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1000. Have You Accepted Your Commission?

The Daily Platform / Bob Jones University
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May 28, 2021 7:00 pm

1000. Have You Accepted Your Commission?

The Daily Platform / Bob Jones University

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May 28, 2021 7:00 pm

Dr. Jeff Musgrave concludes a three-part series on “Evangelism.” Jeff has more than 30 years of experience in pastoral ministry, and he now travels the world, training believers in evangelism and discipleship. Today’s message is titled “Have You Accepted Your Commission?” from Matthew 28:16-20.

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Welcome to The Daily Platform from Bob Jones University in Greenville, South Carolina.

The school was founded in 1927.

The evangelist Dr. Bob Jones Senior's intent was to make a school where Christ would be the center of everything, so he established daily chapel services today. That tradition continues with fervent preaching from the University chapel platform today on The Daily Platform work, including a three part series on evangelism, led by Dr. Jeff Musgrave.

Jeff has more than 30 years experience in pastoral ministry and in 2010, God led him to begin a ministry called the exchange, which trains people to effectively share their faith through relational evangelism and discipleship. Today's message is titled, have you accepted your commission from Matthew 2816 through 20. I have thoroughly enjoyed being here with you this week.

One of the reasons we took the time to come this week is because we believe in you. You are the future of the work that God wants to do in the world and on. Today I want to talk to you about this concept of taking what God has given you as your own, and really choosing to run the course with the gospel as your focal point that's that's really what God has asked each one of us to do in our lives. We were born to reproduce spiritual events that you are never going to be fulfilled in your life. Until that is happening in your discipling people in your building. Other lives. That's what God created all of us are re-created all of us to do when he gave us new birth, so Monday we started with some strategies of really just learning from the master of conversations. Jesus how to ask questions and genuinely listen to P get down to heart issues as we talk with them yesterday. I hope you enjoyed chapel. I think to myself if you don't enjoy listening to the gospel. Something isn't quite right with the inside of you because there is something very thrilling about being able to see and focus on the gospel and I hope that you will take the time to download the app and try to work at it, practice it a little bit so that when you get an opportunity you can use it today. I will not ask you a question. Have you accepted your commission and I I love this thought about claiming the great commission as my own and and not just something that all of us are supposed to do but my commission, this is Matt Campbell and Kristin. You may recognize them. You may not.

They were here several years ago, but Matt is an officer in the United States Air Force.

He was commissioned on September 14, 2018. Now it's interesting he was in training for a year up to that point. But the day he took his commission life changed for Matt and his family and he tells me I don't work where I want to work and I don't do often what I want to do, but I always do it with the best my ability because he said I am getting unbelievable opportunities to preach and and share the gospel with people all over the world and so here's the question. Matt's life changed because he took a commission as an officer and here I believe that God wants each of you to be officers in the army of Jesus Christ and the question is have you taken your commission take your Bibles and turn to Matthew chapter 28, more than a look at the great commission this morning. I feel a little bit like going to the year-end contest here at Bob Jones and playing for a lease you know everybody knows that song and so your favorite egg until all the mistakes you make, and the fact is you have heard many messages on this passage and so it's a little nerve-racking to talk about what you know so much about but I think you're gonna find this to be encouraging. I wanted to be the motivation for us to do what we've been talking about all week and the motivation comes from this, not that I'm supposed to, but that I can because Christ is with me sort look at the authority of our commission when you look at the contents of our commission, and finally will look at the power of our commission. Just let's read together this passage, then the 11 disciples went away into Galilee, into a mountain where Jesus had appointed them and when they saw him they worshiped him, but some doubted.

Jesus came and spoken to them, saying, all power or authority is given unto me both in heaven and earth go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the father and of the son and the Holy Ghost, teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I've commanded you and low I am with you always, even and into the end of the world and we can all add our own.


At the end. Amen is not just one of those things that had to say when they get done praying or when someone makes a good point. It literally means, let that be true in my life and I believe that it's at the end of this commission for a reason. At the end of this message.

I'm going to leave you with a 30 day challenge and invite you to accept the challenge to ask the Lord to use you to give the gospel to someone or to begin an evangelistic Bible study with someone in the next 30 days. First of all I want to talk about the authority of our commission and it starts with a backdrop and at night. I don't think any of us can imagine the trauma and the pain that the disciples went through when they watched their Savior, who they thought was the Messiah die and literally all their hopes and dreams as to what was going to happen ended and I also don't think that you and I can imagine the joy that they experience upon the recognition of his resurrection and each of these times that he visited them in the next 40 days must've been filled with extreme joy and this is the very last time he's going to be speak to them the next time they would see Jesus would be when he returns in the air when Lord willing, we will see him notice the response of the disciples. Every single one of them, presented themselves for duty. Bible says that they all went to the appointed place they all worshiped him, but some doubted.

And I wonder if that's where you are this morning are your faithfully here today and as far as being committed to God you're all in. But I wonder if some of us are doubting God's ability to use me to see people dead in trespasses and sin raised to new life in Ephesians chapter 2 we have a picture of what our lost friends are. The Bible calls them dead in trespasses and sins, walking according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air children of disobedience living in the last of their flash and fulfilling them by nature the children of wrath. No wonder we doubt literally, it would be as foolish to stand in a graveyard and call for people to come forth as it is to stand in front of a friend and the talent to receive Christ. Apart from Jesus and Bonaire very next words in that passage in Ephesians say this lot God who is rich in mercy, and great in law who is made us alive together with him, raised us up together with him made us sit together with him and heavenly places that in the ages to come he might show us the exceeding riches of his grace in his kindness's through Jesus Christ. You see, Jesus makes the difference in people's lives.

The reason you can have confidence that God would use you is because Jesus makes the difference. Let's look at the commander of our commission. The Bible says and Jesus came and spoken to them. Jesus, our risen, conquering Savior, the commander of this great commission and this is his last appearance literally. This is the last command. For he sends his disciples into battle. Jesus said I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. I don't think any of us understand the power of the church when it's on the march. The Bible says that he was literally sending them into battle royal with Satan and his war doing everything they can to thwart their success.

One of my heroes is Col. Joshua Chamberlain.

He was the leader of the 20th Maine and is credited for turning the tide of the battle of Gettysburg, which actually turned the tide of the war between the states before he went to battle. He said this to his men. This is a different kind of army.

If you look at history you will see that men fight for pay or some kind of loot they fight for Lander because the king makes them or because they like killing but were here for something new. This hasn't happened much in history of the world were an army going out to set men free. You probably know the story, the Union army was set across the battlefield and a hook up position and Chamberlain and the 20th Maine were set at the end of that hawk on a little place called Little round top and there on the top of that hill. Their commander said to them, hold the flank at all cost. Joshua Chamberlain said I knew I might die that day, but I knew I would not die with a bullet in my back and as the battle went on the 20th Maine received a huge thrust against them and they were battling literally down to their last bullets and it and holding the flank for one more minute was now impossible, and Joshua Chamberlain did the unthinkable. He commanded his men to leave the cover of their trees and rocks. They were hiding from and literally run down the slope with nothing to fight with but the knives on the end of their empty guns move so shocked the invading forces that they lay down their arms and surrendered literally. There was 321 from the 20th Maine against 1600 and they won the battle that day because they took the command of their commander seriously and I believe that you and I must determine that if you were to turn the tide in the battle today. We have to take the command of our commander seriously. We have much more to fight with than just bravery. The listen to this.

Words all power authority is given unto me and I I want to suggest quickly look at the victory behind this word authority you just remember the accounts of Jesus in the temptations with cheap with Satan and Satan said to him, I offer you the kingdoms of this world. If you would just bow down and worship me and I just want you to know that was a real temptation to Jesus.

He was not tempted by the staff he was tempted by the soul because that's what Jesus came for.

He literally meant heaven to purchase the souls of men.

But Satan was offering it without the cross. See the events that allowed Jesus to stand here and say all authority is given unto me was that Jesus Christ died the death that I deserve. But he conquered death and literally delivers us from it through the power of the resurrection, and Jesus Christ standing here saying I have already 80 Robertson said it this way. Jesus was speaking as one already in heaven with a worldwide outlook and the resources of heaven at his command is authority and power in his earthly life had been great, but now it is boundless and the bottom line is you and I serve at the pleasure of the King of Kings and Lord of lords, but also as the one who has the authority not only to tell us what to do but to invest in us that is needed to accomplish the task that he gives us Paul put it this way.

Now you are ambassadors for Christ, and the fact his friends that this is not our message. This is not our mission it's his. The only choice we have is will we be good ambassadors or bad ambassadors. Let's look quickly at the contents of our commission. He begins the can't command with the words are therefore and you know that statement when you see it. Therefore you have to go back and see what that therefore is therefore and literally what he saying is all authority is given to me.

You have the relief from me and in you and therefore as a result of that, that's our motivation. The power of Jesus Christ. It's not only the power to invest in me, but frankly the pouch power of accountability when we get to heaven.

Jesus is not going to ask us. Did you have fun down there.

He's going to ask is how did you invest your time in the kingdom and the note is the necessity of this commission. He tells us to go. It's interesting the words are actually as you are going and whereas I believe that making disciples must be intentional.

I don't think it needs to be contrived, literally.

If you and I will just use the natural lit rhythms of everyday life engage in conversations of people get to know them take conversations deep.

And then ask God to give you open doors to be able to meet the deep needs of people's hearts. There's a three step goal that he gives us in this commission and the first is what I like to call the word conversion and you know this. The verb here literally says in the making disciples. And I think it's interesting that he uses a term that gives us a process and and so the word making disciples gives us a picture process. Mark chapter 4 the soul farmer gives us a picture of the process, but I want all of us to get it clear in our brains conversion is not a process is an instantaneous miracle from God, and no one can make it happen. But Jesus Christ himself and you and I will often lead men to the point of that decision. But that decision is something that God does. It's miraculous and you can count on God using you to see that miracle happen and then notice he says we are to preach the gospel or make disciples of all nations. I was just so happened this morning. I read in my own personal Bible reading the great commission from the book of Luke that word all just captured me again and literally it means any every the whole any nation anywhere, no matter how big, no matter how small, no matter how significant, no matter how insignificant every nation, every people group every time dialect every single one.

He wants your vision. He wants my vision to literally include the whole world and he wants us to start right where we are in the notice. Not only do we see the goal of conversion, but then the goal of connection. He tells us to see our disciples baptized in baptism is not just an event that happens in the local church. It literally is the entrance into the local church frankly friends, I believe the local church is imperative to be able to accomplish the great commission. Based on this commission that he's given to us. We see the Fellowship of the local church and I just want you to know in the midst of covert it is been very very difficult.

But when you go home. If you have any ability at all be in church. Not only do you need the fellowship of the people around you read the Fellowship. There is no young priest people in the world that are as attractive advertisements for the reality of Christ.

As you are. If you will just go to church and let God use you there and that fellowship you be surprised at what God can do and then we see the allegiance of the local church in the name of the father and of the son and the Holy Ghost are allegiances him and our allegiance to the local church is about him. And then notice not only deceased give us conversion in connection but he wants us to commission those that we lead to Christ to teach them all the things that we learned the ministry by nature is circular, we see people say we see them discipled and then we see them recommissioned so that they can see people say and disciple and that's the work of the ministry over and over and over, and I want you to see the power of the commission. We are not alone. Hello, I am with you always, even to the end of the world. I love this thought ours is a co-mission. We work together with God, and I want to know something for and if I did not believe that God could and does speak through me I would never choose to stand in this pulpit in this arena and speak to you I'm not here today because I believe I have something valuable that I can add to the equation. I'm here today because I believe that God uses people to do his work and the God can use even me, and God can use even that I believe you and I ought to live life, appreciating his presence. Jesus said it was better for him to leave and I can imagine his us. This shocked the apostles were facing. When Jesus said I'm getting ready to leave you John chapter 13 and in John chapter 14 and John chapter 16 where he says it is expedient for you, it's better for me for you that I go I understand what what what how how can that be. But think about this Jesus is only one human, but when he gave the Holy Spirit he gave the Holy Spirit that every human person who knows the Lord Jesus as personal Lord and Savior. You and I sometimes because we lived in it. All of our life and we live in an age in which everybody has lived this way we forget that the unbelievable privilege of having the indwelling Holy Spirit as our own.

I personally believe this, the church is the most powerful force in the world because of the indwelling presence of the Spirit of Christ and you and I need to live appreciating that reality.

But not just appreciating the practicing, literally practicing the presence of God everywhere we go. Recognizing he's with me and I can step out in confidence not only in confidence that he's going to help me speak, but confidence that he's going to help the person I'm speaking to understand.

I love this. The Bible says of the Holy Spirit is in the world convincing the world of sin and of righteousness and judgment and I would take it this way, sin, judgment and imputed righteousness that is given to us the very for things we talk about in the gospel when you talk about the gospel. The Holy Spirit is working with you and he is talking into the heart of the person you're talking to and you can step out in that real confidence see faith is not believing that God can do something. Faith is believing that God will do something through me to the point of taking steps toward what I know God wants me to do so. Whatever it is that God is called you to faith response is not just thinking God can do that, but it's really believing God wants to do that through me and I'm gonna start taking faith steps and watch him work to see here's the deal. When we take steps of faith.

God always meets us right there with his grace and and here's what I'm afraid we do. Sometimes it's like were waiting until we feel graced and and then we want to start walking. And God said no no no you you you gotta go to literally put your foot in the Jordan. That's when I'm in a start taking those waters aside and that's the way it works in our lives. We take steps of faith God meets us there. Jesus promised all power is given unto me, all authority in heaven and earth and low I am with you always, even to the end of the world and our response can be. Amen.

Let that be true in my life. I want to leave you with a practical challenge if it takes more than 30 days.

I'm not worried about that. The Holy Spirit is not worried about that were just simply say let's let's do something about this. So here's the challenge by God's grace in the next 30 days. I will give the gospel or invite someone to begin a evangelistic Bible study with me and I want you to ask God.

God you put these three messages in my life.

What do you want me to do with them. Father I pray that you would work in our hearts. I want to thank you so much for dying in my place.

Lord I thank you and praise you that you defeated death and literally defeated the chains of sin that were blinding me and I have been set for the cause of the work that you accomplished on the cross on my behalf. Lord I pray for each of the people here that you would speak into our hearts, he would stir us and that we would be obedient.

Keep your heads bowed and your eyes closed just one moment in the quietness of this moment.

I'd like for you to ask yourself what decision does God want me to make. Here's what I found about my own life. I don't do very many good things in default mode. It's when I make decisions that I began to take steps forward so I wonder, just ask. You respond one way or another. How many of you are willing to say I want to take that 30 day challenge I want. I want to commit myself to striving to give the gospel to someone or invite someone to do a Bible study with me in the next 30 days.

Would you lift your hands right there with your icy hands all over. Praise the Lord. And then I just when asked one more question God prompted me to do this this morning. I wonder if the Lord is not judging you to live in unconditional life with intention taking the gospel to the rest of the world, unlocking ask you to raise your hand. I just want to ask God God is that what you want me to do with my life Lord again want to thank you for what you've done in our lives. I thank you for these of raise the hand and Lord I ask, would you please help them to take steps of faith, Lord, I know that you will need them with your grace and father I pray that you would give them open doors and I would ask you Lord that you would literally give people open hands yes I will take that I will I will take that tracker will take this opportunity, Lord, give them open hearts so that people literally would open their heart and trust Jesus and I ask that you would help us to see people saved as a result of those who made decisions to give the gospel. Lord we believe in the power of the gospel, so we want to be able to give it to as many people as we can. Thank you. In Jesus name, amen.

You been listening to a sermon preached by Dr. Jeff Musgrave, which is part of the series on evangelism preached at Bob Jones University. Jeff leaves a ministry called the exchange, which trains people to effectively share their faith through relational evangelism and discipleship. The name exchange carries with it the two ideas that are central to its mission Christ exchange for our sins and our evangelistic exchange with nonbelievers. If you would like to learn more about his ministry.

You can visit his website exchange that's exchange I'm Steve Pettit, president of Bob Jones University. Thank you for listening to The Daily Platform, please visit our beautiful campus in Greenville, South Carolina to see how God is working in the lives of our students both spiritually and academically. For more information about Bob Jones University's more than 100 accredited academic programs visit BJ you.ED you call 800-252-6363. Thanks for listening and join us next time for another sermon preached from the Bob Jones University Chapel platform

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