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The Rundown with Desmond Johnson - Whatsup with Cam Newton? - Sept 14th 2019

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham
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September 14, 2019 12:47 pm

The Rundown with Desmond Johnson - Whatsup with Cam Newton? - Sept 14th 2019

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham

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September 14, 2019 12:47 pm

Host Desmond Johnson with Rod Funderburk, John Olzsewski, Sawyer Dillion, Aaron Gabriel. Dez gives his take on the Panthers loss to the Bucs from Thursday night. A look at the college football and NFL slate for the weekend. Antonio Brown active for Pats Sunday vs Miami. Should Dak Prescott be the first 40 million dollar man in the NFL? Triad HS Football Top five poll for week of Sept 14th 2019. Why was the USA Men's Basketball team dumpster juice? Tune into The Rundown with Desmond Johnson, Sat mornings at 10am on Sports Hub Triad!

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You know she was sent me the man I into the rundown bears subversive here. While here refers Naugle did not affect her little walking, awful, sorrowful Darrell's to some except happy Saturday. I refusal out of Carolina Panthers performance on Thursday night. My weekend.

Welcome to the rundown Idaho Stutzman Johnson. I'm joined by Rod Funderburk, John Jeske is back welcome brother back to the rundown. All thank you gentlemen children feel good about producer's lawyer Dylan one on ones and twos Aaron Gabriel in the house manner. Social media Brandon Blakeney will return next week. 336-777-1600 number to call chime in on any of our topics today with Glenn get started. What is the art, what is our twitter poll question for the rundown for September 14, 2019.

Aaron purple question for today try who the most exciting NFL office of all time is it 1999 St. Louis Rams a.k.a. the greatest show on turf is the 2007 New England Patriots or 1998 Minnesota Vikings or the 2018. Consider GCI slippers can cc which one of these doesn't belong here. The stick at 2018 seasoning for 50 touchdowns, 5000 yards and the don't get him started his score offense of all time on Twitter. Sports are dried or sports drama, one will answer what we can, I would open the phone lines the very start of the show if you get a chance to vent on what you saw Thursday night is my football pampers in boxing Charlotte 336-777-1600 calling to gripe about Panthers it's been two days out now that you sit on this, think about what I've seen, not just last the other night but really, over the past 89 games Panthers have played that ask you guys to start off the show. What is up we can Newton do you think he's hurt and we seem in cam Newton that we have known for the past eight years or is just an overreaction.

I mean, I don't think were seeing the end of cam Newton. I think the coaches are being extra conservative stated I don't want him to get hurt. They don't want him injure that shoulder again, but the way he played.

You know this. You talk about it. He's not having fun. He doesn't seem to be a happy camper right now and that's got to change, especially in his nocturnal office because what happened on Thursday night. The book stuck eight non-defenders in the box.

They said were going to stop your big running back in McCaffrey and we dare cam Newton and the rest your young receivers in the old tidy and to beat us. Carolina couldn't do it.

Yeah it was.

It was a hard game to watch it. It felt weird from the beginning there was the weather delay with the lightning that, through the mall be seen had like a possession for date them all back inside had almost 30 minutes of the lady came back out how to restart everything and really from that point on it almost felt like Tampa Bay made adjustments. McCaffrey was helping them they couldn't stop after that first drive, you go all over the place. After that there really are much McCaffrey at all and it maybe painfully realize that the way they change this offense for Carolina if you can stop Christian McCaffrey then you severely limit what else Carolina can do specials and I could have can run the ball anymore and is this not all either you know they had some 44 yard pass place 34 yard pass place was like once I got in the red zone penalties started going backwards and were killing themselves like the red zone. The couldn't do anything. They were actually explosive. They couldn't sustain the drive just old back to cam. No, he's not running him either.

I don't understand that in McCaffrey. He didn't have a whole lot of touches either. He really didn't confer his testicle now conceded he only had 53 total yards excesses after week. We had 100 total yards against the Rams with age that had no answer form in the fun. The fun part. You know when your own to lose in and you know I'm unsure cam's got some elements: but you know he placed room and he doesn't look like he's having fun but when you're losing your he's not can be shown that he 75.

Any jail things could turn around, but those two home opening losses are just devastating. I do have a silver lining for Panther fans though glass on the paper started over into his 2013 action started one in three and he rattled off eight straight wins in 112 and 41 NFC South, so it's not the end of the season by any means anything can happen NFL, but they've got to start playing better immediately that Arizona next Sunday coming up, but I have a lot of people talk to me about that last Carolina officer, possession the last play bottle North Turner. I'm trying to figure out they did display lastly is the Rams, and it worked and when they did it.

It was a direct snap to McCaffrey but Camden motion out while he kind emotional completing motion opposite direction into McCaffrey McCaffrey ran in basically come up the gut like a four touchdown Thursday night, which I still understand through the only play the stick in my head that just bothers me but the last play we are trying to get this forth that what is first and was fourth in behalf of yard shot confirmation cam motions out to the right out of the play is a direct snap to McCaffrey Samuel, who I thought was in motion England motion. He started going to the right after the ball is snapped. I was thinking, as was explained to me that he was in motion before the snap to try to draw defendants the right is not what happened ball that snapped McCaffrey makes the handoff a single Boeing jet suite to the right couple temperament mentors go that way and then it's based McCaffrey trying to be the defender to that the left edge. My problem with that is a shortest distance between two points is a straight line if you're trying to get 1/2 a yard pistol straight up the gut like you could literally just put the jumbo packet to try to push it in its use with the Panthers identity is number two and this is even more important. Got a 6 foot, 540 pound quarterback was the best short yardage runner in the history of the NFL and you motion him out of the plate the very beginning you automatically out of the plate made at 1011 right there thereby knew the microphone ball cam cam psycho dual reverse to come get it back. You put them on the line of scrimmage like he's out of the play so I don't understand the logic of putting the ball in your court quote best offense of player's hands McCaffrey but knowing that if you do that hike its own right. Let him run up the gut or even better just have can Newton jump line when he's done for seven years. So really me seeing that many think cam may not be all the way right or they're trying to change and try to convert him into a pocket passer and in Thursday night for me was a realization that can Newton will never be a pocket passer and I'm fine with that.

I love cam Newton's play because unique. He's different than anything we've seen before, during, or sentence and try to change them into a Tom Brady or Peyton Manning or something it's not. It's never been him to let him in college is not him in the pros and he's 30 I don't know about a 30-year-old men are able to change what they are at age 30 he is what he is and I think the problem is that unless they decide they have it like a come to Jesus moment they realize we can't do this, we will lose much games is to be like this is to be the deepest that you can close every week. The office is not be able to get anything in rhythm because of not running can handle as much games this way. I don't want to see that so really mess you got it. Did the offense feel like it was okay to you guys on Thursday night or did you feel like it's a miracle old-fashioned at times. I guess I'm in the offense was good. Like I said in explosive explosive plays is just when I got in the red zone were used to see in cam Newton take over. It's obvious that the Panthers can't or either they won't run Newton for whatever reason, and he withdrew less than 50% of his passes and to be honest with you.

He looked like a terrible version of Steve Berlin on the University like a worse version of him, but an inaccurate version of him like he has a firehose forearm by its zip is back, worried about shoulder really more about accuracy because what accurate really to begin with just accurate enough to be dangerous and is now like you was that he was the first eight games last year but a lot of that was Christian McCaffrey really me back. But yet it was a lot of dumb Boston checking on things like that not all of your completion percentage and swap reason Tom Brady are always at the top of that category because of constant to take Chuck down with me cam Newton's was a boring but it's main him.

His minimum average quarterback to being admitted to North Turner okay you know what why what is 67 years old right which is fine. What is done since the 9191 to 93 years with the Cowboys write up a Super Bowl that the offense of coordinator with Emmitt Smith, Michael Irvin and Troy eight midnight, and you had in years � people still say he set are they still saying he's offense of genius because he is not that I think is offenses I've been revered you in the air Coryell type of offense.

But again, that's morbid down the field long strike type office has not wanted well when he was up in Minnesota utility is out-of-court and there he didn't do. He was on. He was a head coach in Washington. That's what he left out for became the coast with DC. He was a coach for the Chargers.

Rivera was his defensive coordinator.

He's been with a lot.

He's been occultist, none of those teams like you know actually I'll take that back, a Chartist team.

I think at the number-one offense and defense, and miss the playoffs yes main reason why that even happened, but it record better that play okay. They were going for the touchdown instead of just trying to get that for I think they thought that they could trick Tampa Bay method involves me the most. They were trying to be cute with it and select the Panthers identity has been run it down your throat to stop the run that's ever since Cameron Rivera got there and now it feels like they wanted to move away from it� Any little bit there still trying to do those things and trying to McCaffrey instead of McCaffrey and can't yet have them both, or to work in the flesh.

Lastly, in McCaffrey's a stud, but you know boy I figure what maybe a couple years ago but nice to see the play but would cam Newton leading the block letting McCaffrey go behind cam to get that extra to get that half, and it would've done that has is even on the field he just motioned them out of the play like to me it's like why are you doing that. It worked against the Rams because Kim is still in the backfield. He was one beside McCaffrey and snapped with McCaffrey instead of care and work in the past. Cam Newton take that ball all day long without a line up real quick and he just either jumps the line or they just bully through it just it was a happy yard.

They really did it. Like I have no doubt my mind that we got it. They just ran.

We came up the gut and I will change the game. Does that mean that the Carolina Panthers are put in much more trust in Christian McCaffrey than they are. Cam Newton is at least that's how it feels and that's what I don't understand because when you asked them you know is cam hurt to get mad at you for asking insight.

We understand more asking because you're not doing things we can that we normally would see like they tried they tried. The fourth and one earlier in the game in the second quarter when we can get the first down. It look like you got it, actually. But at the time they went to cameras working due to the weather stuff and the duality that a proper reply to really show it to the calm Phil stood by, other than that they didn't really try to run him at all. There is been zero run play option in the first two games is like more just forgot to run it because he was one of the first eight games last year Ashley got negative yards of excessive something like -2 yard or something on the season.

We got Matt on the line from Greensboro. He wants to talk low Carolina Panthers. See if you want to join our RP party here, Matt was going on your rundown guard Matlab Monterey got okay wait right yard and bad play, that would run straightforward you look back at what right there in the middle I don't know what I get, but maybe I will print out but it yard somewhere you will talk about this on the what if the employee worked to perfection.

McCaffrey one in the end zone. Let's see even untouched. Okay, we would be talking about it right now like oh my God what a great play call this and that. Obviously it didn't happen and it was, it looks like a really bad play but you know what they have cam completely out of place. Still, it's mind-boggling, cannot tell me that you might not have even have a ball and a lot working hard to get better I think.

Thinking too much about their hope don't run run like you really committed to run out and beat up our debit brand name not part of the best and good luck mentality but still trying to go and get better.

It really that even I would doubt you got permission to call me and it's funny because we were talking about that that one of the thoughts I had that game will appear. The primetime games. Usually that is the first place.

They seem like they always lose in prime time with Cameron Rivera.

But my thought going to bed Thursday night honest it was that cam is to go around and look like you can eventually go that route. He's a year you got drafted your head of luck he's been banged up. He's had to sold shoulder surgeries. So, as certain as ankle is clear. Some is often right now, but for me input for me. The two biggest things that a he's had kids of these got a couple of young kids now is a fork is total and be start to talk about the kind of stuff we start saying that stuff out loud by my body certain greater look the same way like his body wasn't recuperating from injuries he was having. He was tired of having to consciously rehab these things, what cam Newton doing right now is we have a shoulder that he just had rehab two years ago. Yet ankle surgery two years before that. Yet rehab seems like every other off-season he said to rehab something and for me I don't want him to.

And maybe this is an effort by the Panthers to prolong his career, but I've been on record saying I'd rather have 10 years of cam Newton truck and linebackers and being cam Newton in 15 years of cam Newton in the last five years of cam assist him as a shell of himself out there not being him I'd rather have a hard 10 years and and leave the game and and and do it that way then to hang on for as long as possible. Try to be Tom Brady and play for years in the NFL and you know never have to run more into steps out of pocket. I'm with you on that.

But I tell you what the telling story is going to be week three when I mean is, are they gonna go back to the old cam may be running just 6 to 8 times a game. That's all he need not only to me that many just 3 to 5 times a game for me and I'll be fine sent out monthly options and half free and just let him decide if he wants to run or not and just immediate lathered up you know that doesn't get some go with 3 to 4 plate run and play the game for cam's was going to loosen up the defense. I mean they're going to back back there going to be thinking about always cam common and is going to open up alleys for Christian McCaffrey is coming.

It'll be great if they do it, but they got to go back to it and I gotta stick with it can't be can't run away from it since I don't want to run it like they want to be something else. But the Panthers have been built around that philosophy can't just switch it and expect results to happen.

And I won't do it and I'm going to start run will cam there.

I think you're committed to trying to make him a pocket passer to maybe like is there prolong his career and to keep disorder healthy for later in the year won't matter because authentically playing lately. You also think muzzle glass target ready to not see cam in the Panthers youthful's contract is coming up after this year. You know you don't want to have a franchise quarterback in his last year's contract. You know with with that kind of thing hanging over his head. So I think after this year. You may possibly be seeing the last decameter Panthers youthful. I honestly forgot that I don't think him a claim to clear any place else but I don't think you would want to start over someplace else because he really would have to get a chance to do something the media after his career is over that lot of other players don't have you do a lot of things you produce things he could begin things so any got 100+ million in the bank so I think that if you got that point and the parents decided not to, up, up, redo his contract for upgrade. I must say I feel I can retire.

I think he would step away from the game when we go to another team like I really do think you would just bewitched, like you know what what what I got another team go through all this just to have more dollars seriously admitted if another to the Panthers gave up on him and did not offer him enough and didn't want him to stay. You know I I can't even think of the team you know but you know it in the next year, so there might be some team that would jump all over that pay him ridiculous money. It's fun is hope that he gets back to the old cam Newton, just like a lot of these other athletes. Your best replacement you yell the got the new team thanks okay he'll be revitalizing. We can we can make him that guide for the next two years either team is always popped my head his entire career that I thought would be the first team to try to go after if he was on the open market.

Oakland Raiders Dallas Cowboys have always felt that way that they would try to go after because it would just fit the name recognition is style play Jerry Jones. I whole thing like the Islam minor but now they don't worry about that coming up. It got me at NOAA honey, but you're right if the Dallas Cowboys went after him there is no way in the world.

Cam Newton even think about saying no death deed to the cow on the VLAN domain. It would be the biggest star on the biggest loser William in the league in terms of notoriety and I've always thought that would be up a marriage made in heaven for the NFL draft cam Newton cowboys grown every day. Every Sunday at 4 o'clock.

I mean, that was my thought, but now I guess after watching him play.

I don't feel like a chain to win just because a one came in eight names that he started but it just feels like his press conference is a little different. He's little more stoic with what he saying quite he seems wiser than he was, say, five years ago, but he just feels like he's not enjoying it, but he is not enjoying the game right now is in like somebody's aunt who's going out of style. This fight that I have met who it is great when you address that I do not care what cam Newton. Where's I'd never have. I think it's fun doing what he race except for that I didn't understand what he called her chief or I have my colors and I were not aware that I respect all of always respected people become aware things like that.

Be confident you wear them out in public and if you a lot of people do not watch the all or not the names on series collision second and there were cameras with his Taylor and his talk about how he picks these close why he picks them for me.

Are you even pick him to get attention. He picks him because he likes what he's wearing and that's what everybody in the country does every day living on the closet put on close close because you like that outfit he likes you can call it attention-getting.

What how's it going at art that he is expressing himself. I like I said I don't have anything against him sweetly comes out to press comes in a three-piece suit.

You know what I mean.

He switches it up on people but because of it. To me the genius marketing cam Newton is the only quarterback the complainant Sunday and still be talk about social media on Wednesday because of what he wore at the podium, win or lose me like Liriano bunch of Facebook groups that that slam cam every week for what he wears an outgoing and wizened like W understand you still talk about cam Newton's Wednesday like the game was four days ago and you're still sit near chopping up what cam Newton wore at the podium that that means is my work work since were still talk about the Panthers I want to go back to your opening statement for today's show of the rundown you said that those two panther losses will not ruin your weekend. I think your lion is me expressing might try to hold it in for a couple of days in my arms can save offer Saturday morning, put in the very first segments I just get it all out and I'm done with them will for it for now Arizona Sunday, Murray. I fully expect Ron Rivera to bring hell on the Arizona offense like that is to be again.

The defense wins at Southfield like they want to torment this kid all day long without it cam goes back to the old cam cam plays out right at the gate go where a lot of Panthers lose the Arizona court different conversation rather than looking. I'm just saying that the next Saturday comes close to James Winstead, Bob your program and Lily's name is Winston is garbage. Jews in you know it famous playwright even really win the game like it just we hate we the drama leg is in Charleston has incredibly Arizona picked first in the medical draft last year. The little bit different than in Tampa.

Not much little bit different. Not excusing them, losing to Tampa Bay, that should not happen often.

I feel like I heard this after the loss of the rails life okay will next week we play Tampa Bay I like TO be easy game. There are no easy games and NFL like there usually are no blowouts in NFL. Every game is tight no matter who the teams are the Mayan on Jim is Winston's damage was known as the crab like guy or that you that W pregame speech that was bad that he went. I think four and 16. After that, I guess that Noel is really all current or in this is his vendor okay.

I've always kind of like treatments Winston, I why I like this I like them.

I thought it was a pretty good leader it at FSU was getting from all that allows you know in the locker room's speeches.

She had that that he does have a thing about all they like the borrowers as my players are drawn and cut cam is a similar type of trait working players are drawn to his ability to lead men, but many do stupid stuff out of the field where it hampers and I don't know them or not. I mean, really, on the way does the season but Thursday. Plus he was a baseball player. Maybe I like the ACC tournament so Richford FSU to I thought that was impressive. Maybe should go back to baseball college. It may come and go but up a whip around college football speaker because football is ready for we can a football action ACC and top 25 will break all that down plus a look back at last night's wake force versus UNC battle and what's next for both for both programs. Kansas talk to Desmond Johnson, Nestl� for site football head coach Todd Willard, a new a new weekly podcast following the site football team during the 2019 season week one is available across all major podcast format sponsored by East Coast wings of Kernersville city swing BH home services Abilene expressly Kernersville Kevin bug State Farm insurance and the collegiate shop stream on spot by Google podcast Apple podcast and more as the next head coach Todd Willard that is hosted by our very own Rod Funderburk every single week. We record those on Tuesday nights. They drop usually on Thursdays. We'll talk a little about you for safe little bit later on. Here they had undefeated battle against Parkland last night and you not called will get that shortly versus Jensen college football for today only on his foes only see a contest on the slate today that I'm that interested in checking out hoping there any top 25 matchups in terms of against each other. We've got a new number was I just talking about to get the hell you want to carry this evening and searching is just a quick little drink anymore, but now that we get dropped out of that like probably deservedly so.

After the debacle against Maryland last we want to bring that up because John's ear number three Georgia who many people claim is probably just as good as Clemson, Alabama. I don't believe that a lot of people do their signal at Arkansas State at noon. That is, ESPN2, George. They were about 33 Ohio State number six ring Ohio State. They look pretty good. First two games I have seen them a couple times. Have a noon kickoff against Indiana that's on Fox Pittsburgh taking on number 13 Penn State at noon. That's ABC game that's at Beaver Stadium, Penn State. There Penn State era 17 contest will see how that works.

Maryland has jumped into the top 25 after apples.

That was the score 19 modulates the 63 to 2063 to 20 after winning the previous week. 79. The nothing he said.

Scotty Montgomery is often the coordinator for Marilyn. Yes, Scotty Montgomery, the old ECU head coach where the hell was this when he was at East Carolina like like this with astronomy and web work and Marilyn's quarterback is wasn't is a transfer from Biotech. I believe it felt really is not hidden Hooker's I can think. I really don't have the name right in front of her. See a semi-fine for me in the booth who the quarterback is for Marilyn hidden Hooker plated. I doubly appears with Virginia Tech in one of the 10 oh no. Okay so number 21 Maryland second Temple today with a 6 1/2 game. Notre Dame number seven Notre Dame taken on New Mexico at 230 that's on NBC here on sport subscribers got number two Alabama taken on South Carolina gamecocks at the road game at Williams Brice Columbia, South Carolina. Our cover starts at 3 PM today on the sports some of the names of note number 24 USC taken on BYU 330 game on ABC was going to scroll through at number eight Auburn taken on Penn State at 7 PM tonight. That's ESPN2 often spare by 36 Florida, Kentucky maybe 7 PM ESPN Kentucky stew and host to start the season for his non-1/2 point favorite number one Clemson taken on Syracuse 7:30 PM at the night game on ABC.

That's the national game tonight. Clemson is favored by 27 1/2 12 over under is 65 so will see see what happens with that. And then he got Florida State who are not really sure what to do within their 11 Willie Taggart still employed at the ACC networking take on number 25 Virginia at 730 okay is an football game not easily favored by seven so Florida State just got by some what like Monroe or something last week 45 Louisiana merganser yes alright so what's up Florida State like Willie Taggart was not a good hire for items, waiting for the drop the other shoe on hand jail and hurts number five Oklahoma taken on UCLA: Jim Kelly 8 PM on Fox and the Rose Bowl game hurts right now is my favorite for the Heisman is opening week with you on the winds it will be Wednesday so we can really come onto the NFL were probably the longest nonlinear Marley's office coordinator term even just whisper that many ghostly see he threw it out there that would monitor that the season better open up your pockets that looks like cam Newton in the Oklahoma offense and what had self sounds like he's tired of old North Turner over there. I'm just tired of the tomfoolery Rajasthan. I don't want this nonsense that I'm seeing with two wide receiver sets in 2019 and and then basically waiting for one God get open on the field I get this August 5 see the house top 25 now in the ACC today as a miserable Pittsburgh Penn State NC State taken West Virginia up in Morgantown status favored by seven. I would not take that action. West Virginia is down this year but it's it's it's at home if West Virginia is not a bad to get to know Dave Doran doing their thing in a text taken on Furman that's at noon also. That's in Blacksburg. She is like all the slate this week.

George texting on Citadel.

There isn't a big one searches Clemson game was supposed to be able to post a gaseous sagas taken ultimacy on the road Miami inspecting Cookman Louisville Western Kentucky. So yes, of the big game really of the week was last night wake forth in North Carolina going out it 2418 white four's victorious. They moved to three and on the season North, falls to two and one and from understanding asked me not to call me for site Parkland game on his game was on Carolyn play horrible first half. I watched 21 zero was the halftime score wake force completely dominated every part of that game and first help out with the seal of workforce by what you think they can do here that when you look at the schedule because there are three know right now you said they got you on next week's that he wasn't one of them got there at Boston College. What you know what BCs got a pretty decent team with her at Boston College that'll be a good game plan allowing forces good enough to win these game three straight home games at all versus Louisville, Florida State and NC State all winnable that having south again.

She stated I think they win the first two, but you're right, Johnny, NC State will be the toughest one there at Virginia Tech. After that, his former November at number one Clemson home versus Duke. I think it will names were South Carolina and Duke and NC State. All three of them coming workforce this year and the lasting years at Syracuse so I mean really think in the mountains to 10. Went swimming. They had come out as number two in their division. I think the worst case at 084Louisville probably went into more steadily when the state will leave it is a tossup as Virginia Tech, Clemson, loss versus Duke. I think this quick forcing can I think I really think they can maybe get to double digit wins. You should so the first after Saturday looks spectacular nine lives in Surette. You know from Surette had a career that he had 169 yards received here at 152 in the first half, good Lord of yesterday. Jamie Newman was just coming he just is playing a perfect wake force quarterback he really is and he sonogram high school I did not realize that even sometimes, Graham. I didn't realize Aiden was a size 642 30 BI didn't realize that he was such a dual threat in terms of being overrun and pass as I saw. Somehow it last night after we got home and Carrie was the second touchdown he had muscled his way.

Shirley liked like eight guys or whatever and I will admit Carolina was there were missing a lot of tackles yet it like they are missing some tackles but it also like Carolina did with a not all year, wait'll second half to start storming back and down. I admit Carolyn is been fun. I watch their first game on ESPN. When I came back to when you just watching his Miami cousin ACC networking.

I have not put the book by it yet but this bill after it leased or interesting, that's all we asked for last year was one of the team that competed actually played a little bit of defense and can actually make us entertained and Esther breath of fresh air to have my crown back on as I was skeptical at first Lane good, but I was never skeptical of background. LMAO. Nova made his coaching philosophy. You know the way he goes about his business he granite he failed in Texas but you talk about coming back into the ACC to rejuvenate the ACC just like in Texas background trying to win the state of Texas and recruitment is going to come back and try to win his state, which is gradually doing right now he's plan probably was 75, 80% of fedoras players, not even Matt Brown's players is to wait until he does get his God sees that he had a good freshman class communities got even better when not that I think come in after this one. And you're right, he kinda circled the wagons around state of North Carolina and there's some kids. W got two defensive tackles. I think that Carol, their son, Carolina. There's a different Zachary Grimsley that has Carolina's list at such a high rated prospect that they're looking at kids here in the Triad now only high school football is as they should and Charlotte in the Raleigh area and I have to be honest with you man.

Even last year when I went over to one of the Carolina games last year. I looked at the sideline with Larry Fedoruk and I looked at the kids on the sideline or plan and I was like, who in the world is on the sideline. These kids like a bunch of cupcakes, but I mean, as soon as back Matt Brown comes in implement this program. You look at those guys on the sidelines now look like football player, where Fedoruk had this weird thing about him like this just seemed wired differently than everybody else in. I mean verse yeah back is smack especially value it was just really it's really cool to see her mother.

Sideline is honest with you� Not even a big Carolina guy, but he saw Cleese just clasped us, but the Carolina fans have to be patient. I know they want to go my beloved little son Johnny.

I have a happy brother. We have a lot in the same amount again this year so that we would last you watch in the wake force gateway Carolina game with my girlfriend Kim and she is texting her son Carson and her ex-husband set the Carol you Carolina for and there at the wake force game in the ready to leave at halftime. I'm sorry Carson and Bologna near Texan back his mother overly halftime because it it was about zero out the complete domination and I kept saying oh my God completely turned around and they did stay, I will give them credit as they made a hell of a game on right immediately, we watched the last page in the press box really just trying to see if there because we we write well. Carolina's of the fourth quarter seemed overweight directly come back four quarters.

We turned in on his argument in a running clock.

At that point and it was just they just graded 18 to 21 right. They discovered a 2.0 version make a 2118 and then wake had the ball got down to kick a field goal basically concealable thing but it wake quick sketches to go 89 wins here. I don't know what the soonest Carolina. To be honest, I didn't really look at what they got coming up but, for then if I think I would get at hatches they had asked me next week so that's a huge in-state telephone events in Keene and you know Appalachian states their old head coaches go on now so I don't know how tough tough.

It's good to be there app is undefeated still electrical. It's the coach now yeah Apostol undefeated as it stands right now I don't think the plantlike defense so far. Charlotte 47.641.

Janet Shirley, I was that I was the host for Charlotte for ING two years ago they would like one intent so it's jarring to look at escorts Charlotte split up 40 some points on the team are nonetheless being that state but asked that Carolina should be a pretty good in-state game next week will deftly check that out as well to update on Marilyn's quarterback is Josh Jackson day did come from Genentech and it had coach is the former office coordinator from Alabama and Mike Locksley from Maryland over Maryland yeah yeah you're since I was that these are all events were going to send a a lot of education from Alabama and had coach when he took over Maryland with the member that the press conference will meet you because I am taking over one hell of a football team and he started look over Maryland.

They look good they really are. They crept into the top 2521 this week and two and oh so you deftly keep an eye out for the terrapins. Let's in two weeks they put up hundred 42.7.9 yards per play and almost 1300 yards above it leaks into letting Bol�var 71. Again, their average that's crazy the basketball sir basketball generally average 63 leisure that's on the nuts ballistic another quick break huge title football games last night around the Triad who moved up to move down our top five high school football poll which I thought up give you a rundown on scores, but the site with a statement tried by storm. One minute with Erin next Miranda you're listening to Desmond Johnson listens the best for sport podcast on the go podcast like franchise players tried raising podcast Randy Pettit, a stone throw it rhinestone lava Brandon Blakeney and much more now available.

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Simply search for the title the podcast are looking for download and enjoy exclusively from sportster on a, the newest stones throw it rhinestone drop yesterday nine giving tips on college football and games to bet on top of Antonio Brown situation which we will touch on before the show was over. Of course, for those that missed it last time on the rundown Desmond Johnson. We were in here talk about Antonio Brown and waiting for the raters to cut him could we figure it will happen during the show, we can give it to you guys live literally what 30 seconds after we signed off and the rundown last week sort comes on corners like apparatuses cotton like literally right as we went off the air lately that caught them and then he wasn't available to be signed until 4 o'clock that day like 445 the patriots on the wool, wool, talk about all of that and what all that possibly means will play tomorrow here little bit later on in the show but let's get into every week, sport, has a top five high school prep countdown. The five best football teams in the Triad. This go ahead and get that started five top up to paradise. Worked on a week of September 14, 2019 and we start off with number that was Parkland. There were three no game last night you fees for sci-fi, bad day. 46 the 70s. Her site was victorious last night in that contest something is going on the cam shell week, we were not sure we didn't get specifics rod, but apparently he had some sort of injury date east of even know he would not play until pregame warm-up. He was over in silent sweatpants. They didn't even tell us exactly what the injury was closely more marshals quoted by J surviving with seven journals that they thought was best to keep Mount this week. Given that he wouldn't give an opportunity to practice this week. Based upon his situation so hopefully cam sells okay Oakley your healthwise all right and will be back at the for Parkland the wall without him. Parkland had the worst night against East East base to push them around all night long.

And again, 4497 winners over Parkland so Parkland will not be in the top five. Next week for number four is Grimsley. I love you guys and penitents are not Grimsley is undefeated and they are stopping teams out. I did there game between Southeast Guilford the IIIa runner-up AA runner-up in master 23 to 6 last night really surreal. You know Grimsley will be planning for site on October right forth to gather that's slated games and will have. I think I want to say that Grimsley is that is at risk that Grimsley solely going over to Simeon Stadium that contest that Stadium the West and East fans travel to/be a huge game of the couple teams on her schedule coming up that might be undefeated when they get to, we'll talk about those teams to consider sitting in our top five Colbert Grimsley and the MetroWest recyclers right after yeah and the West fighting trap that yes Elise has a couple games coming up that are to be monster games rooms in the Metro pages, apparently down.

I think they got the first one last night against Eastern Guilford said like one in three right now so keep an eye on Grimsley as well. The number three is West Forsyth West Forsyth to me is the mirror image of each Forsyth are just on opposite sides of county exercise one big again last night. I'm scrolling for their score here in the should've been more prepared, but they beat down some other team like it was in the 60 620 or something along those lines, I can't_is right radio here 6161 nine it was 61. Nothing. They beat High Point so that's right. That's what was High Point Central. Thank you fellows at High Point Central down the road. They literally run the ball almost generally will sinister senior running back for started and they stop the run commands make what was Forsyth is and what they've been since coach know is been there other number three in our poll to this week and the leaders order number three in the hires because the two teams that are ahead of them to number two is Reidsville Reidsville. Every week we come in here right away reasonably well last night and it's always like to score 60 points scored 70 they didn't score 70 last night. They score 56 winners of Rockingham County defending to a state champs know what street stricter on right now, but the only scored 50 the coaches by running them a run and he'll suspect that there are yeah well practice Arctic now, rates will mandate what you say Reidsville is doing really well and when I get to the conference place and get even worse because the conference is so much lovable lower Reidsville and so I expect reasonable to basically flip through the season and that leaves number 111 of these for site beagles a minimal one since the start of the season they moved to foreign over the win over previously undefeated Parkland. It was it was billed as the biggest game of Forsyth County. Last night it was to undefeated teams particles 11 to last year they had Canyon shell chase Rory the wide receiver now that matter last night to Michelle. The nameplate chase Rory what the factors of the second half and we have a running clock in Forsyth County is rule basically the team is up by 42 points at any time of the second half that the clock becomes running clock meeting it won't stop for timeouts won't stop her injury and it won't stop the touchdowns and we went to the break and Mercedes was up 40, 43 to 0 or something like that.

They'd just gotten over it like right hassle. We knew coming back from halftime is in the running clock we were done by 930. Like literally the second half was like it was so fast we missed our third quarter break like they just went straight to the fourth quarter writing even though they started to believe that we were still just talking and just kept going and we even realize it at us like we missed our break we had the tickets make sure that they actually said what sides of the field like we were still happening so fast, but the Eagles only had 268 total yards. The Mustangs only had 118. No turnovers now it was just like Jesus did fall short field lot as I did have to enter they get they have. It is actually sections nothing to follow. They may have had 1/3 interception, but we stopped him.

Yeah, I got your point count of all the gold but was it like what is not yet had an endless Mossad. Even with waking her plan over deviancy field we were tears, but with carousing and be east these things always come out. The nurse I was packed direction talk on the broadcast of the Parkland Panzer came out evenly mean 43 to 0 in half like anybody left the Allstate in the end of the game is Monday almost be related to the parking place is only values that had one first down in the first half and crossed the 50 and select the second housing 34 string you guys were in there so I mean Eagles clean up a lot of stuff they think little of really dirty game against Mount Tabor the week before at a bunch of penalties turnovers and got it that one out. So it like at a point approved last night they take on page who is having a down year this year that they did winter game last night against Eastern Guilford debate will take on page next week.

Some other source and around the area from last night, Morehead defeated Atkins 40 to 0 salmon prep and East will select at a basketball game on a football field, 54 to 40 was the score was seven prep victorious Mount Tabor gets into the win column.

I would win overarching winter about rentals 13 to 9 Crystal Glenn defeats more for site 27 zero Watertown section having a pretty good here. I think the three in one, if not mistaken, they blanked Bishop McGuinness, 47, zero W. Davidson loses to Ledford 2073. What is going on in Oak Grove Oak Grove is undefeated there 30 with a 130 24 over North Davidson two years ago they were brand-new school and we open up our high school football coverages Oak Grove versus Carver in the opening game and we only did it because it was the first game in school history and they started off electric players in the for a touchdown and I think they lost all the rest are games that year, but if I'm if I'm correct I think there undefeated right now and it beaten some pretty good team so that both will program the past couple years, Oak Grove Ragsdale defeated Southwest Guilford.

I was other oxen upon our high school football game a week last night with Dave Polaski injury bracket 14. The seven Tigers winners of the Cowboys 53 to 0 W. Oaks winners over North Stokes Salsberry defeated Thomasville 28 zero northern Guilford defeated Northwest Guilford 42 to 10 daily loses the West rowing 2421 Southern Guilford winners over Ben L. Smith, 33 to 20 page defeated Eastern Guilford to get in the win column 33 to 14 was the final bear, Dudley defeated Durham Hillside deli ever since they lost that big game against West open season and got smacked around they have been winning ever since they are now three and one 3514 winners over Hillside Allegheny was the matter between 90 and Kristin lose the Charlotte country Day 2814 without a what's that you say Western Guilford score must go for it was winners last night a defeated week. More where that is 36 Western Guilford has been winning.

I think 2212 or three more like that.

So you have it and also so jut out to them as well. Thoughts on the east front of game from last night on anything I want Adam Ely said it was pretty cut and dry will happen may smack people around yeah I made is a great game by the society was a did a great job and of course I think the real reason they want is because I did wear my state championship ring he was look so broad did walk to the booth with his 92 state title ring on and if you listen to the podcast the nest with Todd Willard.

He had a conversation where Mount Tabor in the week prior rot forgot where is wings usually wears them again. Willard said to us that he usually wears his state title ring only on Fridays and he forgot to wear it for the Mount Tabor game also. So both of them are like maybe we jinxed it or something. They saw each other in the in the booth and adapt what not and the first thing they said to each other what I got nothing on you like there again. I was like whoa we should have a good game tonight, then fellows and then literally East take the first possession Marge Nance was touchdown replays and it literally was laughing, he spun it once the entire game is touchdown touchdown touched attached so it's all in the ring ring ring ring's man hey coach of the rings baby youth as homecoming this upcoming Friday. We won't have that game on sports have tried but I mean Rob will be out there go for homecoming out some funding to get some food and see some friends and whatnot will be at their genre is landing page for homecoming. Yeah. Oh, is this Friday so will see and pages have a down here so be a bad year to come running on a page is your team right well I mean it's in Greensboro team when they were winning the screenshots out to those military was born so quick shout out to those not terms. Are you smart alumna, a man is great stuff last week came up. There is a great solid Tabor state title in basketball. Believe early 2000. Mistaken will update Twitter path that will get that here little that we do the job done and been a little bit so you see. Still, there is all about those Kansas City Chiefs I believe is not where it is not going to the Kansas City chief related but it might be because were an NFL season.

Anything that will is that it is time so I'm gonna step back for second like we normally do each week we give our buddy Aaron a chance to vent or discuss something that's been bothering him all week is called one minute with Erin and hearing the floor is yours. I have no idea where you're going with this. This week got kinda made it where I don't know what is going to myself as you don't know if you don't want to be and when it comes out, what are so one minute with Erin go only thing I'm really looking forward to this month.

I'm so nervous to have 28.

Don't be scared to get here fast enough death date for Twiggs titlist Aerospace, do you take some other what way Tyler's so Porter Aerospace Junior for years now, it is finally time for some cases definitely will display the audit found out exactly who Aerospace doing his law studies clean out the lightweight also. Yesterday at today's ago Camillo Alvarez found on the fight.

Lightweight title is a light heavyweight titlist Serge Kovalev two-way classes to take on Kovalev looking to become a four way class titled depress the resident get that done. So important was a box that is all I'm excited about boxing Fosamax narratives and boxing guys got a pretty cool you had to veto the guys about the Ali tattoo that's on your matter will move up total, not Ali, Inc. yeah, yeah LOL you tell me the story got it when you want to review so that it's been a while since of been like I've always been a heavyweight man, so there's not a lot of crop heavyweight or like a real cool bike generational heavyweight champion that it's not really my peripheral but always someone to root for that. I really USC it off.

The cut at the Mike Tyson fit. Mike Tyson came around he did not compete with heads off, you know, people coming on board that's bold and the boxing rings, but what two-way division is where it's at right now and aerospace Junior is the real deal. Holyfield would not like water. Mike Tyson takes might have off 90 seconds like it was like it was like watching Goldberg and Debbie CW like late 90s when matches don't be like 40 seconds using tears and coming spear, somebody, anybody, drink beer, I guess. But that's how Mike Tyson would literally come and knock you out like 92nd oh that dude okays Eli Pierce is a very stable life man Mike last iron Mike is making money marijuana form or something like thing out when the states words legally sat there do not. He says he read the story Rice as it goes like 20 grand pot Michael week bike by himself. Sounds like it's calm them down and made them all made more sociable email, I made my way old man like Mike hello hello ma'am I got the graybeard go about you. I know he's working with some young boxers. He still got these teachings do a really skilled old man. Mike is like almost mud off a remark that you would outlaw if he was old man Mike but he was awarded the good morning America shows are somebody and that one of the interviewers asked him a question about the whole rate instance. It was like Mike Tyson turned into a lion. It was like when you asked me about like he was getting ready to fight. God is about to run out of his seat was flooding us funny always cringe whenever someone, like what Sunday mornings on Fox before they get to the regular guys with Jimmy and Terry meant that another group that's before the cyclone cowered in Michael Vick and I smiled and always cringe those like some of them asked Michael Vick dogfighting question or phrase something with him on the stage in the, look over and light, but they in it, do they tiptoe around certain things, like if a player gets in trouble or something like that O'Connor asked Mike Vick. You know your thoughts on it.

They can't tiptoe around the fact that were sitting beside Mike Vick appearance days and we can't say what we want to say about Antonio Brownlee on the exempt list or somewhere that I wanted funny but exactly don't print the Mike Tyson is part in the hangover issues. I love you absolutely eat I'm happy for Mike Tyson that is doing doing doing, like Kipling still use is alive should be better.

Mike Tyson was a hard drive is your little tiger. The attackers like him like to know they don't like pepper back and you know it or talk a little bit basketball him run down this week probably the worst thing that happened to professional basketball America happen United States national men's baffle team.

Maybe the worst team United States ever since the play in international play will react to this team. Not even meddling at the feeble World Cup this week. Plus, run the heartaches from the group next Johnson shot the triad racing podcast heading this week on the sports, podcast network, exclusive interviews with top racers in the past, present and future episodes now available bias modified Google, Apple, anchor, and much more.

Triad racing podcast right now available for streaming or download for listening on the go.

Recent episodes had Burton Gary Myers and the last episode has the new owners of a Speedway out in Burlington that it was to us right now on 9:20 AM or 104.5 FM in Burlington so shot to those fellows go look that up and download those podcast when you're done listening to us here. I want to make fun of the US men's baffle team. That was not my whole world is the only one of them because they they didn't win that people tell me that. Well, they don't have to win it all. Why do they have to dominate while they have to blow people out because are supposed to United States when it seemed like you this. The president has been set like they did dream team 92 and here beat Angola by 60 and all that stuff. That's what we became that's what I've grown up on to expect. Where were USA men's basketball shirt. I want the best of the best on the Olympics or the world changing tips or whatever if we got USA owner jersey. We should be trying to send our best not guys like Derek White was in the G league last year or Mason Plumlee who done even start for his own NBA team. He's on the these on the national team for some reason I don't understand this is a new start for the Nuggets, joking start, not because they show us on Carmelo Anthony so she want to go negative up there their star power for sure. Joe Harris is always steamy to harassing a bad shooter wising the US men's national team Brook Lopez on his team should put me on the team but results is on his team will help a player. These are all NBA players okayed the library even if it was white with white places Persia, but he had a pretty good year for Spurs lecture going up to be one that will represent this country go back tell you that you know that all these dull the big players Say no no no no and if you got injured back down and Jayla Brown in a team and all that but all NBA players okay Spain and Serbia beat him okay in Spain and Serbia have a couple three NBA players under teams they have caught up.

These countries have caught up a little bit but like I said, two, three, maybe four NBA player someone postings. We got all NBA players and lose nothing. Okay, so what's to come down to grade the coaching you know I mean you don't have to sequence lawyer Eric yes you just had Lebron and Carmelo and Dwayne Wade and all these guys.

I need finally Popovich. Maybe if he did a little coaching with these guys all telling just to him he would release metal. We came in seventh place that haven't they been I hold any polling on Saturday morning to finish seventh in the feeble World Cup and I states hold that position basketball. That's just obvious that there wasn't an OSHA ski pole and team are asleep on the page so that it is very bad pun she's going to hook up a job like we are and he is a relative relative I guess the US basketball team will be visiting the White House invite you for maybe somebody will invite compartment which could figure something out. The roster is horrible, like it's not there NBA players yeah religion is slander. Popovich's Xmas and ABA for more than a decade already classing on you know what is looking at he's looking at Anthony Davis, James Hardy, Eric Gordon CJ McCall of Damien Lillard stiff curries came in to rent Lebron James quality on none of these guys want to play in the feeble world tail, but that's still dandy, but but he still had a roster of all NBA player like this is none of the other countries had all and there quite with them. That's his player from the Spurs. He came up to the G league last the play a lot � not somebody wanted to go, not who's best for the country will Carmelo Anthony wanted to go. I will be doing nothing right now you have played together four years old. Top you know I grade so there's no chemistry there mill is getting a blackball treatment right is somewhat easy and I don't think Brooklyn's comfortable exiting Brooklyn might pick him up to although I'm surprised you haven't yet conversations happen couple using Carbonite out and rents and yet we want to Carmelo Tappan so something is going on with these teams that sign Carmelo find hard to believe, is not the top 400 players in the world. But even with this team so big they lost the beat: it would play with non-players, Kim Walker missed a game of the neck injury.

Jason Taylor missed a game with ankle injury. Marcus Mark missed the game with a leg injury. Taylor missed six of eight games in the tournament in full of drop out now.

It was big problems for me like you're saying here in India. Don't get me wrong in your Popovich obviously is a good coach but he just shows me nothing yell as he does not respect anybody in the media and in his press conferences just bug the heck out of me and ended it on the Nick Sabin bugs me.

But at least she's got a little bit of class Popovich just completely goes off on the media at all times. He looks at him like complete idiots about Bill Belichick.

You know I'm sorry everyone tries to act like Belichick Belichick. At least you know you know what's coming. Elvin Popovich is like I want to be nutso I will say this I expect the Boston Celtics to be in the NBA finals this year because they had three or four Boston Celtics together on this roster aside and plan together all summer. They had Jaelyn Brown was on this roster is Marcus Mark was on this roster. Jason Tatum and Kim Walker to play with her new point guard for the past three months or whatever and looking at the east is still pretty wide open. I mean with with Ronald losing Kawai people are, pick in Philly is a favorite. I'm looking in Boston. Unlike these got don't take for granted the time spent with these layers and how Tatum and Walker and Marcus Martin, Jaelyn Brown. That means that plus whatever center they picked up sprouting to be there starting five in little remedies that's more enough to get there so they pick up the picked up they pick up somebody at him really got. I don't remember his tongue but but that's the number one thing stands out to me but to me this note. No offense to Harrison Barnes in South Carolina and everything but Harrison Barnes start on this team. Donna Mitchell was a great player, great player. Now I've suggested something that would be interesting to do for USA basketball is to put age limit on who goes 25 and under. That way your costly cycling in younger guys that might've just been in the league for two years three years four years or college juniors and seniors are good enough to make the team, start implementing them back in because I would like to see a USA men's Maxwell team in Tokyo with Zion Williamson and RJ Barrett and Kelly white, and these young guys just came in the league because these other guys dictate had certain age out cycling the bondsman three times. I think you say the need to go anymore and what for. So therefore the know we got a bronze know for so what in his character that's a yes on that center. So yeah, I mean those those guys, we mentioned that Katie had the luxury of having were the best of the best in the NBA but they're all getting older and maybe not willing to go. I doubt the rent will play nationally again with injury he just had you got Gaza Kari Irving staff currently targeted guys I you guys to go just for so Lebron out by me at that point, a bronze review of 36 on the fees we want to go there as he wants one more euro international does anyone know any just feeble thing. I mean it to court you know is a qualifying type thing, I mean that I'm aware of. This is like like international World Cup tournament type thing so I should of been better than seventh place.

I don't care who yeah better than everyone is advised that he had barely been a save the seat in the playoffs in the West for sure. I'm looking a little less like who sought me like the change start one up every night mouse turns on this team.

Nope, no problem. I'll Turner but he's on the new US national team expose weird but but when you say Plumley and Lopez only because he was start start for the Nuggets. I don't even understand that I called.

It is like it was like they were picking teams.

He's happy, the last guy standing there and you had to be picked will take me some Plumley and that was put on the bench or something know what you think. They think if she should ask he was at the helm that somebody's players would've went out bashing as a question you think of K was the coach and the team that some of these guys would've came in and played as it is about not vegan or they want is the prestige of the tournament. Maybe we could talk about. This is not like the Olympics two years ago had my own career. These guys don't want to play. They particularly another summer yeah well I mean two months, you are using 40% of the NBA was free agents this past off-season, so there's a lot of switching teams and stuff them out. The main reason people dropping out or send no one focus on you know didn't acclimate to my team and carving the sand on the bar in Brooklyn. We arty know what carrier is going to do is going to hold the ball and not pass it to anybody shoot the reason take the last out of the gate, so that's probably what is going to run down hot takes were quick. Sawyer give us a music that each person is given one hot take on something they saw this week or prediction of what will happen going forward in sports including Sawyer and Aaron and out that we punctuated by our our Friday hotkey for each one.

So let's go ahead and get that underway your listening to the run down like all the extra pocket like with Desmond Johnson let Johnny ogle first disease. The new got back in the studio and be back let me go against rules. Now that this letter that is not at all. Though my heartache is kind of a hot crazy hot take on he always breaks the rule as this is going to get under this this'll really get a rise on Desmond here. Okay, so what kind and week six, the Carolina Panthers will surely cam Newton number one, the Miami doll Josh Rosenblum and Rosen will come in and lead the Panthers 12 wildcard spot is nasty. I felt bold crazy to John to do with any of that all restraint week six I don't go to line is low.

Week eight or nine so so cam Newton to directly traded to the Dolphins. Josh Rosen shows that Miami did back of the Lord in the class that happens don't know. I can imagine that how I'm looking to pick it your heartache just to get things started spicy one by John Penrod will my heartache.

I'm going to the Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson will lead the ravens to win the AFC North and become the number one quarterback in the AFC over big. Being a grimace may feel when ever since and I thought yeah I know I played the Miami Dolphins, but he looked he illustrated me was that last year feel like they were, hot Matt and like maybe give an extra year to get acclimated, but if he does that again X that's a good game. Baltimore, Arizona coming up her son, Ellen Murray versus Lamar Jackson so I might check that out beyond locally.

So we will see about that control room sorted Aaron got arrested yesterday. The famed actress Felicity Huffman was sentenced to a staggering two weeks in jail for her part in a college bribery scandal, so her counterpart aunt Becky yeah who did not take a plea deal hello Porterville has a love that is important to be very small in proceedings of his soon to get her sentencing. She will catch at least two years old boss.

So Becky and Jill for two years.

Tonight I'd like to be in jail with her for two moment Sawyer last weekend UFC fighter could be read off the one who fought Connor McGregor had a huge brawl.

He moved to 20 80 in his professional career against Dustin Poirier, one of the you know hardest hitting lightweights in the class. This guy, this is a we are not take he's never lost around in his professional career is never lost around, if any, fighter 28 no top of his game, but no one really has in the conversation is the goat. Despite all these facts, to say that I thought it was John Jones. You guys minor John Jones that only anyway I thought he was my favorite fighter and best of all time. But you know I like to go with the beat. After this just gives dominate everyone and there's no way around it yet think that he's the best UFC fighter but yet you know something that I had forgotten how devastating Brooklyn was when he first came in like that dude was like extremely scary in octagon's first three or four fights and any slow down a slowdown first couple that he came there lucky a showed a thing on Facebook of like highlights of things. First match where he literally came out with like a street fighter to running me type thing any man. And then he puts his to do in the face like the straight jab and like the guy gets hit so hard he rolls backwards like into the cage spent some slight mock God like what you never got diverted to close in whatever you have you seen Anita Greg Hardy highlights Jackie Asia scary Greg Hardy is Gary Dan UFC is undefeated. The uneasy heavyweight light. He asked at this location because the are you you need a guy like on the ground and like a course Greg Hardy would get his wife. I like to say if I print out really prevent a lot of great parties fights. Now he starts now. He he and his first fight was Khomeini like an ESPN card so I am putting him even though he's like a fighter that thrown them on the front to maintain a Beebe overall is assumed yet no against each other different unit weights, but all Tomball time is never lost around age of the best guys in the world is never a velocity of the smartcard McGregor and right yeah yeah I know because I literally just wraps you up to five minutes. Your you are getting up this just like you can't we can. My mate custody with the Carolina Panthers also and we touched a little bit in the first segment I think regardless of how the Panthers in this season. Cam Newton is going to retire into the season, the like. He's not going to allow it to get to a lame-duck situation contract wise because next year will be Glasser's contract is good because we ask questions about it made me ask us questions about it yet an average year this year put the Panthers an awkward spot we do with them.

We re-sign him. We over Pam and and you know what the hell Kobe Bryant situation last four years will every be here. We let him go for nothing. I don't think that either side benefits from that. I think cam is in a similar situation to Andrew luck was in six months ago where he's grappling with trying to figure out what he wants to do with his life going forward and assortment.

It started to leak into his play start to leak into his decision-making and what he's doing and the way he acts like on everyone else's notice, but he's no longer animated on the sideline anymore. He's not.

I can't remember him motioning for first down like the one he hasn't got a first down on his feet like this entire season yet and that he's ran the ball like four times in two games. They say he's healthy but it doesn't it doesn't add up the bilingual stud look right.

I'm not a doctor, sucking since it will, he's absolutely not healthy at something wrong with them, but it might be physical, but he's thinking he is starting to think about life after football. And once you start thinking that it's just a short slope to life after Fleming, I know that you notice it like me watching the games we met like it if you get Sacramento's a bad pass and eight your camera motions to his face is just this like straight stair of IRA onto the next play, and he does the same thing is like I don't know but anything that's great because before he would get mad like he could visibly see he's mad that they missed covered trees Mattie Mr. thrower some like that he's pumping his fist or is looking at someone or something. Week one. When his helmet was malfunctioning in the first half and he could go play and said to call a timeout and eight I think I got up earlier had a call center, right behind it or something because someone right with your set normally cam Newton would be yelling at the sideline. My helmet working.

It'll like it even really bother him as he walked to the sideways like my home is not working man will be doing resigned to what's going on. And for me, just looking at it and read the tea leaves is exactly what Erin would Andrew luck went through. Basically, over the past four years. He talked about when he retired he was in a cycle of get hurt rehab recovery get hurt rehab recovery. Any use in that cycle for three or four years cycle right now.

Cam Newton so I mean it.

It people Santa can't happen.

You said the same thing about Andrew luck and that's exactly happened.

These guys aren't stupid. These young guys and we right now. They don't have to. Title 35 to be comfortable.

The router lies the monies to money or better yet, it will have to do this.

They can walk away with her legs and walk away with her mind stills and obviously would Andrew luck did a couple weeks ago and it was retire it's I think it might open up the floodgates to me.

People forget about Patrick Willis anymore and he retired early sure did he save the saved body Sarah Sanders that Mary Sanders did it mean people don't talk about these guys.

Most are gone like that in there so shocked when it happens. It's their body, not ours. We can do it. Johnson & Johnson. The 49ers have another player that was early to tackle the year before he retired. It is about 20 sit back yeah I was crystal clear.

Literally yeah that's right so I me this happens, but usually don't see on such a higher level of like of athlete and I start to look at it like the season goes a certain way, even if it even if they make me lay off even across the ground.

Spat retire. Think about Andrew luck in drunk gone out of the NFL. That's that's the same as it fell fully believe that cam Newton if if not this year. At the end of this contract.

He has by 2020.

Step away from the game say I'm done he's got cam he's got three kids under age of like six or seven or somebody can literally live his life and and and be with his kids. His girlfriend Charlotte's not a expensive place to live if you want to choose to live there. He's got houses elsewhere me. It is not such a far-fetched idea. That's what Mike Mike audits mate for today he could be depressed about these jokes is getting on the Internet to gather the zone got a few times and got a few moments to read some of the picture played a game called cam Newton looks like an Internet cam looks like the wolf disguised as the grandmother in little red riding cam looks like a 43-year-old 44-year-old divorcee who just found out she lost custody of Ricky looks like a woman who has lost several husbands under mysterious circumstances. Greenville Avenue looks like he doesn't care about your company policy and want to speak to your man looks like he's about to start a new narrative in Westworld looks like the wicked witch of Hobby lobby looks like my grandma and grandpa at the same time. Looks like he's about to tell someone it's male new right to slay Scooby Doo turn out like a person on the flight. Horrible. Too much time with her hands makes minimal retirement date that it can't all be like you know what any of this night all you about walks off of his housecoat or whatever is wearing that day. Cody got the microphone coming up more NFL and about to go around the league pick our top games the weekend plus I have a question for boy Rod will deck Prescott become the highest-paid player in NFL history around active for Sunday but will even play an even more. We got some of the patients with and one for you next Miranda shut up shut up and stand by your listening run down Johnson for the latest news on college and pro sports North Carolina visit sportster on a coverage of ACC papers with hurricanes NASCAR much more weekly audio podcast analysis and more.

That's what around the NFL getting ready for your Sunday games. Of note that I'm looking through here, Vikings and Packers on Fox at the 1 o'clock game. Both teams are one and only season I picked Minnesota when NFC North. So their offense looks really different without uncooked out there. He's a very good running back so we'll see how the Packers handle him patriots going down to Miami to take on the dolphins. So let's go ahead and get this out the way thoughts Mancino Montagna Brown lawsuit, open it up to its everybody here I thought the timing was a little weird that it came out, literally two days, three days after he some of the patriots. This happened like two or three years ago, we kinda got some clarity and watch a civil suit. There is no criminal suit out there in the latest news is that Commissioner Gordon Commissioner Dale thank you for the NFL Commissioner can tell lies about the slots. Commissioner Gordon 99. They decided not to put them on the exempt list which I'm in favor of because he is not that he is not been accused of a crime in criminal court or whatever. And until he is or is proven guilty of some sort to keep the man from welcome his job so right now, he said she said type situation. It's a sticky situation at that but does that sound like somebody wants money or about is the wrong way. Sounds like sounds like a money grab type and they really knew each other. She was a trainer see was his personal trainer look guys. I look if I had a personal trainer. Now, and it was a young lady and she was you know making sure that I was training she was trying to be really good.

You know sometimes you get in some precarious stances when you might like to know what Sammy I don't know which spec you know like for the further example of squats write all my squads. Yes, right now. No way to charge for your personal heart is made just a young lady is your trainer back up with just a no go lease up to Napa we got a bagel lawsuit on the ground that said they had consensual relationship with each other and there's a lot of extra stuff out there. There's all in the text messages now that we run it sent to her is video there some video of them out there so I know we'll see how this goes. But meanwhile he is a member of the New England Patriots as it stands right now, you will be so Bill Bella check in to do is to have him active and on the roster and he got player snap me only been one for a week and they did the same thing that Chad Ochocinco and Don didn't learn any of the place, though now he was. He just couldn't grasp like what they were doing got there and Adler yeah we did in Cincinnati to work Newton. It works.

It's not but small County sound like a very hard worker. He's very smart when it comes to football very long to get them acclimated probably ready. Can you believe that you have Josh Gordon and Antonio Brown on each side. What happened to the office. Let me just the last year. I don't like running down the Dorsett like last year they had a no name guys a wide receiver. Basically Chris Hogan is now panther means playing lacrosse or something. Right now they've got coming. I can't name another waterski room in the league within it have more talent in it than this Bradys is got abundance of riches said it was received so we can compete with what New England that you have wide receiver that's five deep what what does Kansas City have in wide receiver room for five deep. Oh, see with a walk is the weak point that God is about to walk every queue is injured right now count him half is easier to run WB back Travis Kelsey count feet to type out all the time. I'm still on some of the waterski just the waterski panel was assumable in BP last year. He's like the third option now in the new Julian Edelman. They just traded Damaris Thomas out of the room. I sure did. There's no comparison with the patriots will be back.

Josh Gordon Antonio Brown, would you say is the top waterski removably who Antonio yeah okay so would you say Josh for the top 10 water seemingly no, no, no, I will listen.

I didn't know I would just see if you saw Sunday's game. I mean, he was just day got bigger as it needs to get back into his plan boat, but when he was at the Browns know he was that guy was the only instrument for your browser is the significance they clean patriots have gone all in on him and Tom Brady had given him your lucky chance for one second or third with only relief we are just so hopefully he can stay clean because I like Josh Gordon on I want before we got take another break. I want to touch on the Cowboys because to me they want more impressive games last week. Granted, it was the Giants but� Press got bold out last week in basic on the Cowboys transports up try tomorrow race while 30 Vanessa decided to come to Cowboys all sorry With the Redskins are sorry 1230 tomorrow here in sports.

Would that become the first $40 million man in NFL history per year is on the road to doing it. The longer Jerry waits like dactyl have a pretty good argument to give me this money before Jerry Junior over your section and it it kinda makes me sick okay I read again. I make you sick about that� It you know I what is what is Don calling teasing winning, but what what has he been doing NFC championship no okay okay look like for you to pay them $40 million a year right off the bat we got a weight on that. I mean, I don't think you should why Felipe Carson Lindsay hasn't even a playoff game what's destined 3431 33 3330 tomorrow. I think they did all he didn't go to the Inn of the championship. It's a very valid exactly will we do, that's what this is all a ploy. Jerry Jones on the whole damn preseason just don't want to talk about the Cowboys every day exactly well.I do Jerry Goodison and jersey sales went through the roof, but you want to know why he's going to get his money out to be 40 million will be up there it sees is Gobi way of easy to go to be the most guaranteed money or the most per year easily most somewhere in one of those cacti will hold up now short time.

So for someone else to come along to Russell and someone right now 35 million a year for a total value hundred 7 million guaranteed no right and golf had a full year end golf has the most fully guaranteed 110 just in total guarantees yet golf is the highs at 110 million is fully guaranteed. Only 57 million those of the way that conference, structured Aaron Rodgers as interns.

A fully guaranteed money that that actually is Matt Ryan at 94 million were he's going to get 94 million looking at some of these other quarterbacks on here Russell Wilson's number one with the contract he signed the off-season office worker to some extent. She's a 34 million per he's number two Rogers at 333 five and golf at 3035 Tottenham Carson Wentz making 32.

Matt Ryan is at 30 listen to those numbers and we have any mention Tom Brady Kirk cousins that he's adding a 28 words that occur because the only one on here that has a fully guaranteed 88, 80, $84 million annually three year deal or something crazy like that Jacoby per set is at 27. The world no heat while he just signed a two-year 30 million. All that's what okay so it was 20 million, fully guaranteed to be brought below. Probably the biggest bank robbery of all time. I think that in the end I told you last out two weeks ago. He needs to give 1/2. Please check the billability yet dirt car drew breezed under 25 million then take the folly of Tom Brady 23 million is average for the year. I'm still really right now the highs waffles and 30 5C.Wilson.Wilson receipt that Prescott get 36, 37 million are why jump right yeah I can. I can see 3637 and he shouldn't argue with that but they're going and the reason being is there going to put more on deck shoulders and that's because of our new offense of coordinator whose commandant which is Kellen Moore and Kelly Moore has done something that Jason Garrett is not done and he's actually conform to what Jack Prescott can do. He's looked at deck Prescott's film from college and everything that they're doing now if you noticed we play the Giants.

It was up-tempo gang ran 62 place Cowboys have never ran six violated it's always been hand the ball off the seat will take our time will get back to the line of scrimmage. It was more of a hurry up, hurry up style, which is something that debt used to do when he was in Mississippi. So now that he is out Kellen more is one of these new generational offense of coordinator he understand what he has.

He understand the talent of his quarterback and he's using it that way, which is one of the reasons it Jerry Jones was not all that impressed about having a hurry up and get seat back in the lineup because were gradually going up which you seek.

Don't get me wrong, will go to gradually put more of the load on deck shoulders show that this past weekend. I guess a giant quick.

I got take the last breaker but just some some games that look really good. Seahawks taken on the Steelers will see the Steelers that is not racially as the patriots on Sunday night football at the one at 1 o'clock kickoff on Fox Cowboys Redskins one Cardinals ravens shaped into a interesting game.

There are the driveshaft transaction would be affecting Sunday he's up in Baltimore culinary versus the March axis of two Heisman Trophy winners going out there and she said raters for 5 PM on CBS patent homes. It's dirt car so that should interest match up their saints and lambs for 20 5 PM at the national game on Fox and I will be that's in LA so that'll be a good one also leave a rematch of NFC champs should game Eagles Falcons the Sunday night game.

While that here. Sports are tried and then Monday night we have Browns versus Jets just games this weekend so the sticker last break come back odds and ends rapidfire ram get a minute to debate random topics that are brought to us by Sawyer and Aaron don't miss it. Linda Johnson episode rundown and modified Google, Apple, Sam thought a more certain, right now it doesn't. Johnson downloaded and go have this episode up for you shortly for about an hour so you haven't listened to over the weekend was going get into our final segment of every episode rundown odds and in assortments of subplot for one minute at the end of one minute with her mother. Sound five topics put together by our production staff we have no item with an ass. It was okay to get into it are a starting off last week at Wake Forest over under 7F wins this week is the Carolina Panthers over under 7 1/2 length dam source civil over Adam was 11 when seen and I'm not panicking yet because they're not getting blown out there, just having these mental errors and not doing certain things I like what I saw for the defense, though, and I think the sky carrying the distress right. I'm still going over to London only because home losses. That's a tough recovery in London two weeks of the one-game morning. Yeah, I'm going over they will lose her temper again.

They still have 14 more games left the place.

You can't tell me that they're going to lose 65, 70% of escape still believe I'm sorry man. I expect in the coming to Arizona next Sunday in the defense of particulars can have this particular pump about when enforcement women gain defense today, Thursday.

If the losing streak continues is Ron Rivera on the hot seat at all. Yeah, his contract runs out. 20/20 also given camera test came in together their fortunes of the so you gotta say if the question whether not cam Newton's career were futures into being Carolina I think, contact wrong. That's it right, how I hated Tupper did not buy that team loses this year. Halfway through it if they don't they go under seven applicants.

I hate to say it and I'm a Ron Rivera family to love him is all Carolina but relieved of the students. Yeah, I mean if they keep losing. Then, yeah, cam Newton and Ron Rivera are basically Willie Beeman and Al Pacino in any given Sunday. They may wind up at another team together but our baby will be out of the Catalano organization telling you I will say that I think though that Rivera coaching step out before they fire in nocturnal Seton there would be a winless Tennessee even be wanting one Chattanooga this week in college football. What what were thinking. I think the mean can Tennessee be that bad. They can give a game is at Tennessee's in the game. They don't be those hundred and $10 and family love you smoke the city if they don't win that one next to the CME people become segments that you thousand year will be fired if they don't win that day, he might exit early, happy by having interim head coach knew got the story of Tennessee with the that'll be good story going into Monday night.

Next up was the best wide receiver in the NFL. You know something about this guy that I love Julio Jones I think Sam's though with those last many discussions. Scott gets in trouble. I'm honestly I think it's the little real brown like it's either him or gentry Hopkins got who else who else is out there that Browns had with Michael Thomas OBJ.

I might take out all those players until he rounds on the ones I like 6000 yard seasons in a row over hundred or catheter or something crazy like that. I think Tom Brady and probably get close to Randy Moss is 2023 touchdown record and missed a game.

So I like all Hopkins over there in Texas, Houston area is great receiver and even when his quarterback. There was an interception. He picks the DB up and slams his hands against a man evaporate in reason was that Julio he keeps his mouth shut so far meant.

Plus, he just re-signed with Atlanta just one of the good shots Omari Cooper to even given a credit for what he's done for the Dallas team generally split that office with dangerous unit just by arriving and pay to get the money to the boat we got plenty of take that shot it right now. I can levy on Bell lead the Jets to a winning season without sand on his heart saw something about Selby that they took a MRI of his shoulder for this. It was fun without sand you know nothing. Sam's illness also the second man, Sam's mononucleosis, even kissing on the wrong girl we were some of his early how do you get mono and then I fell like you usually buy my college roommate had walking mono, but he was missing so we can figure out what I think he was trying to pull the romantic mono auto mono can be picked up from anything so it's not like saliva actually like the kissing.

Yeah, that's what it's called the doorknob house and down mono conducive lose this. The other said later on this soul so you guys okay so I will and will not note document that I want to talk about the trainer for Antonio Brown know you do not call back on Saturday Johnny training you know there's a time when you have the strict don't get sick about Jacob daily for the latest news on North Carolina weekly podcast like the nest posted by personal trainer output no with rhinestone lobby ready, like Brandon Blakeney in the rundown articles written by some of the best talent to get specials and more mandates right now you see your brother will house next week.

Randy, like you, not back mouth with his rear out. Enjoy your weekend triad

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