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Does Coach K Know Red Panda?

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham
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February 15, 2023 6:45 pm

Does Coach K Know Red Panda?

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham

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February 15, 2023 6:45 pm

On a Wednesday Drive, Josh sets the stage for a "juice" UNC-NC State matchup, in PNC Arena, explains why your opinion should evolve with new data, surrounding Derek Carr potentially becoming a Carolina Panther, takes phone calls and enjoys some Weekly Positivity with the audience, UNC and Duke writer for The Athletic, Brendan Marks, joins the show to discuss just how underwhelming the Tar Heels have been, this year, and who is responsible, and Voice of USA Baseball, Daron Vaught, joins the show to discuss how loaded Wake Forest baseball is, this year, how they size up nationally, and to talk about Coach K and halftime shows, in Unusual Questions.


He's amused Cam Newton. He's been insulted by Charles Barkley. When some idiot in the press asked him, if you know what you know now, would you schedule this game? He's interviewed Matthew McConaughey. And he's taken on Big Blue Nation.

He's just completely taken the wind out of my face. It's time for The Drive with Josh Graham. Welcome to a Wednesday Drive, WSJS, News Talk Sports for the Triad, where now that both NC State and North Carolina are through with early week action the last couple of nights, we're all setting our sights on what should be the spiciest, most significant, State Carolina game in recent memory. That's gonna be a Sunday game, not a Saturday game. They've got a lot going on in Raleigh Saturday night across the parking lot, the Carolina hurricane. Yeah, the outdoor game is Saturday night across the parking lot at Carter-Finley and then Sunday North Carolina is heading into PNC Arena to face NC State. It's one of the greatest sports weekends that the capital city has had in a very long time, so we're all looking forward to that. But focusing on the basketball, both teams are coming in off losses, which heightens the stakes for this game. If you thought Kevin Keats was on edge in the handshake lines with Jim Boeheim last night, just get ready for what it's gonna look like when he brings out the red blazer, I'm sure, and sees the guys in light blue on the other side. It's gonna be fun. By the way, handshake talk a lot more fun than officiating talk.

I'm down to talk handshakes if you want to. 3-3-6-7-7-7-1-600. Even though those things are probably linked, that's what it seemed like Kevin Keats was talking about with Jim Boeheim. In fact, he confirmed so after the game. But coming off the losses, both teams should be at their best.

They should be sharp. Each team is getting five, six days of rest and prep to get ready for this. It's a high-level basketball game we're expecting on Sunday and there will be genuine disgust and anger in the air. A couple weeks ago when I was at Duke Carolina, that was the loudest, nastiest, and drunkest I've ever heard that building. There was legitimate anger from Duke fans. Legitimate hate, disgust towards the visiting team given what happened in the Final Four last year. You could feel it. It was palpable.

Cameron's a small building. Eight, nine thousand people. PNC Arena holds close to 20,000 and it's sold out and NC State fans can be crotchety at times. We've come to learn with the history and the Baby T incident last time when they played and Armando Baycott wearing the glasses after the game. It's gonna be a spectacle. There's gonna be legitimate anger, disgust when State plays Carolina, which isn't usually something that we like promoting, but in sports we kind of like it, don't we?

Yeah. It's okay to admit that you pay close attention when the crashes happen and the fights happen in sports. We like it when there are real rivalries and there's real dislike, real angst, real anger. And the game's unquestionably more important to the visitors.

When's the last time you could say that? NC State is facing North Carolina and it is NC State that is comfortably in the tournament and North Carolina that's having to get this win in order to get on the plus side of the bracket. Joey Brackett's put out his update today and North Carolina is right there as one of the last four teams into the NCAA tournament.

They do not have a quad one win. So there's no doubt that North Carolina is the one that needs this win more. That adds to the intrigue of it. So the stage is set. I've been watching this rivalry and been watching college basketball in this state my entire life and in the last 10 to 15 years, 20 years, I don't remember a game quite like this one between these two teams.

If you could think of an example feel free to throw it at me 336-777-1600 but that's why I am intrigued for it and can't wait for it to arrive. Will Dalton is the executive producer of this show. He's wearing a Star Wars hoodie today. Is it just because you always wear Star Wars stuff or are you wearing it today specifically because you know I need to watch one of these Star Wars movies later tonight? No I'm wearing this because I was wearing it at the house today before I left and I needed to get out the door.

This is my favorite. It's comfortable so I said that's what we're wearing. How many Star Wars hoodies do you own? Honestly hoodies only two but I have a few other sweatshirts like I got a Christmas Stormtrooper sweatshirt that's not a hoodie so that's in the movie. What Star Wars movie am I watching again? The Last Jedi? The Last Jedi. One of the newer Star Wars so yeah I'll give that a look a little later. If you want to see WWD's Star Wars hoodie you can see that on YouTube, Twitch, and on Twitter that's where we're streaming.

You can also chime in on the show at WSJS radio on Twitter however and wherever you are listening and watching we appreciate that. When it comes to the Carolina Panthers and Derek Carr who was released by the Raiders yesterday it's important to always be gathering new information and when you gather new information be open to all options. Be willing to change or deviate the original plan.

Deviate from the original plan. It's the way of the stubborn man to stay entrenched on an opinion and unwilling to move off of it and when you work in the opinion business like WWD and I do you deal with people all the time who say well a few years ago you said this didn't you say this oh you're a flip-flopper. So even at the risk of changing my tomb from even just a few weeks ago on Derek Carr being a Panther which we were not a fan of at first I really do think him being a free agent rather than having to trade for him completely changes the conversation. He's now a player the Panthers absolutely should be strongly considering and based on Adam Schefter's reporting it seems that they are. It doesn't require a trade anymore to bring them in which doesn't rule out the possibility of you still drafting a quarterback if one should fall to you at number nine in the draft.

I still believe to this day the Panthers never admitted this they probably never will we'll probably never know for sure whether or not this was the case. I still believe the Carolina Panthers draft Justin Fields number eight if they did not trade for Sam Darnold. In other words if Darnold were picked up as a free agent rather than Carolina having to trade a second round pick and I think a fourth round pick in order to bring him in I think Carolina pulls the trigger.

I don't think they thought Justin Fields would be available there at number eight. So if you were to sign Derek Carr hypothetically and CJ Stroud fell to you at number nine well you could draft Stroud and Derek Carr will still have trade value you can get something in exchange for Derek Carr find someone who's willing to take on that contract. Derek Carr then there's this idea of oh it's another retread quarterback oh the Panthers have been through this how many times? Derek Carr is markably better than Sam Darnold and Teddy Bridgewater and Baker Mayfield when you look at the stats. Carr has earned second and third contracts in the NFL none of those other quarterbacks really have.

Carr was a Pro Bowler checks watch last year and in December he was one of the best quarterbacks in the league I think his passing percentage or his completion percentage excuse me in the fourth quarter of games just in December was around 75%. He also now has Frank Reich as his coach and likely play caller a little bit different than Matt Ruhl and Ben McAdoo. All respect to our guy. That's true well played.

All do respect we still miss him with every passing day. It just doesn't look like Carolina's gonna be able to get the quarterback that they want. Another mock draft was put out today by Todd McShea. We heard Jim Irsay salivating at the idea of trading up to take the Alabama quarterback. Bryce Young we know that they're gonna want to get a quarterback they're at number four and we know the Texans are gonna want to take a quarterback at number two so when you look at this mock draft the Colts trade up to number one and take young Stroud's gone with the second pick the Raiders are still looking for a quarterback now that Derek Carr isn't there they're in front of you. I'm sorry I'm not game for drafting a project in Anthony Richardson and you really have to start asking the question if you have to get to the number one pick or even the number three pick in order to get one of these rookies that you like is that a better option right now then not having to trade anything at all for a Pro Bowl quarterback and Derek Carr especially when you have upgraded on your staff with a coach that's ready to win right now and Frank Reich who coached last year and has a winning record a defensive coordinator that interviewed for head coaching jobs in a Giro Evaro and a roster that nearly made the playoffs towards the end of last year that wasn't even supposed to be winning games in a division that there's no certainty and Carolina is probably going to be the favorite to win regardless of what happens. You can make that argument and you drafted Matt Corral last year so you got your backup quarterback there Derek Carr could be your starter and if one of those quarterbacks should fall to you at number nine magically the way that Iki Ikhwanu fell to you at number six last year well then nothing's preventing you from taking that guy because it's not requiring you to ship off draft capital in order to take a quarterback which makes it different than a lot of those other circumstances along with the fact that Carr again is better in almost every single way than those other quarterbacks that Carolina's brought in the author of the story at the athletic which ACC basketball team will win the league and who should be all ACC is Brendan Marks he joins the show now and in regards to the best players in ACC basketball right now the two guys who got unanimous selections for all ACC were Ty Appleby from Wake Armando Baycott from North Carolina and pretty close to unanimous it's okay WD Brendan Marks is familiar with our proceedings here to Quavion Smith pretty close to unanimous as well those were the top vote getters and it reminded me that last year only three players got votes for player of the year it was Alondis Williams who ended up winning the award here in the state of North Carolina of course at Wake Armando Baycott finished second and then it was Paulo Boncaro from Duke so the three best players were here in the state of North Carolina and it looks like that might be the case again in 2023 Brendan how much wider is the pool of players who you could see winning player of the year beyond those three guys I mentioned Ty Appleby to Quavion Smith and Mr. Baycott I think that those are the three front runners for sure but are there more contenders I would say yeah you know I think that if Pitt you know is able to come from being a 14th pick in the preseason poll and they are able to win the league I think Jamarius Burton is gonna get serious consideration I think if Miami's able to steal it I think that Isaiah Wong will get consideration and you know reflected in that depth of candidates for player of the year I think just shows you how deep the pool is for all ACC I mean you could reasonably list probably 10 11 12 guys who merit consideration there so it's very different from last year that's for sure because the piece that you noted there might be the most fascinating part of this yeah the three best players might be from the state of North Carolina but as of right now none of those guys are gonna be playing for teams with the double by in the ACC tournament that's crazy right yeah it's absolutely wild Greensboro has got to be you know smiling the biggest smile in the world right now their dream is still alive you know that all four North Carolina teams will be playing on Wednesday and four separate games I I will say I thought that NC State had a really good chance at sneaking into that double by I don't think it's impossible still but obviously a loss to Syracuse kind of puts a little bit of a damper yeah and Clemson's next two games are against Florida State and Louisville they are ten and four right now in that four spot NC State has the same number of wins but two more losses at ten and six and their schedules about to get really hard even though they do have many of those difficult games on their home floor it is another NC State loss last night you mentioned Jamarius Burton if Pittsburgh is able to win the league one of those guys you have to consider for all ACC how close of a lock would you say Jeff Capel is for being coach of the year that's another interesting conversation and I do think that whoever ends up winning the ACC you know it's gonna be directly tied to whoever wins coach of the year because I think obviously Capel is the front-runner right now but if you told me you wanted to vote for Kevin Keats I would absolutely hear that argument if you told me that you wanted to vote even for like a Brad Brown now I would hear that argument so I think that there are a couple of different ways this can go obviously Capel is the front-runner but you know I don't think this is one of those years where they're gonna be a lot of calls for Tony Bennett to win it like there were with Coach K last year I think we're gonna stick to the conventional non-written rules of whoever improves the most beyond what they were expected to do I led the Coach K charge last year then I was told that I was just a sensationalist hot take guy everybody I mean come on you're in Winston-Salem who could think other than Steve Forbes somebody else should win it and then Steve Forbes came on the show and said yeah I voted for Coach K he probably should have won the award is Tony Bennett in that division now of coaches that are too good for coach of the year since Coach K might be the best coach in the history of college basketball but never voted the best coach of the ACC the final 22 years he coached yeah I don't know that Tony is necessarily there yet but I do think with the roster that he was coming into this year with and based on the returning experience I thought it was always gonna be a long shot like Virginia was picked I think third in the preseason and you reasonably could have made the argument that they should have been first so again it's all about how you interpret the rule it's about how you interpret what the award is meant to be is it for biggest overachiever if it's actually for the best coach and it probably should be Tony Bennett because he has the only team in the ACC that for my money probably has a real national championship you know aspiration I think that I think Miami's a really good team but like in terms of who has the best team in the ACC it's Tony Bennett so is that making the best coach I don't know I just I think folks tend to go with the overachiever when we're talking about coach of the year and I don't think that's a bad thing it gets some credit on guys who maybe otherwise wouldn't get it it's good to see Brendan Marks who you can follow on Twitter at Brendan R Marks you can see him too on our video stream at WSJS radio YouTube twitch we're at all those different places Brendan covers North Carolina and Duke but the ACC at large too and a lot of contacts for the athletic okay getting to North Carolina we've been taking phone calls there's a few people that hit me up every time North Carolina loses the anti Hubert folks we don't want to get to you know the extremes of any fan bases and talking about things but this was a team that was preseason number one in the AP poll so when the team underperforms the way that they are right now again they could still make the tournament I'd venture to say they probably do make the tournament but that's still underwhelming given where the expectations were going into the year who is primarily responsible for where North Carolina is right now I don't think it's Hubert Davis and I think a lot of people think that it is you know the for me I view a lot of the situation with Hubert Davis I try to provide greater context which you know shame on me for doing that I look at a lot of things when I am talking about either Duke or North Carolina specifically especially now through a similar lens because they're both going through similar things new coaches you know but the situations that Hubert Davis and John Shire walked into were entirely different Hubert Davis inherited this you know quote-unquote big three this core of Caleb love RJ Davis and Armando Becca inherited leaky black as well hey Hubert Dave John Shire on the other hand inherited one guy so like when I talk about Hubert and the blame they're like it's not like he is the one who has built this roster it's not that he's not the one who constructed this team that is struggling to shoot he is not the one who you know is missing all these shots he's not the one who's you know on pace to post potentially the worst three-point shooting season of the year of in program history so I think that when you're talking about blame a lot of it I think just falls on the players like we could talk about development we can talk about guys not making shots any of that the fact of the matter is North Carolina's not making shots right now and if North Carolina is making shots we're having an entirely different conversation about this team if we are able to talk about a team that's making 33% of its threes 35% of its threes 36% of the threes all of a sudden we're talking about a very different North Carolina team and one that's probably a top four or five seed in the tournament so to me that's the biggest problem in North Carolina and so I don't put the blame on the coach I put the blame on the guys who aren't making those shots yeah I don't put blame on Davis or that guy yeah I don't put blame on that guy either so we started today show NC State loses last night there's all the drama with the handshake line and officiating that people want to talk about North Carolina loses on Monday night so Carolina fans are mad state fans are mad and they're all gonna get together on Sunday and the stage is set for just a really strange occurrence where states the team that looks comfortable in the tournament and North Carolina's not and they're going into that building what angle to this game on Sunday most intrigues you well you know from a logistical angle I'm fascinated to know if PNC arena is gonna have enough alcohol to supply all of the NC State fans especially after what's gonna be happening there on Saturday is it going to be drunker and angrier than Cameron Dore a couple of weeks ago man I I don't know if it's the goal but I think it's gonna be the reality because I was the drunkest and angriest I've ever heard Cameron I've been going there like you for years so if it could exceed that I might wear a helmet yeah I think in terms of the basketball perspective this is you know I tend not to say that any one game can make or break a season in basketball they're all just individual data points but but this is probably the most important game left on North Carolina's schedule I think it's a more important game than Virginia at home I think it's a more important game than Duke in the season finale obviously we can't know what the games are gonna be an AC tournament but if North Carolina doesn't win this game against NC State there is a very real possibility that it finishes the regular season without a quad one way and that as far as NCAA tournament picture looks is like the worst possible thing that you can do you are really relying on your laundry at that point to get you in and if you're NC State look this has been a fun season this has been a real fun season you have that big win over Duke you're probably going dancing you've got to Quavion Smith you just had a triple double last night DJ Burns has been a revelation we'll see about my orchids what could make this season sweeter than going ahead and putting sort of a final dagger in North Carolina's tournament hopes so I think it'll be a really interesting game if North Carolina doesn't come out desperate I would be shocked but I think that obviously this game is more important for North Carolina than it is for NC State because at this point in the season you look at that resume and the irony of North Carolina's tournament resonate right now is the only guaranteed or almost guaranteed NCAA tournament team that they've beaten is NC State and so they need NC State to do well so it's just a fascinating dynamic and you know I'm expecting that there's gonna be like a whirlwind of people who just stay at PNC overnight after the hockey game and we'll see what the atmosphere looks like Sunday it'll be crazy we need to get a cone of the dog update the next time I see you we can do that if she was here I would gladly and against my will prop her up into the camera but I will have that on tap for next time oh that's what we call in the business of teas Brendan Marks good be vigilant and good luck getting into the building on Sunday I'll look forward to seeing you thanks for the time absolutely he's on Twitter at Brendan our marks read his story about the all ACC teams at the athletic really interesting stuff there from Brendan it's the middle of the week hump day as some call it to help you get through the middle of the week we have weekly positivity which has become one of the more polarizing bits that we do but to incentivize you to want to play along with some of our nonsense and just telling us something good that's going on with you right now it could be sports related it might not be we got tickets to go see God smack in Charlotte in May win them before you can buy them three pairs of tickets we've got to give away right now three three six seven seven seven one six hundred but let's uh get the game started weekly positivity let's improve the vibes in the building oh yeah rebellions are built on hope three three six seven seven seven one six hundred call us and tell us something good whether you want to see God smack or not let's start with Wayne and Greensboro hi Wayne Wayne tell me something good Josh pictures and catchers are reporting to spring training that is just real good for baseball opening day is right around the corner and you just feel terrific today I just feel so good and Wayno you are an Astros fan of memory serves yes you you went through years of bad baseball and tanking to see the highs of watching all of your teams play well now or watch the Astros be one of the best teams I'm an Orioles fan and the guy who runs the Orioles Mike Elias came from the Astros and we've been bad for years only till last year start to be pretty good this year I think we're gonna be really good so I'm with you that's exciting Wayne I agree Josh the Orioles are looking up I have one more thing is very what's up it kind of got lost with all the Super Bowl high but the Astros hired a new GM his name is Dana Brown 33 years of scout as a scouting director for different clubs and what makes this unique is he just happens to be black have a black GM a black manager on the field and they're one of the few in professional sports and that's a good thing it's a great thing a good thing thanks for the call Wayne it's now getting to the point where that's not even a huge headline anymore to black quarterbacks in the Super Bowl black GM black manager and that's all very good Wow Kyle the Amazon driver are you wanting to go to God smack or you just wanting to tell us something good or both Kyle hey Kyle the Amazon driver are you there Kyle hey Kyle oh there he is hey Kyle I couldn't hear you a second ago say whatever you just said again I do not want to go to God smack but I do want to drop a little nugget here from life on the road if you want to know the true nature of a person see how they treat the people that they have no reason to treat well absolutely and I say that because I got to meet Carolina great Jackie manual while I was on the road delivering the other day and are you still there I'm still here I'd love to hear what happened with Jackie manual well it's one of those deals where you don't really know how your heroes are gonna take to somebody pointing them out and saying hey I know you and I am a fan because they could just brush you off but let me tell you about this guy he pulled me in shook my hand and I swear to you Josh he could have talked to me for another 20 minutes it was just so authentic he was so genuine and it was really good to see him at that moment yeah Jackie as soon as you started telling me that story I knew how it was gonna end because Jackie's an all-time great dude all time I will never there is no limit the limit does not exist in terms of positivity in this segment I am I love North Carolina history last night I was at Duke and the guy who runs the North Carolina Sports Hall of Fame came up to me and said he's a big fan of the show and yeah we started talking about historical figures in sports but fire off that's awesome if you want to know a little bit about North Carolina history I suggest and this is not a plug it's just because I am a fan of this I'm gonna be in the great city of Greensboro North Carolina this weekend on Saturday at the Greensboro Coliseum and I will be attending the North Carolina drag racing the Hall of Fame ceremony yeah that's totally that's exciting stuff Kyle in that Hall of Fame that's why it's such a great thing Kyle the Amazon driver I hope to see you when we're all in Greensboro next month yeah thanks for the call Kyle Greensboro let's go to Robin Winston Salem hi Rob hey how's it going it's going good tell me something good with you well I'm hoping in a few minutes you're gonna tell me I'm gonna get two tickets to God's Mac I have I have some news for you right now really I have some breaking news sir you've already earned those tickets to God's Mac Wow but but Rob there is a requirement here you got to tell me something good something good that happened to you day Rob anything something that happened to you today that's good well I do have a cold but my flow is good things are rolling well not a lot of stopped up everything is just moving right along that is very good that's one thing and let's see yesterday was Valentine's Day and I had a strong flower game Wow what what did you get that right flower what you can just a boat I got a bouquet with tulips some roses daisies baffodils and just everything came together and the fragrance in the house just added to the Valentine's fine hit the filet mignon crab cake combo dinner just right on it was right on target everything was good Wow you that is I'm just blown away by your flower game that's incredible great stuff Rob and have fun at the God's Mac concert thank you sir stay on the line WD will get your information I think we have time for one more kin is in high point kin tell me something good hey Josh I got a couple of feel-good stories for you I love a good feel-good story tubby Smith you know who that is oh that's my guy tubby was from Maryland and was going to go to college at Maryland but when he went to meet lefty giselle he hated him though Jean Littles from high point new tubby and talked him into coming to high point and he starred as a basketball player in high point and high point college and he roomed with my brother they were the first black and white roommates in the history of high point college Wow tubby was the youngest of 16 he grew up on a farm apparently the nickname stuck because he was a big baby and he always spent a lot of time in the tub I was kind of the joke with tubby Smith his mama put all of them in a big tub in the backyard and what and gave them baths that's how tubby came up applaud that's fantastic well and the other my next-door neighbor in Jamestown back in the 80s was a scout for the Houston Astros and somehow or another he signed on with the Toronto Blue Jays and he when Bobby Cox was the manager of the Blue Jays bill was the first base coach I love stories like this Ken thank you so much for sharing them that's Ken and high point oh we started with the Houston Astros and we ended with the Houston Astros and that's good WD I would ask what's good with you but frankly we don't have time I don't have time to ask what's good with you so that's been weekly before we talk baseball and answer unusual questions with Darren but a reminder that the drive is brought to you in part by our friends at contour brands maker of Lee and Wrangler jeans obviously you know Ling Lee and Wrangler jeans but did you know they were created by the same company contour brands and that they have a home here in the state of North Carolina and specifically the triad they're looking for folks to start a new career today so if that you know if you check that box of hey I'm looking for a new career well $15 an hour is where you would start with the potential to make a lot more than that make your new career be at Wrangler and Lee jeans contour brands online you can learn more about them to start your new career today so something I learned today is that we're at that point where catchers and pitchers are reporting and college baseball starts a couple days from now Darren Vaught loves baseball more than anybody I know a lot of different titles I could attach to Darren such as him being the lottery boy lottery man excuse me him being a professor now professor Vaught at UNC Chapel Hill and there's a new one to add ACC baseball etc a podcast co-hosted by Darren Vaught and fair to say Nickelback Danny Graves of the network that is a Nickelback for sure wasn't he a met briefly at the end of his career he's probably no more for being on some of those Griffey Reds teams yeah he was that he was the closer for the Reds teams started his career in Cleveland oh that's it that's so that's where he came up was he on that World Series team was he on the team that made it to the World Series do you know we can find that we could find that out on ACC baseball etc co-hosted by Darren Vaught and Danny Graves we'll get to some unusual questions in a bit but since college baseball is a couple days away man I'm excited East Carolina looks really good again and the team that's closest to where I sit right now is very good as well how many teams in the state or really the nation for that matter would you say are better than Wake Forest this year well d1 baseball's got them number six preseason ranking that is tops of any ACC team it's tops of any state of North Carolina team they have the chance to be really good they're loaded they're deep if you guys remember they had the ACC pitcher of the year last season and Rhett Louder they've got a guy named Teddy McGraw who with Louder gives them maybe the the best rotation in college baseball the the expectations are gonna be there for Wake Forest to put it in context the five in front of them four of them are SEC schools and we all know how the SEC is in in baseball there are not many the short answer to your question there are not many better set up to have success this year than Wake Forest it just means more in the SEC I saw today I want to make sure the sourcing is correct on it but it seems that this is accurate that the infamous Vanderbilt Whistler passed away at 69 that's something that I haven't seen that yeah that's a thing that's being reported at a couple different outlets ahead of that opener it's something that people are circling around but some are saying it's fake so I want to make sure it's confirmed but one television outlet put this out there that that's the case maybe we can see if I'm getting fooled by the internet see all these deep fakes this is something that I see a lot in the last few weeks I get fooled all the time now like it kind of freaks me out man like when Jimmy Kimmel did a thing where he was talking to 2001 2002 Jimmy Kimmel on TV yeah the the AI stuff it's really creeping me out like where I get fooled all the time Darren all the time I get fooled so I'm just spelling that out that I also could be that too that makes things so I am NOT killing the Vanderbilt Whistler if he's still with us I don't know if I'm happy I mean I don't want you know it's it's an annoying thing when you watch Vanderbilt baseball games I here's what I know we'll find out on Friday we'll find out on Friday when Vanderbilt opens their season if that's in fact the case how about rather than continuing down this awkward path I transitioned to something a little bit better and more specifically unusual questions last week guys everybody made it out that I got mad at Josh and I left the press conference that's not right I thought it was an unusual question and it's okay it's time for unusual questions with Josh Graham somebody I trust says that the Vanderbilt Whistler is not in fact dead you got fooled by the Internet I'm happy that the person's okay still annoyed by the Whistler himself during games is that okay on a human level good but I think it was probably wishful thinking by someone who had access to the Internet there you go do you want to start us off with unusual questions I do you mentioned it pictures catchers report today it is oft heard on this day every year the guys are in the best shape of their life when were you in the best shape of your life hmm I'd probably say my senior year of high school I was an excellent runner and at one point I ran like a 545 minute or 5 minute 45 second mile my senior year of high school yeah so I'd probably say that that was me at my athletic my athletic peak my physicality peak but then again I was 17 years old so maybe something better happened after that but my athletic prowess was not used that often in my college years how would you answer that WD I would say the most in shape I've ever been was probably 2021 around the pandemic I'm not far from that now but I was really I made it a point to get really lean during that year how about you Darren um I go in stretches waves right so it's certainly not right now although I'm not in bad shape right now I could maybe get away with reporting to spring training and saying it that I was in the best shape of my life right it's close enough but mid 20s man there was a wheelhouse like mid to late 20s 26 to 28 I was a machine like I went to the gym every single day I just like could eat whatever there was a good stretch there the metabolism treated me well here's my unusual question I was at Duke last night and among the things I enjoyed about coach K returning to Cameron was watching Mickey Krzyzewski pointing out to coach K all the different chants and traditions they have during timeouts that he probably had not experienced before because understandably he was a little distracted what do you think coach K noticed for the first time last night that he had not in his 42 years coaching in that building as Duke's head coach oh that's a good question you know when when we did K in the crazies he specifically said that he wouldn't notice things until he got home right so like some of like he made reference to some of the some of the things on the road that would get chanted or or said to JJ Riddick that he didn't realize in the moment and his family would clue him in on so I think he's all of the usual stuff he's probably heard I don't know I saw Mickey like pointing out what they were about to do the students when they did the surfing Blue Devil and K didn't seem that into it who was the halftime was there was there any I mean I guess it's Cameron there's not usually a halftime act I don't he didn't stick around for halftime he actually went into the Duke locker room I saw him walk into the lock because that would be the first thing that jumps to my mind right he's not see oh do you think coach K has ever seen Red Panda there's no way he's ever like peeked outside of the locker room I know but has he gone to an NBA game see him one of his guys and then Red Panda performs it's a great question this is what I want to know if I ever run into K again I ran into him last night I'm gonna ask him you know Red Panda is you ever seen Red Panda that's what I want to know let's go to Dave and Clemons who has an unusual question for us three three six seven seven seven one six hundred Dave go right ahead what's up guys yeah this is kind of Valentine's related Scottie Pippen's ex wife yesterday Larsa Pippen who was 48 put up an Instagram post claiming that she's dating Michael Jordan's son who is 32 Marcus Jordan oh how does this happen okay oh is there more to the question home in tech I'm sorry we cut you off for a little bit what's the rest of the question how does this happen and how does Michael Jordan feel about this okay son Marcus yeah well there's a few things here Scottie has thank you for the call has had some issues with Mike that have been documented over the last few years doesn't seem like they're close anymore these things might not be unrelated also you could be getting fooled by the internet like I was fooled that the Vanderbilt Whistler was dead it's been confirmed okay it's been confirmed I guess I I saw Marcus Jordan play in college at UCF which is an Adidas school everybody on the team was wearing Adidas except for Marcus Jordan who was outfitted in Jordan's which he had enjoyed and he had the glasses the goggles there was like litigation about that like he had to get special permission in in some pretty intense ways to do that if I'm not mistaken yeah as for how does this happen I don't know love spline man love spline also I'm not trying to bleep up their summer that's coming up not trying to do that wd what's your unusual question what is your go-to board game hmm this is a great question scrabble I wreck everyone in my path and scrap not surprised Sarah Bradford beat me in Scrabble last year one time made me really upset when we were at the beach go-to board game are we counting card games yeah and anything like that okay apples to apples Oh is a good one yeah see cards against humanities mixed got to be careful where who you pull that I have Christian cards against humanity and I've got cards against humanity I got both so that way depending on the situation you can figure out which one to pull out you know just trying to make sure awareness yeah especially if kids are around you want to you want to find something that's fun and yeah apples to apples though that's usually the play for me do you have an answer to that see me in Uno see those good but do you play one of those special versions of Uno I have radio friends in Raleigh that we hang out and oh we're playing Uno oh get ready just the regular version this actually reminds me we still need to crack open that blockbuster game that I bought remember yeah you need to crack that thing up you never brought it in I'll see about that then you never brought it in also tomorrow you need to get yourself a cauliflower chicken sandwich from chick-fil-a that will be happening yeah B dot are gonna have B dots gonna be in studio do you know about this Darren no so there are three markets in America that chick-fil-a is experimenting with starting this week with a cauliflower chicken sandwich Charleston South Carolina Denver and Greensboro those are the three places so WD it says he's excited about this I'm not nobody else seems to be and I know but WD is excited about it so he's gonna grab a couple of cauliflower chicken sandwiches here's the question I have and I don't know if B dots listening to this so it might spoil the bet should we tell B dot it's a cauliflower sandwich hold on so the cauliflower is in place of the chicken correct it's a cauliflower chicken sandwich I believe so it's supposed to be like a veggie option yes okay all right I'd have that should we tell but the question should we tell B dot that it's not a regular he'll wonder why is you asking me to eat a chicken sandwich on air I think we gotta tell hey why is WD eating this sandwich and just eat it eat it yeah I think the question is unavoidable so yes and answered your own question you got to tell it and that's been unusual questions for this week Darren lot make sure the first episode drops tomorrow I believe yeah correct and then weekly episodes to break down ACC baseball which again starts this week it is ACC baseball etc Danny Graves Nickelback of the ACC Network he was also an all-star a couple of times with Darren Vai have fun with that buddy we'll talk to you next week in studio I believe next week um is that what's going on high points at home yeah that is I'll be in studio next week yeah exciting stuff thanks buddy you got it
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