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Patrick Swayze Vibes (2-7-23)

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham
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February 7, 2023 5:44 pm

Patrick Swayze Vibes (2-7-23)

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham

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February 7, 2023 5:44 pm

On a Tuesday Drive, Josh explains why he thinks Wake will beat UNC, tonight at The Joel, tells why this is the moment NC State fans have been waiting for, reacts to some fighting words that Steve Forbes had about him on his coach's show, last night, and Hayes Permar, of Sports Channel 8, joins the show to talk about WD's Patrick Swayze vibes and to a play a "Rihanna themed" Skips or Plays.

The Drive with Josh Graham
Josh Graham
The Drive with Josh Graham
Josh Graham
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The Drive with Josh Graham
Josh Graham
The Drive with Josh Graham
Josh Graham
The Drive with Josh Graham
Josh Graham

He's amused Cam Newton. He's been insulted by Charles Barkley.

He's interviewed Matthew McConaughey. And he's taken on Big Blue Nation. It's time for The Drive with Josh Grant. Welcome to a Tuesday Drive WSJS new stock sports for the triad where for conference championship purposes, NC State Virginia is the game of the night in the ACC. But in terms of qualifying for the NCAA tournament, you should expect a lot of urgency and tension in Winston-Salem when Wake Forest faces North Carolina. That's the game that we're going to start with. Even though by making it a pick them, Vegas is telling you they like Carolina more than they like Wake Forest. This game strikes me as being wakes to lose. The Deacs, they're going to hand the Tar Heels their third straight loss tonight, which will be the second time this year that North Carolina has had a losing streak of three games or more. But Josh, didn't Carolina win the first meeting a month ago? Yeah, they did. But if you were in the building that night as I was, that was a game that Wake Forest lost rather than Carolina winning. And there is a difference between the two.

There is a distinction to be made. They should have won, but they gave the game away. Wake Forest had 15 turnovers that led to 32 points for the Tar Heels. They led by six midway through the second half. A lot of those turnovers they had, they were pick six layups, or as Steve Forbes would call them, atomic bomb turnovers.

And a lot's changed since that game a month ago. Namely, the performance of Damari Monsanto. Monsanto, eight of 13 from three against Notre Dame last Saturday.

Nobody's hotter from three point range than he is. We've really seen an emergence from 30 in Winston-Salem since January 4th, the first meeting of Carolina and Wake Forest. And you know who else has noticed that?

Hubert Davis. Here he was speaking about Monsanto. I feel like Monsanto has become more aggressive. You know, he can really shoot, but like now he's, you know, he's, he's more aggressive and you combine that with his confidence.

I think over the last five games, he's averaging like 19 points a game. And so that wasn't the case the first time that we played them. You know, this is the ACC in February. Doesn't matter where they're at home on the road. It's, it's going to be a challenge for us. Hubert's Tar Heels. Yeah, there are a lot of challenges they're working through.

They have a lot of problems right now. W.D. going through the Duke Carolina game for a third time last night.

I didn't realize this in real time. I guess it makes sense since he only had two points in the second half. Armando Bacott didn't attempt a shot in the final 12 minutes of this game. The final 12 minutes, he didn't get a shot attempt.

That's a problem. RJ Davis, who had 27 in the first meeting with Wake Forest, hasn't looked himself in the last three games. Pete Nance seems to be the primary target post Duke Carolina from Carolina fans. One for 10 shooting against Duke. That one basket he had actually tied the game at 57 in the final five minutes.

But one for 10, you got to be better than that. I'm not going to look forward to tomorrow the nuclear overreactions from Carolina fans, the meltdowns. You don't think that would happen? Oh my goodness.

Oh, North Carolina. They're not going to make the tournament. This is terrible. Fire Hubert Davis. He's clearly not the guy. Last year was a fluke.

Yada, yada, yada. But I like Wake Forest to win tonight, which means I like North Carolina to lose their third in a row. Just like Saturday's game in Durham, venue is an important thing tonight. Wake's been a really good home team. The only teams that have beaten Wake Forest inside Joel Coliseum, NC State, which we'll get to in a second, having a really good season, and Virginia, who NC State's going to play tonight.

Best team in the ACC. North Carolina, meanwhile, two and five on the road. It's going to be a great atmosphere tonight. John Curry was telling me earlier this week that they're expecting a huge crowd as you'd expect. I thought they had a great turnout for the nine o'clock games against Clemson and Florida State.

And those were nine o'clock midweek games against two of the three worst teams in the league. Now it's a seven o'clock tip. It's about time they've gotten a seven o'clock midweek home tip and it's against the Tar Heels. Folks are going to come out for this one. And it's also going to be a tie dye nation night for Wake Forest. Give me Wake by 9-82-73. On Twitter at WSJS radio if you want it.

336-777-1600 is the phone number. Will Dalton giving off Patrick Swayze vibes today. So I've been told. How quickly upon you walking into the office did someone bring up Swayze's name? So I was sitting where you're sitting doing some work when I first got here. I was maybe here for like 15 minutes and our operations manager, DJ, he came out of his office for a break and he just saw into where I was and he said, you're looking like Patrick Swayze in there. And that was not your intent because? No, I just put on a black collar shirt.

It was not your intent, though, because? I had no idea who he was. There you go. I knew the name, but I didn't know who he was. Over the span of today's show, we'll introduce W.D. to some Patrick Swayze movies and we'll pick out a movie for him to watch. Later this week and at the movies, you can see W.D. and myself on our video stream.

Twitter, Twitch and YouTube just searched the drive with Josh Graham. Getting to the other game tonight, for decades, NC State basketball has been in the wilderness just waiting for an opening. Give us an opening. Give us a shot.

A shot like they have right now. Through the Les Robinson and Sidney Lowe arrows, the unevenness of the Herb Sindek and Gottman tenures. The pack has sat in the shadow of Duke and North Carolina in the triangle watching those teams win national championships while harkening back on the times where you won with Jimmy V 40 years ago and 50 years ago.

Nearly 50 years ago when Norm Sloan cut down that's in Greensboro in 1974. But not right now. After years and years of being in the darkness, it's finally time for the pack to come into the light and compete for an ACC title. Because they're the best team in the state right now and they face the top team in the ACC in Charlottesville.

This is a tremendous opportunity for them. If they win tonight, and weirdly Kevin Keats has had a lot of success in Charlottesville the last few years, look out. NC State, ACC, championship contender, that's going to become a thing if they get the win tonight. They've already gotten a win against Duke. They won that game handily by 24 points in rally. They won at Wake Forest. That was a road game. Lost to Carolina, but that was a narrow loss. It was in Chapel Hill.

Baby T went down in the second half as we all know, so the details are important. NC State's ranked at the top 25. North Carolina and Duke are not.

That's the first time that's happened. It's the first time that's happened in 40 years since NC State. The season they cut down that's in 82-83. The day has arrived that neither Coach K nor Roy Williams are on the benches in Chapel Hill and Durham.

I grew up outside of Raleigh. As long as I can remember WD, at least over the last 15 years, and I can vouch for this because my dad's a State fan. State fans have talked about, before the last few years happened, oh man, our next opportunity is going to be when those guys decide to retire. When that happens, it's going to be our chance.

When they hired Kevin Keats, the discussion was, aha, it's 2018, we've got our guy. Let's have the program in place and have the program rolling so that when those two old step aside, it's going to be the Pack's time. And here we are, the first full season, without K or Roy, and NC State's the best team in the State.

It is their time to get back into that conversation. And that was a conversation that people had for a dozen years, and here it is for NC State. And the other thing, it's so easy to root for this Pack team. Not just because they were underdogs picked outside the top 10 in the preseason ACC poll, but there's no more likable team in the league than this one. Trequavion is the best guard in the ACC. He's going to be in contention for player of the year. DJ Burns, he's a sensation.

Kevin Keats is a class act. So I'm not afraid to say, even if it ticks off my wife, Sarah Bradford, who's a Virginia alum, I'm rooting for NC State tonight. That'd be fantastic for them.

After years and years and years of irrelevance and being in the wilderness, being a true ACC contender, that would be fantastic later on tonight. Since we're three and a half hours till tip of Wake Forest, North Carolina, I'm not going to ask anybody to sing or do anything crazy to get these tickets. We have one more pair remaining. It's in my back pocket right now. WD has a way to get them to you digitally if you want to go tonight. All you got to do, WD, take two or three callers on this. 336-777-1600. Just give me a good reason why you should be the one to get these tickets.

And then we will decide who out of the two or three gives us the best reason possible. Why you should be the one we just give tickets to at 336-777-1600. And we'll give those away shortly so that way you could be off and about your way to Joel Coliseum later on tonight. Oh, and by the way, if you're going to be rooting on the Demon Deacons, you might want to wear some tie dye. It's a tie dye nation night.

Should be a fantastic crowd they have there. As WD fields those calls, let's get to last night's game you heard on WSJS. Just as we saw, last night wasn't a great recipe for Duke to have success. They lost to Miami and really the game was more about the Hurricanes than it was the Blue Devils. There were two teams on the floor and I suppose since we're on here in the state of North Carolina, we should be talking more about the Duke angle. But I think doing that might not do what Miami did justice.

With a young team, John Shire was put in a tough position. It's a two day turnaround. It was on the road. Got to take a flight.

Not one of those you drive right down the road to Winston-Salem or even to Clemson. No, you got to take a flight to get to Miami and it was after such an emotional game in which they emptied the bucket against their rival. Now, this is what I'm saying.

I'm in a position I can give reasoning like that and you can decide for yourself whether you agree or disagree with that. John Shire is not listening to any of that, though this was Shire after the loss to Miami. It's tough. It's not easy. But it's what you have to do. And end of the day, they played Saturday too.

And so there's no excuses. That's part of playing the ACC. That's part of playing big time college basketball.

If we're able to, we have to earn our way there and we have many games to win and to go. But if you have the chance to play in March, you're playing a Thursday, Saturday game. You're playing a Friday, Sunday game. So it's part of growing up and learning how to prepare the same way, no matter who you're playing, no matter where the game is at. And that's what this game was all about. I hear all that. You're going to have to have the quick turnarounds in the NCAA tournament.

I completely agree. But this team's really young and they haven't had those experiences. They came close to winning at Virginia Tech.

They didn't come close last night. I think it had a lot to do with who the opponent they played the game before that was. And less to do with the fact that Duke is that far off from the Canes, who they beat in Cameron a few weeks ago. It suddenly, it appears to have become a two horse race at the top of the ACC. We'll get into our ACC rankings and critically acclaimed about 10 minutes from now. But it seems like it's Virginia and it's Miami.

But NC State can change that conversation if they pull the upset tonight at JPJ. Give credit to Miami. It's the sign of a really good basketball team. To have a team come in to your place in a difficult circumstance and to put them away without a doubt.

To take all the drama out of it. Miami did that at points last year. Did it to North Carolina. Did it to Duke at memory serves. And that Miami team went to the Elite Eight. And it's just funny to me, for all the hype that North Carolina got as the preseason number one team going into the year.

Where's any of that hype for the Canes? Who got Isaiah Longback and bought a team according to Jim Boeheim. It was funny seeing Jim Laronega.

Did you see that video of him on the sideline last night? Pulling out a huge wad of cash. It's fantastic. Jim Boeheim just joined the ACC coaches group text. See!

See! That's what they do. Nah, they're a great team. And to close the knot on Duke, they're still in a good place too. They just beat Carolina. They have other strong wins. They beat Xavier. They beat Iowa. They beat Ohio State. They beat Wake Forest last week. They've got good wins. They beat Miami. Duke's still in a good spot. And they're going to get Darique Whitehead back at some point. That'll take them to another level. They're a good NCAA tournament team.

It feels like the Sweet Sixteens they're sealing. Is that bad for Duke? Is that bad for Jon Shire in year one? I don't think so.

But, but, then again, maybe I'm underselling them. It seems that Shire's following the Hubert Davis playbook pretty closely. 20 plus point loss to Miami. Double digit loss to Wake Forest. Blowout losses rather than keeping it close like losing to NC State. Huh. First year coach?

I don't know. So we probably were doing the show last year and counting out North Carolina. But Wake Forest or, pardon me, Duke? Maybe we don't make that mistake this time.

Okay. We have one more pair of tickets for tonight's game. That starts, what time is it right now?

3.37. Starts at 7 o'clock. We're going to give those away. All you have to do is tell us the best reason why you should get the tickets.

And we'll go one by one here. Let's go to Artie in Winston-Salem first. Artie, why do you deserve the Wake Forest North Carolina tickets?

Just give me a reason why we should give them to you. I have been a Carolina fan for almost 50 years. And I have never seen them play in person. What? My youngest son is a graduate of UNC and he's back at UNC in med school.

Wow! He is home tonight and I'd like to be able to take him to the game. Artie, why haven't you ever been to a game?

I've just never had the opportunity. Okay. Put him on hold.

That is coming in strong. Let's go to Terry in High Pointers up next. Terry, why should the tickets go to you? Hello? Hey, Terry.

Yes, I'm sorry. Well, I was at Greensboro Coliseum in 77 when Dean Smith got ejected against Wake Forest and I haven't been back to a game since. I was five years old and I remember everything about it.

What do you remember? I just remember Dean Smith getting ejected and my brother was so mad because we loved Dean Smith. We used to go, we went to Indianapolis for the Final Four up there with Kansas, Duke, and Carolina. Was it UNLV? Are you talking 77?

No, no. I'm talking about the last game after that. We met Dean Smith up there in the Final Four in 1990, I believe, with Danny Manning.

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. That's 1990. We drove all the way up there to see Dean Smith and my brother told him, said, I remember you getting ejected and he met us in the hotel room, but I never got to go back to a game since except for the Final Four. Hold one second. Are we talking the Dean Smith Final Four he got tossed against Roy in 91?

Is that what we're talking about? No, 1977 at the Greensboro Coliseum. Okay, that was the Coliseum.

Okay, I understand now. All right, Terry, let's put Terry on hold. Coliseum, 77.

That sounds like a great time. All right, let's go to Brad. Brad in Greensboro. Why should you get the tickets tonight? My dad, he has been a big fan for like forever and my mom and dad are both parents and we don't have enough money.

Huh. Who's your favorite player on the team? What's your name? Willow. Your name's Willow. Okay, who's your favorite player, Willow?

All right, let's put him on hold real quick. This is a tough, that's a good choice. All right, there's Brad in Greensboro. It's a really difficult choice. This makes things pretty tough. We got one to pick between. We got, one has a really cute kid.

That makes it difficult. And she's a fan. See, Terry's the best storyteller of the bunch. It's a really good story, but he's seen the Tar Heels before. Artie apparently has not seen the Tar Heels. And I hate that for him as a fellow Tar Heel fan.

You know what I want to do? We're going to give Artie the tickets and the other two, they will have their choice. If they want to go to a basketball game, it's not going to be North Carolina. If you want to go to any of the final three home games that Wake Forest has, tell WD and he'll give you a pair of tickets to any of those games. But Artie, put Artie back up real quick.

Artie, we want to send you to your first Carolina game later on tonight. How cool is that for you and your son? Absolutely amazing. Thank you so much.

All right, stay on the line and WD will get you your information there. That's fantastic. And the other two, if you want to go to a game later on this year, WD will take care of you some way, shape and form. That's a pretty cool story.

Three and a half hours. It's North Carolina Wake Forest at Joel Coliseum. The Drive brought to you in part by our friends at Reese Builders. They are the ones that make these giveaways possible. Allow us the opportunity to make somebody's day like Artie and his son who get to experience a game together later on tonight.

Pretty cool story there. The folks at Reese Builders have been around for a very long time. They celebrate Wake basketball. Celebrating 50 years as well of making homes beautiful in the Triad. Call them today. 336-760-4030. Places everyone.

Come on, places please. We're ready. Get your morning off to a great start with Jeffrey Griffin on Triad today. weekday mornings at seven. Now back to the drive with Josh Graham. I thought we were friends with Steve Forbes and Stan Cotton.

I don't know if we're friends anymore. I was on the show yesterday. If you missed that conversation, it's on the podcast channel. Search The Drive with Josh Graham on iTunes, Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Anchor. If you already listen that way, two thumbs up to you and make sure you give us a five star review. Rate, review, subscribe, do all those great things.

I hear they help. So we get done talking with Steve. That's around five thirty in the afternoon.

Shortly after that. Live on location somewhere in Clemens, Stan tells me it's at a venue that's a lot of fun. Steve and Stan are just having a great old time on the Steve Forbes radio show. And this was said, our friend Josh Graham, whose show you were on today. Oh, yeah.

The drive is on WSJS. Yeah. He put out a video of himself and you getting on him. And then he put out a second video on Twitter because you said you want to try out for our team.

And he he was in the gym shooting and he was trying out. So Josh is a great sport. He puts his his opinions out there. Yes. And he is our winner tonight.

Josh is an atrocious basketball. OK. And I told him that today on his show. Yes. That's what I thought. I said, I think you're terrible.

Yeah. And I said, I would definitely cut you, but I would not do it. I'd give you a little time. I'd let you work out. I'd run you a bunch.

And I'd come over and tell you. Nice try. Do you remember Steve saying I was terrible and atrocious? I don't remember that.

I do remember. We'll run you. And you probably wouldn't make the cut.

And you probably didn't show us the misses. Yeah, that's there was and there was fun, playful jabs. But man, he leaves our conversation and sits down with Stan and immediately starts wielding a sledgehammer. Hitting me over the head.

Let me hear the rest of it. Josh is not going to try out for the demon deacons. I'm not going to get that far. No, he needs to stick to the radio. But it's called it's called staying in your lane. Right. And he's going to stay in his lane. Josh likes to have fun.

And oh, Josh is great. Yeah. He'll probably be airing part of this on his show tomorrow.

I'm sure this will be on Twitter tomorrow. We give him permission. Yeah. Have at it, Josh.

Yeah. So, Josh, you don't win anything, but both of your videos. You know what he gets? He gets a he gets gets a cookout shake for trying.

Thank you. I will hold you to that postgame press conference later tonight. Coach, coach, coach. I want Butterfinger and M&M's in the cookout shake.

Coach, coach, you got a basketball question? No, that's it. M&M's and Butterfinger in the shake. Fighting words. Fighting words.

They do know me well, though. I bet this is going to be on the show tomorrow. Yeah, it's just a never ending sight. Here it is. What else do I got to do?

To try and earn my way onto this basketball team. Got to figure it out. I don't know if it's going to happen for me, but there you have it. Stan and Steve. Last night on the Steve Forbes radio show. Those guys. So hurtful. I'm smiling on the outside.

On the inside. I'm a broken man. I can really see that. On Twitter at WSJS radio. Now let's get to UWD. This is the part where I invite people to know that we are streaming video on YouTube, on Twitch, on Twitter. And the reason I invite people to do that is because W.D. is wearing a black polo shirt tonight.

If you want to see it in person, you'll be with me at the Wake North Carolina basketball game. And as soon as he walked in, multiple people in the office said, oh, he looks like Swayze. He's pulling off the Patrick Swayze.

The only problem with that is W.D. didn't know who Patrick Swayze was before today. I need a name. No, you didn't. I did. I've heard it. You've heard the name. Does it count if you can't attach the name to anything? Oh, I've heard the name.

That does nothing for me. Heard the name. So we're going to make W.D. watch a Swayze movie this week.

And so I put it out there and I gave people options. I said Ghost or Point Break. Which of those two movies?

Because those are the two that immediately came to mind for me. And what happened? I'm looking at my mentions right now.

And right now, what has it been, a few hours? Twenty five people have mentioned me and easily 13 or 14 of them have said Roadhouse. It got to the point where I had to comment, no, not Roadhouse. And all the people here in the office said Roadhouse. Doug writes in, this might be your worst take. And that's saying quite a bit that I took Roadhouse off of the board.

Listen to me. Roadhouse is a dumb movie. I don't mean that as a pejorative because, again, I like dumb movies. Every Adam Sandler movie is a dumb movie. There's a place for dumb movies.

But if there are options for W.D. to watch a Patrick Swayze movie that's good versus watching one that is dumb, I'm going to choose the good one. Like if you want to go to Dumb Path, we can watch Red Dawn.

If you want to do that, we can do that. Want to talk about Cold War, Patrick Swayze in the 80s? Yeah, we could do that with young Swayze. You might be thinking Dirty Dancing. I don't know how that movie ages.

Don't know how that movie ages. I'm fine with it. I'm not saying let's cancel Dirty Dancing now.

It's not what I'm doing here. But that in 2023, I don't know if that's the movie I want to expose to W.D. I'm trying to choose movies I think he might like.

I think I might like Roadhouse. You don't know because you haven't seen it. But I laughed my butt off at the trailer. This is the part where I say my name's on the radio show and I'm going to be a dictator about this and say, much like what you're going up against in Red Dawn, it's going to be Ghost or it's going to be Point Break. Because I know you like Keanu Reeves.

I do. Gary Busey has a crazy performance in this movie. There's some sports scenes in it, kind of. Kind of. Those who know know know what I'm talking about. And there's some bank robbery elements to it there.

I think you'd be into that. And in terms of Ghost, I just haven't seen that movie in a while and I think it's really good. It's probably the best movie, high quality movie that he's been in. And I've been on a Demi Moore kick of late. So I'm watching a lot of Demi Moore movies. Have I seen a movie with her?

Yeah, A Few Good Men. OK. She's the co-attorney along with Cruz. Yeah. So those are the options. We'll see if Hayes Permar can help us chime in.

He seems like someone who can help us decide between the two. But it's not going to be Roadhouse. We're not choosing the movie about, you know, bar bouncing.

It's not what it's going to be. Got a comment on YouTube here. In bold letters, definitely has to watch the movie Ghost.

He has a Patrick vibe today. That's probably the second movie that I've gotten the most response for. Ghost.

So I think that might be the choice. But we'll run it past Hayes Permar when he joins us a little bit later on and we'll get finality on it. But you do have a bit of a Patrick Swayze vibe to you today. You just don't know what that means.

So we're going to help you learn what that means a little later on this week. Honestly forgot about this Rihanna song. Oh, this is a hit. Skips her plays with Hayes. There's Hayes Permar. There are a lot of great songs that Rihanna has.

We're going to play Skips Her Plays with Hayes in a second. Take care of some housekeeping notes really quickly. Telling you about our friends at Modern Chevrolet.

One word comes to mind when you think of Modern. Family. What does that exactly mean, though? Well, when you walk into the building, ask how many people have been there for 10, 15, 20 years. Odds are whoever's dealing with you has been around the block a few times. And what that means for you is outstanding service. I can vouch for this. I went to Modern a few months ago, got myself a new car, and I'm certainly a happy customer.

You can experience it yourself. The Modern Chevrolet difference today go by the dealership 5955 University Parkway in Winston-Salem. Another housekeeping note we need to take care of is Hayes Permar of Sports Channel 8 drops by. W.D. has given off Patrick Swayze vibes to folks in the office today. He's wearing black. He's got long hair. And W.D.

responded, I don't know who that is. So, we're trying to figure out what Patrick Swayze movie he needs to watch this week. We've got it down to Point Breaker Ghost.

Which of those movies is better? I'm blowing it up. I'm changing the options to Dirty Dancing or Roadhouse. Those are the better crazy options. You know I like to completely wreck games when they're set up for me, Josh Granz.

That's what I'm doing. Well, I mean, you could still answer my question while saying you like Roadhouse or Dirty Dancing better. Well, like Ghost or Point Break. This is going to surprise you, but I've actually called Ghost on this one. Wow. See, I've been on a Demi Moore kick, so I'm all in.

I'm all in on Ghost. There's no scene in Point Break. I mean, actually that's not quite true. Football scene. Football scene.

On the beach. No, I'm talking about like as far as a touchstone moment from the movie that is endured in pop culture. And like W.D. may not even know the movie Point Break, but he's probably seen somebody wear a Nixon mask. And like the President mask thing. I think that's the thing from Point Break that like you see in pop culture. And you don't even know where it's from, but it's from Point Break. But the pottery scene in Ghost is at all time. Like any time you see a pottery wheel, unless you are an actual clay maker who throws pots for a living, any average person, when you see a potting wheel, you just hear, oh, my love. You can't help it.

It just plays in the background. That's the power of that movie. So for some reason, I think that makes it a better movie. You've talked me into it. We're going to we're going to make it Ghost.

And W.D. says he's going to watch Roadhouse as a double feature. I don't believe him. He says every time that, oh, this movie sounds really good. I'm just going to watch that on my own. And then I'm like, hey, did you watch that movie?

No, I played Star Wars this video game till two in the morning. That's usually how the conversation goes. So we'll see if he ends up watching Roadhouse.

Maybe I defied him too strongly here. But he's actually going to come out and watch Roadhouse and watch Ghost. Roadhouse is one of those. Like there are some people who would tell you that Roadhouse is the best of those. But there's an element of watching Roadhouse where it's like it's good, bad.

You know what I mean? Like it's a dumb movie. That's what it is. It's but I don't mean that as a pejorative. It's a dumb action movie.

And sometimes some people call it five o'clockers where, hey, it's five o'clock. I don't want to think. I just got off of work. Let's go to the theater.

What's showing? Oh, Roadhouse. I'm fine. Let's do some bar brawling for two hours.

I'm in. OK. It's a dumb movie, but accept that on the premise. The one thing you got to know about Roadhouse, I feel like I've probably told this story on the show before. But you got to know this, W.D., Bill Murray and his brothers. I can't remember who tells this story, but the main girl in Roadhouse, she's obviously an actress that she's making out with Swayze that have realized she's married to somebody else.

And I can't think of that person's name. And she would tell this story that like because Roadhouse comes on all the time, Bill Murray and his brother, like they could be in Japan or somewhere anywhere in the world. And if Roadhouse comes on, when the scene comes along with Patrick Swayze is getting it on with the main character, they call her real husband and they're like, hey, man, what are you doing? Swayze's got your girl up against the rocks right now and he is giving it to her. And it's like the running joke. Any time that they see the movie, they're like, hey, man, Swayze's got your wife right now.

What's up? And I just think it's just hilarious to think about Bill Murray, you know, being so juvenile and petty to be like, hey, Swayze's making out with that guy's wife. Let's call it.

But that's what it is. Hayes Vermar's with us. The segment's always pretty loose whenever he drops by. So how about we get to the Super Bowl proceedings? Well, kind of, with a Rihanna themed skips or plays with Hayes. Blows or blows. It's time for skips or plays with Hayes.

Still need a sponsor for this segment. We need to figure that piece out because think of all the different possibilities that exist for this. W.D. has three songs to throw at Hayes. We'll see how he does. Odds are we'll see if I'm right on this analysis. If the song has come out in the last 10 years by Rihanna, it's probably a skip. If the song's older than 10 years old, it's probably a play.

That's my analysis on the front end. We'll see if I'm dead wrong. What's the first Rihanna song you have? We'll start off with This Is What You Came For. This came out in 2016, so it might buck the trend. Are we judging this against other Rihanna songs? A skip means I'd be okay if we get the Super Bowl halftime show and we don't get that song. A play is, man, I'd better hear this. The standard is now, would you be okay if this is one of the 12 or so songs featured in the halftime show? Unbelievable.

Maybe my analysis was pretty good on the front end. To be clear, I do not hate that song. I just don't have to have it. If it played in the halftime show and something else got left out, you'd probably be upset about it. I might be in trouble now. What is next, W.D.? There's a reason you didn't say the title of this song. Who gotta have your money? This is tricky. Can I go back and play the first one and then skip this one? I'm skipping this.

No, that's not how the game works, but that's a tough choice. When did Girl Better Have My Money come out? I wanna say 2016. Well, you're choosing songs from the last 10 years, W.D., and you deserve what you get when that happens. No, I gotta ask. Is the title of that song actually another word for girl that would be considered... Another word for dog better have my money is the title of that song.

Female dog better have my money. Do you know what that is a reference to? There's an old movie. I believe the movie is called I'm Gonna Get You, Sucker.

Oh! Yeah, yeah, yeah. I don't know if I'm describing it perfectly well. It's a black Hollywood film and it's kind of done in blaxploitation style. It's like an 80s movie, right? Yes, but it is poking at how Hollywood views black people done by black people. Does that make sense?

Understood. It's either in the movie Hollywood Shuffle or I'm Gonna Get You, Sucker. It's one of those two and they're both a similar style of movie and that is the title of a poem that a pimp is reading. I think it's in some sort of contest. Instead of reading some deep Shakespeare, he's like, my poem is called Girl Better Have My Money.

And so I believe that that song is a reference to that poem. Let's see if W.D. goes 0 for 3. What's next?

I will not go 0 for 3. Umbrella. Yeah. There's a world where you could have just shot this one down the middle. Would have been uneventful. The question is, there's a play, obviously.

We don't even don't even like pretend like there's any drama here. But the question is, like great artists, great musicians, they could put on a great performance, right? But the greatest artists of all time actually have like X-Men superpowers to be able to bend the natural elements to their will. Thus it was that we got Prince playing Purple Rain in Purple Rain falling down on him. So I believe, I have no idea what the weather forecast is. And I obviously will try to do some gimmicky thing with water or whatever. But if Rihanna is truly on the level of Prince, she will be able to summon Rain during her performance of Umbrella. And I'm telling you, I would not bet against it. I think it could happen.

We'll see. Permar. Oh wait, is it inside?

Hey, Permar. There's a retractable roof. There's a retractable roof in Arizona.

So that's not gonna happen. Definitely not just for the rain. But I think that's the greatest song this century so far.

I'd go as far to say that. Umbrella. Umbrella. That song's great. These are actually the prop bets that I like regarding the Super Bowl halftime show that I noted earlier. Outfit color that she'll open with, I'm going black. Diamonds as the first song. I think what we just heard is gonna be the closer. One and a half songs with hip hop acts, especially, or R&B acts, you're just gonna get bits and pieces of some songs.

That feels like it's gonna be an easy over. Having an actual Umbrella during the halftime performance, that seems like a lock. Jay-Z appearing, I don't know if that's gonna happen. What about, is there, what's Spider-Man's real name? Spider-Man. Tobey Maguire? Yeah, we play Spider-Man now.

No, no, no. Oh, Andrew Garfield. Andrew Garfield, he was the one that did the... Tom Holland. Tom Holland. Tom Holland.

That's the newest. Yeah, there's the video of Tom Holland doing the Umbrella lip sync on Chrissy Teigen's show. Yes, I want him showing up. That's who we need to show up.

Forget Jay-Z, we need Tom Holland to come out and bust his moves. I want to see that. On the way out, Haze Permar joining us. In less than an hour and a half, we've got Wake Forest North Carolina tonight in Winston-Salem. At 9 o'clock, it's Virginia and NC State and Charlottesville. Which of these two games intrigues you more?

Oof. There's more desperation in both teams probably for Wake UNC. Agreed. But right now, State UVA looks more like two teams playing to see, you know, actually jockeying for four and five and three seeds in the NCAA tournament. Give me Tuesday, for this Tuesday, give me State at UVA as a more intriguing game. Hashtag on a Tuesday.

Haze Permar, appreciate the time, my friend. Last thing, Will, make sure as part of your Swayze learning, you must also watch the Chris Farley, Tyser Swayze, Chip and Dale's Saturday Night Live sketch. That is a must.

Yep, the Chip and Dale's SNL bit. Make sure you have that written down. That's only ten minutes, though, W.D., it won't take too much away from your video game time. I'll watch it. Okay. For that reason. Haze, thank you, buddy. Thank you, guys.
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