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STIGMAS FROM TWO PERSPECTIVES, ep 106, audio version

The Cure / Aimee Cabo
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September 20, 2020 8:57 am

STIGMAS FROM TWO PERSPECTIVES, ep 106, audio version

The Cure / Aimee Cabo

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September 20, 2020 8:57 am


Stigmas from different generations perspective on this episode of The Cure Radio Show, as Aimee Cabo speaks with a mother and daughter.

GUESTS: Isabel Lardizabal Roldan is the CFO of MIC Food, her daughter Isabella Roldan is a student in Florida Atlantic University.

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Aimee Cabo Nikolov is a Cuban American who has lived most of her life in Miami. After many years of healing, finding love, raising a family and evolving her relationship with God, Aimee's true grit and courage led her to pen an honest, thought-provoking memoir. Years of abuse became overshadowed with years of happiness and unconditional love. Now Aimee is the president of IMIC Research, a medical research company, a speaker, radio host and focused on helping others. You can read more about Aimee by visiting her website.
Dr. Boris Nikolov is the CEO of Neuroscience Clinic, providing treatment for persistent depression and comprehensive diagnosis of alzheimer's disease. You can read more about Dr. Nikolov and the work he is doing by visiting his website.

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Hey guys standing so I have PT and dad say hello if you give me the thing to say hello hello Rachel stigmas actually see different perspectives generations monies my generation generation X and the other ones in the manual.

We love testimonials and so we'll get Pierce exciting, they say it's Florida Manny cut it's really good.

Waiting for some so there is with Amy, life can bring many difficult situations domestic violence addictions, poverty and even sexual abuse by your loved ones welcome Amy, Q and L with my partner for high shows available live on your radio also like to hear any smart phone on her website. God is the as well as in social media and just recently discovered shows also being viewed and listen to all of the world. We are broadcasting live from Miami to satellite 135 stations among 11 states and soon after the show. Any podcast player as well as next Sunday is XM channel 131 the family talk to showed Yosef suffering. The human spirit. The will to survive in the carriage to keep moving forward despite any obstacle with the help of God, who enables us to help each other. We provide testimonials to let people know that we are not alone, as well as experts and spatial speakers can help and they show the testimony started with me having been a survivor from child abuse well into young adulthood. I do believe we all suffer. Somehow with the help of God. We can be a source of healing for each other. For me it was the only chair also other forms of healing that are presented to service everyone is challenging but there's always hope when someone cares at least cut. Sorry guys.

Just bear with us. I have the wrong scrapes. You know my producer can you hear anything in the beginning and then when I could hear something. It was super loud and now it's the wrong scripting to God's will, computer mouse, because it was loud in my ears started again. Okay, okay. The song we played area was exiled by because of Swift and von Iver there's an accident happening these days around is coincident interesting to see the dark side, staring it's like an obsession.

We are giving hundreds of chances in between balancing branches. We have been here before. It doesn't take us anywhere just hiding injury and it's not fair until were no longer a problem anymore. Once we step out of our comfort zone and trust God to rule our life by placing the crown where it belongs on Jesus Christ there's enough sadness to go around.

If there is nothing God wouldn't do for us.

We are his children chosen the lost and found today we want to discuss stigmas as a mark of disgrace associated with a particular circumstance quality or person, and especially to different perspectives from two generations in our guests are a mother and daughter Isabel and Isabella will rent Isabella land is the CFO of make foods and Isabella is a college student at FAU. Isabel and Isabella welcome to the care you now live. So is Robert would first Isabella stigmas can really affect people's lives this time to discuss some of them do you have the audio can we hear them recover it is about okay so we can start with Isabel. Isabel Sigma can really affect people's lives. So let's try to discuss them. Do you have any friends with mental illness because I read somewhere that mental illness is as common as brown eyes little bit.

I needed a little bit louder. I was not going to figure or maybe you can speak up, but now it's better. Yes I think they give you personal example, we now many white where you talk about part example 11 physical problem the hospital with her about three their prayer group prayer peace all over the world. Pray people to great time.

Help them remember who mental illness very very throughout childhood and them how like we were great throughout her young adult life of that that made where it exactly having diabetes and hopping stroke or anything like that so I doing coming from somebody who is very parking about. I felt compelled to share because of what other people might somehow way that people with mental illness are either dangerous or children of a lesser God or broken or even faking it. The consequences are self tell they feel you have less opportunity. Lack of understanding from loved ones and friends, uneducated misconceptions, they they fear you because you have mental illness in their often harassed in the reluctant to seek treatment.

Why because Ernest no hope not share personal story with you guys and my listeners when I was 15 psychiatrist to evaluate aided me said in his own medical terms that there was no hope for me. I never wanted to believe that if only that psychiatrist can see me now in a radio show host greatly disproves that stigma that if you have gone through a lot less likely to make it for those who are afraid of me because they don't know any limits.

When the you for those who are afraid of me because they don't know any different. All they get to know me now what you see is what you Throughout. So anyway, where I have Isabella. Isabella, you take what is what is your viewpoint when it comes to somebody suffering from mental illness is something that people are afraid of four people find it difficult to understand in your age group are something that we everything out with ability to. Now I'm with you lot it affected heavily and goodbye Zimbabwe but I think that I'm on my community. Typically, in my college life. I believe every day posters and fire article by every one you see is that you refer her psychological help.

You know you can talk about to become a doctor big factor in everyday life. I mean, I think it hard to find someone who doesn't have some kind of mental wellness letter that 80 depression, anxiety, huge 2020. Actually, yes you, I think I will open them in the room will you know that these could be blessings in disguise and we will continue talking about stigma when we return to this bill is what stigma you for the new life goals, 866 34 through 1866 34 through when it comes to me about me how soon will come back and thanks for tuning in, guys, remember that you can listen on the radio show live at the care with Amy, as a podcast. The song that just played was on the cleanup broken hearts by black consider the innocence of the child shines like a shooting star as they are most similar to Christ. Life can sometimes influence us and make us go astray acting the cleanup broken hearts the role we learn to play. We are too far gone somewhat blameless.

We can't be saved is the lie that will betray us.

Sometimes we must experience the pain and wonder how we became so dark slowly fading. It was a heavy crown that can drown. But it was never about us. There's a bigger picture that God, despite the lease wants us to see troughs and stipulations, tribulations is what leads us to who we need to be.

We are talking about stigmas from the perspective of two different generations so is that I was speaking to you what you think about stigma people against that have been sick from coded or just released after quarantine. How do we deal with that. Isabel love to be looking weird everybody that cost now you is about to go for as a group all weekend. Here is not one second for the proto-Dragon yet young people without looking around trying to like Ari Rochon water down the wrong way. I got a hold maybe 75 2525% of our and aware that there is a problem, not a very big deal. Don't read it very but I wouldn't say there's negative, so easy, young people and was going more invisible and more brave, that's great.

How about you were "Isabel you Isabel. Are you afraid to call all three because I what you got cold on the wrong where you didn't care what you are not responsible stigma that you don't care your responsible and you know if he can happen to anybody. I mean there's some really new stigmas that have come about and is coincidently elections. You know like stigmas I didn't know about. Goodness gracious. I didn't know all white.

People were pretty late and I didn't know. All Republicans were racist. In fact I didn't even know color was an issue, guys. Please me understand all Isabella list out with you. Well I think that it was you I white I think it okay that white America number right human. We understand now what okay what we understand you weren't paying attention.

I think this is the time where where people are our thank you note not forget I'm trying to go away just so you can correct okay just now in your year taking responsibility. Maybe for word, not recognizing the issue at hand will but was suppose your your way and you are not privileged what responsibility am I supposed to take. I mean, supposing your Republican and not racist.

What responsibility am I supposed to take any. I can understand that I have to accept that other people think differently, but I don't see it that way. What you think.

Isabella developed Isabel Isabel Isabel, the big one mother one white people and struggle.

It's very easy to be in your own world. There are, and whatever that I am not every day, someone okay we see the world the way of the all trouble. We all just people color and empowering an old argument, curly hair and Christian life will yeah and I just want to say that racism and privilege guys comes in every color and is your perception will become your reality.

If I wanted to believe that my pass makes me a victim. I will be a victim to everyone I will see everyone as seeming as a victim because that's not what my belief that I never let my circumstances to find my way of thinking or judge others. I just wanted to add that you can be sympathetic and empathetic, but at the same time and were going to go write about until break his neck so I talk about pregnancy young pregnancies.

The stigmas for the dish towel and gaze. We haven't talked about that next guys hang on with okay so would love to hear from you fellows about 1866 34 through overcame 1866 34 through two show deals with suffering. And the courage to keep moving forward.

I was forced to wash people's choices for Amy, every Saturday at one turn on the truth. You welcome back and thanks for listening.

Arches are also available at the bit video podcast just look for the care with Amy, the song that just played was let you down. INF some of us feel on the edge as if we let others down the ones that are never wrong.

Becky was believing we were never strong when everything we do is disappointing the voices get louder. It gets annoying and it's difficult to shut them out. So who is it that let us down made an issue of most everything and had us play the clown litter.

Did you consider that that's always around and the enemy can never prevail.

Once God stands his ground. We are discussing stigmas from two generations respected so Bell or Isabella may be Isabella might now about gay people. I mean, I asked a friend of mine. What stigmas do they deal with II don't know. Okay, so I would know and to my surprise he said even his own family members thought that he might be a pedophile. Well that the stigma that I wanted to make people aware of that. I do know that that people think that gay people are sick in the mind and their pedophiles and us that you have a very good friend is very normal more normal than you would think not. I think that come from. I don't know the fact that I think it might come from pre-on congregation members of the congregation relation and usually they were boys all become what something that I really would think think about one of I think actually now I think God had grown up in a time that now again I will okay okay about something you guys can relate too much easier and see you guys pregnancy. A lot of young girls look differently on that. I mean just people still believe that you're destined for failure and the only option is abortion. If you are young and pregnant Isabel Hart that you have a young daughter will beautiful abortion is wrong.

Powerful file young and happy new year and that person very well become pregnant unwed all down. Now you can avoid them so that I young children wouldn't want my kids. I called how we make and by personally for me. I would one baby and help them but I think I will yeah so then practice so only two people in you because my unwed pregnancy was actually my saving grace. If I ever did anything of right or correct it was for the sake of my daughter the love of the mother makes mature means you grow up this many good things all the way that you look at it really guys, there's always other options. Please believe I import you about my pregnancy, my pregnancy will I cut my baby because I left the abusive father had already terminated one of my pregnancies when he was being physically abusive, but I've always never believed in abortion so little bit of support in the fact that I was able to deliver the child but other than that I know I didn't have much support I was pretty much my own until August 27 years old, my family was afraid to know me.

I had been to too much. Even the sisters who didn't speak to my mother so you know I basically grew up on my own and God and the Virgin Mary were the best parents ever so no love lost all my saving grace. I guess that's been good to me. You know it's it's not just people what I pregnancies is people what about abortions they mean somebody is in abortion people think that you don't care or you don't care about your child or you don't care about life for you and sensitive for yourself. You know what I had an abortion is different circumstances. It wasn't by choice.

It's not something I wanted to do but it doesn't mean that I didn't care and it doesn't mean that I was selfish thinking the best and we can do is just not not have pre-misconceptions about others and try to be understanding as raw human and we all have different circumstances. We all make mistakes and were all forgiven and loved and cherished by God. So there's always hope. And there's always new beginnings. So let's just blows the moment draws feasibility pregnant stop it.

Okay good so explicit about HIV and stigmas like people always. Well, maybe not anymore but in the beginning attribute was really looks Bobby well you can't get HIV from drinking from the cup were swimming on the pool. There is unnecessary fear that should be our that's going around.

That's unnecessary and you know that's a lot of reasons why people don't tell people I been abuse in the past, or I have HIV or anything like that because they will be judged.

They will be treated different and that's very unfortunate because very much very alike. The same believe it or not, regardless of what we continue right about Isabella community where many, many people are something that not likely I would agree that they are what down on or in a way that shouldn' same way you got it you did something wrong, whereas likely mean it's unfortunate once you have a medical condition.

You have a medical condition and you should be discriminated against because of I mean even drug addicts say drug users, people with substance abuse this stigmas and those people to know that he wants to let someone know that your drug addict or the been a drug addict.

It makes it more difficult for them to get a job makes it difficult for people to trust them and makes it difficult for people to believe in them, they tend to lose hope.

What you think. Isabella and will daughter because they're more likely to again go out to parties and stuff like that because we X generations were pretty much at home. I would not think that that people my talk about even though I am fairly certain that many people my age are alcoholic. Yeah, I mean there's just all kinds of stigmas and I mean anything that you do something when judging just because you doing it differently or they don't understand is 1866 34 through the Carruthers stigma is a question that that is to go to know so soon again and thanks for tuning in life Saturday at 1 PM you are happy to and on social media. Just look for God is because he is later.

The show will be available to both cost audio and video broadcasts to search for the cure report Xhosa and subscribe so you please ninth that song that just played last.

I should probably go to bed I down and see there's never got over you with God. Even though the road can be difficult in treasuries sometimes taking too long to where there's only two piece to find all it takes is imagining God's and placing the enemy behind their things best left alone and we should quit while we're ahead. If it's something that will be sorry for.

If we question our decision. We should probably go to bed.

Don't entertain those pesky thoughts and don't follow through. If it lingers in your head, yourself, and daily prayer that God walking instead we can control once we break that behind the ones that prevent us from reaching our potential loving to the fullest and serving others. Every color and every kind, it's a better state of mind today were discussing some of the stigmas were dealing with these days and how they affect us so we deal with the public that stopped Isabel about that that you've lived long enough to know about this. Is there still stigma about women not being as capable in a man's world. I need more women running in work or not. More men went to college and by the way, I think that young people and I think very appropriate. Bella got it going to be terrible. So I one point but McCauley now support.

Forget about men or women, she would.

She was away from school and working. What I and before and after that rate, I think. I don't think that long parking they don't go to school will be terrible where the different only considered intelligent or responsible you go to college and you're a loser if he didn't, that's not true. I went to college and I'm using it in my Amherst normal radio host.

See, God has a sense of humor, so it doesn't make a difference in might be a good experience learning experience at least look at in court with my custody battles about stigmas about prisoners and convicts. Yes, because it detains people dig their lights around unproved. I was bad at one point but Joe known about the about the speech Isabel lines interesting. Isabella about their negative feedback.

There however I agree with you Amy. I think any person in the world capable change way that lands them. Then they wrote learn to better however I do think that now I'm finding that the people who are are not fairly do not really belong whether that's because there mentally. Ellen what they needed all I can see what you're saying because I don't think I should have been labeled a felon leaving on. I was a felon, but in reality I was a drug addict and that was my kind so the top one. Not everybody can expunge my crying was being in pain looking for ways to escape. That was my crying so I think unfortunately when people have a convict label that they been to jail or something like that. I mean people don't realize that people can change and that's when I truly believe in second chances also doing a ghost will serve them expand like the Boston Bamber supposed to be. She's okay to vote the know, okay, next so very, very good stigma because there's even a song about it and I love this song. By the way that it talks about how young people don't know much about that stigma you know about that stigma that you I not one I do with or authority or they. I double down on an attorney is another thing that goes well in your adult years and no you I think there are. I think there and experience maybe and so that we know young now limbo might be having so much fun with homeless people. Okay homeless people. Everybody looks at them like the monster don't want to talk to, then I think they're scary to know I have a homeless brother and he's close to God and he's a normal person. Now my crazy what stigmas do you guys know about what your take when it comes to home is blind right about one California area and in that area. There are many Miami population very quiet in the walking. And and I want them either were under the something and it was very clear to told they are mentally ill people do not belong. But I think that we have about maybe there are two I got four or they just not so people don't try people just leave them there instead of giving them therapy making a home for homeless people that psychological services and things like, I mean anybody can come about and come around. Not unusual about people with physical disabilities and divorced women or men. They looked at differently is about is about yet divorced when Boyz II Men say if a woman's divorced or if you're looking at a man that's divorced this there is stigmas with the two people believe that if you want successful, this first time around, you're not going to be successful the second time around I would know I've only been married once three times to the same man left is about diverse people in one minute or less government-it yet now we avoid no sorry but we have to think Isabel and Isabella would be with us in the care it was very interesting to hear your perspective. You finish the prayer as we always do.

Please stay with us a prayer for confronting fear. Heavenly father. When we feel crushed by our own worries lifter minds and help us to see the truth when fear grips is tight and we feel we cannot move for your hearts and help us to take things one step at a time when we can't express between moral insight homeless with you. Quiet words of love we choose to trust in you each day.

Our moment of our life. We know deep down that we are in your grace forgiven restored by your sacrifice.

You have set us free in Jesus name, amen. Thank you also to our audio producer Bethann Valdez today playing my songs and make this sound good to Robbie Gilmore kingdom pursuit in the Christian car guy leadership, guidance, and his love for others is yet here you go about your daily, are the pure website God is the subscribe to the Bosco sword on recent episode in red and worshiping with us and helping us reach seven download of the podcast thousand 7000 okay so God is God

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