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The Drive with Josh Graham - Duke Asst Coach Chris Carrawell

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham
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June 18, 2019 6:18 pm

The Drive with Josh Graham - Duke Asst Coach Chris Carrawell

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham

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June 18, 2019 6:18 pm

Host Josh Graham with Desmond Johnson, Intern Nick. A look at Kawhi Leonard's Greatest Hits. Analysis of the upcoming 2019 NBA Draft. Josh Graham has a faulty ID. Plus Vol 2 of WS Dash pxp Joe Weil Movie Lines from the 1st hafl of the season. Tune into The Drive with Josh Graham, Mon-Fri live 3-6pm on Sports Hub Triad!

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I love a good victory parade.

I love watching them even if it's not like you can celebrate it into a championship parade was on vacation with the hurricanes one 2000 over that my Baltimore Orioles had its title anyway. These parades are gold mines for content such as this weekend when we discovered an older rounder drinking, singing Brett hole at the blues parade.

I got you can play that for hours and it won't get old. So right as we were getting off the air yesterday. Kawai Leonard was playing his greatest hits that he was smoking a big cigar next to Drake.

There was the plant guy who we introduced it to a few days ago who made it to the front of the line and got the plant to Kawai Leonard. He seemed to know we was Drake was very excited about it.

Then Kawai got onto the stage at this might actually be the first piece of evidence that Kawai is actually telling the truth about who we is this might be the first bit of evidence that Kawai is in fact a fun guy, Leonard. Did he do a good job. Let me just hear the laugh side-by-side with what we heard way back in October. This is from yesterday. Once again Kawai the Kawai laugh let's go to the older sound level of self-realization is pretty rare among people who are that famous good on Kawai excellent audio there is a little confused. Did you think he was like bacon. The funk I guess in terms of flight what he was or send you this is the best evidence that we have of him being fungi. I don't think a wise fun you don't, Kawai.

I think he's a robot like. Listen to the way he did this new balance cut like this is a new balance. Add that he spoke about.

Obviously he was given a script. The only reason it's obvious is because of the lake Y delivers the whole country. We are world champions. As we got mail that I think for me, I sent a friend I met with the have the same kind of demeanor and he reminds me of a friend from back in the day will it, we become sleepy, real laid back. He was never up or down. He was the coolest person hang out with all my thinking was not cool but I'm not to go as far to say he's a fun guy when his idea of a fun night is staying home and playing jingle with his mom who we just so happens the lead with also answering the question. Who is Kawai Leonard Webb I'm a pretty fun guy followed with the laugh that we've all known to be pretty famous fungi through how many fun people do you know answer the question. Who are you, fungi will heat what we can remember was he couldn't see what was asked the question. You know, I was pretty fungi, former Duke basketball player current Duke assistant coach Chris Carroll welcome to join us in just a little while. I want to talk about the NBA draft with them. Also look ahead to what the blue Devils are pulling in next season. In my mind as work two days away from the draft. I think this is a five player draft. In other words, there are five guys unconvinced are going to be stars unless there's a surprise. Outside of the lottery such as a John S or Kawai Leonard.

The two safest pics in the draft. Of course you have Zion Williamson number one, then I think it's DeAndre Hunter of Virginia hunters upside is, it is good as RJ Baratz or John Marantz bought this is a player who could defend all five positions dated in college is already a very polished player despite being younger than some of the prospects were seeing out there was only there for two years at Virginia.

You rarely see guys going to the pros who are is defensively sound as DeAndre Hunter is and from an all offensive standpoint, even though his jumper is a bit spotty.

Great driving ability can push it in transition. I think outside of Zion. He's the biggest sure thing other than Zion, though I think Darius Garland is my favorite player in this draft we have little sample size of a very small sample. He played five games at Vanderbilt.

He dominated those games but he wasn't playing good teams. This was a guy a lot of people were excited about going in the last year because of what he did in USA basketball. He 62 a little skinny, you could be concerned about the knee, but his cutting ability and ability to step back here reminds me a lot of Kimba Walker. This is a player that I'm pushing my chips in on. I think he should be the number four pick whether that pic is being held by the New Orleans pelicans, or if the Atlanta Hawks are able to trade up.

It seems like RJ Barrett is a sure thing to go number three to the next.

The next turn down an offer from the Hawks for number eight and number 10. According to ESPN earlier this afternoon. I feel like I'm alone on this island when it comes to RJ Barrett. I think RJ is better than John Moran.

I like RJ. I trust RJ to be a better player than John Moran right now.

He will be a better pro because Duke prepares you a lot better than Marie state.

Of course for competition reasons.

It fits playing in the ACC is going to prepare you a lot better than playing in the Missouri Valley but on top of that Duke does things differently than any other team in the terms of the attention that they get how they travel nationally. The, the fanfare following them that hate following them. The level of scrutiny following them.

But despite all that attention on the outside they open up their locker rooms so were able to go in there and be right next to these guys as if there pros to the point where I brought it up to do. Communication staffers what why do you do this, coach K as long as he's here and open up the locker room because these guys are to be pros next year and this is what the gonna be doing with and were trying to prepare them. RJ Barrett was asked to be a jump shooter and a three point shooter at times for Duke when that's not what he was billed to be when he was the number one player going at the college over Zion Williamson overcame reddish over John Moran. That's not what he was asked to do. He's an excellent driving kick player. He will be great in pick and roll basketball. This will be a seamless transition, probably out of the players in the top five.

He's the player that is going to transition probably best in the near term. Out of anybody in this draft so I like RJ Barrett more than I like John Moran and I like a lot of guys in this draft but I do believe it's five player draft. Your thoughts are welcome on twitter at sports of dryad 336-777-1600 if you want in on the show InterNIC taking her calls Desmond Johnson behind the scenes as well producing the show yesterday. I do agree with RJ, probably out of those top five guys are you picked he's probably the most NBA ready in terms of this.

I soldering the 40 game sample size adamant Duke. I constantly compared with Tracy McGrady in terms of his game at the young Tracy McGrady. I really like the comparison yet he he he went left a lot more and I want them to all the come to find out exactly right handed, so you which is crazy but I think the NBA game really suits RJ better to maybe even Zion, navigate because he can create his own shot. He can take jumper is got three point range. RJ things really come down to working lands and looks like it's going to be the mix unless you have the next trade offer young come expecting a lot of firework.

They did not father denied the Atlanta Hawks where the most to give a the a in the 10 they offered the next they turn that down today around really so it's it's a deep draft, but it's so top-heavy at the very top. Those first three it is, but I read I think it's a five player draft. I think whoever's in force.

Draft Garland, and I think DeAndre hunters could be the fifth. I don't think Garrett coverts a complete player. I see some people saying he could play point guard. I don't really see that and even though they went to the championship game. Also with Kobe white. I'm a big Kobe white fan but I have too many questions to call him a top five player in this draft. First off position wise. I don't see and be in a point guard. I don't I think is better suited as a two guard at Carolina. Think of the top your head when you think of Kobe white highlights. It's not him making the extra pass pass or having that great court vision. It's him going coast-to-coast breaking people down, getting to the basket shooting over people with the 65 frame.

He has a small wingspan is not a good defender.

He still a lottery pick, but I feel less comfortable with him than some of these guards like Garland and I feel less comfortable with Kobe. What did I do RJ Barrett and John Moran as well. Would you have your the comparison of Kobe white to young Russell Westbrook from the size be that way the games were many first came into your Russell. I know you're a lot of that.

I just don't see the athleticism. I don't see Kobe white having that level of freak athleticism that I've only seen Derrick Rose and Russell Westbrook have the last 15 years of the NBA. That's fair. So that's that's my one holdup. Now he still top 10 pack. In fact if I'm going through the players. I like the most.

It goes in the order of Zion Williamson RJ Barrett John Moran Garland it at that for the fourth pick berries Garland number five DeAndre Hunter Kobe white probably six just because I'm a little down on Jericho over cam reddish a this might surprise people, but I like mobile like bulbul right there with Jackson Hayes and he's in the same mix with nods little to then you get to the really hot to Murray's and Brandon Clarks of the world ogles interesting pic I wouldn't the pinna labs ahead of them.

I wouldn't mind a Charlottesville segment 12 and nuts are little gone. I wouldn't mind taking a shot at mobilizing some weight that you need some way, but we also don't know about his injury status to is pretty brittle got injured right at the start of last year and unlike say Garland 262 were talking about a seven footer handling the basketball as you mentioned a pretty skinny guy. I'm concerned about that.

There are some people that haven't been taken right near the lottery. There are others who barely have them in the first round and some who have them in the second round so bulbul will be an interesting one to watch as emitted Chris Carroll while Lucas is the basketball coach just a little bit will get to Joe Wiles calls as well.

The second volume of Joe Wiles calls from the first half of the � season the movie lines that you sent and that he's integrated into his broadcast a lot of things to do today but next why your cash will soon be no good in stadiums across America. This is the drive is 920 now back to the drive with Josh Graham little over 48 hours away from the NBA draft a lot of local ACC player to hear their name calls very early on in the draft players were coached by our next guest assistant basketball coach Chris Carroll well former great on the hardwood kind enough to spend some time the Wally's out on the recruiting trail before we get to the players you coach Chris 19 years ago, you were the 41st pick by the San Antonio Spurs. What do you remember about draft night 2000 bad night you go about your first round, low flight back on really great thing that you will consume about universe round like if you go and I was their only draft. At that time pointing and were out around. All you young worry about the note. One day, believing one of the gay player and a good APA. You keep doing what one night we got. If you could miss you so I got Chris what exactly does that look like though when you said you were upset your sliding in the draft with your guys go for a walk.

We hear guys go up to their room. What were you doing to showcase and display your displeasure yet well you know how you know the local party out to try so you think it might be an automobile first round. So I go.

Hope you get may get called in the first run, I thought I had a great shot all year with you late great dog about your guiding the Hornets but it did not have a great workout with Utah 23 something maybe never material around and out of their own pick it back your grade. You know pop got docking but my mind statement is not in the right place. You know you will and I would what was the first time you heard the name Zion Williamson in a particular junior high school and actually watch highlights of my youngest you like elsewhere and made like were amazing. So you watch about what they were.

Maybe it was the most fun thing Chris out to be around the team this year and go up to after Zion would have an amazing dunk in the game go up to RJ.

Say what you think 0 to 10 that Duncan he would go thought it was a four or five in Zion would hear him say and eventually he got to the 10 by the end of the year, but that's just the stuff we saw in games. I travel with basketball teams. I know how it works when you have shootaround and you have practices that may be the craziest stuff you see happen when the cameras are around. What's the craziest thing you've ever seen Zion Williamson do athletically. You don't think you got it Dr. Paul over three and we had a. Medicaid all but more so the body control.

You're my favorite year out with one two-level want to give Virginia out your own player and yeah right, like really found them hard on his complete play in the Carolina in a tight situation jumps out okay one leg made everything body control will rot made made Dukas's car harder Chris to know Carol well definitely would know it's crazy to think that Vince Carter guy is still playing basketball. The Duke assistant with the seer on the drive. What we hear about when we talk about freshman teams usually togetherness usually is lacking when you have teams that haven't played together organize mother played together that often.

But the thing that we saw last year coach day pointed out the first month of the year. These guys all love each other and their together.

Is there a story speaking about RJ and Trey in Zion and cam reddish that best quantifies how together and how close this group was you all for circuit McDonald's day night rate games already early on and not give a lot of credit because my height that was surrounded him the best teammate you have from God, receiving that much. You know you give me great quality teammate.

I think that this breakthrough article that he had a heckuva year mandatory year not want to be honest with you, but he Mohammed Diana training camp really close.

You don't get that in today they are to have the people report to employee all the really were together not. I think Diane leader at the height of every day you always willing and teammate that makes him to Chris Carroll Wells out in the recruiting trail with Duke men's basketball. The assistant coach kind of spend time with us. Chris Holland, former Duke assistant will be hanging out with us a little bit later on from now before we let you go talking so much about the players who are gone now are good to be going to the NBA. You brought in a great recruiting class this year you and coach K and the other assistance.

How do you suspect next year's blue Devils will look different. Stylistically considering what you're bringing in. We have people you don't know Thank you so you really have become refreshing when Biltmore Wernick. Does God play where all time always going RJ which was yet cam reddish and any other year.

Maybe you want to. Three.

And so you're trying to replace those know what I would tell them your own right. You're okay.

We have a chance go downtown to be really good Johnny, have you guys came with young guys but she don't come back for jabbing coming back you know we have to return to God from God that you think you have more balance.

Chris, thank you for spending time in Greensboro Winston-Salem in Burlington today. It's appreciated having any kind, you got it. That's Chris Carroll well spending time with us on a day is it Tuesday afternoon going crazy over here. Good stuff from totes bringing in bigger bigger lineup when you have Winston, Tasha Stanley, I should say rather and burning carry you bring back jabbing the Laurier. It's likely going to be a bigger lineup and is going to be more three-point shooting, so I'm sure. Stylistically, coach K as he's done really last 10 years and starting to recruit wanted done. He's going to find a way to adapt a style to the personnel rather the other way around.

Try to have the style or dictate a style onto your personnel. I think it's gonna look a lot different.

The way that the blue Devils played versus what would what was last year which lacked a lot of structure offensively. It was a lot of motion on the perimeter give a guy a ball and then have him try to make a play one on one like Zion or RJ beyond the perimeter was a lot of that was pretty simple.

It worked for Duke. Whatever the number one team in the regular season last year at the end of the year, but I expected to be more structured and it to look like a more classic coach K Duke team next year.

I would agree with that, like the past two years particulars a lot. I Sobol for the light at that time going to remain in place good about RJ the top give design the top and create younger teams.

You need less structure because the team two years ago, think they can play man-to-man consistently last year they can play man-to-man defensively and they grasped a lot of that Trey Jones I am Williamson and cam reddish very good defenders but all offensively the way it was constructed.

Since he didn't have many shooters you had to kinda have players who could beat someone off the dribble and have I Sobol is meant to be that way. This might be the first class case had about three or four years where it's not like the majority of them coming in or going right back out when you got a couple Gazans class are to be at least two year guys carries probably the one God can be a one and done for sure. I think Stanley and Moore might be multiple your guys could be borderline to be a wanted done depends on how good of a year.

He has a Gatsby carries probably gone drive is brought you about my friends at Twin Peaks restaurant visit them.

Hanes Mall Blvd. in Winston-Salem and doesn't know.

I know this isn't quite your thing. But are you familiar with the CONCACAF CONCACAF Gold cup.

What I have told the cop sounds familiar, but no, I'm not familiar with Twin Peaks tour on the USA they make their gold cup debut in their game gets gonna things on 9 o'clock tonight with Twin Peaks Hateful Blvd. in Winston-Salem. What does it Sound like you have like a serial flexion, decaf coffee, calf, what you ordered. Calf, I think a lot of sugar to be in Charlotte.

I think this weekend the gold cup World Cup how many goals how many times is our broadcast good to be interrupted tomorrow will be US women or boy who went on to the start right as the show gets a hold yes really plan well. They can't be. There's no way they could get to what they did opening-round right is no way that could ever happen again like Sweden is one of the best teams in the tournament. Okay then again, we expected to happen 13 times all room air either when we suggested it so I dunno. I don't know man I'd be happy with a healthy five or six. I've got a can't miss story to tell you about from earlier this week. That's next on the draft is 624 communicate to the drive Josh Graham dealers choice. Can we play volume Joe Wilde movie line from the first path you want to get to a story and amazing story in my travels in Winston-Salem last night. Something that happened here in Winston-Salem happened to me and half dozen or so years. The story first. Okay so last night I was trying to venture out try a new restaurant with a friend and maybe grab some pizza maybe grab some Mexican food. I don't know if I want to help the name of this brewery, it might be my favorite brewery in Winston-Salem. Maybe in the triad until last night. I go into this place and I beat my friend there.

I go up to the bar. I order my favorite beer. I knew exactly what I wanted to soon as I got there and then the lady said hey can I check your ID she goes to grab the beers and pulling out my ID the guy next to me. Does the thing that newsflash, and PSA. You should never do this.

It's not funny it's a joke that everybody does.

Over the last time so I checked my ID, it should make you feel young.

Don't say that joke it's been said for probably 50 to 60 years we get it. I look younger.

She's checking my ID and he who she comes back.

I give her my ID and I need to get it renewed sometime soon. I do probably like September. My face is smudged a little bit but my unmistakable glasses you can see him wearing glasses. She looks at it and says yeah you get a new ID pay about 10 bucks. I am not giving you a beer a while a while now mid-twenties around that area 25 brewery trying to get a beer.

She turned me away. I responded, are you being serious.

She said yeah I'm just doing my job and I don't know maybe I was being the jerk here, but I take that answer. Well I just said yeah but you're being a bit much. Oh I'm being a bit much. Yes, you're being a bit much and I walked out so that happened to me last night I got turned away a beer. The idea is that there's only one brewery downtown downtown well know.

There's definitely the biggest one though there are many breweries downtown with the biggest one. Now this is a relatively new brewery at February Internet to take my ID here you take a look at this. You see, if this is grounds. You see, if this is grounds for me being denied of beverage as if I'm a 20-year-old seeking expensive craft beer like what 20-year-old is going out there saying I want to have a honey blonde of sorts is investigating the way: God bind beer with this all the time you do look like you put like sandpaper on it or something. I can even it's it's it doesn't look like you, I mean the glasses, no she is not right. I can't make you out in this picture I thought it was going to be, like she should escape to you in this picture than you look like you and it looks like it looks like you're trying to pass a fake ID. It didn't really die never once, never once been stopped by anybody that's in saying I need a new ID saying that I shouldn't get a beer cost. Would've you been doing to this thing my wallet. It's like there's no legible like Pam writing impact whatsoever on the barcodes are smeared off by you. I'm trying to look at the picture. For starters, that the address throws you off to if you hear semi shows me an ID where I can't really tell the picture town as it is a Colorado, North Carolina, Youngsville, North Carolina for a group like RA carelessly visited man vetoed bike tomorrow my work and forget you are loving your your your organ so in my mind the jerk here. You really need to see the photo by the jerk here 33 677-1600. While we try to get that question answered. Let's get to volume 2 of Joe Wilde movie called result is a famous person in San Diego one gun show you working so well with Carlos playing slowly complete me, only wanting saying I am serious you are the one that you just heard in volume 2 is the best of the batch flesh wound is already moved on to the finals. We have four volumes. This is the second one which one display the sound for me which one do you nominate as being one of the four best from Joe to go with this one here is course. The end result to the right is the first it's one of the four best.

I'm walking here.

I'm torn.

I thought he really delivered. You complete me well, but the Ron Burgundy.

One was the highest degree of difficulty talking about bagging the classy lady.

I mean this this is the highest degree of difficulty among the ones we've given probably in the first want to pounce to Viking candidates to side San Diego and you know famous person from San Diego once said the only way to bag a classy lady. I give her two tickets to the gun show that San Diego Santiago just want to clarify so from laughing but not nuts when I nominate intern Nick is there one that you particularly like a lot of the bondage on the guy that does going Leonardo DiCaprio exit was Matt Damon in the departed manner will the Santiago. He made an error. One inside got a one and one and that led to ultimately three runs coming in. The score is all the runs on earn magical saying I'm the guy that does his job looking across the field and his counterpart. You must be manner will the sun would be one more to vote on here on Twitter at sports on triad three 367-1600 I think it's either between you complete me or do you understand the words coming out of my mouth. Exactly where I was going to the latter of the of the two those of the two best ones of the bunch.

The understand the words, all right, let's hear it, slowly walking down as I was looking at her saying you understand the words coming out of my mouth reassuring him to calm down. All right, those of the four those of the 44 volume 2 volume 2 of Joe Wilde's calls. You can vote on it on Twitter at sports on triad which everyone receives the highest amount of votes the most votes gets to move on to the final round of Joe Wilde call so we can find the exports of dryad and you have Ron Burgundy trying to bag a classy lady by giving her two tickets to the gun show. Do you understand the words coming out of my mouth. The only, and then of course you have on the only guy on the guy does his job.

You must be the other guy and I'm walking here. Forget about that with with the accident to its tough to pinpoint a favorite because I thought swingers had the upper hand yesterday. I was left disappointed you are listening to W STS Winston-Salem WC RG Greensboro WPC in Burlington and WMF are Highpoint signals making up transports up why just 620 days away and a lot of talk about somebody who follows college basketball about as close as anybody crisp parallel former to basketball player on the earlier Ron current coach K assistant Chris be an assistant for Coach K on that 2010 national championship team and cross pass when you were at Army. Did you ever face parallels Duke teams, we did. It must be legendary that match up my Army team came down and played.

Plated got quite here in Durham and we played in the 2000 and 2000 want to equate will hear and I gave Duke 15 that in that game we end up losing by about 45 or 50 so you could say I got completely garbage time but I don't.

I still give it to see well I still guy got 15 on his team looking at some of the prospects I feel like we we talk too much about Zion Williamson talk about Duke. It's hard not to talk about Zion and some of the other Duke prospects that are projected to go in the top 10 start with Toby white and talk about him a little bit because he's a player that interests me. He had a lot of tremendous spurts with North Carolina. His freshman year, and Williams went as far to call them the best scoring point guard. He's had in Chapel Hill but considering his lack of wingspan considering the defense of concerns, considering maybe the fact he might not be a true point guard what position do you think MBA exacts our thinking he'll play at the next level there hoping point guard because I think you know the demands of deposition have obviously changed. I think it is much more of a scoring position at the gate or the pick and roll so that which is to say the guard coming off of the pick and roll got a release be a threat Gordon fees go to school and why is it it is a huge boon. I'm not look at.

I don't understand Josh you love of Darius Garlington. I'm not Garland got a first-round pick.

I don't understand why there's this love of Garland Ward and white and if the assessment is that he's more of a traditional point guard. I II don't I reject that I think white became better at addition that year went on, there is no guard who's going to have the scoring acumen that white guys, I think he became a better distributor I think is turnovers, he became better with turnovers of the year went on. I think his ability to guard the petition got better so I think he's terrific. You mentioned his ability to score what Roy said the quickest part about it there. With the exception of maybe five auctions will I have all year and really high on him and I think is well-liked. I think he in that particular game where you can't touch a guy much more free-flowing and open. I think he's terrific. I'm somebody who actually really likes Garland because of his USA basketball background and what he showed there. You talked about the criminal basketball is a point guard that somebody you executed about as well as anybody. Kobe II understand his scoring ability and he somebody with his 65 height he could shoot above closeouts and defenders in a way I think someone like Garland 262, probably can't I understand the hype there. Maybe it's it might be an odd circumstance that is hype going into his freshman year might've helped him that he didn't play as much. His freshman year that people were still drawing on kind of the unknown mystery box if you will with Garland Road between the two are limited.

What were talking about lottery troubles and cares a first-round pick up my Katie thought a lottery between the two things. First, 165, 190 pounds. Build 190 pounds, 062 and maybe 170 coming off a bad knee so you like. That's the thing. There's a five-game sample size. Not that their plan not great teams but I think a lot of folks are also using this sort of taken out of the equation and they don't win a game in 80 play.

I just again I think were splitting hairs, but but my thing is taking the full body for your sample size for Colby white and and I think I'd rather be able to teach the God who is capable of score is white is versus you take a shot on the guys coming off a bad knee is slight of build, I stood next to him at the combine is not much taller than I am and I only played five games in college and you're really taken a shot on like you at all sampled in the five-game sample data regarding Vanderbilt crisp the toll of ESPN with this year on twitter at Chris underscores the total. Aside from Zion Williamson, who are you most comfortable saying is going to be a great player in the Barrett target Barrett you know you can't like a big believer, Josh being in not allowing your eye to you and so either that this year and let's not forget you reclassified played in high school last year came in as a freshman and although I meet you living in the shadow of Zion. I think in some respects he was underrated as a result of that light. I mean you're talking about a guy who is a legit 67.210 215 pounds and came to he Peace Corps that he breathed and he got better when Zion went out his numbers went up. He's got the whole package in Outlook.

Are there holes absolutely girl holding all of you guys to include the top three guys who we assume her to go Thursday night got a little television absolutely become a better shooter free-throw shooter absolutely right in your tired be hard-pressed to find a skill set as complete and it and again that is MBA ready Barrett to me. Josh's is a no-brainer, MBA, ready those the two words I think of when I think about these guys coming into the draft from Duke often everybody spends their attention on Zion, Williamson, and since RJ was projected to be the topic going into last year. I think it's strange to say, a guy who's going to be picked third is being overlooked a little bit but I feel like that's happening when Duke when you're at Duke and you play with that kind of talent around you and you play for that coach Mike to Chesky and even little things like opening up the locker room and being available to the media and having guys approach you want your changing and have that kinda hypes around you. You can't tell me RJ Barrett is it more prepared to play in the pros and John Moran.

I almost like it's sacrilege to say it right now but I I agree with.

I think what you're saying. I feel more comfortable. Take if it was me taking RJ Barrett over John Moran. II agree with you. I understand why Memphis likes Moran I understand the need for that position. If you're if you're really ready to part ways with Mike Conley and and I do believe that that fishing to get a guy who can play it at that level becomes really important not know and I know you're not doing this.

I think there are a lot of people who feel differently than you and I like splitting great yeah I mean again yeah get back to that point were splitting hairs in the matter of taste and really a lot of graph outside.

Three pictures being in either the holder and what you think helps your your organization or what you like is ultimately what you choose, crisp solo with this from ESPN since you were at the combine to be somebody who is to be taken in the lottery that you convinces good to be good for most of my eye I think he is going to hear. I watched my top five. Another time Tori goes in and out still really all authentically click Capella is really active PE legit six candy got stronger and bigger and in the couple years you that Marilyn and I think he kinda fits the mold of the younger over the New Age big guy in the MBA to guide it. Folks are going to know that I've really been highlighted Jelly you.

I thought he was gotta move it up or die.

I've been shot in his name to anybody who would listen. I just think he's he's a guy who's game again continues to develop and I think there's some questions like how you got dart at Florida State and I think you have to yet understand how Leonard Hamilton operates to kind of figure that piece of it out into the face of shocking blocking shot tremendous athlete and not a great runner like he's not a great north-south water but I think he could be in the right next to the right partner inside II think Abigail you got a bright future to fully let you go Chris, I want to get your reaction to this this quote from a scout telling Seth Davis of the athletic on Zion Williamson New Orleans will be a great place for him because it's not like New York do you think it can be better for Zion tittering his personality somebody who always seem to deflect attention from himself, which seems strange to say, considering how much tension he received this year it's better for him to be in a market like New Orleans versus New York or LA to develop yeah I don't I don't like you hit it right on the head of the yen there played at Duke last year there was no player and young. It was really close and we all got tired of trying on promotion like it was promoted that team when they went on the road were or the Beatles make you lose on everything and continues to be like that so to say that the volume will be turned up in New York I may not yell capable of going anywhere. You got good demeanor you got the disposition like flourish wherever and and I think he's become so savvy at dealing with all of that youngest comes off as is like this. This super humble dude who's been coached to be that way.

And I gotta be honest, I think it comes naturally for him. Like I think he's just that way to get along with Barrett and and in that environment that opinion. I it will be different.

There's no question about it, but I think the week and we saw this the night of the lottery just like I think the MBA is going to promote him and use him like crazy doesn't matter what market your rain that the media and the intention was going to find him and will find so I don't III don't share that opinion. It's crisp, it's all of ESPN on Twitter@Chris_'s patella. You mentioned the Beatles and Beatlemania. I remember somebody brought up that concept and I think it was CL Brown critically on the athletic coach Danny said. Funny enough, I don't think most of my players know who the Beatles are now in on the fun. A final postscript today is actually Paul McCartney 77th birthday today you have a favorite Beatles song crisp adult. I do my friend blackbird very well done Hank will enjoy following your coverage on Twitter and on ESPN well will chat sometime soon. I got to be good you got it.

That is crisp told ESPN, always bringing great insight from the combine in all things college basketball talking Beatles there forgot to ask if you had a guilty pleasure TV show because mine is the bachelorette and will the stuff happening in the bachelor mansion in such are bachelor minute is next on the drive is 609 20 drive with Josh Graham game going at the end of the final game. I think today's show is been the intern show David Glenn early afternoon house with the Internet is a student in day and we learn 20 minutes ago that he could only name one beetle so happened to be Paul McCartney and it is his birthday answer 77 during the break I sold my twitter feed question was asked what NC State fans taken nonlethal gun shot in the thigh guarantees you and see would be terrible at basketball for the rest of their life Internet immediately perked up at the yeah yeah and this I think is an area I'd like to explore the spell on Twitter and data good surgical listen to during the three before we get to the NC State portion of this, the Beatles, I just got a text message from somebody who told their friend. Multiple text messages now who said that they have relatives who were younger than 25 years old and friends who do not know the names of more than one beetle. How does that make you bad in all different starting point about I will pay for ADT listener or listener or both to go see the movie. I think it's called yesterday it comes out this month you left and right. I will ruin the whole plot, but let's just say a young person because of a weird turn of events know all the Beatles song yet the world that surrounds him as a young musician had never heard any of the famous all you can imagine he becomes a star at the cars all go with the spoiler alert using the commercial manner of patient Josh, I will personally away tickets to the movie yesterday so that we know that John Lennon and Paul McCartney and George and Ringo were the central element in that world famous foursome that gave us some of the greatest music that are planted have never seen and heard Internet down to the book report.

Yeah okay good enough. What's your favorite Beatles song. Who's your favorite beetle DJ run one needle. If you and the parameters of favorite Beatles song. I would say the song imagine by John Lennon is the greatest song ever by anybody. I love the song I love the theme I love the meaning know that's not technically the Beatles quartet. So if you made me go to the court that Beatles song. I might go with the little ferry Bueller's day off shout that at the end of that movie. But man hey yesterday and strawberry man there's a lot of great options even beyond.

Maybe the ones that the younger folks would remember even more would you take. Do you think most NC State fans were taken nonlethal gun shot in the thigh you and see would be bad at basketball. The rest of their lives. I think most but then when it came time for you know walk the plan broke the cigarette and find the legal a lot of folks would bail out at that point but would there be a percentage who would take it knowing it, not only the thigh right make sure you don't aim for a major artery picture. The conversation, yet the percentage of what they should that would do because I death of the eternal bragging rights were never having your care a lot about people brag, but it's a lot smaller percentage who would do it then you say they would do.

I might take it a step further seat. You mentioned the movie yesterday were you have the guy who knows all the Beatles songs and he's the only one in the world able to do so.

So against fame.

That way one person who knows all the Beatles if you're the state fan. I'm assuming it's just one person. If it's your decision that leads to North Carolina be a bad at basketball. The rest of your life.

Jurist*be the most popular state forevermore to give you a statue, put your name on the building.

Probably if you had to think of it in those terms, but moving things across. There's no good trade that you bear when you look at the number four pick New Orleans pelicans have it now from the Lakers and I think they have a pretty good supporting cast already. What I am.

What's going to surround Zion Williamson. If you don't even consider the number four pick who you could potentially take their if you're looking at it from a general manager's perspective. What do you do with that. I felt good about what I was going to get there's a lot of moving part.

You know, but Drew holiday is already there. Now you have a point guard Alonzo ball. Do you really like one point you can trade him and find somebody else to be your point guard because if you like one guy let me know.

Kobe white not in your plan or another point guard is not in your plan to add a point guard. If you just traded for Alonzo ball is Brandon Ingram in your plan is Jack Harding your plan. If you really have all that one pallet and you can get it quality veteran. I don't mean like 30-year-old, I just mean 25 years old in the NBA nowadays need you been around for little while they got from the Lakers overall for Thursday night and you can get something quality back that may be even more than one player in the next thing you know you're not only a playoff game. You might be a top speed playoff team with that kind of rotation. Blending the older with the number matter of what they believe in and what Drew holiday going to do.

I like the Andre Hunter if you make a pick. I don't think he'd delete overlaps with any of the other talent that they have your Mike Thayer Brandon Ingram but at the guy with the work ethic and the Andre Hunter at UVA, are you going to get better because you know you can stay out of trouble and work hard so that's one possibility from ACC country.

If the pelicans choose all that how you evaluate who wins a blockbuster trade such as the Anthony Davis Lakers tray because when I consider it Digi.

I'm thinking who's better off over the next 10 years and most times than not, every time it doesn't matter what the teams giving up to acquire the star player in the history of the NBA. The team that acquires the star pretty much always wins the deal and that might be the case here, but considering all the pelicans got back and got there about the draft.

Maybe the most highly touted player since Lebron James on Thursday night in Zion. Williamson I look at this. The pelicans next 10 years, and I prefer that over what the next 10 years are going to look like for the Lakers with ADD and Lebron James with three years left on his deal at the age of 34 years old, but where I started when jerk that's how I evaluate a blockbuster getting the next 10 years. How do you look more like a five year window would be NBA today, but I figure point I think I probably take a different road to the same end result. Bottom line, everybody in the world to that Anthony Davis would not New Orleans that do by definition. It dramatically drive your trade value down because everybody knows you publicly demanded for a trade or your agent did you find for and that makes it harder to make a deal of credit to David Griffin, formerly of the Cavaliers. Remember new. This would not tell the GM who had problems with the Lakers in previous conversations, the new guy who did not barge and did not panic and got a talented young point guard Alonzo ball and got a Brandon Ingram got Josh Hart and got three first-round draft picks. So his worst-case scenario with Anthony Davis walking out that door and him getting little or nothing.

Eventually, he protected that franchises next five years, or even as you said next 10 years.

Now the Lakers I think smart move, but that much closer to Russian on starting point that 34-year-old Lebron all NBA caliber player and now in his prime 26-year-old David is still there playoff game, but they have salary-cap problems they don't even know how to get around out there starting five, much less the rotation order roster and it's going to be tricky. I don't know how they're going to build around those guys so that the Lakers are about star power. The Lakers are about that closing window for Lebron James. The Lakers were up against the wall. They had to do something and quickly burn the year of Lebron later prime. I guess so. I get why the Lakers did it, but the pelicans are in a much safer place and it is high risk high reward for the Lakers. David Glenn early afternoon host you listen to noon to three right here on the sport someone twitter at David Glenn show one click basketball note you mentioned Zion Williamson just talked about. Obviously the Andre Hunter two from Virginia which ACC player outside of the lottery. No do you like the most in this years draft. I can jot you and I drove a lot of people view him as a college only type guy right either point guard is not over athletic by NBA standard is not overlong by NBA standards was a huge score with the Cavaliers. I just think that that guy top routing ability, work ethic, good head on his shoulders to find a proper competitor there than that guy when you're at the end of the first round you're looking for a rotation you're looking for. You know the Danny Green the Fred VanFleet know a lot of those raptors that just help them win the NBA title where latter first-round or second-round guys read a free-agent VanFleet cake. I think I drone can be a rotation player on a great NBA team and because of his ability in the blank. I think cam Johnson at 6 foot nine and have no problem hitting threes at the NBA level you need to be on a team where others get him open. Of course what you absolutely could be the kindest sharpshooter that VanFleet just was for the raptors, for you know Ray Allen has been for other NBA champions. The guys outside the lottery that I think stick in the NBA employee there for a long time. I want to get your thoughts on the story I read in the athletic earlier today. The title a castle Super Bowl could be coming soon. What does the growing trend for sports venues means for fans, mean for fans and it's about how the Baltimore Ravens are looking at potentially next season to 2020. Not allowing for cash to be accepted at the stadium, it has to be plastic credit card, debit card or payment been ordered to pay you have Mercedes-Benz stadium looking at this as well. Home of the Falcons in Atlanta United that in the last you have that the Tampa Bay rays Tropicana Field, Tottenham FC just opened up a mega stadium in London and that stadium opens cashless in April. Do you carry much � still do you still carry like big bills are not so much here. The way the world I will and I'll think you bring to the Glenn out enough to know that the case, unlike the volume buyer. In other words, I like going to the mall so much that I'll just do everything that I need for like the next six months in one trip and I don't like going to the grocery store so except for perishable items. I will buy the nonperishable stuff you know a month or two at a time will dock my garage refrigerant refrigerator with beer need to think about beer again for like three months. That way with the cash machine so if you got me one day I might not have a dollar in cash, but if you after I made my once every month trip to the cash machine I might need to guard the walkathon third of all or nothing. Cash I need to know me ask you this. If do you find you spend cash more when you have it in your pocket or spend less of it. Now guy that way man on Capt., so I don't let the money burn a hole in my pocket. That way if I need something. Sometimes what will be late meeting for the show and I just spring for the whole so easily you got obviously usually you can use your credit card but occasionally there's a food truck outside and you're not 100% sure that the credit card machine is working that day. So for those emergency I gotta carry at least a little water cash around in part because at this stage of my career. Unlike you know Mike starting 23.

Example there is the building arrived about 95% of the time. My turn to pay the bill that requires a little extra nice thing for David Glenn last important thing how much change what what does the change total have to be for DG to tell the cashier you can keep it all man I don't know. I dropped the pennies into the little penny think that that you have baby and I still have those still have.

I round up on all my hip always. I don't find yet I don't find myself. I don't know if I got three quarters and for penny. I probably dropped the pennies, but I'd probably save those quarters, Republic no random parking machine or something like that.

Just in case. For me it's it's if it's less than 1/4. I told him to keep that might be bad, but that's it. I just say you you can keep it if it's less than 1/4. I don't want the court yet can afford better. Mike starting 20 DG it's always good to hear from you on vacation next week, you're going to be on vacation next week. What time to be alive North Carolina good luck talk sometimes Glenn what the sports fans will do. I had lunch with Stan cotton earlier today Stan cotton Larry Sorensen to be in these chairs next week at about this time were to be broadcasting our show on Monday next week on the NSA may get a chat with all these great sportscasters from across the state and Winston-Salem across the country and across the state and then I'm to be off Tuesday to Friday so Desmond's good to be in this chair one day. Dave Goren from the NSA Megan here Darren Vacca to fill in one day and as I mentioned Stan cotton and Larry Sorensen.

So we will have a big week of shows next week while I'm out on vacation. I just hope my job will be waiting for me the following week like I hope our general manager or somebody with Curtis media doesn't walk in with like a big wad of cash like a big cash bag saying hey here's Josh's job and then I come back in its a situation where things aren't so great like Scrooge McDuck money bag with like the dollars seat dumping out a bag of nickels onto the desk. Let her go well for you. Yeah I'm good I mean Wally Pip of radio situation. I about for a week and then I come back and all locks are changed and some of the windows can't see inside the house today Bigfoot is real.

He lives in North Carolina and he loves candy

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