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"Don't F**** It Up"

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham
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November 10, 2022 6:12 pm

"Don't F**** It Up"

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham

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November 10, 2022 6:12 pm

On a Thursday Drive, Josh explains the foreshadowing hanging over the Carolina Panthers, reacts to a really bad night for a particular ACC basketball program, casts his bet for Wake-UNC in "Graham's Gamblin", finally tells the story of he and Sarah Bradford's encounter with Charles Barkley, and voice of USA Baseball and High Point Panther basketball, Daron Vaught, joins the show to break down what he saw when he called Wake Forest basketball's home opener and to discuss the level of satisfaction of a full tank of gas in "Unusual Questions".


Hit it! He's amused Cam Newton. He's been insulted by Charles Barkley. When some idiot in the press asked him, if you know what you know now, would you help schedule this game? He's interviewed Matthew McConaughey.

I do sing the guitar. And he's taken on Big Blue Nation. He's just completely taking the wind out of my face. It's time for The Drive with Josh Graham. Welcome to a Thursday Drive WSJS News Talk Sports for the Triad, which doubles as a Carolina Panthers game day show. The Panthers are hosting the Falcons in their one prime time game of the year.

And if you take a peek at the good old weather app right now, you will find what we call in the biz foreshadowing. There's a 90% chance of rain at kickoff in Charlotte, which feels fitting because after the game in Cincinnati Sunday, there's felt like a proverbial rain cloud atop this team all week long and feels like there's a 90% chance of a Falcon win. Oh, but Josh, 11 days ago, days ago, Carolina should have beaten Atlanta. And that game was in Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

If DJ Moore doesn't take off his helmet, if Eddie Pinheiro hits in overtime, what's an extra point length kick? Carolina's beaten the Falcons. Now they're home. Josh, what are you talking about? The mood surrounding the team has changed dramatically since that game just 11 days ago. You're right.

It's not that long ago, but a lot has happened. Cincinnati dropped a 40 burger on Carolina. That'll shoot your confidence a little bit different going into tonight then coming off, say, a 21-3 win against Tom Brady at home.

A little bit less confidence I'd say in those two scenarios. And what happened after the game Sunday? Steve Wilkes decided it'd be a good idea to start firing some of the assistant coaches. Now I'm not going to pretend to be the foremost expert on how game planning works as a coach.

I just so happen to be your everyday friendly neighborhood triad talk radio host here. But I'd imagine short weeks aren't the best time to replace coaches on your staff, especially when it was an interim situation from the start and things seem to already be stripped down to the bone. There's a chance Carolina's going to be without some more defensive players. We know Justin Burress is out at safety. The guy he's replacing, Jeremy Chin, close to coming back, but he's not going to play tonight. Matt Ioannidis isn't going to go. Brian Burns isn't 100% with a shoulder.

So that's not really a good situation to be in for the 8-20 kick. Also, the bad weather favors the Atlanta Falcons game, not Carolina's. Atlanta is fourth in the National Football League in rushing yards. Fourth and their best back, Cordarrelle Patterson, didn't play 11 days ago. Are you going to be in the lineup tonight?

That should make a difference. A lot of running, and that's what Atlanta planned to do anyway. Their weakness is their secondary. Former Clemson Tiger AJ Terrell, he's out. Carolina needs to throw the football over the top.

And if it's raining, that's tough to do. But I can hear you in your car again. Josh, what about Deontay Foreman had three touchdowns against the Falcons 11 days ago. Carolina, they can run the ball right with Atlanta.

Okay. Yes, he had three touchdowns in the game. But if you watch that game, they set up the run with the pass. Carolina torched that Atlanta secondary in order to open up holes for Deontay Foreman. That needs to happen for Carolina to win. So it has to be you're having a sustainable passing game so that they do not load up the box on you in order for you to have those open holes for Foreman and maybe Chuba Hubbard, who's questionable for tonight's game. That's what needs to happen. But Carolina, with B.J.

Walker, a little bit concerning whether they're going to be able to do that tonight given the weather circumstances, given the weather conditions. And then Atlanta has so much more to play for tonight than Carolina does. The better team generally wins on Thursday night football.

Went through it. There have been nine Thursday night games. The better team, the favorite seven and two outright in those games. Speaking of favorites and against the spread and stuff like that, Graham's gambling going to be in about 10 minutes. We're going to hand out some winners in just a bit, W.D.

Tell them to bring me my money. The better team wins in short prep games. Atlanta has their coaching staff together. They have a better record. They're tied for first place in the NFC South, two games better than Carolina. They did win that game 11 days ago against Carolina. Carolina might still be in their feelings about getting blown out the way they did in Cincinnati. We'll see. Hope I'm wrong on that. But you're talking about a two and seven football team facing a team that legitimately believes they can win the NFC South. I don't buy Carolina believes they can do that.

Atlanta, 27, Carolina, 20. That's what I'm looking at tonight on Twitter at WSDS radio. W.D., Will Dalton forgot to watch Silence of the Lambs last night. So during the day during the day, as he's getting ready for the radio show is what I can't think of a better movie to watch while you're trying to do work simultaneously. And you know what? I finished it literally the second before our show opens started. Is that right?

It timed out perfectly. What a movie. Can't wait to get to that at the movies later on. We've also got Wake Forest basketball tickets to give away on today's show. We might have a pair of Wake Forest, North Carolina tickets to give away, too. We'll tell you how to win those a little bit later on, too. So there's a lot for us to do. So glad you're with us. And speaking of basketball, in the first week of the college basketball season, it's highly recommended to take everything you see with a grain of salt.

And please do not overreact. Florida State, perfect example. They lose it home to Stetson. Everything's, oh no, everything's screwed up.

This is bad old Lenny Ham. What's going to happen? They didn't have their best freshmen. A lot of guys who are trying to blend together. Stetson actually has some talented players. FSU loses one basketball game. Don't overreact to that. North Carolina fan. Don't overreact to the fact it was a rock fight and you got out rebounded by a pretty good team out of the CIA.

Don't open things up. Duke, we still don't know what it's going to look like with Derek Lively and Dereek Whitehead. There were some moments that didn't look so great on Monday night, but most of it was positive. Wake Forest heard from a lot of Deacon fans. Hey, he was Ty Appleby.

Is he really all that? One game. One game that we're talking about. However, there are exceptions to that rule. And in the ACC, Louisville showed us, yeah, that pretty clearly applies to them. What a catastrophe that was.

And here's the part that makes it so damning. We all saw it coming. Off air. Spent some time talking with Luke Hancock, who was a guest on yesterday's show. And he was telling me, watch out, Bellarmine can win this game. And he was doing halftime on the ACC network and West Durham was calling the game.

We all saw it coming. Oh yeah, Bellarmine, they could come in and win that game. Bellarmine's decent.

They're not that bad. But if you're at home as an ACC team, you still shouldn't lose to Bellarmine. Looking at you Clemson, looking at you Duke, Bellarmine goes to both those places over the next two weeks. Louisville lost to Bellarmine because Bellarmine was the better team last night.

That's what was amazing. We'll get to the final stretch in a second, but if you didn't watch this game, for most of it, not an exaggeration, more than half this basketball game, Bellarmine was up double digits on Louisville at the Yum Center. The finish was out of control. 67-66 for the final minute 15.

That score didn't change for the final minute 15 of this game. Louisville in that span missed two field goals and a free throw. Bellarmine survived, but the game was also 67-55 before Louisville went on that run to make it close. You got to remember, this was after losing to Lenore Rhyne. Shout out to Hickory.

Lenore Rhyne, both those games were at home. So if you're a Louisville Cardinal fan, proud program, won a national championship 10 seasons ago. The only two times you've seen Louisville this year, under a new coach, a loss in an exhibition to Lenore Rhyne, and now a loss at home to Bellarmine. And given where they are geographically, that'd be like North Carolina losing a game to Central or Wake Forest losing a game to A&T. You're like, really?

All due respect, by the way. Again, Bellarmine, good team, but Bellarmine should not be ACC teams on their home floor. That should not happen. And this didn't sound very assuring after the game from new head coach Kenny Payne. I just hope that people stick with us. Eventually we're going to get it figured out. I don't know what that means, but I know we're going to get better. We have gotten better, but we have a long way to go.

And we started out behind. Oh, I don't know what that means. I don't know what it means.

If you don't, who does? Oh yeah, I don't know what it means. And we have gotten better. Really? You know, the part where they didn't score for the final five minutes and we did, but then missed a ton of shots in the final minute.

Yeah, that looked great. Maybe you can look down his staff to figure it out. Maybe Danny Manning has the answers on Louisville's staff. That was a joke.

They're not going to be turned around fast. Other than Jalen Withers on this team, there's nobody that scares you on this roster. There are a bottom three team in the league. Louisville, bottom three team. Georgia Tech, Pitt, Louisville, those are the three teams that just don't see anything of note coming from those teams this year. And Louisville belongs in that group. That's not an overreaction after one game last night.

It just isn't. After a five and three week, we're doing pretty good in the picks. We got a seven, an old seven to hand out here on the card. It's a segment we call Graham's Gambling and it's next on the drive. Now back to the drive with Josh Graham. Five and three last week.

No big deal. Graham's Gambling, where we hand out some winners for you. We're four over 500 for the season, 37-33-1. So how about we establish a cushion here?

That's what I want to do. And to do that, I've got seven. Talking about seven here. Seven minute abs. WD doesn't know what that's from.

Not a clue. You know what's better than eight minute abs? Seven minute abs. Let's get into it. The movie is, there's something about Mary and Brett Favre might have the greatest athlete cameo in a comedy ever. You can YouTube that if you want to. WD watched Silence of the Lambs earlier.

We'll get his thoughts on that later in the show. Let's get into the college picks first. Last week, Duke got robbed of covering against Boston College. That was a bad beat.

It was a crime. The Blue Devils were laying nine and a half. That's what we handed out. So what do you do now that Duke's laying nine and a half against Virginia Tech? We double down. That's what we do.

We double down. Duke minus nine and a half. Virginia Tech's worse than Boston College in my opinion. And this game is in Durham, not in Chestnut Hill. Duke, they've blown out some teams this year.

In Miami, they did so. Against the other team in Virginia from the ACC, the Hoos. They've blown out NCA&T. They blew out Temple. This looks like a blowout to me.

No issue laying the nine and a half. Duke wins big against the Hokies. Another ACC pick. Syracuse hasn't looked really good of late WD.

Stinky Poo. That's the way that Syracuse is played. And now you've got and now you've got Florida States coming in.

Florida States ranked at the top 25. The Orange, we don't know what quarterback's going to play for them. And they've lost now three in a row.

The only sensible thing to do here is to take the Orange of course. And that's what we're going to do. Syracuse is getting seven against FSU.

I'm sorry. Still think Syracuse is a better team than Florida State. It's not just about one position, even though Mike Norvell says he is expecting to play against Garrett Trader on Saturday. You still got that Sean Tucker guy in the backfield. You still got a really good O-line. And defensively, this team's pretty strong too. This is get right time for Syracuse. They win the game on the field, but I take the seven in this spot.

Tell them to bring me my money. This might be my favorite college pick of the weekend. I don't love laying points that often, but I will in Lubbock. Guns up. Wreck them. Texas Tech laying three in the hook against Kansas.

Here's why I like it. Texas Tech needs to win two more games to be bowl eligible. Looking at their schedule, this might be your best opportunity to get one of them. Kansas is coming into your place and Kansas last week celebrated like it won the Super Bowl because they clinched bowl eligibility and good for them. But this is a classic letdown situation with the Jayhawks going on the road now against the team that already beat Texas on this field. I had a chance to watch playing against NC State with a second or third string quarterback, they hung around there. They gave TCU a lot of problems last week. This is a difficult spot for KU. Texas Tech wins and covers the small number.

Tell them to bring me my money. Really conflicted on what to do with Wake Forest in North Carolina. WD, I might actually get your thought on it here. Do you like Wake minus three or the over seventy seven for these?

I'm taking one of those two. I like Wake to win the game just because that's how these things work. You just got to understand it and follow the program, but over seventy seven, I think that's where I go. OK, Wake North Carolina over seventy seven, just because North Carolina's defense has looked better and on paper they have against Pittsburgh, which isn't a great offensive team, but they still allowed twenty four in the first three quarters to that day. Virginia's offense is atrocious and they still allowed twenty eight. They still allowed twenty eight in that game.

Now you're going into Winston against an upset Wake Forest team that's lost the last two returning home. I think fifty wins this game. I do. You just laid it out for yourself perfectly. Right.

You got it. And the last two years they've exceeded not just one hundred but one hundred and ten. So seventy seven is the number here. That's a lot of points. But we're we're fearless. Wake North Carolina over seventy seven. There you go.

Tell them to bring me my money. To the NFL we go. Steelers, not a good team. Saints, not great either. Don't love taking bad teams in bad spots, but the Steelers are at home getting points against a Saints team on a short week. This is as simple as I trust Mike Tomlin more than I trust Dennis Allen and it's disrespectful to have Mike Tomlin getting points against Dennis Allen who's also on a short week. Pittsburgh wins this football game.

Not even going to get into the why because it doesn't matter. The details, they're insignificant to the fact that it's Mike Tomlin versus Dennis Allen and Dennis Allen's on a short week and this game's in Pittsburgh. Steelers win this game.

Tell them to bring me my money. Oh boy, here we go. Trust me.

Trust the process here. The Bills are laying three and a half against the Vikings. Josh Allen did not practice again today. I don't care. Buffalo off the loss against the Jets will beat the Vikings. It'll likely be more than three and a half.

See, here's the thing. If Josh Allen doesn't play, then I'm buying this down to three. It's probably already going to be at three or lower than that.

So I'm officially giving out and if you have to buy it down to three, we will. Bills minus three against the Vikings. If Josh Allen plays, we'll keep it at three and a half because that's the number that we're handing out right now. But Bills are going to win this game against Minnesota.

They've been living on the edge quite a bit. Bills minus three against the Vikings if Josh Allen doesn't play in this game. And if he doesn't, you know who starts for the Bills?

Who is it? Case Keenum. Case Keenum revenge game if Josh Allen's not able to go. Give me the Bills either way.

Tell them to bring me my money. Last one. Sunday Night Football. A game that you can listen to right here on WSJS. Same thing for that Duke Virginia Tech game we mentioned earlier. The charges are playing in San Fran. San Francisco is humming the last time we saw them with Christian McCaffrey and they're a seven point favorite at home in prime time. The Chargers, they just came off a narrow road win in Atlanta. I like the Chargers in this spot. Chargers covering the seven just because against the spread, the Chargers are 4-0 as a road team this year.

Here's my theory on why that is. They're used to playing road games because they don't play home games. They don't. They're home games. They don't have fans. So it's just a bunch of visiting teams going to a nice stadium and you're having to do hard counts at home.

So you go on the road it's not all that different for you. The Chargers are a pretty good football team. They certainly have the talent to be better than what they've shown us far. This could be a really good game so I have no problem just taking the seven points here and hoping for the best.

Tell them to bring me my money. 5-3 last week. 37-33-1 on the season. In review it's Duke minus nine and a half against Virginia Tech Syracuse plus the points against Florida State, Texas Tech laying a small number against Kansas, Wake North Carolina over 77 and then the NFL Steelers getting about one and a half against the Saints. The Bills we got down to three. Bills minus three against the Vikings. Chargers plus seven at the Niners. There you have it.

Girls do just want to have fun except when they're lured into the back of a creepy van trying to help some guy with a couch. That's right. Silence of the Lambs. That was the movie WD had not seen before because he hasn't seen any movies that we made him watch. Usually he watches them on Wednesday night. He didn't today. He didn't today. So give me an accurate picture.

No exaggeration at all. The movie ended at what time? We get on the air at 3.03 right on the dot. When did the movie end? Credits were rolling at maybe 3.02 56. So the movie didn't end. You didn't watch the end of the movie. Is there stuff after the credits? No you did not. Are you telling the truth that the credit started the roll less than 10 seconds before we went on the air?

Yes. I literally I timed it perfectly to where that would be the case. So it's not an accident just so you know. Okay I wanted to spell that out just so we can see whether or not this review that he gives sounds like the kid who forgot to do his homework giving the presentation at the front of the room who clearly did not pay attention to the homework assignment or what he was supposed to do. That's why I wanted to spell this out.

We'll see what he comes up with. It's time for At The Movies. Unless you're talking about Star Wars. Obi-Wan has taught you well. Movies aren't exactly Will's thing. I don't get it.

You want cups of swine? But that's about to change because Josh can't stand it anymore. This is At The Movies with Will Dalton. Okay Will what did you like about it's been over 30 years since this movie came out. This movie won best picture, best leading actor in Anthony Hopkins even though he wasn't in the movie all that long for leading actor nominees. Best actress was Jodie Foster. This also won I believe yeah best directing too. Best picture. It won everything. Won the top awards five for five sweep.

What did you like the most about Silence of the Lambs? Well I mean right out of the gate. Hashtag go ACC. Clarice went to UVA.

That's right. Just like Sarah Bradford. We watched this movie last night.

I hadn't seen it in a while. This is one of my favorite horror slash thrillers of all time and Sarah Bradford hadn't seen it before so we watched it. We flipped it on last night on Prime and we'll get to the Panthers game that'll be on Prime tonight in about 10 minutes or so and one of the first things she points out I think she gave her credentials at Wake Forest or not Wake Forest UVA.

She did yeah. Magna Cum Laude or whatever. She's like we don't have that at UVA.

Uh-huh. I'm like of course UVA doesn't have that. Oh it's grounds not campus. Oh it's not homecoming. It's homecomings. Okay we're not freshmen.

We're first-years. Of course you don't have those normal terms so that was a nitpick that she had early on in the movie. ACC legend Clarice Starling. That's right. The build-up of when she met Hannibal Lecter was really good. The intensity. Not a lot of build-up though. See it was early on in the movie that we see it.

It was early. Usually in horror movies you run into the villain or the the monster or whatever towards the end of the movie. Usually you would protect. You would shield that person and have like a big moment a crescendo before you see the shark in Jaws which you haven't seen or see the the monster that is. Like the first time it took a really long time before we saw what Mike Myers looked like in Halloween. Those types of build-ups in this movie nah. You're right there was some build-up in the scene. In the scene. In the first 20 minutes or so you see Hannibal Lecter and he's part of the movie. So I'll probably say my favorite part of the movie the jailbreak scene. That is the best part of the movie. Where he gets out and it's it's a long sequence like it's it's not just he breaks out and how calm how calm he was when he had the club the way that he hit the cop. There's that one moment where they tell you his pulse didn't rise above 85 and you just see how calm and collected he is when he does that and then putting the guy's face on and going into the ambulance.

It's just world-class. That's a that's about you're right you pinpointed the right part of this movie. The best part.

That is the best part of Silence of the Lambs and it is a perfect a perfect horror thriller because it's only an hour and 54 minutes. None of it drags. It's not a point at all. I can't think of anything that you would just take out.

Oh you nitpick you need to take this thing out. There's nothing that I can pinpoint and Hannibal Lecter that is perhaps the greatest movie villain ever. Well and he's just creepy just looking at him. Perfect. I can't imagine anybody else playing the role like other than Anthony Hopkins. I hadn't seen the movie up to this point but I'd seen like pictures of the movie or stills and screenshots of him playing this character.

I'm like that just looks like a creepy character just looking at him. So nailed it. What didn't you like?

Let's see here. The detective hitting on Clarice in the very beginning was kind of cringe. Oh yeah.

Really? Here's my issue with that though. My issue with that and really Jodie Foster's character of Clarice Starling is this idea as she is written as being this sex object so to speak. Where everybody's like oh you do you think Hannibal Lecter even mentioned where it's like oh do you think that this guy Crawford he just wants to sleep with you even though he didn't see sleep or that guy saying oh we don't usually see women that's as attractive as you are whatever. Jodie Foster doesn't give me those vibes at all.

No. And again Jodie Foster's fine. Yeah she is. Great actress. One of the best female actresses ever as opposed to male actresses. Just not really getting the vibe of sex object Jodie Foster. It almost seems like if you had somebody it it almost seemed like somebody else was thought of other than her for this part.

Right. She got the part she knocked it out she won best actress deserves it. Wonderful performance that's what she's gonna be remembered for.

When the obit comes out one day Jodie Foster from Silence of the Lambs also is a younger actor from Taxi Driver sure but that's the one part of this movie that didn't really connect for me just because it didn't she didn't get it done for me in that way. Also sticking with her character near the end when she's searching the house for I forget what the victim the girl's name was. Oh yeah the first victim.

Right the one that was like down in the pit. That wasn't her that was she went to the first victim's house who was already long gone. Uh-huh.

Because that was the hint that Hannibal Lecter gave. But when she comes in and she's like FBI you're safe don't say that don't say that. Or just or after actually worse off is the girl down in the pit maybe don't call her the person that's about to save you a b-word. Oh yeah. Maybe yeah it's just I don't give a bleep about that get me out of here.

Then again distressing situation that she's in. Best quote it could it has to be either Hannibal Lecter or Buffalo Bill. All the best quotes of this movie belong to Buffalo Bill or Hannibal Lecter.

Which one are you going with? I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti. Oh yeah that part is the most important part of that quote.

Well Clarice have the land stopped screaming. Yeah he had a lot of good lines in this. He did. Buffalo Bill did too. Is that a size 14? It'll always be funny to me when people do Buffalo Bill always it makes me laugh.

He also dude it rubs the lotion on the skin or it gets the hose again. That's oh rotten tomatoes. I mean it's got a lot of awards so you would think the audience think that much of it. I'm gonna say an 88.

95. Yeah been at the movies with the WD next week already got it locked in no question it's Wedding Gratters. Yeah that has to happen it's so far overdue it is criminal that you haven't seen that movie just criminal. So we will change that. Unbelievable you haven't seen that movie.

You did show me the football scene though. Hot Route! Hot Route! Do people still do Hot Route in Madden? Is that a thing?

Not that I'm aware of. Well then if you played Madden football from 2003, 4, 5 till maybe 2008 range as I did buying all the Madden's every single year. Hot Route every everybody knows what Hot Route means and that is something I guarantee you the next generation of people the next generation but like my future kids will not understand what that means. Dad what's a Hot Route? What does it mean? It's like when you change the route of somebody before the play. At the line of scrimmage the way that like Peyton Manning. Hot Route!

Oh 847 47 Omaha chicken parm. Yes. It's The Drive with Josh Cram. Theron Vaught will join us in 15 minutes that's when we'll answer unusual questions but this is probably long overdue we've been sitting on this story for over five months now the time where Charles Barkley insulted me while complimenting my wife we were recently married I think we had been married about a week at this point when we went to the NSMA in Winston-Salem Dave Gorin and company do an excellent job of running the National Sports Media Association it's something you should support it's a nonprofit a really cool thing so if you're listening and you have a kid who wants to do what I do or wants to get into sports broadcasting or anything of that sort NSMA is a good place to go and you should feel very lucky that you have something like that right in your backyard and the same could be said about IMG and Learfield downtown Winston-Salem too. This is a great spot to be when it comes to the sports broadcasting business but it brought in some pretty big names and I had a chance to catch up with Charles Barkley a year after he called me an idiot on TV and I told that to him hey you called me an idiot on TV really what did I say and I told him and he goes oh yeah you are an idiot then he starts talking to my wife first thing he asks where'd you go to school she says Virginia then he looks at me where'd you go to school East Carolina oh so it's clear who the smarter one is you're not wrong Chuck he normally isn't and then we are walking around after the ceremony and B Dot was standing next to Charles Barkley I wasn't thinking anything of it and a second later I look back and Charles Sir Charles himself this is at the Marriott Hotel bar the butchering bull on a Monday night in June is pointing at me and motioning me over I put this video up on social media that's been sitting on my phone the last few months something I'll just show to friends who might find it funny because it is but since it's Sarah Bradford's birthday today I thought it would be a great opportunity to dig this up and share it with you what Charles had to say when he motioned me over and then put his arm around me you out kicked your coverage don't bleep it up how's that not a drop is this about to become a drop Charles and again just like what Chuck said earlier simply by asking where'd you go to school Charles isn't wrong Charles nailed it on the head again and then we just started hanging out at the hotel bar Charles was there for an hour and a half maybe even longer than that actually I no longer than that because I was ready to go to bed and I left Charles continued to stick around I remember I was given a voucher to buy a drink and I was driving so I wasn't gonna use it I said I got your next one Chuck and I pulled out the voucher and Charles looked at me and smiled and said I'll never forget it he goes man there are a lot of problems in the world today not having enough money at this hotel bar ain't one of them legend forgot what it was he also said the Sarah Bradford regarding Virginia oh she's he said to her you guys stole a national championship from us because in 2019 Kyle guy was fouled with Auburn up to three-point shot and he hit all three that's how close Auburn was to go into the title game and Virginia of course beat Texas Tech a couple of nights later in overtime Charles brought that up as well so happy birthday to Sarah Bradford the brilliant and beautiful Sarah Bradford and as Chuck put it and I couldn't say it any better I'll try not to getting back to the Panthers Falcons game three benchmarks for Carolina win this game 3wd start on the defensive side of the ball this isn't me doing keys to the game like people will lazily do and give you a broad thing such as need to stop the run okay cool thanks what does stopping the run mean how many yards is stopping the run I wish they'd be more precise and that's what we're trying to do here so if you're watching this game on prime video later on tonight and you need areas to focus in on specifically to hammer in on these are three that you should circle number one don't let Kyle Pitts beat you what does that mean don't let him in the end zone because the two times he scored touchdowns this year uh Atlanta's won both those games including against Carolina 11 days ago don't let him have more than three catches he can have one he can have two he can have three not more than three because in the games he has more than three Atlanta's won all those games too so all that focuses on the run but what happens when they throw stop Kyle Pitts second pit uh second bit on defense punch the ball out Atlanta runs the ball a lot but no team in the NFL has more fumbles than Atlanta does but here's the problem Carolina is tied for dead last and fumbles recovered and fumbles forced so with it being a rain game tonight that's a pretty important piece to the puzzle force a fumble win the fumble margin and lastly PJ Walker we talked about it you need the pass to set up the run that's how the run that's how Deontay Foreman has a big day like he did before 250 passing yards that is the number that's the threshold for PJ Walker if he gets to that mark and Carolina has one more fumble recovered than Atlanta has of Carolina and Kyle Pitts is held in check which all these things are reasonable things that could happen tonight Carolina wins this football game I think it's a tight one I think it's going to be a one possession game I've got Atlanta winning at 27-20 but mostly because I don't see Carolina forcing all these turnovers and I don't see PJ Walker having another big day passing the ball and I don't see Carolina stopping Atlanta over the top in ways that they need to but if they do those things then I think Carolina wins it okay Darren Botts gonna join us we will play unusual questions with Darren Bott on this Thursday plus we've got a pair of Wake Forest North Carolina tickets for Saturday and I'll tell you the way that you can win those tickets we're giving them away in our next segment we're telling you how stick with us when Darren Bott joins us next my anxiety is jacked right now because I just now realize kickoff for a football game that I'm going to be at is less than three hours away and weather is a factor and 52 slash 77 or 85 is involved in this trying to get into the stadium plus we still got other stuff to do unusual questions in a bit Darren Botts joining the show now we've got Wake Forest North Carolina football tickets to give away you know what I'm gonna do the lazy thing take something off my plate and put it on WD's plate that's a way to alleviate anxiety if you want to win those tickets this is what we're going to do it's Sarah Bradford's birthday so every time she's been mentioned on the show we've played this drop of Charles Sparkly doing his thing from earlier this year yeah so that's something that we'll play and you that'll be your cue to call in and win that's your cue the next time you hear that so I'm doing the lazy radio thing of color thing of color number five or in this case the first person to call in the next time you hear this that is your cue to win Darren Botts now joining us I can't believe you pocketed that sound so long like that that occurred at NSMA stop and you you've just had it in your in your back pocket where did it happen Darren at at NSMA stuff where uh where where specifically was that yeah that's what I'm asking you just asking specifically where that happened the Marriott or oh no that was at the Marriott in downtown Winston-Salem inside joke Marriott versus Marriott he's an idiot it rhymes with Chariot call their their corporate line and I'd say it rhymes with idiot which is appropriate Darren am I going to make it to this football game in time for kickoff I hope so I mean I don't know you never haven't made well I don't know the answer to that I think most of the time you make it maybe maybe because the Panthers aren't so great and weather is a factor there might not be a lot of people going out to see the Panthers and Falcons tonight that's a good point that's my hope on the subject Darren let's get to Wake Forest because I'm worried about when WD is going to throw this thing in there what was your initial impression of Wake basketball and you could send us in your unusual questions at WSJS radio if you want to what was your initial impression broadcasting Wake's opener against Fairfield a lot of Deacon fans underwhelmed by what they saw but it's amazing how many people Duke fans underwhelmed Carolina fans underwhelmed it's the opener tomorrow night they got Georgia but looking back at Fairfield what did you think well it's just it's one of those things where a college basketball fan obviously getting a win is is central to the effort in a first game of the season just ask Florida State and Louisville yeah it's but it's it's what all the fans of these teams expect so it's the bare minimum right so they're going to be nitpicking so far beyond that in terms of Wake I just keep in mind this is this is a team that's very much going to come together as the season goes on because it's and you and I have have discussed it both on and off the air josh it's an interesting reload for Wake Forest I mean you can't forget that they're they're out a couple of guys who are on NBA rosters right now including the ACC Player of the Year and Alondis Williams Jake LaRavia was a huge piece of what they did last year and they've sort of filled those gaps with some really impressive transfers like Tyree Appleby who didn't have a great game on Monday but really showed what he was capable of in the last 10 minutes or so like he Appleby this is his third school he's been around the block he's gonna be a really good point guard for Wake Forest he led the Florida Gators in assists each of the last two years he's maybe the best point guard in Cleveland State's history and he only played two seasons there as a freshman and a sophomore I mean he's he's that good right one of one of the best point guards in the country in terms of being an assist man I was really really impressed by Andrew Carr in terms of just what he can do inside and out he scored Wake Forest's first 10 points he's really good he and it's a great it's first time I had seen him in person I think it's a great call on your part and you you prepared me to to keep a close eye on him we didn't see Jawa Tuka yet who I think Steve Forbes expects to be a a big piece for what they're doing and and I think is going to expect a lot out of him Bobby Klintman the the the Swedish freshman look he's a knight he's a nice inside out piece you want to think he's a lot of the same ways you want to think he's a freshman if you look at his build he just looks like yeah in a in a lot of the same ways that that Wake fans are going to love Andrew Carr I think I think Bobby's the same sort of thing I mean he can he can shoot it from outside he was on the tail end of a lob pass from from Appleby and transition and threw one down he's he's got length on defense and gets hands on balls he's really good I think and again just Davion Bradford the the seven-footer transfer from Kansas State got into foul trouble early so his minutes were limited I think he's going to be productive in the post just let it let it all come together would be my advice for Wake Forest fans and that was not a really easy Fairfield team to beat I mean I think they're going to be contenders in the Metro Atlantic this season a lot of transfers from power schools for the Stags as well so just you know give it some time. Take care of Georgia tomorrow Wake. 8 30 tip Georgia was facing Coach Prosser's group I think Coach Prosser's still at Western Carolina that was a tighter game though than you might expect Western Carolina going into Athens so that should be an interesting game tomorrow at the Joel Coliseum. Pretty good timing on your part WD that's why you are the producer that you are love you Sarah Bradford happy birthday agree with Chuck in that instance as always now let's get to the main course here and that is unusual questions last week guys everybody made it out that I got mad at Josh and I left the press conference that's not right I thought it was an unusual question and it's okay it's time for unusual questions with Josh Graham. Okay Darren since WD is fielding phone calls at the second at the moment at the moment boy what's wrong with me 336-777-1600 by the way first to call and gets those North Carolina Wake Forest tickets for Saturday night I'll get us started here and I'll pose the question to you I bought a new car yesterday it's great I enjoy it I wanted the feeling and I had never had a new car before riding off the lot of having that new car smell everybody talks about that and walking out of my garage today walking into it I had the feel my entire garage was filled with that new car smell it is as expected it meets the expectations which has me thinking what is something other than this everybody says is awesome is awesome has such a high bar and always delivers always meets the high expectation that people have do not say Duke and Carolina oh it always delivers no it doesn't there are times where those games are blowouts ah that's a it's a great question because I think it's very few things I think this is a always deliver see first thing that comes to mind is Hawaii I haven't been but every person that I've never heard somebody who came back from Hawaii said yeah that was really super expensive and you know what it just wasn't worth it it just seems like there are places there are things that meet expectations the new car smell does Hawaii sounds like it does haven't quite been there yet so I can't vouch for it that's why it's not my answer but things like that that's what I'm thinking about uh yeah that's a it's a really good question um anything come to mind for uwd I was taking phone calls what was the question again I'm busy over here something that meets expectations every time the way that the new car smell delivers always delivers what's something that everybody has high expectations for and they meet those expectations universally um I feel like March Madness always meets expectations that's a good one because that's pretty good it gets wild every year and there's always that Cinderella team no one's ever said after round one that wasn't very fun right so that's that's kind of what comes to mind for me that's a great answer that's good I'm thinking of like simple slice of life things now you mentioned new car smell I'm like uh cookout shape like a pair of pants out of the dryer oh oh buddy that's good that's good warm clothes out of the dryer like that hits hits every time hot chocolate when it's cold outside uh actually I think I got it I've got I've got something this sound right here that sound the sound wait wait wait that is that is the sound of when your gas tank is full when that little thing taps off it is an unbelievable feeling because you know your tanks will you feel like you could go anywhere and you got the smell of gasoline which is great that sound is a great satisfying sound but then again that might not be high mark because it's underrated in a sense no one ever talks about it but that's something that I think about too maybe because I'm cars it's been on the mind what do you think about that darren filling up with gas like I do that is that the official sound of it what I don't know if you're talking about the sound being satisfying or having a full tank of gas which like I get it it's a good thing to have they're linked they're linked all right we're getting down the rabbit hole what is your unusual question darren all right so if you're on twitter you're well aware of a certain individual's new ownership of the platform speaking of cars elon musk we could say is yeah yeah I well I'll let you do it it's fine it's not Voldemort we could say his name no it's not I just there are certain people I don't particularly care to give them the shine of everybody knows who I'm talking about we don't need to say it understood so parody because of this new new verified check mark thing parodies have come under the microscope right we've got some good ones over the span of twitter being prevalent in sports and otherwise do you guys have a favorite parody twitter handle so like in sports i've got a couple that come to mind immediately is his heyday has passed but faux pelini was it at least for a while was phenomenal still active but just not as good as before there was a john gruden account before john gruden became problematic that was great and writing in his voice there was a lou holz one that was excellent too where I know people love the people love the the sergeant andrew luck or captain andrew luck whatever it is and they've you know tried to copy it with other players at other places Braxton beverly at nc state got that treatment right how about how about this for a non-sports one this is probably my favorite bill nye though are you guys familiar with bill nye though yes tho though excellent fantastic fantastic parody accounts usually the adam shefter ones can be good i don't have a specific one in mind but i know which one's the worst some are bad some josh graham parody accounts are pretty bad do those exist oh there's there was one what happened to josh graham's mom on twitter there was that there was that one josh graham was the one that was there was that one josh graham josh graham's glasses was an account where people just talked about things that i saw that day that was terrible and then when fan bases get mad at me they just take my picture and write their name as if it's my name and it confuses a lot of people including me it's like did i reply to that no wait that's it's a parody of me that replied to this person but it looks just like my account they recreated my account there's one most most recent that's my best case for verification just because they're all right a handful of parody accounts there's one called payton's forehead yeah that's good that's yeah stuff like that's good remember when coach k had the incident with the marker yeah and there was coach k's marker was one tony bennett yeah phony bennett bennett is really good too for the most recent bill nye though tweet damn how much daylight they trying to save it's dark as hell excellent wd what's your unusual question eating cereal dry without the milk are you in or are you out out all completely out not that i wouldn't do it doesn't even depend on the cereal just out universally yeah i just i don't know cereal is a is pretty exclusively need it needs to be wet it needs i can't eat it dry i mean i can i could i just if i'm going to do that i would rather snack on something else that is more meant for eating dry where do you stand on this i actually like eating it dry i actually like eating it dry weirdo because it's more i mean that's fine you get more flavor you get more you get a flavor yeah because it's it's not going to depend heavily on the cereal you're not getting more flavor out of cinnamon toast crunch i don't know and you don't get the experience of drinking the milk at the end of the cereal that has the cinnamon in the milk you know what i like doing i like putting my cereal sometimes in yogurt oh now that's good that's like so like you're working on with like your own parfait sort of thing yeah that's fine wait a minute everybody calm down it's good hold one second hold one second need some clarification how much yogurt and how much cereal are in this bowl first off are we talking about a bowl it's a regular cereal cereal bowl that you have yeah and then you have a base of yogurt and then you how much cereal what is the cereal to yogurt ratio i eyeball it but maybe two to one maybe two to one one to one what are we talking here probably two to one yeah think think about like josh think about like putting granola yeah two is yogurt one is cereal okay think about putting like granola on top of yogurt yeah think about a parfait like what darren said i'm out you're not a parfait guy you don't like parfaits no pretty good i don't that's quite a way to end unusual questions for today wd no thoughts on that darren bot no more thoughts on that i should say we'll talk to you next week darren thanks for doing this yeah always guys have fun uh be safe getting to charlotte too
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