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The Rundown with Desmond Johnson - Panthers vs Texas Preview - Sept 28th 2019

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham
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September 28, 2019 12:41 pm

The Rundown with Desmond Johnson - Panthers vs Texas Preview - Sept 28th 2019

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham

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September 28, 2019 12:41 pm

Host Desmond Johnson with John Olzsewski, Rod Funderburk, Sawyer Dillion, Aaron Gabriel. The guys take a look at Cam Newton's newest vlog and question whether he should have told the coaches he was injured weeks ago. Panthers vs Texans preview. Can a SEC top ten team beat Alabama and keep them out of the CFB playoffs? Plus, Triad HS Football Top Five poll, and a look at ESPN's Top 100 NBA players for the 2019-20 season. Kevin Avery from The 4 Man Rush stops by to break down the Panthers vs Texans.

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You know me, you the man I am here is Desmond Johnson well tried but Kyle Allen era has begun. Maybe I will Superman be out for who was the best team in the NFL right now and more welcome to the rundown.

I am your host Desmond Johnson. I am joined by Johnny oh John Majeski brought Funderburk for doing as our producer Aaron Gabriel's mouth manner. Social media 336-777-1600 number to call the chime in on any of our topics today but let's go ahead and get started. Aaron, what is the Twitter poll question for today because I can put anything such turned over to got to know where is Mammalia good morning.

Try your total poll question for today when the big town board to weight temperature unification bout tonight with BRB of Champion Aerospace Junior or WBC champion John Porter little box to keep it all on twitter exports are tried or exports: one can answer questions there throughout the day to every man I spoke social media got a question on Twitter to get it bring to the Air Force and will do our best to try to answer whatever questions just throw at us but got a start off today and I don't normally start off the high school football.

We will get your update on area scores from around the tribe from last night. Luckily, a lot of games got in before some weather came through here right at the tail end of a lot of high school football last night. A lot of interesting outcomes. Last night there to set up some really interesting games for next week and we got a big one here in sports are tried this upcoming Friday will talk about that little bit to the first of the biggest news headline news on last night: Panthers quarterback cam Newton released a video blog on his YouTube channel and basically revealed that he was hiding just how much of his left foot spring was that how much of it was hurting before the season to coaches and players and that he will return to the field please 100% healed. For those that are in the loop. Newton had a mild Liz Frank's brain and the third preseason game against Newington patriots, noncontact injury and he aggravated at a loss to Tampa Bay Bucs in week two. Panthers are called interim midfoot spring, which is technically Liz Frank's brain fellas I bring in my payment, Ranjan. I had read originally that a list Frank's Frank take up to 6 to 8 weeks to heal, so Panthers have put a timetable on this cam is a timetable on this, but in terms of this video just initial thoughts were cam is right now. Mentally, how you see the situation, ultimately playing out because he he didn't sound like a goddess. Think about retirement and all the video you sound like a guy was trying to healthy because he recognize the talent stuff that's on this team this year and he feels like he can get back hundred percent. He can really help the team, but initial thoughts when you first heard this, that cam was hiding, so to speak.

This injury from the coaching staff will good morning day is Johnny dryad helper by doing well. I my initial thought is it's not surprising. Number one, you hear it all the time. Athletes, especially football players have to be protected from themselves. No athlete will go out and he will play injured. As a matter fact, with this new concussion rule and athlete will get a concussion know he has a concussion. You can tell he has a concussion, but he will swear up and down to you. It's his shoulder that's hurting or it's his neck that's hurting or it's his left arm that's hurting and will never conform to the concussion. So if cam Newton doing that, you know, I think, regardless of whether the team was great has an excellent team or not he was wanting to be on the field because he's an athlete that's what he does. He plays football so I think regardless he was going to try and come back to the team. He wasn't going to tell the coaches hope he could play through it.

A lot of times you feel like you can play through it. You don't know exactly what it is. If it's a sprain or if it's just something is tightening up as an athlete.

A lot of times you say hey I need to play through it so my muscles don't tighten up. I think that's what he was doing asked that I thoughts atop a truck is on a plate about multiple levels. When I first saw this, but what's the company players do this over the course of a given season where there they may be banged up or or more. The Latin on but didn't want you to give up his spot or maybe they feel like it seems to be worse without them so that they push through and play button in maybe it actually hurts. It seems that the guys out there players that love the game of football do that for sure yet if there's a lot of what part of.

On the opposite end of it that will kill the play without him and won't play with a little bit of an injury can only mean but when the majority of them the ones that love the game of football.

The role-playing true injuries. Clearly, I mean all but I need a high percentage of them are all injured would Johnny I almost bet that it's closer to all of another not, you know, I'd say it's over 95% of all the starters are going to do that and I'll bet you dollars to donuts on that. I mean it's just an athlete mentality because there's a lot of testosterone in the locker room. You know, believe it or not, you guys don't see things that happen in the locker room there fights in the locker room. There is name-calling owe you a punk unity to play today was wrong which you shut up that can't go on has a another guy would testosterone in the locker room so the last thing that you want to do is come off as if you have some kind of weakness or your week and athletes, especially football players unit they're not in a fight do that and running, especially when you're a leader like him Nubia. You know that's like that's what he plays through the injuries I give them all the credit in the world uncertainties and appointer injuries for probably a few years now, but it out and on the flipside, and I'll go get you guys a little because I know you guys I know does like the YouTube thing but you know what he's injured you know he is the leader of the team but just leave the team you don't let Kyle do his thing right now. Step back, get healthy, but the team played through what they have right now on the field and try to get out of the limelight a little bit what I'm say will see I can look at it differently.

336-777-1600 and recall with you in China.

Cam Newton right now here in the rundown.

I can look at it like I'm glad he did it because if he hadn't it.

Kyle Allenby asked questions about cam Newton every single week and by him doing on his YouTube channel.

He actually controls the narrative as opposed to doing an interview with a reporter or a press conference, we present a couple clips that can be misconstrued or misunderstood by him controlling the actual channel. He put the message out on the control what's the narrative in terms of what happened and he is taking full responsibility for it.

I shouldn't of played it was it was no me to do so. I'm realizing that I can't do that kind of thing I'm stepping back in, you'll see me when I get healthy somehow. Technically, I don't really expect to see cam until he's ready to go. By putting this out.

If it looks like you put some thought into it.

Just found reporter Paul Morgan hallway but hey, I was hurt, shouldn't hurt innocent plan until the coaching staff. But you know it is what it is, but he did this, but the thing was Germany was a kind of confirmed thoughts that we had the first two weeks of the season because we are all thinking cam looks like his heart, but they all of Sammy's fine, but we have our eyes we can see him. He looks hurt and then he was like other thing in the video that was the most jarring thing to me when he came out for week one is Tampa Bay or not. Week two against Tampa Bay and weaklings the brands he does his thing when he is at home where he runs around the ring of the statement pretty peppy and warm up like a stretching thing around the entire wing and he said he took a couple steps coming on the tunnel in Iraq.

He could run. I could run all his foot and that he started doing things in the game start think about when you're hurt starting at that body part protected only by foot. Only by touching the foot so he started his game started acting because that you go back and look at Tampa game. He was born a lot off of his right foot left foot with the mayor.

Lottie Zola jump passes thrown was upper body stuff like that. Total reverse mechanics of what we seen from cam the past two seasons so that's it in a telltale and then the McCaffrey play. The fourth template that in her stamp with base will cam out of play entirely as a decoy that died that normally happen when Tammy said, you know, normally majorities always felt no matter what level he can get a yard jump over, you will jump through. You will run around you now that he knew he couldn't get that yard, let me stop you. There is cam said it was his fault. He didn't tell the coaches will cam didn't call that play on the go live date was at the coaches call me, they should've known something at that time and I want my understanding the sequence was they had the play called.

It was like forth in for something like that had to play call.

They liked it and Tameka had a delay game. The culture comes in a row without that delay game a pushed happiness to the goal line in the painters and change the call they stay with call. He actually liked it first on the called it and wanted anyway. But instead of important forms forth inches basically encourages the coach ran McCaffrey up, got probably got it or when Timothy got the campus in her saying he could not run that play because his foot was so messed up and that's the new thing that we did know that even if they had done the play, we blend play caller unit they done the play, thinking cam was healthy. He probably would've made it to court him so that's pretty jarring to hear that from cam Newton. Hello this I'm not I'm not one to give anybody credit for this, because number one is dramatic. The video is dramatic like here sliding like is about to request ransom for somebody's Holocaust and just sit like our glass of wine and smoking probably hundreds of dollars so you know me well if he did not disclose if he did withhold his injury. Information from the coaching staff okay. Bottom line is you hurting team, which is not a good thing and I will believe it personally that you could withhold such an injury from a coaching staff because if you got care Roy, how you as a cotrustee of don't know your guys are right is beyond me. Well tech coming for the past year so cam is a real naproxen like elasticities cracks and one day we can even it was a sideline and my understanding that it let them really practiced first week at all.

He was on the sidelines throwing in the second week they come to the same thing where you tricycle and say you could pretty tame for any so rehab shoulder so big that he was not there doing this the normal stuff that like how Ellen probably went through this week Cam is it with the right of the practice schedule for two years. I had a money pitch count � obviously North Turner new he was certain Rosie would call more run place nor knew that they did call that the one run play in the first quarter of the Tampa game the cam try to reach out for and do them only having two cameras available because of the weather and time the call he didn't get on the field. They only had two cameras review and on and the call stood but looking at it on TV like you got it, but they didn't run for that played even on that play like you did have the extra length that he normally would. He didn't look for contact and got caught in like 2 yards out this whole thing stinks to me of mismanagement from the team level down to the trainers and to cam Newton gifted yet the manage these things accordingly to put your team in the best situation that's actually question because it should. Should any blame be placed on on Rivera for allowing him to play when cam's tone to his face these fine but he clearly wasn't because I much to me. A coach can only go off of what players tell them) you can't just assume players her to be Tony's fine ladies are best player.

Why would you sit on thinking he's hurt he's telling the respondent giggles to have such a great route. They must have a brother � yeah. And then there's politics involved in this thing.

How do you go to the owner, David Tepper and say well cam telling me he's fun but I just got a bill in sums wrong some system set up senior hundred million dollar quarterback down David Tepper's go look at you like. Have you lost your mind to figure out he told you that he was fun. Put them in a dog okay so there's a certain level politics thereto rightly so that's that's the issue now because people were blaming North Turner from playcalling. People were blaming on Rivera, just because it's cool blame on Rivera for things and will blend cam Newton but now it's like cam a step to the forefront said this was all me. I should've said I was hurt. I did not I intensely told them I was not hurt and he called up to about in the Tampa game where he was noticeably limping the play.

I think he reactivated on Starr's office. One exploded on this play like Darrell Williams. It was like a box, not for rebound and certainly spacing cam at a certain point with the guy behind them is like trying to box him out the other side only what happens to the left tachometer right tackle these falls down and that that partyline caves in the series pushed all way back into cam cam start whimpers like two seconds into the play.

He jumps over a guy starts to run towards the sideline and they run them out of bounds and armor watching the game. The camera happens on cam's face out of bounds and is grimacing as he turned around and I was like our thinking my religious foot. No, I really touched him is another noncontact play. From that moment on, they didn't really want him anymore didn't really they don't then it would money RPO that really rainy all year really. So to me I'm thinking more of my known something was up. He had to just watching them direction stuff he had to think because last year the member. The narrative was run can lessen cams like I let a lion roar. Not stuff in the first thing you do the first to place the ceiling is Dallas. They rent cam on legs out for 4 yards or 30 yards. Whatever they haven't let him really do at all this year and now it's like, maybe even some it was my choice maybe was from what they saw all the narrative now is next man up and it's Kyle Allen in the that was very encouraging.

What we saw last Sunday but you know I hopefully he can almost match what he did last Sunday against you think this can be a tough football game represents a drop of Kyle and is a naturally doesn't have a pretty good defense but I think it's not as good as a Texans Cardinals hat do not have a good day when I was correct to have been entirely diffuse, not tough enough now yells that I was trying to get some help here for the Panthers positively.

Hey Arizona is not top-notch. I'm looking at trinkets right now course total defense to the patriots only allowing hundred 99 yards a game world and bring another play Miami another played the Jets and the private site but there was.

It was you and they still having been so hundred 99 yards gained the people they played their combined records. I wanted nine time give me a break saliency easier by technorati. This happens every year. But that didn't that is different there probably a good defense but by one and nine, allowing five points again about some bills although yellow to this year will see with going on with that because I am sold out of a job with these new Tom Brady videotape of that every week or becoming my new favorite thing. What's what's going allowing what we always like hi guys got a good win on the Buffalo dislikes them like rap music in the back of the highlight is the best thing is him like being like the most positive, happy guys like this is like 49 and nothing is like onto the next office is too easy for him at this point, now will just waffles give your doctors they were given NFL later on the day to Buffalo a new joke man. It got like a top, top, deepens their number five actually in total defense in the league right now. Number four is your Carolina Panthers the Panthers at the forthright defense in the entire league right now. We average only allowing 295 and yards per game plan offense. The Baltimore Ravens of the Baltimore Ravens are number one there average of 511 yards a game number one number is not told you guys about my quarterback a large accident was the reason for that.

What manner interesting and you can see last Sunday but you will deftly and they just ran out of time. Yeah so luckily there's only 15 minutes of the quarter. I think Baltimore wanted nothing that was rare and maybe he doesn't look happy and you should minutes is chiefs are undefeated and snow cruising along the on but yeah I mean I was looking to see where I'm looking find Houston's best walls of your sewer Houston's right defensively usually are top 10 defense and actually looking through this season.

21. Actually, so there's an opportunity here are allowing almost 4 yards a game there around 21 points a game yet is definitely opportunity here for some happen and then Carolyn schedule, lightens up a little bit they got this game. It's great. It's in Houston and Shawn Watson is a pretty good football player and he got Jacksonville.

After that limit on a Sunday in London.

Again, another Jackson should be a good one and then in London.

No notable next week after Vatican sampling is also but it were deafening and somewhat, I only got off of the four men rushed Kevin everything to join us in the 11 o'clock hour did actually break down the Carolina Panthers versus the Houston Texans game film wise and just what type things we should be looking for. For that, but coming up loaded Saturday of college football this season. SEC has five teams ranked in the top 10.

Currently the rear of the top five is this the year.

Alabama doesn't make college football playoff and if so who is the team most likely to beat them in the SEC plus another interesting game in Chapel Hill. Rodney had not there soon as the show was over, we is ready for a week and a football action ACC and top 25. We break it all down. Your list is Desmond Johnson.

This lease goes with these recyclable head coach Todd Willard, a new weekly podcast colonies recyclable team during the 2019 season.

We are in week five movie coming out here this upcoming week brought by along with the foresight this past week before the new episode is available across all major podcast format sponsored by East Coast wings Kernersville Cindy Swain BH home services heavily expressly Kernersville Kevin bug State Farm insurance in the collegiate shop stream once modified Google podcast Apple and more. That is the nest with the coach, Todd Willard got a huge magic coming up this upcoming Friday and that here in a little bit. The first college football today. Those got some interesting matchups here wanted to talk about first into the ACC scoreboard and some games are going to be going down today which ready for your Saturday. Johnny goes on to Syracuse Orange and taken on holy cross at the new name on ACC network that is known one that we can maybe count in the books of 3, and two, and then really get into the ACC schedule strolls week big one in Chapel Hill today on ABC. 3:30 PM. Number one.

Clemson goes into the chapel take on game North Carolina team. I don't think they need to wait till the fourth quarter starts going today think they probably need to depend on the early actually do you know that Clemson played 110 players against Charlotte while he does love them. Rodney isn't even at the game yet and the scores are ready seven to be ashamed of yourselves and he is such a thing. You give Carolyn a chance at all. In this contest. I'm either going to learn a lot about themselves. I think I mean I really do I think are going to learn a lot about this to me and I think they're going to learn if they give rise to a challenge or if they're the type that's going to fold when the challenge is too heavy.

I think that's what is going to come down to the going to find out whether not to have a heart for the game if they have fight within themselves and if I see them fighting and not giving up. You know, I think we'll have a pretty decent rest of the season and you just can't fold� Face it Lipson has the best talent they have the best coaching and that's what their number one there got it wrong.

Right now the Lord sitting plan really well right now he's actually taught my quarterback ACC for Mexican Jamie Newman for weight force yelling out right away if I can just back up to next week. I think both you were laughing at me when I said upstate was going to beat North Carolina and laugh. Now I don't regret laughing at what scuffles in their career in Arlington with elevated lines, more talented, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Carolyn should've won the game. We should've the one they regret. They had 489 yards. Upstate was the better football team to get.

If you look at the stat apps that gave up 489 yards that they they had 200 and I think 79 yards for the whole game score 3430 no lemming out. One is no doubt about it, but I mean I'm just saying Carolyn was a talented team. They lost again that that's what it came down to the lobby to get credit for the pick of the week for crying out loud. He knows a pic of the we remember John lunch. I'm looking forward to it. When looking for love not. I mean they were at Chapel Hill. Yes, but not being a power five school 11 tries and it took a block Google improvement over time like David at UNC go down the field for Phil would like 20 seconds left in the fourth quarter like it yeah at one game and they would see should've been motivated after coming off the loss that they had the Wake Forest ramp was going on with you and see. I cannot tell you I don't know and and I did put this disclaimer out there. Johnny last week I did say I believe Carolina win, but Matt Brown is still working with Larry for doors old players there and building law that often subside lucky he they're very young. Like I would expect Carolina to be good good for another year or two, please. Mac is getting some recruiting classes, then we eat and we thought about her and Carolyn is especially circling the wagons and didn't some guys in here but yet it's the first wind that overpower five school of Athens had since the Michigan Windows 7 zero mucosa power five school, but we really want to game/091 was there a lot of right so it was like no great job State all you mountaineers out there job.

Great. Well think Eli thought that like that could not defeat Carolyn. No one writes I gave you when an appointment.

Yes, I have friends with that you'll be in a North Carolina no.

I think everybody kinda taps them. Everyone in the week I root for Carolina for INT Winston-Salem State but not when I'll have to you know, and I had to give it up and say I don't root for Duke and I don't root for insisting about what Duke did a class yet will meet will get to those who just cite 330 today. Actually, the top 25 match up here in the ACC number 18 Virginia taken on number two Notre Dame that's on NBC exactly 330 again. That game is at Notre Dame in South Bend so that's a yes in South Bend and also at 330 Wake Forest for notes on five no taken on a three and one Boston College team that's on ACC network that is on the road that is at Boston College. This would you backup one Notre Dame last week, although they lost to Georgia. Yeah, a lot of people said Notre Dame was going to get blown out right Georgia and they did not know you know could weave in the state of hate Notre Dame gets blown out. Does that catapult Georgia above Alabama and not what maybe Notre Dame's a little bit better than I expected. Deli football is losing interest this year and just be in prime position as these SEC school start to knock themselves out on credit have to yeah is the state taking on Florida State at 7:30 PM on ACC network. Interstate 3 and one that's down at Doak Campbell in Tallahassee now. Last night, Duke and Montgomery admit I picked Virginia Tech when his game was in Blacksburg Duke 31 now in the season, 45 to 10 winners over Virginia Tech on a Friday night ACC game from last night.

Virginia Tech falls into into season, owing to any ACC look pretty good there in a double password touchdown last night assault look pretty pretty nifty from old clutch and they went 95 yards.

I think on one drive that just like it, the more Virginia because I was getting no text messages might buddy Jack over kickback checks you guys still doing the show over there check is a great guy over there. The partner whatever you want to call the GM of the place and I got to be pretty good buddies and he's a big thought tech guy, but I can always get text messages to which the block and then he said, because it doesn't look good. You know that they would get beat like 35 to 10 at the time and you know what Virginia Tech guide text me in the second half. I can't wait for basketball.

I thought that was never heard about 10 yeah there for their there and I mean that I don't know what Virginia Tech football teams unity but yet they got a decent asphaltene creator.

Now I'm looking through the AP top 25 and I didn't realize I said three of the top five schools in the country are SEC schools.

I didn't realize the right number 234 Clinton's number one right now course, Alabama's to George's three LSU for strong that NSU Towers Auburn, Auburn 70 my gosh, Florida's nine so yeah and then be scroll a bit further down the other ones and text items. 23 so that's yes all towards the top here and today maybe might help with some separation Texas Tech visits Oklahoma Oklahoma. The dark horse to win the whole thing here which it hurts three and on the big 12. That game is a norm, and that's a new game on Fox today. Number eight Wisconsin who know I should talk about ridiculing match against Michigan you I saw this thing it was showing you back, man.

He's like the house look great.

Yet it was a good chart that showed like the top teams in the country. Harmony for five-star kids are on the rosters and like the Clemson was number one Box 69, Alabama 58 in Florida havoc 49 like the only ones that have single digit for five-star kids in the entire roster and we know and number eight in the country.

106 and you know what he thought about old John Harbaugh doing that game one that's actually a set limit what little notice I don't get the schoolbooks on a come back around to Jim Harbaugh, Michigan 20 Michigan taken on records today at noon that's in Ann Arbor. It should be in the right track a little office so not sure about the play out and flee to Texas A&M taken on Arkansas Tech has two losses due to into still the top 25 though that's in there again. They lost to master the Clemson and was the other one LSU was LSU was in some ways highly ranked. Yeah right.

Equitable was, but it also Clemson first week or two the season from a mistaken old mistaken on number two Alabama back to Tuscaloosa Metropolitan NL 3:30 PM at CVS again, 21 USC 31 of the season on their third string quarterback were not mistaken, taken on number 17 Washington at the 330 game on the box yet it's at the start of 10 PM games that might be want to check out number nine floor taken on Townsend at 4 PM on this SEC network number seven Auburn taken on Mississippi State at 7 PM and we got we got number five Ohio State ticket on Nebraska at 7:30 PM UK order Rob going on in the will. Music starts dancing but let's admit back on this past Friday. Yesterday, number 12 Penn State demolished MD 50901 know what happened there but actually was score and millions similar basketball score. The living dead now that is your greatest velocity 3 to 20 and then also in the last two games they been I got it I got a text from coach Willis covered is for side last night and he knows going on and I was out of the Drago sales off and I guess Josh picked Maryland a good bet line was dinner with Lauren was there and for that game know I don't remember but I do remember Josh saying that I will about it all the bigger the I think he picked Maryland outright to just like moment God might just be will usually 59 coach Lloyd text me late last night you like somebody picked Maryland James Franklin to come out asked Maryland disrespected them so bad last night at zero.

Penn State is foreknow the right number 12. Watch out for them. Penn State, Wisconsin. My conclusion course the big like I cannot trust Michigan love Coach Franklin list.

Let's get back to mission admit Michigan and Jim Harbaugh here you think Jim Harbaugh's estate machinery think some I like where is it not been that would make sense I'll study like the Bears eventually but they seem like the right colt space Mike there are two of Frank right so would you. Here's a question. Would you want Jim Harbaugh as coach of the Carolina Panthers. No, I don't think he's I think this is going be his last year Michigan because he is going to be by Ohio State again and after losing last name claimant did was jump that was horrible.

Yeah me what 3514 when all yeah I like Michigan, what even like look.

Then again, like they just didn't look good and I think realities is his career. Michigan is over.

This year, and then he takes a year off, you'll probably be on TV or whatever would be a good landing place for him to another college think, the college works for is still not understanding why he left the 49ers he had issues with upper management.

They want to let him.

I guess I guess you want to have more more, saying put on the legs when I said to NFC championship's role and what they would extend him. He wanted an extension and the 49ers upper management was like well it was Super Bowl win one and will extend your needs like Washington have to do that get extended and went back and forth. It's got worse and worse they got.

He got into Super Bowl to NFC championships in a row that Alex Smith impacts to the 49ers.

Yet they flat out suck for a decade.

He came in there with me here there win 12 games a year and I remember that the Panthers when young cam Newton 2012 1314 had to get to either Seattle or the 49ers just to do anything else for nursing for time really liked three tackles after an offense of line and just run jumbo like at the 50 hardline and just run it down your throat now he's try to be so messed up at Michigan but I fear Michigan fan. I would imagine an RR boy Haskell shelties on the biggest Michigan fans I know hope is that the listed right now I feel for you brother, because I don't know what you guys can do with the situation actually got the call always that I want to know if you're interested in keeping Jim Harbaugh as your coach for MI 33677 seven 1600 number to dial is noble, but I think he stays if he beats Ohio State if he beats and yeah I don't think this Ohio State seem like I don't think flexibly. They can mean just in fields minor to Heisman candidate looking for a house over the same teams of the Lancet is loaded with talent and I don't know Max. I think Michigan deftly was Ohio State might lose another Big Ten game for you and get Ohio State think seven state estate estate say they got. I mean after breakfast I got I will. I was right in the 14th country next week. They got number 12 Penn State weeks after that they got number 10 Notre Dame the week after pills late at Maryland they got number 25 Michigan State easier and efficient seasonal number five Ohio State like a mean of four or five games for real like the way their offenses plan like I do not trust Michigan one bit. I know they were picked to get to the possible playoff this year with my return and everything. I will announce it and send urban lawyer to Michigan. Can you imagine that Peter eat said note all everyday but just say Michigan how he couldn't do that. You can't go to know that the light doesn't work now third of March USC which would be interesting to keep letting urban Meyer away with this comes into a program gets much talent and and criminals and then he leaves based off of health reasons, and a year later he pops up in a bigger school and does the whole thing over again when he leaves because of health reasons that he does it well. It does extremely well, like I relied urban Meyer to get away with this time can you be like you leaving the game because I'm a part-time headache. My health in question is gone for a year and also be pops up at it like not even like a rag like Rutgers or something popping up at like the big schools Ohio State Florida all USC of the room announce like us to go play South Alabama me like crazy to me. This time around is got a job doing analyst work.

I will go I saw him describing the spread offense home on any heaters. If you don't know how to run the spread offense. He describes it because he kinda invented it at Utah and is describing what you do will run playoff and stuff like that. And yet I called and was like Reggie Bush and Matt lining them all out there like back in the rolled out. He described it. If you don't understand it so simply go look it up online. It's really good stuff there and that's what he does well after the lease school.

He does the one year of television, and then he gets another big time school happened to be the head coach of the Trojans Southern California will know like spinning is weak he is at bed Bath and beyond home but I will know if wild weekend with me. Maybe that's how he's keeps his marriage intact.

MH is not okay now allow you to go in coach but you gotta spend the year with me in between. And by the end made by the end of that year, she's ready for me to head out of there and go back on Sunday because when he left Florida. That was the whole thing.

He wanted her time with the family was.

He was hurt you sick or something, what was said he was. He was passed out or some just couldn't get back in half and will have migraines and stuff like that. I mean Bigelow Talavera Myers recruited like to these programs like Florida and Ohio State and wherever he ends up next look up urban lawyers overall record as a head coach. It's mind-boggling and I think he's only got like less than 20 losses school career is urban Meyer overall record. He is in 17 seasons, he is he is 187 and 3280 suggested Ohio State in seven years. He was 83 and nine that the 90% when clip looks like this. Looking at Wiley's Ohio State guys.they were going to fire you over God's goodness not only what he wants to leave Ohio State will figure out a way to explain all of this family won't leave you there, but he's the only modern-day coach to win national chairmanships in two different conferences and is one of only two coaches to win national titles into schools Nick Sabin being the other Myers and we coach major culture Street at four different winning streaks of at least 20 games. Holy crap yet 20 with Utah and Florida and at 22 in Florida. 25 it Florida is a possible and will Florida and Ohio State and 23 state, those numbers are just his wins so jackets despite back of a brick structure trying to lure him out of quotable retirement.

But back to the Michigan thing yet Michigan trust Michigan law think the post so right now though for the college football playoff. Of course Clemson seal also puts the schedule going forward. But the original question of the segment was Alabama not getting into playoff which one of those schools would you say that Alabama has a chance of losing to and is looking at their schedule real quick here that got Ole Miss today that Texas A&M tomato next week. I will ask x-rays. 12 so they got by Texas A&M playlist you they do, it's November 9 LSU with the quarterback is absolutely frightening. That's in Tuscaloosa and seen from what I've seen since the best I mean I still the dusting LSU is right there they can win it all.

There's no doubt about they finally have a quarterback you can actually throw the ball and usually they can't throw it so they can't really run across Alabama. The second 96 game or something and I can't throw the ball down the field he threw for six touchdowns last he that's unheard of in showgirl get there doing a great gift or bro he's completing an 80% clip man.

He 17 touchdowns and two interceptions. He yeah LSU is great.

I think LSU would be the closest to beating Alabama. I just don't think they'll be able to do it. If that Alabama they'll have to prove it to me in a big game like that, knowing that if they lose they could potentially be out of the playoff something that might be a little bit too much pressure for that team as well as the LSU coaching staff you had to be ahead of the coaching staff in order to coaching those pressure situations like that and I think Alabama will put some pressure on Auburn lasting iron bullets at Auburn Auburn might have on the best defense in the country. A only allowing 15 points per game. Granted Alabama's only around 10, but Alabama has been playing lesser competition. Up to this point.

Narrowing around albums and around 89 yards per game on the ground.

Now they've got some litter Auburn schedule hereto is this only works of Auburn so undefeated when I get there because then they might delete problem because we've seen Alabama lose again and still get consideration as if they did not lose again Auburn playlist you Auburn does/October 26 so actually so LSU's got Auburn and Alabama back back so LSU can go through that gauntlet, they probably will. And then actually Auburn has Georgia 16th meeting talk about Georgia because they will see Alabama to lessee championship if they seem at all. Is there in the same division right were there gathered separate separate designs yet is noted in George again, but don't forget about Georgia and even though Notre Dame gave Notre Dame's pretty damn good.

Just like the most quiet number three ranked team ever because you just can't beat people by a senior quarterback was senior quarterback beaten well plate Notre Dame so that's a good tea game a good when looking at their schedule etc. pretty soft and so they get to Florida November 2 I'm trust Florida but there the right number nine. Right now I got Auburn two weeks after that Texas A&M behind Auburn so Georgia can make a claim to hear they get to their schedule, then that might be something look for to as well, but I'm trust Alabama team for some reason I think maybe watching Clemson beat the brakes off of them, expose a little bit to me so might there something got better, and Alabama members prop them up assist the squad. They can just run through anybody there some teams and aren't scared of them know I mean I agree with you on that aspect is but if you know Alabama is the program who I think that they are you I see them in Clemson doing it again.

I mean you can have kids there who lost last year and that's on their minds go to stay on their mind and they are fighting in their running and waiting to get back at Clemson, like when the quarterback of the Texas Longhorns is waiting for USC Reggie Bush and Matt latter know they stayed quiet in the background and that's who they will wait no even hear about that was in high school teams are in the area seems to can't wait to see some of these other teams are coming out so coming up first so ESPN put out there list for the top NBA players for the upcoming season.

We take a look at the top 20 were nitpicking a little bit like Isaiah once it is ranked ahead of Clay Thompson on this list and he is not a single minute of NBA Sabrina talk about that but first we come back when week six of the high school football season here in the tribe got some teams are really really good. The top five.

We come back next Monday. Desmond Johnson through the airliner here and I don't have it in front of me for money in the studio has the Dixie classic therapy where I greatly appreciate you running it into the studio is not on like a separate thing. I gave Josh earlier and we can took it so it might be over on the table great radio.

By the late classic. The start win next week I will I be able to report 13 going on everyone go make remarks about the same time candidly is a good family prayer go up there please bring your wife or girlfriend bring both the price of Oreo. It was like a hamburger and the buns were replaced by Krispy Kreme doughnut, not dieting, not the readers here, I promise. The Dixie classic barefoot. I will have that second twice now is great radio. By the way the conversation happened off off the radio and I realize the music of Qu�bec government will have in front right so let's move on to high school football. Each week we do our top five countdown power by sports with interesting outcomes last night that set up some interesting matchups for this upcoming week so sore.

If you don't mind me with my top five is 555 countdown, sports, get some movement, a lot of movement in the countdown this week. We basically can have the same five schools in their first four weeks of the season is no more because of a couple of upsets happened last night with the split and start countdown with deadly panthers. They defeated South Ardo last night 47 and moved by the one overall, the season Dudley ever since they got curbs, not by West Cypress week of the season.

Dave and I you know doing what we thought Dudley was going to do. I thought the best deal for County school at beginning of year and I think they're starting to prove that rack, although there is another gift every school out there that the head of the in the polls will see how they do going forward for number four first person the top five Reagan raters out of town there six and Ellie defeated Parkland last night. 26. We had that game is our game and we care on sports have tried last night. The last bracket on the call Reagan six and no led by quarterback Gabriel Hollingsworth watched him since freshman year like three years ago we called it a Reagan use for sacking for years ago out there when he was just starting as a quarterback. He's like 6566 big, tall, dirty quarterback yeah he's he's really good. Reagan's really good there. Six and no and they are actually insane competency for size. That's a showdown to be later on in the year really is less precise still hold tight wet at the number three, primarily because they want by this week they are five and oh, they are going take on the next week pages having a down year after 15 stake in Iraq by last night also. So side holding down the number two spot number two it was Reidsville and every week we talk about what it reads will do this week. Well this week reasonable lost reasonable actually lost to East Surrey say that again 55 to 49 in a thriller, what semisolid last night on Friday. Football frenzy over foxy and East Surrey there undefeated to stake claim to be in this countdown themselves, but they are that dropped backdrop result out of the top five and in their place. Number two. This week is Grimsley whirly six and oh they went way out to the side of wake County last night playing Knightdale in 147 and 33 winners. Grimsley is out here six Sonoma season. I think the first time in forever. That's that's a really huge matchup against our number one this Friday, one sees Forsyth Eagles. They want to buy this week.

Also there five and oh, they start to catch the grooved last week title last week.

I allows the roof over the place yards and four touchdowns as East for site defeated throughout with a beat down quickly last week. If they paid Taylor's reggae beat the page that was bad, but you said it wasn't. It was homecoming was homecoming for sure. So that sets up next week in our top five whole number one versus number two E. for site defending for a state champion taken on Grimsley the conference opener for both the both undefeated pieces on the road for this. They want to Grimsley.

We will have this game for you on sports have tried on W SAS and streaming to the app and website brought from security out that we bring Blakeney to become the color commentate not taking with me on that contest. I can't pick the game come calling it but I expect a really good game. Grimsley has healthy environment, agrees Grimsley will cost alone.

That's all they're expected not to expect not to pay for spring homecoming type crowded game now be used. Should I think it holds 6000 usually run page Grimsley there. If it's things are good, because it's taken hold enough people and enemies for sycophants travel they will go out there so I expect the visit inside have allottees for sycophants over there.

Grimsley's turnout with their families could be like a playoff atmosphere over there and it will be measuring stick for Grimsley see where they are, see if they're legit and also be a better stick freezer side to because they is Mount Tabor's toughest team they played so far this year. Parkland, height is one of the Psalm undefeated but entertaining shell. So what really exactly the same squad, but what a huge opportunity for Grimsley.

Yet Grimsley Grimsley can pull this off and PEs for size. Then, now you're talking about. That's a different thing here because he's has to be careful because next week after Grimsley that West was for site and that's a big arrival right now and was for Sipes at near five. Note to West for Sipes plane page so bookings have to be careful not to look pass to the plan, but it Easter so I can get through this little gauntlet here yet. Grimsley this week on the road and I got West for site back to Vegas and then couple weeks later down late October. They've got Reagan said not there in the conference and there undefeated so it's not like he's got easy schedule.

There got a gauntlet of games coming up here and it starts this Friday and we will be bringing them all to you here at the sports hub. Let me get through some of the other area scores here. Our quick actions lost for Bush last night, 21 to 6 with seven prep victorious over Cummings 2212 is the final there Carver more for site if they were actually games a week.

Over my 48 Forsyth wins 1814 Mount Tabor wins over Ragsdale 3218 was the final walk and loses to North Surrey 2720 Bartlett Yancey Senior defeats Bishop McGuinness 57 Ledford winners over Thomasville 27 to 12 scrum Ben Smith lose the weight filled 43 zero we told you the Reidsville score East Surrey wins that that I should out, 35, 49, of Reidsville, Oak Grove, still undefeated me. Certainly not put minimus top five there winners over central Davidson, 40, 97 S. Oak Rd. cellular third year of existence. If not mistaken morning difference containing the win 49, zero over McMichael last night doubly defeated South Ardo is a mention 46 SE. Guilford big winners over Ashbrook, 51 to 21 is the final there Eastern elements beats Northeast Guilford 42 to 28 and in High Point. Christian beats actual school independent 4900 Western Guilford by this year, Highland Springs defeated page 30 97 and Southwest Randolph was the sudden animate, 63 to 7, so is your high school scores from last night this past week he asked me and put out their top NBA players list.

Between 19 2000 season, Jonathan and sickle poet upping the number one ranked player with Lebron James being number three you guys have issue with the ESPN top 100 yeah I do a little issue with the whole list LOL I'll always love the swap of the signal issue I got I got no issue with Lebron being three but I do have issue with Kawai being to okay it me walk, talk to when he ain't too wild on his noble warning only over Yunus over Llanes, and then Lebron number two. I don't care what you put up.

After that it requires best clearly right now you know right now. He is an old man. I think about you all for Lebron the ship Yunus can't shoot a jumper that will why can really do everything he can do for anybody honestly issued the three you can do have it set Yunus down in the playoff.

That may want to championship in Toronto.

He did do that dispel this whole you need three all-stars to win and BHA principles. Kawai a lot of really good pieces and like Aaron said he stopped in for one year in Toronto and want a championship. That's unbelievable now.

I thought somebody once said that to be the man you got a deep demand yeah and that was somebody wants to have someone available to be because that's not what I thought about what talk about Yunus at the Grupo only talking about Kawai I, Kawai B number will got a chance to really go dance over heroes and no one had a chance to play Lebron this year Lebron William next year.

I think Lebron cannot be like okay number 33 now know are required to destroy everything you an idea Laker fans recounted the luck that can see a little top 10 of this though Mayor Scurry Curry six or seven. I think he's in the top 10 images run to the top 10 request so number 10 was Paul George number nine is Damien Willard number eight JoEllen Bede number seven: Joe kicks joke a lot.

I like a lot to give him credit that do like play the number six Steph Curry number five Anthony Davis number four James Harden number three Lebron James number two Kawai Leonard number one Yunus under their top 10 I think just the top three are scrambled. They should be screwed.

They should be in a different I got to go acquire number one you know what I was never put this out there. Steph Curry's right to low. I'm sick and tired of this disrespect Steph Curry and a lot of it is be his own doing because you set aside to let Kevin Rick come to Golden State and we got two titles out of it but people forget man Steph Curry is a bad dude like you said in his prime right now. Can you believe they got him that what you say six or seven.

Yet a number six is to be ranked ahead of James Harden. I think he absolutely should be right in your heart that the number five spot Anthony Davis and I think you're right. What is Anthony Davis. Don is fine as James Harden disappears in the playoffs. We see it now for the past seasons in a row. He can score 35 points again during the regular season and the sooner the playoff get here.

He's missing everything and I don't respect that both groups was a different playoff no matter you can touch the so-called triple step back to shoot this three or whatever. And like he's not hitting it like he doesn't hit big shots I've seen Steph Curry he has a make his team big shots like old eight years that occurs in hidden shots of people holds like to everywhere half-court off the court 40 feet away. Like if it's used change the range of what three-point shooter shoot like Damien Willard would've never shot that reporter gets Oklahoma City last year in their series.

If Steph Curry had not made it Vogue to shoot 40 foot three-point change the game because you've always said it. He is change the game's number in the top five it should be he should be where he should be number four E. We were James Harbison and then push everything down one like heart should be five Davis B6, I'm happy with that but Steph at six. Disrespect me for me. The only unanimous MVP player in league history said Shaq and Michael Jordan and Wilt Chamberlain and Larry Bird and people in it. That's the only one that wanted all the boats they only one it I just basted it off the performance overall performance of everyone last year. Like you said he step he took a step back, except that Kevin Durant and it looks like it is mainly that John is number one because it was empty. The league and all that bold, bold status, no Concerta playoff team.

After losing Kevin Durant because they have Steph Curry, Steph Curry, a dream on green eventually playground what Clay Thompson comes back that's still atop 14 in the west to me, I think so twin Clay comes back and I am excited, yet beer is right around the corner. There probably 14 even without Clay to be on they might be. They might be like nothing is definite MVP type your speaking to Clay. They had a right like, well, 42, 40 to go phonic allows note that Simon Williamson was ranked ahead of him next to my question though it was based on the season with Kevin Durant on the list. I heard he was like really hard to be taken off and went like that in together is not a list of all I did see him.

He was on this legacy but I guess he didn't get enough that I think last year's number two Lebron is the first time Lebron has been number one since the 2011 12 season one the best vitamin and is crazy because if you look at the stats like you exactly have a pretty good year easily played three quarters of the season's flailing how they came up with this list as it they never explain anything. Is this thing called RPM wins. I don't know exactly what it is and have it listed for each real plus minus, and I guess that you sent, Paul, George, number one, a category actually a Mexican trucks point people don't know myself like what it means, but trying to figure out where were was Zion right here we go to the 4242 is a click concentrate 49 every night he was ranked number 18 last year.

Why ask why we start to be out more than half the season old like the way the NFL is projecting folk out now to make sense if I how is a person get on their team like impactor team. I think� Kevin Durant had heard that he was like top 20. Still, with the injury and missed the holier injury like I'm kind of okay with Clay being out about 49 but some names and gently hire christenings are totally forgot most of these number 43 is Westbrook. I think Westbrook is like he's he's low like like 1112 30 yeah I think it's a walk in water at 16. I think that might just as Dantonio is already making a statement that Westbrook and Harden are going to like what rotate minutes until crunch time. Why would he say that right now that's what I mean he's a moron I think is a good coach know he's he's failed upwards entire career. I mean literally means he's literally rosy. He was the sons had a squad of Mari Steve Nash they could get passes like a team. Jacoby then he went to the Lakers well before that he went to the Knicks. Remember all you yet and he had a revelation to me yeah playoff team in New York start Amar was there tomorrow Anthony and stuck, and then they started losing he gets fired he goes to LA he's there for couple years Kobe house Kobe Dwight Howard Steve Nash. Those guys he stayed as long as he did, there could still be like yeah and then he got fired while you claim you laugh, but he really fired he goes to Houston after that. So it's like he's never really been NBA finals is never had like that squad recite all yet a definition when he just seems like he just gets by with not playing defense and just he throws the ball he says go head that is going towards much the course Kobe so I can shoot 50 shots Michael because I make you feel no problem you bought at this I'm sleepy some easily names here.

Closing his eyes and played like two seasons right 34 boy yelled, got anxious to see how he comes back with Dallas with the Luca is that that that's can be a nice one-two punch for jobs looking big to our supper. Teresa walked up big time.

You look like Alfred is a tale of Helen Chris Palfrey 32 I forgot he's kind in purgatory. The ship in Oklahoma City thereby forgot about uncle he never got moved again so he's playing for the thunder home with no one while nobody has really got the guts Alexi difficulties like 10 or 11 like he's up there to check check the lowering of CBA definitely as above, so CJ's above Clay Thompson right Kitty, Simeon, like Clay is certainly writing but as I do not know if Philip will be back from Martinez with sand, but yet I was my thing like that. Even with that I still would've put up with them ahead of some these other guys. It's been disrespect his whole career. Kari Irvin's number 11 Westbrook's 12:13 days is up there. I agree with that. I don't know if I believe these good player. Legal affairs 14 and Simmons 15 ounces 16 and Simmons has been working on his jumpshot Kim Walker sets out to really believe that once it felt yes 390 right away jump. I think because Anytown is one of the singers amassing all really that all the depots on those two guys I think are bashful players is one coping you watch the show before I watched for the first time last week. You know, ninja the streamer terminal is lightweight. This is so ironic I know that Scott is the one that got revealed this past week. It's a weirdly addictive show ins with nothing. It's like a competition where stars and celebrities and athletes wearing these outfits nursing and basic karaoke and the judges were the most worthless panel in history, reality television because they don't really do anything there like well it could be this person it could be that person and they don't really have to have a boat like nobody else in the audience making you pick who gets to stay badly and they are nonhostile. You can tell who would have cell service guys really Lasher the first person about off with Antonio Brown and Dave filled the summer, but when it came on the air.

It was during the same week that Antonio Brown was having issues with the Steelers and Mike Tomlin so that she is timed upright.

The way came on so we were at me and Josh are washing we can hook like ever since.

And they came back for season two. There is a God, it's like 696 in the skull thingamajig awareness Muppet looks real tall. He looks at a bashful player and he sang really really well and I was going to my head Mike who was in the NBA that 696 10 the kind of sounds like that that I would be thinking of an end because Anytown is the first name popped in my head, but look at his picture company County little bit thicker than the guy was saying and he almost had a bill a Kevin Garnet like skinny but you could tell your ballplayer the way walked whatever this kindergarten. It might be Kevin Garnet. I never heard Kevin Garnet sing before this got to sing acting failures are so I don't know but definitely if there is no you when you get nothing but the winter yoga trophy.

You'll get like a necklace or light or T-shirt nothingness. Just like it in this is over, and then T-Pain one last year and we can't pick them up before we soon and that they were at what he did and nothing. How does it work because I literally am telling you watch the last 20 minutes it work as if like lovers the best singer moves on, like, well, so what if you like. I know they are we going to fight you to wait for them to get all the way to the right. So, like we, memo I picked T-Pain out like week two Lasher like that sound like he frankly heard him sing without auditing before but a lot of people hadn't usually what they do is they they match up to 16 of them. They match them up in these pairs. I'm a baby singing at each other and in the audience picks which one is better loser because of this, should auto shoot showdown. If other losers and then they pick whoever the loser is and after unmasking whoever it is so last week it was some dueling ninja that Sawyer knows the streamer and I think the figure skater semi-look at that in the lily were what I was hijacked my own segment were way past break and are considered solid mass in your phone calls. Probably not massing right now. Let's take a break come back. We need to call Kevin Avery.

He's in the form inrush podcast of the painters have a 1 PM Sunday kickoff tomorrow if the Texans will recuse again look at premier games run NFL and more Avery for the form inrush will talk about Houston defense and Kyle Allen in the pants offense to pay. Rhonda shut up shut up now stand by your listening rundown Johnson Fairgrounds October 4, the 13th celebrating at the 130 are you a fair turkey legs, candy apples, doughnuts and more. Show us with hashtag hashtag how you fare and visit DC today fireworks rods and food nightly. I'm sure my kiddos will be asking me to take them to their very soon. It's very time you know my wife loves the corn joints and apples not good stuffs will go and eat. Have a good time in question is will the weather change has the fig is usually when I think about the high right now I think about it cooler and you had to put a little jacketed nights. This is yeah this is the 13th so you come the next weekend is cool down into the 70 over whether Twitter poll update from animal quick here Aaron what's our twitter pole update your box? Today Twitter poll question today is centered around tonight were to wait unification championship belt between one Aerospace Junior and Shawn Porter and according to our listening public 60% believe aerospace Junior will leave the IBF and WBC welterweight champion of the world and we have online with is now join us on the run down he is a member of the form inrush podcast popular podcast dedicated to extensive extensive coverage of the Carolina Panthers. You can find the brand on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, that is the number four man Kevin Avery now joins us on the run down. Kevin was going on about how you doing this morning doing good doing good pants take on the Houston Texans tomorrow 1 PM kickoff on box. First question out the gate and Kyle Allen duplicate the performance he had last week versus Arizona quarterback who I know it's redundant but today I quarterback and beer and blocking the front of him and wanted things that I feel I let the rock of the art from entry their strength they have about four or five players. You can't confront that are playing at a high level they cannot be writing "without focus cortisol at her down with that. But many opportunities for Haldol and black granite you in the outback. I see how you can be an area that can really exploit the linebacker matchup as well. So anybody thought Greg will credit you might want to put them in good deftly.

Opportunities to be made and then another balanced pet with strong blessing and BEEN DONE WITHOUT CATALANO LEADING THE WAY.





NOT ONLY THAT THEY WERE LYING, BUT THEY WERE PUT HIMSELF ABOVE THE PAIN POURED OUT OF THE COMPETITIVE NATURE AND TO REALLY PUT IT OUT THERE LIKE THAT. OF COURSE YOU KNOW PEOPLE ALWAYS TALK ABOUT LOVE ALL YOU WANT. OUR AUDIT OF THE, YOU KNOW, PEOPLE'S MOUTH BUT THE HAND WITH AN OPEN AND HONEST. YOU KNOW WE had been an extremely competitive player they want. i can understand him. he needed 8% of cam newton is enough to win a reluctant what now i hate that we had to wait to work with the multitude. find out what everything happens for a reason. i think the locker room probably noticed some things but not everybody have pain everybody played with pain so only you can determine what is you do not think he could get one your help on that fork down and that's what he ought like to, but We got all i needed to know. i mean the guy, you know, if you can't be who we been outlawed in court for making them the video and give clarity. a lot of people thought mama bear the coaching staff in the front office under but all they made him play in blah blah blah. you know how to make sure the social media world is now way to actually i'm impressed that he put this out and i'm happy that he'd stepped aside when he did, because we all know cam newton can probably try to play last week on the same foot and this week to until he just couldn't go out there anymore, but the fact that i think he's matured to the point where you realize you start to hurt the team to losses. this team has. they also buy combine what like 7.8 point something crazy like that. so it's not like this is a bottom tier team. they just missed a couple of opportunities i sent ron rivera missed a couple opportunity to actually win the first two games and let those two home games slip but they have a chance to write the ship by winning their first two road games going to houston and taken on the sean watson in houston texans. now texans typically have a good defense but right now they're actually rank pretty low there in the 20s. if not mistaken in total defense. it looks like this to be some opportunities for the panthers to make some noise. here Give us a player that might have a breakout game on sunday for carolina even offered to solder the defenses on the ball every one of the robert. talk a breakout go really heard that wow will gain literally the first game left out if it is crazy how quickly got one came along like that you have an eight-game but what about you, even though urbanist, back probably play this week in a gang that i'm about their impact player on the defenses started about because his brother younger brother definitely protect but i think there were statement game as well, and based on the offense of stain.

i have a chance to impact both running and have got to into all-time against the texans. the team, the painters of played the fewest times in franchise history. the painters are two and oh yes it texans in the ron rivera era winning at home in 2015 and in houston in 2011. have you picked for the game again always sound bite, but it rolled out colbert williams is likely on the right guard right and layout of 00 would NOT well enough to look left of front i got the scorpion carolina 31 houston 20 like that again will get hyper 13, No went away and bring him back shortly and i can't like we always do. let the fans know where they can get to the formula's online i got an excellent job in terms of weekly podcasts, coaches, film, breakdown analysis, and more.

so let the fine panther folks out there know where they can get your stuff online website for man inmate and what are you you can also and from there you can like us on facebook you to check out will have great video breakdown bear instagram also twitter and we recently been added to the product line. i have not been to check out our our weekly podcast. a drop every thursday and set out to mock woman russ. this is part of the staff behind the scenes.

they make it all possible and the woman russ apparel is the right, will want to share some so that's will tense� that's a kevin avery from the phone and roughly presaged by the will talk to you again real soon. i did have a good day to Some guys will click roundtable discussion on the panthers in the texans i like less often, last week, although i try to tempered a bit because arizona has the worst passing defense in the league but i like to touch you have and some of his throws.

chris mccaffrey got off the defense had field day arizona date, murray looked very uncomfortable the entire afternoon look like a rookie, he did and he was coached by ricky coaching cliff kingsbury plus my failing upwards kingsbury. he had a losing record at texas tech is getting a head coaching job nfl hill. how does that work out is that i mean who you are right there is a country that live as he have the dirt on right to somebody about something and that he knows all the lodges are saying easily got it with his looks and desolate engagement very attractive man they said they now are some facts about the skin.

carolina statements ranks league net yards allowed the past defenses second in the league with only 295 in the air allowed per contest which the flip is normally carolina's defense run defense dominated secondary is an issue out of ipod. secondarily, weakness.

right now they're actually really bawling out. i have not heard on dante jackson if he's actually going to be playing or not aeschylus is questionable to groin injury, and i can be a big problem having to go up against you hundred hopkins and in houston your deandre hopkins, lisa texans with 19 catches the pharmacies in houston asked for players to health in clemson and another two from south carolina so very interesting hero with it only being game for the season. i think it's a turning point for the carolina panthers on sunday yet as if they go into houston and win that game you were at work were talking next saturday with a whole different type attitude and welcoming a jacksonville squad limits, crumbling apart so i could see them get the form to they win this game. sunday they have jacksonville at home and then i go to london to play tampa bay, which was a team that i felt like they should've beat tampa bay tampa bay let them go up and down the field is good score touchdowns and now looking back on it. midsemester cam newton was out there which is weird to say but tampa bay lusted daniel jones in the new york area is actually so that that we have talked with daniel jones again about to say for touchdown.

no impressive mel is looking pretty good. the idea next Homes in jones that will daniel jones is doing a thing in the big apple yeah but back to what tomorrow at 1 o'clock.

down in houston texas which is a beautiful place to be, by the way, i love houston texas yellow texas houston is awesome. you love and trust me, but the heat, the panthers would need to play cow murray in the beginning that may not count rll sean watson allen cow they would need to give him some easy passes. and i don't think they should run the ball in the beginning because i believe the texas defense is going to be key and ian on mccaffrey because i think their mindset is going to be working to stop mccaffrey first forced cow island abuse they can get cow allison passes some easy passes may be over to olson. the other tidying of some crossing routes that are easy, it'll back that defense up and allow mccaffrey to be able to get into the ballgame again. i think they can do that and rewrite some stuff. panthers have a great chance of going in houston is still in one out of the gutter protect kyle allen if he is protected you'll be just fine because i never seen. i watch the whole game and he was just so relaxed out there while he is really because he loved larry yeah i didn't realize 2014. the top high school players in the country of sean watson was number one, number two will greer was number three. so i turned the corner that rankings coming out of high school, so there's some talent to gather today time squeezing and we did do heartaches last week was try to squeeze and rundown heartaches here hot take hotcakes which is now is little different and let's get crazy if you use that on mondays.

on the drive will be due on saturday is basically's personal give one hot take on something they saw this week or prediction on what will happen going forward in sports news include sawyer and aaron as well. let's let's try to get this eased in here rundown heartaches you're listening to the rundown, like all the extra pocket like with desmond johnson started. anybody want to go first start to go by the rules of following rules is that every we go the baseball you might basically locate playoff playoff start next week it's going to be an exciting, very exciting. major league baseball season even though my boston red sox are not in it this year were still sitting as world champions until someone else's crown.

but here's my hot take the minnesota twins will win the american league championship and go to the world series amended between the minnesota twins, absolutely.

they have had a tremendous season there there hidden there tied with the yankees, with the most home runs ever in the history of baseball like over 300 home runs as a team. i halfway through the season. i said no minnesota's defaulter, but they have not and they are for real lookout for the twin astros in the american league. yes, they are so you're sending a b � i it's hot to ice over the new york yankees say thank you directly to okay eat fire rod i don't know if this is a hot take or what you call it, but antonio brown plays in the nfl before the month of october is who are you thinking is going to pick him honest though we said last week i was like yeah i can still see that happening, but it's the first time the company mentioned this whole show so well are you sure you sure you will do that to it.

he would not disrupt them and dear to dear jones will pay you but we still would disrupt the pain you would make stephen a smith so happy because it would disrupt it will help boys. i don't think you know if i don't think he really disrupted the patriots so yeah i don't got a day disrupt himself became a mate with you and get paid for that week.

you hundred $88,000.

that's all gone already spent all that probably thursday or something. i'm going to go with our carolina panthers here in kyle allen looking at their schedule, i want you to be undefeated by the time tim newton is able to play.

by that i mean he's going to go six and oh so what i just heard you say is not coming back so that you can will be ready to play a bye week eight week nine yeah, but what i just heard you say if he's ready to play by week eight week and cal is six and oh there is no reason to duplicate yeah exactly.

there is no reasonably New to me. that's what i heard is that this happened.

interesting that canute would lose a startup is six and oh what it would be but it will be a solid loss what it would be just going to give him another week of rest well is one of the questions were audited down right here allen performs greatly what you doing tammuz help in our closet that brought or that you get to. let's take a break we come back. i got a question of thing about wallace's account yesterday.

after three weeks of action.

what is the super bowl matchup that you would want to see this season today. right now office nearly 3 weeks of football talk about that were quick and hopefully not hit any more a question of the next we come back from the rug out start with desmond johnson a lot of stuff going on right now possible to get off here about 1520 minutes or so. your luck rundown doesn't johnson john sheth rod funderburk in the house and i just super quick stop across my mind yesterday was put in the show together. we got three weeks of action and nfl right now with force take off your tomorrow, what is the super bowl matchup that you would want to see this season, not the two best teams that you think after three weeks, but just to teams that would provide a really entertaining super bowl for you to start with.

rob will be the super match of the one seed this year.

the big time matchup i would like to see would be aaron gabriel and rod funderburk in the ring together. the kansas city chiefs versus the dallas cow battle like that once a rematch of bowl five and was so pretty interested in the homes versus that prescott got names there will be like us over here and i'll picking the kansas city chiefs, who are very exciting to watch patrick mahon's i got a go with erin and esme holmes is a start. also, not yet fell right now tabular against the la rams. i like the la rams that there's no super bowl hangover by them. they will be in their true offenses looks very explosive teams. the rams a little better defense than kc but i'm you know i would love to see the game and i'm thinking 3831.

i am ashamed. i'm ashamed both of you. neither one of you put an opportunity to see the evil empire get put in their place as we all know to be like don't know what you best. every wish that that happened.

that's not what you asked, but now i want to see the gps and so i got i've got cowboys versus patriot who now would be the biggest game nfl could possibly ask for this year.

you know that when dallas is there matrix would be you put america in a situation where they have to root for you that patriot all cowboy that you a lot of money generated a lot of money generated off that game and first super bowl in miami and miami. they all jail and secure the halftime so i might have to go down there rundown trial run it past life on picture to prove that talk about that so i got cowboys patriot as it stands right now will do this throughout the season like a prayer for which uncle bill, okay we gave you think should be week 12. he thinks a man was going to see the changes throughout lineages. there was no way to do this last week, since segments taken the tribe by storm. one minute with erin.

i have no idea what is going to talk about in this segment we, like it that way though. it's probably the most frightening part was going get started one minute with erin was hampden who get this thing cracking.

so this week in a notified teams that they must certify to submit the precise height and age for every player within the first week of training can't figure what are some of the vote discrepancies between height and age gave a players aciphex right here for you and get ready for these best of writing a life full staff curries� six with 365 foot 7 foot days 30 he's actually pulling green is 6 foot seven days, 29, is 6 feet tall, 840-566-2614 days 27 bowl was actually 8 feet tall will the lake is 6.95 actually is a 32 69 is also 33 years old, if it is not the ott i.e. exactly failed, the old tty effectively love the fall is big ball embraces all is actually only 6 feet tall bathroom out to members gave up nike money. paula brandon did every day just that clip of lafarge going into a whole lot like david's good hello might be lynwood ranked will players my get drafted number one next year with no weeds growing 67 routed at any supposed be better suited wanted to so so listless, take the family from the day just to stick our final break come back odds and ends rapidfire around will get a minute to debate random topics you do not want to miss this excellent your list desmond johnson episodes of the rundown exports on and also prominence modified google podcast Podcast simplot and more. simply search for the rundown doesn't johnson download and go odds and is in every rundown show on saturday mornings with odds and in sawyer, and aaron pull out five different topics from around the world sports to ask this rapidfire style source at a stoplight for one minute and the one minute with her mother. sound five topics rapidfire all right.

first question defenses figured out. trevor lawrence was as opinion on overrated underrated story never talked about his clinton still won't know people that will let you guys if that is overrated hundred thinking that he still put up good numbers or interceptions. i think you for interceptions all of last year he's been sometime since the five interception 25%.

they got 925 yards in the season in wargames. i just think he will step up when it's really needed. i still think superstar please only thrown a 60% completion rate right now is all completely 66% six passes a love that will talk about this right now. let's let's revisit this in about two or three weeks, not part of the sophomore slump that you have a meeting with the national championship has a freshman's is now these really the leader and he's probably trying to make more plays than he needs to. and it just trying to do a little too much instead of letting the game come to him is trying to force a little bit but i think crazy thing is put some i saw a heisman candidate in the back of traps and cells right back to the question that we talked about earlier, ready for me greatly what you do when cameras help you start start to get this final, i don't believe reichart said this earlier this week and he is in should not lose his starting role because an injury like he is the use the leader of this team is the best player on this team.

if you hundred percent healthy.

i absolutely want to put cam newton back into the offenses that account balance accounts plan well and go cam out there and came not playing well, now you have a situation where the fans are maternal you turn him i got carried away. if i googled your scenario and see kyle when's the next six names which can alan stick with cancer hello ellen sure they got the jags buccaneers 49ers titans and in the packers tent so i mean it's not like it's a motley roof like teams. i got to play here. the falcons are after that plan well. st. still might not have degrees. after that rett syndrome is it opens up so it'll be interesting to see what happens here, but hopefully they can win tomorrow. all right for lebron canada number three yesterday and rankings. do you think lebron has in them to win back his number one player player status this next. i hope so, but honestly i don't know if lebron is motivated back in stuff anymore actually hope they play more with davis on this year they should is 25 like this should be in the year frank davis i think lebron is motivated to be back one player plan with your 18 start.

i don't you think you can.

you think you going to back not trying to think you can be the number one player.

next, oh, absolutely takes care of his body on special greater lecture and he had the whole summer, all season, listen.

i think ron has just told us we need this guys been to the finals with the last eight years before the last year and was pulled will i okay lebron the number one man so you don't make it to the finals this year.

all you must be number three so i you know he's going to come back. his role we can have a team to get back to the finals and say hey this guy's greatest player. he averaged 27.4 points per game last year. 8 1/2 rebounds a game 88.3 assists per game and 1.3 steals. that's all he has to do this and that's an down year ron james like that people still mean like some interest this year i seen a be all over social media dignified. almost everyone who is the next person you want to see me around. i get i would like to see antonio brown into a twitter fight with donald trump. yeah, just because i was the personal letter that goes around fighting people in perfect start rinsing like they be the best friends randomly like that also would hang out together they go shopping. i could see donald trump san antonio just shut up and go play football. i did that was part as well. also i see a be given to despair with o.j. simpson else is been out here man talk about how these players mess up his babysitting for the world is about now. anything around juices actually loose on the phone as you selected. let's work out well for antonio and morton speak all messed up.

i this is a big conversation yesterday on the drive. josh graham brought me and aaron little tiny sugary airhead, and he called them a snack element where you guys think that candy and other sugary treats snacks. next he stayed for other tips and aaron said, tickling the hot dog that is not answer your question airhead. since neck know that's what his baggage has not yet would sugary like for you to be snacks. 40 say those things actually fill you up with. i think if i can if i put the word bag of dixie crystal sugar into a sandwich bag and handed it to say here is that you look at blouse crazy glue adjusted yesterday. he handed you a bag of sugar with different colors and twisters.

i'm thinking that's a snack really like the packet may have some things like crack is a little heavier. i guess maybe like salt or something because gypsies and peanuts i get a little uncomfortable adjusting calls good looking guys snacks: josh@state versus coastal carolina today and was worth at 130 grand thing on the box in a collection tomorrow at 3 pm. think cowboys at 730 sunday night on the sports bra. see next week

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