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ACC Big 4 Fantasy Draft (4-7-20)

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham
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April 7, 2020 6:18 pm

ACC Big 4 Fantasy Draft (4-7-20)

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham

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April 7, 2020 6:18 pm

On this edition of The Drive with Josh Graham the guys play with NFL trading cards, Wes Durham stops in to discuss Danny Mannings comments on the show, Jourdan Rodrigue discusses the Panthers draft plans, and more. 

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This is dry when Josh Graham drive new sports passes Stanley minutes ago just put this on his twitter page 12 as much as I feel a burning desire to make another run at a final four. I feel compelled to make the best decision for my professional six and evaluating players the MBA values you therefore I have decided to enter the 2020 MBA draft so Trey Jones, he's off to the MBA Cassia Stanley he's putting his name into the draft as well and were expecting Vernon Kerry to however I do think with Stanley's athleticism. Some of the versatility he has defensively what the MBA tends to value he might have a better MBA draft profile and carried very easily.

A better ACC player this year, more effective, more dominant, but Stanley seems to be to be a better MBA. Prospects of a wait-and-see. What burning carries decision is and when that ultimately comes cam Newton. He's not going to be a Los Angeles charge. I'm good at taking Ellen that one. I said they were the front runner and we heard from Chargers GM Tom Velasco earlier today on get up saying that their good with Taira Taylor and their good looking at the draft potentially for their future quarterback are not gonna roll the dice on camp so working to bring back a segment we've done a couple of times but I have three teams I believe to be front runners good situations for cam Newton to step into and free agency at the segment we call Pam Newtown Carolina Panthers are moving from moving on. Josh is the most likely places you will go next. Where should we start this child. Okay this is a theme I've had is a dark course all along. And right now they are settling into what I believe to be the prime position to sign Pam the Miami Dolphins. They have the seventh most Space from a personality standpoint. The suits in such a lifestyle standpoint, it makes sense for cam Campbell, probably be interested in going to a place where there is no state income tax either and that's always up with forget about we talk about Florida. It's a personality fit the lifestyle fit. It's also a team that seems ready to start pursuing winning last year they work ready for that they were thinking they were veering towards young players and collecting assets while also building up a bunch of dead And doing self yet Brian Florez won some games at the end of the year. He completely shook up the AFC playoff picture by pleading the New England Patriots in the regular season.

For now I think this is a team that's building it the right way it looks awful lot like New England had Space they spend it on corners.

They are trying to build a stronger and younger front seven. That'll be there for years to come you got Ryan Fitzpatrick at quarterback.

I think cam would be an upgrade from that to toggle below probably going to be the Pickett five that's what a lot of people believe the Dolphins are going to go with their first round pick one of their three first round picks the office make a lot of sense. I'm to put them as my first team. Next up the Buffalo Bills. Doesn't it seem like every former Carolina Panthers ending up in Buffalo familiarity.

It's an important thing Chargers their value we Taira Taylor because Anthony Lane can vouch for him. He was the OCN quarterbacks coach with the bills. When Taira Taylor was a pro bowler there in 2015 the papers they valued Teddy Bridgewater because Joe Brady and vice versa we heard from Robbie Anderson. I asked her what was appealing about Carolina.

It was his relationship with Matt rule dating back to their college days of temple and it also was him knowing Teddy back when they were both New York Jets most decisions and free agency you see as these big blockbuster movies big acquisitions there usually stand to personal relationships familiarity in the bills have Brandon being former Pampers assistant GM with Dave Gettleman, Sean McDermott, of course, the former Panthers DC you got Ken Dorsey who was Pam's quarterback coach early on and then upon a teammate who quarterback speaking the system that buffaloes running it similar to what Caroline is trying to do now it is the most accurate passer has this rocket arm deep down the field. He's cam Newton life except Pam just isn't healthy right now so systemwide. Why not bring a backup quarterback who runs something was wrong something similar to what you're running right now Buffalo also top 10 in the NFL in Space.

They are my second. Lastly, the Denver Broncos familiarity is important. You got a look at where your former OCs and quarterback coaches are Mike Shula Warner OC former quarterbacks coach. He is the QB coach in Denver a lot of the Space so they could make it happen. You do have a young quarterback there and through lot.

They seem to like I've already seen rumors that Denver might be sniffing around seeing what's happening with camp. It's a good organization.

One of the more underrated in the NFL that family, the Bolin family, one of the strongest, the league has multiple Super Bowl champions. I think the Denver Broncos might take a look at signing cam since he's on discounts of those of the three teams looking at right now as the leading candidates to sign. Cam Newton Miami Dolphins. The Denver Broncos in the Buffalo Bills West Durham. He's good to join us in 10 minutes out on his porch. Or maybe in a studio he has in his home in Cartersville, Georgia will talk ACC basketball with him. Maybe get some Michael Jordan stories out of him like we did with Roy Williams earlier today via Zoom press conference you could tweak the show at sports of dryad 336-777-1600 B and the phone number. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers revealed their new uniforms today what we think guys look good are these the same uniforms they had three or four years ago.

They are exactly the same gray water like a matte finish to their baby say paying homage to the championship seasons they've had as if they won multiple Super Bowl not exactly the same gray one is completely different. Never seen that the pewter the cheese uniforms are exactly the same as they were 69 either, but they're the same.

Go back and look at the Pampers uniforms in 1995.

They are almost to a T. The same thing that they have now one of the Pampers good to get their uniform change when they start when I mean three straight NFC South championships didn't change it. I mean, usually now is about the time you see a uniform change in the new regime comedian David Tepper was a squirrel. He guys names.

So what you mean by squirrel. He got squarely never know what is got up his sleeve. Tepper he strikes me as somebody who lets you know exactly what is going to do what you gotta know what's up.

Anytime you hear Tepper speak.

I want an MLS team. It's an MLS date. I'm not a doctor. When asked his cam to stick around cams not on the team.

A month later, Tepper. I don't think there's anybody is more straight up more real and that position more outward. Maybe a Jerry Jones potentially David Tepper. He's in that discussion among those who just don't give a bleep about trying to hide their emotions. Let's go to Erin in Greensboro who has a destination for cam Newton I listed off the dolphins the Broncos the bills. Where are you going Erin New York Jets and Arnold injury prone. They haven't fared well in the past with the draft memo to Greg McElroy 08) eight though.

His style was personality to go, man, cam Newton, New York. That's quite a thought that you for the call. Aaron is it fair to say sand Arnold injury prone. When he has pneumonia. Mono whatever it was supposed that I almost put that in the same category as somebody saying after the Eagles lose in the playoffs and Carson went get speared in the back of the head by Dave Young, cloudy up just another example of Carson Wednesday and injury prone. If somebody spear spears in the back of the head and it's a concussion. That's not the same as your body being broken. Farming Ozark injury seems Arnold is like there was a health thing exam. Not like a body injury, but I put it kind of goes get nausea.

He does, but I'm not adding concussion in the same box. I do all he injured his knee only injure soft tissue stuff. I don't put that in the same category. It's become clear to me based on our conversation with Danny Manning yesterday that John Curry still hasn't made up his mind on what to do with Danny but why will discuss that with Westrum next providing you with the latest sports news, commentary and analysis plus tips on how to cheat at bingo Your Honor Dr. with Josh gray sports home try friend from the ACC network West Durham now here in West we had Danny Manning on the show yesterday.

It was his first conversation first interview he gave since the season ended, and there are some things I think he wasn't going to answer. He wasn't going to go there other areas it's difficult for him to answer, but I really appreciated him coming on and usually he's a guy was pretty short but I thought in that context, he was a lot more expansive than he had to be points, but my take away from it was John Curry. I don't think he's made his decision yet on Danny and it might be wise for him to do so, but otherwise Danny.

He would've told us that yesterday at Wake Forest would've put out a press release because we can't disagree that it doesn't help Danny on the recruiting front as they bring in a grad chance for Ian to block just about this last week and are looking to add other assets to this roster. It doesn't help if this is kind of hanging over his head just rumors and speculation daughter that I think the same to what Martin Jarman did what three weeks ago at Boston College.

Along the same lines except Martin Jarman and and maybe the case with John Curry the same. I don't know. I haven't had the conversation with John. And even if I asked him probably like you. I don't know that I would be given the answer look. The scenario was. This is difficult. This is a unique landscaper working to rewrite.

In fact, I was talking to someone earlier today. There been very minimal coaching changes in the calls, landscape.

When you look at what is transpired since what a month ago this weekend right and I think that's to be understood at this point it all and and so look is his weight going to make a change.

I look I just I don't know how number one I don't know how programs a long tenure coaches who you know are going to be there forever or at least for the next 3 to 5 years recruiting in the spring right now, let alone ones that are you think might of been given an extra swing on my house because of a pandemic explains difficult call difficult it would be bad optics. At this point for somebody to shell out $15 million while we look at the current economic state because all that's going to change that that that part of this AMI. Not a day goes by and I know you readers is much as I do, or maybe more because you're doing this every day. I mean, you could go get an article freshly minted this morning online or in somebody's paper talking about what the business of college athletics is going look like and it's going to change AMI.

We don't know the the degrees of the change, but it's going to change.

I would hate for example, I think Jamie Pollard in many respects I have great respect for Jamie.

I've got to know him a little bit. I wouldn't say were friends, but Dave Archer, who does the Falcons with me on radio was and I will state grant and he and Jamie are our good friends and talk often, especially as it relates to cyclone football and what Jamie Pollard did is what I think a lot of people are going to do, but Jamie was the first guy in the pool because he understood his budgets more AMI.

I would tell you there are some really really good business people in today's college athletics and trained about a decade or so ago was to hire people from the business side the financial side to be athletic directors will coming out on the box out of this. I think were to be fortunate college athletics goes not to say that the old coach what a good athletic director, but the business out of college athletics will be best served by people who were going to look at their budgets and understand the cost I thought what Luke the cockroach yesterday and that in the Raleigh paper was spot on about landscaper Bubba Cunningham talked about it so the blue card. We don't know what the dollars and cents are to look like because we don't have any clarity on what 2020 2021 skill look like for the record, I reached down after our conversation with Danny to John Curry and wait for us athletics. They politely decline to have an on-air interview and they said that the moment that they are ready to speak.

They'll be reaching out to us then, but for those who may have missed this portion of the Danny Manning interview. This is what Danny said in response to a simple question of what assurances have you been given if any, by John Curry that you be to coach next year career took our moving forward. I'm going to be here. Grandma got called the color field so you're looking to recruit to move forward and daughter. There for this new normal that were in right now yeah I mean you keep doing me and if you give me a reason not to continue doing that, you're gonna have to write me a fat check right and it looked that's that's the business landscape of college athletics and he's not the only one right. I mean sometimes the price tag is no end and by the way everything were being told is speculative in terms of what that number is right. It is not confirmed but Connor O'Neill, and others have said that if it's a guaranteed contract. That's where Jeff Goodman would've gotten the 18 million from writing.

A year later it would be $15 million. Wake Forest does not put out that information. So yes, it is still speculative. Not so, let's just assume that that I would think he's probably operating from a point of at least understanding that while there may or may not have been a conversation with somebody representing his interest in the and Wake Forest. Then Danny said to come back and coach in 2020 and 20, 21 and he is right on all fronts to think that way and therefore he's got to go ahead and decide exactly what he wants to do what he wants to do to get the basketball program better. You mentioned to block who I understand to be a decent talent has to make the transition. Obviously, from what is it the Southland conference to the ACC and I would say that those can go a variety of ways.

Carly Jones suggest is a great transfer. Who's going to Louisville from Radford is a proven scorer who is scored against bigger teams so I would say Carly Jones has a reason to be one of the more highly thought of grad transfers. I don't know about the young man who's coming from Columbia to play it at Duke Patrick take yeah or do I have an understanding of the of the grant of the sophomore transfer from Quinnipiac Rich Kelly, who put up about 19 again. Quinnipiac who's going to transfer to Boston College. All that being said, I don't have a problem with what Danny Manning is saying because right now on April 7 he should act like he's gonna be the basketball coach at Wake Forest next year because quite frankly, there's been no indication elsewhere's West the room with us here from the ACC network Condi Brown Olivier Saar if they both return. I think wake. I think it's an NCAA tournament team. I know some might disagree with me on that. I think Danny does a great job developing pigs despite the last group of big daddy has when you consider Condi, who kinda play both ways. All ACC type of talent Olivier Saar was all ACC this year Odie of Guam, a Isaiah in UCS and then we never got a chance to see Teresa Ingram or Sunday. Okay K this year because of injury. So it's a great group of forwards. That's Danny does a great job coaching dating back to his days at Kansas so will see what happens with those two players.

Danny says he expects them to explore the NBA draft process, whatever that might mean. But I'd be surprised if Condi is not back and Olivier. It's in his best interest. Title it well. I think Olivier Saar should look at it under Connor O'Neill, a podcast law umbrella say that Olivier Saar guesses staying in Durham, staying with a walk on Jim Cannon, I think, is that right you are not like the candidate because Wake Forest you have to stay in school for three years and he's a junior can't go back to France so yeah he's with a walk on family right now so the idea of Olivier Saar looking at it is understandable you know I understand this. I don't relate to it because I don't can't get my arms around this urgency of guys to go ahead and you know it there's some something wrong with playing four years of college basketball. I think it actually benefits most kids in fact right needs to look no further than the guy just went the Hall of Fame this weekend who got substantially better.

His sophomore, junior and senior years as a collegiate player took no corners in his development now, and Tim Duncan proved to be one of the best players in ACC history. One of the best players in the NBA but I think that Olivier Saar would benefit from coming back. I think Charlie Brown would about Jacoby Neath could mean it will be a different type point garbage Jacoby needs can certainly help them but I would tell you Josh the same thing that the conversation is followed in the last three weeks is you look at the ACC next year and obviously you see the reloaded Carolina you know what Dick's doing. Virginia certainly has tile to players coming answer keys. Looks like they're doing you know they're doing well recruiting wise Louisville. Obviously if if everybody comes back. I know war, put his name in there's a question about the junior college kid, you may go J scrub. I think the kids name is a tile to Chico player. I looked at it and say okay how big is that glop that Mark and I talked about the mornings, how outline how big that glop going to be next year and to be honest with you I think it could be pretty substantial again because I think there a lot of teams are to be pushing Georgia Tech certainly finish strong. Gonna bring back a lot of players except James Banks and Evan Cole for meaningful minutes know what what is this legal look like, +20 games and I'll say this again who you play twice counts, not just the to you play twice every year, but who are your other two or who your therefore I should say that comprise your your your games and that light your your 12 games. You know, in the case of somebody like Boston College. They play Notre Dame Syracuse Florida State Louisville Miami and NC State twice Georgia Tech next year placed to Florida State Virginia Wake Forest Notre Dame and Clemson twice what did Florida State Virginia Trio will be fairly substantial six games for what Georgia Tech's ultimate game. Did you see Mountain Roy early earlier today.

Yes, I've seen the online I saw Twitter picture of the young man from Spruce Pine, North Carolina, who is now grown out the beard.

It says Wanda Williams is his name. Well, the day he sees a sweetheart and believable bill and I a lot of us are running into a lot of us are going to run into some of the grooming hassles that maybe we didn't anticipate having two weeks of looking rough right now.

Well my son is elected to grow a mustache on the author. That's it. Not sure that's what he needs to try and do I'm going to need to find. I think my wife is going to have to get a pair of scissors and Remington some sort of haircutting clippers of some sort to calm down some of the things it might be going on here, but yeah Roy. Now he's he's got the beard you know the challenge of the will we get back to some degree of normalcy will he keep it and I'm good about the odds are that didn't happen, but if he does it. Be spectacular.

I would be all for the last week Michael Jordan was named ESPN's best college basketball share driver and Roy as we seen in the promo for the last dance MJ documentary series has been moved up to April 19. He's going to be featured in as an assistant coach at North Carolina at the time so I asked Roy earlier today. What is early impressions were of young Mike Jordan and he said that his first impression was when he was in high school and came in during one of their summer camps and I'll let Roy continue for the rest this day still treats me like 30 years ago. Over 40 years ago guesses almost is now just an incredible person incredible work at will to win better than anybody I've ever seen focus better needed basketball player ever seen.

The only person actually basketball was focused so determined Tyler Hansbrough. Mike was just a different level than anybody, Tiger Woods and his court.

Typical Roy to throw in the golf there.

Here's more from Roy Williams over that night.

I think I disobey 6'4" high school player of my crew was that my Jordan from Wilmington. I really believe that stood out anything and everything. By the end Smith was having lunch with Eddie and I were at breakfast with all the things so we got a pretty good head start on everybody yeah I would say they got a pretty big head start you her number. The first time Mike Jordan appeared on your radar screen.

Yeah, I saw him prior to his freshman year. Carolina actually went to the basketball camp at Carolina and cochairing Clifton Harry Potter parent brought a lot of his high school teammates came to the camp that summer, including a kid who I will never forget this was ambidextrous to 19 feet name Kevin Malloy who played at Laney and then there is another big kid named Reggie Johnson. It was a tremendous player and coach emigrating cochairing a great team mean they were they were really really good. Michael obviously was the bell cow in the 8081 season but he had a good team coming back the next year and I saw cochairing the next winter when Carolina beagle over these racial roles calcium to go to file for and Kevin Malloy was with him at the game and I kept thinking Kevin will be a really good player somewhere in college and it just didn't work out for one reason or another, but yes all Michael prior to his freshman year. Carolina, the thing that struck you was as if he was he was big Josh but he was not nearly as big as he was like we left Chapel Hill after his junior year he was relatively skinny but you could see in the pickup games at Randall that summer during camp that that he had plenty of skill. But again, if you grew up playing high school basketball North Carolina you, one way or another knew the best players in the state were but just remember, the best players in the state.

At that time, like Chris Washburn at Hickory may buzz Peterson was a high school played here in the state that year. Yeah Mayor Bai knows that story but Chris Washburn was my age and Chris was a kid who know everybody was gunned up about playing as 1/10 grader, I made it the Chris Washburn stories were already becoming like me of the Green Giant you know deep in the forest type stuff and but you know Michael was it Michael was a towel to guide the thing that caught you was when he saw play pickup all evening gravel in the parking lot was it his athleticism around the goal may hit his leaping ability you, I will wait a second, and he was one step off the baseline and able to, follow it back around the rim and he was six for he was six for I don't think he was 65 at the time, but the other thing that you notice now was how thin he was as a kid, school Carolina and coach Smith was one of those guys that they found ways to always get weight on it through the strength program at that time and you know I'm there. I remember more people being keyed up about buzz Peterson, as is Michael and you know the other and I will concur with what Coach Wade says it's been years Josh since I've been around Michael, but always just gracious always very kind and considerate. Same way with obviously my dad, my folks in the years that after they moved to Chapel Hill and the charity events that he would be around her when he would see my dad someplace and he has a competitive drop buzz Peterson our friends to this day. Buzz tells me all the time about when Michael you know didn't want blues to his mom, and cards.

When they went home fall prey to sophomore year. He refused to lose.

The bike was made of all is to buzz his mom, and cards kidney figures nice bad it's real are you Clifford and the family holding up well yeah you know it's like let's be honest this is. This was not planned but we've all got to do the we've all got to do our part and I am awfully encourage the last couple days but things I've seen not only here in Georgia were on back down Cartersville full-time for the time being, but also what I'm hearing from North Carolina about your social distancing and people doing the right thing.

Look, II think that we got great medical people that the heroes in this we all know this of the healthcare workers and the doctors in the nurses at these hospitals and where they're treating folks to contract this and but last last couple days. It sounds like that you know if you're willing to that the payoff is if you want to stay away from people and self quarantine and do those type things on me.

I think that's a I think that something that is having some impact in can't say enough about the collective effort collaborative effort that's going on in this country to try and get this done and we need to get done. Let's be honest, we know we need to get back to normal. And you know there's gonna be some hard times ahead. I understand that part but and I don't know if you been affected by anybody. I just found out today that a friend of mine and radio in Atlanta lost his dad to it last night. You know that's that's just tragic me that's that's just something that I couldn't fathom. Six months ago little loan six weeks ago and but man I sure hope that that is collective people or society, we can do the right thing. It's very well said Wes and we look forward to things getting back to normal sometime soon so we could see you and Face back in the basement. I don't know particularly how effective that you know if you have time to get start exploring like coming looking at college football stuff like I'm doing right now I'm solely to delay right. I guess maybe I did have Clemson last year. So I called somebody that they said how you pronounce a quarterback's name is that I won't know until I get up for a game of my cohort about far as I'm concerned. 16 is Trevor Lauritzen that's all that's right you the absolute best man.

That man is on Twitter at West Durham next to the primary functions of professional sports that seem to be lost on a lot of the public today here on the drive to become a real sports fan right ranging psychotic call sports Drive with Josh Graham.

I got my big board ready to go. This is the heart of college basketball country so were going to do our ACC big four fantasy draft with the NFL draft just a few weeks away were going to have a draft every single week.

Last week it was the Pampers old-time fantasy draft right here ACC big four fantasy draft and the format goes as following. We each have to draft a point guard a shooting guard, a small forward power forward a center and you will be granted one player as a guard off the bench and one player as a forward off the bench so it every all three of us will have seven pics seven round draft. It's good to be a snake style draft Robert just randomized in order that were going to go in Robert, what is the order here it is going to start off with me go to you for the second pick and go to Erin for the third pic and I promise I'm not cheating. I do not want the first pic I never want the first pick, and somehow I keep getting hacking. That's what is happening here doing all right.

Let's dive right in and select these fellows 30 to 45 seconds I think that should be the rules for this virtual draft coming up that you have to make each picked after 30 seconds were all done with this draft after just a few hours love the idea that better on radio than probably real life Robert you're on the clock James worthy, James worthy is off the board as Robert first pick. It does drive me crazy when people say Michael Jordan is the greatest college basketball player ever. I don't think he was the greatest player on his team. James worthy I believe to be the best team on that part guilty. I think it's a pretty good pick because not very deep small forward. I'm next on the clock in terms of all-time great that you can have is a small forward. The list is short, I'm good to go with NC State, great David Thompson as my first pick one of the greatest what-ifs.

I would love to see a documentary done on his greatness. A lot of people don't appreciate go back and watch the highlights. Kids go back and look at what this guy accomplish winning a national title course and 74 David Thompson my first first big trip.

I will take Duncan very high up on my Dick board is number five on my big boy here so that's a tough out, you have the next picked you in the snake subsequently I would take will and your small floor at the scary frontcourt Robert Zion and Tim Duncan coming straight at him all right. Zion's off the board.

Okay with my next pick. I'm also going to go in the frontcourt. I'm going to pick man this is tough. There are two people I'm picking between right now I gotta pick one to Kristin Lightner to take Lightner had to such a tough call rambling to see which words I could just put my center spine. I got back to back.

Fear. One of my pics fairly easy for me. Vince Carter, my first Vince Carter to Vince Carter's off the board were now starting the third round snake draft Robert Hira and his when you players take into one. Wow you got what you want to spell Antoine Jamison's name WANT a W and Ranger name spellings right there with Dwayne Wade DW a D.tell you why a any mail that you got Vince Carter, James worthy and Antoine Jamison. I got David Thompson Kristin Lightner Aaron has Zion Williamson and Tim Duncan to this point, I think I'm going to play Tyler Hansbrough at the power forward. I'm in a take hands bro. With my next pick error and that means your mix. I will take Chris Paul. I had them write this, my second right point guard here. That's a really good pick guard might actually be the thinnest position of the fund) were you going next Michael Jeffrey George is still in the middle of the fourth round. Yeah you got CP 3J Zion. That's not a bad for spot to bring out their to ensure I get a good point guard here.

I'm going to go fill for my next pick Phil Ford is right, get them to go ahead and get my point guard here Bobby Hurley all I totally forgot about Bobby Hurley wasn't on my board altogether.

I think that might just be a mistake on my part as a really good pack Bobby Hurley strong stuff there that I would take John Collins and make employment John Collins at the 54 Robert and I got a big time decision to make.

Shooting guard here so I think that EA are 20 take JJ writing man. JJ had longevity. My girlfriend has a big-time cross on JJ. Should that be more inspiration to take JJ or not he.

I need some of that spark that he brings him to take JJ Reddick JJ Reddick and Kristin Lightner on the same team you guys who's the most hated player on my team. Hansbrough only one of them is a documentary point in Europe small for position hopefully also you're going small lineup of the center. Zion your power forward all right small like I like it a lot. `Aaron has his right addressing the one of my biggest position run none of you guys are to take Ron back to get him my last pack, but since I was on the fence about JJ or Shane that EA I guess I'll take that EA now is one of my bench players thinking that EA there your last two and Lorenzo Charles to round things out for Robert Walsh. As for me I have one more pick remaining here. You already took Antoine Jamison off the board print till he's gone, man this this gets really difficult. Now I think I have one more picture Julius Hodge Dave Williams Randolph Childress have any way players my lineup. I got Phil for JJ Reddick, David Thompson Hansbrough Lightner Patty. He just because Lynch.Howard and Randolph Childress are still out there to go Randolph children around things out. Randolph Childress as my bench plan. All right, somebody's yelling and MY TWITTER FEED GETTING THROWN OUT OF THE GAME BY CARL SOMEWHERE LAST. VINCE PLAYER MELISSA GUARD, JAY WOULD YEAH THOSE ARE THE THREE I WAS GOING BETWEEN JAY WILLIAMS, JULIUS HODGE RANDOLPH CHILDRESS GOT A STRONG STRONG TEAM IT'S BEEN PUT TOGETHER HERE I'M LOOKING AT THESE LINEUPS FOR ME.




I'LL TELL YOU WHAT TEAM THAT IS AND THREE OTHERS, I STILL BELIEVE ARE IN THE RUNNING. KEEP AN EAR ON THE Drop Check Dr., Josh Gray, the athletic and innocent 15 minutes to talk to panthers.

Here's what I've done. I got a bunch of NFL trading cards here on open packs. I love the idea on the radio us opening up packs of cards here. We have no idea who's inside and we go to war to play a game of war, but rather then have it as no skill involved in all just a game of luck.

What were going to do instead. We have categories here that were going to come up with. Each week, 10 card packs. We need to figure out. Out of the 10 card pack who are best dancer is our best cook our best fighter our best ladies man and are worst Facebook friend who would be the worst Facebook friend out of the 10 players that you draw so will have a minute or so to figure this out to me and Robert will debate it, and if we can't come to an agreement.

Aaron is going to rule who went up at the core category. Whoever gets three out of the five wins trading card war is something else.

All right great feeling.

I love opening up car you got Robert might give me an advantage. Oh my God I got a great pack of cards here want to start a lot of quarterbacks already know I'm winning one of these easily held her son.

Here, oh my gosh Robert. I think I'm in a win this week. I don't care care of you have on the other side best cook fighter best ladies man, worst Facebook friend man okay dancers could be the most difficult one here.

I think unless you arty have somebody you think would be a great dancer you have your pack to gather relevant. I know I have a really good pack guys who are worth a read my relevant Sony Michel Kaman okay I'm easy relevant for this is where you putting him out on the best fighter like bars. Channing Tatum, Marquise Blair and Ryan Finley worst Facebook friend Dylan Mitchell and her son Gary are the two I had Michael Hardeman call Hardeman right yeah I have my many great players. I don't know what to do with your Robert like this is this is pretty tough for me right now you have it lined up okay I got my start now with best dance is the best dancer. I'm going to lay down a marketing is my best laid down the wrong I mean come on mother believed the wrong color.

I got 19 way I got wrong are so wrong. While he enjoys dancing is good for so for debate jumping.

God can actually gain marketing room. I have seen his news zone. PS I wasted wrong wrong. Dances like a tall lady's man. I'm going to raise you saw what I put for ladies man, you feel and I went to the same card.

What happened to lay down someone else write selected that's right. Okay, we must be best cook I have littered for Andrew luck would not be seasonal and I got this guy detailed looks like he would be a great guy.

What he's been doing a lot of cooking this past year to you know that cooking at home is not, of course, that guy knows how to cook it. Andrew luck for me is from Louisiana, Josh, for your 1895 in the wall and I apologize that may conclude he's from my I mean this is really I want this to be put on the pole. Aaron put this on the pole that I know it won't, but I need people to know who's a better cook Andrew luck Leonard for net out there and then tag them both on Twitter to use the people in North Carolina are discussing is a better cook between Flint letter Cornett Andrew luck. Looks like he has five spices, garlic and onion powder best fighter will not pull exports on prime time to raise you because his name is Steve also might know my site better when this became okay.

The guy is the guy will rip your face off pretty.

I wonder if TiVo watch UFC or anything, but it's not always the biggest, strongest guy that always wins.

Sometimes I don't want you to win what went on strike three and I will say I would take diva's annual over Aaron, this is thank you ladies man, Jimmy G raising you somebody I know. Get after it. Sam Darnall**ladies man just to get mono happened in the comfort of Jimmy G's home. I know that he took her out on a public date.

Yes the children of God, and I guarantee you my mom would pick Jimmy G. She knew the word lastly God worst Facebook friend Teresa Ryan Finley because I imagine that he would post a lot of political too many pictures of his kids. His profile pictures probably him in a dog holding a fish so I got Ryan Finley.

I will counter with Matthew Stafford you Stafford would be at all full Facebook friend. Just look at his facial hair. It would be a lot of pictures of his family sitting on the porch and hand him a grill house yet. I'll just say two words that I think my case here backwards. Don't I think you won this game by a score of congratulations you but it is absurd the idea you think that Leonard for net is a better cook. I like good geometry or man does not mean he's a good cook look at that guy.

He is called Castaic as it gets. You put your stake you like I'm a salt-and-pepper guy.

I will. Was this a good segment because I like opening pack who's more responsible for cam Newton remaining unsigned Panthers of the coronavirus last Jordan Rodrick writer from the athletic next.

On the drive Josh grandma sports triad. I am so upset right now. I thought I had a great pack of cards that we opened up and we had our NFL trading card war and I thought for sure Andrew luck would win as the better cook than whatever Robert throughout their he came out here with Leonard for net and he said just because he's from New Orleans.

He's a better cook and so we have it on a pole and I'd love to imagine Andrew Locher Leonard for not seeing the pole out there who do you think is a better cook Andrew luck, or Leonard for net wondering what the hell are we talking about in North Carolina look where were the day you have on the sports triad Twitter. I'm looking at this thing look at the pole and it's already been voted on to why you're saying that I'm sabotaging this, I will say that is been voted on twice to use it and now would be enjoyed by Jordan Rodrick Lee has a take on this as well. Robert and Aaron are dead set at Leonard for net who's a better cook. As we start our food in football segment with something that blends rarely both of them to gather Leonard for net maritime training. It family background better in my life. Wow, what was on the yeah I put out a little bit of that back in at the little guys say yes all the patient. She has all the information of the Panthers and everything else is on twitter at Jordan. Rodrick read her stuff in the athletic, can I ask what was on the menu restaurant in town all the many and raping a big family and your brother care.

People who are making in our thinking right now. I mean anyone in the wiring you were talking to Panthers GM Marty, her knee yesterday and he wanted to dive into the specifics of what happened in explaining the decision-making of cam Newton being kept on the roster and then press release that went out.

That said that they allowed for him to explore a trade we see national talking heads and the Carolina Panthers. They sabotaged cams chances of trying to sign with another team by keeping him on the roster as long as they did.

Now that you have all the information you're privy to go. Do you think is more responsible or what you thinks more responsible for cam not being on a roster. The Panthers negligence or the logistics nightmare created by the coronavirus plan regardless now I don't know that you can make that regard. What according very popular and handled poorly and honestly. Why and when taking a look at the river by Don Graham out there making per trade. When Mike earlier and informed year going to be training Yale are trying recorded. You can you know people in 2021 direct action and rampant workout. He went going to be worked out where better alignment with having the Internet ready will probably several variable and can be transferred at quarterback and more of the great great while in the locker making right-handed and dad.

I think that writer that with that going to be financially available which way can bring. When they were able to make their final on getting rid of what in the conversation, but not very like a brain like he he would not ever people are like the current owner and direction. It felt a lot better and Aaron and all the time now and I let it cam on people.

Yeah that's really fascinating the same way Steve Smith did five or six years ago, unleashing three touchdowns in Carolina.amity Bank Stadium in Baltimore the first time those two teams went head-to-head after Smith left the Panthers. This quote from Marty Hearn.

He is getting a lot of attention where he said quote or specifically, he was talking about you to look at is making one good decision at the time, try to build a team to make it as competitive as it can be.

That's what he said and some took that as him sank Panthers aren't tanking there trying to be as competitive as possible and I think in order to answer the question what are the Carolina Panthers thinking you have to properly define thinking and this is what I'm interested in your perspective on because for me. I don't think tanking is intentionally trying to lose. I don't really do that in the NFL thought, you can strip away expensive parts, which generally are the better players, longer contracts, which are generally consisting of better players and try to veer towards youth and develop that way the dolphins they want games at the end of last year.

I thought they were trying to take veering towards youth wanted that Money in the top five picked as a result, when you look at Carolinas moves next to the comments you seen from that rule and also Marty Ernie, do you think Carolina is tanking like black and white thinking and and have a different framework weight when you talk about all the variables that come with about team people are money next year 2031 Hiring that many have a lot of a lot of extra money when like a great writer.

More than eight I think even I really would think you and have no peeking or near it on the roster that tradable and you're going to three-story queue by your way higher. If you need a higher graphic quarterback or how people are like, I don't think you can direct action even money tanking in the married where you high rank your contract you embark on now the guy you want to get something and could carry something going now that we can't variable now. I think that we start out with Ron Rivera firing you don't want miraculous Ron Rivera, when one could get brown like you don't want. You want to make care take out human energy can secure your draft next year.

Going back to printing their direction like making player finding their way up or down on you back I'm going out there and trying to or anything like that. Right now I don't think, how do you define thinking well I mean I don't think they're going.

I don't think there thinking I think that what they will be trying to accumulate as many resources as possible. I don't think that they apparently believe that losing game heavily in public perception of that right. I understand that I just been not the Carolina Panthers. Specifically, but just the definition of tanking. What do you view that definition is being well stripping everything away barely building a team and are out there and setting up your staff fail. I think the last four games.

They were thinking at the definition of thinking and your people after failure, but I don't think that they're going to not drink with us from the athletic Carolinas, so I get a chance to watch Tiger finger no now I'm holding out. I don't like show without redeemable character, and no one is redeemable, you're absolutely right. But you know Joe exotica sees the guy that has it's all over the Internet. Yes, the long hair all that okay so nobody's able to get a haircut so were all looking rough. I was on Roy Williams zoom press conference today.

He had the mountain man kind of fake beard going on there were all looking rough right now so I said I felt so confident based on your mock draft at the athletic Carolinas you have drunken law, South Carolina going at the number seven pick we see a lot of people talking about defense.

Isaiah Simmons if you drop there could go or maybe even Derek Brown, which topic Shea and Mel Kuyper about this being the Panthers take all along here I felt so confident that if Carolina does not number seven pick one of those three players again staying at number seven. If they do not pick one of those three players.

I agree with these guys on the show for some reason, I would dress like Joe exotica for a week, cut my hair into a mullet whenever a lot cut her hair at some point. Do you think I'm safe.

Number seven pick anybody else other than those three players Simmons, Brown or Kinlaw.

I have to pay a punishment. I'm glad to hear it football. Let me know something in isolation.

Jordan Rodrigue has been eating and beginning of March and combine and I a lot of curry and a big jar of crate trying to read and coconut milk curry and I would recommend anybody very very good creator and it really got that comfort when you're making human contact, etc. and definitely get job coconut milk big fan of all of it ever since I started doing blue apron getting those boxes to my house and such. But I'll also say this, I think we talked about this before in one of our visits, support local restaurants.

I mean every day I try because radio is essential work for some reason, or at least that's how they define it and broadcast so I'm out there and I get takeout orders from local restaurants. Every single chance I get. And every week I try to get a gift card at a place because again it's always good for a rainy day, whenever things get back to normal so that's that's the way I'm going about it. What place are you very excited to visit once things open up again rhino market like going out and people liking and having good conversation at restaurant and I really really make market that Charlotte and I really Jordan you're the best. They say send, it's good to hear from you got it. That's Jordan Rodrigue

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