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Taysom Newton

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March 26, 2020 5:51 pm

Taysom Newton

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March 26, 2020 5:51 pm

On this edition of The Drive with Josh Graham Dr. David Geier comes on to discuss NFL draft prospects injury concerns, Adam Gold joins to fight with Aaron about PJ Walker and the Sports Hub Time Machine.

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This is The Drive with Josh Graham Podcast. Tune into The Drive weekday afternoons 3 to 7 on Sports Hub Triad. Teddy Bridgewater was just officially introduced as the Panthers new quarterback.

He did so via Zoom chat. You'll hear from him in a few minutes, but we've spent all week long breaking down what Cam Newton's quarterback market might be since the Panthers have officially released him. And to me, I think there are a bunch of subset markets for Cam. The smallest market is the starting quarterback market. Not many teams there at this point. Maybe the Miami Dolphins, the Los Angeles Chargers are the most popular pick. That's the place I think he ultimately will end up in terms of him just being a traditional backup quarterback. I think the Tennessee Titans could make some sense. Maybe the New York Giants with the tie to Dave Gettleman. Some non-committal comments from the new head coach Judge and Gettleman heading into the combine.

I think there are a couple other places that would make sense too. I really feel like every single NFL team at this point should at least reach out to Cam's agent to see what exactly he's asking for. To see exactly what you can get Cam Newton for. Because right now, based on some of the reporting I've seen, we're talking about between five to ten million dollars. That's what we're talking about here.

And that's incredibly affordable and I think that opens up a market that you might think sounds crazy on its face but I don't. A market where Cam isn't exactly the starting quarterback, he isn't the backup quarterback either, he's playing more of the Taysom Hill role. We've seen it in the NFC South. It's a copycat league. The Saints, they found a matchup nightmare that led to them being one of the more prolific offices the last two years.

It gave them an advantage. I think a lot of teams have paid attention to this. I think it's gonna lead to a team taking Jalen Hurts either late in the first round or in the second round. Have him step in, potentially play that type of role with his versatility and Cam could do it. I think Cam could actually do it better.

He's a physical freak. Man, when you walk in the Panthers locker room, as I had the last few years covering the team, home games at least, he'll be there in just compression shorts and you look at him and you think, oh my gosh, this person should dominate whatever position he's playing. We've heard people saying this guy, he would fit better as a tight end. Much of the same conversation that we've had with Tim Tebow over the last decade.

Don't care to really revisit those too much. He called a pass against Tampa Bay one game, nearly scored a touchdown. Of course he would be an excellent runner. I'd argue he's the greatest red zone threat in the history of the NFL. 15 more touchdown runs than the next closest quarterback, that being Steve Young. 58 touchdown runs. That's three short of guys who got the ball in the 70s every single snap it seemed like. Like just short of Larry Zonko's touchdown numbers or OJ Simpson's touchdown numbers. He has more than some guys you'd consider to be borderline Hall of Famers. He's affordable to almost everybody.

Less than 10 million dollars. Aside from the LA Chargers, it doesn't seem like there's this really rich market where he would no doubt be the starting quarterback. LA, again to emphasize, I think makes the most sense.

But here's the criteria for a fit if you're looking at Cam to potentially play a Taysom Hill-like role. And if I'm nuts, if the coronavirus is just getting to me, you could tweet me at sportsubtriad 336-777-1600. In fact, I'm looking into the control room. Robert Walsh, the producer of this show, is rolling his eyes at me.

Aaron Gabriel, he just gave me a really stern look. So I got a feeling I'm going out on a whim here. And if you think I sound nuts, that's completely fine. But this is the criteria I think exists. You need to have a team that has an immobile quarterback, in their 30s, and doesn't have a strong backup. Or, I'll even add, doesn't have a developing, up-and-coming rookie backup. So not like a Cincinnati, not like a Washington Redskins.

There are four teams I think that fit this criteria perfectly. Minnesota Vikings, Kirk Cousins, his backup is Shawn Mannion, whatever that is. The Detroit Lions have Matthew Stafford, no strong set backup. Darrell Beville, worked with Russell Wilson all those years with the Seahawks.

He's the offensive coordinator in Detroit. The Pittsburgh Steelers, they got Ben. And I understand there's Mason Rudolph and Duck Hodges there, but they have enough cap space. I think they can make a move on Cam. And also, are they sure Ben's gonna be a hundred percent this year?

I'm not really convinced of that. Then there's the Atlanta Falcons, which might be the best fit of the bunch. That would be crazy for him to go across the division, but Matt Ryan's the quarterback, Matt Schaub is the backup.

This is a team that's desperate. That's why they're bringing in Todd Gurley. Dan Quinn knows if he doesn't make the playoffs, he's likely not gonna be a coach with a job at this time next year, or at least a head coaching job. So why not a coach that knows Cam very well? Cam lives in Atlanta. Why not a coach on top of that who knows Taysom Hill and has seen that and what it looks like the last few seasons?

Those are the places I think make sense. Now moving to the Panthers current quarterback, Teddy Bridgewater. He just spoke via Zoom.

Robert, what do you make of a Zoom press conference? We got a chance to see what a lot of the living rooms and bedrooms of North Carolina's finest media looks like. Jordan Rodriguez, shout out, had a pretty sweet Soundgarden Pearl Jam poster. Our good friend from the athletic. But Teddy's not in North Carolina yet.

This was being held from Miami. Let's hear what he had to say about what really attracted him to North Carolina, specifically his relationship with Joe Brady, dating back to when they were both together in New Orleans two years ago. He was the guy who actually taught me everything when I first got to New Orleans. I got traded there at the end of the preseason.

You know, the coaches were in grind mode and getting ready to prepare the group and the team took the season. So Joe was the guy who worked with me after practice, in the pre-games. He was the guy who took me through drill. We went over tall cheeks together. He just stayed active with me. It was great to have a guy like that. I forgot the note, Robert. The Zoom press conference was being held from a submarine in Miami. Should I have made that clear?

I don't know. It's just, it's not the best audio, but at least we got to hear from him. Oh yeah, it is good to hear from Teddy and I guarantee you he's probably wearing sweats. I bet every player would like to have it that way. Hey, I don't have to get in a suit and have this starched press conference.

I could just hold it from my house, probably on my iPhone, sitting here in sweats. It's not a bad deal, Aaron. Doesn't sound like Cameron Newton style. Man, I've been waiting to break this hat out for months. Oh yeah, let's Teddy's drip gonna look like this year. The drip Chronicles. The press conference is going to be drastically less entertaining.

I would agree with that. What has he been doing now since everybody is cooped up in their homes? So I pulled out a Nintendo 64. I'm playing Mario Kart. I got the old PlayStation 2, playing all the old fans. I got every man from 2001 to 2011.

So I'm just bored in the house, but I'm trying not to be too bored. Hold a minute. How strange is that for him to have every Madden from 2000 to 2011?

Is that a strange deal or am I wrong here? Like, how much different are these games, let's say 2010 to 2011 or 2007 through 2009? Well, the main thing would be you get, you know, classic players from the older games. So you may get, you know, a Prime Priest Holmes, for example.

Yeah, some of these games you don't need. Some of them you could throw into the trash, like the Donovan McNabb cover that has the quarterback vision cone. You remember that? Where every single quarterback of African-American descent, they have the really small cone, it seems like, while Peyton Manning's is the whole damn field. I never used the vision cone, but I do remember it. Oh, the vision cone was awful. Michael Vick was unstoppable in 2004.

Ray Lewis. Was that the one where they introduced the hit stick for the first time? Yeah. Oh goodness. I love the Dante Culpepper one. They used to have the raps.

Remember they used to have the intro music with raps? So it sounds like you owned all these Madden's too. No, I played them and then I discarded of the Madden and got a new one the next year. I never kept them. I don't think there's any problem with keeping them though. I've got all of them since the Peyton Hillis cover.

We probably should have followed that important journalistic question. What is his go-to Mario Kart racer? I'm a Yoshi guy. What do you think Teddy is? Teddy's a Waluigi. I can see that.

Luigi is like the perfect Teddy Bridgewater character. Yeah. Yeah, I sign off on that. Our new afternoon host, Adam Golt, he's gonna drop by for a bit and it's kind of strange.

Both Caine's owner Tom Dundon and Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper are in the news. I'll tell you why next. Here's your mic check. Check. Mic check.

Check. You're on the drive with Josh Graham. Our early afternoon host Adam Golt from The Adam Golt Show in with us now. Happy opening day to you sir. What should have been opening day? Same to you.

Same to you. Don't rub it in. This might be a sign of optimism and it involves a headline from Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper. I was reading Market Watch and the headlines this. Man who scored big during the 2008 financial crisis says the stock market could be near a bottom but it's a time to start nibbling if you are an investor. David Tepper, you got to remember, his decisions that he made during America's last crisis made him an NFL owner. That's not hyperbole in any way. He made concentrated bets on our financial system during the housing crisis, bought some, beaten down bank shares and he essentially just thought that the Federal Reserve was going to do their thing and he was gonna make billions off it. He was exactly right. He earned seven billion dollars in 2009, profited himself personally four billion dollars and what happened six months later?

He is a minority stake owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers. I'm gonna do the same thing. It's not a bad idea.

Start nibbling in some of those markets. And then I'm going to buy the Carolina Panthers. What sports team would you buy if you had the option? I know you're a big Mets fan.

Stop it. The only one I would buy. I would only I would actually no there would be two.

Excuse me. I would I would buy the Mets of course because the Mets are being run into the into the pavement in Queens by Fred Wilpon and his son Jeff. But I would buy my local hockey team the Carolina Hurricanes. Speaking of that, going to the other major professional sports owner in this state, Tom Dundon making some news as well as a story surfaces from our state's capital as the Raleigh News & Observer reported that there were gonna be some layoffs of full-time employees with the Hurricanes. I understand you had a chance to speak with Tom Dundon.

We heard some of it during the Adam Gold show. But explain this to me like I'm five. What exactly happened here? First of all, I'm pretty sure that the News & Observer did not say layoffs. I think we all maybe incorrectly assume layoffs. But right now there are I mean even in the email which triggered all of these media reports that email that internal email that basically told employees that you got to take your vacation because we want everybody to use up all of that so we come back well you know nobody's gonna leave. There were no mention of layoffs but ultimately business is bad business is bad everywhere because we don't have games so nobody is making money. And will the will the Hurricanes stop paying people?

I think they will. They're waiting to see whether or not the federal government is going to like we don't know what the stimulus bill is gonna look like because it's gonna get voted on and passed tomorrow morning. But they're waiting to see what the stimulus bill is going to do for businesses and for employees who are laid off if in fact they can't you know people can't make some money.

So I don't we don't know what the endgame is. All I will say is that the Hurricanes dispute the characterization in the news and observer and I wanted the owner on the record as saying that he was going to make sure that the employees get paid. What do you make of the defense from Don Waddell last night though where he says no we were just encouraging people to take their vacation time or someone said you're not allowed to give mandated vacation time but then he essentially said yeah they're gonna have to take vacation time. Right well I mean you work for a company I work for a company if they came to me tomorrow and said hey Adam you have to take your however many days of PTO I get if they told me tomorrow you have to take that now I would say okay handwriting on the wall because ultimately if you are let go as an employee for whatever the reason whatever your severance package would also include vacation time not used. So if that's ultimately the end of it then I would I would understand that okay they're getting rid of me because they want me to take my vacation time. That's the way I would look at it.

Yeah that's the way I look at it too and I thought it was just an interesting response from Waddell because it kind of leads us to do 2 plus 2 and figure out what exactly is for. Adam Gold is on Twitter at a gold fan and there's someone in the control room that's been waiting all week for you to come on because of something you said a few days ago. Aaron Gabriel is an assistant producer on this show and Aaron is upset because he got really into the XFL season like this is a Houston Roughnecks radio show that you're on right now. Excellent. He took issue with something you said about PJ Walker.

Aaron what exactly are you mad at Adam about? You know I was hoping since you knew to the Sports Hub family that you know we could get off on a barefoot. But I was on the way into work on maybe yesterday two days ago I listened to your show Mr. Gold. You talked about PJ Walker headed to the Panthers coming from the Houston Roughnecks. It has some disparaging dismissive things to say Mr. Gold. I appreciate that. What was disparaging?

This is a Roughnecks show. What was disparaging though? I'm just curious. You was real dismissive. I don't remember specifically what to say. You don't even know what you're mad about. What are you mad? I remember being I was so upset. I couldn't write it down. I can't believe it.

I couldn't believe it was happening. I mean look I'm not saying I wasn't dismissive. I think it's understandable to be dismissive of a Houston Roughnecks legend. I get it.

It's under I think it's understandable to be dismissive of what is essentially double-a football. But I I'm if you don't know if I don't know what you what you were mad about we can't address it. We can't become friends. We can't get past this. Yeah that's not a good starting foot on your part Aaron.

You gotta you gotta communicate. I just want to know. It's 5-0. That's what you can hang your hat on. The only thing we care about. The only thing we should ever care about with quarterbacks right is win-loss percentage. Right yeah Cam Newton has lost his last eight starts. Undefeated.

Have you seen one of those graphics? I wanted some more I wanted some more enthusiasm from you Mr. Gold. Well here's all you need to know. Like you said the legend. Aaron stop. In order to in order to play for the Carolina Panthers you have to have some pre-existing relationship with either Matt Ruhle, Joe Brady or somebody else on the coaching staff.

I think that's pretty obvious. Robbie Anderson he knew Matt Ruhle from Temple. I am assuming that they will sign Muhammad Wilkerson who when Matt Ruhle was the recruiting coordinator at Temple Wilkerson was recruited to go there. I assume that they'll sign him next.

It's a good thing Bill Cosby's in jail. Yeah or else he's a huge Carolina Panthers fan. Let's not forget that this isn't the first time the Carolina Panthers brought in the most notorious XFL star. They also brought in He Make Me Smart who was on the Super Bowl team.

So if I'm also doing the math here does this mean Carolina's going to a Super Bowl pretty soon? PJ Walker is playing a Rod Smart role? First of all is what's PJ Walker's nickname? Rod Smart had the greatest nickname in the history of pro football.

He hate me. Right and it was also and Bill Rozinski is a friend of mine who was doing play-by-play at the time and when he returned a kickoff for a touchdown Rozinski's play-by-play flourish was he hate me we love you. It was amazing. It's awesome you could still find that. Yes absolutely.

On the internet. So how are you gonna celebrate opening day? For me I always listen to Orioles magic because I'm miserable. I have two teams I root for the Hurricanes and I'm an Orioles fan. You're an Orioles fan? Yeah it's one of the two teams I have. Bless your heart.

It's terrible. I know you spent time in the state of Maryland. I mean I'm a huge Cal Ripken guy. Shoot I mean Eddie Murray was a friend of the family.

Man I love. Wait a second. First of all Eddie Murray is one of the most miserable human beings of all time. He's a friend of the family? He is. Eddie Murray shut out all the media except for my dad who got to know him and traveled with the team a little bit. Oh that's cool. Yeah.

Eddie Murray was an incredible player. Two quick things about the Orioles. I've had for for the three years I worked in Baltimore I had hot dogs on opening day morning with Brooks Robinson all three years. SK dogs? Of course. Well what else is there?

Of course. And I spent about an hour and a half in Cal Ripken's parents house with his dad Cal senior and his mother Vi doing a story that I did for for the news talk station there. So I never met Cal in that way.

I've talked to Cal a bunch but I'd never like been like hanging out in his house but I was hanging out in his parents house which could not be a more modest blue-collar section of suburban Baltimore. Why don't we still have teams making songs like Orioles magic or like the New York Knicks had in the 90s? Because they don't care. Oh they do stuff on social media they do they do viral videos that that's that's the new like there's no meet the Mets song right? We need one. I sang meet the Mets to my to my kid when he was an infant when right after he was born. He'd be he he's a Mets fan because I sang meet the Mets to him and you know until he became aware that the Mets was a thing and now he's a Mets fan and my wife's mad because she's a Red Sox fan and she's trying to get him to be a Red Sox fan but he's a Mets fan. I'm gonna just go home and be sad listening to Ernie Harwell baseball poems today. Oh quick thing before before you have to go.

Yes. Chuck Thompson legendary voice of the Orioles right? I once did a story for the Ravens pregame show where I was doing kind of offbeat things and I played out a game the Ravens were playing the 49ers that week and I played out a game on stratumatic football and then I wrote some highlights and brought it to Chuck Thompson's house and I sat at his kitchen table with Chuck Thompson in his bathrobe and slippers as he essentially pretended to do play-by-play of a game that didn't happen. Week four of the pandemic you doing a stratumatic football game and we bring it to the air. I'll do it whatever you want to do I don't care.

All right well we'll have you on each week it's good to have you on the station enjoyed the show and I appreciate you popping in after your show ended I know it's a lot of a lot of work to do a show. And I'm glad the Roughnecks didn't get a chance to go for a title. Whoa Steve Spurrier getting mad about not getting a ring and then he got one the Roughnecks deserve one too.

Nothing they deserve nothing. He's on Twitter at a gold fan listen to the Adam Gold show noon to three. Thanks buddy. That is Adam Gold with us on the show. All right how about this via Instagram and his weird font I think we learned a lot about cam in the last 24 hours I'll tell you why next. Josh Graham loves to talk sports he also loves to talk about women's footwear but he just ends up sounding creepy you're on the drive with Josh Graham. Let me know if any of you guys have had this experience there's a movie series or a TV show that you like a lot or you liked from a long time ago you rewatch it for the first time in a long time and you discover some of the things that you loved heck even some of the characters that you may have loved aren't as great as you remembered them to be. I had that experience binging the entire Harry Potter series eight movies which averaged out to about two and a half hours per in six days eight Harry Potter movies six days we knocked that out and Ron Weasley growing up I was compared to him before I wore glasses people said I looked like Ron all the time I thought he was charming he was my favorite character in the Harry Potter movies re-watching it again though I quickly discovered Ron is actually the worst like there's no reason why he deserved Hermione Granger explain that to me like he's just annoying he's not courageous doesn't listen to any directions at all he's actually really mean to Hermione which I took issue with I didn't recognize that the first time watch it back I think Hermione should have gotten with somebody else in Harry Potter should have just stuck it out with a Viktor Krum or somebody of that sort maybe veered away from the Weasley why are you looking at me that way Aaron cuz Josh you a hater I'm not a hater you are a hater you sound just like a hater right now okay let me go to my next example I love how I met your mother I used to like Robin Travatsky but the second rewatch Robin's the worst like Robin as the season went on it was more about her problems she ruined the group she ruined the ending of the show I'm not gonna spoil it for those who haven't seen it but Robin is the worst you can spoil it this has been out for years now I don't want to talk about it I punched a wall I punched a wall after that finale buried yourself because I did I Joel buried myself you know the ending of that show it really bothered me Robin I am upset with her I think she's the absolute worst but the first time I watch I thought she was the greatest I thought she was awesome I had a mini crush on Robin sparkles then there's the office people now I haven't sat down and watched the office from start to finish but I've watched enough television in my life and though a lot of office fans to think maybe Pam isn't as great as everybody believed her to be about 10 years ago when you think about it when you look at Pam's trajectory through the seasons of the office she starts out as somebody who hates her job who quit on her dream to try and pursue like an arts career like she had all these arts that she did she dropped out of art school I believe she quit on that graphic design graphic design excuse me it was something artsy she she was flirting with Jim while she had a fiance then paid in this fiance to look awful just because he was suspicious she was cheating on him when in fact she was cheating on him she leaked she had this other guy Brian lingering about as well who for some reason was away from his ex-wife they were on a break for some reason gee I wonder why and Jim's trying to pursue his dream and is Pam very supportive not as supportive as Jim was for her supporting her graphic design career so Pam not so awesome brought Roy back into the fold just to get Jim jealous I see it all the time back when I was on the dating apps anytime I saw somebody with something office related hey just looking for my gym I could be your Pam I don't want you to be my Pam and secondarily if that's something you're putting on a description for yourself you are very uninteresting and I'm gonna swipe left or if you tell me what your coffee order is that's a hard swipe left Robert I think you're judging people way too quickly I'd like to play a little devil's advocate for Pam I do get annoyed by Pam in the older seasons but she didn't necessarily give up on her dreams she had trouble learning the new software for graphic design so when she told Jim hey I have to retake this course it's gonna be three months they already struggled it was already hard for them to be apart for that long and Jim was like well you're just gonna have to do it and Pam said no I'm gonna come back and she surprised him but I will say this I'm not looking she make Jim move to another city Jim moved to Philadelphia to follow his dream see I don't even think you're qualified to talk about the hate for Pam you don't even know what went on okay again I acknowledge that on the front end but I will say you need to stop hating on people for enjoying things like the office because you think they're basic I have an office quote on mine it's not even a quote I'm not looking for my Pam I'm looking for my Holly so you don't even know about that because you haven't watched the oh I know who Holly is you are listening to 3 3 I was gonna give the phone number you are listening to the drive you are listening to the drive 3 3 6 7 7 7 1 600 Aaron do you have any input on this I got nothing just don't be hating on Ron Weasley I have a Ron Weasley cardboard cutout in my house that's why he got it as a gift I received it as a gift got received same word yeah I received it in Los Angeles and I didn't know how I was gonna get this thing on a plane I thought it was gonna be sitting next to me like in coach I had to give it its own chair but fortunately I had a big enough suitcase I was able to fold it and fit it into my bag 3 3 6 7 7 7 1 600 Ryan tweets in you leave Pam Beasley's name out your mouth she's an angel I will fight you in the street over her I feel like I'm not training the audience the way I need to I think I think they're adapting some of my ways talking about fighting in the street and such do we have Keenan all right let's go to Keenan what's your perspective I was just wanting to call in quickly and say if you have not watched the office at least 126 27 times you need to not talk smack about Pam you gotta get into it a little bit more you got to know your details how do you feel about Pam that she is a relatable character she had normal struggles that we all do where you have your dreams that you think that you want to pursue and then you struggle with them and you have temptations but she stayed true to Jim you know flipped up a few times to he bought a house without telling her that's a pretty big thing he took the job in Philadelphia even though that was hard on her and in the end it all works out you have a good happy ending at the end but you know they never you know actually cheated on each other it's very relatable so you got to watch it at least a hundred more times before you start talking about yeah don't forget about Jim taking that 10 grand to to invest that's what she said thanks for talking all right moving it along we have another sports hub time machine to roll into this one might be underrated might be forgotten about a bit nearly 15 years ago Drew Brees and Philip Rivers they were on the same team Drew Brees he got a shoulder injury with the San Diego Chargers he went into free agency the Miami Dolphins they brought him in to work him out with Nick Saban as the head coach and they decided we're gonna do Dante Culpepper instead with Miami and then a lot of things in sports college football and the NFL changed as a result let's figure out what our radio show might have sounded like after Nick Saban passes on Drew Brees and instead he's allowed to go join Sean Payton with the same what would it sound like if the drive with Josh Graham were here for some of the greatest moments in sports history today we find out let's fire up the sports hub time machine two beautiful handsome striking sounds Walker and Texas Ranger 2006 with the first selection in the second round number 32 overall the San Diego Chargers have selected quarterback from Purdue Drew Brees we spent some time on the subject with the injury that he had we were really concerned and then we had a lot of doctors reports so I go to Miami and all I felt from Miami when I was there was how much doubt they had if I believe to come back the Miami Dolphins they have their new quarterback Dante Culpepper it seemed they were interested in Drew Brees from San Diego but he had the shoulder surgery could never really chance that that can really shoot your career so Dante even though he might be nicked up in stretches that's a guy who's more of a sure thing you know what you're getting and Dante Culpepper if you honestly believe Drew Brees is a better decision to have on your team then Dante Culpepper I'll ask you one simple question Robert Walsh how many Madden covers was Drew Brees on I think that answers zero Dante Culpepper though he's got a Madden cover oh yeah can run it a little bit I'm not worried about his shoulder in the end here's what it boils down to Nick Saban he's an NFL coach that's what he is this this guy he's done with college he's especially done with the SEC like what else does he have to do in the SEC already got the national title with LSU so he's done with college football all together Nick Saban he's focused on beating his former colleague Bill Belichick this Miami Dolphins team they are looking up Zach Thomas Jason Taylor this Dolphins squad now that they got Dante Culpepper I think that unlocks them a bit throw the ball to Randy McMichael that's a name Randy McMichael Nick Saban dolphins they're gonna overtake the Patriots because again yeah that defense is getting old this isn't about the Patriots offense Tom Brady it's great he's been in place when they won the Super Bowls but come on now it's not about Tom it's about Teddy Bruschke that's what it's about Richard Seymour Mike Vrabel those guys are getting older when they do Miami Dolphins Nick Saban gonna take over the football world in the NFL not college the NFL he's an NFL coach Dante Culpepper he's the guy as for Drew Brees I'm seeing reports Robert see if you could confirm this like maybe check some of the websites is this in the paper today find a way if we have internet of some sort to see if the New Orleans Saints have signed Drew Brees I think that might be where he's going I believe so I'm seeing reports that they were also worried about his shoulder but I'm not sure we're going to check that out yeah I like Sean Payton he was he was decent as Bill Parcells offensive coordinator in Dallas but the Saints tell me your favorite Saints memory yeah when Sam Mills was running around ten years ago that defense was good yeah tell me your favorite Aaron Brooks moment come on now like I feel for New Orleans I know right now they're still trying to recover from Katrina and we really feel for those folks but the football team here's what I think is gonna happen I think Drew Brees and Sean Payton together they probably last about two years give it till 2008 and I think this team is gonna move to San Antonio I don't even think they're gonna be in New Orleans that's that's what I think is gonna happen here already seeing the reports you know I feel bad New Orleans they have good football fans but man the team doesn't win and I don't think Drew Brees and Sean Payton they're gonna be the answer there I don't think it's gonna work out at all coming up this is what you could expect here the Tar Heels they just won a national title I think it's all down hill now or maybe I guess it's uphill it's not gonna be good who's this Tyler Hans bro guy you really expect this guy to be any good we'll explore that next man whole lot of wrong there not my proudest moment what was your favorite movie that you heard and that sequence going in oh it's definitely Borat I probably watched that movie more times than I've taken breath Borat very nice is that the best Sasha Barricone film anyway I know we talked yesterday about him doing there's Ali G Tiger King Ali G you've got Bruno you've got I got a Bruno story that I want to get through in a second the series he did for Showtime where he's exposing America yeah yeah that was fantastic yeah you are listed in the WSJS Winston Salem WCOG Greensboro WPCM Burlington WMFR high point those signals making up sports hub try it this is a guy I've been wanting to talk to all week long he does an excellent job of making sophisticated matters on injury fronts and all things sports medicine make it very consumable for the listener for people who read his book as well it's called that's gotta hurt injuries that change sports forever it's dr. David Guyer who has ties to Wake Forest University he joins us from Charleston right now so give me a sense here how big of an issue is the NFL physical problem the fact that teams aren't able to get medical physicals taken care of when they're signing free agents or trading for players from a player standpoint it's a huge problem apparently this a lot of the players that have been signed got signing bonuses predicated on you know basically being a member of the team and until you get a physical you're not a member of the team and there are reports that some of those players will miss out on large signing bonuses because they just can't get their physicals in time now I that may be something that the NFL Players Association can sort of work with owners to sort of work out I don't know why that necessarily is the case it's something about the language in the the collective bargaining agreement but that to me seems fairly unfair from a team standpoint though those physicals are critical because you want to know as soon as possible if that players not going to pass the physical or not do well on the physical so that you potentially you know avoid the signing the player and you go look for another player that uncertainty it makes it very difficult to move forward with the next best option if you don't know that that one that you want does have a problem that your doctors spot feel too high risk so a lot of uncertainty on both sides and it's probably not good either way I don't know when that's going to be lifted but I think this is going to be a problem at least for the next month or so until the NFL gives and the doc you know doctors are clear to do this again on the signing bonus front players my understanding are getting the signing bonus but there is a caveat in there that if they do fail the physical when they are allowed to have one that they will lose that signing bonus the NFL PA not a big fan of that but still you kind of kind of adapt with what is a difficult time for everybody yeah but I don't think that's any different than if you got the physical right away and you fail it there you know I don't think you get the signing bonus there either so it's just delayed you're getting the money and you have to give it back I think if that if what you're telling me is how it's happening so that I actually think that seems relatively fair Adam Schefter tweeted this a few days ago 20 minutes before the news became official that Cam Newton was released by the Panthers he said cam had a physical in Atlanta coordinated by the Panthers and his agency team according to his sources and he passed the physical and is healthy talking about both his shoulder and his foot I'm interested in what you think about the physical that he had Monday and whether or not it's your belief teams will take the results there as gospel and say hey well he passed a physical he must be good enough to play for my team or they're gonna want their own specific doctors to clear them they will want their own doctors to clear him I think they will listen I don't think they just completely ignore a physical because there's tremendous respect among the NFL team physicians now I don't know if he saw the Falcons doctor if this was a doctor from some you know there's lots of independent doctors I do some sometimes so that makes it a little cloudier but at the end of the day no the teams are still going to want to do their physical but they may hear this result and say hey that sounds really good maybe you know they get to see video of cam running and he looks good there and they sort they start talking to him and negotiating with them but they're still absolutely gonna want their doctors to examine that's really the only reason I think that cam Newton hasn't already been signed as there's a lot of uncertainty about that foot injury and how well he's gonna be able to recover from it is he gonna be able to push off is he gonna be able to change directions like he could before he's on Twitter at dr. David Guyer dr. David guard guy or the author of the book that's gotta hurt injuries that change sports forever a good read while you're holed up in your house trying to keep tabs on all things injury related with cam Newton heck maybe we'll ask you about to a tag of Aloha and just a bit but cam past a physical how much does that tell you about what he can do and what he can't do this fall I it tells me that that surgery healed well and that all is progressing the physical doesn't necessarily take into account where he is in the rehab phase and is he ready to go right now yeah it's certainly a good sign and suggests that he would be ready for summer training camp or whenever that's going to take place if that gets delayed but it doesn't sort of tell you for sure where he's going to be in three months you I think you and I talked about this I don't remember when there's November maybe and and I said that that's still typically a nine ish month recovery and so it just tells it do I read that as meaning that he is on that the correct course he's not slower than normal considering his history when it comes to the shoulder versus the injury he had last year the Liz Frank that he had surgery on it's really the first thing he had a significant foot injury in his career what concerns you more long-term cam shoulder or his foot assuming that what they say is true about him doing well with the physical I mean I'd love to see him running quite honestly that would help a lot but I still say the shoulder is is worse long-term for a quarterback because you wonder is he going to be able to have the same velocity and power in his throws two years from now three years from now I mean if he was completely healthy you would assume he still has many years left if you look at Brady and Drew Brees and Philip Rivers but you worry that if that rotator cuff makes his throwing ability if it decreases it at all that's gonna have a longevity issue now the Liz Frank is more of a short-term if he's having pain as he tries to push off on it you know that could quickly in his career but if it doesn't then I don't expect any long-term issue there to uh there was a video of him earlier this week working the cone drill just about six months maybe four or five months after he had the injury against Mississippi State it was a hip injury and he had quite the process just to get back into football shape he might not be there completely but he's able to run on it he's able to throw some passes how concerned are you about Tua as he gets set for the draft next month yeah I thought that video he I thought he looked great I my question with him is more long term than short term when you break the acetabulum which is the socket that the ball of your hips sits in that has a tendency to develop into arthritis over a few years now these are typically injuries in older people not so much younger athletes but even though he had surgery and the surgery is to minimize that risk stabilize the hip and hopefully line those pieces up perfectly there's still a fairly not insignificant risk that he ends up with arthritis type changes three years from now five years from now so my concern is not necessarily now if he looks like that now I think he could easily be ready for training camp the question would be does he make it to a second contract the big contract and I certainly hope he does seems like a great kid and a horrible injury but I think there I would be at least a little worried about that if I was an NFL general manager it's dr. David Guyer the books that's gotta hurt injuries that change sports forever I can vouch for it it's a very interesting read if you're a sports fan and have always been curious about some of the injuries that you hear about so commonly where some of the procedures came from and how they impacted the sports world dr. Guyer stay safe in Charleston and I hope all is well I appreciate that thanks and everybody out there listening yet definitely do your part to stay safe and keep everybody else healthy around you you're the absolute best man thanks all right thank you
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