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October 11, 2020 7:22 am


The Cure / Aimee Cabo

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October 11, 2020 7:22 am


Discussing how to balance oneself and how to succeed on the latest The Cure Radio Show Aimee Cabo talks to therapist Faust Ruggiero.

"YOU CAN BE LIMITLESS, BUT THE WORLD LIKES TO TELL YOU OTHERWISE. TRUST THE SPIRIT INSIDE YOU", says psychotherapist Faust Ruggiero, this episode's guest. Faust is a published research author, clinical trainer, and a therapist and he used his 40 years helping others to create a program reflected in Fix Yourself Handbook.

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Aimee Cabo Nikolov is a Cuban American who has lived most of her life in Miami. After many years of healing, finding love, raising a family and evolving her relationship with God, Aimee's true grit and courage led her to pen an honest, thought-provoking memoir. Years of abuse became overshadowed with years of happiness and unconditional love. Now Aimee is the president of IMIC Research, a medical research company, a transformational speaker, syndicated radio host and focused on helping others. You can read more about Aimee by visiting her website.
Dr. Boris Nikolov is the CEO of Neuroscience Clinic. You can read more about Dr. Nikolov and the work he is doing by visiting his website.


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Distracted ADSL die can be an interesting one, hopefully. Informative paths like we all long for and growing and learning is a process since we will start to sell embodiments to say hello. Your bobos will say hello. Hi parents who will start the first music so the help of a psychologist, therapist suck therapist. Thrusting was idea how to better ourselves. We will get better data a little more sure there's always room for improvement. Okay so good. I will be better to be better the past. The best test I will ask you if you can do is best. So any funny number one you're supposed to ask how you going to smile and tell him about his single save and close all so sure I saw Amy cobble life can bring many difficult situations. Mystic violence addictions, poverty and even sexual abuse by your loved ones welcome Amy cobble Q yesterday about my amazing partner were amazing. So far so good. I still is available live on your radio like the care on any smart phone enter as well as life streaming all over social media and the world we are broadcasting live from Miami to satellite streaming 237 radio stations, 11 states and soon after the show on any podcast player next Sunday. Channel 131 family talk to this show deals with suffering and the tenacity of the human spirit. The will to survive and the courage to keep moving forward despite any obstacle with the help of God, who enables us to help each other we provide testimony as to let people know that were not alone as well as expert inspirational speakers you can help to show the testimony started with me having been a survivor from child well and I do believe we all suffer. Somehow with the help of God, we could be a source of healing for each other. For me, God was the only care but other sort other forms of healing are percent that is well to service everyone life is challenging but there's always hope when someone cares. At least God's first I want to say that our thoughts and prayers are with all this affected by Cuba in 19 trusting that God will bring us to a full speedy recovery using all the medications and got speak to the medical professionals. They are amazing heroes song we played earlier was cheap.

He told by Matthew West. We want so badly to have it all together so much that we are willing to believe anything that supports a nicer weather.

We don't want to feel as if we are vulnerable so we pretend were fine as we smile and try to make it better. It's a lonely place that only you know when it's never a large surface. The pain can get greater. Even though it's not on purpose. We can seem like we're okay and it's hard to admit we are broken it when it swirls out of control and we seek a different alternative that the truth is finally spoken. We are grounded by God's retention forgiven from sin, and transformed by our failures. God will love us anyway so it's okay if we fail, or even if we fall he already knows that the truth be told about doing the right thing and soon his call today to discuss how to improve ourselves and function according to our true nature and greatest abilities. The person that can help us understand our potential cost Cairo from his 40 years in research and helping others, possibly Darrell is a psychotherapist. The researcher he developed the process way of life. Helping people realize and unleash the power they have inside themselves based on the program.

Boston authorized to fix yourself handbook welcome to the care we are now life caused first of all thank you for your meaningful service to others, where the first steps people need to take in order to start becoming a better version of themselves really have to want it strange that you have to be willing to work a lot about what about the Lord and looked out of the way I do things also know we everything that we need. Already there. What I tell people to get on the world. I want them to be going to do the work done. Although moving talk about and if you were to move from that plane. Let's say there there just in a very dark place and at what point do we get to that little time where we say it's time to make a change.

It's time to look at it from a different point of view seek a different alternative report work right out of work for you really are three people trying over and over again to the point that there finally willing but I can't do this anymore and I need some help and I'm willing so is this something only people that are strong even the weakest among us learn to be strong and improving ways not yet discovered my weakest among the one program and then become the strongest among because they're the ones that looked away and started them so they understood not a really strong not on our own anyway.

Go there there willing to do the work. Look inside. They begin to understand themselves, those become the strong people so not everybody strong. Some of us are just weak. I think strife is an illusion about what I think you know you go back it out for myself.

I tell people how to be strong on the assumption that I am all what I am as a person who was identified my weakness to what about what might be have my favorite band came out at least four other work. On top at least unconnected to my Lord spoke on properly.

So let me ask you this curious question does not strained require challenges and struggles. I think we know we are strong unless we have both struggled.

How would you know about unless you have engaged in the battle hardened when were not battling work were were slipping and were falling we think that where we really not about good weed. It's about the war were willing to wage in the process we learn to fight and we get stronger because the challenges are for naming it. If our lives were easy and they were perfect there'd be no reason to discover new things to discover new abilities to realize the talents that we have in the gifts that we have. I think that life pushes you in certain directions show you things that you may not know about yourself that you have not yet to discover physically destroying yes and no really a matter of perspective. You can look at what life throws out your challenger or whatever you want to call them but your personal faith. What they really are on who you are and what the challenge of the challenges you are willing to work with the Lord.

If you're willing to look at that something that help you improve your life. You're not fighting yourself will there's always a different perspective where we fall short of where we may be think that we are weak, you know, God always opens another door. God always shows another way. I was busy, a nurse, radio host and idea that has the human race to others at heart so busy you try try and try so it's good to have participations office. Just think it's the people that have gone to the most trials in their life and I have experienced the most that I noticed are among the strongest and most understanding them is compassionate, loving and really really wants to help others and to write your you will know that all God doing at that point prepare you for whatever you want you to do to be a nurse, your radio, or other things that I was going to do to me right back into what I'm doing and I look out alike without really having to work for you but what I do all in my opinion life without God is like talking with Foster began his life as they would've loved to hear from you caused us to question 1866 34 through 634 through listen to me. Jesus said if anyone would come after me, he must not himself take up his cross and follow me wherever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me will find James 112 encourages us blessed is the man who perseveres under trial, Mrs. Ingram lot so, no, you know you and welcome back capital and things between union. Remember that you can listen to the radio show live through our applicator with amicable or later is about cost. Just look for the cure is done that displayed was breaking me I topic and a we have been united with God for eternity and nothing can change that we can do whatever it can be forgiven God's unconditional love is forever.

He just wants to hear it. We just have to want it.

He's a sucker for us where his precious children and each license. I'm sure his heart breaks every time he heard or suffer as I was waiting for us, just like a father.

If we only keep our minds in Christ we know it will not take long to discover that heaven's not that far away.

There is always hope. Each day when we turn to God and learn to pray talking to that their right. Like talking to therapist last week Aaron takes yourself handout is helping achieve a better perspective.

So the psychotherapist falls there about therapist and psychotherapist. One is for psychos what what what you're looking for right what are you all right are we sell all I wanted to ask you about internal balance helping people acquire this question about your find what it is and what were talking about getting a dog have invalid talking about the difficult intellectual, emotional, and spiritual try to get them working together. I don't know the point where we, with their perfectly invalid. However, our ability to improve that to find the peace we got from from remote invalid.what were talking about getting that invalid about working with the profit that we have things like honesty and trust in the faith, gratitude, humility, a lot of things like that. We start working with the and and we use them every day in our lives become more balanced on all levels about working those processes of other talking about it.

It's about the scams that we have that we work with things that make us feel good about ourselves. Meeting the image of Christ and his things, honesty solution. Dedicate time to our spiritual life and helping others and taking care of our surroundings in our environment and taking care of ourselves and to learning and growing. And if we get enough attention to all those things we can have a balance in my understanding this correctly, you are on the right track. Absolutely heartfelt people. Everything we needed the Lord gave us everything we need. The world had struck a different direction and what happened at all. Will that were looking outside of our trying to complete heartfelt outside we need to complete by world yes because if I believe that we were all made in an age of Christ, and we were all born dead is a different school that believes that her body and therefore God teaches us to be good now that will teaches us to be bad at teaches again how you originally get that's my take. You're right on target. You're going to have but I believe all or nothing proposition. If you have all of you have not. I think that if you're going to be a personal you have to with whom the Lord created created you with your right then the challenges that will pull you away the temptation that you have to overcome them and get back to yourself and get back to the person of the Lord created and again everything's and thought you just gotta go in. Five. You gotta work with the Lord work with the Taliban to get, but he gave you all in their so what's this process will, yes, life.

How can you apply that to the current pandemic as a way to help people not only to survive, define peace, despite all the nice changes that are taking place your order. What I wrote the book I wanted to be something that was going to be able to be applied to any problem not your thing again with pandemic. You know we can survive if we do what were supposed to be doing but with so much of the pole outside of our filled with with so much of our energy and in that external world.

What it what it began to shut down.

We lost ourselves like peach not start with getting very honest with yourself with slowing down enough so that you can think putting your emotions on the back that we are well look for them on the back burner working with the back door dated.

We work with those and we do what's right, it leaves a good fact-finding good information and our motion become wrapped around think about help before, the major problem that we have right now is not so much the pandemic virus with the fear that we house it wasn't always the reaction what is occurring. I'll recite you know what occurred is a neutral situation out there. We tend to put the charger through it without emotion and and and we fear that were going to lose their life are going to change.

We fear or dilute grant property or money or whatever it may be once again, that comes from a very rational place, but then we put the. Do it and we make it irrational and that paralyzes and then we just fit with our spirit, we don't make any moves forward right just go back to testing God believing his promises. Knowing his word is real because if you trust God, and you know that he will provide you know that everything passes and he will give is nothing that we cannot handle, and you will be with us to help us through it. There's no reason to be a citation. God did not give is the spirit of fear that the courageous enough to cheer me on that sadness overtaking cool anything that might doing everything I have a lot of reading that's okay.

So what would you say is the most important take-home message, especially for those to find it hard to recognize there's always hope there is always hope the message that you put your faith in the Lord. I would say it out back and company. A month from now. You're going to be dealing with a good report of your life right now. Relax.

Take your time. Have you look at the fact that while you do that and then back in order. The fact going to be the fact and that they would lead you to a solution just doesn't with PTSD. Everything can be really bad then when you find God's so they tend to share just a short knowing the letters call us if you would like to ask a question about how better 1866 34 through 1866 34 g from you found this to you so grace to amazing and welcome back like every Saturday at 1 PM in your radio app. Take care and website God's shows are available supposedly about costs just look for the cure was amicable report custom awesome song displayed last got up on my D by casting crowns throughout Almighty God guided nice stats and made everything possible in all kinds of ways hunted by my past Shane can't be hidden from you.

You are relentless. He never faltered.

You carried me at times that were hardest Grace took me above all the noise in the house. Make that did not place in my life feeling you in my heart and knowing you're by my side.

Kitty hope for tomorrow winning your word I opined I worship you every step of the way. I will follow your lead and try my best every day you arrive. Good luck points talking to therapists cost me Gero fixes psychotherapist. Sorry, but also an author very well what takes yourself calm book right and about how to maximize our potential costs. Enjoy talking about wonderful qualities and great attributes that we have in ourselves can we speak about the roles of humility, gratitude and faith in your program while altogether welded together the program up with the other.

You start the very beginning when you know your group. Your bottom on working with and when you start getting ready that the daily part of your life, you start to realize what gratitude and a little different when you when the Lord of gratitude. For example, little bit.

You're not just grateful for things you get what someone does for you. Gratitude Lewis and Clark you all the time it wrapped around the rest of the world. The humility was student of life. You're always willing to learn because there's a very subtle form of arrogance of your faith, arrogant, kind of a arrived and I know what I'm talking about humility keep you honest if you willing to learn when you're willing to do all the point where you get to a type of faith were like everything else wrapped around everything you do. Open your mind because you know where we when we connect with the Lord and without that faith were not powerful but we are connected to the most powerful, more powerful than correct. Well, the way that I see you need to see 19 to learn and acknowledge things and to corral. This is not the fire humility for meaningful change. Yes, absolutely. Because when you're talking about change your really talking about learning talking about training your brain to differently edit you believe that you have you have what you already have. Why pursue anymore learning so keep yourself humble willing to learn about the card I had the good fortune to be with people who seem to be very weak not knowing what they're doing and I'm helping them and went well. We are worked on and they leave. I realized that I took something away from that. Also, because I was willing to let them and maybe the trial what the speaker so I have delivered little bit so no counseling is one of those things work. If you're willing to listen to people you also learn that you apply the world and its land and that if you grateful if you grateful about things. Now the suspicion of hell things that things can always happen. Challenges will always be there. God never promised as Moses. He promised us he will be there with us and I understand that if you grateful because there always be good things. Also, we can focus on any of the grateful about the good things in our life and our blessings we have can really keep the mystery away. At least that's what I've learned grateful every day. I think you have the counselor looking Faust Frost already there, good. So let's talk about being a thoughtful person tell me how that plays in the importance of life. One of the most important parts of life I've always you can acquire all of all the knowledge of everything on the boat you want, but until you are willing to be all but your post. Other people to begin service of other people monitored me. I believe that that's why were here to be of service of each other over. We absolutely have to understand their how to do that. How to be or how to be respectful.

How to be willing to understand what someone else is thinking and feeling are you willing to without expectation of any payback at all. Be willing to be in service and somebody else's. It's nice to be important but it's important to be nice while you're right, it's definitely much more rewarding sale. You tell me what you think of others and not so much focus on ourselves. I understand that we have to help ourselves but don't we help ourselves in helping others. Yet we do not posted earlier in the week without what I wrote what the world out there is a very big place, but we make it very small and work with ourselves becomes a very old world, but as you turn turn our attention outward, we find ourselves. We will begin to understand that our problems are so great and that were willing to connect with other people. I just think that's why were you. What other reason with the I think we need each other. I think that's why there's more than one class. Let's talk about love.

Can we succeed without loss. I mean what's love got to do really, I think I'm glad you what I think is a very popular conception about what love is because we think of you good feeling that we have come from the heart. You talk about in the book I talk about something called pure love which I believe it irritable. I think that's what love is all about love have to come from our spirit. The Lord loves us unconditionally. You have to be for love, not from our heart or head from our spirit and what we hundred and that what we nurture the spirit we learn how to love then we've arrived at what pure love is all about.

Well, I think that comes from God. God is love in the way that he loved that it was the greatest example for us to learn to love others you really believe Billy is a good father and a good teacher.

Just me and actually the best therapist to place me the sounds I need to hear shows me the posts I need to see our people tell me that things they need to say he never lets me down every day. He's always there. So we can always turn to him actually love. He's always there.

So if cost cell now and we understand that. I mean it's my opinion and I may be wrong I love is the answer to everything you're about one problem that cannot be remedied with love when it's treated with love in one way or another that's the case when you get to the point that you are willing to love. You're not affecting payback are expected to be completed by someone else. Your understanding that love is getting love is something that you are extending to other people, not looking for so that you can feel better. The very fact that you give love on that level that that will give you all the good your son. Love is selfless. It is perhaps the any needs to be in conditional Gillette. I want you to do when you make me happy, not love you and yeah it's never allowing you specs okay will love to hear from you because tossing out demons 1866 34 through 1866 34 angels have rebate thank you for thank you for thank you listen to say this, you know you as words and to you just listen to this again and thanks for tuning in the library Saturday at 1 PM in your radio at the care in session media (God is the care letter. The show will be available to focus the search for the cure with Amy, whereabouts costs are and subscribe. Please, and please write us sorry that I was out and tell us how we are doing. Maybe Amy Harrison displayed listen to our hearts by Steven Curtis Chapman NGF more those who are redeemed, how do we appear I would let peace and is are my our mind sounds often with the lost ones forgotten and ultimately found like cannot explain the gratitude we feel when we are loved so well. I know it's not in vain for God become searches and he's the only way to listen carefully.

Love you God for all of us redeemed know will never go astray. Once you are in our lives. It's never too late. It's always tolerable and we pay you anyway even refill horrible. We don't get those who of us who always pray.

So don't ever stop trying no matter what it takes for heaven sake.

Well, I am God's word for once we discover his truth, we never break, we are talking to foster me Carol.

I think a therapist helping us discover his program a process of life poses where bosses way of life. In his book fix yourself. I cannot use in fixing a well know, I'm pretty good is always something to think now is find something about surrender that I not getting up right that I was thinking people look at surrendering weakness, giving up the rendered spiritual is the first move toward empowerment because what it does cleaned up. He could take all the clutter of the world brought in and will and will and what we ourselves introduce our life and it actually moved out of the way, I'm done with all that I can do this anymore. If you do not surrender to the Lord you will have the Lord that suits important to surrender to God and not your circumstances. Because always a not only go for what we we find out the luxuries on the wonderful but things in life is about surrendering all that really clearing it all out. What I didn't get it all out of the picture from scratch, so to speak. Have one and only one more and then begin to add based upon my relationship with God surrendering completely allowing the Lord but also taking things that would distract you from out of the picture, basically stopping the bad stuff in and doing your part is giving up on getting not giving cost money. Think about taking risks. Think we should take risks in life is life itself, a risk, what were talking about his life is a very dynamic prophet always changing it a lot when we like to keep it more static, like you, with our comfort zone and our routine that makes you feel comfortable. We like that and we all week. Although we say we want to learn all you can do different things we don't like being challenged so there are written well I tell people what is take risks. But before you do find what you're looking for on how you plan to take that risk so that you could be conscious of what you're doing going forward.

You don't you not move the situation with people in your life where you don't belong what you don't want your life have a plan that moved out of that comfort zone and had the experience of losing things that I succeed in life have required risks have a quiet courage have required strands and determination things that have been easy especially when I got in my life never succeeded. Even money that I made never lasted things that I try to make never happened and when you have God that's when you grow. Courage is when you take risks, as when you discover new things, discover any abilities. He didn't know you had to have courage to go to church, courage to walk away to that required a lot of occurred. What about what about I what you have to walk away from you. Believe it become such an important part of your life.

You know sometimes you have to be able to say.

I can't do that anymore. I got back to the root of the final all new card risks to sound the greatest achievements have ever happens. He mean you have to take a risk you have to. That's just how it is possible when it comes to you about takes yourself and what problems do you think would be most helpful to people when reading your book, fix yourself. I wrote the book with a number of things in mind what was Scripture with counseling. So what I wrote the book with the sorry to be a program that can help people deal with any problem that comes up in their life will help, especially young people walking on the direct interview depression or whatever it may be, and by the time I've done the first two or 3000 I realize that there maybe 10 or 15 different things we have to look at it never just know one or two things it if the book is doing it all should be able to help people build anything comes up on the life it's about becoming an empowered person, someone that believe in God, in themselves, understand that everything we have in their part of the Lord help us do what we need to do a double argon chapter by chapter 11 I we we take problems apart from the part and might help you exactly what they can do at the end of each chapter that I made in small let you know or five pages so not a lot of intense reading and another go back years of the reference later on will basically fix yourself from any problem with the common denominator being God's loving always and you should buy it in the premises. So why do you call it a process journey.

Where does that come from, you are saying that before we keep on learning life is a journey, you know, we like to finalize by magnificent explanation things that were going to acquire like were going to go bucket list if you will, but the truth of the matter is just the Lord will just come here and there there every second of the day so if you learn to live life like what you understand it every day many many times dripping blood with circumstances that can enhance your life so it never got a destination or trying to get something quite requiring anything.

It's always about the little moments of your life on the Lord God in the radial, we must be God's masterpiece. That's why takes a lifetime of processing and learning. That's right as we grow and it's that time passed now. In addition, and we only have a few minutes so thank you. Cost began well but being in the queue helping us and showing to her listeners had a better than ourselves itself ourselves.

Okay. More information on hand and is the fix yourself handout last night passed Louis Gero i.e. thank you passed.

It is my pleasure to guys with the pair likely only stand candlelight. We come to you as humble as we can and we ask for joy in faith to be restored. Lord help us to change our ways and thoughts to be is yours Lord help us to actually forgive wholeheartedly want to give and receive real genuine for now until the end of time.

Please dear Lord allow our faith to be a strong as it once was for and give us the strength to allow you to do a good working. We need to. Every day of my life and reprinting. You will never leave us or forsake us in your son Jesus name tacked. I ask Pinky Asay telling you either. He said awesome and amazing beautiful that and for playing my songs, making the ship sank get.

Thanks to Robert Gilmartin impersonating the Christian congregation for his guidance. Of course pinky to her listeners. Being with us and bring to us more than 75,000 podcast downloads.

God is good and God he always provides his Listening to the care and speak about because of his about the care with amicable. You can find it whereabouts Casa are up to cure our website got is the please subscribe to the podcast so you don't miss an episode.

Keep safe guys I most importantly, keep the faith. Don't lose hope. Always you are no strangers sometimes got on a Saturday at 1 PM again might slow guideline got me

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