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From Victim to Victor

The Cure / Aimee Cabo
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December 6, 2020 8:53 pm

From Victim to Victor

The Cure / Aimee Cabo

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December 6, 2020 8:53 pm

Discussing Finding Inner peace and creating a balanced life despite the challenges faced after childhood abuse on the latest episode of The Cure, where host Aimee Cabo and guest Quetell Duncombe dive into this topic.


Quetell Duncombe is a life coach, helping others heal and grow after abuse, more information on her -


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Aimee Cabo Nikolov is a Cuban American who has lived most of her life in Miami. After many years of healing, finding love, raising a family and evolving her relationship with God, Aimee's true grit and courage led her to pen an honest, thought-provoking memoir. Years of abuse became overshadowed with years of happiness and unconditional love. Now Aimee is the president of IMIC Research, a medical research company, a transformational speaker, syndicated radio host and focused on helping others. You can read more about Aimee by visiting her website. Dr. Boris Nikolov is the CEO of Neuroscience Clinic. You can read more about Dr. Nikolov and the work he is doing by visiting his website.


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Getting ready to start eating and immediately sent it out on our past is not defined and helically can make forward and make a difference in the world, and candlelight. Nonetheless, because we all have a purpose can cut, regroup with my serviceshutdown, though nobody gets it wrong to sensing because it will so easily inside of me so I believe you to my with Amy, life can bring many difficult situations.

The mystic violence addictions, poverty and even sexual abuse by your loved ones welcome Amy, and welcomed the Miami, Florida. Meeting holy available live on your radio also like that are at the Keer on any smart phone and a website guided the ice we are broadcasting live from Miami to satellite available in 35 radio stations and widening the United States on social media. Soon after the show. Any podcast plan. They show deals is suffering and the tenacity of the human spirit. The will to survive and the courage to keep moving forward despite any obstacle with the help of God, who enables us to help each other we do provide testimonials to let people know that when alone and in this show. The testimony started with me having been a survivor from child abuse wanting you. We also have experts in several fields and inspirational speakers willing to help us with valuable information. Knowing that education is necessary.

Awareness is crucial in comfort is needed and I do believe we all suffer from something or have supper from someone and I hope that we can be a source of healing for each other. My healing came from God, but other forms of healing are presented as well to service everyone as we all know that life can be challenging but there's always someone who cares.

At least God tests this only played earlier was overwhelmed by Roy on the serpent and this is my take so many things can shock us all at once, making us feel overwhelmed and meeting space who can help us when it hits us from all directions.

If not for God's unconditional love and grace.

It's God's most precious children.

The enemy loves to attack so we can question ourselves believe we are broken like there's no way out and there's no turning back. When we become someone we don't recognize insecurity and fear kicks in and it's ourselves. We despise the enemy is clever and takes advantage of bad situations.

But God is bigger and let us know simply temptations God will provide all that we need in open our eyes for our heavenly father is never me to her cries in today's guest tell Dick home all the way from Canada hotel is an ordained minister of the gospel, best-selling author and certified life coach in confidence healing using biblical tools and principles.

She's a speaker and entrepreneur, community builder and a survivor. She is known in her community. As the queen activator, a visionary leader and woman empowerment, helping women heal and create a life they love after childhood sexual abuse. But tell you for being on the show yarn ally where English is just dive right in. I just know child sexual abuse is a form of child abuse that includes sexual activity with a minor crime with lasting effects and is very prevalent. Unfortunately, it happens in boys and girls. Statistics say that one Essex boys are sexually abused before the age of 18 and one in five girls sexually abused before the age of 18 L you are survivor of child sexual abuse, as I am, so would you like to tell us your story. Sure will I do the queen activator and I am always dress I woman about when we help with the adoption and all set up by the time I was very early on was the only number you know you know being tardy. I will feature I think I should wear one should not this is lobbying to you like this is happening. I'm so my mom about that. I very high and I did contact him or her. So when I was so confused she is just make some of the time and so I can know not one thing you know you you you want to. So my time started to moan with doubletime time for me. I timeout, so I'm starting to not want to get together so you know that this and then call it the lines between CRE the consulate to this you know you know again about and I know you just how clever you will continue talking about the suffering. I was forced into my abortion choices every Saturday at one Eastern on the truth and welcome back and things 15 this is Amy.

Remember that you can listen to your life throw up the cured amicable or as Apopka just look for the pure gospel song they displayed was silver up by AGI.

Use what I get from only decide to follow Jesus. We straighten our life as loyal as we may be even long-term friendships can bring about strife. It seemed fun while it lasted. We will fall for a while. How did we feel without God. Every time you're faced with the trial, it can go faster than others. It's not leaving them behind. We can pray for them and correct their ways that we can no longer be blind. We know peace. Since we are made in Christ's image, how is it again being silver and growing up. Not even faced by the rain that they seek you happy no matter what's going on is when we paint with her favorite color and our young once again. Once God's will is done for think it's got to tell who is sharing her success story to tell you were telling us your story and we went to break and please do continue hearing about where was how is how my father is alive auto jottings taught by my body was my right you know actually like Michael and he should not tonight. Mom mom about it. She did not like that was the know my mom my mom mom and all my mom nothing going on now you know like I was going. God uncle I would tell my Papa. I remember him coming and talking. You will be minister late. You know I went they brought in by well that's a people have to understand that you know it starts us delete those events like when a man wants to save a child on their laps and really shouldn't be happening and it always starts very subtle and stories are very similar.

Your father being a policeman.

It's shocking. I mean, this perpetrators can be anyone and the mother doesn't always protect the child's. The same thing happened with me. My earliest memory was seven, even though he came into my life at three, and of course at the rate started subtly and you know this is what I learned could tell is that you know from watching freedom to Christ that you know it happens to the best of us. It's because the enemy wants to hold us back.

He wants to break us down since were very, very young so that we can make a difference in the world because he knows we will make a different and very special, and he knows God loves us dearly.

And the more he wants to offend God and he has nothing to do with you that it has to do with him wanting to stop you. The enemy he wants to see God will always rescue you will always show us tonight.

That's why you need such a difference in the world and nothing can stop you now right. There is help. If you are in a crisis.

674-1741 to get connected with her cries counsel. There's tons of problems as well as a couple field helpful was just and that it's very important hotel to come forward and create awareness entire story because that one of the main forms that you empower other women to be able to help one another and to be able to avoid further instances, since it is so prevalent and tell me how is it described no bringing healing from ashes tell us your theory of how someone is able to come up from ashes and heal. I probably write a therapeutic but I know that will, but that you know about like the practice in action. There I know that you know you I love you I care for you. The Bible says yes God is always there for you. You know you can make welcome back and remember where you live every Saturday at 1 PM Eastern on your radio here website God' also available for your book. Just look for the cured amicable whereabouts Casa theirs also help for your child sexual abuse you want to talk to someone anonymously called emotional child abuse hotline at one 804 a child 100 for a child that was falling. Why don't we do something AJR he's awesome you like him a lot.

There comes a moment that some of us are left with nothing but God and I it seems unfortunate feeling alone but there's more than meets the eye. It's when we don't question God reaches out the most, despite what were suffering or how we self diagnose, we cannot ignore the Holy Ghost we can feel reckless, but we can't stop our hearts from beating having got present is like no other feeling half probably jump to God.

We given do we prefer peace within open or will week sitcom to sin. We can keep falling as long as God is our muse, despite the outcome unknown who will choose.

What do I have to give up work.

What should I do when it comes to you got. I don't care what I go through anything. 80 that it be inspired only from you are talking to about the gun come the clean activator about healing so tell your wonderful beautiful person and I love your smile. You say behind the smile there's Asher know about your and you know these are the long-lasting effects that people may not be aware of what what a survivor can can deal with when they drop such things as guilt and shame and blame, and self and low self-esteem taking that PTSD, depression, Dakin acquire substance abuse, dissociation, and including suicide and all these things can be long-lasting effects that now that you could tell, but for me the only cure was God and I did go through all these things and you can be very challenged and I did try everything every medication under the sun. Every therapy possible.

Every doctor every psychiatrist, nothing more. I don't take medications anymore.

I don't see a counter God is super good. That's all I can say and and self how can your friends help. How do we react if somebody tells us to being sexually abused because unfortunately, we can't always count on the people that are supposed to protect us on the people that are supposed to love us even ministers who said you have to put this behind you which am quite surprised so you know what can friends do to help if if they are aware of the situation like this I had acquired where you know they were where they had actually waited until the will of the family member on the plan and everyone within the violent did not believe them where she felt like she didn't want to live anymore because of one thing to be capital when people come up with Dr. or that Dr. because a lot even come out with some of the things that people have gone through.

I want to encourage and admonish people that would someone that you know you you know, don't give them any all the think it would be a question about it, but you also empathy. Empathy will not be quick to tell them that believe them. You know, empathy.

Empathy also is that the probation to maybe a pound and I know but I don't know. I do not believe the same to find someone that I'm yeah finally passed the land among the believe instruction not believe the Lord they say something like, although I don't believe your feelings about I don't know that cannot be that person back there because you know that the point where they actually come out and maybe it's important not to immediately go to the person that emotionally involved with the perpetrator. Somebody that's Nietzsche somebody that might make a difference because it is emotionally involved might keep you from telling anyone else or discourage you try to make you feel like it's false memory or something like that. And most importantly it's great that a teacher alerted you to what was going on. But isn't it just as important for us to talk to her children about this to tell them about the dangers to tell them what to look for since it's so prevalent preventative measures and tell us how we can do this exactly how should we approach a child and start talking to them about good touching and back touching, including, it can be any family member to let them know it can be anyone I call okay on an show them what you're talking about letting them know because I believe that how light by God like what they can find a way and not waste all on the computer. Why I better start them about. I know when enough to be I find what you know where to protect you. Let them know that brother there will no, I'm so early I would start children about faith that I did with my own. Four years old and them even body. Importantly, you know, when my husband would leave my children leave that part of them.

He would teach them to do that if I'm not there yet. We have to be very capital know this is very important because my stepfather came into my life years old by seven it had become painful. So it can start in three and you need to let them know as long as soon as you able to communicate as soon as able to speak right on it.

It's never it's never too young to get them to realize the difference between right and wrong, but I know would go over situation. What you think. With the more dangerous I think is different dangerous people starts at home. I don't know going anywhere. Some kids don't even go to school and even the opportunities for property line.

I'm going out with a lot of I couldn't wait. I couldn't wait to go wait to get out the nightly I pray for all the children out there children and young women all well continue addressing this after the break because lockdown is is suffering. I was forced to people's choices, every Saturday at one Eastern on the truth is known to all and in again guy and things like every Saturday at 1 PM Eastern. You have to care on social media. Just look for God is acute. The show will be available to focus search for accurate amicable word of both Casa or search go to secure any book of John. Remember, there is always help if you're a victim of sexual assault. The national sexual also hold line can be Colts 24 seven, one 800 656.

Hope one 800 656.

Hope something that you just heard was bummer land another song by AJR.

I guess there's a major element of that song.

It's a great song because it's a bummer. Sometimes, where have we arrived. Where is the love our ideas of life and everything we believe to and from our heavenly father if he been hit hard before, think again.

It can get worse he can get us derailed.

Please stay on course know that with God there's only one way that is up. We must pray God never goes away just in God's plan. We may not understand. Just know that his love for us is greater than everything is with God that we CPD to take a stand. Tell so here's the thing you know we all have challenges in life, you know sanctifies our souls and they hear that it converts sinners can look at it that way but for those of us know that have been hurt. Having come out.

Haven't been able to tell her story there still hurting. I want you guys to know there's hope you can always start you could always make a difference. You could always use it for the better and what's what's difficult that will challenge with these times these times that can be uncertain this when times are scary is when faith is it when you there's most married faith and speaking of the lockdowns concerns me is the kids because sometimes you know because of stressful behaviors or because of greater opportunities that things can happen, whether it be on the Internet or whether it be behind closed doors because now this child doesn't have a teacher to talk to, or a friend to talk to you now to more of an isolated controlled environment and I wonder if our leaders are taking that into account. Taking children safety into account and I think that's more dangerous than the code itself what your team what you think without what has been your experience, you know, like I was before the break, you know, like myself going out out of the home because of what was going on with it what you know being able to get away from Bob while being able we make yourself and collect yourself so you know you because when you wait and that I will be writing nighttime because I knew what would happen one nighttime and everyone is going right for the war market like nine-month know you know we we haven't the parent them.

You sign. You may say maybe it lock in the culvert but have a conversation with them how they're doing anything that they need to know anything going on, but they need to.

Who can I talk not to talk, and although they may not come out because they know that they're not going anywhere. You're not going anywhere your home that night. You know, you know, check with their children home see what's going on you know by waistline like you know by not eating a lot all kinds of fun your children doing things, but they probably then any change in behavior basically doesn't necessarily mean that she viewed it as a logging town and there can be something more serious going on, and so parents have to keep open lines of communication and it's okay to look at their computer at their social media maybe let the writing and if it's difficult for adults to tell their story. Imagine kids who are even more afraid, and maybe don't want to hurt. And don't see that they're being victimized, but rather there. Because often kids blame themselves and I like some take advantage of so much and fortunately and I know I know my right mom and I didn't take me away and nobody and I dreaded Bob although that bother with not a good father but that's all I like. I was about breaking up the home and sometimes in the other parents. Not good. That may be the only love the child knows and the child may not know being harmed. That's the only love the feel, the receiving so for the parent to step in and be there for the child and like you said any change in behavior, whether they're doing poorly in school nowadays with the Internet.

Most kids are doing better in school that side a lot of other fine and no not just signs with the kid. If you see any adult. Whether it be on an uncle or father that spending too much time just one particular kid wants to be alone with that kid gives extra attention or advertises keep that kid. It's his favorite gives that child more attention. Yeah those are usually red flags something to look into one open up the communications of the kidnapper particular anything. It's not. There's ways that you can see and not just from the kid, but also from the property or itself not normal for an adult to want to spend time with just one child. All the milk must attack anyway usually divide their attention equally so that could tell, you know the most important thing I think because this this could be a very rough start and there's many other tragedies that can happen, but what best advice would you give to someone that has a rough start because I know that for me it's very important to have a good relationship with a higher being, of which I know was God essential to life. It's essential to healing and empowerment. Some people may not garden and some people may not be anything like that person. There I want them to understand that what had happened to them not their fault probably is the ability with the Lord because I felt people bear the three-pronged approach to healing and not having faith in God with the visual images finish a few sentences. So having faith in making a plan because you are not in control. You control on how you move forward on how you continue your laughter think you could tell what down with the show and it's been a wonderful she'll think he could tell the listeners information from this and for more information can be found on Facebook search for the queen activator. Thank you so much could tell and also thank you to our producer, the chief protector for being with us making this sound good in making the music possible thanks to the Christian car guy Robbie Gilmore's continuing guidance shows that it's free. A prayer for survivors ready for this could tell Jesus by becoming human. You have elevated the human body to the dignity of divinity. Sadly, unless those whose bodies had been savaged by other ones who have been called to serve and protect. These crimes cry out for justice and for healing and we raise their voices in prayer for the healing for our brothers and sisters, we acknowledge that buyer silence and our blindness in our blindness we are complicit in these crimes and sends and we asked for forgiveness Lord Jesus during your life and you were known as a senior bodies and minds and spirits century human spirit upon these brothers and sisters of ours, that they may begin to experience some light peace and joy in this life for your spirit of peace into their hearts of their families, parent, brothers and sisters, spouses and children that they may recover a sense of your presence in their lives and make us all more sensitive to the need to protect our children from those who might harm them that your body here on the glory of God is so much

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