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If you're not first you're Lawrence

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March 27, 2020 6:05 pm

If you're not first you're Lawrence

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham

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March 27, 2020 6:05 pm

On this edition of The Drive With Josh Graham the guys sing karaoke, Ed Hardin gives some fishing tips, and the Final Sports Hub Time Machine on the week.


This is The Drive with Josh Graham Podcast.

Tune into The Drive weekday afternoons three to seven on Sports Hub Triad. We've got a ton of football today with former NFL head coach Wade Phillips joining the show in 30 minutes, but now that we're through the first wave of free agency, I've explored every NFL roster and I've got eight teams I believe represent the bottom third of the league. Now, I reserve the right to change my mind on the bottom eight of the league until after the draft takes place.

Obviously there are gonna be some moving parts there, some injuries in training camp, but as of today this is where I believe we're at. These are the eight teams I think are gonna be in the running for the grand prize of Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence in next year's draft. It's in no particular order the Cincinnati Bengals, Miami Dolphins, New York Giants, Jacksonville Jaguars, Detroit Lions, Carolina Panthers, New England Patriots, and Washington Redskins. Those teams I believe to represent the bottom third of the league and here's how I narrow it down to figure out who the front-runner is today for Trevor Lawrence. Of those eight teams I listed, six would draft a quarterback.

The two that won it, the Miami Dolphins and the Cincinnati Bengals. Joe Burrow, he's gonna go number one. The Dolphins, if Tua Tagovailoa is there, they're gonna draft him.

If it's not Tua, they'll take Justin Herbert in all likelihood. So those two teams, I don't think would be in the market for a quarterback even if they're the worst team in the league, so they are out of the running. The Giants and Redskins absolutely would go quarterback if this season goes so bad that they're the number one pick, even though Daniel Jones and Dwayne Haskins were taken in the first round a year ago.

Detroit, they're an interesting deal. Matt Stafford is continuing to get older. I suspect if they get a new head coach, which is definitely gonna happen if they're the worst team in the league, they're also gonna reset quarterback as well and draft somebody to be Stafford successor. So six of those eight teams I listed would draft a quarterback.

That's knocking out a fourth of the potential contenders for Trevor. Of the remaining six, half of those teams have new coaching staffs. The New York Giants, the Carolina Panthers, and the Washington Redskins.

This is going to be major now that the coronavirus is affecting offseason activities. If OTAs doesn't happen, if camp is affected, the teams that are going to be hurt the most are the teams with new head coaches, with new quarterbacks. Carolina Panthers, they are the only team in the NFL right now that is scheduled to or expected to have a new head coach and a new starting quarterback in the same year. The only team that's expected to happen.

So it's gonna hurt those three teams the most. The Patriots, there's too much culture, too much continuity on the staff to expect them to be god-awful. The Jacksonville Jaguars, I think they're gonna be bad, I think they're tanking, but you return a quarterback in Minshew, you return your head coach with Doug Marrone, that coach is going to try and save his job, which I think is gonna be just enough for them to eclipse to eclipse the efforts of those who are also tanking and also don't have the continuity that the Jaguars do.

So we're down to the Giants, Panthers, and Redskins. Two of those teams have new head coaches with no NFL experience. The Redskins of course have Rivera, Jack Del Rio is a defensive coordinator also with head coaching experience. So you have Joe Judge with the Giants, first-time NFL coach. Matt Ruhle, first-time coach with the Panthers. At least Joe Judge though hired Jason Garrett to be his offensive coordinator. Head coaching experience, Daniel Jones, he played quarterback last year. So there's at least some familiarity with how this works that Carolina just isn't privy to. Matt Ruhle, Joe Brady coming from the college ranks, that doesn't help either. And Carolina leads the league at this moment and dead cap hit with the retirement of Luke Keakley, with a couple million from Cam Newton hitting the dead cap. Greg Olson, the dead cap, Carolina's at over 36 million dollars plus Teddy Bridgewater at quarterback. So I think today for that reasoning Carolina is the front runner to draft Trevor Lawrence, number one in the draft in 2021. You can tweet the show at sportsubtriad.

336-777-1600 is the phone number. Did you see the picture on social media last night of Cam Newton that has raised all sorts of eyeball emojis, getting a ton of attention. Have you seen this Robert? Robert Walsh, the producer of this show, Aaron Gabriel in the control room. I'm assuming you're talking about him and Tyrod with the sky in the background and it's very artistic it looks like one of Cam's photographers took it. Yes, I believe Cam to the Chargers it's just gonna be a matter of details.

This is gonna get figured out. All along the Chargers have always been the favorite for me here. We've acknowledged a lot of teams that could potentially reach out to Cam. The Chargers, they've always made the most sense. Everybody I've talked to has said the LA Chargers and Cam it's a perfect marriage.

This photo I think just tells us everything we need to know. First off, shout out to Cam and Tyrod practicing social distancing while warming up. You see those two? They're working out, they're six feet apart. It looks like they're gonna be teammates.

So it's not official I don't have any information that says Cam is a charger but everything is pointing in that direction. It's been a fun day in the studio, weird day in the studio. Our general manager Jenny she brought in a karaoke machine and as I'm trying to prepare for the show we took requests on Twitter for karaoke song and Robert do you want to give the people a taste of what we came up with so far? Now I've said it, I'm a karaoke enthusiast that doesn't mean I'm a good singer. I'm going to acknowledge that on the front end but give me some of what happened in our studios a short while ago. Good call back to yesterday's show.

Sarah Sivian, she suggested it. Do you Aaron? No, no I don't. Especially after that rendition.

Probably does not help my faith. Why are you a karaoke enthusiast again? You just love it? I have no shame.

That's fair. It's fun. I do radio man. It's all about showmanship. I have showmanship. I don't have singing ability. Yeah but the difference in karaoke is like you have to do it in front of people.

Right. And like radio you're here by yourself. I actually believe the other song I chose was pretty good. Like I thought this sounded okay if I'm being honest. I think I'm nailing it. I'm looking at your faces right now. I think I'm nailing this right now.

How's it sound? Three three six seven seven seven one six hundred. Josh is in here snapping his finger in the studio. Yeah that's art. Somebody signed that guy to a contract.

On Twitter at sports of dry end. Okay do you guys think you could do any better? In the privacy of my own house maybe in a shower sure. Oh man I'm a fantastic shower singer.

But I would never ridicule myself to the public. Wait you say you are a professional singer Aaron. You're paid to sing songs.

That's what I do. So you feel like you could do better than me? I'm a modest guy Josh Brown. You did an outstanding job. Okay next segment I want Aaron to sing a karaoke song for us. Next segment. Three three six seven seven seven one six hundred. Tell us what song Aaron should be singing.

On Twitter at sports I'm trying. Big guy over here. I'm interested in what Wade Phillips go-to karaoke song is. You know that guy sings some country music. I bet you he sings some Waylon. Maybe a little Skinner. Are you gonna try to get him to sing a song? I don't know.

We'll see where it goes. He's he's a very fun guy to talk to. Wade Phillips. So we'll talk football and we'll have some fun with him.

But what should Aaron Gabriel be singing in our next segment? That is the question. On Twitter at sports I'm trying. Three three six seven seven seven one six hundred be in the phone number. While we try to figure that out.

Coming up. There is evidence that quarterback play is better and easier than it's ever been before. This is The Drive. We've known for months that this NFL free agency period was going to be unlike anyone we've seen before. The closest the NFL's come to the NBA having stars and specifically quarterbacks available left and right. But I don't even think a month ago we could have seen where we're at right now in terms of the quarterback market that's still available. This is the first time in NFL history that I can remember where the quarterback supply has been higher than the demand. It's simple economic supply and demand but right now every team seems to be good where they're at at quarterback despite there being good quarterbacks available to teams. Like we knew that Tom Brady was going to be a valuable asset.

We knew Philip Rivers etc etc. Ryan Tannehill getting re-signed. But I don't think anybody had on March 27th Cam Newton, Andy Dalton, Joe Flacco all being available right now. All of them being available and Jameis Winston for teams to pick up. Nobody seems to want these quarterbacks. If you just if you told me this Robert last year that the quarterback class would be Cam, Dalton, Flacco and Winston in 2020 those would be the quarterbacks available I'd still say that class would exceed many of the others we've seen in the NFL. Like we've seen Peyton Manning decide to go elsewhere and now we've seen Tom Brady but before this year we haven't seen this many former Super Bowl MVPs, number one overall picks being available on the market. First round draft picks and that's what we have right now plus J'Davion Clowney still is available for teams.

It is an unprecedented free agency era. Yeah usually you're looking at guys who they might have been first-round picks but they're like Sam Bradford you know but now you've got guys who could I mean even Flacco the dudes a former MVP and if you aren't okay with him being your backup. Super Bowl MVP.

That's a Super Bowl MVP either way I hate when you correct me. If you're not okay with him being your backup I don't know what you want. This it's the first time quarterback supplies been higher than demand and I think a lot of it has to do with quarterback play never being this good across the board and this easy. It's better for the reasons a lot of things get better as time goes on.

Malcolm Gladwell's one of my favorite authors I haven't had a chance to read much of his new book but I bought it talking with strangers but his most noteworthy book is Outliers and in there he had the 10,000 hours. I think you have more players throwing footballs at younger ages than you had before. You have more quarterback camps you have more specialization and what that's done is allowed for more guys to play at an elite level in high school college and the NFL. How many true freshman quarterbacks have we seen in seen go into college football and be able to play at the highest level?

Like Tua Tagovailoa he steps into the national title game and he's just slinging it. Trevor Lawrence last year guys they are prepared better in high school with quarterback camps than they've been at any other point in football history but that can be true and also the game has gotten easier. Rule changes and college offenses becoming more and more popular in the NFL has made the game easier for quarterbacks. That's why I don't like comparing quarterbacks from the 90s to the ones today because you can get hit a lot more than you could get hit in the NFL back then. That's why Brett Favre Street is still so amazing to me.

You can get popped left and right. Today they try to protect everybody and that's why quarterbacks feel comfortable playing like Tom Brady at 43 years old and signing a two-year deal. Drew Brees playing into his 40.

Now there are exceptions to that. Vinny Testaverdi played a damn long time. Warren Moon the same way but the rule changes have made it easier to play quarterback.

College offices becoming more popular as well. It's allowed for different kinds of quarterbacks to enter the league. I don't think ten years ago Lamar Jackson's a quarterback that's even taken in the draft but since you see Cam Newton having a lot of success you see RG3 what he can do before getting injured. Your opinions change in the league.

General managers are more able to take a risk if they've seen examples of it working. Shorter quarterbacks. I don't think Baker Mayfield's the number one pick if not for Drew Brees if not for Russell Wilson. So the prototypical quarterback model has shifted as well. That's opened the doors to more guys with more competition.

The overall quality of play goes up and now you have a place where demand is lower than the supply Cam Newton, Andy Dalton, Joe Flacco, and Jamis Winston currently on the market without teams. In ten minutes we're gonna be joined by Wade Phillips, former NFL coach Aaron Gabriel is gonna sing a karaoke song for us on Twitter at sports up try it if you want to send in submissions potential songs you could play three three six seven seven seven one six hundred. I've never seen your band perform yet. Shame on you. Disappointed by this. DJ Turner our production manager he has though. So let's let's get a microphone on him real quick. Where did you see Aaron's band performing in the last month or so?

Boston's jazz bar I believe. How would you describe the performance? Insane. It's more than a concert.

It is pure entertainment. He's a showman. I was blown away. Give me some specific things that blew you away. Vocally I was pretty impressed. His blues numbers were really good. The song I was most impressed with was when they broke out this real funky version of Fame by David Bowie.

Oh wow. By far my favorite song of the entire night and he pretty much struts around like Mick Jagger. He's got moves like Jagger. Aaron was this what you were going for? Uh I take it.

I don't know. I take it cuz Mick Jagger's one of those people that you watch. You know I guess decide you're gonna be a frontman in a band.

Mick Jagger's one of those people to rank high up there. So I take that. Fantastic. I appreciate that DJ.

It's uh how praise is it? Dude that was awesome. I couldn't be more happy. That was a great Saturday night to be out and it was a lot of fun. The show was a lot of fun.

If you ever chance to see the fuck mob yeah go out there and do it. Aaron Gabriel's agreed to sing a karaoke song. Which one are you gonna sing here Aaron? Uh let's go with uh so it use me from Bill Withers. All right we're gonna do some Bill Withers as we transition to Wade Phillips who's gonna join us in less than 10 minutes.

Thanks for being here DJ. Mm-hmm. Let's do that now.

All right. It's about to get sexy. My friend Bill is there upon to do that. They keep trying to tell me baby. Oh that all you wanna do would use me.

Yeah good God but my answer. Well to all that use mister. Uh-huh I need to spread the news that it feels this good getting used. Well you just keep on using me.

Until you use me up. All right. Well done. That's it. That's great stuff.

Oh man. I think I'm gonna concede. That what you did was a lot better than what I did earlier today. I'm gonna say that's better than whatever the hell this is. Whether it's Cher.

Whether it's Frank Sinatra. It wasn't my finest work if I'm being. I feel ashamed now. No it's fantastic. That's not cool. That's not cool. That's not cool.

It's not cool. He has the radio microphones working to his advantage. What do you have? You also have It looks like the identical microphone. Oh I know but out there it's not as good. Audio quality. The background sticks are all.

Yeah it's high ceilings. It's rough. The Sun was in my eyes. I might try to redeem myself but then again I don't think anybody wants that.

I do. What would you sing? What would you want to sing?

You got to get something you will have. Some of the ones that people are sending in just brutal. Like Hurt by Johnny Cash.

That would literally make me hurt. Right. Tears in Heaven by Eric Clapton. Okay let's not sing about that.

Bye Bye Bye. NSYNC. I think that's a classy trashy karaoke song. Bon Jovi living on a prayer. Okay that could go back to your Greenville roots. Is that right?

Yeah living on a prayer? Halfway there? Half time at ECU games? You've been there you know. Oh that's right they do sing that song at ECU game.

How long have you been away from there? I never really spent time in the stands. So we were all sticking our phones out the windows to record everybody sing those at halftime. Okay I think it was actually during the game. I don't think they did it at halftime. It was during the game like right as the we're halfway there that's the whole point.

Oh that makes a lot more sense now. The most entertaining football coach the NFL's had the last few decades Wade Phillips who also has a new book out who also might be one of the best defensive minds the game has ever seen. We'll join the show next on The Drive. Providing you with a kind of sports programming that makes some people laugh but most people just wince.

Ooh. You're on The Drive with Josh Graham. Ed Harden the reigning North Carolina sports writer of the year with the National Sports Media Association now joins us from the Greensboro News and Record. Really enjoyed his story yesterday documenting a sad headline 77 years old at 77 years old Curly Neal passing away. One of Greensboro's greatest and an obvious Harlem Globetrotters great.

One of the five players to have his number retired. Ed how do you best explain to the younger part of the audience how big a deal Curly and the Globetrotters were 40 years ago? They came into their own in the 60s at a time when this country was not having a lot of fun and there was a lot of racial strife a lot of protests a lot of bad stuff going on in the south and sports wasn't really seen as a way to help in any way I mean sports reflected America in every sense until the Globetrotters came along and they were just happy guys spreading joy through basketball the world had never seen anything like it plus they were the most inventive and creative basketball players anybody ever seen and while they were entertainers in one sense they were wonderful basketball players and Curly Neal was probably the best ball handler to ever live and while some people saw them as just an entertainment act those of us who knew sports came to know sports realized just how great they were as athletes but over time we all understand that their greatest contribution was to mankind. In terms of Greensboro sports icons how high up on the list does he rank? I mean he's up there I don't know where I mean he's got to be top five you know he might be the most important I don't know I can't imagine anybody who did more just from a pure athletic resumes you know yeah there are others that that did more but from an ambassador global influencing position no there was nobody bigger maybe not in this state. He's on Twitter at Ed underscore Harden the story Curly Neal dazzled us all in Greensboro and around the globe tell me about what you outlined in the story your conversations during a drive back from the North Carolina Sports Hall of Fame ceremony Curly Neal was being inducted into tell us about the drive back to the Triad you shared with him. He told me stories of his boyhood and how he and his best friend Mud Tap who went on to join him from on a state championship basketball team at Dudley became lifelong friends and how a typical day for them would be just to go find a basketball game where they would just literally dribble a basketball up and down the streets of East Greensboro until they ran across a basketball court almost always outside and it kept them out of trouble it kept them together as as a band of brothers and and in 1958 Dudley High School won a state championship in basketball and it was those same band of brothers that met each other when they were little kids growing up barefoot and bouncing basketballs wonderful story. Cam Newton his tenure with the Panthers officially ended earlier this week how do you think his tenure in this state is going to be best remembered? It's going to be remembered differently depending on your perspective I mean those of us who saw it up close and personal saw it in all its glory and all its oddness and you know it was it was just a wild and fun nine years that from a football standpoint they they reached a pinnacle of sorts they got to a Super Bowl which is a remarkable thing you know a lot of people are just now looking at that roster closely and realizing how good he must have been because let's be honest there was not much on that offense it was just not that strong of an offense but they had a player unlike anything we'd ever seen and I don't think we're ever gonna see anything like I just think he was a unique talent and as we got to knowing pretty well he was a unique personality too I think it's a void that won't be easily filled in Charlotte I still don't I still don't like the way they did it it just doesn't feel right and and they've done it to him at a time where it's gonna be hard for him to catch on now I'm assuming there are a couple of clubs that are really looking at him maybe maybe New England is the one but there are an awful lot of quarterbacks out there both on the free agent market and coming into the game from college this is the worst time of the world to be an uncertain quality quarterback with the injuries and you know a potential huge contract that you would have to sign to. Ed Hardin's with us here from the Greensboro News and Record the man who eventually figured out that Panthers offense in 2015 Wade Phillips joined us last hour that interviews up you can find it on SoundCloud iTunes Apple podcast Google Play wherever you stream podcasts just search the drive with Josh Graham I'm interested in this this quarterback market we're seeing right now this free agency period that we knew was gonna be unprecedented it was the closest we've seen the NFL come to the NBA where you have star players and quarterbacks moving around Tom Brady Philip Rivers most notably but I think what you're hitting on Cam Newton not finding a place right now along with Jamis Winston Joe Flacco maybe Andy Dalton as well it's speaking to supply being a lot of that they're being a lot more supply than demand on the quarterback market I can't remember a time that ever happened and I started thinking about it I think quarterback has become easier than it's ever been because of college offenses it's become easier because of rule changes I think as well which has allowed players to have longer careers but I also think quarterback plays just better too how do you read it I think you're right I mean Cam Newton was the exact was the perfect example because he came to the league having never run any sort of offense with any complexity to it and when he got to Carolina they just let him run the Auburn offense basically and there was an option read option that would allow the quarterback to make all the decisions almost at the line of scrimmage and that's the way they've been playing their entire lives so yeah you've got a got a bunch of quarterbacks that are still yet to come that have grown up playing this freewheeling style of quarterback where you're just you're out there like you're at the playground I mean it is there's no intricacy to the modern NFL offense I don't care how smart the Kansas City Chiefs and the LA Rams the Brady's and yeah and Bella chicks I know they're there there are no geniuses in football what now they have quarterbacks that can play better than they can coach quite frankly yeah what's the best fishing story you've had being in isolation the last few weeks well the irony is since I live on a lake and can't really go anywhere I go fishing every day and I'm catching fish and they are ready to be caught the old things you look for in spring like when do the red buds bloom when you see the red but trees bloom when the fish are on the move they're looking around for a place to spawn and then the next thing you're looking for is the dogwoods and when the dogwoods bloom the bass are biting and they're just starting to bud so I'm catching I'm catching 10 fish a day right now a few hours at a time but they are out there buddy and they're schooling and they're active they're on the top you can catch them with anything so this is just the best time of year to be up I'm calling BS and I'm calling BS two weeks ago you couldn't catch a fish you're catching ten a day ten that's how it happens that's how it happens shut on man it's gonna be like 80 degrees the next three days it's gonna be heaven I'm loving being hung along all right Ed you're the absolute best and appreciate you spending the time at the time enjoy the heaven of fishing on your lake it's appreciated that you spend the time thank you Josh yeah yeah that's a Ed Harden do you feel left out at all Robert Ed saying see ya to me see ya to Aaron just leaving you out there not at all me and Ed tell secrets about you before he gets on air so I'll never tell you what Ed says about you would you believe me if there is a crazier documentary out there than Tiger King right now because I think I watched one that might be crazier that's relatively new is this a tease or do you want us to interact with you now you can interact okay no what is it because I really thought you were teasing for the next segment I'm not I think I think McMillian on HBO might be just as crazy if not crazier what's it about I'm assuming McDonald's it's about how the McDonald's Monopoly game got rigged how this this group of people figured out how to get game pieces and everybody who was playing along had no shot at winning because this this family much like the mob they figured out how to get these pieces and they distribute it to people that they wanted to distribute it to so they were like I think I remember hearing about this there's like four or five pieces that were sought after for the Monopoly boards right like the other ones were kind of common and then there were the rare ones that weren't talking about half million dollar pieces million dollar pieces hundred thousand dollar pieces yeah so how did they get a hold of those well I don't want to spoil the documentary well I'm not gonna watch it so just tell me it's it's really good I strongly suggest you watch it and it's just crazy to me how you're really not gonna tell me how they get these pieces I'm not I'm not gonna watch this I know but people in the audience might be watching you stop listening cuz we spoiled McMillions please just tell me what I'm just gonna say I'll tell you during the break okay but McDonald's the part I find most interesting is if you're McDonald's and you're in the situation where you figure out that something's up with your game pieces do you refuse to cooperate or do you cooperate because the PR disaster of it being uncovered that's that's bad on its own right but if it does get uncovered you can't play the games anymore and McDonald's I don't think they really cared not to say they were culpable but they didn't care that who whoever won I don't think they cared because business went up 8% at McDonald's when these these uh these games were being played so challenges are being so you're telling me this monopoly McDonald's mafia they did they go to McDonald's with their demands like hey we've got your game we know what's happening oh no it was a bit of an inside job I'll say that all right so somebody that worked at McDonald's was getting these pieces yeah well kind of kind of but it was the FBI who got tipped off and then they presented the McDonald's what was happening and McDonald's had a choice do we want to cooperate with the FBI yes with the FBI now that they are aware of what's happening or do we just want to say no you guys figure it out and we're gonna put out all the stops here we don't want to have this challenge tainted if it doesn't have to be okay I'm assuming they did not want to taint the challenge they they cooperated with the FBI so what happened in the like in the last part of it like the last ten minutes just I just give me that I don't want to watch I have to watch the new episode a day our final sports hub triad time machine is arguably the greatest moment in North Carolina sports history I don't think that's hyperbolic to say we will explore that next on the drive he was never voted most likely to succeed you're such a loser but then again were you the concept is unimaginable you're on the drive with Josh Graham CBS Sports Network just announced that they're gonna be carrying more classic games it was received very well last weekend on CBS you had NC State in 83 North Carolina in 82 Michael Jordan hitting the shot Duke and Christian Laitner beating Kentucky in 92 then it was on Sunday Kansas facing Memphis in that classic championship game in San Antonio over a decade ago the big shot by Mario Chalmers in that game Virginia Texas Tech from a year ago North Carolina Villanova we've enjoyed the classic games but also on the radio too Westwood one they've put together this package that we've carried the last week or so and tonight we're gonna have the NC State game how it sounded on radio in 1983 eight o'clock tonight you can listen to that right here on sports up try at NC State's win over Houston I strongly suggest you do so so you'll figure out how the actual broadcast sounded in 1983 to figure out what this radio show might have sounded like after the pack Lorenzo Charles Charles hitting the shot Derek Wittenberg attempting one from half-court to beat Houston well we enter our sports hub time machine it doesn't matter when you get here just what time what would it sound like if the drive with Josh Graham were here for some of the greatest moments in sports history today we find out let's fire up the sports hub time machine oh okay good day I'm Bob Mackenzie's my brother Doug how's it going a singer Karen Carpenter dies and president Reagan declares Martin Luther King juniors birthday and national holiday 1983 to the basket seven seconds you see the time every single day in every walk of life ordinary people do extraordinary things ordinary people accomplish extraordinary things NC State champions of college basketball second time in a decade Jim Valvano he's still looking for people to hug Robert the only question I have today is this was that a shot or a pass by Derek Wittenberg I don't think it matters if you know it counts for two there you go I don't know what Hakeem Olajuwon was doing maybe he didn't want to get called for goaltending that's cool and all but maybe box out Lorenzo Charles just a thought NC State they win it and man I can hear how mad people in Houston are wishing there were some sort of way to have officials look at the replay because there was easily a second and a half left to go like but I'll say this you might think if you're Houston I want this last chance to win a game at the second and a half to go but I don't think we're ever gonna get to a place in sports where the ends of games are brutalized they are just savage by going to the replay going to the instant replay to see what happens I think that can ruin the end of ball games and thank goodness we didn't have it yesterday as NC State pulled off the upset you had everybody on the floor everybody running around that's the way sports needs to be that's the way college basketball needs to be Robert I assumed you were locked into this game yeah absolutely I had to make sure I watched the first episode of Fraggle Rock and you know I love Jim Henson but yeah I agree with you on the instant replay like what's next next we're just gonna get robots to tell us whether balls or strikes or balls in baseball like we're gonna have no human error whatsoever get out of here yeah what are you gonna tell me next oh every if you don't know something you could just instantly search it in your pocket yeah at the end of your fingertip like oh is that a catch or a drop stop it yeah just let the boys play the game uh-huh that's what I'm saying I see this this whack job Steve Jobs yeah more like Steve not gonna have a job if you keep this up buddy more like Steve whack job Oh whack job we say that stuff because it's the 80s Apple why are we naming it Apple like you can pick any fruit you want it Apple and it's Apple and it's yeah exactly there's a bite taken out of it who wants that that's right who wants the Apple what kind what kind of people come up with that name what kind of people come up with that symbol Steve Jobs yeah you see where I'm at in 20 years and you see where he's at in 20 years uh-huh we're clearly gonna be in a better spot did you see these new contracts we got from work no it's like a dare contract I don't know it's going into schools but now they're saying that we're all gonna get drug tested and you have to sign this contract saying that we will not do drugs at home or on the premises what's the name that said they're on the corner of that contract who brought that into you and it's Don Curtis that's what it said oh yeah mr. Kurt no the name right next to that oh Christopher Scott Graham yeah yeah yeah that's weird like why did a police officer even bring that in like what does it say that we need to do what is dare brought that in here I don't even know what dare stands for to be completely honest you don't know what dare stands for I don't either who does dare I dare you to figure out what the name of this thing is that'd be a good Nickelodeon show one day it stands for drug abuse resistance education how did you figure that out so quickly I just kept reading on this piece of paper got it kind of just came up and it was like this is a new thing about it sounds like a bunch of lame-o stuff asterisks yeah like I'm not doing this test is Jimmy V a better coach than Dean Smith and Jimmy V it took him three years to win a national title it took Dean Smith about 20 he's definitely more handsome whoa okay look I didn't say that I don't think yeah I did I don't think it's out on a limb to say that I think it's out on the limb Dean Smith's got great hair Jimmy V I mean he's got he's younger he's got the softer cheeks though I feel like he would more caressing you know right right if I were to kiss somebody give Jimmy V a hug okay Robert what's your mom doing she is probably about to go hug Jimmy Valvano honestly she didn't come home last night so yes Aaron I got nothing man I'm just over here practicing my moonwalk did you see what Michael Jackson did two days ago oh man that was that was some crazy he walked backwards but gliding somehow insane they put like soap on the ground Aaron I feel that you could do that like sure I could give it a shot I've been practicing for two days stand up I want to see you try and do a moonwalk seriously get up Aaron I want to see you try and do a moonwalk slide why are you just you're not gonna play along this is an audio format yeah Josh why you making visual jokes on an audio show I just want to see if you can do I could do the play-by-play you're gonna watch Star Wars later as if I'm Woody Durham or something so many movies out Star Wars awesome I hear that is the only one I am going to see though oh man I already saw a trailer for a movie coming out next to your karate kid mm-hmm looks good how old is the kid I think he looks 12 mm-hmm it's too young for me actually he's in high school I think I need to go back and watch the trailer you better hope it comes on TV yeah I might I might try to watch it on my VHS that might be the plan here um big win for NC State very happy for them I mean it's clearly a basketball power now two titles in the last ten years they're about to go on a run man I know it was a miracle run and all that right but like two titles in ten years it speaks for itself North Carolina where you at Duke with Mike Shushevsky how about you win a title there's there's no doubt that NC State is setting themselves up to be the powerhouse of the ACC I think they already are setting themselves man I'd be stunned I'd be stunned if they don't win three more national titles in the next 36 years wait easy that's low that's not even a hot take that's low balling it yeah three over the next 36 years that's the arbitrary number I'm going to come up with there we could be looking at the birth of one of the greatest college basketball programs ever you know me I'm a huge Baltimore Orioles fan coming up why the Orioles I got a hunch they're gonna take it home this year this is the drive I seriously want to see Aaron moonwalk I you wanted to see it so bad he's just not doing it like I don't know why why are you against this Aaron uh you can't moonwalk uh not probably moonwalk I don't think you can there's no problem you wouldn't even be able to see his feet he could look look Josh I'm gonna move on okay yeah Robert looks like he's moonwalking that's a good point I can't see your feet you're in a different room it's a great point good moonwalk Robert yeah great you got a top 10 list top 10 cats that's coming up in a little over 30 minutes he is a rough sending those nominations on Twitter at sports up triad for top 10 cats in honor of Tiger King and in honor as well of the Carolina Panthers parting ways with cam and then resigning Teddy Bridgewater it's been cats all over the place but mainly Tiger King and everybody knows that cam is one letter away from cat yes that is true is Winnie gonna be on this list no really when he's not on the top ten do you think she's gonna be upset by hearing that you know there's no question there's no question you couldn't even sneak her in like Winnie and the poo or Winnie I might start thinking of things all we do is Winnie I'll uh I'll think of some things in the meantime I watched the Dwayne Wade doc for the first time finally got around to that you've been watching a lot of documentaries I do I watch a lot of documentary that's what I do and later tonight I'm gonna do the same thing documentaries and books and I mean I'm probably gonna prepare all of next week's shows this weekend nothing better to do nice so we don't have to come into work or fantastic see y'all later Josh Graham serves up the sports the way Jose's cantina serves up their gut-buster burrito have a napkin ready cuz it's gonna be messy you're on the drive with Josh Graham it is a rhinestone cowboy Friday I've had a few people reach out to me last week and say can they call in prior to this segment and sing along with them to that I say absolutely and I forgot about it this week but next week I'll make a note to try and remember it I don't know why we sing rhinestone cowboy on Friday heading in to take it to the house but that's something we do we've been doing a lot of singing today for some reason if you missed Wade Phillips if you missed Ed Harden search the drive with Josh Graham on iTunes Apple podcast Spotify Google Play got a lot of good stuff on the podcast today like a rhinestone cowboy riding out on a horse in a star-spangled rodeo one more time like a rhinestone cowboy just Robert let's take it to the house to pick one it would be that Cisco's home song you guys feel about waving at your neighbors how do you feel about your neighbors in general I'm a good neighbor like State Farm I get to know khakis I get to know my neighbor pretty good about it however I've noticed that people know their neighbors more the farther they live apart from him from them strangely enough like in suburban neighborhoods you're less likely to know who your neighbor is compared to living out in the country where you know everybody and the next few miles have you noticed that to be true oh for sure my dad can tell you everybody that lives on his street all the way from stop sign to stop sign all the way down and then the roads off of those he could write but if you ask somebody more than likely who lives and who lives in the suburbs they likely don't know who lives right next door to them or in an apartment complex we don't even know that was a weird thing for me I'm a suburb transplant recently growing up facing to all my neighbors and now I live you know I guess better neighborhood I don't know any of these people it's incredible we don't speak nothing well that's what the city of Fort Wayne wants you to do during this coronavirus outbreak they want you to wave at your neighbors not not go up to them not shake their hands but stand in your yards and wave at them because they're saying that the the positivity can make your quarantine seem less isolated if you see that other people are in it with you so it kind of brings to my attention like when my dad was a kid if you had a new neighbor you would do the whole bring a pie over oh that's right and now if somebody moves in I don't want to hear from them if somebody knocks on my door I think it's the police like who who else knocks on people's doors now if you're not expecting somebody to come over me but you know I'm saying you don't just pop up at people's houses and I won't say who but I called someone earlier in the week they responded with you still make phone calls that's how the conversation started so it's the weekend if you're still quarantining like you should be give a gentle wave maybe even a smile send a pen pal a letter maybe is this a church service why how about you stand up and wave at the person next to you god what was that call start our service 62nd from now the greeting yeah it's like the salutation or yeah get out of your chair shake a hand you I used to shake the little things call it well when's the next time that's gonna be acceptable it's gonna be a minute hey go by and shake a hand or just shake a leg Jesus helped me protect me from the corona from the Rona fun stuff today everybody stay safe this weekend and you can trust that we'll be back with more nonsense and sports on a Monday drive
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