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March 11, 2020 6:18 pm

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March 11, 2020 6:18 pm

On this edition of The Drive with Josh Graham BDaht gives Josh his Grahamer school lesson, Josh schools Bdaht in journalism and Wes Durham talks about the ACC tournament.


This is dry when Josh Graham drive weekday afternoons.

This support is needed. I thought night all party that I think when they last met with the low point of the season for UNC home crowd behind them as well so the tour you are through Wednesday morning to make sure, yes credit where we were right that in fact the tournament with Wake Forest is lost word in Clemson holding on against Miami earlier today will get the Danny Manning's future in 15 minutes. We are broadcasting live from the Greensboro Coliseum round to action of the ACC tournament but let's begin with the Tar Heels because they look terrific last night.

Mike Young said that the environment felt like the Smith Center Brandon Robinson. He's breaking ankles.

He sitting step back jumpers, reminiscent in this building of Randolph Childress 25 years ago. So the big question for North Carolina now is how far of a run. Can they make here how deep can they go as their tournament lives are on the line tonight against Syracuse. They of course have to win the ACC tournament. It seems like to have any type of postseason.

Remember you can be under 500 and still make the and IT. So if you want to make the NCAA of course you have to win the next four nights. I think the Tar Heels have enough to beat Syracuse at 9 o'clock tonight. I don't think they have enough to make a run and I'll tell you why extra exhausted has to play a role in tournaments like this when you're so accustomed to playing maybe once or twice a week for the last few months. Now I get the argument okay guys are 18, 19, 20 years old. They play AAU basketball high school bond or use the blank multiple games during the day but college basketball. It's a different type of athlete that succeeds at this level it's a different type of game it takes different things out a year. Also, you're playing a Syracuse team back to back nights that runs a zone defense that everybody knows what Syracuse is all about the 23 zone djembe hives run all these decades, but it makes you work more than anything else for your shots, you're going to get some shots of the perimeter. But if you plan to get it into Garrison Brooks or you plan to drive with Coley at the near any of your guards there gonna make it difficult on you so even if you do get past tonight I'm concerned playing late-night Tuesday playing in the latest lot Wednesday later tonight. How are you going to fair when 915, 930 rolls around tomorrow and it's the Louisville Cardinals are going up against. Also, let's not discount the injuries either every single game for North Carolina.

Every single one. It seems like somebody's getting banged up last night was no exception.

They win big against Virginia Tech.

But Christian Kulik. He rolled his ankle. It seems bad. Please keep he is helped off the floor.

He returns to the game coach, William said even though there's about 10 minutes left to go home were up 15 he wanted to get Kulik in there because his fear was if he just sits him on the bench and is available then that ankle can stiffen up. He came back in and he looked pretty good but even late in the game Leakey black gets hit with an elbow right in the mouth and you're concerned about his health to every single game. This happens the Rob against Duke and Cameron on Saturday. You're concerned about him.

Armando pay cut. We didn't note despite how good he was in Cameron on Saturday. We didn't know if he was good to be ready for that game. So I do think they have just enough to get past Syracuse tonight. I think it's a good matchup for the Tar Heels.

There gonna have the home crowd for sure. It was a tremendous crowd at the Coliseum last night.

We expect no different. Later on bought beyond the night. I just don't see Louisville is in awful matchup. They are the last team in the league that North Carolina wants to see the aggressiveness of a crisp, acting the way they are able to match North Carolina's Bics you got Brooks and yet God Armando got those two, but on the other side for Louisville okay Bill Matthew was Sutton and Lalique Williams coming off the bench and Jordan Mora. Good luck North Carolina trying to bang with those big, that's why Louisville one so convincingly two or three weeks ago in the center when those two teams met so I think North Carolina is going to win tonight against Syracuse. I don't see it going past tomorrow 930 against the Louisville Cardinals in the quarterfinals.

It is asked Austin it's injuries, it's a bad matchup for North Carolina but I did like what I saw last night and it's kind of a good feeling for the seniors. North Carolina has the grad transfers Krista Keeling trending upward. Glad to see you got back from an injury. Brandon Robinson having his moment, you feel good about that but I think it ends tomorrow you could tweak the show at sports of Triad 336-777-1600 is the phone number as were broadcasting live. Robert washes at our home base in Kernersville, Sawyer Dylan is on site and the rest of our sports of Triad gang is hanging out as well answer Carter to join us in over 20 minutes once a week for the last few months we been doing our bachelor minute. I love the bachelor and I make no bones about it. Work cited there to be coming to Greensboro for that bachelor live event. So did our bachelor minute yesterday. They had part one of two for the season finale I left the Coliseum in a full sprint last night around 9 o'clock 930 last night to get home just to watch the bachelor finale so here's what were going to do right at the start of the show in impromptu bachelor minute to close this season of the bachelor with Peter Weber so is another going never ending series bachelor will be push the limits of what's accessible on national TV media with the intentions of hooking up as many of the contestants is possible or is it simply removes is on the clock bachelor minute Sawyer. Dylan is joining us on site your fellow big bachelor fan you were just in our courtside seats here at the Coliseum, as actions currently going on between NC State and Pittsburgh in your text to me complaining about the fans want to get that ran out very quickly. I made just some of the fans if it's a traveling call or double trouble or not about really obvious trash thrust for this is one of those things. Maybe if he fell call you contraption for the young of the wrestling bolt on if it's just a travel violation isn't the way to get on the good side of NC State fans are always going NC State fan is what I say about that all right whatsoever. The bachelor minute Robert wins on a technicality. Robert had Hannah and at the very beginning.

In our bachelor pool Sawyer you had Madison as your second-round thing Hannah and got proposed to because on Monday's episode dramatically. Madison decided to leave. That's what happened. And Peter did not tell Hannah and while they were like bottlefeeding, baby kangaroos. It was a wonderful day but you knew something was probably going to go wrong. It happened the most absurd way. Robert get this. You got Peter about to get on one knee and that is the moment he decides to tell Hannah and Madison left two days ago. Yes, I have a conspiracy theory year. Peter is about to go on one knee. He looks at the Rose and then the only words are Madison and then he looks ahead, and I think he actually thought he was giving it to Madison. All my gosh, you're saying that he was thinking about Maddie and so then he decided to say she left two days ago, you know, like when you're in a conversation with somebody and somebody else's name by accident and then you find a reason to say why you said that person think I'm sitting in Robert's ear I be like Robert is the guy was producing this show Sawyer tackling that's what it sounds like to. That's a good conspiracy.

The last thing he said was Madison left two days ago. Oh Hannah I am what you make me the happiest man of the world or whatever it was very absurd proposal but here's the part where you went on a technicality, though Madison decided to come back into the fold for the live episode, and it seems like there to try and work on the relationship get it right because a month after he proposed to Hannah and he goes all the way to Los Angeles to see her just to dump her hand and pulled her off pulled him off.

Excuse me to play the game the right way. She did everything you're supposed to do. She got the engagement.

She's technically the winter, which means Robert congratulations man you are bachelor winner this season. The best I one unit Sawyer you beat me in a tricycle race you would be Joe Barry in game at 2K, but you are not beating me in the bachelor. I know too much. I'm too informed and picking this stuff on the champ or resident. The winter of the bachelor season. Whatever the heck this is less was a Reggie Bush like season. He had his Heisman taken away in 2005 when you ask who won the Heisman that year Reggie Bush won the Heisman right she doesn't get the actual engagement and get married, but she won the bachelor season.

She was very methodical to play the game really well. It was an all-time great bachelor season for Hanahan just an awful one for all of us to watch. But let's get the peters family because his family dynamic is so messed up and I'm not just talking about the fact they are very comfortable talking about each other's lovemaking in front of each other. Not great.

There for Barbara Weber here. Peter's mom during the live show was cheering on Hannah and while she was telling off Peter in the video like standing and applauding this girl she met for.

I think what 1015 minutes, maybe 1/2 hour. She's on national TV cheering for her telling off her son seems like she's angling for a TV show. She is shaking her head. Every single time.

Madison is talking and then she dropped this line sometimes you need to fail to succeed. It's not going to last.

That is Peter's mom talking about his relationship with Madison. It's not going to last Hoo boy what a dramatic in this bachelor season.

Congratulations to Robert, thanks for playing Sawyer and yeah I would watch a bachelor were the mom's got to pick the dates you become like mama's boy or something and it's all of these guys who have a crazy relationship with her mother but the moms get to pick who they actually marry or date or propose to watch that your halftime score NC State 35 Pittsburgh 32, one of our state's best writers.

Andrew Carter is going to join us in a little over 15 minutes becoming up and update on Danny Manning and his future at Wake Forest. This is the drive drive the minds of the heart are with Josh Graham sports hub try. We got Andrew Carter from the Raleigh news and Observer with us now is story from last night: Anthony is washing his hands. 22 times a day as ACC confronts the coronavirus threat before we talk about some of the things that could happen this week or next week as the same buildings could be hosting NCAA tournament games. I'm interested what you found most interesting aside from the fact Cole watches his hand. 20 times a day what you heard from players yesterday how they're feeling. The general tenor of how they're approaching what's become a national crisis. Wilson leads us� Was kind of interesting is that the players seem pretty unconcerned about this is not necessarily surprising for software for the young kids was about 20 years older, so it's not really in the target age were you really have to worry about this thing necessarily from an individual talk about virus obviously to these guys are here to play in the tournament. Focus on basketball. That's obviously most important thing on their mind told to drown out the noise same practices in years on writers that I think two different degrees, insufferably different teams may be more in tune to what goes on beyond the world of basketball.

I get the sense that maybe Roy Williams might be talking with his kids about some of the stuff.

Judging from his comments last night and let's actually hear those comments very quick traffic we have them lined up. Robert, this was Roy Williams from last night. Speaking about the coronavirus and the potential effect on the turn. It's a terrible situation� Scary. I mean it in the game is made of myself because I shook hands with all the other guys meant to give Bilbo good to know it's this is not a not a good situation in our country right now and we don't have a great handle on what's going to happen next. What CNN most of the day today but every hour the numbers go up cases and numbers continue to go up about the people that were lost alive so on a humorous note, I get frustrated because they talk about old people.

He started at 860 I'm 69.

My yeah baby that might be the difference between players being worried about it and maybe Roy Williams. We should probably take this more seriously. Very Roy soundbite in a lot of respects. I think he gets it certainly I thought I would hope that most coaches in their positions, understand the severity of this seriousness of but yet here we are, surprised the ACC enough to criticize the ACC certainly are not alone. This decision of course you look at what's different conferences across the country on the IV week just amounts to 15 minutes ago. They're canceling everything rest of the spring the entire sport spring season. From this point forward.

Obviously, yesterday announced the men's and women's conference tournaments Nikon Jim behind responded that I didn't trust this but Jim said I don't know him that well. Jimmy likes it. I think he likes Jim. Jim said that if they feel so strongly about not having the Ivy League tournament in such why not save send a statement by not sending Yale to the NCAA turn. Why not say were not sending any of our schools to the tournament because they're gonna have a lot of schools around there. A lot of players get to be there a lot of people that was Jim's overarching point.

He said not to criticize the Ivy League, but he didn't really see the point of okay let's cancel conference tournament when you still intend to send teams later that some interesting arguments. I don't think it would be too difficult to poke some holes into for one thing at this point we don't know how the incident with terms point out spectators governor of Ohio earlier today basically said activity. Spectators spur school games. We want to host some regional site.

Sounds like you may refuse to earlier statement basically said every city related code." Not quite sure what city related event means the way you describe the language to use would be postponed going forward. Messily, they host the South regional unit. I thought it was interesting earlier this morning think it was like developments keep on happening like outward hours like things are changing.

One thing that I thought was interesting this morning as a Kevin White horse Duke athletic director is obviously one selection tournament was supposed to be on a teleconference with media members so usual thing every year they have a silica media members this week, the week leading up to the week of the conference tournament to talk instantly tournaments up in the cancel that I mentioned because Kevin didn't want to answer questions about what is due virus affect the sum at so I think right now is you and I are sitting here Josh. No one really has a good idea what's going to happen was can handle this thing you I would be surprised if were sitting here on Friday. Going into a night session at the ACC tournament here with out spectators. So let's compare and contrast rather than talk about okay the unknown how this is the progress of the next two days as you mentioned something that's hour to hour. How does how are the dynamics different between the NCAA and say the ACC of course the news is good to be different next week and based on every indication, things are probably good to be worse next week than they are. This week bought it seems to me the NCAA is a little bit more corporate one site says that they're not playing games to send a message that probably might say we're just gonna shut them all down the ACC and Greensboro specifically, it seems to have different dynamics apply doesn't it does must be real to think part of the ACC's reluctance to overarching grant sweeping change.

The service affected were here in Greensboro. This is such a big deal. This apparent hasn't been here since 2015 in Charlotte again like if Charlotte was hosting it last year and then hosted again this year. You think dynamics do I think I think the league would be more likely we need to really take a serious look at not having spectators to protect think there is a bit of hesitancy reluctance just because there's been this perception.

I think you this week, this being maybe a tryout longer-term for the city of Greensboro the same as rotation. Obviously, ACC is taking the sermon sort of outside traditional cities recently left Washington DC of course is been there before but up in DC a few years ago.

Brooklyn twice there you think there was sort of this thought that great week here. Great tournament part of Greensboro are really supporting this thing like is historically the case with really healthy ACC or really help Greensboro's cause in terms of making its case for future service. I do think that has think it has to figure into some of the conversation behind Carter with a series on Twitter@_Andrew Carter is a sports enterprise reported one of the best our state, our state has. He's a multi-time and estimate multitime and SMA sportswriter. I know you once before. Only one time they realize they made a mistake most of them definitely one of my favorites don't let me ask you you been in touch with folks at the ACC. Even today, I'm sure. What is the latest you've heard from the Atlantic Coast conference, are they not wanting to talk about this have had they spoken it all about the latest on this. I feel like they've been as open as they can settle think there really is a latest terms of not allowing fans think that remains an option sitting here thinking logically and rationally.

No one said that to me on the record or off the record. But I do think they continue to have these conversations. I know they were on the phone teleconference is basically all day yesterday, conversations with Roy Cooper about how to handle this thing what to do and I think these conversations are continuing to develop going to evolve and I think a big part of the challenge with this thing is there's really sort of a lack of real data. So far that's been one of the criticisms go on Twitter and some of the comments on some of these threats which you should never read the Torah, no. I know it's people like the Ivy League dismounts what they did read some of this before dollars only X number of cases and it's a relatively small number. Some people haven't been tested like no one really knows the true number of people out there carrying this thing or how widespread it is. If you read up on it and look at what happened in Italy, which of course I think the US is really trying to avoid becoming Italy guard. You know they started with a very small number of cases look like you woman a few weeks later.

Basically, the entire country is been shut down because of the spread of this thing prize for that reason, would you be fans going to games, see if the NCAA how surprised if there were fans. Yes, I was very surprised, very surprised and I think if you reset the odds on that overwhelmingly in favor here playing out next week Coliseum with someone else. Greensboro and I just think it creates we're dynamic to have some sites like the ones in Ohio.

Apparently this was basically the governor has ordered new fans being allowed in the first floor and right. So how do you know like if you're running instantly tournament. How do you sort of organize that which is sickly you have some sites that have fans. Some don't like.

I would think that you would want system corporate uniform right so I would be at this point with what's come out today. Basically these mandates given said some sites were not, have spectators out the surprise if there are spectators Coliseum or elsewhere in Greensboro next week. Andrew appreciate you dropping by. We will be watching on as the tournament. Hopefully things get better and fans of the allowed to attend. Moving forward, but continue to follow your work as well.

Think that is the Raleigh's Observer is on Twitter at the he takes me to school every single week coming up next. I actually take him to school. It's amazing dry which will increase.

Mission accomplished sports on the show really W I know that W RAL is a sports anchor in the triangle were very happy for you used to live in High Point, Robert, what are the kids have to think of of Chris Lee's opportunity. Are they very happy for Chris, here are no how it will real ask Josh. I guess because of the thing about him there what you got. Think about Jotham and his versatile granite is the same kids that were doing the race on the floor last night at the Greensboro Coliseum amid a health crisis might've been got beat. We got bristly who had goes way back with Robert Walsh once, but time Robert Walsh was a referee curry wrestling referee Chris did some wrestling way back when it was nice to you. Everybody likes each other here. Everybody loves everybody but I am not somebody who is great with the urban vernacular like this is why we have this segment that we call P.grammar school where I learned a number words a myriad of words, if you will. What is a myriad lot there would so hate when he does that big words that he knows that I don't use that is not a mom is not a big word that is not readily apparent to you. You.

You curse that's the sound of feet answering the question order last night and a scrum reporter asked Brandon Robinson a question hello yes call Anthony yes call Anthony a question about the Rob and he answered the question you display the full cell.

I do, I Andrew Carter was just trying to get an answer and soundbite and I do, I got I requested show microphone.

My friend right now.

We disinfect these microphone absolutely okay okay let's let's get to this, though my vernacular when it comes to the urban dictionary not great.

I learned loud means I learned what means I learned what 12 means. I learned what dad asked me. Let's figure out together with the next word is Josh Graham has his own way of speaking school even play sports and just when you think it can't get any worse think the next Josh is going to attempt to learn because God's vernacular, the old school street knowledge. You know I mean you guys being God's grammar school are not doctors.

They were taken up or not you were the day you get afraid. 03 word in this very the three words are so full that you will play not only do you have to tell me what that means but you also have to use it for you know that you so fluke and corporate recall the numbers are 336-777-1600. What does you so fluke give me some hints so I can arrive at the right conclusion.

Chris Lee just immediately started laughing. I mean honestly at the user context clues whatever you're thinking.

All taxes go with this. Let me let me think about it for a second, please do.

Robert Aaron where you guys that I think we both know not if not hourly rate here I go. Message me tell you hated me before the show came on, but got that right there that I say Rob so fluke I do that you got you so fluke gift on Twitter at trial is a negative phrase somewhere you're aware that much. I know exactly what you know you're misted up a date many times you called afterwards and asked was up. I have more dignity than if they stand me up unusually like I get the idea here. I get what throwing down one time one time I was racing to get to like a Starbucks first date and I accidentally spilled like buffalo wings in my car, likes on the floor and I went to get it back in my container five second talk about rotavirus. They were saucy wings.

I actually got some of my pants a little so I didn't realize this till I get through the Starbucks and I mortify go straight to the bathroom to clean up a little bit worried show five minutes yet interested me out so I don't know what I should be more embarrassed that I got stood up on a date at Starbucks that I got on the liver by the just try to pass it to you just dribbled like 15 times the shot clock part number con Stephen Burlington will Josh. All right, Stephen Burlington, go right ahead.

Give me a hint. The phrase you so fluke I thought okay you don't mind yet who would you tell the consider fluke you so you your grammar is so new answers in the workplace.

I like say I was there I was there urban grammar.

Everybody is shown in Charlotte. Yes Robert more bad people than I do. You are so fluke okay okay comment that Patrick Beverly said about Lebron James set up little comment you with hard guarding, no challenge. He so fluke that I would tell him I was very think there we go. I think I have this figured out you guys okay you so fluke means this theory that you get really super nervous and that you don't want to hang out with somebody anymore. All I thought I had that one is probably out there so you know, you know, we say the cookout rode the cookout out is not valid rope just got this room not I just I just guess they got it wrong.

That's you, so fluke major whack whack your throat like were fluke so is fluke that a synonym with flake flake out on somebody is flakes so the know there is a past or present possible or not make the could be but going it could it could be like like that. But like regular vernacular almost Comcast the urban dictionary dictionary Ronnie Donnie my mayonnaise all they talk about cookout judge come on and talk about sports talk about absolute love is tell us about this new opportunity. You have before we let you go. That's not fluke is not that high as you spit how many years in the Triad. I've been here all my life never lived oh my goodness. And so I'm going to move yet.

Can't believe you moved to Raleigh would be the first African-American sports anchor URL there.

This is market 49 are ill. Raleigh seven.

So this is a good thing for me to step up to a big market but still covered thinking it's pretty easy.

I'm very thrilled for you. I know you got a lot of work to do here at the ACC tournament. Thanks for playing around with us and indulging us in our nonsense. I miss trying and not thanks for being here as well were going to send you into the locker room where you have a ton of a ton of great work to do tonight. Answer reporters like you play me today on the search for you so fluke.later that week.

That's Chris Leese on Twitter at risk Lee TVL EA and I got to use the word in the teaser using soap look of the team was coming up that all right, here's what's coming up next. If you think UNC is going to make a run to Saturday you so full of Hay Dr., Josh Graham loves to talk sports. He also loves sports, for which we can think of a live from your drive with Josh going 05 W. talking about this for the drop was off. This is one of my regular regular basis.

We've been talking how long about the ACC tournament's return to Greensboro. It's been months we've been talking about it. Greensboro's been spending years talk about it now that it's finally here, the nostalgia at all that. Trust me, I got a go sit in the building like in the morning we get her to do Parker Durham market segment south ends of the platform and there's nobody in the building except the people that are helping us get the show on the air there couple maintenance and custodial people, but packers like oh you remember over there on the floor. When that happened the word you remember when you know the Walton UCLA ran to this end of the building. You know, in the first half of the national semifinal in 1974. Do you remember and he was here in the building and 95 when Randolph had his moments. I came back into the lake. The next year to start doing Georgia Tech would Tim Duncan had 27 rebounds in the championship game to beat the yellow jackets and coats missed last tournament was in this building. Josh Carolina one beating Maryland in the semifinals and wake in the championship game so yeah I you know there's a lot I remember in the building is it's got that history to it. I may not set this last week when I was a pretty good event. Also, talk to you if you going there early enough.

You just can't remember all the things that transpired over the course of the 26 previous times. This event been here and obviously it's been here twice as many times as it's been any other location.

I asked Jeff Capel about that yesterday and said that all the you look at all the great since played in college basketball. Odds are they've played at some point in this building and the history on your not find anything else like it. In fact, if you disagree conference tournaments across college basketball. I don't think you can find an equivalent in today's college basketball 2020. What Greensboro represents.

For this leak got a singular building. The only thing that would be potentially close as Nashville when the SEC killed her turn her brother tournament by Nashville but at the time it was Memorial Jim only got a handful times at Bridgestone Arena. I would say probably the Pac 12 Pac-10 never had a tournament for a long time.

The big tender brother tournament for long time. The big 12 in Kansas City, not in the same building. Obviously there at the new Arena downtown at the auditorium for years that they moved out to Sprint Center I guess is what it is now. Now they're going back and forth with Allison Oklahoma City. I think in the future and things like that, but a singular building.

There has not been a college basketball event like the Atlantic Coast conference tournament in the relationship they have a great and remember how it developed the conference tournament started under the wishes of every case at NC State. Obviously, coming from Indiana. He knew with a high school basketball championship in the state of Indiana meant so when they brought the basketball tournament in the ACC was formed in the early 50s Quezada tournament was necessary to amplify the popularity leak in Raleigh in the first 13 were in Raleigh first 13 years Raleigh then Charlotte one year what we now know as Bojangles arena of independence. The chromosomes will Parker calls because he lived there forever and then it came to Greensboro. Now remember the first time it was in this building was two major renovations go the late 1960s when the building first hosted the ACC tournament set lesson 10,006 90,090 3DI think 93, 97-ish. The first time you walked in for the term 1978. I did not come until I was 12 years old, never saw the never sat in a seat at the ACC tournament.

I went to Charlotte after graduate college the first time that I ever came to the ACC tournament. I came to the tournament either on the practice day with my dad when I was in college at Elon, but in 1978 I was the official's attendance of the attendance of the officials locker room. Carolina wanted me to go to Saturday night.

Dudley Bradley was a VP I came 78 7980 yes 81 they went to Maryland Sam Perkins freshman year he was EVP 82 they came back out with 283 was in Atlanta didn't go to that 84 was here and that was that was Maryland Len bias beat Duke championship game when bias was EVP. I was at the tournament and then I did not come back to tournament Greensburg or my college years, I came over here met my dad. We had lunch on the practice day and stick career advice. Long story short that's the way this is my 20 till some somebody asked 25 Professionally Georgia Tech and No Television and I Am Doing This Is 3132 Some of Its Western Witness Packer in Durham on the ACC Networking and Watch Every Morning. Let's Look Ahead to the Game That A Lot Of People Were to Be Paying Attention to Tonight North Carolina. It's Syracuse Line. These Two Teams. They Met 10 Days Ago, North Carolina. It Was Their Most Convincing Road When This Year.

Not Many to Pick between Right One at UNC W They Want As Well in Raleigh. This Was Their Most Convincing When It Seems like to Me Last That This Is the Perfect Matchup for North Carolina. Considering the Way They Been Shooting Went up against That Syracuse Stones Are North Carolina from a Matchup Standpoint and Obviously the Crowd Began behind Them Is That Where Your Leaning in Terms of Who Has an Advantage at 9 O'clock Tonight, Sir Only Because of a Carolina Hit the, Threes:7. They Look Pretty Solid against the Zone Role the Same Game Plan out. I'm Sure They Have Makes Adjustments Where You Place It in a Pressure Point Surrounded Things of That Nature.

Joe Gerard Buddy Buddy Logic Use Left at the Games I like Research Is to Advance Searches Didn't Instill Confidence in Many People Going to Stretch Now Be Lost in Overtime the Last Regular-Season Miami Didn't Win the Last Home Game at the Dome. They Lost Two of Their Last Three.

Five of Their Last Eight and Seven of Their Last 11 Exactly What We Had Syracuse in the Thing and Now They're Not in the Right so You Know We Sorted out See How It Goes, but I Can't Blame A Lot Of Momentum A Lot Of Confidence. I Thought They Fought off a Pretty Sluggish Start Last Night Which Was Important to Me. Offensively, Brenda Robinson� A Couple Shots. It Could Be A Lot Different. Randolph Childress like Crossover. He Had a Wing Well after: Anthony Did the Inverted Span to Clear Them from His Own to Make Comments. Tell Nicole Anthony's Moved to Get Him the Ball Get Lost in the Whole Deal, but That Was the Career Alexander Now like Holy Smokes Are Good Is That Moving the Rent Robinson Double down. Got Carolyn's Point Will I Confidence. I Think They're Getting a Three-Man Game Going, Which Is Important. Having the Confidence to Have Brooks and Robinson and Anthony on the Floor at the Same Time Is Huge Tonight to Be the Ninth ACC Game, If at All Three Guys We Missed A Lot Of What Carolyn's Potential Could Be Simply Because of Injury or Other Things and They Have a Winning Record. When Those Three Guys Are out on the Floor Which Is 440.

They Lost against Saturday Morning for Some Form Four on the Year Will Be Enjoined at Western Spending Some Time at This Year from the ACC Network so This Tournament.

Obviously the Big Questions Get to Be When Is a Decision to Be Made about Whether or Not the Tournament Is Going on Returns to Greensboro Charlotte Because You Have DC in Brooklyn Next You Talk about Walls and They Speak to the History of All These Things When You Look across College Basketball Just All College Sports Texas.

They Should like Texas A&M Business Jackson and Then You Will Play Saturday Morning and Leads the SEC Right Duke. They Play NC State Once Every Six Years in Football That Happens When Leads Expanding Divisions I Get Back.

How Much Do You Think the Tradition and All the Things We've Been Spending Talking about the Last Few Minutes Matters to the Powers That Be When You Consider Nine New Ladies of Been Hired in This Conference since the Last of the Tournament Was Played I Was Here Last Week at an Event with It Hard to Outlined All the New Athletic Directors and Presidents and Things like That to You This Week. I Think There's a Place in the Rotation Going Forward for Greensboro. I Think It's Important to the History of the League. I Think the New School Certainly Understand That Me. We Have Light Rail Are Set on Tuesday He Understands It in on Mike Brady Is a Guy Noting 20 Years Who Wanted to Be in This League, and yet Understands about Your Company, Greensburg Hi Jim, I Have Backed off the Statement He Made a Couple Years Ago When I Saw His Comment from Yesterday I Made You Talk to Him and Got and Got Some of That Greatly Walked Back and That's Good. I Mean I Think That's the Right Thing to Do. Jeff Table. It Means A Lot to Mark Germans from Fayette Will North Carolina the Athletic Director Boston College on Curry, John Curry Knows He's from Chapel Hill with High School. My Brother Made Jan Again As Well. Bukhari Meet on a Blue Card Is No Is Not Going to Happen. I Think What We're Getting to Is There's a Little Bit of a Red Alert Here and Look There Are Other Markets Where the ACC and Look Now More These Guys the Whole Deal Changed in 2007 Nearby Can Talk about Brooklyn This Deal Chiasson 07 We Went to Tampa, Florida Okay Don't Don't Say What We Can't Go Here. We Can't Go There. We Can't Go XYZ We Go to Pittsburgh. We Go to Boston We Go to Miami Window Where Everybody Wants Windows Goggles.

I Will and You Save A Lot Because We Went to Tampa and I've Been Pretty Consistent with That for a Long Time 07 Change the Game for This Event and It Was Important to Investigate What That Term Will Be like in Florida Just As It Was Important to We Shouldn't Let 2005 DCB the Last Time We Went to DC, so When We Went Back to DC. Look What Happened Downtown Is a Totally Different Field around the Arena. Now the Chinatown Section.

All of That Battle Counts Okay Brooklyn All Weekend. Nobody Cares That Okay It's Not Going It's Not Charlotte, It's Not in the Heart of the Footprint. Josh.

But There's Nothing Wrong with the Fact That You Can Actually Do Something for the Market That You're Going to Be in from Some Presents Another Television, Whatever It May Be School. Whatever the Case May Be, so I Understand Greensburg Needs to Be in the Rotation, but We Ever Can Have a Sequencer Rings Were Hosted Foster Years Know When I Can Have a Secret Subtlety Going Forward.

At the Current Pace Anybody Hosted for Five Straight Years Really Surprised If We so Enjoyed Great Might Be the Max.

I Enjoyed You on the Call Last Night to Go to M&M's to Go Chips like What's the Strategy Here for Western Water Is Turned off the Water Because I Start Getting the Stock to Get Trouble Sparkling Water. We Talk Dasani on a Stack of Failure Because It's a Pepsi Building against Knowing That You Go, Not Drinking Sodas. I Can Promise You That I Will Drink Sodas Anyway That We Would Drink the Taste Born in the Carolinas West That That Is West Durham Joining Us Ashore While Ago That or We the Breaking News of the NCAA Deciding First and Second Round Games Are Going to Be Held without Fans Due To the Coronavirus Outbreak That Includes the Greensboro Coliseum Hosting Games Next Friday and Sunday.

The Start of the Tournament Going to Be without Fans.

It's Going to Be Surreal. It's Gonna Be Strange.

While That Interview Was Playing I've Gone around the Coliseum to Get More Information and I'll Bring You the Latest That We Know at This Moment What's Happening with the ACC Tournament Here in Greensboro and Oh Yeah If You Have Thoughts on This and Open up the Phone Lines We Haven't Opened up Many of the Lines Today Because Were on Location and We Had A Lot Of Great Guys Go through but If You Have Thoughts on the Subject, 336-777-1600 Two Questions I Have Is This Overblown Properly Received or under Blown This This Virus and How It's Become Just a Pandemic, Not Just in the United States but Internationally and Also What Do You Think Should Happen with the ACC Tournament. Moving on This Week. Even Tonight 7 O'clock Games at 7 O'clock and 9 O'clock Games Here at the Tournament in Greensboro. Moving Forward, Thursday and Friday 336-777-1600 If You Have Thoughts on That Will Bring You All That We Know This Is Thank You Josh Fox Sports Hub Try. Here's What We Know from the ACC. This Is a Statement Put out a Short While Ago. We More Than a Statement, but I Guess in and of Itself Is a State to the Important Information Tonight. ACC Tournament Games at Seven and 9 O'clock Are Going to Proceed As Planned Is More the Conference. We Are Aware of the Announcement by the NCAA Will Evaluate the Remainder of the Tournament or Information Will Be Forthcoming. The Big East Tournament Has Announced That Their Games Are Going to Go on with Fans in Attendance. The SEC Seems to Be Following Suit Is Well. I Don't Think It's Coincidental That the ACC and That Statement Did Not Include Fans, Whether or Not They're Going to Be in Attendance Because Quite Frankly I Don't Think They Know the Answer to That Question Right Now I'm Looking at Other Stories Just Left and Right about the Coronavirus That Are Related to the ACC One Comes from Andy Better Says Virginia Tech Is Canceling Any School Sponsored Events before April 30 That Draw More Than 100 People Athletic Events Are an Exception at This Time and Will Continue the Hokey Spring Game April 18, Though It's Unclear How It Impacts the Start of Conclusion of Spring Football. That Is Something That Is Being Monitored. Your Thoughts Are Welcome on the Subject, 336-777-1600.

This Is a Time Where I'm Just Generally Interested in How People Are Feeling Even Though I'm Discouraged with That Sentiment. When I Look at Twitter There. There's A Lot Of Dumb That's on Twitter Right Now, but I Think That Might As Well Be the Mantra Twitter at This Point on Twitter at Sports of Dry If You Would like to Chime in As the West Durham Interview That We Taped before the Show Played. I Walked around the Coliseum, Trying to Get Some Information As Everybody's Trying to Do. People Are Breaking Reports and People Are Trying to Report What's Happening and This Massive NCAA News and You Might Be Sitting in Your Car Right Now Wondering What the Hell Is the Scene like at the Greensboro Coliseum Right Now This Is People Taking Straw Polls Left and Right.

Hey, How Do You Feel about This.


How Do You Feel That This Patrick Penis Who Is Good to Be Broadcasting Who Has Been Broadcasting Games for Westwood One for A While.

Broadcasting ACC Tournament Games. He Asked Me Hey I Got a Straw Poll Going Do You Think This Is Overblown Properly Blown under Blown This This Coronavirus Steel and I Said Well since It's Not Just Us since It's 16 Other Countries That Are Being Locked down As a Result of It. I Would Have To Say It's Properly Blown Use the Expression, He Said to Me You're the First Person Who Is Said That Either Properly Blown or under Everybody Else's Said It's Overblown Entered That You Might Be One of Those People That Feel That Way Back There People Very Close to Me Who Have Expressed Similar Sentiments Entered That I Say Not All of Us Are Specialist. Not All of Us Are Experts on Every Damn Thing Just Because We Have a Twitter Account Were on Facebook and We Can Express. However, We Feel Does It Mean That We Should Feel Qualified on Every Single Subject. I Am Willing to Say When I'm Not an Expert on Something, and I'm Not an Expert on This, so the Follow-Up Question I Got for My Good Friend Patrick Was Do You.

Would You Agree If They Disallowed Fans from Attending the Games and What I Disagree.

Fans Were Allowed to Attend Games and I Said Help. I Can't Disagree with It but I Don't Know If I Agree with. That's the Best Answer I Can Give Because Again I Don't Want to Be the One That Says That This Entire Things Overblown When People Are Dying across the Country, Literally. I Spent A Lot Of Time in Eastern North Carolina. I Get an A Lot Of People in the State Become like This Time in Wilmington Time on on the Coast Pandemics Whether Crisis Is Such As a Hurricane or Tornado.

They Do Not Play on Our Schedules. They Think They Do Not Give a Damn about the ACC Tournament That's Going on in Greensboro Right Now Right so I Seen How These Things Can up in Things and in Times in Eastern North Carolina. I Remember You Just Had to Say All Right Will This This Is More Important Right Now. This Is More Important Than Any Sporting Event.

The Sports Are Going to Be There Eventually Our Cultures Can Return to Where It Was at Some Point Right This Is a Time That It's Something Where Less Familiar with Right Hurricanes.

We Get the Deal Tornadoes. We Get the Deal. This Is Something That's Unprecedented. So When Something's Knew Something Unprecedented That We Don't Know That Much about Naturally Working to Push Back on These Things All It's Not That Big of a Deal Because Swine Flu Because a Bowl As If Were All Experts on These Things in the First Place. Again, Not Claiming to Be Much of an Expert, but It Does Seem like That.

This Is Far Different Than That When It's Not Just Us. It's It's Other Countries and Things Are Getting Shut down. I Know You Listen to the Chauffeur Sports You Listen to It for Fun Illicit Do It for Giggles, You Listen to It As an Escape of Things but Now This Is Infiltrated the Sports World and We Simply Can't Avoid It. We Are Sitting in It Right Now in the Greensboro Coliseum As Their Waiting to Make a Decision Whether or Not the Answer to Be Permitted to Enter the Building for Seven and 9 O'clock Games Later on Tonight That's What's Happening This Moment. So That's the Question I'm Posing Right Now.

Robert Please Protect Me on This to an End and Screen Away Thoughts That I Don't Want to Say Are Ridiculous Because I Don't Want to Sound so Dismissive but I Don't Want to Hear Anything about Conspiracy. I Don't Want to Hear Anything about Height. I Don't Want to Hear Anything about Social Media or Media Creation Here. This Is a Message When Millions of People Milling Millions of Dollars Are Being Sacrificed and Being Turned Away. The Chips Are Being Turned Away by the NCAA in the Name of Safety.

I Don't Think We Can Use Hype Train As an Argument Anyway, Sorry to Interrupt You and What You Got Know That That Was Me I Was Just Saying That's All We Have Antifungals yet. I Didn't Think Anything Was Really Information Driven and Everything Was Kind As You Stated It Hype Driven so Having to Pass along Here Does Have Some I Don't. I Do Think Is Fair to Call Certain Outlooks or Certain Opinions on This Ridiculous Because We Have Organizations like the World Health Organization Give You Guidelines and Parameters Used in Upping Your One-Bedroom Apartment or Your Mom's Basement on His Spirit on a Hot Stop.

Let's Not Limit Something Real Quick. It's the Easiest Dismissal of the State One-Bedroom Apartment Sitting at Your Parents House, Whatever That Is. But There Are Very There There There Are Esteemed People. There Are People Who Are Confused of Any Stature Who Might Might Feel the Way That You're Expressing Right It Is True Might Be Ridiculous but I'm Just Saying That I Don't Want to Be so Dismissive of That Right. I Did Not Get That and Understand It Would for You to Disagree with Portable like Image Earlier Expert Is People Who Committed Their Lives to Studying Infectious Diseases and All Of A Sudden You Know Better Than Them. It's Ridiculous It's It's Absurd. Here's the Way I Feel about. I'm Looking at Tournament Sites That Are Also Conference Tournament Sites NCAA Tournament Sites That Are Also Conference Tournament Site. The Only One I See Right Now, with the Exception of the Horizon League Playing in Indianapolis but Not at the Same Venue. NCAA Tournament Games Are to Be Held Greensboro's the Only ACC or Only Conference Tournament Site That Is Also Hosting NCAA Tournament Games. How Bad of a Look What It Be If One of the Sites That the NCAA Has Just Deemed Unsafe to Hold Fans for Suitably Tournament Games Thursday or Make It Friday and Sunday of Next Week. How Bad of a Look. Would It Be If They Decide yet Were Were to Have Fans Not Just Tonight but Also Tomorrow and Friday.

My Gut Feeling. This Is an Opinion, This Is Not Based in Fact, God Knows Were Also Just Try to Get Information Right, Mike Got Is This Going to Let the Fans in the People of Come across the State to to Attend Tonight's Game They Have. To Make That Call in the Next 10 to 15 Minutes.

They Said They Were Going to Go on Their Gonna Let the Fans and Tonight If I Had the Gas and I Don't Think I Think There Is a 10 to 20% Chance That They Went Fans. That Is the Way I Feel. I Beat Now before This Statement from the NCAA.

It Was Will Be ACC Feel Tempted to Act on Their Own and Decide, Hey Were Not to Have Fans in the Stance That We Were Talking to Andrew Carter about What He Joined Us Earlier. Now It's Not Just That Now You Have To Answer for the Fact Okay.

The NCAA Has Decided That Your Location Can't Hold Fans Next Week and You Have To Answer for Bringing Fans and Thursday Friday Saturday Answer for Why How Those Two Things Can Can Be True How You Can Have NCAA Tournament Sites NCAA Tournament without Fancier Grades Were Next Week and Still Hold Fans at the ACC Tournament This Week There about Getting Ready to Call Again Later on Tonight Is Get a Call North Carolina so I'm Interested in What You Think on This.

The Questions I'm Asking. I'm Trying to Keep It Is Basic As Possible. 336-777-1600 on Twitter. Exports of Dry Properly Rated, Properly Blown Overblown under Blown and Do You Think the ACC Let's Fans in Tonight.

I Don't Know Right Because like like You Said Were All in More Than Anything, Just Nation Gathering State Right Now and Look You and I Know Plenty of ACC Officials There. We Have Seen Them Frank I'm Asking You about Your Gut Right Now. Think Two People Were Just Running around Left and Right Trying to Learn Is All All Kinds of Places. What about for Tomorrow.

I Do Not Think It Happens from Living Fans.

I Think I Think If Fans Are Watching Tonight. They Will Not Be Tomorrow. Either Way, I Think It's Entirely Possible I Was Expecting an Announcement by Now. They Said They're Going on His Plan Right so We Have To Assume That Means That Fans Are Coming in Direct and I Know It's Just It's There Are so Many Layers so Many Variables I'm Just I'm Glad I'm Not the Person Call in Making That Decision to Me It Would Be Pretty Easy, but I Understand It's an Incredibly Different Difficult to Know for Sure, but I Understand I Understand the Nuances of It and the Idea That As You Presented.

This Is the Same Venue.

One of Those Venues That the NCAA Has Said Will Not Hold Fans Later This Month for Four NCAA Tournament Games so Bright, It Begs the Question Why Would You Now. If You're Not Going to All Right. Let's Go around the Room.

Robert How Do You Feel I Feel Good. I Don't Think I Have the Sickness but for This Lab and Pondered a Little Bit like It Work and Overreact a Global Pandemic Is a Good Thing.

The Overreact Norms and I'd Rather Be on the Safe Side Sick Right and to the People Who Say All It's Just the Sick People, like Waving Parents Stay Away from Here. There Is Stay Awake on the Arena or If You're Older Than 60, or Whatever. Like Were Not Necessarily Just Worried about You Because You Might Be Young Younger Than 60 Years Old. Here's the Other Thing That's Being for Cotton about This, Even Though You Might Not Be Conversing with Older Than 60 Are All Types Those in Their 70s or 75 Years Old at the ACC Tournament in Greensboro. You Can Contract This and While You Might Not Have To Send You Can. Then the Next Time You See Them Pass It along.

It's It's It's about People Who Are Going to Assume They Are Okay and Thus Are Going to Continue to Travel and They Can Contract It.

Elsewhere and Twice. Primarily the Carrier so Yeah Yeah Aaron, How Do You Feel Certain Because One Hour Job As a Sports Job Is to Be around These Large Gatherings of People.

I Am One-year-old Home. I Have a Totally Immune Compromised Personal Home.

I May Be Human Feet and Able to Handle the Illness. However, There Are People in My Family Were Not Have Responsibility to the and I Think Other People Should Take Responsibility. You Know, in Which I'm a Basketball Here. I Just Want to Ask from a Human Aspect. You Dipped Out Of the Tournament Very Early Yesterday with This on Your Mind It Will. I Had a Conversation with with My Lady and the Mother Months out. We Talked about the Night before Yesterday Briefly and in No Sit in the Stadium Where Was Empty. Look at Those Empty Seats. I Second Thought of As Second Thoughts We Have Never Conversation and Made Decision to Come Home Was Worth Is Not Worth the Risk. And I Hope I'm Wrong. I Hope I'm Terribly Wrong and I'll Look like a Scared Chicken Crap Later. I Think It Goes without Saying I Hope You Are Taking That Precaution. Are There People Driving in Their Cars to College and Right Now Necessarily That You Would Wrong Would Be That We Would Never Find Because Were Taking Necessary Right Mean It's Not like If You If You're Wrong and What I Don't Want to Hear.

Today, There Are Things I Don't Want to Hear One of the Things I Want to Hear Is How Afflicted You Are, How Much of a Victim. We Are so Because You Know We Don't Get to Experience the Greensboro Coliseum Should Hear the Callers That We've Gotten about That about Right Where Writers Get How I Get My Money Back and Mike Looked at the NCAA.

No Hearing about Your Tickets You're Probably Going to Get Your Money Back. I I'm Sure for All Those Things but I Mean If I Believe Satan Athletes Are to Get Eligibility Back Is a Reason I Haven't Really Brought This up by a Trip to Italy Next Month. I Do, but the Reason I Have Talked about Is Again Always Me Sleep off like That, Woe Is Me. There'll Hot Work Situation, but You Can Attend the Wedding in Italy Next Month Because This This Disease Is Affected so Many Shutdown Countries and the Same Thing for This ACC Tournament As You're Probably Hard-Pressed to Find Someone Who Loves College Basketball As Much As I Do. I Watch Every Single Night and Looking Forward to This Tournament for so Long. The Reason I Took This Job. To Be Honest, like II Want to Cover Events Such As Joe, I Get It I I Hundred Percent yet It but I Don't Want to Hear What Was Me Because Again, Were Not Ones That Are Truly Afflicted in This, At Least Not yet What You Were Saying Yesterday Was My First Opportunity to Coburn ACC 21st Opportunity for the Beater You Think I Wanted to Call Eddie. I Absolutely Do What Is Not Worth the Risk. I Don't Know Enough to Have Enough Information to Make the Risk On Behalf Of Someone. My Daughter Specifically Who Can't Defend Herself.

Robert like Nothing like That All, There Has To Dollars Sick and Tired of Sick and Tired but I Do It for 4400 $50,000. All Right at the House

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