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December 13, 2020 2:58 pm


The Cure / Aimee Cabo

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December 13, 2020 2:58 pm

Discussing faith, the effect of war, PTSD and importance of friends support on the latest episode of The Cure, where guests main actor TC Stallings and writer Ty Manns of the movie My Brother's Keeper dive in to the topic with host Aimee Cabo.

"The message of MY BROTHER’S KEEPER is needed, now more than ever,” shares Bishop Charles Mackie, Executive Producer and COO of Manns Mackie Studios. “During this pandemic, more people than ever have been silently struggling with PTSD, depression, fear, anger, and a number of other issues. Families have been challenged in learning to support struggling family members during quarantine. MY BROTHER’S KEEPER Movie faces tough issues head-on and gives real hope and help to viewers.” Expected March 2021.

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Aimee Cabo Nikolov is a Cuban American who has lived most of her life in Miami. After many years of healing, finding love, raising a family and evolving her relationship with God, Aimee's true grit and courage led her to pen an honest, thought-provoking memoir. Years of abuse became overshadowed with years of happiness and unconditional love. Now Aimee is the president of IMIC Research, a medical research company, a transformational speaker, syndicated radio host and focused on helping others. You can read more about Aimee by visiting her website. Dr. Boris Nikolov is the CEO of Neuroscience Clinic. You can read more about Dr. Nikolov and the work he is doing by visiting his website.


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Getting ready to start the radiation down and today we have a very exciting you shall read the starting and kind man. They have a great movie my brother's keeper. It's a great title. It cannot introduce PTSD and the struggles that people go to PTSD. What we go through.

Most importantly, the numbers keeper. It's really an important theme in today's world and something that we should all be aware and still I like to percent. 50. Say hi and then kind man your life that I say hi to her liver and to any minute now.

The radio show just waiting for you to then. In the meantime, Bobby loves to say hello. Notice he could to friendly guy back and say hello hello Buck. In the meantime beautiful Damiani and now it's not cold, it's actually 75F at the moment is not raining. Why, because God is good and what is the result. 30 seconds while I want to find.

I think it's 104 Eagle New York a lot of a lot of birds migrate because it's cold so they fly down and a little warmth overrode and seeing so many new birds. It's exciting and they love Miami nature mightily.

They told me they both hurt or thought to the British okay maybe not hurt a little bigger.

So which the logos are well that is the price and with Amy, life can bring many difficult situations domestic violence addictions, poverty and even sexual abuse by your loved ones welcome Amy, and Q good afternoon and welcome to the cure on your hosting account will Miami partner Lori was normalizing. Looking I shall is available on your radio. Also, through our app that year on any smart phone and a website. God is the

We are broadcasting live from Miami to satellite available in 35 radios in 11 states and live in social media. Soon after that shall on any podcast player show deals with suffering and the tenacity of the human spirit. The will to survive in the carriage to keep moving forward despite any obstacle with the help of God, who enables us to help each other to provide testimonials to let people know that were not alone in this show the testimony study with me having been a survivor from child abuse well into young adulthood.

We also have asked experts in several fields and inspirational speakers are willing to help us with valuable information. Knowing that education is necessary. Awareness is crucial in comfort is needed. I do believe we all suffer or have suffered from something and we can be a source of healing for each other. God was my only care that other forms of healing are presented as well to service everyone life can be challenging but always know there's always someone who cares if no one at home at least contests the song that we played earlier. The chandelier ICM remember many times being a mess feeling of failure, and even much less a week got really good despite the shame and denying it all, including the pain and just keep moving on, for there was much more we thought we could gain ignoring the hurt and believing the past.

Regardless of what had transpired. We put it to rest. There is no room for the sorrow drowning the flies like there was no tomorrow, holding back any tears. How do we get by all these years drinking Tartlets full until God showed his light embraced by his love. We surrendered to our sweet delight with God. There's a much better way in life. Some of us have a heavy price we must pay.

We can swing from the chandelier. How much longer can we afford to be cavalier. Jesus knew this too well on the cross he provided is freedom for which we can start over. It's never farewell instead of holding onto dear life and living on edge with a two-sided knife they can turn to God who sees arch best sentences knife. It's merely a test with God were never apart for he is deep within every heart to truly feel peace, faith is what it will take all can be mended when letting life and getting it all for his sake. While I will label your report for the Holy Spirit.

Thank you and to get RTC styling and kind man. The main actor and screenwriter for the movie my brother's keeper TC stylings is former professional athlete now finding success in film and television. TC was a fitness model, personal trainer and has acted in movies such as courageous war pass unbridled in many TC TV commercials TC stylings wrote, produced and directed a documentarian 24 counter story behind the run and now the main role in my brother's keeper.

TC is a huge advocate for clean family entertainment compacts and demands on the other hand, is a retired major US Marine in the military. Thank you for your service throughout his military and corporate career that I never lost his passion for storytelling created in filmmaking.

He produced a number of independent films will the faith-based film a question of faith. I joined forces of Bishop Charles Mackey to form man's Mackey stadiums in 2018 man's Mackey city is produced to screenplay my brother's keeper set for release February 2021 TC stylings anti-man's thank you for being on the show we are now life is very good so let's start with TC stem.

Let's start with you. What drew you to the story of my brother's keeper. How did you get involved in my book order of the automobile role of the rare you get the one. They give you all of your water right before the Lord, or just after the big revocable plate or break a bullet in your local burial you being me have been will look like air. We met a very crappy thing where you have read between your loved everything about you a little bit. We probably do the movie got what you wrote would be by the act be a part of her was there they had you with my OB character would be where my butt off the bed but you gonna want to let them go.

You got big about double the little you already want big bad you believe there is a group read the script I got Buffalo yeah yeah though about the shorebirds and integrate the fact that it talks about PTSD, something that we all struggle with.

There's there's a lot of people struggling with PTSD and helps people understand that don't know about it and he can help people help others that are going to PTSD as well and so I I think I can understand. What do you make this movie your service and faith. I'm sure would you like to expand our dog Murray report, my mistake. Murray now mom you work the gala you wrong war Memorial review the issue so a lot just beyond Mark people all know know what you like your mother a lot of my all all good people. Big what Bob would help but worry PTSD is derived from trauma and it's difficult to understand when people put their life out there to sacrifice her life for strangers for the freedom of strangers to sacrifice her life with her brothers greatest example of Christ love for us and how can it not be traumatizing to see you know death and to be constantly wondering whether this will be the day you die, whether to survive on a daily basis.

Gotta be tough on anyone but TC starting. Can you tell us a little bit about your role role of rather private market are good rabid guy with a lot of all think brother will be allotted to life and I was rather a lot of that. You gotta gotta go back a letter that I think you a lot of different people left lung about about what you highlighted the Travis Barker of the elbow. So if you have other people can come in, which is extremely informative and deeper into this one really turn me in for God now can barely leave the house is no no no don't hate me well on one is someone I don't I know, welcome back. I this is Amy L and thanks for tuning in. Remember that you can listen to the radio show live thrower up the cure was amicable was about costs just look for the cure on any boat gospel sound they displayed was going out.

My role model and this is that yes this is what I get from it the help of the Holy Spirit, keeping the same idea. Hopefully we have all been there where we don't feel our best spell that no one realizes it is like to blend in like the rest and then later unpredictable frustration can set in taking all the losses that they come we don't care to line if we lose our faith. It can quickly grow progressive open cartoon suffering into strength. It turns out, quite impressive. We are given a specific purpose integrated with the cross.

It's what unites us to our heavenly father who took the greatest loss when we accept our feet and learn to suffer well. There is no longer an impeding for how we should excel if it wasn't for the Lord's great love we would be we would all be lost to the glory and the promises given to us from heaven about here talking to TC stylings the main actor NT and five-man writer of the movie my brother's keeper. I will return dear my brother's keeper any different than your other fans. I understand you done several films now not the waiter like our glory relevant and body, everybody, Bobby, Lake movements, all work was the question of very all PTSD in this movie your social justice and reducing dialogue on everyday American everyday people around the world.

Understand and relate doing a lot of what positive realm would little porch with future years. The loss of family members, but the difference is that this story brings bears mama fall growing up all USB development job left those old stores also about what I'll do a writer and that is engaged, you were they are. People who are very positive message of around for this movie, which is the same one so this just some hard personal level he must've brought back some memories and must've been a special connection TC how did you prepare for this role. All or a portable door. A lot of the road all other people in their views about their. Hello. All will be in any form of military law rely really will recall well for you to know everything or maybe it was like, with people who are really in their big event apart was the meeting be a really beautiful thing. What you can hear people in real time.. Like, what about golf a lot of you older authority. A corollary what would be a bear glory.

Now and then they would describe all that they went through the nightmare that would have made a lot reading read up on things like better all the Bible with you being a believer in Pluto's claimant together and opened the gable wall will throw up everything that makeup job like a lot of work and a lot of dedication into your overall and for those who don't know how it's possible to get PTSD war can be a very scary thing.

Let's not show that we watch seal team seal team while you can really an idea of what war is like if you watch that show and gain appreciation over what a great sacrifice all a lot of people think the "combat brother wrote a lot of about a girl with Dragon.

In the work to be responsible for the floor. Only the Army thing or Murray big.

Maybe they will think about thing the Robert the depth of your form. You would therefore be anything that always, do you let anybody out there that would be. The big apartment building the film. Whether you been in the bullet. Not physically leave brother late euro is lower now. My mother and others here hope it was like for me were a lot of talk about the other part of it. I will do what bill you know all your mobile People think at the gravesite like that you know you like about that boat, because a lot of all a lot of people what you do will be good. Be any praise of your life in any area of the air or remain playing the bigger film will not be able to. She PTSD II understand that it's it's it's a disease you write, you have EMEA Great Plains and it's not something you can cure from it can be progressive.

It's something that we just learn to live with you. You make the best of what you're dealt with in life as we all dealt with different things.

There is help is always help is always help. And there's always a brighter tomorrow, not art.

What would our experiences never define us all. PTSD is very common. I mean, not only in the military, but it can happen to anybody who passes through a traumatic event to think the movie can be seen and it can help somebody with PTSD that it's not in the military tie will probably recall the whole group to get up and drop development mama bird mom will continue talking about nature. Thanks for tuning in with dishes stylings in timeout like to close and those are story one is a 634 through a show deals with suffering its nasty experience in the carriage, I was forced into my abortion I choice people's choices. My heart break. Amy, every Saturday at one Eastern on the truth whole all all all all all all a welcome back and remember the line every Saturday at 1 PM on your media look here on the website got his will show so Robles was available because just look for the curator amicable workbook. This song was there when you need by Pat Eldridge only once a year winter comes, and he gets cold outside and there can be many seasons will reach about inside, finding little comfort in feeling there's nowhere we can easily hide God is with us ever vigilant caring for us unrelenting, even when hope seems 10 from the tears. He cried the world and does he trust can also hurt us should remind us have how Jesus took the cross, sharing the painted Springs is near getting closer to Jesus make salvation clear he wants to hold us in a very tight they can rest assure that all our worries, we can get to God who always wins the fight must invite him and let him name for he provides all that we need in order to survive and feel peace within.

No one loves us more than our creator who is ever constant and he wants us to know that we can rest in hand and will discover things in her death more to life and can be imagined by his love to sever flow in a quick note and when it announced a new updated version of my book. Love is the answer God's care is to be based in a couple months to include a suppressed memory, and a PTSD and trauma and care flight on anything about my life story. I believe the nations another form of lying. Want to try to be honest, where talking to TC stylings and finance about PTSD faith and healing the my brothers TC stylings and time. Hence, do you think will start with TC.

Do you think the church often shies away from stories about PTSD and why cell if that's the case. The thought that all the workload welfare and are prepared for ergo it will again go rebel at that withdrawal but I can't be directly related to be ready to go.

No sociability. Handle a work that will complement them and hurting if we feel like you got a beer that you hold power.

There that will allow no charge.

Ditto, you know the program a letter from the Lord all the unity. The Wegner community thought that I was the leader for all right around the whole person be a person with our book but I was a bath I went to a believer and that had the lawyer they could not help me in the love and desire to help. Whatever I will be best to have been at all the while you and that include the TC may have started something wonderful.

Be nice to have a support group at church is for PTSD since it's so common in our society and that that now that what I would like it will need to wait and do any research about the we hear about yeah already show that it no problem with very good yeah I say that you'll all all all all have a good break in California like you know what we have the arm over here for 40 group you're ready, yours part of our no of our plan to deal with this book is out there that are troubled with the help of building will be there, because we already know that all problem the world will I would barely be more sure about the big having a family member struggling with PTSD help you first to experience what you aware of any stigma associated with it wrong.

Remember my father. The Vietnam then go back there wouldn't call it the report. There were some older neighborhood young people and they will be your best crazy Ari that you probably will the day of your value people that pom-poms understand from Tommy Bell sometimes noted that the think that in recent so anyone that wars were really missing a whole different light. Usually more compassion and we do see more help.

I live in the Milford olive oil thought overly large on Danville house because you have your soldier ministry so you got and I'll feel very helpful for employment. They talk to me about ministries another community so happens I don't know what it but these things are happening out there now were in the 70 you didn't have any visuospatial job crazy from coming back from the lower left, remotely, very, I think this generation will see you probably will appease the third and back that is that anybody anything. What is your view doesn't matter something that you think that your your love real world when we paraded monitor your Milwaukee and the somebody in the church. What is the capacity level should be able to give you time it and that little bit about maybe what you need to get the next day the we the next month or next year and left for operated. This movie will show people that no matter what your supper. If you think that term who the last place you turn to the church won't open the church boardwalk or somebody here talking about the members of the church somebody natural a big deal about and sometimes is just knowing that someone cares. The physical elements we can see and we can feel the things that you cannot see things that people really need someone to okay my way. I will ask a question so you see, how do you think how important is faith for people with videos. The realtor about it. It will be relatively better but will that have played. It would be collaborative played before the world that do what you thought about what is your overall goal of whether the person considered dealing with all that we how you will limit you to a big PaperPort like what I want I want the overall change of of life from God out for the love of the people here believe or not the beggar able to think beyond like the think beyond the mark remarkably mind-boggling. You know, perception thing and I got a greater power greater than me life in the best one yet.

Only God can show the looking for you looking for more than I don't want to deal with the Bloomberg P. B are not always what want to be healed. Specifically, I would be healed terribly want to be able to grab one lucky show other people on our picnic beyond your medical they appoint them, but there was no clear weather with some of our God is nothing like it is nothing like a medication is nothing like this, 30 function is renewing your mind.

As a Christian I am a member of the covenant community about the rest of all those people who are not members of the Christian church. Are they in a covenant relationship with God. The answer is yes. All men every where our participants in a covenant relationship with God. All human beings exist in a covenant relationship with their Creator, houses also know the liquid out of his name thought it was a colossally always got so all well with the model making it hard enough to see the pain again and thanks for tuning in member will live every Saturday at 1 PM Eastern on your radio on The cure and in social media is that the God is a key later.

The show will be available to focus social worker with them, Noemi spoke with ally and anomaly search go to secure a book displayed with keeping it real easy interests may take one right young. It seemed a whole lot easier reading care so much as everything looks so much prettier in life can happen in Chile had his heart, making us wonder what is this discard that in our pain into our struggle to find reasons to continue telling me though may still be in trouble if we dwell upon the sorrow. There's always something suffering worse as long as we are life there is hope. Maybe tomorrow. Doesn't matter if they feel blue we can turn to God and doesn't happen. There is no better crew feeling blessed is how we keep it real and we imagine how we feel gratitude and serving others is how we take the focus off ourselves to truly care for one another. Only God can make this happen once he tried it all. We see it Scott that's always there when answering his call to catch us every turn.

In Charlotte there is help when there's a lesson we must learn and if the blessing in disguise when we trust God's word overseeing size and before we went to break time we are talking about the importance of faith and I know that having high complex PTSD because that's the kind PTSD. I was struggling with. The only thing that works for me was my faith just curious to ask you. I was a play an important role. Was it helpful to your father in his recovery, and learning to deal with this PTSD. Yeah, the court called no log father after all. Loud outbursts.

We were young.

My mother left her with my grandmother and a few days later he came in.

Paul solution Monogram that year. My mother goal counseling and the counselor was to be in the form of the pastoral West vehicle monitor for money so she suggested they go to church pastor M. L. And media. They did and that guarded him on his journey to become a pastor himself, a minister that he end up becoming a pastor or youth pastor for 30 years before he passed away so that's why I was there, he went to the worry that people understand that walking to the first door there to listen to you on help in the Lord and in your faith in Christ calls is saved up they went into the church. "Lord is set down and talk to someone you know that family and my father became a Patty visitor came about what he thought he was all jerky for many years so amazing. I'm a firm believer youth. Part of the story and my brothers deeper than most part in this course from and you see the character has to go through, but that they might owe a lot to follow you amazing transformation.

What a huge difference.

God can make in people's lives and the okay so what do you hope people will take away from the movie were starting diet not busy UNIX itching for me through great great writing great acting all Member of what felt right out of bed. A lot of people they don't bill will whether you're the person that are like my character or Bureau of the character anywhere you wanted your beloved will he go the bottom. No relative letter.

That's when another is all well the family limited. That's when the military all the different people that I can live his life all about people who will it one way or another computer and failed to bill and all the world laid out all the people that are no people of faith person. The pastor how your one on the method the one contained a lot of your for people who struggle alike. My Dr. L1. Phrases like beloved Alger think about this event. The body is not one away from you, have a difficult problem alike.

Now how to impact a lot a lot a lot about what will be the Uganda you will enjoy the whole ride. You really grab one method of the bill of all we could come away that this is a fairly good while we walked away. You knew about all that, you know I'm still living out like that all our love, Bill was wondering will affect you can you can do about that while we can do that with me.

I need you to join on better ways that we can support military families, then, are at risk of PTSD. No, I don't think that works about how light we got all we can do girl voice for their military careers. They gravitated towards the world trying to think that again we see the difference from when they will be a long soldiers come home from combat performance to date you. You have people that actually will stop for you.

Thank you for your service, you have people that Lily generally felt like they really care about you, what you doing for your country from the nations they own course. In that direction. Not will see more people with PTSD about the people she does movie and Bob. Her stated movie. It deals with a heavy subject, but very entertaining movie. He does a great job in this girl you got a good one without him only occasional note: fantastic ride dollars your lawn incurable wobbly start of a decent job this past week, will people see what Ms. Kathy together on that big screen what they're doing and of ugly people come out with an understanding of what they give you all about probably people really come out and entertain the people really enjoyed this is coming out on movie theaters around the United States soon. Ray was a very good and we got dated March 19, March 19 at the Newberry go to him be a film or indicate my brother's keeper and BK there and you will ration about releasing what theaters you can. Aaron walked on Bob Rockwell didn't want to do the right thing. When the movie come out to become valid warrant laws let you know what this place. When they do those also.

I believe it can happen in the amount of people in anonymous amount of people still think you guys would come to the initial English had more time with you guys. You both wonderful and looking forward to watching the movie my brother's keeper. We watched it difficult will yes but there is much more fun that more information like that can be found on an BK and think you guys think assailants and thinking to I producer Bethann which is protected for being with us making the ship sank in and making the music possible thanks to the Christian car guy Bobby Gilmore phase containing guidance shows pain as reality payer for people suffering from PTSD, everlasting father. It breaks our hearts to see people suffering under the mental anguish of PTSD. Please dear Lord, we mercifully grant help and comfort for these wounded souls made the Holy Spirit like Miley to provide peace and comfort me.

The pains of trauma be covered with the healing power of your gospel, your son intercede and provide salvation and wholeness. Father need these acts of kindness be done in order to magnify your holy name.

In Jesus name, amen.

This is Amy, care to check out customer care at every level of your website. Thanks to our listeners tennis 200,000 downloads of the Campagna enter next meeting any kind give it your best to stay sane and hazy times I remember to shop now and next Saturday to my/

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