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March 15, 2023 6:45 pm

Scoops Callahan

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham

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March 15, 2023 6:45 pm

On a Wednesday Drive, Josh reacts to "The Decision" from Aaron Rodgers, gives his take on how far he thinks Pitt can go in the NCAA Tournament, talks about getting a dog in Weekly Positivity, gives a heartfelt tribute to Jim Boeheim, 6th man of the Tar Heels, BDaht, joins the show to play #NotVerbatim and translate several of the things Aaron Rodgers had to say, today, and to see if Josh knows what "the big cheese" is, in a session of Grahammar School, and voice of USA Baseball, Daron Vaught, joins the show to discuss the World Baseball Classic going on at the same time as March Madness, and knees, in Unusual Questions.


Hi, this is my piggy Oinky. Say hello, Oinky. When we're not having tea, Oinky listens to music.

And look where it's gotten him. I, on the other hand, listen to talk radio. I want to know the forecast. What's up with Wall Street? What are the headlines?

That's what I want to know. People who know what they want. Listen to News Talk Sports for the Triad.

WSJS. Come here, Oinky. Let's discuss pork barrel politics. He's amused Cam Newton. He's been insulted by Charles Barkley. When some idiot in the press asked him, if you know what you know now, would you schedule this game?

He's interviewed Matthew McConaughey. And he's taken on Big Blue Nation. He's just completely taken the wind out of my safety. It's time for The Drive with Josh Grant. Welcome to a Wednesday Drive. You are listening to WSJS News Talk Sports for the Triad, where the football world is currently buzzing right now.

Today marks the start of the new league year in the NFL. And a few hours ago, Aaron Rodgers let all of us know he wants to play for the New York Jets. Now, this wasn't the best kept secret. But on The Pat McAfee Show, he confirmed all the rumors that were out there. And what's going to be remembered as the 2023 version of the decision. That's what it reminded me of. And it just shows you how much the media business has changed since LeBron told us where he was going to be taking his talents to 13 years ago.

Just think about it this way. It was done on YouTube. Correct me if I'm wrong. Is Pat McAfee Show broadcast anywhere else? Well, Dalton, as the executive producer of this show, you seem like someone that would know. Is it on terrestrial radio? I think it's somewhere, but it is broadcast for free on YouTube as well.

That's right. Largely, it's an Internet show when they're referencing how many people are watching. It's viewers on the Internet. And right now we're streaming video on YouTube.

I'm sure we'll get to the same numbers during today's show that Pat McAfee got to at around one o'clock when Aaron Rodgers dropped by. It was done on YouTube, not on television. It wasn't even funded or brought up by a TV network. There is no TV network involved. It's Pat McAfee and he's being paid by one of those gambling companies a lot of money in order to do that show, to sponsor that show. This is not ESPN or ABC or NBC or CBS or traditional media.

There was no Jim Gray asking the questions, conducting an interview. It was McAfee and AJ Hawk and all the others they have on their show. I learned today that Pac-Man's on that show. What? Pac-Man Jones is in the media now?

Air quotes, media now? Just try explaining that to 2010 you. Yeah, Aaron Rodgers. You see what LeBron just did? He's going to do something similar in 2023.

Okay, cool. What TV network is going to do it? Is it going to be on ESPN? No, it's going to be on YouTube. He's going to announce it. Is it going to be his own show?

No, no, no. He's going to be on the show of, you know who Pat McAfee is? Who?

The Colts punter. Oh, so the biggest news is going to drop in 2023 on a show hosted by a guy who's currently punning for the Colts. It would seem crazy, but that's how much sports and the media has changed over the last 13 years. And here's the key difference from the LeBron decision. Rodgers isn't a free agent.

That can't be emphasized enough. That's almost being forgotten in this. That's the reason why he's not announcing he's a New York Jet today because he is still a member of the Green Bay Packers. He's under contract. Yet here he is announcing publicly.

Not only do I not want to be a Green Bay Packer, I intend to be a New York Jet. It's groundbreaking. I have no precedent for this. What is the precedent for this? Of a guy under contract for one team saying that he intends to play for another. Not that he wants to be traded.

We've seen that. It's no, no, no. I intend to be playing football for this team, not the one that I'm currently under contract for. It made me think, is this against the rules? We know coaches can't say out loud players they would intend to trade for while that player is under contract somewhere else.

You can't say that. I would assume similar rules are out there for NFL players. I honestly don't know if Aaron Rodgers just broke rules today by what he did.

Not only is it groundbreaking, it's rule-breaking perhaps. But because he did it, because it's out there, Rodgers should be traded by the end of the day. In fact, I'd be surprised by the time that we get off the air if Aaron Rodgers isn't already a New York Jet. Because what Rodgers did by going on McAfee Show and saying what he said, the way that he said it. All the pressures on Green Bay. And there was an understanding last summer that if Rodgers decided to play for Green Bay, it would be his call on what happens beyond 2022. And Rodgers has let the Packers know, last Friday apparently, that he wants to be a Jet.

This is how it sounded on Pat McAfee Show. At this point, as I sit here, I think since Friday, I made it clear that my intention was to play. And my intention was to play for the New York Jets. And I haven't been holding anything up at this point. It's been compensation that the Packers are trying to get for me and kind of digging their heels in.

So I would just, I think it is interesting at this point to step back and look at the whole picture. The Packers are holding it up. Aaron Rodgers, one of the best players in that team's history, if not the greatest, is saying the team's the reason why this isn't happening. We had a spoken on agreement last year that if I chose to play, they would honor my wishes.

They would honor my wishes if I wanted to play somewhere else. And now the onus is on them to get that done. If they even get a first round pick out of this, I would be surprised. And I would be surprised if a deal's not done in the next 24 hours after hearing Rodgers on the show. That's the power of this.

That's why I think it's going to be remembered as the 2023 version of the decision. On Twitter, at WSJS Radio, you can find us. That's where we're streaming video in addition to YouTube and Twitch.

As I mentioned, the W.D. is producing this show. B-Dot, six-man of Tar Heel Basketball.

He'll be in studio with us later on in the hour. Let's get the hoops. It required not one, but two misses at the buzzer for Pittsburgh to survive last night. But, because they did, turns out we're going to be having an ACC team in Greensboro this week. In fact, we will have an ACC team at our regional here at the Coliseum. And now that they're there, it's not a large leap to think Pitt's going to have success at the tournament. They're well positioned to get to the second weekend. And as you put the finishing touches on your bracket, don't let the fact that they played yesterday scare you off from picking them in Greensboro. Going through the short history of the first four, a lot of teams, more than I thought, have used Dayton as a springboard into success once they get to the field of 64.

This is what I learned. At least one first four team has advanced past the first round in ten of the eleven seasons the first four has existed. Did you know that? There have been eleven seasons we've had the first four. In ten of them, a team that won in Dayton, a la one of the two teams in power conferences, not the sixteen seeds playing each other, those teams have advanced in at least one game. Five of the eleven seasons, there were Sweet 16 teams that came from the first four in nearly half of the years that the first fours existed. You've seen a team advance to the Sweet 16. Twice, you've seen teams advance to the final four.

VCU and UCLA a couple of years ago in the bubble tournament. And the locals in Greensboro, they're going to be rooting for Pitt. They're going to be rooting for the ACC team. They're going to be rooting for Jeff and Jason Caple. Well, maybe not Carolina fans.

But everybody else is probably going to be rooting for them. And the matchups, they're favorable for Pitt. Iowa State's up first.

This is an eleven-six. Iowa State should not be a six seed, I'll just say that. Go and look at what the Cyclones have done in the last month of the year. I get it, it's the Big 12. Everything's rosy and awesome in the Big 12, even when you lose a heck of a lot of the games.

And Iowa State is the perfect example of that. They've lost nine of their last 13 games. They are a six seed that has lost nine of their last 13 games.

They shouldn't be a six seed. So give me Pitt there. Then they're likely going to face Xavier, who's a three seed in that bracket.

Xavier? If you would have said two months ago, Pitt would be playing Xavier. I wouldn't have liked their chances much.

But that's back when they were at full strength. They've been dealing with, over the last month and a half, the loss of their best wing, their best forward. Who they lost for the season, averaging about 15 points a game.

And since they lost him, I think they closed the regular season six and four in their last ten. So they were pretty much a 500 basketball team down the stretch. Would I make Pitt a favorite against Xavier? No. Do they have a good shot at winning that game with the crowd behind them in Greensboro? Like I suspect it will be on Sunday afternoon?

I think so. They just need a little bit of a break. Just like they got last night. Without Federico, Federico, Pitt needed a break to get by.

And they got it in the final seconds with the wide open three in the corner missing and then the putback as well. And they need to get a health break. And Federico, Federico, who is the best name in the ACC, being back on Friday.

It kind of helps them. I just assumed since they were playing on Tuesday that they were going to be on Thursday in the NCAA tournament. That their next game would be two days later.

But then I remembered, wait a minute. They're going to Greensboro, which means they're playing on Friday. That means they get an extra day of rest, which means Federico gets another opportunity, another day to show Jeff Caple that he's capable of playing for the Panthers. If Federico plays, I like Pitt to get out of Greensboro.

I like Pitt to get to the Sweet 16. A lot for us to do on today's show. As I mentioned, B-Dot's going to join us. Darren Vaught will help us answer unusual questions. We've got a Jim Boeheim tribute that's coming a little bit later on. Make sure you're around for that. But it's Wednesday, so to get you through the hump day blues. We'll do weekly positivity with a chance for you to win prizes as well.

Next on the drive. We've got weekly positivity in just a few minutes. A reminder, we will be broadcasting 10 a.m. to noon both tomorrow and Friday, since we'll be carrying NCAA tournament coverage from noon until the wee hours of night both tomorrow and on Friday. We'll also have Duke basketball Thursday night.

So if you're expecting us in the afternoon at our normal time, you will not get us 10 a.m. to noon. And we will be broadcasting live from across the street of the Coliseum at Steel Hands Brewing Friday at 10 a.m. It is a fantastic place.

That's where W.D. and I were hanging out all last week after NCAA or ACC tournament action. If you haven't visited there and you're going out to tournament games or you just want to say hello to the show, 10 a.m. to noon, we will be broadcasting from Steel Hands. And we're very excited about that Friday morning.

You can catch us before we get to weekly positivity and your chance to win prizes. Baker Mayfield, officially a Tampa Bay Buccaneer. Today's the day that many of these rumors or these reports about guys having signed can officially sign and teams can officially announce that they have brought some guys in. Baker Mayfield's a buck. So let's update the NFC South quarterback rooms. Tampa has Baker and former Florida quarterback Kyle Trask. New Orleans, Derek Carr and Jamis Winston. Winston was brought up, brought back to be a backup. Atlanta, Taylor Heineke and Desmond Ritter. Heineke was signed yesterday by the Falcons. And Carolina will either have C.J. Stroud or Bryce Young and they signed Andy Dalton yesterday. If you could pick one of those four quarterback rooms, let's say you're trying to be a general manager or a coach and you can pick any of those four quarterback rooms.

Which one are you taking? I'm picking the Panthers. I'm picking the Panthers, too, because I get the number one pick. Exactly.

And aside from maybe Derek Carr, I'll take Andy Dalton over all those other quarterbacks, which doesn't say a lot about the quality that we see in the NFC South currently. Here's the prize that we have. Reese Builders has been helping us give away Wake Forest football, Wake Forest basketball tickets. And now they're helping us give away tickets to watch a top five ranked baseball team, Wake Baseball, facing Notre Dame this weekend out at the couch. If you want to win tickets, all you have to do is call in and tell us something good because it's time. It is that time for weekly positivity. Yeah. I don't want to be a product of my environment.

I want the environment to be a product of me. Hi, Will. Hi, Josh. That's a quote from the movie The Departed, which W.D.

has not watched yet, but that'll change later tonight and on tomorrow morning show. He will give us a brief synopsis of that movie, that film. That's one of my favorite movies.

Three, three, six, seven, seven, seven, six hundred. If you want to play along. It is good that we're going to have a live show in Greensboro. But going to Winston-Salem, William joins us. And William, something to start with that is good is that you'll get to go see Wake Forest baseball play this week, whose top five ranked in the country, just as long as you tell us something that might be sports related or maybe it's not even sports related, but is good. This is sports related and it is the Bishop McGinnis girls winning another state championship under coach Brian Roberts. That is outstanding. That is outstanding. I just say that's good. Congratulations, William. You're going to go watch Wake baseball this week. Thank you for the call. Stay on hold.

So W.D. can get your information and such. I have another thing that's pretty good. I might get a dog next week.

Wow. Sarah Bradford and I have one picked out. We're very excited. I haven't owned a dog since I was living with my parents in high school.

So it's been quite a little bit as an adult. I haven't owned a dog, but I love dogs. And I had been saying for months when the basketball season ends, we'll get a dog. And after this week, the basketball season is pretty much over for me.

I get to just sit back and watch the games kind of like you guys do at home, not having to be there in person for it. What type of dog is it? I'm glad you asked, W.D. And when I say I'm glad I asked or I'm glad you asked, I mean, I'm not glad because I don't know anything about dog breeds and such. Sarah Bradford is more particular on what type of dog to get. I just keep telling her, if you don't pick out a dog, this is something I actually told her yesterday. If you don't just pick out a dog already, I'm going to go to the shelter and just find the first dog I see and bring him home.

That's what I'm going to do, because my standard is not high whatsoever. So you don't have a specific dog that you would choose? No, just four legs. That's right. That's right. Actually, I'm trying to find a dog that doesn't really bark. There you go. I think it's a Cavachon.

Never heard of him. Let me see if that is correct. This is me being really stupid when it comes to dogs. I just googled Cavachon. See if you can Google it really quickly, W.D. I don't even know how to spell it.

C-A-V-A-C-H-O-N. Cavachon. Wow. You said corgis look like teddy bears?

They do. This dog actually looks like a teddy bear. This also looks like a teddy bear. Well, it doesn't look anything like a corky. It looks like a fluffier, furrier teddy bear. Corkies don't look like teddy bears.

Yes, they do. I'm telling you. I have seen corgis before. I don't have to take your word for it. I've seen several corgis. They're right out of the Build-A-Bear Bending Machine Workshop.

No, it's not that at all. But this dog looks good. Wow. We haven't decided what we're going to name it yet. Sarah Bradford wants to name the dog something after, like, literature.

Like characters in literature or like historical figures. She's into that. No, I'd like to name it like a dog. Ted. Yeah.

Because it looks like a teddy bear. But it's a girl dog, so we're not going to name it Ted. So, we need to figure this out. I'm waiting for her to text me mad. Yeah, I am too. I don't think she's going to be, though.

But I could be wrong. That's my positivity that I'm drawing from this segment. Tell me something good on the way out. I'm excited to fill out my bracket tonight. You still haven't filled out your bracket.

I haven't. That's going to be a tonight thing while I watch The Departed. So, find out tomorrow on The Morning Show in addition to figuring out what W.D.

thinks about the Martin Scorsese Oscar-winning The Departed. See who W.D. has in his bracket as well. I'm also pretty jazzed up about this Jim Boeheim tribute that I made before the show. Yeah, we'll get to that when B. Dot gets in here. Dot will be here in about 20 minutes, so expect the Jim Boeheim tribute then.

I know this. It's going to be good. And that's been Weekly Positivity.

That will be good. I just think New York City is a great venue for our tournament. I think the big cities are where it should be played.

I think it should be played here. Washington, Atlanta. There's no value in playing in Greensboro. None. It should not be there. And I'm saying all this because I don't give a s***. I'm just saying what's right. That's what's right. Business. Good business sense. You're going to retire?

This is up to the university. You want to come back? I didn't say that. So what are you saying? You're not saying you're retiring, but you're not saying... I just said it. I don't know.

And you're not sure whether you're... How will you make a determination about when you will come back? You're talking to the wrong guy. We didn't get a chance to do our guy right last week.

Things got a little busy at the tournament, but B. Dot's joining us in studio to listen to our tribute to Jim Boeheim. We're going to miss you, Jimmy.

No, we're not. Jim Boeheim killed a guy. Wow. That's factual. That's a fact. He didn't mean to. I mean, he did it. He's a killer. It wasn't a crime. Jim Boeheim killed a guy. That is factual.

That's a fact. But he didn't mean to. It wasn't a crime. Can you be a killer and not a criminal?

Yeah, it's called friendly fire. It's called O.J. Yeah. There you go. I'm telling you, man. I just put O.J.

in the same sentence with Jim Boeheim. I didn't mean to do that. And it fit. B. Dot, flaming today. Where's the hip-hop air horn to... Yes.

Where's the air horn to help absolve us? I don't even have to say allegedly. No. I don't because he was driving and he did somebody. No, Jim Boeheim killed a guy.

It's true. When was this? It's a few years ago. I felt terrible for him because we've all kind of been there where it's late at night and this guy's on the side of the road and he didn't get over.

He didn't get over and the guy was in the street. Jim Boeheim killed a guy. It happened. I'm remembering this now.

I'd forgotten all about that. B. Dot has it. That should be a t-shirt.

Jim Boeheim killed a guy. Make it. Who would wear that t-shirt?

B. Dot. The student section.

Dot will hand it out to the students. Jim Boeheim killed a guy? Probably be my last game. This shouldn't surprise anybody since the Panthers signed Andy Dalton, but in the last minute Tom Pelissero from the NFL Network says the Carolina Panthers are not extending a restricted tender for P.J. Walker.

So P.J. Walker's probably done in Charlotte. Again, not a surprise because you've got Andy Dalton now and you're going to draft the quarterback number one and you also got Matt Corral under contract who they're also shopping. Not a bad time to be a Carolina Panthers fan when you have the number one pick.

It's not. Hey, big shout out to the Panthers, man. Panthers Nation is excited. The coaching staff looks like it's been elevated.

They look like they know what they're doing in this draft and C.J. Stroud should probably be coming to Charlotte and it's going to be a great time and they're going to get loud for C.J. Stroud. You've got a preference between Stroud and Young?

Nope. Don't got a dog in the fight. I just hear C.J.

Stroud's name a lot more than Young. I really don't have a dog in the fight. I just honestly, my son is a Panthers fan and I would love to take him to some games. I didn't know Zay was a Panthers fan. You wouldn't because he hasn't had much to cheer for. Good point. The Panthers are starting to add weapons.

Zay could cheer about this. A lot of talk about how they don't have tight ends. They added Hayden Hurst today. It's a good signing. Added him. Already got Ian Thomas and Tommy Trimble. And you want your tight end to be a good safety net for a young quarterback with C.J. Stroud. That's a great, great weapon for him to have right there.

Pink, pink, pink. There he is. He comes from the Bengals and before that was a first round draft pick for the Ravens. He also played for the Atlanta Falcons as well.

So he's hopped around a little bit. They're meeting with Adam Thielen today in addition to the Chiefs. The Chiefs are having conversations with Adam Thielen as well. And if you wonder, well, why would the Chiefs have interest? They just won the Super Bowl.

They have some guys. Well, Juju Smith-Schuster just signed with the New England Patriots, we learned in the last half hour. Wow.

That's horrible. Night, night for you, Juju. And definitely welcome to Kansas City. Adam Thielen. Sorry, Panthers.

Figure it out, Carolina. Is Michael Thomas a possibility? Michael Thomas signed with the Saints. Yep.

Read it a one year deal. Dang. There you go. I was hoping he was coming to Charlotte. That would have been teed up. C.J. Stroud and Michael Thomas.

And then you got Hurst right there tight end. What about OBJ? Would the Panthers like OBJ?

Who wouldn't? To quote Aaron Rodgers, who wouldn't want OBJ? He said that earlier today.

David Newton just reported that the Panthers are not signing Adam Thielen today, but there is mutual interest and discussions are ongoing. Okay, speaking of Aaron Rodgers, I'd be surprised if he's not a Jet by the end of the day. By the end of the day, after hearing Rodgers say publicly, oh, the only thing holding this up is Green Bay, saying that I want to be a Jet and the only thing holding this up is Green Bay publicly on Pat McAfee Show, that is, you know, you don't see that a lot. So we thought, since we got Dot here, that we could do hashtag not verbatim football edition. Crossing sports lines.

Yes. For Aaron Rodgers, and for those who are uninitiated, that just means we're going to play a clip. And even though Aaron's being pretty honest here, B Dot's going to tell us what he really, really means, starting with, this is how it started with McAfee. This is how the good stuff, it took a little while.

They started talking about some BS and about five, six minutes in, they got to the goods. This was how it started. This isn't a decision day. This isn't me deciding and announcing to the world that this is what's going on.

In fact, that's already happened. We're actually days past this. This is kind of clearing things up, I think, for everybody interested, which there obviously seems to be a lot of people interested. This ain't new for nobody. I been told y'all what it was and what it was going to be. And this is what it is. It's simple as that. I ain't even realize it's going to be that big a deal, but clearly people are investing when nobody. So let's talk about it.

Hashtag not verbatim. Then he said, when he went into the darkness, as if he's Bane or something, that he came pretty close to retiring. But when he got out of the darkness, the darkness, the Packers, something shifted in the Packers intentions. You know, I gotta admit, I went into the darkness, 90% retiring, 10% pulling. That's where my mind was.

My mind was, I'm tired of this, I hadn't got back into my workouts yet. And I thought that that was what was best for me. And when I came out, I was really interested in what the kind of landscape was, where Green Bay was at. So it was clear to me at that point that although the Packers are going to say the right thing publicly, that they were ready to move on. I was born in the darkness.

You just lived there. And when I ascended from the darkness, I realized at that point that the Green Bay Packers were all cap. They put a face on in front of the media, oh, look at us. We want the best thing, we want era, but that ain't what they really want.

And I'm gonna tell y'all the reals, hashtag not verbatim. The shadows betray y'all because they belong to me. I wish I could have remembered that, that same line for line, man. Gosh, that's one of my favorite, like when Bane delivers that one, that's what takes him over the top.

Like he's better than Joker, when I think about the Batmans. Still gotta watch that one. You think darkness is your ally, but you merely adopted the dark. Gosh. Oh, I was born in it, formed in it, and it be in the shadows, I didn't see the light until I was already a man, and by then it was nothing but blinding, whoo, gosh. Bars.

Bane went crazy in that scene. Got bars. Oh. He, you think the darkness is your ally, but you merely adopted it. I was born in it, formed in it, formed in the darkness, darkness is, darkness, where's your couch? Darkness.

Okay. He is, don't laugh at that, you have no idea what that's from. Is that from Batman 2?

No. That's from the Chappelle show, Chappelle show, Chappelle show. Will, what did the five figures say to the face?

Slap, slap. We got one more Rogers clip for hashtag, not verbatim, a drive by of one Adam Shafter. Uh-oh.

Oh, this is, oh, wait, wait, wait, let me set it up a little more. Adam Shafter had the report that Aaron Rogers had a wishlist or a demand list that was put out there. Guys that he wanted the Jets to sign.

And Aaron took exception to that. Just ask Shafter what I texted him when he somehow got my number and texted me. You know, I didn't respond to Diana Rossini, I think her name is, but like I would say the same thing that I told Sheffy, Sheffy, lose my number.

Nice try. Listen, I'll speak for myself. I'm sure there'll be people that that's that, you know, have their sources, but you know, from what I've seen, it's like I had a sheet of paper when I met with the Jets and I said, sign these people.

And that's not the reality, that's so ridiculous. First of all, I don't even know how Adam Shafter got my damn number. Like he just texted me and I'm like, yo, and then some other bro, like, what's her name?

Diana Taurasi or something, I don't know these people. I'm like, yo, I ain't even respond to Shorty, but I would have told her the same thing I told Sheff, Sheffler, Sheff, Sheffkin, whatever his name is, lose my number, bro. Unless I give you my math, don't text me. Some of us might have walked up into the Jets like, there's a list of demands.

That did not happen, that's a cap. I would not do that. And if I did do that, that would not be any of Adam Shafter's business, hashtag not verbatim.

Shafter then tweeted, confirming Aaron Rodgers report with a screenshot of the text, lose my number, good driving. Diana Taurasi. Did you like that? Diana Rossini is fantastic, been a fan of hers since she was working in television in DC. Why did Aaron Rodgers hit her with the straight O? She just got destroyed.

I think her name is Diana Rossini, bop, bop, bop, bop, bop, bang, bang, pow, pow. Tough. It's vicious out there. Why does Aaron Rodgers want to go to the Jets, Josh? Explain it to me like I'm a five-year-old. Hot take, V.Dot.

Talk to me. This is my favorite DJ Khaled song. We'd taken over circa 2009, 2010. I'll tell you the first time I heard of DJ Khaled, I watched the Make It Rain music video and I asked the person sitting next to me who was watching it on MTV, who's the guy holding Lil Wayne's umbrella? And that was DJ Khaled. DJ Khaled was the guy holding Lil Wayne's umbrella and the Make It Rain music video. Another one.

Never been paid any attention. I'm So Hood is my favorite. Everybody spits hot fire in it. I'm so hood, yeah. I'm wearing that thing around my waist when I'm in this place when you and your man's spending the day. I'm so hood. That's my joint.

Phryne. 10 AM. V.Dot is going to be hanging out with us. Out at our setup.

Steel Hands Brewing. That's where we were at all week. That's where V.Dot and I would have been hanging out if he decided to drink his sorrows away.

You could have. Complimentary. It was great. No doubt.

It's going to be fantastic. So if you are around 10 AM to noon Friday in Tournament Town, you're going to go to some of these games. We're literally right across the street from the Coliseum. 10 AM to noon. No excuse for you to not drop by and say hi to V.Dot and myself. We'd love to see you.

We're also going to be broadcasting 10 AM to noon tomorrow ahead of first round action in the NCAA tournament. Percentage chance you fill out a bracket, Dot. 49.

49 percent. OK. W.D. is going to fill out his tonight while watching The Departed for the first time. That's right. I heard you've been talking about The Departed. You said that's your favorite movie?

One of my favorites. I don't remember The Departed, but I know I've seen it. Leo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Jack Nicholson, probably Jack Nicholson's last movie. I think he did the bucket list after this. And that was it.

15, 16 years ago. It's the movie Marty Scorsese won his only Oscar for. That's not like just those four names right there. Alec Baldwin's in this movie. Mark Wahlberg. He's probably my favorite.

I thought it was a horror movie. Who said that? Who said that? Hawthorne. The Winnie Shakespeare.

The accents. It's great. You're going to enjoy that tonight. I know I've seen it.

I just can't remember anything, especially with the whatever you just did. Now let's get to the main event. Josh Graham has his own way of speaking. And just when you think it can't get any worse, Josh is going to attempt to learn B Dot's vernacular. I'm going to put one in the air. It's time for B Dot's Grammar School.

Nobody better than B Dot. Free game, during game, post game. Brought to you by Heritage Hardwood Floors. When it comes to flooring, they have no ceiling. Big shout out to Heritage Hardwood Floors.

Heritage Hardwood Floors. Much better. Got my voice back. Yeah, I got my voice back.

You know what, man? At the Carolina Duke game, before I tell you about how great Heritage Hardwood Floors is, Jay Billis was going to give me a TV shout out if Carolina would have won the game because he was going to talk about how great the crowd was tonight. He's like, listen, this crowd, he told me at halftime, he said, this crowd has been remarkable. The loudest I've ever heard in here. If they hold tight and win this game, I'm definitely going to let the world know that you had them in here lit.

I said, I appreciate that, JP. And the boys folded like laundry. Heritage Hardwood Floors, appreciate y'all. Heritage Hardwood Floors. You can't go to Winston Central State University and see the floors there they did.

It's beautiful. If you have a business, a gym, a kitchen, whatever, they will do your floor. And what's their tagline, Josh Graham? Their tagline is, when it comes to floors, they have no ceiling. There we go, Josh Graham.

It's fantastic. I was trying to make up Michael Jordan pun about the ceiling is the roof and all that. Yeah, it didn't work.

Not going to do it. But I do have a call cast question for you to get us started. Oh, joy. You know who's coming to Greensboro this week? Yeah, the NCAA tournament. You know who's coming to play in that NCAA tournament? Kentucky. Yeah, Kentucky is. Our friends from Kentucky. I still love when people say, Josh Graham said that people from Kentucky are nothing more than possum biscuits and make out with their sisters and all that. When that was said by you and it was said by Robert Walsh and they just contributed that to me. Wow, Josh. You said that?

And they bashed me and they still do. All you got to tell me to get a win today is the call cast question. Name a white Kentucky player. All time.

Tyler Heria. I knew that was the one he was going to go for. That's exactly what I knew he was going to go for. Yeah, I told you that. I know you did.

You did. That's the one. That's the old who's going to do another one. That's Tyler Nichol. He's got that swag. He's invited to the cookout.

I definitely could have given you another one, Josh. I didn't know if he was going to pull Pat Riley out of here. There's nothing caustic about Tyler Heria. Nothing. I didn't know.

Yeah. I didn't think he was going to pull Rex Chapman. Never. Never.

Didn't see any of that. Never. Called Pat Riley.

Never would have given you that one. Yeah, he was the team that lost. He was on the team that lost to Glory Road.

Yeah, the all-black team. Take that, Pat Riley. All right, here you go.

What I have for you are three words or phrases here, Josh Graham. If you can get two out of the three correct, you will get a satisfactory grade today in grammar school. What's the first one? Cheeba. Cheeba is... It's not a V. Cheeba? Yeah.

Cheeba. Yeah. That's weed. That's weed.

It is weed. Yeah. That ganja. That Mary Jane. What's the big cheese? Oh, the big cheese?

Yeah. 336-777-1600. That's what Josh does when he needs your assistance. You can be a lifeline to Josh Graham. If you help me out, I'll bribe you with Wake Forest baseball tickets. You can go see a top five ranked team this weekend if you want to.

Rose giveaways, Reeth Builders gives us all these tickets, so I figured I would try to bribe people to get some help. The big cheese, it sounds like something you would hear in a 1920s film war, 1940s film war. Who are you guys looking for? Well, we're looking for the big cheese, see? The big cheese, see? Ah, the big cheese is who we're looking for. These are all these parts, the big cheese, see? Where's the big silly hat like this, see?

Where's it gonna be, you whippersnappers? Yeah. You tell us where the big cheese is, huh? Yeah. Hold on to my suspenders here.

I get a front row seat for all this, it's great. Yeah. The big cheese. The big cheese, see? When was the last time you saw the big cheese, W.D.?

There was an old timey, like 20s slash 40s reporter, or there was a Dallas radio guy who went into locker rooms and would ask players questions as if he was a 1920s and 1940s reporter. So you'd see Matt Leinart there answering questions and he'd be like, ah, well, it really seems like this Texas team is the bee's knees. Like how are you guys gonna deal with this? How are you gonna deal with this?

It seems like they have the whole can of wax. You can find that. Why don't you do that? Josh, please do that, man.

I'm not gonna do that. Josh. No, that's the opposite of grammar school.

It's literally the opposite of grammar school. But wait. Josh, please. All right, say less. We're gonna do a dare. Oh, the next dare, W.D., the next dare that y'all do. Please tell him the next interview he does, he has to talk in that 1920s. I will mark it down. Oh my gosh. He had me sing Rhinestone Cowboy. Okay, the name of the guy was Scoops Callahan.

Oh, I'm crying. W.D., I just sent you a few of these to potentially play. We'll get to that at the end of the interview. The fact that you could use that verbiage in current conversations, though, it would be so funny, man.

I just sent it to you, because Scoops Callahan is the guy who used to do it back in the day. The Big Cheese, I'm gonna say, is like, he's like a drug lord. He's the Big Cheese.

The Big Cheese is a school bus. Oh. Yeah.

I can see that because it's yellow. Yeah. Okay.

You got one and you missed one. You have to get this last one correct, Josh Graham. Sure. And I'm almost confident, I'm a thousand percent sure you're gonna need assistance.

336-777-1600, that's the number, please. Give it to me first. Help Josh Graham. Josh, what is Booty Do? Booty? Booty Do.

Yes. Booty Do. Booty Do. Booty Do. Booty Do.

Booty Do. Did you find this video that I sent over your way? There's one with Mac Brown in there that I remember is funny. I remember he went up to Mac Brown and asked him something, and the funniest part was Mac understood exactly what he was saying and gave like a completely serious answer.

Because Mac was a teenager in the 20s. That's it. That's it. He's like, oh, I understand exactly what you're saying.

I don't know why all these other reporters aren't talking this way. Booty Do, I'm gonna say, is Poo Poo, number two. Is your final answer? Yes. Sorry, Josh Graham.

No! Booty Do is if she has a big stomach, and her stomach stick out further than her Booty Do. That's Booty Do. That's Booty Do, Josh Graham. And it's not gender specific. It's not gender specific. So it could be like a dad bod?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, like a dad bod. So this is like the urban way of saying dad bod? Yes, the urban way of saying fat.

Did you find this? Okay. Let's hear Scoops Callahan from the Texas area ask Mac Brown a question. Your defense has been the cat's meow all year long.

How did Stephen McGee give your boys the business? Stephen's a good player. And they ran the option play. And we probably weren't as ready for it as we should have been because that was the biggest play of the game. And Jaworski made some plays up inside and give them credit and we adjusted to it pretty well the second half.

I think they gave up two long runs, but we did stop them better the second half. This guy's the real cat's meow. The cat's meow. How'd you stop him from giving you the business? It's incredible. He's like, well, yeah, Stephen's a really good player. He's a really good player.

He's a really good player. Oh, it's brilliant. Josh, you've got to do that, man.

Oh my God, it will fit. And you got to dress in like black and white. You got to dress in the garb. I got to have suspenders on and like a card, have a hat, a hat that has a card in it that says press. Josh, please.

Yeah, it says press. Please, Josh. NCAA tournament this week.

Go into the Kentucky locker room. Hey, hey, what? October 30th. What's going on October 30th? Like Halloween time. Like there's got to be NFL's going on. Sure. All right. So maybe there's a game and you can go and dress up for Halloween and we'll file this away.

That'll be amazing. Josh Callahan. Cats meow. Josh Callahan. Thanks for being here, Dot. Since Darren Bott's joining the show right now. I always think about baseball and talking about baseball with Darren before we get to unusual questions.

And I'm in the giving mood right now. If you want to watch top five ranked Wake Forest play this weekend against Notre Dame, first one to call in right now gets tickets this weekend to the couch courtesy of Reese builders. If you want to see a top five ranked baseball team playing in town, Darren. There's a text chain that I'm on where all the talk, all the talk is centered on the world baseball classic that I had to mute because I just don't care. And because of this week and really this month, how much basketball takes front and center.

And also the Panthers trading up to the number one pick to obviously requires a lot of attention. I haven't been able to get locked in on college baseball yet either. You are my resource.

You are the reservoir I go to when it comes to these things. Have you been watching the world baseball classic and how much college baseball have you been consuming? Well, I guess the fair answer is I have consumed a lot of college baseball. I've been at Park calling games myself when I've not been doing that on weekends.

I've been watching mid weeks. The world baseball classic kind of the same conundrum. It's just a it's hitting at a weird time. I'm very, very compelled by the rosters, by some of the talent that's that's participating in the world baseball classic, despite the fact that it coincides with big league teams getting their spring trainings up and rolling.

Is that normal? But I just Yeah, I mean, it is with international competition, like when the Olympics would have included baseball in 2020, and then 2021 in Tokyo. There are certain factors MLB has this partnership with world baseball classic that other international competition does not so like for the Olympics, major league players were not allowed to play whereas they are here.

I don't know what's up with the timing. I'm going to partially blame YouTube TV for dropping MLB network to I think if if I currently was able to watch a mobi network, I probably would be a little more locked. Yeah, I'm still mad at Hulu.

I'm threatening the folks at Hulu for dropping a lot of local ABC affiliates. So I wasn't able to watch, you know, hometowns The Bachelor in a conventional way. He's really upset.

I was really, really upset. Yeah, I can imagine. Yeah, the timing of things.

You're right on it. Like, it's weird. Like the Oscars were on Monday, or on Sunday, excuse me, I was weird, where usually that's in February or in April.

And I don't ever remember the Oscars being on selection Sunday. Never met. Yeah. Yeah. So it's just I don't know. I like it's a good problem.

There's, there's a lot going on. I love the world baseball classic as a, you know, a representative of USA baseball. It's something I have a vested interest in, in a number of ways I just know with my responsibilities tied to wrapping up basketball season and getting into college baseball. It's been it's been tough to, to watch the time of games to write like, there's a lot of games that take place at 6am.

Maybe I don't know, maybe I just need to wake up and watch those instead. Darren Bhatt is with us here. He filled out his bracket. And would you like to reveal your final four or should I?

Yeah, I will. I will gladly reveal my final four. One of whom is maybe the team that I have with the, the quickest intention ever put them from first round to final four. And that's Alabama in the south.

The south happens to sort of be my chaos region. But I've got Alabama, Marquette, and then Texas and TCU pitted against one another on the other side. One of those teams I may or may not have out in round one.

I believe it. Do you want to take a guess which team that is? Let's see what are these matchups? I would guess Marquette, Texas, Texas, Colgate, Colgate, watch out for Colgate.

Watch out for them. I was actually not even talking about your NCAA tournament bracket. I was talking about your uniform bracket on ACC baseball, et cetera. You've got a uniform. Is this exclusive to ACC baseball or? Yeah. Okay. I'm just making sure because Louisville's black uniforms has to be pretty high up in the seating here, right?

There were two seats. Yeah. The way we did it is Roddy Jones filled in for Danny Graves this week, and Roddy and I drafted back and forth serpentine style, and we each have our own regions. And we went up to 16, so we've got a bracket of eight on each side so that every ACC team can be represented.

So we've got a couple who are on there twice. North Carolina is, and then Louisville is on there twice. But we're seeking to figure out what the best, the most popular uniform is in all of ACC baseball. Yeah. The Notre Dame green, the Louisville blacks, those are great.

The FSU garnets are a bit undervalued, I think, as a four seed, and the Clemson purple for sure. You can find that. ACC baseball, et cetera, is the podcast that Darren Vaught does. I've got some breaking news to get to to start unusual questions today. Last week, guys, everybody made it out that I got mad at Josh and I left the press conference.

That's not right. I thought it was an unusual question and it's okay. It's time for unusual questions with Josh Gray. I just got this text from Sarah Bradford. You are a dad to a puppy.

What? So we're picking up this puppy early next week, but we have purchased said puppy that we will have next week. We will have a puppy. Now names. That gets us to the unusual question. How do you go about naming a puppy?

I mean, there are a lot of ways to do that. It depends a how collaborative you and Sarah Bradford are going to be. She wants to name it after literary figures that she likes who I I'm down with that. I figured Bennett was the pretty safe bet. It's a female dog. Okay. All right.

Well, so Bennett's out. I think she wants to name the dog Jane, which is not a bad dog name. Jane. Yeah. Jane is my grandmother's name. That's not a good dog name. Oh, wow.

Some controversy. Does the dog remind you of something? I don't know. I haven't seen the dog yet.

I've seen like pictures of. So are you saying I should name it once I see the dog? Like I shouldn't know what the dog's name is upon arrival. I think so. I think you should see what the impression you get when you first lay eyes on the dog and what comes to your mind. Oh, yeah. It might not be a Jane.

Yeah, it might. You know, if it's if it's anthropomorphization into a human is not one that would sit in a rocking chair and crochet shouldn't know it's not a Jane. Should the dog's name sound more like a dog or like a person? Do you enjoy it when dogs names are also people names? Like I have friends of mine who named their dogs like Stewart or claims their dog. Well, D.G. names his dog named his dog Oliver Oliver.

Yeah. But see, like Oliver is a good pet name for whatever reason. It's just been done enough as an as like a human name for a dog.

But you're against likes you. Do you like that more than sprinkles or like Mr. fill in the blank or Mrs. Mrs. something, you know, names that we would never give a person. I don't like Mr. Mrs. like Mittens.

I don't like Mr. That's OK. That's like a like a you got to find like an unusual person name. You know, Sarah Bradford's talking about the literary figures like you could go with. Oh, I got it.

I nailed it. Frederico, Frederico. That's good. He was hurt for pit last night. Maybe he might play on Friday, hopefully. That'd be a great dog name. That's his name. Frederico. Frederico. Oh, so his name's Frederico. No, his name's Frederico.

Frederico. Name it. D.O.G. What does that mean? D.O.G. That's stupid. No, it's not.

D.O.G. I know. It's really dumb. Well, that's not good. It's really bad. I actually think it's a decent name.

All right. What's your unusual question, Darren? What's what what happened to you in order to make you feel the oldest you've ever felt? Well, I'm the right person to ask because I've been often called the oldest 29-year-old on the planet. I believe that. That's what Joe Giglio and Raleigh continually calls me, including yesterday when I was speaking at the Piedmont Triad Sports Club.

It's like, oh, you're speaking at sports clubs? You're literally the oldest 29-year-old on the planet. Oh, you watched. What did you watch last night? Misery? Are you talking about like Jimmy Khan and Kathy Bates from 30 years ago? Well, why?

Well, that's just what makes me feel the oldest. I'll tell you. I was at a high school football game last fall. And they started playing a certified banger.

House of Pains jump around. And I overheard a student say. Turn off this old crap. Whoa, whoa. That reminds me of the occasion now on which I will hear Blink 182 referred to as classic rock. Oh, that happened to me today where I was on a Peloton ride. You'd be proud of me.

I was humble flex. It was a pop punk ride and some Blink played. It was my first date. Some Blink played.

And whoever this young like Peloton instructor was said like, oh, this is like suit. I was like four when this came out. Oh, good for you. Good for you. First date.

Great song. They also had some simple plan in the ride today. Needless to say, I had a great ride. That's good.

That's good. Well, so I ask because I don't think it's major. And I just got to realize that at thirty three years old, these things happen. Like I'm a relatively fit person, like I work out consistently. I can tell you look at me. I don't typically have physical ailments.

OK, sure. I moved last week. And I'm pretty sure I pulled a muscle somewhere around my knee. And for a week, it has just been so tender. It's been tough to walk at points it like locked up on me.

It's it's but it's getting better, which to me, I think, indicates that it's a strain that's going to. My threshold for such things is so low. Put it on the pole.

Whose knee is worse, Andrei Svechnikov's knee or Darren Vaught's knee? We'll put that on the pole question. W.D., what's your unusual question? Is it time that we bite the bullet once and for all and eliminate daylight savings time? No.

Really? Here's a pop, this might be an unpopular take because everybody likes something that's new. People say, oh, I hate this. I hate it. Well, you love it when it works your way. Sometimes it has to break against you in order to experience great feelings in life.

You have to experience things that aren't so great sometimes. I assume there's a great purpose for having it that is productive, that is good. So no, I don't want to get rid of it because I don't want to see what the consequences are for getting rid of it. I mean, I think the productive thing would be to have more daylight so you can do more things outside. Well, I mean, given there's some times during the year where that might make sense more than other times out of the year. I don't think it's time to get rid of daylight savings, but I will admit it was pretty aggressive when I walked out of the Greensboro Coliseum on Saturday night and it's one fifty eight and it turns to two and I immediately see it turn to three o'clock rather than two.

It was trippy. That was aggressive. Let me reframe the question for Darren. Darren, should we get rid of daylight savings? Yes.

See, I knew he would be with me. Well, everybody's going to say that because that's the popular thing to say. But I think there's a purpose for it. And also the feeling that you get when it breaks your way is worth the bad. No it's not. It never breaks your way.

Yes, it does break your way. There's there's there's one every year that you gain it. You gain an hour and it's fantastic. You want an extra hour of sleep, like plan accordingly. Take a nap. See midday. No, it's there's no purpose. Not anymore.

Not anymore. OK, Darren Vaught, it's good to see you and we'll talk to you next week. Sounds good. See you next time, guys.
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