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From Gangs to God, 103

The Cure / Aimee Cabo
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August 30, 2020 2:20 pm

From Gangs to God, 103

The Cure / Aimee Cabo

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August 30, 2020 2:20 pm

From Gangs To God, episode 103

Can a gangster find God and discover talents he never knew he had that made him famous, in this episode of The Cure Aimee talks about that with artist Steve Skipper.


Steve Skipper is a former gangster and addict that found his calling through his faith in God. Skipper gives all the glory for his gift and every open door to his lord and savior Jesus the Christ. His life was transformed by the unparalleled hands of Christ into a fine artist with international exposure, with no formal training in art. Steve Skipper is the first African American to complete artwork sanctioned by Nascar, University of Alabama, PGA, PBR among others.

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Aimee Cabo Nikolov is a Cuban American who has lived most of her life in Miami. After many years of healing, finding love, raising a family and evolving her relationship with God, Aimee's true grit and courage led her to pen an honest, thought-provoking memoir. Years of abuse became overshadowed with years of happiness and unconditional love. Now Aimee is the president of IMIC Research, a medical research company, a speaker, radio host, author and focused on helping others. You can read more about Aimee by visiting her website.
Co-host (Side kick) Dr. Boris Nikolov is the CEO of Neuroscience Clinic. You can read more about Dr. Nikolov and the work he is doing by visiting his website.


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I have each minor interesting and I'm looking for tonight. Meanwhile, it's a beautiful sunny game.

She could also enjoy and show so I don't know what guest I was hoping we could just so you and I is a couple life situations. Violence addictions, poverty and even sexual abuse by your loved ones welcome me, and you have Nike are high level on your radio also like here. Any smart website as well as media just recently discovered listened Oliver ever. We are broadcasting live from Miami to satellite 135 stations states and after the show. Any podcast player next Sunday is exam channel 131 the family talk to Yosef suffering to humans. The will to survive and the courage to keep moving forward despite any obstacle with the help of God, who enables us to help each other. We provide testimonials to let people know that, as well as expert and inspirational speakers that can help and to show the testimony started with me having been a survivor child eats well into young adulthood.

I do believe we all suffer.

Somehow with the help of God. We can be a source of healing grace. Chapter for me. God was the only chair the funds of healing are present as well. Service everyone life is challenging, there's always hope someone cares at least contests. This only played earlier was wishing well I just wrote those of us that have experienced no luck and you try even though we believe we are likely to fall. We have experienced rest and turned to drugs like you softly. The devil defeats us using our past memories. At times when we didn't know how to feel it turned to depression, and thereafter yielding to addiction its progressive the devil knows exactly what he's doing, making us feel as if it were broken by God shows us how to fix it.

Even at times when we feel defeated and hide it from others. We consider the greater good and redefine our lives for the better will return to our heavenly father J's special guest Steve Skipper Steve Skipper is a former gangster in attic that found his calling his faith in God. Skipper gets all the glory for his gift and every open door to his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. His life is transformed by the unparalleled hands of Christ into a fine artist with international exposure with no formal training in our Steve Skipper is the first African-American complete artwork stanching my NASCAR University of Alabama PGA PVR on beatings at the MGM Grand in Monte Carlo, Las Vegas and Chelsea Piers of New York City. Welcome to the care yeah now life well thank you Steve, could you tell us how your life journey started as a team. Connie was quickly moving up the ranks Internet trade history can how did you find yourself in that light, and how did you ski will grow all your you know all word and when you all will will will you drop going to Lord all will all will so you lead a gang was the family that you hoping for the family that he still cared because he felt pleased to displaced and so and I can understand that having been from a dysfunctional family, myself. We try to sometimes to look for love. Could you tell me what happened next. How will you record all river all all will will will you will were will about all you will will will will all go below all will will will go will you will will will will will artwork from you.

Go all over 01 River trouble trying you know people you 00 going to have never been in gangs and sophisticated gangs. I supposed you mean well organized, almost like the Mafia will will allow all will only render people all you are you oh you don't welcome out go on a large monitor will go little letter you will. Well, 10.

All all you never come back without go all all what we able to escape how we give it a ski lifestyle, all conflict, all young. About 90. Real well right all of our oh, 00 per all job all you are you you guys love you all well well you you go all well call you at work, love.

You know, God did not give up on you.

God did step into your life and as I'm saying this I swear I'm getting goosebumps because it died over an amazing transformation that I'm hearing about and Andrew will and that's definitely what I want to go into this made, how did you begin your life as an artist with God and you were able to skip not, we will continue talking to Steph's keeper, gangster sharing his story of redemption and success. This is going to be like the show start what 866-34-TRUTH alien, and the Q experience and experience of God. I was forced to wash. I have people to stress my heart Amy cobble every Saturday at one, truth. Do you have feel anxiety you suffering adversity. A successful life excludes meeting everyday people take life setbacks and turn them into fulfilling lives.

Join the mindset free and one from over 20 incredible success stories invite sizes delivered you daily over three weeks to teach you how to take your life to the next level with happiness, joy and freedom that is mindset access on no no no no welcome back and think 15 displayed was nobody's love one would love one would have to lock on the dark side to know how sad it is to tell God goodbye.

Never will someone know how great penis that it can make a grown man cry. God is the only one that keeps us from going psychotic. Despite this pickpocket God never leaves our side. He has the key to our heart.

Lucky guess is the ability to unlock we are never lonely like an assignment when our love is and our trust is in, there's never anything like it for this lifetime isn't a race, We Find Our Pl. in God's good embrace.

We are talking to Steve Speck to Steve Skipper tongue twister who is sharing his story of redemption.

Steve, when we last spoke, you were telling us how being in a very sophisticated gang that evil ways. So my question to you Jim curious about I don't know if it's like the market and allegedly how we able to escape that lifestyle.

What meat you want to escape and revert all very important call revolver work all because of all your old while there is only one word Pro all go to 1/4 where we are. You know, go for what you record your body will go up all the way of a traveler so often you will will will all will all in my walk up the lifeguard yelled yoga, member never heard all Robert go all you would know better hope no one you know that one, you will all all the web to limit helpful wall water on so I would've told you you you. Well I'll recommend round.

If you go to work with you so okay okay oh you go I will all their health and I walk through drug I want. I therefore agreed that what you got told that would not go.

I really don't know all of them are: 040 Monday will God hallelujah regular. Well, that's amazing is no those churches and pastors. Now that can change the minds of young kids that I going the wrong way will open a comfort like that a lot. I met one great one thing only thought about you people know about what going all all you you go all because the credo only what you go audit radically. Some hope about radically in a folder all go where you like to go with the old all you can wonder if you captive know what you all along the line the code will call medical lines all all over more powerful and you will when my father, so I turned around local word. I will will not live all over the nuclear moment real know you all know what you know she is not you. Trust me, then there's nothing, nothing like it is demonic way to know the difference.

Like I did. We will be chatting with the care NML made me stay with us to hear from you as one 866-34-TRUTH 1866 34 through welcome back and thanks by steam press remember what library start at 1 PM on your radio traffic your site God is or shows all the walls was a bit abrupt cost of the book cost just look for the cured amicable web sound that displayed let's give your heart a break.

I cannula my it's when there are tears in her eyes that we often hear God's calling. Sometimes Siri and Tom reply it's only when you I just taking God's hand. The world is not our feet and care so much more we understand we only have one night it's good to and even Billy may be scared when it all feels wrong, it's with God currently belong when it seems not much more that we can take. That's when God steps in and gives heartbreak.

God is our best option. Make no mistake, are your thoughts by talking to Steve Skipper is sharing his powerful story of redemption and success.

Steve said I am so intrigued by your story.

It's it's just amazing. I tell me how was God able to what in your life and help you discover that you have an amazing gift. You didn't even know you have your an amazing artist and painter will rubber on all of us go out go all my very all over love, all focused on the Belleville, Cabrillo number that I do have one all you will you all, what you thought it would. All will. It was just like longer and flow you, all I called the all gone. Not only go out on you creator God and created a lot of she told "no, you all I love you all top of my daughter all purple him about your jointly of all, all hard metal purple color or whatever also you have no formal training and it's not like you had the best support in the world either think your mother once told you that a person of color cannot be a painter and did not hear you laughing loudly order whatever you will all go all go. I would love graduate know what all eligible drug all about you. Our mom about you go you will one is what I told you I will go I went home and told her I will, no one you a lot of all the that that that is nice and you need it so Lal Steve and I mean such a powerful story of redemption. Did you ever think it would be documentarian made a few my golf camp colors of character are no longer whatever bird you know about you, you know all. (About what to look. Love the Lord, you (among medical record will come about what about what will dwell on will you all all all Mongol because God opens up so many jewelers.

Not only does he let us know gifts we know we hi opens up so many possibilities and so many jewelers it if you only believe in hand and you give them the chance to show you the world it real love love your book. All the people we all over intricate word all over my daughter all documentary no no, because God is the one you you you know you know you know that I'm flattered with all all well you will will about what is really about what you going to do was to Steve because I'm an artist that I can't keep taking any formal painting classes yet like I was about you find painting, wash up my therapy are good.

No, God, God order all God.

No go limitless" winter coat protocol program will just think the sunrises and sunsets look at the beat of the small possible someone so perfect that made us you know so complicated. Everything works through drug. Even though you look real. You will ever hear your great you know what you can only know it is only noticed the sunrise and sunset when you're looking up. Trust me when I didn't have God I don't remember looking up, and I never realized how beautiful the sky was an author was stealing back sketch our about his wonderful story of redemption from gangs to God.

We would love to hear from you. Please, 866 35. The story of redemption. One 866-34-TRUTH that was about all the sea hi again, thanks for staying alive every Saturday at 1 PM on your medium hot topic here on social media. Nothing out of the care light of the show will be available as a book your search for the cure. Whatever pulse costs are the sound that displayed this I choose at least Karen. It's funny how little we know in the schema that all that they get a picture came to gray, Nancy created in the strength you found my the greatest results that we have experienced our circumstances never defined who we are.

Once we found will be belong. We know God is dear to the highs and lows with wide open arms.

God has never left her side and with 10 there's no need to recognize when the sky turns gray, we can see the light and when the going gets rough. The harder we fight at the end of the day. We are cheesy, the God who loves us regardless and state anyway. More reasons to pray for your docking Skipper story of redemption from gangs to God to prolific artist, support check I assisted the you are also football player right, you have a lot of fun sports team writing you will grow real go over developer over writing. One of which was a compromise, you give it up so you find a way to develop is that I got EDM out painting probably shares in sports and taking in all those wonderful people will read one of report, mobile audit all over what rhyme will all will go all your God for all local, about go to work with you. All three folders.

The yard you your people actually are welcome shorter welcome all you know all will work well. So what you gone, Margaret (all will become Brattleboro go you all know how wondering: all all over the country you know about: hello got you what you know of Meldrum and all your work will go on the you what was what support will amend your call around 1211 learn your goal of a large movement brought about working out all of all I never knew what the home of drug have a place to call my mobile and so you call to go through network and host everything over what you know, Florida daughter all estimate about what hello lover, one program lover go every road exploded when you own best friend will craft all all will be called by Great Britain go all over so you will you will owe him with one of the front member in memory of Dr. King think so. You will be going over and we have asked that we have.

I wanted to ask you. You've experienced a lot in life more than most of us have one of the greatest not learned over the years. All I hope two minutes is enough and she majors in your accident rest from it.

So they know they can do it. I take a message for them to get a calling that maybe don't pay attention never give up on Dr. real all the way home and that all know what, what, how, what would you bring about our person member to show your eyes. Don't be afraid to talk about it here about eight shut off talk about God, all you can. You want I did with my friends even when I was high is always a God fan you might get some money. So while working on it, guys. Please he loves you. He is after you give up on you temporary he's always around that we only did they share guys. It's been meeting shall think you got nothing to Steve, thank you for being on the chair. It's been so helpful to hear your story of faith and more information on Steve's Art can be found on Steve Skipper for this amazing movie documentary colors of character right upcoming was in this pair heavenly Lord and gracious God, I want to think you would call my heart for the glorious planning a proposed by the creation of the air that you would reteam simple man by sending the eternal son of God, to become the perfect son of man who is willing to extend less. He's done this night and to die a perfect death so that all who believe in his name would not be content but have eternal life, and we need a part of God's eternal family is having people thank you for the multitudes of men and women have received this amazing gift of grace. Thank you. Thank you.

Happy keeps me along with all who are lost in sin and having fractional. How and everlasting separation from the delete the message of salvation and trust in Christ as Savior and Lord.

The more I contemplate your great grace your unconditional love your perfect righteousness and her long-suffering the furnace. I'm overwhelmed by what you have time for me. I think I'm crazy that hatchling mighty cloud of witnesses that had been one of the spirit in the church age as part of Christ's body and report to the day will all be together and you press forever and ever. Amen. Landscape fire and may God bless you a million times never ending. All the best. I think he tried to present Jasper for being honest with us today plainly sounds unique sound. Thank you, Rob. Why does oversight like our diapers containing guidance and care for others is Amy Yap in this picture please check our cost.

The cure would Amy cobble our secure website. God is the you should like to subscribe to the pub because all the great and write us so we know how we doing and also not an amusing episode away and the oh and also if you'd like to send this request of show topic or a prayer all soaked up right just go to God is looking up, Dr. spinach and I think the song you get a gift card has to be shown. Explain that the work listeners being with and until next week. Keep safe.

Keep the faith done is help at the present always for your next genius tough times. I got you many just before the next Saturday at 1 PM again much and God bless God be peace in the to everyone they say for this club everything but anything is going away the lives of faith, but I pair

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