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The Mark of the Vaccine Has Arrived

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton
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August 6, 2021 8:00 pm

The Mark of the Vaccine Has Arrived

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton

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August 6, 2021 8:00 pm

Remember the talk about COVID vaccine “passports”… Like one would need to show proof of vaccination to go to work, eat at a restaurant, or go to a gym?

Well, it’s now here. In the course of the last week, the dominoes have begun to fall en masse with businesses, colleges, the federal government, and other sectors instituting vaccine mandates.

Work for a company and don’t want to lose your means of income? Then you’ll need to prove you’ve been vaccinated. If not, they might let you still work for them if you: wear a mask, social distance, get tested, and carve a “U” on your forehead to let everyone know how much of a fool you are (and “selfish” because you’re killing people).

This weekend on The Christian Worldview, we’ll discuss the COVID mandates and what a Christian who chooses to not get vaccinated can do. Twila Brase, president of Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom, will join us for part of the program.

We’ve entered a new frontier in America and Christians need to be aware and prepared.

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The mark of the vaccine has arrived as a topical discuss today right here on the Christian worldview radio program with the mission is to sharpen the biblical worldview of Christians and to share the good news of Jesus Christ and the host Christian reviews, a nonprofit radio ministry.

Thank you to our listeners for your encouragement and support, and also our national sponsor Samaritan provided solution to help find out more about the Christian worldview at our website the Christian world do you remember the talk about vaccine passports.

As in, one would need to show proof of covert vaccination to go to work or eat at a restaurant to go to the gym. Well, those vaccine passports have now arrived here in America. In the course of the last week, the dominoes have begun to fall en masse with businesses, colleges, the federal government, New York City and other sectors instituting vaccine mandates work for a company you don't want to lose your means of income.

Well, then you need to prove you been vaccinated. If you don't want to get vaccinated.

They might let you still work for them. If you wear a mask social distance get tested and maybe perhaps Carver you on your four head for unvaccinated to let everyone know how much of a fool you are and how selfish you are, because your quote killing people. So this week and on the Christian worldview were going to discuss the covert mandates and what a Christian should do who chooses not to get vaccinated. Twyla Bray's, president of citizens Council for health freedom is going to join us for part of the program as well. We've truly entered a new frontier in America, and Christians need to be aware and prepared for what is about to take place. So skip straight to the interviewer, Twyla brace. Again, the president of citizens Council for health freedom. One of the foremost organizations in the country that works and advocates for individual freedoms when it comes to healthcare. Twyla, thanks for coming back on the Christian worldview is to read a list of some of the mandates and this is happened very recently. This is why I wanted to have you on because this is something we talked about back in May may affect the topic of that show was can you lose your job or ability to buy and sell for refusing the vaccine will here we are.

Just a few months later and New York City has now just announced that there's going to be mandates for being vaccinated to be able to to go places and do things in the city hundreds of universities and colleges across the country are mandating the vaccine for students listed all the corporate businesses who work and be mandating the vaccine to multis again are very recent Delta.

The airline announced in May will be requiring all new US hires to be vaccinated against the virus effective May 17 they been doing this for a couple months now. Quote this is an important move to protect Delta's people and customers ensuring that airline can safely operate as demand returns and it accelerates the recovery in of the future. Facebook is mandating as our office is reopened. We will be requiring anyone coming to work in any of our US campuses to be vaccinated said the vice president Lori Golder Goldman Sachs Google, Microsoft, the New York Times, Twitter is listing them. Now Tyson Foods Walt Disney Company, federal employees, according to AP will be required to sign forms of testing a been vaccinated against the coronavirus or else comply governments favorite word comply with new rules on mandatory masking weekly testing distancing a more Joe by the president delivered a sharp rebuke to those who have yet to get shot saying they get sick in Philip are hospitals taking beds away from those who need them.

If in fact you are unvaccinated, you present a problem to yourself, to your family into those with whom you work.

Not only the federal government is going be mandating a bet that was called a soft mandate where it's well you don't actually have to get vaccinated.

But if you don't, you're going to have to jump through all the issues be tested distancing masking you're gonna be wearing the Scarlet letter you on your on your chest that your unvaccinated last thing the given example Twyla is the military. Of course, federal agency as soon as this. This so-called vaccine is is approved by the FDA.

It's very very likely that all people in the military will be required to take this injection gave you a lot of examples there.

This is happened very recently.

This is a new story, a new development in this so what are your thoughts on this happening right now. It's a terrible thing and I feel like what we have going on here is not about coed.

This is about a reset between the government and the people and the government is pushing this and you can tell that just by the fact that they're going to have this so-called soft mandate for all federal workers with some people is listed as 2 million people.

And I've also seen a 4 million and the idea here is to make it hard for people to remain unvaccinated and make it hard for them to buy and sell and everything else there trying to make a new normal in this country were when the government says thou shalt take this medication are thou shalt do acts that the people will be required to do so and that this right today will set the precedent that they will look back and say, just like in COBIT when we required 100% of the people to be injected with this substance we will require them. Likewise, for the next thing time. I believe that this is an attempt to set a precedent for the future. It's a reset between the government and the people and from our perspective it is. It's incredible that this is happening in our country which is supposed to be free.

This is not speak of freedom and is really important for people to resist this reset and that includes the people who have been vaccinated.

Everybody should not like the fact that the government is trying to make sure that everybody in this country takes a substance which has not been proven. Everybody should be very uncomfortable with this movement and yeah they can say will the government is not doing it.

You will yes the government is not doing it. Yet unlike France for the government is doing that big time but they government is putting pushing it forward and getting the corporations to align with them to do it on their behalf.

This is a dangerous time for freedom in our country. Twyla brace is our guest today here on the Christian worldview. She's the president of citizens Council for health freedom.

She's also a registered nurse of their website is CCH you can find out about their annual dinner coming up here in the Twin Cities with Dr. Scott Atlas will tell us about that little litter an interview today. It's on Thursday, September 9. Now I mentioned Twyla about New York City priding themselves on being the first city in the country to mandate the vaccine in their Mayor Bill de Blasio who I would classify as a communist. I don't think that's really a stretch to say that he probably wouldn't call himself that. But he is about as left as you can possibly be in the political spectrum in the United States hit a press conference recently. Just this past week. I believe it was that I'm just gonna play a portion of it now. Apply more later in the program. But here's what he had to say in this press conference when he mandated the vaccine and New York City today announced a new approach which recalling the key to NYC pass the key to New York City when you hear those words. I want to imagine the notion that because someone's back say they can do all the amazing things that are available in the city. This is a miraculous place literally full of wonders. And if you vaccinated all that's going to open up to you have the key.

You can open the door but your unvaccinated. Unfortunately you will not be able to participate many things. That's the point were trying across is time for people see vaccination as literally necessary to living a good and full and healthy life. The key to NYC pass will be a first in the nation approach. It will require vaccination for workers and customers in indoor dining in indoor fitness facilities and/or entertainment facilities. This is going to be a requirement.

The only way to patronize these establishments indoors will be if your vaccinated was one dose the same for folks in terms of work will need at least one dose. This is crucial because we know this will encourage auto vaccination. We've seen it already seen the impact of the mandate we put in place for city workers already starting to move people to vaccination with obviously seeing the positive impact of incentive as well.

The goal here is to convince everyone that this is the time of my stop adulterated time is now. That means getting vaccinated right now. Okay, that was built de Blasio the mayor of New York City is really breathtaking to even sheer the propaganda and the coercion, the force of government in your life will be great if you get this this vaccine and you can have the key to NYC pass it Twyla earlier in the year when you came in the program you talked about vaccine passports and that's exactly what this is.

You show a card unvaccinated so therefore you can come in if you don't have it. You're a second-class citizen. You cannot. What are your thoughts what's Taking Pl. in New York address even the messaging there why it is breathtaking. It's unbelievable.

It's un-American as is that, as any deal. He said this is the time to convince what he really was saying is this is the time to coerce. He thinking this but he means coerce and all the rest of his state. His words mean coerce the other thing that shows you how this is not real is a fact that people can still going to grocery stores unvaccinated. You know, if it were this critical you couldn't go anywhere and so this shows you very much like when during the on the height of this pandemic where they said protests were fine without mass these little things where you can see they're not serious. This is all about coercion because there's certain things they know they have to let people do or they'll be riding in the streets and they said you can't get into grocery store without a vaccination. Well, I mean you know it would be riding in the street so this is clearly coercion is not convincing and it's not real because it what were real and the threat were so real you wouldn't really do anything Twyla brace with us today on the Christian worldview talking about vaccine mandates that are now sheer she's the director, president of citizens Council for health freedom CCH is their website. Need to get connected with this organization get on their email list.

Keep you updated on this highly highly relevant subject in our new world of vaccine mandates and the coronavirus that you just mention something with the vaccine that's actually a vaccine we've talked about this earlier.

It's it's a mRNA gene therapy is doesn't truly inoculate you mafic is becoming more evident all the time.

People who get the vaccine get the virus get covert mafic to people. I just talked to yesterday at the vaccine. Now they have covert. What a deal. What a great vaccine. Okay so since the vaccine is not a true vaccine doesn't inoculate you from getting coven. It's not FDA approved yet is an experimental use drug doesn't keep you from getting covert. As we discussed Twyla. It doesn't exempt you now from masking. Many cities and places are now bringing back their masking the requirements for vaccinated and unvaccinated people.

There are side effects to this so-called vaccine including deaths will get into your billboard, which is highlighting that over 6000 deaths so far. According to the CDC, 99.9% of people who get covert survive.

It let that sink in for a second. Early treatment of some of the medications and supplements that we talked about in a previous program really were Dr. Peter McCullough here in the Christian worldview is an early treatment guide for it works to save your life or do to reduce the symptoms of covert and then finally, those who had coven have long-term immunity didn't even know how long it might be forever so you look at that list of things I just ticked off. How do you explain why this vaccine is being mandated and that's why I think that this is not about COBIT. I really think this is about the reset that I was talking about is really an expansion of government power. They are trying to create a new standard for government power on the basis of public health and safety so that in the future they can require other things, this would not be the last thing and for all I know. It also means that everybody would be required to have a COBIT booster once a year into the future.

This movement towards it mandating that everybody be vaccinated has just been growing and has been growing at the child level let's Emily, here is an effort to make it happen at the adult level and I think that is all it's worth a try and set a precedent here, the government and the people have to file Christian worldview returns in just a moment at Samaritan ministry's, our members are passionate about being part of a Christian community that shares one another's medical means without the use of insurance Samaritan members Tony and Ginger Malik that passion to share health with others. Life was my wife's dream come back to the farm wanted to be able to do we raise the vegetables and behold where the food comes from. We want to try to provide healthy as possible for our neighbors and friends and handing the people that we are able to attach in their lives is the perfect fit for us like we can actually partner with other Christian and other provide for their medically Tony and Ginger Malik are Samaritan ministry for more information, visit David Wheaton here to tell you about a special offer on my boy Ben Ben was a yellow lab and inseparable companion back when I was competing in the protagonist tour.

I invite you to enter the story in its tapestry of relationships with Ben and my aging parents with a childhood friend I would eventually marry and ultimately with God whose gospel and grace caused all things, even the hard things to work together for good order assigned to personalized copy for yourself or for a friend who loves dogs or someone you know who needs to hear about God's grace in the gospel. My boy Ben is owned by the Christian worldview. It is 264 pages, hardcover, and retails for 1899+ shipping for a limited time we are offering it for a donation of any amount to the Christian worldview go to the Christian or call 1888 646-2233.

That's the Christian welcome back to the Christian worldview sure to visit our website the Christian you can subscribe to a free weekly email an annual print newsletter resources for adults and children and support the ministry.

Now back to today's program with host David Wheaton received this email from a listener this week. I've been listening programs on over the I am in Minnesota as well.

Sorry to email you but I feel sort of desperate as you probably know I'm not a middle list the following medical facilities, hospitals, because I don't want any sort of connection made to this listener. These places are requiring the vaccine I work at these places won't even get the specifics of what she does.

I have been racking my brain for months and months wondering what I will do it forced to have to get the vaccine. I will, for I fear I will lose a very good job to this, but I will not be getting it and does so she was asking some advice on what to do. This is a real world example here someone is got a good job.

How would you advise that listener whose whose business were there. Their place of work where they earn their living. And we can certainly understand that the pressure how would you advise what that listener. This is very, very, very difficult, because it's like the net is tightening and I have thought that what were going to be looking at here is resignations terminations and litigation. They're going to do it against their best judgment against their personal belief system against even medical ethics.

They're going to do this in order to keep their job. This is just patently wrong right 99.9% of people survive if we had early treatment in this country and it wasn't banned, which is also very un-American. It was an essentially banned in this country we wouldn't even be talking about this injection because everybody would know like they do in the country and Zimbabwe where they get there I ever met and they just go over the counter get there. I remapped and have it on hand. And so this is a get covert symptoms they start taking. I reckon I'm really going to the doctor and see if there's anything else they should do if that were happening in this country we wouldn't even be talking about this injection are hearing the stories of the people who have been harmed by the injection is really a communist. Melissa Marxist moved to force everybody to take an injection, even if it's approved by the FDA. It's still coming this move. Every medication has harms every medication approved by the FDA are not, and it should take about five years for the FDA to even approve this thing and so anything that happens now nobody says it's probably going to be approve you know next month or maybe by October 9. This, it won't matter. It's still too quick for it to be approved, it will all be political move for it to be approved and the people as they will now it's approved and now we can really force it on y'all and that will still be wrong. People all over the country are going to be having to make decisions they going to be looking for employers who don't mandate vaccination. They may have to take a pay cut employers themselves. If they get a substantial amount of their great employees to leave, they might start reconsidering their mandates and so I think people have to stand strong. They have to make the personal decisions.

I understand that the desperation I'm glad I run my own organization and our people. We don't force our people to do any of that they can go to our website called our webpage called real more than one risk so there's S at the end.

Real and they on there.

They will find a sheet of paper that gives them their reasons for the right to refuse, and they should take that to their employer and say this is wrong.

These are all the reasons this could happen to me.

What are you going to do if I get one of these adverse events like the people that centered around Johnson had at his press conference and have these these adverse events that they might never lose these disabilities that they might never lose and they were perfectly before they took the injection so you have to ask your employer what you going to do. Are you going to do Workmen's Comp. for me. Are you going to give me something for the rest of my life to help me pay for the expenses that this happens to me is have to stand up and that's hard for people and it may not be successful. There are religious exemptions possibility for that of spoken this past week to an organization that defends the constitutional rights of us, particularly Christians. They mainly focus on religious liberty.

But this issue of vaccine mandates is for sure going to be getting into their purview that they talked about their developing legal ways to defend those who want to refuse these these vaccine mandate. So stay tuned. Hang in there. If you don't want to get it. That's the best we advice we can give right now seek legal counsel as well to. If you're if you're able. I would add that I think it's a really good idea to wait wait wait do not do not rush into it. Do not feel pressured. Now wait there are deadlines here like the end of September the middle October. Whatever the employer says just keep waiting because anything can happen during that time that you're waiting, and everybody who feels like you tell them.

Do not go.

Let's wait. This might all change if we just wait for the six weeks for those eight weeks that they're giving us their giving it to us. But let's not. Let's not do that because if they find that were all not doing it. Maybe it could change maybe that extended or maybe something will happen and they'll take it away, so do not rush into compliance. If you don't want to really stand up against it and keep waiting and see what will happen.

That's very good device 12. The brace with us today in the Christian worldview present of citizens, counsel for health freedom highly encourage you to center further their email subscription list go to CCH You did mention earlier about these these mandates for children of the vaccine. This is just you to go to school to attend a public school, maybe other private schools. What are your thoughts about this vaccine that the covert so-called vaccine be required for students to go to school the converse question is will how was it really different than the other vaccines that are required for for children to attend school, so this vaccine does not fit the CDC's own definition of a vaccine so that the CDC says a vaccine provides immunity. That's the definition then they have a definition for immunity in the definition for immunity says that it prevents illness to prevent the infection and so Dr. Fauci when he was talking before the U.S. Senate on July 20 and he was asked about the breakthrough infections and he sought to clarify for the Senators exactly what this injection is and he said that the efficacy of the injection is not based on preventing infection it's based on preventing clinically recognizable disease or otherwise. Symptoms efficacy is not about preventing infection. So all by itself. He has said there very clearly that this is not a vaccine. So if if you just think about You get a tetanus shot to prevent you from getting locked right and so you don't get mild black job because you got this vaccination.

You don't get locked out. You just don't get it. It doesn't happen to you. That is not what this is, but all the rest of them are really prevent polio prevent diphtheria prevent measles, all that stuff is preventative. This is not meant to tell us about the response to your don't be bullied billboards that are going up across the country now and then also to tell us about your citizens counsel for health freedom annual dinner event on Thursday, September 9 here in the Twin Cities how people can find out who would want to attend this event.

How they can attend. Okay so I don't be bullied.

Billboard is up just outside of elk River, Minnesota which is just north of the Twin Cities and its upper two months and it says make an informed choice when you ask about what the responses been well we did try to get the billboard up and with other Billboard companies who just flat out refused. Some of them. Now we have some people interested around the country and putting up our Billboard Excel you can see they are sort of the politics and the fear and now you know everything else that's involved in that when it comes to the billboard. We have certainly been hearing from people and we can tell that we have lots of people going to real to look at the information I would encourage your viewers to do that because we have the risk we have links we have access to early treatment options. We we actually had a special page now. Early treatment and we want to help people have a backbone to stand up and say no to this because this is not about: this is about the future of our country being free or not.

Because of this government reset between the people and the government regarding our Event Which Is Taking Pl., Thursday September 9 and it is to support our organizations efforts.

You know into 2022 and we have Dr. Scott Atlas who was president trumps that COBIT 19 advisor.

He was the one who often stood up against Dr. Fauci and all Dr. Fauci's claims about everybody having new mast and vaccinated and the lockdowns and everything. He stood against the lockdowns talk about the how the economy is being destroyed by the lockdowns Dr. Scott Atlas will be our keynote speaker. Just go to CCH and you can register their we are looking forward to coming to that event on September 9 so well.

Thank you for coming on the Christian worldview today and always grateful for your insights and just keeping us informed on these situations is that you evolve and change for the worse. I might add this country. Thank you for helping us discern what's going on of God's best in grace to you Twyla and David alright so if you missed any of the interview at twilight.

You can always go to our website the Christian world were all of our past programs are archived. I'd like to play more of that press conference from this past week were Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York City announced that the city was going to be instituting these vaccine mandates.

In case you didn't hear it the propaganda. The level of government coercion being used here just listen to what he said in this particular press conference. You can see the energy the activity in the city again jobs going back the livelihoods coming back businesses coming back. You can see it all. And there's a reason there's one reason and only one reason vaccines vaccination has made the difference. This is the whole ballgame.

Everyone we are now at this point we dreamed of and now will go farther and farther smart mix of incentives and mandates because it's all about vaccination, either saying our laughter which will climb the ladder will use every tool got to fight the Delta variant and in the covert era once and for all in the city that means more and more vaccinations and we know that strong clear mandates help so we start. Of course with the mandate for our frontline health workers, health and hospitals department health requiring that they get tested for vaccinated these kind of actions are making an impact far beyond the boundaries of New York City were seeing our state and other states like California following suit were seeing the federal government policy. New York City is starting every time the action we are setting the pace and will not do that again today with today's announcement, there could be no more vivid betrayal of what government is at its core than what Bill de Blasio said right there. It's about force. It's about mandates. It's about requirements.

It's about compliance.

All these words that government uses and they take pride in it.

New York is the first city were starting a trend were such great people working to kick this virus were going to end it ever going to do it through these vaccine mandates.

De Blasio continues today announced a new approach which recalling the key to NYC pass the key to New York City when you hear those words.

I want to imagine the notion that because someone's vaccinated. They can do all the amazing things that are available in the city. This is a miraculous place literally full of wonders. And if you're vaccinated.

All that's going open up to you have the key.

You can open the door, but in your vaccinated. Unfortunately you will not be able to participate many things. That's the point were trying across is time for people to see vaccination as literally necessary to living a good and full and healthy life. This is the same way the mark of the beast will be sold someday as the key to living a full and healthy life and enjoying all the benefits that the world can offer you if you just take the mark of the beast to be able to buy and sell and go to work and travel and do all these great things and people will willingly take that mark because people don't want to be isolated. They don't have the discernment to see where this is going, and that's why the Bible talks about a strong delusion that comes over people. This new policy will be phased in over the coming weeks so we've been working with the business community getting input will guide you more over the next few weeks. The final details the policy will be announced and implemented the week of August 16. Okay there all the announcements and how it's going to be implemented. But again, it's government. So then comes the force and then on September 13. During that week will begin inspections and enforcement. Not everyone is going to agree with this.

I understand that but for so many people this is going to be the lifesaving act that will put a mandate in place is going to unity a much higher level vaccination in the city and that is the key to protecting people and the key to our recovery. That's why it's the key to NYC. The key to NYC pass opens a lot of doors and we needed. We know that this is what's going to turn the tide.

We also know the people I got a really clear message to want to participate in our society fully guided vaccinated. Maybe you're thinking when you hear this, that he's gotta be joking.

This is not a real audio recording of the mayor of the biggest city in America saying these things that I get vaccinated, or else but this is the reality right now in America and will be the reality. Going forward, you gotta get vaccinated. It's time all the answers. All information is out there.

You seen over hundred 60 million Americans get vaccinated safely. You seen it make a difference only reads what happened. Recovery is vaccination.

So it's time and this is going to send that message clearly and the key to NYC past this is easy approach because to confirm vaccination. All you need is your vaccination card for the NYC covert safe app or the Excelsior app from the state any of those will do so. It's simple to show it and urine. This approach is not a clear one enjoyed everything great in the summer of New York City go get vaccinated.

It will do for you. So many things will make your life better. It will make all lives better that my friends is what communism sounds like with an American accent, Bill de Blasio, mandating vaccines and how much better your life is going to be. He's as religious about vaccination as the most zealous Christian is about following Jesus Christ. That's very clear.

So there are two things to think about with this vaccine mandate. First night and come up with this term, the mark of the vaccine, which is a vaccine card or vaccine, passport, or maybe down the road can be a biometric mark you hold. Arousing of the carrier card around this market. The vaccine is a precursor. It's a conditioner or just a stepping stone to what the Bible talks about in Revelation 13. The mark of the beast house so will just as with the mark of the beast, those who are on vaccinated will not be able to participate in regular life as Bill de Blasio just said they won't be able to buy or sell in certain places all go to certain places the work unless they have this vaccine card. They can show the mark of the vaccine to be able to do that the Christian worldview returns in just a moment.

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That's 1888 646-2233 or the Christian and be sure to specify which station website or app you listen is that helps us decide whether to continue want to give an outlet. Thank you for your support. I struggled with my identity all the way through my light years, Laura Jensen, until I found the Lord Jesus Christ's legislation now in our school queen story, even reaching into our churches talk about people the proceeding is from in his image. 100 documentary film that biblically and compassionately addresses the issue of transgender is a nation of any amount to the Christian world 1888 646-2233 right to Box 40, Excelsior, MN 55331 Christian that's 1888 646-2233 Christian thanks for joining us on the Christian world view, just a reminder that today's program and pass programs that our website Christian will dawdle are also available and be sure to share with others. Now back to today's program with host David Wheaton Revelation 13, you probably read that passage before the mark of the beast when the antichrist is ruling over the world in the seven year tribulation. During the second half of that tribulation. He institutes a mark of the beast, so that people in the world can buy and sell.

You must follow him and have this mark. To do that and he's aided by this this cohorts the false prophet who is a religious leader. So you have the beast of the antichrist was a political leader of the world and he has a sidekick called the false prophet whose a religious leader. These pieces what a tandem here to limit its read Revelation 13 starting in verse 11. This is the apostle John writing about the vision that Christ gave him for what is going to come for the world in the future. Then I saw another beast coming up out of the earth.

This is the false prophet, and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spoke as a Dragon.

He exercises all the authority of the first beast, the antichrist and his presence and he makes the earth and those who dwell in it to worship the first beast, whose fatal wound was healed. He performs great signs that he even makes fire come down out of heaven to the earth in the presence of men. Verse 14 and he deceives those who dwell on the earth because of the signs which it was given him to perform in the presence of the beast, telling those who dwell on the earth to make an image of the beast who had the wound of the sword and has come to life. Apparently the antichrist had a fatal wound fakers.

Otherwise he comes back to life and because of this great sign all the peoples of the world are going to worship this antichrist.

Verse 15 it was given to him to give breath to the image of the beast is the false prophet now so that the image of the beast would even speak and cause as many as do not worship the image of the beast to be killed.

There is the persecution for those who don't worship the beast to those who won't take his mark. Verse 16 and he causes all this is now the antichrist, the small and the great the rich and the poor in the freemen of the slaves, to be given a mark on their right hand or on their forehead, and he provides that no one will be able to buy or to sell, except the one who has the mark, either the name of the beast or the number of his name here is wisdom.

Verse 18, led him to as understanding calculate the number of the beast, for the number is that of a man and his number is 666 so that's the literal mark of the beast, which is gonna come to pass during the second half of the seven year tribulation.

The vaccine card that people are going to have to now display in New York. I'm sure it's going to catch on all the country is not the mark of the beast but like we've been talking about is a prelude to its conditioning people for it, someday that the mark of the vaccine is the is the test run. It's is like the labor pains for the full birth that is a come with a mark of the beast people will willingly and enthusiastically take the mark of the beast.

Someday it will be sold and swallowed as a good thing that one's duty to fellowman to take this mark in the massive delusion of covert has shown us that this deeper delusion for the mark of the beast is going to be very easy for this world leader to to make people go along with and comply.

And as we seen with this whole covert situation. He will not only mandated but you have all the media and social media and the big companies of the world right in his pocket helping him institute this mark of the beast and control over the world. It's just shocking how quickly our country were we thought we had individual liberties that were enshrined in our Constitution can so quickly be taken away. That is exactly what's taking place in our country now and that's because those who control our government. All branches of government whether the executive branch with the Biden administration, the judicial branch with leftist judges, the legislative branch. These are people who hate the Christian influenced America of our founding and of our history and they hit the church as well. They have been so deluded by Satan, that they are inexorably drawn in, driven towards humanism.

A godless worldview toward socialism and communism towards globalism a set of nationalism.

That's where they want to go and those who want to mandate this vaccine. There can really only be two reasons for one of two reasons.

They are either incredibly ignorant of what COBIT actually is in the minimal danger it poses to most everyone or second possibility is they want to control everyone to transform the world into their globalist utopia. The latter is much more likely they are not stupid people.

These are educated people they know, I think exactly what they are doing. They know that the virus doesn't hold that much of a threat, but they don't want a potential crisis where they can make people fear for their lives to go to waste the perfect thing to get the world to comply into this global estate and most people will enthusiastically go along with it because they don't want to be socially isolated. They do want to be inconvenienced or life they want to go out to the restaurant to get a burger and a beer. They don't want to lose their life and livelihood.

I can certainly understand that I sympathize with someone who doesn't want to get the vaccine feels like they're gonna lose their opportunity to earn a living for their family if they don't get it. I guy I sympathize with that people generally want life to go back to normal, whatever that is. And they believe that getting the vaccine will get them there because that's what Bill de Blasio says over and over and over again and that sound bias of the president's been saying over and over again you see on the news every night in the mainstream media.

It's everywhere get the vaccine. This is what you have to do it's like this mass propaganda delusion going on in the world you think people will be able to see through these pathetic incentives will get $100 a get a free beer if you get vaccinated through this coercion, but that's not the way of the human race again. Remember, 99.98 or 99% of people survive this virus is a vaccination really necessary for that high of a survival rate their medications that can be taken that will reduce your chances of severe symptoms of covert or or death.

We know about that we've done on program and that with early treatment protocol for covert that's a travesty of criminality in and of itself that this country's medical institutions are not talking about promoting or making these medications widely available so people can when they do get covert they can get over it and the so-called vaccine is not a vaccine.

As we talked about the program. It's a gene therapy site approved by the FDA. There's lots of deaths that have occurred. Adverse reactions people still get the virus even after getting the vaccine I we have a an older couple that our family knows very full store family this older couple in their 80s they got the vaccine several months ago.

We've been talking with them all week. Have a terrible case of covert. Right now they're struggling through another scrambling to get these early treatment medications for covert and that they got the vaccine.

I thought the vaccine was supposed to keep you from getting the virus, or at least reduce the symptoms will tell that to our friends and even crazier people who have had covert and now have over, and developed antibodies.

Apparently they last forever for a very long time. Why would they even need the vaccine but still listen to Bill de Blasio and Pres. Biden to get the vaccine. If you don't get the vaccine.

Your you're really a you're the problem in this country so this vaccine is being mandated for you to buy or sell or be able to earn a living or travel for a virus that hardly kills anyone a virus that is treatable with existing medications and this is a vaccine. Again, that doesn't even keep you from turning the virus that's not a vaccine doesn't bring inoculation so that's the first point that the mark of the vaccine is a precursor or a steppingstone to the mark of the beast. The second thing that is occurring right now is that the unvaccinated are being blamed for the continuation of the virus and is going to be of further marginalizing and persecuting of those people. Listen to what the president said just recently on all sides of all this country 25 is will is yours. If you are vaccinated over the overwhelmed crucial for you as I just feel very sorry for people who consume these kinds of lies directly from the top leader of our country from the mainstream media all the time and innocently and willingly go along and believe what these people say that the vaccines can keep you from getting cold fitted in all the other lies that with the pandemic of the unvaccinated but that's very intentional that he's saying this and this is why people who are vaccinated are so angry and so self-righteous toward those who choose not to get vaccinated. Think about it for a second. How irrational this is.

If you are vaccinated. Why would you be upset with someone who's unvaccinated there shouldn't be any threat to you because your vaccinated correct. I think the government knows that it's going to be conservative Christians and some political conservatives who are going to refuse getting this vaccine that they're knocking to believe the party line here. Like most people are going to do and are glad for that because then they can marginalize and they can persecute those people even more in society employments. I look at those people those the people that are keeping us from getting over this those the people that need to be pushed to the margins of society. This all being said, getting this injection is not a vaccine. Whether you get it or not is really a matter of your conscience and shouldn't be construed as an obedience to government principal for the crew the Christian. Another words, I don't think Christians should take this as a Romans 13 issue governments telling me to get vaccinated. Therefore, I have to do that me. After all, they're telling you to put something in your body that may be of danger to you. I think that is a category where obedience to government is gone too far.

At the same time though, I don't believe you are sinning by getting the vaccine and looking to criticize you for doing so. If you want to get it. That's up to you Christians are going to come to different conclusions on this and we should not demean one another based on whatever decision you make for the vaccine you notice how on this program. We don't criticize who those who get the vaccine. What were criticizing is the fact that it's being mandated is being coerced using propaganda and lies in unscientific information misinformation to get people to be vaccinated, so I'll just give a couple suggestions.

If you're on the fence on whether you should get vaccinated and you're feeling a lot of pressure from your family are from worker from elsewhere. Don't get the vaccine because of pressure as Twyla was saying wait petition your employer pray about it to God, seek legal help.

Things are changing so rapidly right now that you should be fully convinced in your own mind before you choose to get vaccinated or refuse to get vaccinated. Think it's also important this time to find a doctor who believes in individual choice. That just doesn't just go along with the party line.

One thing that we've seen this whole fiasco of covert is that the medical community absolutely cannot be trusted. All that's been discussed for all these months is get vaccinated. What about people who actually get sick from covert, don't you think there should be some focus on how they should be treated so they don't die of it or get worse. It's a travesty that existing medications that will help people overcome covert ones that we've had personal experience with in our own family that those medications and that treatment protocol has been broadcast far in wide by government instead is just get vaccinated and then you'll be safe.

And then you have the passport to New York City.

Let's conclude today focusing on the truth of God's word rather than the lies of mankind. I read a passage this week from Psalm chapter 9, which I think sums up so well this war going on between those in in authority who defy God in those of us who are trying to follow the Lord in all things he says in Psalm nine verse seven but the Lord abides forever. He has established his throne for judgment and she will judge the world in righteousness he will execute judgment for the people's with equity.

The Lord also will be a stronghold for the oppressed stronghold in times of trouble. And those who know your name will put their trust in you for you, oh Lord have not forsaken those who seek you, everyone who was put their faith in the person and work of Jesus Christ on their behalf can have that truth as an anchor for your soul. If you haven't put your faith in Christ. I would encourage you to go to our website and read our page on what must I do to be saved or just give us a call. Because when you come to saving faith in Jesus Christ. You will be forgiven reconciled to God, and you won't even have to encounter this tribulation. That we talked about today in the mark of the beast. Thank you for listening today to the Christian worldview. We have a new feature you can get transcripts of the program by going to our website the world just a reminder, our annual golf event is coming up on Monday, September 20. If you are local or even outside Minnesota. You are welcome to come to this. Find out until next time, remember Jesus Christ and his word are the same yesterday and today and forever. The mission of the Christian worldview is to sharpen the biblical worldview of Christians proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We hope today's broadcast encouraged.

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Until next time think biblically and live accordingly

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