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Wes Durham (6-3-20)

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June 3, 2020 6:17 pm

Wes Durham (6-3-20)

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June 3, 2020 6:17 pm

On this edition of The Drive Josh Graham Josh gives his top ten athlete comedies, Bdaht smartens up Josh on Grahammer School, and Wes Durham discusses the upcoming fall sports spread.


According to loads. The MBA is coming back with 22 teams which means the Charlotte morning season is finished will get to that in a bit. But let's start with college basketball goes. This is something I've been working on over the last few days and it started with the central question what is the greatest era of ACC big four history or to put it another way, what time. Word Duke, North Carolina, Wake Forest and NC State all great at the same time because after crunching the numbers here Robert, I feel pretty comfortable with an answer and it's actually more recent than you might think the 2004 and 2005 season represent the greatest era in ACC big four history and I have numbers to back this up since the NCAA tournament expanded to 64 teams in 1985, only three times have all four teams made it to the NCAA tournament in the same year, 1991 Wake Forest with Robbie Rogers. NC State court. Gianni Monroe really strong Wolfpack team. At that time.

Duke a national title contender North Carolina making it to the final four old them were very good and then you have the only time ever, NC state, Wake Forest Duke and Weick in North Carolina all made the NCAA tournament in back-to-back seasons, 2004 and 2005.

It also should be noted that all the teams made it to the semifinals of the ACC tournament in 2003.

So this really was a strong three year stretch, but really 0405. It's the sweet spot. It's the only time that all the schools were legitimate contenders to win a national title in the same stretch North Carolina actually wanted to know five Duke probably had the most talent out of the four JJ Reddick Sheldon Williams Chris do Hahn just tell across the board.

They went to the final four and 04 NC State second round sweet 16 team. It still reverberates in my memory. Julius Hodge beating Yukon in the tournament going to the camera and doing Wolfpack sign with his hand and then Wake Forest while they were disappointing in the tournament. Number wanted the nation of one point they were number one in the nation. At the end of the year and offense of efficiency they had the best point guard that we've seen maybe in the last 30 years so I think there's an argument for all four of these teams trying to figure out who's best north Carolina had the best season. Duke probably had the most talent NC state exceeded expectations that were set for them and Wake Forest had the best player and a coach that we just weren't fortunate enough to see how things would've ended up at the stated Wake Forest longer skip Prosser tragically passing a few years later it's hard to imagine it ever being as good again as it was 15 or 16 years ago, and I'm not saying that in the old guy way things are always better wear a badge in my day notice on what I'm doing here. It's more college basketball has changed so much.

The one and done, it wasn't popular yet at that time you had a couple of players leaving a sophomore CP three after his sophomore year, Marvin Williams.

He left after his freshman season in the national title team. It's just hard to imagine it being the same.

When you have early expansion of the ACC and that point partially expanded in 2005 and the 12 team league in 2006 and now it's balloon to a 15 team conference, which I think hurts a smaller school like Wake Forest and it also makes things a lot more difficult for the four teams to have in a singular year or singular stretch of two seasons as much quality talent than they did back then as they did back then the games they were just legendary going back with a little bit of help from Brian Ives at the ACC network, North Carolina, Weick had that three overtime game which I didn't know this until last night was Roy's first ACC game as Tar Heel coach three overtimes in the Smith Center Wake Forest ending up winning that game.

The last time North Carolina had a triple overtime game before that was 1982, so it was over 20 years before we saw a game like that have reference for that. I don't think we talk about the 1957 North Carolina team enough woman, Lenny Rosenblum's that went off Robert, how's this for a crazy stat in 1957 that incredible Tar Heel theme in the final 41 a triple overtime game and then in the championship game. One in triple overtime. Why back to back years. What you think we do today if a champion in the final 41 back to back triple OT games we would be out on the Chapel Hill would look a lot different.

It happened in 1957. With that team that won 65 nearly 65 years ago, but it's not just North Carolina, Duke point I'm trying to make here north Carolina Weick had that legendary game Wake Forest Julius Hodge versus CP three Chris Paul doing something unsavory.

The jewels by maybe hitting him in the jewels. Then of course there were those Carolina games Marvin Williams with the shot in 2005 sticking out from that strip.

So I think that's the greatest era of ACC big four basketball all-time and if you have thoughts on the subject. He could tweet us at sports of dryad 336-777-1600 is the phone number there was a headline earlier today regarding Lukey Clay who yesterday was officially put on the retired reserve list for the Panthers. The Panthers on their team site reported. Keithley is considering being a team scout. Now this is a decision that's not up to that rule. It's up to Marty Harney, the general manager but and catching up with coach rule out a press conference earlier this morning. I asked him what he thought of Luke's future and the conversations he's had with Ted a great relationship with the times I've been around he's my neighbor so that meals not walking right by CM but I think it's great. If it works out if it's what he wants to do I know is a top therapist on claimant trying to figure out no what they want to do next. So if it works out working the Scoutmaster pro side of the guys that are evaluating other NFL players nuclear mission is twofold know they there helping us build the roster by finding other guys that we do and there also providing stance scouting each week on the someone that was built for that problem is no preparation of work so works out Keithley. He has a bright future in football in front of I know it's a question whether or not he's going to be a Hall of Famer just because he retired young but I think if Patrick Willis is in that discussion if other guys end up getting in who didn't play a long career like Gale Sayers, Barry Sanders comes to mind. Keithley was the absolute best at his position in the time that he played in the NFL and that is enough to think he's going to be in the Hall of Fame, but I think he could have a very good post football career within the sport. I see him as a lot more than a scout though that might be where you start, but can't you see him in management at some point, considering how brilliant he is and how many people like him.

It reminds me of one of the best or one of the brightest defensive players I've ever had a chance to watch who right now is no longer playing, but he actually is in a general manager spot. John Lynch when John Lynch played it was about the mental side of the game. He was very likable and when he became a general manager. Nobody really scoffed at it.

It all. It just made sense.

I could see that being Keithley in the next 10 years, but if it's not be in a scout he'd be outstanding on television. Mike the Rico was talking to Keithley about this.

He said that he is open to the idea.

He loved engaging with John Gruden and with Jason Witten and truly a command when they came and in the pregame meetings. Those that's for the broadcast team to get them ready to go have been filled in on everything he sees things before they happen. That's what he was really good at. When people think about what made Keithley different. They talk about quarterbacks who seek equally on the event and he's calling out the play before they can get it out of their mouth.

He recognizes it by formation. Does that sound like somebody you know on television about the guy just got $17 million and Tony Romo now.

I'm interested to see how his personality will translate onto TV but in my interactions with Luke when he wanted to be good. He was just like Greg Olson, who was just a little bit more outgoing and tickly was when he was playing but if it's not television. If it's not being a scout. He was already essentially a coach out on the field so that could be an option to.

I called him the Peyton Manning of defense, and that his success did it come from pure athletic ability. Peyton Manning didn't have the best arm he didn't throw the prettiest spiral but he was the best because he got everything done at the line of scrimmage horrific again planning terrific out terrific in preparation made his teammates better.

Those are things that are not God-given. Those are things that you have to develop it.

You have to work at an Keithley struck me as somebody who mastered all of those things. He was the strongest linebacker he was the quickest but often he was the smartest and the most well prepared to terrific traits to have as a cook so I don't think equally while he's not to be on the field with Carolina anymore not to be on the field with anybody.

I don't think he's going away from football because there's only so many fish you can catch while flyfishing will talk a lot of NFL with Darren Gant when he joins us in a little over 15 minutes from pro football� Coming up a tough reality. The MBA is going to face when it returns to play.

This is the drive well here we go. The Dodson studio with us. This show hasn't gone the way I am ended forth to go. I never know what's gonna happen would be.gets in here. My Twitter mentions it's an absolute dumpster fires is a combination of people sending me engine servers name multiple times as a Nickelback for ACC big four basketball people saying I look like a Muppet thanks to be.effect and now I'm getting video sent to me of Muppets and involving scooter the Muppet and on top of that I mean we were reading lyrics to ludicrous songs last segment so I don't know where things are going to be by the time this radio show ends, but I'm off Thursday and Friday so might as well just steer all the way into this into the skid here and we've got be God's grammar school grammar school for those who don't know, it's B.capitalizing on the fact that I have a blind spot when it comes to the urban vernacular which has a lot to do with my lack of following at times on expressions and what's trending. I do follow pop culture but that's a lot different than trying to pick up on terms that are being used. Roberts pretty good at this of this is a black white thing. This is just a Josh Graham thing and we'll see how this goes.

There are five words here that be dots going to bring to mere five expressions and I'll see if how many actually know and be dots grammar school. Josh Graham has his own way of speaking school even play sports, but he didn't wear a helmet and just when you think it can't get any worse language teacher wanted to find me in June you think that next semester Bobby 35 Josh is going to attempt to learn be dots vernacular the old-school street knowledge. You know what I mean you know its ties for being God's grammar school. We been at this since March 25.

While it does not seem like that long.

And the point is, again, for Josh to upgrade his vernacular as far as the urban dictionary is concerned, so we would like to ask you to review words Josh as well as three new words are in red. I am ready. I'm also just uncomfortable because I don't know where to put my feet. I'm worried about creasing my Jordans got me in my head all in my head must place the big 336-777-1600 if you would like to be a lifeline for Josh and he reminded today because ICA is not here on person you have over there froggy and you know that Robbie hates helping you. He really does so 777-1600. Please help first word was a flight FL a KE flight. I know what it isn't for the snow.

I know your thinking not to say it's not my favorite Jack Johnson song.

I don't think that's what you are looking for know Jack Johnson is so bad. However, if you look up Jack Johnson's flake. I think how many seconds do you think it'll take for realize why he might not know what this lunges. How many second one second you said it. Now we have a all right let me get to like what I think a flake is I have a good feeling about this. It's somebody you can't rely on use. You set plans with somebody and they're gonna flake out there been a flake. They're not going to show up, you can't trust that is 100% correct. Like just what makes plans with promises to do things never follow through flake.

Let's hear what flake by Jack Johnson. Sounds like on the other end, this is isn't that isn't the only way just given five more.

Second, you still like me you probably were the live view were gassed up. No gassed. We discussed this word on April 15, you got it wrong on April 15.

What does this mean for gas someone up on between two different meanings here � I think it means to fire somebody you not to be mad but to hyped somebody up is to gassed somebody up from all gassed up. That is 100% correct.

Josh is actually retaining the years retaining time and can't believe I got that one right. That is correct. I really can't your words Josh and this is a new word what is real. I was educated on this one Robbie.

I thought I knew what was sports and I don't know what it means in urban areas. It means the same thing urban that it does. This course Josh work.

He is a real okay is it like you to.

People are going for the same girl and you end up you wind up taking her away from your friends or the person you're with, absolutely not. I could see that happening. I would like us are excited to go absolutely and then how about life leaders body method not real is a m�nage with one female had no clue.

I had no clue as like it comes from basketball player Lana for the free-throw line and to put out the back four consecutive one after another words Josh words Josh is the home to work that into the T will buy you a new no-fault word is snatched all matched so we just discussed snatched May 13 all what is the natch can even tell you who was in reference to really was a Dale talking about what Dale looks so yeah this snack port now gnashed in a THED like swipe or no swipe, and don't snatch my somebody's hot like attractive to me. I'll give you that Josh definitely made the first good look fierce. You look good you look snatched him look like she lost weight. Her body is all type see my Jordans snatched know that death would not how you would only be used for the female got it right final word for you job final word and it is a new what is a pump fake. What is a pump fake probably withdrew breeze when she did on social media short while ago maybe just do the pump fake.

Rather than going the full throw there because Lebron James had a couple words in response to a resident of the full Hail Mary run. I still have a lifeline I'm going to use Robert here pump fake Robert help me out. This is a perfect time to come to me because I am going to guess what I think a pump fake and not a perfect time. I think a pump fake tears will actually help you can only get this right.

I think a pump fake is when you make your intentions at one thing, but really it was never towards that all your intentions were going at something you try to fight someone out. I got you. I'm trying to think of a good example here you have two really hot friends in your present which one you want in your like this is a common talent which are intentional. Time was to go for the right now I don't think that's correct. I don't know if I should be like telling secrets out of school. But like I remember when I was a single guy that the play was if you were going to approach a table of women going solo. Talk to the person you're not interested in so that way you might command her attention when you do decide to talk to see my let my cases. I just bagged the ugly was that she be nobody else would want me and the girls they like and then go with Robert's definition to take Robert's advice.

It's when you do something that seems like you mean one thing but your intentions are actually somewhere else. Before I tell you if that's correct and I want to say that your attempt to bag six with super detriment that work a lot in the past that I'm sorry, Sarabeth asked that because why would you try to talk to one that you want to talk to my friend. It's the same group of friends flexing table like hitting on them. You're just talking to that one and okay in the wild, though, in the Brown Bunny, Sarah Bradford actually wants to see this my car you could get mad.

No, I'm not actually just want to see how his argument. She Josh is a great conversation. He comes in and talks about regular stuff and I'm like Josh were awarded the only got a can't wear shorts for obvious reasons and grateful and I now commit like that is the perfect wingman break the other. I worried about me.

I will stumble into Robbie Chris Paul swing the Chris blog obviously his mom was legal. are 100% incorrect. Robert was a pump fake is to deceive someone to fold them somewhere for something to go somewhere but I don't actually in the same vein as flake but you did very well today. Josh got flake didn't get to through use didn't get Pumphrey but you did get both of your review word which means you got 3/5 US assessment today.

Josh I know this is a really fun segment and we try to have a lot of fun on the show for you.I just want to communicate how much I appreciate you for adding perspectives we possibly can't add ourselves to that show, and I'm not just saying this.

This is not me doing a pump fake poker in order to try and come up with the tees for the next segment. This is me being genuine and honest broker even with a smile. Josh is very sad of you flake out on the wind. There we go.

That's a fact after fact to be your next move is pump it was obviously Josh's face as he stared into oblivion to think of how to use to drill industry is exactly what it about live in here something just like his facial just like Outlook, you yeah a lot of people people are commenting on my my strategy things.

Things I used to do in a while I made I'm talking the women were snatched which is beyond 100. Robert, minuet you didn't have to gas Mia never had to do that and I was always good to be there never would flake never, never, never, ever I want to try to lead you astray. I would not pump fake you find any means one on instead going to do last will go back to the equivalent of a tip drill which involves NBA basketball next to the office its source as well were back to back with Josh Rodriguez is about to apologize is managing pretty okay with saying that he would not be okay with somebody taking in the during the national anthem because he still feels it's about patriotism, leading to Lebron James dunking on and proverbially with a long twitter post multiple Twitter post a lot of NFL players are going back-and-forth now talking about, let's party like it's 2016 Akeem Hicks. He said this to Jason leisure. It's clear Colin lost his career because of kneeling because quote we signed Mike Glennon truth holy bleep man, no love for QB you and then cease to add this isn't stopping what a week it's been for Dabo Sweeney and Clemson where Trevor Lawrence is front and center on the issue saying exactly what everybody wanted somebody of stature somebody in the leadership position to say he does that on twitter three days ahead of his head coach Dabo didn't go as far as people wanted.

I think that's okay because I don't think it's in his heart to have to be an activist on this particular issue, but as he was announcing that he made it known Justin Ross is best wide receiver now that the Higgins is gone isn't going to be a Clemson Tiger this year because he's hurt with the congenital fusion is good to be out for the season and if that wasn't enough for Clemson.

We learned from a former player that an assistant coach a few years ago who still in place as assistant head coach and Titans coach use the N word during practice now I didn't specifically say it to all player he was repeating an expression that this former Clemson defensive lineman set in practice, not justifying it just telling you some of the details and now Dabo is under fire people were saying he's covering up racism there saying that Dabo needs to do batteries gonna lose a lot of recruits on this particular issue. I think the assistant coach Herrmann is his name deserves the scorn not Dabo because Dabo he tried to handle this. Behind closed doors and who can really fault him for that.

Like this wasn't done in a very public way were nobody saw it.

It's not like you're going to say to the public. Hey this coach that I spend every day going to battle with spend more time with in all of my family. He made a mistake, you would and I would try to handle this. Behind closed doors. If your family member slips up you're not making that note on Facebook, twitter and Instagram, so please hope their expectations for leaders of families, leaders of organizations, leaders of sports teams. Set expectations on them that you would also set on yourself. Dabo thought it was handled, and oh yeah this player greatly.

He also put out on twitter earlier today that he had no issue with it. It was addressed with him. He just thought that this assistant coach should've addressed the team afterwards and yes that is an issue if the team was familiar that he use that word and the only addressed it with the player who was present when it happened paren apologizing to Greenlee that could be an issue because how exactly do current players on the roster feel about that the Dabo to figure out. I don't know if the players really want to hear paren apologizing for something he did for five years ago because we Artie saw the statement from him last night admitting that he did it. Bought I think Dabo has a responsibility to talk to his players and see how they feel about this guy, remaining in place now that everything's out there and we know what's happened. We know what happened years ago. I expect Dabo is going to stand by his assistant coach because he had multiple apologies. The player was okay with this apologies and thought they were genuine. Dabo thought it was handled years ago, and as far as we know right now, which again we didn't know anything about this yesterday so I'm not going to assume that we know everything but as far as we know right now.

Back in 2016 or 2017. Till now, there were no repeat incidents or any reason to think that this coach wasn't capable of fulfilling his responsibilities and relating to the players Clemson one a ton and it seems Dabo trust the sky enough to become an assistant head coach, here's where I'm conflicted. Robert you should never say that word ever ever ever.

I believe that strongly I don't think I've ever said the word for me to be completely honest, not even like in grade school when you're just trying to be a rebel and do something that stupid. Never should you say that word bought. I also believe we should push against cancel culture because what is the right course of action here.

If he wasn't intending at the player apologized for it. Profusely to the point where the player himself was satisfied with it understands exactly what he did wrong didn't act in any hateful way. Years after the fact did not repeat this same action like is the right answer any time somebody slips up hey you're done forever or can we allow people in in public spaces to grow to make mistakes and grow. If the issue I always had when it came to the domestic abuse front, the NFL having issues with that for years. We talk about these guys, Joe Mixon, Greg Hardy, Josh Brown and the solution that everybody comes up, but it's the easiest possible thing fire him get rid of him don't want to see this guy again okay does that fixed the issue. What is it just make you feel good does it fix their relationship doesn't fix this person's life. Does it make them grow. Doesn't make us think absolutely not. So it's hard for me to be charged up this guy still in the roster.

I don't think it's covering up anything like some of suggested I think the assistant coach deserves the scorn and homage that the CI was gonna react over the next couple days. It's not Dabo Sweeney that I'm that concerned about here on twitter. It sports a dried if you want to China 336-777-1600 is the phone number. The MBA is returning in the gonna return with 22 teams make this official tomorrow. According to Adrian words in a row. Skip, I said this yesterday. I still feel this way. I think the MBAs making a mistake with the 22 teams.

I think they're appeasing under 500 teams and for what, why are we sympathetic to the Washington wizards wire we appeasing the Phoenix Suns every single thing that's being added past the 16 teams that would've made the postseason. If the regular season was just cut at this point were under 500 none of them I felt deserved an opportunity to be tailored to. Unlike hockey, which had 24 teams in their proposal. We still have no idea when they're going to lay some up and play or where they're going to play for that matter, none of these teams have a shot at winning the title in the NHL.

We seen it eight seeds and seven seeds going to the Stanley Cup. When the Carolina hurricanes one 2006 and Oilers who took the seven games they were an eight seat, have we seen that in the MBA. Aside from the lockout shortened season in 1999.

No. Nobody thinks any of these teams have a chance yet.

We're still appeasing them were lengthening the field.

I get Zion he could draw ratings to find a bigger Zion fan then maybe we made that known. I think bought the ratings he would draw the interest he would create there counteracted by getting in football's way because the NFL games on Sunday, Monday and Thursday high school football in college football will be on Friday night. College football owns the calendar on Saturday.

In fact, I put out this poll that you could still vote on at sports of dryad at Josh Graham radio simply asking what is more important to you college football. In the early part of the year were the MBA fine.

It's still early on couple hundred votes. But 71% of people who voted on that pole overwhelmingly say it's college football season college gains priority. Also, let's not forget about the risk that's being added here. You're adding six teams to the Disneyland resorts to be staying in hotels which we see the lengths that they're going to to try and separate these players from people Robert did you even see the part where workers at the hotels aren't allowed to go into their rooms. They're worried about traffic and their it seems like the MBA is making sure there's legislation in there to protect the players from being caught with side pieces I don't know how that's gonna work at the Disney resort is really tough, there might be some interesting stories to come out of that you're adding risk with every extra body you put on that campus will call it that doesn't need to be there six extra teams, all of which are under 500. Oh, but we need to have regular season games that when we have our legs underneath us. You don't have an unfair advantage for Lebron and the Lakers right I get that. But why not run things. What you do like the preseason.

How about you play Eastern conference teams against Western Conference teams and exhibition college basketball do what they do they know the preseason games they have scrimmages that you never hear about.

Why not do that since everything will teams get to be in the same place.

It would be that hard.

There's no logistics error. No logistics problem to even address so I think the MBA is making a mistake with the 22 I watch it I'll consume it all, but not if there's a big college football game on Monday night football is on Donovan Sunday night football you're getting in the way of my football. I think the MBA thinks their big and mighty because they own the summer weather only competitions baseball when you go up against the football you're gonna get humble people realize college football you're talking about, say, Wake Forest playing in the pinstripe bowl. The ratings for that game. The pinstripe bowl game.

Who cares about the pinstripe bowl really it dwarfs Duke and North Carolina.

Triple overtime is over talking about here. The lesser bowl games draw close to 4.0 ratings. The finals got eight last year and was only going up against baseball what you think you're going to draw in the Galapagos college football or the NFL.

I think it could be a problem.

I Really Do Is Dr., Josh Gray scored some of dryad Robert time for my top 10 list. It's my weekly top 10 list and today is Mick Lovins birthday from super bad, not from the Dan Patrick show Mick Loven wanted to make it known he was 25 years old because his reasoning how many 21-year-old kids.

Do you think there are running around here and named himself Mick Loven because there were a lot of people across the world to have just one name, read a book for once.

Jonah Hill character. He is today. According to his license.

39 years old getting old so 39 years old the club and had me thinking top 10 comedies with some wordplay involving athlete names in sports expression so will just call this top 10 athlete comedies go ahead and hit the music like yelling my number athlete, you have an issue with that Robert when you scream. I like drop three different things I bring the music day, I bring you down or bring music so it doesn't drown each other out Starbucks if you're ready for you to scream, that's okay. I'm going number 10 my number 10 comedy battle of the blues Brothers urging you never to travel to Tijuana. Great movie. Is that your favorite line from not moving oh no not even close. Probably from the infomercials they cut.

It's like the Jacksonville rails and or at all, yet the bigger is I number nine comedy Ghostbusters Douglas Louis Armstrong. Now he's up there laughing Blades of glory hello music scene which I've never seen it. Never seen Blades of glory. It is actually pretty underrated in my opinion you get not Tina Fey. The Kauai earnings with me. The other S&L Parks and Recreation you talking about Amy: yes you get peak Amy Poehler PME John John heater is that when heaters I love that movie number Ray my number eight comedy hot Rod more will not make this black jackass.

Oh yes, how can we forget about happy Gilmore number seven by number seven comedy oh brotherhood, where art thou embarrassment you check for me. 40 brotherhood, where art thou, what was the name of the actual band that clearly George saw the boys go with the soggy bottom boys got it. That was the name of their group in the movie, but I'm talking about the actual band. Clearly George Clooney was lip-synching because he is not a soggy bottoms, folksy singer in real life. I love Clooney I watch the descendents this week and for the first time really good performance from their proclivity. I just don't think that was him singing and I'm pretty sure there was a band that actually did the music for that move. I just don't know who it wants see if you can find number six number six top 10 comedies Caddy shack. Why is that when flipping me is universally varsity blues oh no I never seen that the slide in the song was written and published by man named Burnett was a partially blind fiddler and can I cannot find the plan and everything I find it saying that soggy bottom boys in the lead vocal is Dan Kaminsky Phantom got okay. Number five, number five top 10 comedies that did not help me at all for Weddington's and the wedding that out and post into that one more time. Okay were not live your right five for Weddington's in a funeral basketball fan never seen her number four top 10 comedies staff brothers. The price is you have to believe it, but I was governed by that I'd venture to say this might be the best one I've ever done. Number three pumping companies.

This might be the funniest one visually that I've ever done here. Number three top 10 comedies when Harry Met John Sally Nancy. I wouldn't say it's the best you you know who John Sally is not even close. The cowboy on a nurse, John Sally very quickly. You see, when Harry Met Sally. So when Harry meets John Sally has no hair and ice is a really famous likable person John Sally is not who you picture anyway number two top 10 comedies number two on the list really story and number one on my list top 10 comedies anchor Manning I got a celebrity American cowboy we don't have a cow you have a full you're thinking.

I'm not like you have got to watch some of the C+ sports movies. I don't think I have you get Bill Murray and I'm terrible with names great actors yeah think the entrance cable as you write these movies in order. Among the ones that I need to see varsity blues you got the one with John, Peter, Blades of glory yeah Blades of glory when varsity blues to kingpin three Trask at ball. Are you a big documentary fan. I'm not so bigoted like the murder mystery stuff. I'm more about why you're not very interested in the Jeffrey Epstein I'm to be honest with you I watch like 20 minutes of it knows I do there so much of the bad stuff going on that II don't want some reason I thought it was a good idea. The things that last night was that I was up to like the one in the morning watching because somehow that was that was a pick me up from the news which I think tells you everything you need to know, but yeah I watch that and I actually started thinking Robert best sports documentaries ever last dance just got finished and I love documentaries. I watched pretty much all the ones that people considered to be the greatest and I finally got around to watching when we were Kings, the Mohammed Ali George Foreman dock you gave me the advice to just have a fake email. I just use my work email and it worked out just fine to get a seven day free trial you go. I don't know if that's wrong to do but it's an actual email.

I have subsumed your using your email for a free trial is to see if you like their product that's certainly legal doing it seven times is not legal right, not that guy, but I finally had a chance to watch it and I might I'm I think in terms of pure sports documentaries that might be the best. When I see that Vince soon after that, hoop dreams, but here's a question I have OJ made in America sports stock I think so. I think you can classified is that the same way that I mean the only place you can get it is ESPN plus it aired on ESPN. It was made by a guy who previously did sports docs and Ezra Edelman, and its following OJ who is a sports figure right stuff so much of it though had very little to do with sports right so it's it's a good question. If it if that counts then that might be the answer.

If it doesn't, then I'm probably going to go with when we were Kings on Mohammed Ali I was crazy. Is it still it still holds up, it still holds up so well, like if it was released today released, it would still be tremendous. Some of the backdrops for the guest don't look great because time passes and our taste evolves over time to what it still holds from a filmmaking perspective it's this is really good early for 30s. I really am partial to winning time. Reggie Miller, Spike Lee.

That's one of my favorites in the last decade the last 12 years. The use really good on Miami football.

But at the very top. I probably go when we were Kings on Mohammed Ali and there might be some recency bias in there as well.

Westra from the ACC networker good friends can enjoy Michelle next. On the drive. As we continue our stake for the truth is soy at the bottom of the cereal box got your other drive with Josh Gray sports hub triad from the ACC network is now in with science and last night regarding ACC basketball. I was working on a project that was sentimental as I was watching television on the sentimental part of it. I I found myself missing Marilyn being in the league bias watching Lynn by his thing again on the Tar Heels and and Wes I'm wearing Ohio I got I got a limit is agreeable to dance. A Minsky is in the Alison Krauss and Union Station. Thank you and it was that band that covered the soggy bottom boys.

That's right, that was always we heard from Angela Danton Minsky is. He's the lead male Singer and Alison Krauss's band that is very in this. This is about three favorite movies.

The second thing is that I will all contest Robert on this I would. I would watch varsity blues before I watch kingpin, come on Bill Murray and what was the other, but Transco ball or whatever all that was a grass that was fourth.

Yeah, you can't wash yeah what was the one involving ice skating Blades of glory to glory, it has moments, it's nowhere near as fun as Ricky Bobby. It's the bottom of the Will Ferrell movie treat volleyball lever on the subject, let's go down the line when we were Kings the dance in America. OJ made America is more of a, it's a documentary, but it's more last dance is not a it's a Dr. series.

It's got a chance to win award normal for what Oscar wanted me last dances/dances really good. I think OJ made America is better. I didn't think it would be at the last answer be better but the reports last dance at the touch OJ made America but again that was a compelling societal story as opposed to just a really good sports dynasty type thing. Hey Wes, do you know people at ESPN saw home okay yeah some highchairs can we figure this part out Maryland okay so last night. They're not in the league anymore right you watching the Len bias there in the ACC big 10 is the ACC Big Ten challenge that ESPN has and I'm just interested why Marilyn's play just as many teams that have been a part of the ACC for less than 10 years. Then played founding members this last night someone hit me with this on Twitter because I was talking about how much I miss Maryland.

They were laid but got it, but Dick and Carol Pitt Syracuse Notre Dame only played Carolina they happily Carolina. They played Virginia twice, but about that but I did get all do and I don't think it's going to have what Wake Forest why not NC state why not Clemson. Because what happens is typically as I understand it, this is not a inside trader information they tend to pair the schools based on where they finished right so therefore you see, you tend to see the same batch observe your plus they often also take into account Duke and Michigan State plan that champions deal with the front of the year half so Duke and Michigan State. If Duke would apply Kansas or Kentucky than Michigan State being the 14 that is eligible to play Duke in the ACC Big Ten challenge accepts this all makes it makes sense what you're saying. I would prefer to see them play the Virginia's the Clemson opportunity for television. It's a sure thing again. They tried do it by one year they played Virginia right played Virginia have played Virginia.

They played a couple years ago. Last year they played Notre Dame as I recall, that was a good one that's not Notre Dame and Marilyn Blackwood left the coach, Marilyn Notre Dame is a common opponent for Marilyn, but played more than you more often than not, here's whether his friendship with vigor. I'm looking at the outstanding from last year Duke finish fourth in the league. Marilyn finished second so made maybe we can try and get some magic going on Richard doll you've already I need it to happen.

I got all family in Maryland. I miss it. I have now. We got some selfish reasons there are selfish reasons. It's all selfish. It's selfish. I want to watch.

I was like and hope we have an ACC Big Ten challenge that has fans there you go.

Going to put let's get to the project that I had last night. Wes is on Twitter at Western imputable follow and be sure to follow what him and Packer have been due. It's very quiet right now. By the way, I would tell you that twitter but what is required.

How are things in Cartersville. The cat clever wellies all walk about) same since about lunchtime, so were opening trots back in here shortly back by dinner. Hopefully that would be to go okay. I post this to you yesterday because I thought it was crazy. The few amount of times since the ACC since the NCAA tournament expanded to 64 and 1985 where all four ACC before schools made it to the NCAA tournament in the same year. It happened three times. Our good friend Brian Ives is been on this project as well. 91. It happened, it happened back to back years.

In 2004, 2005 and when I started thinking about that time we got to Hall of Fame coaches, maybe 1/3 if he's allowed to keep going and Skip Prosser. Maybe the best point guard we've seen in the last 30 years and basketball blanket Wake Forest and of course you had a national championship winner with the Tar Heels and a final four team with Duke and NC State made it to the Sweet 16 with Julius Hodge, one of the writers as well. Am I wrong to suggest that that era of basketball might be the greatest we've seen in terms of the four schools in this state being relevant at the same point all I think that you certainly can make the case that since expense of the term yes I think that's, that's, that's, you can certainly do that.

I still believe that there are years in pencil out I wasn't old enough, or even born to recognize some of them but I still think there years with only one team what to the tournament that the league and in North Carolina itself puts four teams it out toward the front of the ACC standings, but only one thing when I was a check of the tournament. But yeah, I think, since expense of the term in the early 80s.

There's no question you can certainly make a case for that. The beautiful thing about ACC basketball and when you sent me that last night out. Ya said 01] typically, that's the answer and I didn't know what all top my head and was just kind of thinking out loud before I responded to a subzero one is usually, where I go with it. It's like what I sent you back about top four seeds into the semifinals of the ACC turn 2003 yeah well and that's the other thing to do is that when you have the top four seeds. In the conference that end up being into the semifinals. That doesn't happen very much made. That's only happened three times since 2000 2002, 2008 2016. So when you said something about 2005, you know, the senator, the argumentative or discussing point would be okay with it was the first year of expansion in the ACC and that was also the 05 tournament Washington was the year that Paul missed the game because of the deal with Julius Hodge in Raleigh at the other rigorously so you get all sorts of different discussion points and that's the beauty of ACC basketball that makes it unique is can have these discussions of ugly something you might be what have been the old Big East by United have Creighton Sager conversations that go bubbling up now New York like you are the ACC that's that that's kind of the beauty of our leak to be on and also to consider. Around that point, the one in Don was just starting to be implemented in there and me you had kids that came like Kevin Garnet had gone straight from Farragut in Chicago out of Malden South Riley Kobe Bryant had, but barberry was a one year guy. Carmelo had been the one your God obviously in 03, Bosch was a one-year guide 030405 you were starting to get you know that the title also wanted Don was starting to become little bit more pronounced. It's just hard for me to think we could ever get back to the point where all four are humming on all cylinders because you have. It's just so hard to keep teams together and the one in Don obviously is a role in that. But we'll see what happens when that blows by the wayside in the next few years it seems like right and on top of that the 15 team ACC where you I think it hurt schools like Wake Forest that the league expands to this point because wake like it or not smaller school. It's tougher to get in as well.

And if you're recruiting the same crop of talent in the league. It's just it's just harder to build that thing up and keep it consistently going like it used to just think the other thing to do if you listen to coaches closely you can understand that there there coaches there is number one objective is to get old and it's hard to get old in college basketball me.

I think one of the things that all use Clemson's example because I was talking about was somebody of the David know what Amir Simpson asked what day before yesterday he was coming back now Clemson.

I think that gives clients an opportunity to quote unquote get old and a couple years ago they rolled and they end up in the tournament right now so I think getting old and Tony Bennett will tell you that's a reason Virginia was successful. You're going part of the reason I think they were, not the end of this past year to its a lot of the reason everybody was, Cinderella Notre Dame a little bit and and so let's be honest, I think getting old for most schools is the key component for Carolina for do for others it may be just having a collection of three or four guys to you know Joe pretty quickly and it ends up being successful form in that particular year or the next Roy Williams team that won the title in Phoenix was a team that came together quickly.

Member who they lost their from the year before they lost Bryce Johnson after that game and Marcus. Marcus page from that game out in Houston but yet they returned enough with Joel Barry Isaiah Hicks and guys like that your parents and they returned enough though to make significant contributions. The next year or not. I think that's the kind of team that if you're not going to be wanted Don and you know fire the gun. That particular year.

I think that the next year becomes about how old you can Westrum from Packer and Durham with us here on Twitter again at West Durham. I want to get to a couple more things. Well I got you here sir college football is. It seems like it's going to be played this year. Bubba Cunningham was with us yesterday and he's very optimistic about that. It's a big gift, but assuming that does happen. The MBA according to Adrian Ward, and Borowsky is scheduled to start restart with some regular-season games. 22 teens being involved and they have a dropdead finals in date on October 12 Shirley and I get the MBA finals there covered in a in a big way across the national landscape when there's no. Aside from baseball no competition against it in the middle of the summer. If it goes into NFL which we all acknowledge is top of the totem pole most popular sport. We have around college football as well which day of the calendar on Saturday and to a degree on Friday night in high school football bleeds into that as well is the empty should the MBA be worried about the following that's going to exist going back more into football season over a month though because I don't like the money that allows for an answer.

Getting your money, but what about those ratings. What about sponsor all but Josh. The big challenges the big reward for friends okay but the reward for fans is we've gone 80 days, essentially without sportswriter okay maybe a little while longer.

You could get it all back now. Baseball, I can't speak to what's going on there and I don't pretend to follow it either okay, but it seems like they're having a hard time getting it did. It figured out now you can. I have two what your point is though you have a programming nightmare right because you have the NFL on Sundays college football you probably you're probably going to have MBA weekday games when you get to the postseason because I'm not necessarily sure how convenient and again that you have to talk to people who were on the front line of putting these games together and understanding how those games go to come together and what the landscapes gonna be like for fans and those type things.

I mean, are we going to have games to get move from hypothetically Thursday to Saturday okay you have games that were scheduled for Friday night that will now be played Saturday because of other circumstances make so the NDA may find itself for the finals were played like Tuesday and Thursday and Wednesday or whatever the case may be. And remember, they're all going to be in the same place, so it's not like the MBA has to travel and have the travel days built-in and things like that right Tuesday and Wednesday night is what they need to do well. It what you say this what they need to do now here's the other aspect about this to we still don't have a final regard for our hockey school play out. Say member. We still don't have that that story don't know where it's going to be. Don't know when it's good, I don't know how it's going to be quite right, you don't know where the start of a diskette going start with the playoffs tried the regular season is over.

We know that it the regular season is over so they can start with the play. Also, what is that mean they finished talk about the pecking order of sports in America you have it all and by the way you throw the Triple Crown in there in September 2. By the way the Ryder Cup is scheduled for the third week in September.

Hopefully the World Series to be happening in October. Well, your your your way out on their own baseball your a lot more optimistic because I don't know what they're doing but I think this is the kind of thing that you have to understand this is a one time just like we just went through some one-time things that were not as pleasant virtual graduations and high school kids losing their last few weeks of being a senior and my daughter lost her spring semester Florida State of her senior year before she graduated virtually so that was a once-in-a-lifetime thing caused by pandemic and that essentially is going to have the hard parts and then the good parts.

The good parts is good parts are rather the people are going to be able to watch every sport every night of the week for about 80 days 90 days on me it's gonna come at you in waves in the NBA is smart enough to then go ahead and say we may play till October 12 were going to have the draft and free agency, right behind that and then working to play again on Christmas there to start the new season on Christmas and send me that is exactly what the NBA should be doing anyway.

I thought Steve Cohen is the present, the Hawks came up with a great idea and hatched it at one of those lead meetings prior to the pandemic and my question would be, now it's college basketball going to do Josh was college basketball because college basketball. I made it I don't have any inside trader information on this, but I would find it hard to believe the people to get on planes and go all over the country and watch college basketball in somebody's neutral site tournaments so this college basketball need to think about starting in December as opposed to early November may madness look that that part of it will take itself. What I'm saying is you think about the number games at their point. If they push it back to me. It's not. It's not like the final four is in the month of April. Anyway, I mean you could still have your conference tournament. The parts of the NCAA will bill it is March baddest have the brackets in any way will not let me clarify your I know the Masters is in November. This yell and the Masters will be in April next spring. Lord willing, and I would say there's somebody who always tells I always have some ISA well they can't play the NCAA tournament.

When the Masters is going out all they can just will bill CVS like drama will not bill CVS will guess what this year the NCAA term was posted bail. One post bill CVS is postmeal TBS posted, so if that changes for 21, guess what you can't play college basketball give me the latest on Packer in Durham weekly show tomorrow night. Mack Brown Vince tie Ray and NC State baseball coach Elliott Avett 8 o'clock Eastern.

Can you tell Vince tie Ray Appalachian State, not Appalachian.

If we had recorded yesterday.

I wanted to pass that one along because it was funny.

I heard from a Louisville fan is that I mispronounced his name. At first Vince Taira and then I said while he a lot of people thought it was Vince tyro for a long time but it's Vince tie Ray was confirmed to us last summer right and the only reason I was talking about him was because he mispronounced Appa Latin state anyone wants from you mispronounced his name so you're doing well in Kentucky archer. I I am the most beloved person. I am beyond scared Robert slid that anything you there is right now there is still Lexington media in my mentions because I guessed it was here earlier compared me to a Muppet and took a picture of it and apparently I have a striking resemblance to Muppet. Guess it was on your show. That's right was also I have a striking resemblance to the Muppet scooter.

Your career goal. Note years and years ago that you stand out these honorary Kentucky kernels that they do it anymore. The Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Your goal ought to be to be an honorary Kentucky Col. that's the plan. All right, West Bank, Durham is on Twitter at Westrum weekly show coming up with Packer in Durham with Vince tie Ray and Brown, so be sure to keep an eye on that

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