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60- Creating a Healthy Love Life

The Cure / Aimee Cabo
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November 12, 2019 1:00 pm

60- Creating a Healthy Love Life

The Cure / Aimee Cabo

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November 12, 2019 1:00 pm

Aimee talks with Dr. Nikolov and guest  Lisa Concepcion about the ways to manifest a healthy love life.

THE CURE Live streamed podcast is hosted by Aimee Cabo and offers a platform of hope to anyone who has experienced domestic violence, abuse, mental illness, any trauma or is experiencing problems now in their lives. It's a place to find comfort, knowledge, strategies, answers, hope and love while healing the wounds and 'affirming' that you are not alone.  

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Aimee hopes that anyone who has suffered abuse of any kind, or walked a moment in similar shoes, will find inspiration in these pages, and hope that love and truth will ultimately prevail. Please subscribe and share this podcast.

Aimee Cabo Nikolov is a Cuban American who has lived most of her life in Miami. After many years of healing, finding love, raising a family and evolving her relationship with God, Aimee's true grit and courage led her to pen an honest, thought-provoking memoir. Years of abuse became overshadowed with years of happiness and unconditional love. Now Aimee is the president of IMIC Research, a medical research company, a speaker, radio host and focused on helping others. You can read more about Aimee by  visiting her website.
Dr. Boris Nikolov is the CEO of Neuroscience Clinic. You can read more about Dr. Nikolov and the work he is doing by  visiting his website.


Lisa Concepcion is a certified professional life coach specializing in dating, relationships, marriage, break-ups, divorces, and pre-marital preparation.  She is certified by the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching and endorsed by the International Coaching Federation.

Her sought-after knowledge and advice are often quoted in media articles, and deliver results in an efficient and supportive way. You can read more about Lisa by visiting her website at

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So the best thing in my life. Sometimes she was seen by me down into somebody I don't know push me away push me away with Amy, life can bring many difficult situations.

Mystic violence addictions, poverty and even sexual abuse by your loved ones welcome Amy, Q and here posting how though joint pipe for Shelley's available on your medium Coptic here are Amy's, a high and he asked you are, broadcasting, TV, radio, live, demand media, satellite, also on Facebook search for God is the care please click on send message send is a question or comment. We would love to hear from you. You can also get a call. The care is show deals with suffering and the tenacity of the human spirit.

The will to survive in the carriage to keep moving forward despite any obstacle with the help of God and each other. We do provide testimonials to let people know that they're not alone in this show. The testimony started with me having been a survivor from child abuse well into young adulthood.

We also have professionals in the medical field and inspirational speakers that are willing to help and get valuable information awareness is vital transparencies needed and I believe we all suffer from something as for me, my ceiling came from God that other forms of healing are presented as well to service everyone life can be very challenging, but always known there's always someone who cares with teeth five seconds of some summer. It's a great song. I love it because it's so real.

We do fight dirty. But our love is sweet me talk pretty hearts can have tea and yet we can have a great and passionate connection with that special someone, which is the fire that keeps it going. We can be the best thing in someone's life.

Yet turn into somebody they don't know and subconsciously push them away. Only then to apologize.

Are you tired of running into the wrong person. What does it take to find the right person anyway and how do we become the right person. If it difficult to walk away and when is it worthwhile staying have you given up on finding an old relationship altogether if you're suffering because he can't find what you need to manage her relationship and re-create the love that began with the relationship or marriage or if you want to know when it's best to let go and move on and learn to achieve a healthy relationship and love one, then Lisa fits young is the person to talk to Dickinson Sion is a certified professional love life coach dating and relationship strategies expert, the person to go to to repair reboot and save your relationship or marriage as well attract high quality partner with no BS. Lisa, thank you for being on the show you now live in the care and Lisa. It's wonderful to have you on the show because dating it's it's not what it used to be, and marriages don't like that they don't last, like they used to. Why is it that we attract the wrong people in the first place.

What are some things to look for causes iron got better word look inward no longer looking for that right. We must first write within ourselves and a lot of people are not in a look. Finally back for other people or their or their value in working as although not need to be reminded of it is our worthiness comes from God or worthiness run for the big energy that binds all a lot. So when we start you judge things as right or wrong or this guy or that woman in my life.

Yet he about all all we forgot that were on the left. Ernie and everyone we need and everything we are doing is you are better people know when we realize that we are not acting right people alive then. What a great indicator look at ourselves and say well I'm not talking the right people. People do I want to talk I become within myself really never about old man you not for the power you mentioned something very interesting talk. Judging which translates to tolerance and I think is expected be a common denominator and maybe just not lasting long relationships not working now. Sometimes I feel like it's so easy to charge or even have tolerance when we don't realize we are guilty of the very same things we are judging about not being tolerant about marriage is your way back were a father figure. I or you will run a lot. You will feel. There is dire for other people. You only work there codependency that burns where relationship will looking outside of ourselves were looking for someone else got it provide filament brought me a certain way back they got the rest of the week you that our thousand hour boyfriend, our girlfriend, our friends, our colleagues never in our lives lived 1/3 way you got in the way you A lot of people going to go. I felt so will your a lot of merited where people fall in love.

They get married they have all these ideas and plans of how they want to live their life, but then life start things out them and is a little unraveling a little unnerving. A little selling and you don't know how. Additionally, they don't know how to say hello my lovely house. I love you no matter what thing that's happening is not serving up, but we have a problem that people gather look at and find Ariel really people be more focused on who is right you being happy are you going and it is an update of great and Wendy all the people against each other. You really something that money. Maybe it career on other hand, making a bus out on gather because on individually part is not even enough to be that problem comes our way. When I get together as a mastermind you and we thought it little part of the way your calling it the right way you're following along Highway going way of helping you write interesting blogs and one of the things that I found interesting is that you write 10 ways to and from on the lock in our lives and also obtain key things to understand about infidelity that will bring you peace closer to different things. I'd really like to explore when we come back. I think part of the obstacle is the trauma sometimes having her life and he what do we do where do we go to and how do we think when infidelity shows its ugly so I'd like to know how letter to 10 pain that can bring us peace and someone will return. We will talk. I'm capital and if you would like to come in negative experience dating please call 834 life can bring many difficult situations, domestic violence, addictions, poverty, sexual abuse by your loved ones. The issue is not stay there, but to overcome all obstacles been shouldered with the love of God, your husband and your family. You can succeed.

Love is the answer. God is the key word reveals baby cobbles life, a warrior who didn't give up and achieve the dream of her life.

You can get to know more about her better story on God is the key or buying her book on Welcome back to the ship for this today just sitting in tiny capital and this is stickier like when you VQ and us on Facebook later its podcasts. A search for the cure on any podcasts or talent that they care was circles by post-Malone.

It's when we're not too proud that we willing to be the bad guy. Sometimes we couldn't be there even though he tried and when believed, and we do it every time we go in circles because seasons change, people change.

Sometimes our love" that we feed the flames because you can't make we're talking to Lisa Dickinson Sion about achieving healthy relationships Lisa. Unfortunately, we only have about 10 more minutes. 15 minutes of the shell and there's so many questions I wanted to ask you so which one do you want to go with the 10 questions that 10 waste and drama or 10 ways to find peace with infidelity.

I probably without my right you know inviting in return they create their own drama though I feel like that's always something only like well like right while that I have on my website with a love their article. You are finding that your life will people doing little things that they display immediate also led and one number one thing now lives on in your life and committing to living life making that commitment and number one thing that the unnecessary drama right sorry Don you look like a ring. I think that contract normally what we want. We don't know what, like all of their burdens at all. Yeah, and you're like okay not like I need to figure out what my life is always looking at what you can control. You, the first thing you can do it well. It was going on in my life right now all, and I'm really look like in the first things typically looking at the people in your circle your family circle and thing negative people not necessarily mean light up and leaving and going to amount by negative people you're saying by version of let's say your mom only complaint is only complaining telling you that you do not like the way he for you all. You can have your like the way your mind that is way that your mom will not you. That way anymore will not will no longer you any judgment that shall come to you with thinking that he's working on great news about her health. Good news on really need to point engage with people in a positive way like a light you call your mom and your entering the conversation thinking oh my God what you already setting it up negative. You repave the congregation before you call your mom. You make a list of three positive things that you want to share with your mom memory of a good time. Maybe it's something that you have planned together. Or maybe it's a question that you have helped the war on about his life. So now you're coming in with all other energy higher energy in poverty and when you get on and you say, how are you mom and I never back when I was a trifle we made a really amazing and I remember the memory with high yeah right you bake a cake when you are so basically you're all having the right attitude is everything you rely on you. You that I write in my my article and think one. Although ending the drama unfold the media is a huge line of people from people all my wife and her ex-boyfriend from college on social media, why, why, drama, ending the drama on social media is a big one and what I am so sorry Social goals that you count when you about how I like people who are not bringing something about their outfit water your life you clutter your life as you well or put the figure of a beautiful your eating you're doing fine with no need to be using media as a way fired you feel better eating are very something positive you will live your life. You come back and you fail people to come and the only thing I thank you for the inspiration and my level, you're probably your social media flew up with the nothing to do with my life and my business, my opinions about this if you bang the drum of the social media is only drama in my life and the top of the local media is nothing you can do about mean, what's the point I'm tracked what God said you know why this is not the way I want to live.

I live a drama free life.

I post things that are about firing people when my client had things that other people can relate to, you know, things that people are going through in real life coming out of the other side.

I am using right going all whatever it is getting over a breakup that that that's the way to go exactly I agree with you Lisa well and it is here will be right back after a short break. Thank you Lisa with us in the show. You then one that's pretty hard just to see how Moses spoke boldly to pariah on behalf of the Hebrew slaves help us speak for modern-day slaves around the world. Dear Lord, you are strong tower and mighty fortress help you rescue children feel safe and begin to heal, protect them from those who seek to harm them. Dear Lord, your work shows that you pre-need to awaken hope where previously there was only shame and fear this for our brothers and sisters who desperately need to accept that they can be made new Teodor you demand justice for those who have been wronged, give strength to those who investigate and prosecute traffickers, encourage them when they are leaving survivors and their cost testify against her former captors. Amen Amy, you have been listening to clear thinking that tonics me

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