Tar Heels do you want to talk about your Tar Heels right now or do you want to talk about your wife's Kansas City Chiefs doesn't matter both of them are you know in the in some dark times right now you dig what I'm saying lost the last three out of five Carolina basketball um not I'm not really worried about it you know these are the the the trolls of ACC basketball play I think I saw heard a stat earlier where top 10 teams are 33 and 34 this season so that's just the kind of season we're having now as a Carolina fan as I'm comparing this season to last season um I'm still happy this season is still that is please we need we need more people thinking like you do there because the part that frustrates me it's the Carolina fans that again other teams aren't allowed to do good things or exist so Syracuse shoots 63 this is not the whack you you're not Gonzaga winning every single one of your games other teams are good you're gonna lose on the road sometimes especially if another team shoots 63 so people freak out that way when you beat a team by damn near 40 points yeah you don't expect to come back and lose to that team you did what I'm saying I understand they got hoopers though like Syracuse has hoopers that zone caused some confusion um you know we have guys that just aren't finding the bottom of the net like we need right now but again I'm not concerned man I'm really not I'm glad because I'm not either tomorrow uh or Saturday it'll be Virginia Tech at North Carolina two o'clock welcome home t Nick oh boy you've had that home t Nick how's that gonna go um it's gonna go cool man I hope you light us up for 20 if I'm being completely honest like I really am a t Nick fan I love his family like I can't help but be a fan of him uh they also got Jaden Young who's like a little brother to me I hope he come and maybe give 10 points off the bench but of course um just one loss in the Smith Center this year um I think that the fans will get the guys back on track and they're winning ways and I definitely think we get a dub against VTech on Saturday let's yeah let's just go into grammar school let's do it Josh Graham has his own way of speaking and just when you think it can't get any worse Josh is going to attempt to learn B-dots vernacular I'm gonna put one in the air it's time for B-dots grammar school nobody better than B-dot free game during game post game brought to you by heritage hardwood floors when it comes to flooring they have no ceiling doggone right they don't when it comes to floors they have no ceiling heritage hardwood floors I got a caustic question that I've been wanting to ask you all week so excited for this it's really a gotcha it's a test Beyonce released two country songs this week can you name any of them have you listened to any of them yes I actually have listened to one of them the one that goes going down down down that joint like I really like that joint it's a bop no cap I can't think of the name of it right now what is the name of that crap Texas Hold'em that's right give him a bell give him a bell I knew my man listened to the new Beyonce I knew he listened to the new Beyonce why is this a caustic question none of your business the other one's called 16 carriages 16 who's carriages yeah now yeah I haven't heard that I saw I did see the title for that but I don't see they actually are playing the um the Texas Hold'em on urban stations Josh because it's Beyonce so she's going to get that crossover but I'm hearing the country stations aren't really locking the Beyonce record um there are some that don't but yeah that happens with music do you like the country I feel like they're giving Beyonce the Taylor Swift swag surf treatment that's a good analogy pretty good at those what do you have oh by the way three three six seven seven seven one six hundred if somebody helps just for the attempt I got a pair of tickets to see wake baseball on Saturday against Illinois you get to see uh for the first time the number one pitcher transfer in the country Tennessee's Chase Burns making his debut Saturday all right um first question Josh Graham who's Jody like Jody Foster like watching True Detective season four night country J-O-D-Y just Jody I don't Jody doesn't have a last name just Jody so it's J-O-D-Y correct this isn't this isn't short for Jodeci is it absolutely not just checking there's not one person that calls Jodeci Jody for short not one I know I'm just asking these questions don't you ever do it okay I won't okay I won't okay have you been watching True Detective that seems like something you would like no actually I've been locked in on this um Troy the fall of a city oh yeah yeah it was so good I didn't I didn't I had heard the Helena Troy story but I didn't realize how many people died and how long that war went on for one set of buns it's a great set of buns man clearly uh let me see Jody Jody wd looks like he knows maybe you know is it a it it's a version of mr stelio girl right I'm gonna I have no idea how those things are connected it's a version of it well give me a version so the definition I've seen of this is a military man who gets with another military man's girl essentially I don't know if that's this Jody but I have seen that as a Jody's not a good thing you don't want to be a Jody he's a mr stelio girl so a Jody's a him yeah okay I have nothing better to go with are you gonna go with that yeah do me a favor um wd go to urban do you have urban dictionary on your phone probably not never mind I can look it up hey wd is going on speed dial right right here speaking of speed dial why aren't you answering all these phone calls people are trying to help all right so Jody it is used in the military military a lot by the marines right but it's not when another marine is smashing your lady yeah it's when you're a new recruit and they say hey you got a girlfriend yeah well you know who's back home smashing her Jody oh okay yeah smashing your old lady Jody yeah you don't want Jody yeah Jody's Jody's back home okay all right so I'm gonna leave that I'm not gonna give you a fake a correct or wrong on that that's gonna be my top record I'm gonna hold that in limbo right okay okay second question Josh who was black of Ellie flak of Ellie flak of Ellie splak yeah like black yeah what's black s p l a c k a v e l l i e it's black of belly I feel like I could solve this pan pan situation you guys are having uh that that's when new panthers coach Dave Canales won me over that's right when he he dropped the stepbrothers reference during our conversation it's pretty good um splak of Ellie yeah I'm gonna say splak of Ellie is a black musician is that is that your father yeah it is clearly I got it hell no that'd be a fire name wouldn't it let's go to the sidelines Tony Haynes uh first of all scary doing good grab grabbers first of all splak of Ellie is the exact same as Jody oh exact same as Jody's flak of Ellie is the dude that's that's taking care of your lady um when you're not doing right this is not great for valentine's day yeah that song I just sang s p l a c k a v e l l i e that's because splak of belly is an actual song and the entire song is about a dude that's that's taking care with your lady huh well is the third one going to be biz marquee like what what is the song just a friend about is that the last thing is there a trend here I swear I was trying to think of it I definitely wanted to have a trail like is there another Jody word that we use but I couldn't think of anything that's out so this is fairly easy shout out to biz if a woman has misplaced her bundles what does she lose her bundles yeah if she misplaced her bundles what does she lose I feel like like her hair ties like that's what I think her bundles like they keep her hair together like like that they like the bundles please wd I think you know I need all of this no this isn't good is it what's that is bundles his hair is we not the tos the actual hair when you said hair I'm like he knows then you said tos I'm like he's an idiot it's hair it's her hair it's her hair she has bundles of hair bundles of hair and she puts weave in if she's misplaced her bundles she's lost her hair Josh for the first time in maybe two years oh for three oh for two and a half and nah because I told you I was gonna see where I was gonna leave because you did so poorly on the last two I just gave you over three my boy there it is it's been grammar school yep are you excited for winston salem state getting a pretty big stage on saturday all-star weekend in indianapolis tell the people who may not know or may have forgotten hey man wssu we the standard baby you dig and we'll be playing in a uh in a game versus virginia union two of the cia's best teams um or saturday two o'clock for all-star festivities man and i'm super excited about it's gonna be on tnt tnt i think it's gonna be on estn too like it's just gonna be super dope one of my good friends cdk who does a lot of arena hosting he's gonna be doing the pre-game on tnt i'm excited and this is at the pacers arena like right before they do the skills challenge and it's sold out yo it's sold out man like i'm so happy for the rams i'm so happy for the panthers of virginia union and i'm just glad that they just get to display hbcu culture um on a grand scale like are you going to have fomo at all by not being there a little bit man i really wanted to go but this month is so busy for me and then at the end of the month i got to go to baltimore for the cia double a tournament next month we in dc for the acc i just got so much stuff that i'm doing that i wasn't able to get out there for mba all-star and i got an event saturday in durham at uh at the coach k center no no the emily k center which is coach k's wife it's always strange when i have to do events over there coach k's daughter emily oh that's his daughter no no no no he's named after his mom his mom his mom it's named after his mom his wife his wife's mickey oh you're right emily k you're right yeah it's named after his mom i don't familiarize myself with too much of the family can you spell cheshaski n o hello yeah you and i we're gonna be hanging out in dc that's gonna be fun for a few days that is man i'm excited man i can't wait to see uh see my tarheel guys man like behind the scenes have you know haven't seen my boys in a minute so i'm excited about that make sure you support b dot stuff i didn't know maybe you didn't neither absolutely i said neither i mean either you're getting better though you're getting much better today i talked about the friendship nine in rock hill south carolina you can check out my twitter feed or my ex feed or you can just check out the podcast yourself right there but just look up friendship nine if you're interested love you dot talk to you next week see you soon guys there he goes sixth man of tarheel basketball six six your attention please this is the drive with josh kram so pretty big news from the nsma today the national sports media association that has its headquarters here in the piedmont triad the 64th nsma awards weekend and the national convention that they have for sports writers and sportscasters will not be in winston-salem this summer but will instead be coming to the gate city at the grand over june 30th through july the first for the first time ever the nsma will be in greensboro tickets will go on sale in just a couple of weeks march the 1st if you are a sports fan this is a place that you will want to be you get to meet the likes of joe buck who is going to be inducted into the nsma hall of fame at that ceremony ken rosenthal will be there our friend kevin harlan who just called the super bowl this past sunday and probably has the game on turner later on tonight in the mba so it'll be a fantastic event dave goren who runs the nsma so well we'll share some of the details with us of how this came to be in about 15 minutes but for those who don't know this organization it's not new it's been around since 1959 if you go to their website at and just look at the names who have won state sportscasters and sports writer of the year and national winners as well it is just a murderer's row of the top sportscasters and sports writers who have been recognized in salisbury and in winston-salem and soon to be in greensboro too and as we've told you it's a non-profit it's something that's here that is ours that has real history attached to it and it's a cool thing for our sports scene and i love that dave goren is spreading it around the triad and it's something that you should look to support you can learn more about that but a great place to have the event the grand over you ever been to the grand over i've driven past it on the highway many times and curious what it's i'm very excited very nice resort i live in greensboro yeah so coming to my turf that's right i live in winston you live in greensboro yeah uh i remember they used to have acc media days at the grand over and one night hayes permar somehow ended up shirtless on a piano i was at the grand over yeah and then the next morning larry fedora who saw that on social media came over and said nice work man just gave us a thumbs up a lot of great memories at the grand over and look to create some more in just a bit the ymca still welcoming members to refer their friends and if you do you both give 50 in y cash and are automatically entered to win a 500 hour visa gift card go online to ymca to learn more and we'll learn more about the nsma and their move to greensboro really big news when dave goren joins us in a bit but wd i think i've buried the lead today yes ncaa football 2025 will be released this summer there will be a full reveal of what the game looks like in may probably at one of those what's the name of that video game comic con type thing e3 or something well they've actually since discontinued e3 oh i used to it used to be that though when i was in high school i used to get game informer and i was just excited as excited about the game informer as i was my sports illustrated growing up i used to be a video game nerd i used to play halo was i'm going to admit something on the radio i'm going to admit something on the air that i don't think i've ever admitted before because it's going to let us have it sound like a terrible person let us have it but this speaks to how excited i was about i forget if it was the first it would have been the second halo halo 2 uh-huh i was so excited about halo 2 i was so excited about halo 2 picked this thing up my mom was dreading me being home the entire day even though i was so excited about halo 2 being there because what i didn't know is that our cat got hit by a car and died you've told me this i've told you this yeah have i said this on air before i don't know but she told me that news when i got home and i pretended to care for a minute just to get to the halo 2 i mean listen which is terrible because i i love animals and that was a pet but this should speak to how excited i was about halo 2 not how much i probably should have cared more about my cat listen i get it if it was willow the dog that'd be different i mean listen you were young and i get it willow the dog would never do that first off what get in front of a car what are you i was gonna say what died let's not let's not please let's not go there we got a long way to go where's gary honda where is it gary i want i've never wanted to hear his voice sidelines tony haynes oh god went to a really dark place yeah so i i love video games it's been 11 years since the last ncaa football game the last one came out while i was at the end of my college years and i was in a college apartment had an apartment and my roommates and i we had like on the wall we were we had like a standings a running standings for our ncaa video game like that was the game madden's fine but there's something about being in college yeah playing the college video game like being ecu and doing all that i haven't had a game console since college am i gonna buy one now no oh come on bring it back no chance bring it sir bradford get him a console for christmas she's the one that would i want him to play with me she's she would hate that i would hate that and i don't think i would like it very much but establish your house rules now did you have any when you played this game like any what any house rules when it came to ncaa football no i didn't have any rules for it we did like we when we played each other it'd be three randoms in a suicide oh yeah yeah we had that for mad if you didn't like the three randoms then you could just have whatever it gives you yep you gotta go with it though yeah those are your options oh yeah we have that and uh there were teams that you would it would be an intense eye roll if you chose in the ncaa game there were three alabama i think that's when they had richardson um florida state with jamus and might have been ej manual and um oregon or i was about to say oregon's gotta be on that list michael james dennis dixon yeah that people would look at you sideways if you chose one of those teams who are those teams now is it just as simple as georgia because alabama now no longer has saben i feel like it would be georgia because their quarterback is really good georgia feels like the team maybe texas but then everybody would play with arch manning is it going to be colorado whoa chador's back i mean as far as i know i don't think i didn't say popular teams i'm just saying i don't think anyone's going to be mad if you choose colorado because you'll carve up that defense like nothing don't play any defense in boulder come on now the new features it'll be fun what they do for a transfer portal on dynasty mode is there a conference expansion piece like if i'm east if i'm east carolina can i not only win three national championships but find a way to get into the acc too by tricking jim phillips somehow by swindling him day and go acc i don't know is that going to be featured in the taa 25 we'll figure it out excited the drive with josh graham only on wsjs so big news this morning the national sports media association going to be holding the awards weekend national convention that we look forward to each and every summer in greensboro at the grand over june 30th through july the first we're now being joined by the executive director of the nsma dave goren dave you are somebody who loves history almost as much as i do maybe as much as maybe more than i do i don't know i'd say that as a compliment if you do um for those who don't know the history of this event how big of a deal is it that this weekend that goes back a long way is going to be coming to greensboro for the first time well i think it's it's you know my opinion i'm obviously biased it's a big deal to whichever locale hosted because you have a couple hundred elite sports media from all over the country coming to your town for two or three days and it's an overwhelmingly positive weekend because we're honoring people and we're holding educational seminars so people can get a little continuing education and we have a lot of opportunity for networking which is great for the students and young professionals who come and so why wouldn't you want it in your town right and you know when when we first moved it from salisbury where it had started after 57 years to to winston-salem in 2017 my vision was let's get a foot heat foothold here in winston-salem but let's make sure we expand it triad wide so uh this is a step in that direction how much more golf will be at the nsma this year than the last few i would i would guess some um probably not well at least this first year maybe not as much as when we had the the tournament when it was in salisbury we did that on one of the days and and that was kind of you know it was a a case of a conflict you know we want to we want our winners who are here to be the presenters for those educational seminars for the younger demographic but if they're out playing golf all day then we don't have access to them so you know this year because we're doing a two-day weekend a sunday monday i'm hoping maybe uh if we do a tournament we can do that on saturday and people just come come in a day early to play golf or or they come in early and play golf on their own learn more about it and tickets go on sale for the event march the first support it it's local to the triad we've been telling you about this for a while and we look forward to doing our show from there as we've done for every every year since i've been here and this is year six that we've been here so very exciting uh what was the reception like when you alerted joe buck and andrea kramer and some of the others that they were in the hall of fame this year um everybody's almost everyone has the same reaction they're surprised because i think maybe the the first thought you get is gosh i can't be that old can i because you have to have some experience and some history as you just alluded to in this industry and uh everybody's really excited and even jason stark um you know are you sure you didn't make a mistake i get i get those reactions but they're all excited i expect to have all three of them here plus our two national winners who have been before and kevin harland and and jeff passon a lot of baseball talk see with my orioles being good it's good to have all these baseball people coming to town someone i can bug for those few days how much let's i'll take a step step back this year yeah yeah let's hope not there was some news today that has me a little concerned but we'll stay away from that dave goren's with us here executive director of the nsma how much work do i need to do to catch mike salarte and and eric collins who were the co north carolina sportscasters of the year we were we were nominated for the first time this year as a finalist how how much work because i did look at the ages of everybody on that thing and i i was the youngest so i i feel like i got a long i got a long mountain to climb well you know north carolina has the most members because we're located here and you know it gives me the i guess i have the advantage of knowing people and seeing them face to face to twist their arm to join as members uh you know you don't have to be a member to win our awards you have to be a member to vote for them as you know josh and you know we increased our number of finalists a couple years ago and it's amazing how close the voting is i'll say i'll say that much so um the mountain may not be as tall as you think it is i just need to know if you aren't if you aren't sabotaged by wd there down in the lower right corner of my screen sabotage is where i want to go like i mean i probably could do this off air but like how how corrupt is dave goren like what do i need to do to to rig this in my favor like i um what a 20 a fiber is all set all right we'll try to figure that one out oh let me ask you this on the way out since i'm thinking about it we're going to be doing our show from uh wake baseball tomorrow at the couch and we're excited for that steve forbes he'll be with us next monday he was unable to do this monday because they kind of had a basketball game at cameron but it's been a great season for the deeks uh what makes you more excited as somebody who's a professor at wake and calls games for wake what the baseball team has in front of them this year or the basketball program um yeah it's hard to say that i'm more excited for one over the other as you and i have talked you know i have i have a lot of athletes in my class and i've had athletes from the basketball team in my class and from the baseball team so this year's basketball team andrew carr dimari monsanto have have both been students i had jawa tuka who's out for the year again this year i had him in class this past fall and then i had uh i bet there probably aren't too many professors in the country who could say they had two top 10 draft picks in their class in any one semester i had uh wake pitcher josh hartle and first baseman nick curts in my class this past fall um the common denominators they're all great kids um and so it's hard not to root for them if i'm at a game and i'm i'm gonna try to maybe play a little hooky get out a little bit early tomorrow so i can be there uh for that first baseball game tomorrow have we appeared as an example of how to do something in the class or how not to do something in dave goren's class have you well you appeared in person one year that's true that's true i i think it was the first year i was here you know usually i'm trying to think if i've used you as an example other than the the year you came in um probably use some of the things that you do well in general okay like being a good interviewer such as um you know getting getting people to share things about themselves that you don't know as a listener or viewer um it's the same same advice you give to anyone who is a journalist is tell me a story where i learn something especially if i learn something that's really interesting because then i'll remember it and hopefully it will remember the person who wrote or told that story or or or did the story on radio or tv again for folks in greensboro but really across the triad the NSMA awards weekends coming to the grand over in greensboro tickets go on sale march the first national it's a non-profit i keep reminding people of that support something like this in the triad keep it here and having it thrive is something that we have that's special to our area and has a lot of history attached to it who would you say your target demographic is for the awards weekend as far as selling tickets would be anybody who's interested in sports consuming games on any of the media because you you know who the people are and you don't always get to you see them on your screen or you hear them on your radio or your car radio or your phone and you read them online or in a newspaper if god forbid you still have the print newspaper or god bless you i should say if you still have the print newspaper there you go you don't get to see these people in person as i said i expect if not all five of our hall of famers and national winners to show up at least four of those five to be here typically of our hundred plus state winners we will get somewhere between 50 and 70 of them and you know for me it's cool because yeah i get to meet the costuses and vitals and joe bucks of the world but i've become lifelong friends with you know state sportscaster of the year from arizona state sportswriter of the year from idaho you know a couple years ago we had our first in my 15-year tender for uh tenure first uh winner from the state of hawaii actually came all the way uh to the triad for the awards weekend so how cool is that yeah right it's really cool dave goren and everybody has great stories it is my favorite weekend of the year i i again i tell people and charles barkley appreciated it that i uh pushed back my honeymoon a week just to be able to attend it so how old were how old were you you're you're the first year you came to salisbury first time i was 21 i was 21 the first time i went and i sat down at a table in salisbury at the hotel bar it was on a sunday and the nba finals game one or game two that was game one was tipping off i sit down and uh somebody sits down next to me asks if it's okay you can sit and it turns out it's bob ryan and then frank isola sits down with him and ann killian from the san francisco chronicle and all of a sudden i'm now i've been friends with bob for the last close to 10 years now and that's uh those are the types of relationships you could build at events like this so 21. dave goren i i hope to see you out at the couch tomorrow thanks so much for doing this and best of luck with the move of the awards weekend to the gate city thank you very much i appreciate all your support and uh you and wd just keep up the good work there because uh anytime in the i'm in the car during showtime bam right to you guys bam right there right there he's on twitter at dave underscore goren too as well he's the best so cough button didn't work there friday june 14th dave matthews bam will be coming to raleigh if you would like to go to that show we have a couple of pairs of tickets that we're giving away now 336-777-1600 all you have to do is call in and tell us something good because it's time for weekly positivity oh yeah you're waiting for a train a train that'll take you far away okay weekly positivity brought to you by biscuit king wd loves biscuit king practice more specifically the conormous biscuit four locations in lexington in highpoint biscuits pancakes omelettes hmm hi will hi josh i'm excited to hear some of the good things that are going on with people yeah let's start with andrew who's in greensboro hi andrew how y'all doing let me think for a second i think i'm doing good how about you i'm doing fantastic tell me something good well the best thing that's happened all week is that the chiefs shut all the uh taylor and travis haters up and won that super bowl can i tell you so right high off of it so you're a chief's fan absolutely see i'll tell you something that's been annoying to me uh it's been annoying for the last 24 hours out to eat for lunch this morning while grabbing coffee i've had the conspiracy folks come up to me and say all those holding calls haven't been called look at all these holding calls that haven't and i just don't have any interest in it i don't like and it's not because it's the chiefs it's just in general like if you're the person who's telling me hey they need to call more holds in a football game i just don't know if that's a conversation i really am interested in having how about you andrew no i agree i think uh they all need to go back into the little cellars and holes that they came from and realize that that's just ridiculous hey we let's be nicer than that though they can they can still be outside the hole and you know do all those things but i'm glad your chiefs won i hope you're having a great day that's andrew and greensboro what are you smiling about wd sellers they're in their cellars the orioles aren't sellers this year no they're not i've got a tootsie roll shout out to anita just gave me a tootsie roll wow tootsie roll tootsie roll tell me something good with you while i enjoy this tootsie roll you do that so i yesterday was valentine's day yeah and i opened my valentine's day gift from my mom this morning that she gave me and she knows me very well so she actually found me a life magazine that was a special edition dedicated to my favorite christmas movie it's a wonderful life and it's really cool what year it's it's for it's this year but it's a special edition that came out based on that movie and they say it's the number one christmas movie of all time and i agree wow let's go to jim in advance hi jim hey how you doing i'm doing good tell me something good with you all righty well yesterday was valentine's so i cooked a good old steak dinner we had steak and shrimp and mixed vegetables i cooked them all in the grill for the mrs we had a great time okay give me the details in terms of how we cooked the steak like how well and uh are we talking like cast iron skillet is that what we're doing here no no no it was on the grill i grilled them at medium good and they were tasty and then i cooked the vegetables and shrimp on the black stones wow shrimp see i don't think i've ever done other than going to get like shrimp and turf somewhere but uh steak and shrimp at like uh like one of those types of restaurants i don't think i've ever at my house cooked shrimp with steak it's always potatoes that i do but maybe i need to mix it up sometime what do you think did you just drop jim oh he's calling back oh i thought you just sorry jim sometimes that can happen during weekly positivity but since this is a positive segment hopefully you will forgive us jim so you think i should mix in shrimp rather than potatoes one of these times with steak uh yeah that'd be great i mean you know just grill them on the grill there okay put a little lemon pepper on there and just grill them love it thank you so much jim i'll tell you something good with me so many i'm a huge fan of comedy and there are so many great comedians right now up and coming like in winston had a chance to watch burt kreicher theo john was here we're a few months away from bill burr playing the joel love com comedians um i've been on a taylor tomlinson kick lately she just got the late late show after steven colbert on cbs her stand-up specials are just out of this world great she has a new one that dropped this week shane gillis hosting snl after he was fired by snl a day after being hired a few years ago yeah that's gonna be great very norm like that monologue's probably gonna end up being not this weekend but next so as a stand-up comedy fan it's a good time let's go to mountaineer john we'll get one more in here mountaineer john tell me something good well i will tell you two things good thank you one is a comedian named kyle kenane outstanding kyle kenane yes he's good very hilarious yes the second is is i had a sports illustrated subscription from the time i was a kid all the way up till i went to college and i actually found something i've been meaning to bring to you which is a sports illustrated with all three ripkin generations on the cover of it while wearing orioles uniforms billy cal and cal senior i would love that so much and we would display it in our studio here we'll do that we would do that that'd be fantastic that'd be fantastic as soon as i can get by there one day i'll drop it off for you oh you're the best you've been such a great supporter of our since day one and it's appreciated mountaineer john thank you well have a good day same to you wow that was good i guess that's been weekly positivity oh uh it is the best segment we do each week or at least the most entertaining segment that we do each week but if you have never watched or listened to this show before and this is the first segment you got welcome
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