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Sac-Town (4-6-23)

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham
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April 6, 2023 6:14 pm

Sac-Town (4-6-23)

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham

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April 6, 2023 6:14 pm

On a Thursday Drive, Josh reacts to Cam Newton reaching a new low, discusses the chances that this is it for Tiger Woods, with what we've seen of him on the first day of The Masters, 6th man of the Tar Heels, BDaht, joins the show to discuss "Air" and to see if Josh knows what a "blue face" is, in a session of Grahammar School, voice of Charlotte FC, Will Palaszczhuk, joins the show to discuss "process blue", and WD talks about using salmon as a weapon, in Take It To The House.


He's amused Cam Newton. He's been insulted by Charles Barkley. When some idiot in the press asked him, if you know what you know now, what you scheduled this game. He's interviewed Matthew McConaughey. And he's taken on Big Blue Nation. He's just completely taking the wind out of my face. It's time for The Drive with Josh Graham.

You are on a Thursday Drive WSJS News Talk Sports for the Triad, where it is round one of the Masters and we'll be providing updates all throughout today's show. But as well as Viktor Hovland has shot it today, it's hard to imagine anybody going lower than Cam Newton has this week. Somehow, someway, his story got even sadder. And honestly, it was hard to imagine that was possible after watching Auburn's Pro Day a couple weeks ago. In case you have forgotten, Cam put out a video a few weeks back saying, there aren't 32 quarterbacks better than me. How are all these randos, I think was the way he put it, getting signed?

And I am not. And it was a video to announce he would be throwing at Auburn's Pro Day. Taking the shine from some kids that are trying to impress NFL scouts while Cam has already had 10 years in the NFL and here he is trying to get in front of scouts yet again. It was a low move and I say this as somebody who's a Cam fan. I want to see good things happen to Cam. At that point, I felt that was rock bottom. It doesn't get lower than trying to desperately throw yourself back onto your alma mater's Pro Day field and try to get in front of NFL scouts that way. But the reaction to that apparently bothered Cam.

Or one specific aspect of it. He apparently objected to the suggestion that he would not take a backup role. He felt he was better than you know some of the starting quarterbacks out there. He said there's not 32 quarterbacks better than I am. So what does Cam do? He goes on his YouTube blog again, his vlog, and he puts out an actual list of quarterbacks he'd like to back up.

Listen. Players that I will back up. Number one, I'll back up to Sean Watson. My number two person would be wherever Lamar Jackson decides to go. Number three will be Justin Fields.

Another C1N product. Number four will be Tua Tonga Baloa. Number five will be Malik Willis. Another C1N all-star.

Jalen Hurts. Number eight would be Aaron Rodgers. Number nine would be Josh Allen. And number ten will be Sam Howell.

Another C1N alumna. If you're wondering Josh didn't it just jump from four to number seven? Yeah he also included some rookie quarterbacks. He wanted mind-grooming, bringing along guys like Anthony Richardson, Bryce Young, and CJ Stroud. Hey Will Leviss, kick rocks, says Cam Newton. This is essentially Cam Newton begging publicly to get signed. Hey look at me I want to get in the league.

I want to go to the pro day. Oh I'm gonna put out a video saying I'm better than 32 quarterbacks. Please sign me. Now I'm willing to back up. Which teams am I looking to back up for? I'll even list those off.

It's about a third of the league. Somebody sign me. Please?

Pretty please? This is clearly the end and it's sad. These videos they're not helping. Sure these videos might you know be good to the people who like Cam Newton. Oh yeah Cam you're getting screwed. All these other quarterbacks getting signed you're better than those quarterbacks. So you might get affirmation from your fan base. But teams?

What GM's watching that thinking? Oh good to know. Good to know that Cam would have no issue being a backup for my team.

Good to know. And he doesn't have the physical part of his game anymore. We saw that his second tour of duty in Charlotte. So we know it's a wrap. It just clearly hasn't dawned on Cam yet and what bums me out is this guy won the MVP and he's out here begging for a job?

You don't need to do this Cam. If they don't want you you got options elsewhere. You want to play football? Play in the XFL. Be the face of that league if you really want to play football that badly. If you don't want to do that I'm sure a TV network will take you. I'm sure there are a lot of things that Cam Newton could do.

Red carpets you can walk on and do all that. You don't need to be doing this though. So that's what makes this really sad to follow. On Twitter at WSJS radio if you want in.

That's also where we're streaming video in addition to YouTube and Twitch. Well Dalton is the executive producer of this show taking your calls at 336-777-1600. WD how much of the Masters have you been watching today? I've had it going on in here the whole time actually. Well since I got here today I don't know what time they started but 7 7 30 in the morning. Yeah I watched all that. I've had it on since maybe around noon. Keeping an eye on one Tiger Woods. Yeah. Tiger trying to make a bit of a move late in his round and if you're a golf fan make sure you're watching every one of Tiger's shots of Augusta because this week does have the feel it could be his last Masters.

You never know they don't tell you most times when something's going to be the last time. If things start to go south again for Tiger and they very well could this could be it because he is in danger of missing the cut. Now about a half hour ago he was at three over and he's birdied back-to-back holes going into his final two. I think he started on ten so I think he's looking at eight and nine to close things out but consider this Tiger has one of the more impressive streaks going that's in jeopardy going into tomorrow and that's the consecutive cuts made streak at the Masters. He's made it 22 consecutive starts. If he were to make the cut tomorrow he would tie the record set by both Fred Couples and Gary Player for 23 consecutive made cuts at Augusta. He even made it last year. Now he hasn't had a lot of highlights he had the chip that was almost an eagle on I believe it was 17 today that ended up being a birdie he's had these back-to-back birdies late and will continue to keep you posted on Tiger but he doesn't really strike me as being a threat in this tournament and he also doesn't strike me as the type of guy who will say you know I'm just alright playing to play even if I am not capable of winning he doesn't strike me as that guy he doesn't need the top ten payouts he doesn't need to just be out there for the sake of being out there he only wants to win that's how he's programmed and he even says so in his press conferences week after week year after year that he's playing and the problem is his playing condition might never improve he was limping quite a bit again today I don't think that's going to go away and the breadcrumbs they're all there John Dell who this week's covering his 26th Masters for the Winston-Salem Journal said this on yesterday's show this could be it I hate to say that because I I'm more interested in Tiger when he plays I hope that's not the case but he's 46 you know that's the age Nicklaus was when he won it in 1986 so I hope he plays you know as long as he can because the sport needs Tiger Woods it does but the only thing I'll push back on on what he said there I don't think golf needs him as much as it did because we're happy just to see him we're happy that he has his leg we're happy he could be a father to his son but Tiger was not the central storyline this week at the Masters Rory McIlroy was Liv versus PGA tour that was a central storyline Tiger Woods really wasn't and I don't remember the last time he was in the field and wasn't a central storyline going into Augusta the breadcrumbs are there John Dell few know golf as well as he does all the Masters that he's covered and Tiger he even said at his press conference this week that he's had the thought being out on the golf course that this might be it for me I might not get another opportunity to do this or I might not want to be out here again this might be it we're not that terribly far off it and the point that Dell makes about him being 46 and that being the same age as Nicholas I don't think is insignificant because of Good Friday no live show for us tomorrow so trying to figure out what I'm gonna do I'm gonna go watch the movie air starring Matt Damon and Ben Affleck it's about the Michael Jordan story how he came to sign with Nike and Ben Affleck's playing Phil Knight straight out of 1984 I have not seen this movie because it just came out yesterday but B dot the sixth man of Tar Heel basketball who joins us now and we'll play grammar school in just a few minutes he has seen this movie without spoilers dot what did you think of the movie air well the guy that they want to get the shoes to he turns out to be a very good basketball player Josh Graham I didn't want to spoil it but I just wanted you to know that part but it was nostalgic man I went with my wife to check the joint out it was nostalgic just like different callbacks to different things which are I guess it's not a callback if it happens in the future it's kind of strange but you'll really enjoy it I think it was very very well done as far as the scripting it was very witty very comical and they did a good job of the film you know they did a good job of the characters and as far as I was concerned it was very educational I learned a lot I can't wait to come back next week and maybe share some things that I really didn't know maybe you didn't either when you see this movie but it was dope man I definitely think anybody that especially if you were a teenager in the 90s you're going to love this movie because you really vividly remember a lot of things that they were talking about the only thing I would say is if you're going to see air please wear some damn Nike's okay Jordans Nike's something I saw people in there with vans on in the damn movie like no way you go see the air in some damn vans what are you doing alright I'm gonna bring the 11s out tomorrow that's okay let's play grammar school since we've got you Josh Graham has his own way of speaking and just when you think it can't get any worse Josh is going to attempt to learn B dots vernacular I'm gonna put one in the air it's time for B dots grammar school brought to you by heritage hardwood floors when it comes to flooring they have no ceiling you doggone right man grammar school very simple and it's brought to you by heritage hardwood floors excellent I think that's really good and I have a call cast it question for you if you want to see this thing up WD's movie for next week is a movie that might have the best title of a sports movie ever white men can't jump dot I need you to give me either the actor or the characters name of the one white guy in the movie is it hold on it's woody is it woody woody oh wait wait guys and I know his name in the movie I bet you you know I bet you you know the black star and I bet you know the character names do what's the character name do you know who I the character's name is that's nice Billy oil is Woody Harrelson I knew what I knew but I knew who I was about to say woody oil I knew that wasn't right but I got it right thank you did Sidney Dean's and you know Billy Hoyle quite I would not have gotten Wesley Snipes character name Sidney Dean's I would not have gotten that I think the reason why is I think Woody Harrelson's character is a little bit more iconic because we'll talk about it with WD watches the movie pretty clearly what he was a lot better basketball player than Wesley Snipes was like Woody Harrelson is an unbelievable basketball player WD it's got the best side boob visual in the history of movies true I have I have remembered Rosie Perez side boob for 20 years it is the most I'm talking about it is the prettiest 30 years now it's almost 30 years old I'm going into this with high hopes and so uh-huh it's a great movie okay that's your test you passed it we'll see how I do all right up first Josh Graham if someone tells you to be bout your business be bout your business what are they saying to you is it be bout your business or yo business I guess either way you could even put a th show business be about your business I think I think that means I don't think I need help on this one I think that means to just do what you do with confidence put a little bit of swag ooh on it a little bit of confidence you know I got my suit jacket on here feel pretty good about myself be about your business I'll be about my business on this radio show what I do keep out your business I'll give you that one Josh Graham it means get your money do your thing you did what I'm saying but yeah be about your business when you said be about your business on this radio show that's what pushed it through I'll give you that perfect up number two Josh what's a blue face blue face I take it we're not talking about the blue man group the what three three six seven seven seven one six hundred they're dancers look what's the difference between the blue man group and the Jabberwocky's the thing that Shaquille O'Neal did I are those are the Jabberwocky's Jabberwocky's they invited to the cookout like them some brothers behind the mask them brothers we don't know the skin color of the blue man group they might be a bunch of white dudes they also might not be makes sense I have WD were you behind on blue face here I wasn't behind this do you have any idea should I go to you would you go to you if you were me I I have a guess okay but I don't know how strong it is all right what is your guess I'm gonna go to you when you're really angry about something makes your face all blue why wouldn't your face be read three three six seven seven seven one six hundred I'm using my lifeline on this turn but I also want to go to the audience too if they could potentially help me and if I need to bribe somebody like I have NC State Wake Forest baseball tickets for the weekend the dekes are second ranked in the country they're playing the wolf pack should be a fun weekend out at the couch I've got got a couple of tickets if you want to go to that and you can help me out potentially wd who should I go to on the phones how the Amazon driver what do you got yes what's up Kyle crap yeah thank you Kyle the Amazon driver I'm gonna go a Hyundai I'm gonna ban cow the Amazon driver from calling in and being a lifeline but that is correct a blue face is a $100 bill I wanted to I wanted you to use WD's answer why is it why is it a hunty why does that make sense why is it a blue face because it's blue have you where's the last time you saw a physical hundred dollar bill like they've got blue ones are okay yep all right I already got the passing grade I was about to pull out my wallet and just find one of those hundred dollar bills yeah what's the last one we've got here all right we're going music Josh Graham love it you can win one point to get a perfect score and then you can answer another question to get extra point and it'll be the best game you probably have ever had what artists said this line or said these lines and for bonus what song was it okay the lines are from Oakland the fact town but they area and back down Cali is where they put they Mac down give me love okay I believe it's TI and I think it's from the song bring them out no you know what threw me off not when I heard it referred to sack town all I immediately thought of that's all I focused on and it took me to you hear what I'm saying right nope let me find the lyrics to this real quick so I can defend myself let me give you a big old fat yeah I deserve it yeah oh my gosh oh wow it's not even sack town it's Shaq now still balling money stacked taller than Shaq now so that's that's what I was thinking when I just hear the lyrics being read I feel stupid when I hear the song now so I love you bro have a great and hope to see you next week after losing its first three matches in the first half of Wsjs after losing its first three matches Charlotte FC now hasn't lost in three straight as it gets set for a 930 kick at Real Salt Lake on Saturday night you can listen to the game on Wsjs and one of the voices you'll be hearing at that time now joins us it's will pelagic for his weekly visit on the show and will we learn yesterday what process blue was color the Panthers will be adjusting back to this season and if the Panthers are process blue I guess that means Charlotte FC is process blue so if I were to take process blue off of the board what is will pelagic's favorite blue gradient oof I I was always a big you know I mean I grew up a med fan so the the met royal blue is probably what I would I would go with on that one so that that'd be my preferred shade of blue that whole process blue thing yesterday we were on our way to dinner last night we got an uber and I missed the whole reporting that took place when it came to the guy who said that we weren't gonna have silver in the uniform anymore like the first thing that I saw were people reporting being like the Panthers are not changing the uniform so it was like I like I didn't even know that was actually a thing but apparently it it got a lot of hubbub yesterday and I think Darren Gantt was the one who said it at best there were a lot of people yesterday who were racing to be wrong so to speak PSA whoever's listening to this the jerseys the uniforms they're fine make the blue jersey the primary home jersey make the black jersey the alternate because you don't wear the black jersey anyway because of how hot it is Sunday at one o'clock for half the season I'm totally totally in locks get a home jersey you can wear at home totally in lockstep with you on the on the blue at the primary totally in lockstep rather than going deep into the squad as we do each week I want to talk about sports TV for a second because we now have a sample size with what Apple's done with MLS and for those who don't know unlike the Hornets or the Hurricanes and what baseball's had for a long time being broadcast on the regional sports networks like Valley Sports or back then it was you know Fox Sports Carolinas and all that MLS has gotten out of the RSN business all of their matches are available on Apple for 12 or 15 dollars a month and there aren't any blackout rules like you would see with baseball like I've been trying to overcome watching my Baltimore Orioles for example so aside from the national TV matches on ESPN that's the only way you can watch charwood FC here in the triad what's the feedback that you've gotten about what MLS has chosen to do which is kind of groundbreaking well it's it's I think it varies market by market Josh because there were some markets that had Bali as the option when it came to televising the matches as opposed to in Charlotte they were over the air so you had maybe a different consumption level with Charlotte FC games then say it let you not it who had theirs on Bali or FC Dallas that also was a Bali issue and a lot of those places have been dealing with a lot of the same carriage issues involving Bali like we're dealing with from the Hornets and hurricanes and brave side so it always kind of varies between your your eye of the beholder and how it goes I mean I think it's been a boon for for our broadcast because you have the opportunity now with with the home games to sync us up with the pretty pictures on the screen which I think is really really cool I think this is honestly the future of where a lot of league is going to go you you heard about the the diamond sports group which is the conglomerate that owns all the Bali RS ends going belly-up if you will and and so the NBA NHL and Major League Baseball are looking for a way to try and make sure that those games hit the air because I think all the payments are somewhat still pending on those things and I think eventually these things are gonna get taken back by the leagues and they'll distribute themselves and not have the middleman because it has become a lot easier to be able to put this on and Apple I think is doing a very fascinating case study into how this is going to work for you know any sport that's not based in the NFL how they're going to go about dealing with their sports right here for the next 10-20 years and have to do it. Will Pelagic is with us here voice of Charlotte FC, Charlotte FC in action Saturday 930 against Real Salt Lake transitioning things to the Charlotte Hornets really quickly because this is the last weekend of their season and we have a couple of more games left how would you sum up the Charlotte Hornets season? Disappointing I mean I think you can't say anything other than that because of the fact that injury riddled as it was I think there were some expectations for this team to take a next step during the season even with what happened with the Miles Bridges scenario during the offseason I think there was always the the potential for something to go forward and I think the way they played during stretches of the second half especially that little stretch where they won five games in a row and my hair got blue etc and so on I feel I feel like you at least saw glimpses of the kind of team that they can be and you know independent of this this little run that they've had where they've had almost everybody injured they were playing some pretty good defense they were the number one defensive rating for a period of time that included 16 games where they were over 500 and they were actually putting forth the kind of effort that Steve Griffin wants to have but you know so many injuries this year to LaMelo Ball and basically anybody who had any kind of repute on the team especially now at this time of the year where basically the entire team is someone on the shelf I do feel like there is a lot of urgency for this team to actually resemble something more positive because there is going to be that chatter about whether or not LaMelo Ball signs the Supermax and whether or not you are going to go out and get pieces around him to actually become a contender I think it's a pivotal offseason for the Hornets and of course it all depends on how the ping-pong balls go because that obviously dictates a lot of the further direction that this franchise and organization is going to take in addition to the conversations about whether or not the ownership will change and that's still something still going right now on and still pending it would be a big offseason for Charlotte by the way I will point out your hair was not processed blue wasn't no it was it was something there I was some some sort of other blue it was a L'Oreal blue whatever it was cornflower blue maybe the quote Fight Club which we watched a week ago Will Pelagic I gotta throw this in here yes today is a big day because it's the start of the Masters and we've been spending a lot of time talking about round one and all that it's a big day it's a big month because we're three weeks from the day away from the NFL Draft three weeks from tonight but it's also a big day because it's Will Pelagic's 36th birthday correct correct Wow how are we celebrating so we've already done a little bit this week we were actually we were in Raleigh on Sunday we went to the Hurricanes Islanders game that was pretty cool last night we had a very nice dinner with a bunch of people from the Charlotte FC broadcast crew on both English and Spanish sides that was pretty cool nice steakhouse in Charlotte and tonight we're going to be at the DPAC we're going to see Les Mis tonight so we'll be will be in your neck of the woods ish ish that's right we're we're the connective tissue between the Queen City and the triangle we kind of play middle man we'll be passing through if you will yeah people in Raleigh are saying our breweries are better than yours yet but we got rooftop bars we're like hey settle down we're we we're always I said this on the air this week aren't we all Carolina like I'm not trying to be that kind of you know hokey and corny Brotherhood type person I know you can't say Brotherhood because then it's North Carolina fans angry but it's not process blue that people think about I'm just saying I feel that that we all can basically get along it's okay like Raleigh and Charlotte and the triad we all can coexist that's right here's the message I have to everybody triangle people triad people Queen City people trust the process blue that's the message well pelagic happy birthday to your friend thanks for doing this and have a great call on Saturday night yeah hopefully we can get ourselves three points and get you guys down there for a match next weekend maybe LVD he's saying he wants in oh man we're gonna make it happen I think we're gonna make it happen all right well pelagic enjoy Les Mis we'll talk to you soon thanks guys appreciate it it could be your water Mike oh that's harsh more like hard water are you interested in smart high-efficiency water softeners from Culligan water huh want baby smooth skin and soft luxurious hair we're already on the way Mike let us help you out with the free in-home water test from a local Colligan water expert at Colligan calm from the Augusta National Golf Club Westwood one sports presents this special report on the Masters I'm Ted Emmerich Jason day missed the Masters a year ago with a back injury now healthy and with a revamped swing day is surging in the first round Jason date foreign to par 3 off the lead putting for birdie nice to see him playing well fairly healthy tough putt here that runs away from me at the end if you're not careful the hole gets in the way right Jason day to five under that's back-to-back birdies he's made three in his last five holes here continuing his very very good stretch of play over the last couple of weeks Mike Torico and Steve Melnick the call on serious XM yeah the Aussie Jason day entered the Masters with top ten finishes in six of his last seven starts he's five under in fact with a par at 18 closing at five under that's two off the lead that's shared by Viktor Hovland John Ram and Brooks Koepke you're listening to coverage of the 2023 Masters on Westwood one when you're an innovative business every blinking cursor every blank page is an opportunity what will you do with it we make something better or create something new our Dell Technologies advisors provide you with tools and expertise to do incredible things because we believe there's an innovator in all of us for advice on smart PCs powered by Intel V Pro that's built for business call a Dell Technologies advisor at 877 ask Dell the countdown is on for the 2023 NFL draft and greatness is on the clock seven rounds three days live from Kansas City there is the reaction what a dream watch live April 27th to 29th with NFL Network draft coverage presented by Verizon and on ABC ESPN ESPN Deportes and streaming on NFL Plus it all starts April 27th at 8 p.m. Eastern visit NFL comm slash draft for more information we had a bit of drizzle about an hour ago at Augusta National overcast skies at the moment with just around an hour to go in the first round let's check the leaderboard sponsored by Dell for your small business needs call a Dell Technologies advisor today at 877 ask Dell Victor Hovland John Ram and Brooks Koepke all shoots 7 under 65 today Hovland didn't have a single bogey on his card it's the first time he shot in the 60s in 13 career rounds at the Masters Ram overcame an opening double bogey to shoot 65 Koepke birdied three of the last four holes to reach that number two players at five under two back Cameron Young and Jason Day Jordan Spieth has found water on two of the last three holes made bogey at 11 then Spieth dunked his second shot on the redesigned par-5 13th into the tributary of Ray's Creek in front of the green Spieth ends up with double bogey there now one under six back from Augusta I'm Ted Emmerich Westwood One Sports Hey Triad this is Rich Eisen catch me this evening at 6 for the Rich Eisen show now back to the drive with Josh Graham I believe this is the first ever rhinestone Thursday still a lot of fun anyway it's the end of our week because of Good Friday tomorrow enjoy it with your family remember the purpose of having Easter and we'll be back with you on Monday however and wherever you choose to listen to the show it's greatly appreciated enjoy the rest of the Masters still rolling with my pick of Cameron Smith but it was between him and Sandra Shafley those are the two that I like the most but what a day for Rahm and for Brooks Koepka and for Victor Hovland all right let's belt it out before we take it to the house now here we go like a rhinestone cowboy riding out on a horse in a star-spangled rodeo like a rhinestone cowboy getting cards and letters from people I don't even know and all firms coming over the phone let's take it to the house brought to you by East Coast wings and grill how great would this be Good Friday or Saturday afternoon or Sunday grabbing some Wang's and watching some golf at the same time while baseball's going on oh sounds fantastic to me and if you're listening to my voice right now odds are there's an East Coast wings and grill somewhere nearby let's close things out what's what do you got taken to the house today a Michigan man was arrested by local authorities when he used a salmon as a weapon how did you do that so you hit somebody with a fish a four-pound oh yeah they can that can hurt yes so he went to the grocery store at around 715 the other night but whatever the reason the fish counter was closing at seven and you know the guy the clerk there was explaining this and the guy did not like that answer he wanted his fish right now right now right now so he picks up a four-pound salmon hits the clerk over the head with the head of the salmon knocks him out cold and yeah $5,000 bond he was arrested and there you go dangerous happy dangerous just wanted a salmon for Easter dinner that's all he wanted do you have any Easter traditions not like Christmas and in those thanksgiving like I get together with my parents and you know we usually maybe have a turkey or some type of something we're trying something different this year so as soon as we get off the air like right now my church actually hat is having a Thursday night service yeah I've never heard of a Thursday night service before Wednesday yeah which is which sounds great because opens up your Sunday a little bit that's fine yeah but also probably opens up seats at your church for that Sunday too if you're a member somewhere and also if you're going out of town like as a lot of people do on Good Friday and on Saturday you can go to your own church on Thursday I like the idea let's let's normalize Thursday night church services let's do that but we'll see apparently talking to folks at church like Sarah Bradford's probably in the process of saving me a spot right about now is it raining outside it is pouring oh no it's been kind of nasty for about the last 45 minutes oh boy you didn't haven't been outside the studio though so this is gonna be an interesting 30 minutes or so before I get to that church service and such but let's normalize that because I think it's a good idea doesn't your church have a Saturday service too I do that you were telling me about they don't get it's popular and it's laid back it's right they encourage people like hey you could show up in shorts and sound like right it's like casual hmm here's the message and also it's probably a dry run for the pastor to just to be like all right here's what I got and then you can kind of the second and third time you run through it on Sunday it's probably better yeah it's the power of the two cities it's the pre-service I don't know what the pre-service not a pre-service same message same message just different time of day right just more polished same amount of Jesus though yeah that's right enjoy your Easter however and wherever you celebrate if you celebrate and we'll talk to you again on Monday enjoy the golf I know I will this has been a Thursday Drive
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