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Worldview Divide in the Mid-Term Elections

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton
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November 1, 2018 8:00 pm

Worldview Divide in the Mid-Term Elections

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton

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November 1, 2018 8:00 pm

Recently on the program we have discussed how wide the worldview divide has become in our nation. On one side there are those with a traditional American worldview—they generally believe in God, more limited government, free market economics, equal opportunity for all, national sovereignty, border control, and heterosexual morality/marriage, and individual liberties of life, speech, and religion. President Trump and Republican Party candidates generally align with this worldview...

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World divide in the midterm elections is topical discuss today right here on the Christian will rate your program with the mission is to sharpen the biblical worldview of Christians and to share the good news that all people can be reconciled to God in repentance of their sin. Faith in Jesus Christ, I'm David Wheatley hosted the program and our website is the Christian God or the recently on the program. We have discussed how wide the worldview divide has become in our nation on one side there are those with the traditional American worldview. They generally believe in God more limited government, free market economics equal opportunity for all national sovereignty and border control heterosexual morality and marriage and individual liberties of life. Speech and religion present. Trump and Republican party candidates generally align with this worldview on the other side are those who have a socialistic worldview.

They are mostly secular or religiously pluralistic. They believe in a regulating redistributing expansive government equal outcomes for identity groups based on race and gender, class, sexuality, loose immigration policies homosexual transgender morality in a woman's right to abortion. Former Pres. Obama and the Democrat party candidates generally align with this worldview, so if you mute the rhetoric coming from both sides leading into this heated midterm election on Tuesday, November 6, the choice really comes down to candidates who support Americanism on one side or support socialism, which the dictionary defines as quote in Marxist theory, the stage following capitalism in the transition of a society to communism characterized by the imperfect implementation of collectivist principles." This weekend on the Christian world of you Robert night columnist for the Washington times joins us to discuss the worldview divide in the midterm elections in what's at stake now before we get to the interview with Robert night I thought it be good to gain some perspective on the election so we don't let the election become the most important thing going on in the country right now. Matter fact I interviewed John MacArthur earlier this week in order to be airing that program either next weekend of the following and the interview is on his new book, Christ's call to reform the church and interestingly enough in the introduction to the book, there is actually something about politics, select the read a few paragraphs from that and then get to the interview with Robert night so John MacArthur starts out by saying in the book of Revelation, Jesus wrote seven letters to cities in Asia minor. He didn't write them to City Hall. He wrote them to the church. Let that sink in for a moment in the closing chapters of Scripture, the Lord did not set his church on a mission to quote redeem the culture he didn't advise his people to leverage political power to institute morality or to protest the rule of immoral men. In fact, he didn't launch a social revolution or devise a political strategy of any kind. The church today, and particularly the church in America needs to understand that God has not called his people out of the world simply to wage a culture war with the world were not meant to gain temporal ground like some invading force working to superficially quote turn this country back to God.

Unquote he goes on to say that believers need to understand that what happens in America politically and socially has nothing to do with the progress or the power of the kingdom of God. Cultural change can't accelerate the kingdom's growth, nor can it hinder it. Christ's kingdom is not of this world John 1836 then he goes on to say this. That's not to say I'm dismissive of our democratic process or ungrateful to have a voice and it is a great blessing to have a vote and to be able to support biblical standards of morality. Many Christians throughout the history of the church have lived through far worse circumstances than ours with no legal means to do anything about it. That's from John MacArthur's new book, Christ's call to reform the church and will be hearing from him in that interview in the coming week in the program. We actually have one soundbite later in this program. From that interview, all of which to say.

As we discussed this midterm election coming up with Robert night, let's just have the right perspective that we as Christians should be informed about the issues we should be engaged politically. We absolutely should vote and take advantage of that incredible privilege we should stand and speak from a biblical perspective on the issues of our day yet realizing that while political victories make a better country to live in political gains do not fulfill the great commission and political losses do not hinder God's plan to save souls so pray and be engaged in vote, knowing that whatever the result God's plans and purposes March right along on his timetable and how good it is for Christians to be able to rest and that so keeping that perspective in mind, let's get to the first segment of the interview with Washington times columnist Robert night as we discussed the worldview divide in these midterm elections and just a quick apology before we get to that that I've been struggling with some sort of upper respiratory illness for about a week or so and I when I did the interview with Robert a few days ago I had a particularly bad day so just bear with me feeling a little bit better now, but it's never fun to listen to someone struggling with her voice.

All right, here's the first segment of the interview with Robert night, many folks I've heard in the media are calling this upcoming midterm election.

The most important midterm election in history. Do you think that's the case, and if so, why is that not a lot of people put it up.

The most important midterm election history. Maybe it is we thought so. In 2010 we thought so and 24 taken and we thought the 2016 election was huge and it was huge.

As it turned out, this is a crucial election.

There's no doubt about it, of what we're looking at right now is a clash of worldviews and because of the Republicans took Congress in 2016 and the White House and Pres. Trump basically through a log in front of the freight train that the political left has been writing for decades really expanding government pushing very radical social agenda and so forth. This election comes down to. Do you want to retain the Republican reaction against all that and they in favor of lower taxes and fewer regulations, i.e., a saner social approach more spending for the military and above all, the big issue. Protection of the borders and and restoration of a immigration policy that will allow massive illegal immigration. Those are all on the bell when you vote Democrat or Republican, you're either gonna vote for stopping the reforms and reverting back to say a Nancy Pelosi type government or you will be voting to retain what's going on now, which is a whole series of reforms on everything imaginable.

So it really is an important election and I I do happen to think it's crucial. I think it could go either way. But I think it's pretty clear the Republicans will retain the Senate and probably increase their margin in the Senate and maybe by several states which could bode well for future Supreme Court appointments.

What is the key races that you're going to be walking.

That'll be bellwether as to how this is going to go in the Senate. In particular, you got 10 Democrats who ran and states that Pres. Trump carried pretty handily are all very vulnerable. Some of the more than others. You've got Heidi Heitkamp in North Dakota. She's very vulnerable. It looks like she's probably you to be defeated. You got Claire McCaskill sitting Sen. in Missouri are she's going up against the Atty. Gen., Josh Holly as far as the house you've got 73 competitive seats in the U.S. House now and these are considered a tossup between either party. According the Cook political report of the GOP which controls the house right now can only afford to lose 17 seats overall and if they do, then you will see Nancy Pelosi is the next House Speaker. There are 25 Republican seats in districts that were won by Hillary Clinton.

So a lot of those are tossup seats now, but there are other seats that were the Democrats are vulnerable because of these huge issues that have been latebreaking there. There were three of them won the roaring economy. Jobs have been added. I will go into the whole litany of good economic news.

But if it's it's a very big economy is growing at a 3% rate during the Obama years. They said realistic to assume will never be about 2% thousands of jobs have been added. Its stock market is having its ups and downs but is overall pretty healthy. That usually bodes well for the party in power, but the two other issues are huge. One was Brent Cavanaugh, Senate nomination when the political left, including senators at the hearings went crazy, acted very badly and encourage the mobs and then using the mob activity across the land where the left-wing mobs assailing Republicans in public places and you had represented Maxine Waters egging them on and get on their faces.

Americans don't like that I think it's unfair it's it's it's kind of revealed the left. Very ugly side. I think that will bring a lot of conservative voters who might not of been motivated otherwise. And then you finally have the migrant caravan heading toward America. Okay there in America.

There, heading toward the United States that is probably the central issue right now because people are saying wait a minute. The way the laws set up when you can just claim asylum at the border and have to be let in for hearing and then they disappear before the hearing and into America.

A lot of Americans are highly motivated to say that somebody's got to protect the border. Illegal immigration is out of control. This constitutes pretty much an invasion of the United States.

No other country will put up with this and of course, Pres. Trump has doubled down trying to eliminate birthright citizenship. But immigration wasn't the big issue in 2016. I think it will be the big issue in 2018, and I think you will bode well for the Republicans unless something bad happens, such as the migrant caravan reaching the border and then their violence breaking out somehow. In that case, Pres. Trump would be blamed no matter what happens, the media would magnify it may come out to be an ogre. I think that's what the left is counting on his right now the migrant caravan is an issue.

None of them want to talk about their terrified of the issue they know most Americans are dead set against it and so they're keeping quiet.

Their best bet is if something terrible happens. Not that there wishing it, not accusing them of that. But I'm saying it would bode well for them. If that happened overnight with us today and the real deal, columnist for the Washington times is also the author of some books, a nation worth fighting for, and a strong constitution and you can get in contact and get on his distribution list by emailing him at Robert Knight for the Let's say Robert that the Democrats when just the house. The U.S. House how real is the possibility of the next two years being spent on impeaching part, Pres. Trump all right Robert Knight will answer that question after this first break of the day here on the Christian real view radio program. As we discussed the worldview divide in the midterm elections coming up on Tuesday, November 6. We have much more to get to today so stay tuned, and you're listening to the Christian review radio program. Social justice is the gospel to become the mantra of many evangelical rectifying perceived inequities of race, gender and sexuality, poverty, immigration, amongst others, is considered a top priority. But what exactly is social justice is working for social justice. The biblical mandate and application of the gospel. Caleb Eisner has written an insightful booklet entitled social justice. How good intentions undermined justice in gospel. Also included in this revised 44 page booklet is a copy of the just-released statement on social justice in the gospel. You can order the social justice booklet or donation of any amount to the Christian will go to the Christian worldview.or call one AAA 46 2233 right to Box 401 Excelsior, MN 55331. The mission of the Christian world is to sharpen the biblical worldview of Christians and to share the good news that all people can be reconciled to God through Jesus Christ for when Christians have a stronger faith. And when unbelievers come to saving faith lives and families and churches and communities are changed for the glory of God. The Christian world you as a listener supported ministry. You can help us in our mission to impact hearts and minds by making a donation of any amount or becoming a monthly partner. All donations are tax-deductible. You can give or calling us toll-free one AAA 646-2233. When you give like to thank you by sending you a current resource. Monthly partners can choose to receive resources throughout the year, one AAA 646-2233 or go to the Christian world Thank you for your support. Thanks for joining us today here in the Christian review radio program.

I'm David. We host our website.

As always, is the Christian worldview.or if you haven't signed up for our annual letter. I would encourage you to do so in the near future as were going to be mailing out our once a year annual letter with the accompanying resource catalog this month in November and you can do that by going to our website the Christian real at the same place you sign up for our weekly email to one new element of the Christian review that we just launched this past week is called T CWS in the Christian world you short takes and that you'll be hearing more about this but basically the short takes are going to be bite-size highlights of the most newsworthy content from the latest broadcast will today in the program, Robert Knight, columnist for the Washington times as our guest were talking about the worldview divide in these upcoming midterm elections.

Let's get back to the second segment of the interview with Robert Knight.

Let's say Robert that the Democrats when just the house. The U.S. House how real is a possibility of the next two years being spent on impeaching part, Pres. Trump very real possibility. It's unlikely to Republicans lose the Senate record and will increase your numbers but the house is a tossup right now and if the Democrats get it, and a date when it only by one seat that changes all the committee chairmanships.

The net effect will be to stop the current Republican investigations into the misuse of power by the FBI and the IRS and other federal agencies. The whole Russia investigation will take on a different tent and certainly there will be no investigation into the many Clinton scandals that are still brewing out there from emails to working with the Russians to conjure up that investigation that the security agencies undertook. After looking at at at at the that the reap that the Democrats paid for a minute. That's a huge scandal, it still hasn't been addressed fully but that all come to a crashing end, the Democrats take over. And then they will start announce that they want to impeach Pres. Trump. They really don't have any high crimes or misdemeanors to point to, but they believe that the Constitution is flexible enough to allow impeachment for any reason that the house thinks the president is unfit for office.

And I think a lot of Democrats think Pres. Trump is unfit for office for two reasons.

One is very effective in battling them that that really really annoys them to these very acerbic. He goes out of his way to offend his enemies. He is castigated the press.

He tweets constantly. They think that's evidence of unfitness of the present would say no I'm just just poking the lion getting upset and getting a reaction return however you feel about it. I do think if the Democrats take the house you will see a variety of investigations into the Trump finances and probably calls for impeachment's night with us today and will you.

You mentioned some of the dramatic events leading up to this election and in the press coverage of them.

Francis the Cavanaugh confirmation process to the US Supreme Court. The immigrant caravan coming from Central America. More recently, mail bombs being sent to Democrat leaders and then of course the tragedy that occurred at the synagogue in Pittsburgh with many people shot and killed like to play a soundbite for you. Robert from MSNBC, Chris Hayes program called all in.

He was interviewing a man named Steve Schmidt to believe he is a former Republican strategist in this two-minute sound bites draws a straight line between the violent things that have been happening right directly to the fault of Pres. Trump years the soundbite with their former home and try to stay Schmidt call most of the words matter podcast which is titled how do we get here.

However, we got here were here and where we are is at an Unprecedented Pl. in American history. We have never had a president of the United States do with this president is doing. He is stoking a cold Civil War in this country. It has turned hot on the periphery. This man hours with what he said was when he went in and he said I can't sit by and watch my people slaughtered scrutiny optics I'm going in and he went in to kill Jews to choose he believed the refinancing the caravan the invading army like Panzer division that is threatening the southern border and farming that is wracked and riddled with disease same type of rhetoric, the same type of propaganda you would've seen in Germany in 1938 dehumanization turning people into infested environment. What Trump is doing is stoking and inciting for the purposes of political power. The worst amongst us to take action in his name we have a situation whereby, for the grace of God, the largest mass assassination attempt in American history was avoided. The targeted amongst them to former president of the United States. Every one of those people was a target of Donald Trump's and this man a fanatic was radicalized by Fox news by talk radio by a right wing propaganda machine that is as sophisticated as it has turned deadly. Steve Schmidt on MSNBC and as I watch this segment. I was just in complete jaw-dropping disbelief that he could draw a straight line from the mail bomber to the synagogue, assassinations, shootings right to Pres. Trump with this is been the narrative both on and MSNBC and also on CNN as well. What you make of this. This is media climate right now, leading into this midterm election part of the ruling elite. He was strategist for Sen. McCain's failed presidential campaign.

I recall when he was encouraging the Republican Party to adopt same-sex marriages is a good thing in that even come out in favor of it. So he's morally.

The manners is with the ruling elite who want to overhaul America's traditions are morals, everything his description of the current violent atmosphere out there as completely a manifestation of Pres. Trump is is an obscene smear I believe. I think it's a slander. He drew a straight line, not only between those incidents and present parental rights at all for Hitler bringing up the Nazis. I mean that's the kind of over-the-top rhetoric that the left has favored for years. When he said this was the largest mass assassination attempt. More about the attempted mass shooting at the Republican congressional baseball practice in which House Majority Leader states believes he was wounded almost killed except for the valiant efforts of his bodyguards. They might've taken out a couple dozen people are that shooter who was enraged and motivated by Bernie Sanders rhetoric arguably because he was a big Sanders supporter.

You have the black lives matter movement preaching violence against police.

You saw the mob attacking Republicans out to dinner and in the halls of Congress and scratching on the doors of the Supreme Court on the left uses violence as one of its tactics and and say that it's all present Trump's fault is is absurd and it's it shows how the ruling elites are situated in both parties and why Pres. Trump was running against the establishment. Steve Schmidt is a perfect example of the Republican establishment was perfectly willing to use the left-wing media to attack people in his own party and the leader of his own party that Sherry has a party anymore and he shouldn't after this night with us today on the radio program, a columnist for the Washington times also the author of a nation worth fighting for, and a strong constitution. Those two books can be ordered by emailing that Robert in your last answer you referred to the worldview on the left and you've written how cultural Marxism is the animating worldview on the left today. How would you explain that after the Russians overthrew the monarchy back in 1917 and ushered in the first communist country. Vladimir Lenin thought that the world would soon be overwhelmed by communist revolutions as predicted by Karl Marx and Frederick Engels because the workers of the world would unite and it would be an economic revolution that did not happen and so the Marxist decided that they had to change cultures instead there was a cry called capture the culture by Marxist Italian name Gramsci and them cultural Marxists have been doing that ever since they've captured the educational institutions, the media, Hollywood, and they been pushing this relentless line that America is the problem in the world that America was uniquely fallen because we had slavery which much of the world. It also but it's America's unique evil and that America must fall in order for an age of absolute equality and tolerance and so forth arise. That's the narrative that the Bernie Sanders narratives that we have to embrace socialism, we have to get rid of capitalism we have to overhaul America's basically changed beyond recognition and that used to be a element of the Democratic Party and the liberal ranks but doubts the overriding philosophy. Unfortunately, you find very few centrist or moderate Democrats anymore and that's because the leftists have cowed them out of the party. Many of them up and come Republicans what their plan is very simple.

Plug the United States with illegal immigrants press for citizenship at the same time hope some on dependency, getting them hooked on government aid of all kinds and uncreated permanent Democratic constituency that will reliably pull the lever for Democratic candidates who promise more and more largesse from taxpayers okay Roberts not finished with this answer on cultural Marxism will take a second break of the day and into the rest of his answer.

After this, I'm David DVD, the death of discernment. Mike Gendron uses the analogy from AW tells red cells are like faith that carry life-giving oxygen to every part of the body white cells. On the other hand, are discernment they pounce upon dead and toxic matter and carry it out of the body. Each member in the body of Christ is white blood cell, we need to identify doctrinal error and make sure it gets out of the body. That's the only way that the body of Christ to remain strong. The death of discernment DVD contains two messages by Mike Gendron.

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We also have some of our current offers going on for a donation of any amount. The social justice booklet. Also, the DVDs in the death of discernment and apostasy. All those are available at the Christian were will today in the program leading up to the midterm elections on Tuesday, November 6 were talking with Robert knight, a columnist for the Washington times about the worldview divide put on full display in this midterm election and before the break. I was asking Robert about how cultural Marxism has become such a baked in part of the Democrat party today and here's the rest of his answer to that question, you find very few centers or moderate Democrats anymore and that's because we left it have cowed them out of the parting. Many of them up and come Republicans what their plan is very simple.

Plug the United States with illegal immigrants press for citizenship at the same time hope some on dependency, getting them hooked on government aid of all kinds and uncreated permanent Democratic constituency that will reliably pull the lever for Democratic candidates who promise more and more largesse from taxpayers. There was a Marxist couple who formulated a strategy to put so many people on welfare that would crash the system and necessitate the government taking over everything that was called the Cloward Piven strategy and that that's pretty much the things to be the of philosophy of the liberal left today to. There is no limit to how much largesse they want to give away. So call for free from free tuition to free medical care to somebody set a time for all this. They know that we can't, so it would crash the system.

Someone said you can't have open borders and a generous welfare system because of course it would be a magnet for millions of people and would overwhelm the system that seems to be what's happening now and David to your original question is this the most crucial election in our history. Well it's it's right up there because that's what's at issue. If the left gets hold of the Congress than the attempt to retain border control will disappear, and I imagine we'll just see more caravans from Central America until finally I hate to think what will happen at the border because no nation can commit millions of people to come and in Germany they did that with immigrants from North Africa and the Middle East, and now Germany is in the midst of a crisis got a million Muslims who will not assimilate and are causing all sorts of problems in the Chancellor of Germany. Angela Merkel is announced her retirement she so unpopular because she basically allowed a wave of immigration that will forever change Germany, we face the same problem here. If nothing is done. And so you know when people go out and vote in a very real sense, greater voting to open the border or their voting to close the border and retain our national sovereignty. I think it's that crucial is only entitled to sell the worldview divide in the midterm elections because the divide is very, very far apart from each other.

Let's talk about one of the issues where there is this vast worldview divide in the issue is transgender is a man your most recent column is on that topic. The title of the column is denying reality at a steep price. I just like to read the first several paragraphs and then follow up with a question for you. The idea of two distinct sexes has been acknowledged as fundamental reality for thousands of years by billions of people.

Biology in every major religion.

The trump administration agrees, which is why the Health and Human Services department is circulating a proposal defining gender this way. For purposes of interpreting title IX of the civil rights act. It says the sex listed on a person's birth certificate as originally issued shall constitute definitive proof of a person's sex unless rebutted by reliable genetic evidence. Further, the determination should rest quote on a biological basis that is clear, grounded in science objective and administrable on quote.

Unsurprisingly, the trump administration straightforward return to sanity has triggered a hysteria unseen since the majority of Americans had the audacity to say out loud that marriage is the natural union of male and female.

The dystopic left is apoplectic that anyone still dares to resist their distorted view of human sexuality. They know that most people know better, but are afraid to say so this is about much more than some people claiming to be the other sex and trying with the help of the media to rake the culture in legal system to their version of reality it's a power struggle.

The ruling elites aim to make us say that up is down right is wrong suite is bitter in life is death. That was from your column denying reality at a steep price. How is this issue of transgender is in such a primary example of this. This worldview divide this cultural Marxism taking place within the Democrat party at this particular time I left it using the port current gender people of the battering ram against reality.

There are basically saying look, we want to put people in a position where they're not allowed to tell the truth anymore unless it's the way we want it. We want to empower the government and the culture to force people to say something that they know in their hearts is true. If we get that much power we can we can make them do or say anything.

That's what the transgender issue has to be looked at as something far larger than a tiny percentage of people who were sexually confused and are pressing to be recognized as the opposite sex, and on individual terms of the tragedy of all of these people should be approached with compassion, understanding, not codependency.

We shouldn't be forced into saying yeah Bruce Jenner really is Caitlin Jenner.

I think that's going too far. What we know he's not a woman. His whole DNA is God doesn't confuse things.

Except in rare instances, and in those rare instances don't override the general rule that God created to sexes and that's validated throughout the Bible and Jesus himself said, have you not heard he created them male and female current people to come along saying no, not really.

It's just all in your head. Biology. These are the same people are saying that evangelical Christians are not scientific know nothing well afraid they're the current know nothings because they're saying ignore science and do what we tell you believe what we tell you, ignore your lying eyes.

Why would tell people out there don't ignore your lying eyes, be kind, be considerate, but hold to the truth night with us today in the radio program is a columnist for the Washington times why are evangelicals such an important voting block in all these elections recently and what issues are a priority that evangelical should be considering going into this election. A lot of evangelicals were motivated in 2016 to turn down vote, partly because of the makeup of the Supreme Court.

They rightly reasoned that if Hillary Clinton one, then their religious liberty would be at risk because she would appoint a hard left justice to the Supreme Court to align with justices that have shown very little regard for religious liberty.

But if a Republican became president, and in this case it was Donald Trump who promised justices who would respect religious liberty. That's exactly what has occurred.

The president has appointed justices up and down the federal line who are constitutional conservatives who respect the First Amendment spent a breath of fresh air in the court and the biggest one of all was Brett Cavanaugh, the Supreme Court that puts the court firmly in a 54 position of constitutionalist versus for hard-core liberals and course Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg will probably step down before too long she's she's ill. She is aging. She's going to have to retire at some point, which will probably get president trump another chance to appointed a judge so evangelical Christians it if that was the only issue that would will be worse motivating them to get out 4 million more evangelical Christians noted in 2016 than in 2012. That's why there was such a difference.

That's where the Republicans captured the House and Senate, and I think evangelicals well, they shouldn't confine themselves to one political party and can be complex, completely partisan, decided that one party better represented their most fundamental values.

Religious liberty support for marriage opposition to abortion of the Republican Party is officially pro-life. The Democrat party is officially pro-abortion. For a lot of evangelicals that's enough to help them decide what to do.

The polls, since you read the article by Pastor Tim Keller from New York City in the New York Times recently saying that evangelicals should not feel that they have to be wedded to one party or the other. He mentioned all these different issues like immigration in public school education and different issues. Not mentioning abortion. In other words, the impression was evangelicals don't feel like you have to vote Republican. You can vote Democrat as well. Did you see the article on what do you think that'll make a difference for evangelicals in the selection. Robert Knight will answer that question after this final break of the day here on the Christian groove you radio program.

We are also going to play in the final segment one answer of an interview with the division in America. I think you find it interesting as well. I'm David Wheaton. Here's my kindred DVD will see how apostasy is the result of Satan's relentless attacks on the church will also look at four steps that characterize a churches drift into apostasy, then will look at the history of the church, a chronological development of the Roman Catholic religion and its drift into apostasy and lastly and most importantly, what are you and I to do in the midst of this great apostasy in the growing ecumenical movement. The DVD is titled Roman Catholicism split into apostasy and contains two messages, you can order it for a donation of any amount to the Christian world. Normal retail is $15 plus that Christian world.or or call one 846-2233 or right Box 401, Excelsior, MN 55331.

Social justice is the gospel to become the mantra of many evangelicals rectifying perceived inequities of race, gender and sexuality, poverty, immigration, amongst others, is considered a top priority. What exactly is social justice is working for social justice.

The biblical mandate application of the gospel help.

Eisner has written an insightful booklet entitled social justice. How good intentions undermined justice in gospel. Also included in this revised 44 page booklet is a copy of the just-released statement on social justice in the gospel. You can order the social justice booklet or donation of any amount to the Christian will go to the Christian one AAA 46 2233 right Box 401 Excelsior, MN 55331 final segment of the day here on the Christian radio program. I'm David Wheaton, the host, and thank you for joining us today. If you missed any of the interview with Robert Knight. You can always go to our web Christian and hear their rebroadcast. You can also sign up for our free podcast, just go to your podcasting app on your phone or wherever you get your podcast and search for the Christian world view and I can come into your smart device every single week were also producing.

As I mentioned earlier just started this week a new element called T CW or the Christian world used as for the Christian, really short takes what you're going to be 2 to 3 minute highlights of three or four. The answers every given week on the latest broadcast of the Christian really will be featuring those on Facebook and Twitter and their website as well and as we roll this out more. Will let you know how you can receive those this week were talking with Robert Knight, a columnist for the Washington times about the worldview divide in the midterm elections and we have just a few minutes left with him. So let's get to the final moments with Robert Knight and again my apologies for my struggling voice when I did this interview a few days ago.

I don't know if you read the article by Pastor Tim Keller from New York City in New York Times recently saying that evangelicals should not feel that they have to be wedded to one party or the other. He mentioned all these different issues like immigration in public school education and different issues.

Not mentioning abortion. In other words, the, the impression was evangelicals don't feel like you have to vote Republican. You can vote Democrat as well. Did you see the article on what do you think that'll make a difference for evangelicals in the selection now. I think Joe Echols will ignore voice told him to actually remain neutral because were in a time of crisis, a clash of worldviews and I think most of them will have the brains and the motivation to vote for candidates who reflect reflect biblical values. In most cases that happens to be Republicans fact if you live in a in a district where the Democrat is a good Christian or espouses values consistent with biblical Christianity than I would say vote for that person.

But overall that note no longer the case. I may used to find people like that right now. The divide is so great. I did a review of both party platforms last time around 2016 good Democratic platform has pretty much embraced socialism anti-religious liberty point of view. It totally pro-abortion philosophy right down to forcing taxpayers to pay for abortions promoting it overseas. This is a an abortion loving party in very real terms so I don't think Tim Keller did it himself or Christians any favor with his column and I I've seen other efforts like that where they, the Christians will come along and fail were in a time of crisis, but not get carried away and actually back to the side of my back are values. I think that's pretty poor device actually. We appreciate your coming on the ramp today know you're very insightful columns at the Washington times and looking forward to this midterm election, seeing which direction America will vote and that we just thank you again for coming on the program and wish all of God's best, and grace to you. Okay you David and are bidding on your program okay. Just a reminder that you can hear the rebroadcast of this program at our website the Christian world and then this week look for the TC do short takes to retake a few of the highlights from the interview will post those on Facebook enter website the Christian rule of and you can also order Robert Knight's books by just emailing him directly.

His email address is Robert Knight. For as in the number you can also request his weekly column as well.

Now before we run out of time. I want to play one clip of an interview we did with John MacArthur earlier this week where I asked him about a similar topic of division that we discussed today. Do you think the US is as divided as it appears, and if so, what do you think is causing that division and what you think the path is to a more unified country.

Well, I don't know though B and unified country and I'll tell you what what the dividing line became a spiritual dividing line dividing line of conviction to the election of Pres. Obama. I gave a message because for the first time the Democrats had standing in their platform for the first time in American history there platform included abortion and homosexuality, homosexual rights and same-sex marriage used to be the Democrats were the working class guys that were holding up the workers and and the Republicans were kind of the owners and the doors and it was kind of maybe a bit of a social divide. At that point, but in our lifetime. Those two parties have have split around moral issues that's not to say that Republicans are our moral or more moral or even at the president is more moral, but there is a platform for public and party that basically doesn't advocate sin and indicate that tolerate certain things that the nature of politics, but I was astounded that in the platform of the party would be the slaughter of babies in the advocacy of homosexual lifestyle and same-sex marriage which is devastating on an entire culture and of course eventually ends up in the reprobate mind and that's when you don't even know what sex you are, your 16 today and another one tomorrow. That's insanity becomes part of a platform that the divide is is not just not just economic. It is moral and it does deep into the hearts of people who don't agree on those those kinds of behaviors.

Now the divide just can't be resolved because their people Christian heritage and Christian tradition on the seller Christian people, but they have grown up in a tradition that reflects biblical morality. While they they want to be tolerant, they don't want to imprison people who do those things that are never going to eradicate those so I just think the divide has reached the moral level and you can have the other component. True Christians just cannot cannot affirm the Democratic Party. It's hard for them.

In some cases. There even affirm the Republican Party because there issues there too, but they're not nearly blatantly attached to sins that that the Scripture condemn that divide is so deep I don't know how you ever get that put back together just to pronounced next week at the following will have the sole interview with John MacArthur here on the Christian world view, but just want to play. That is, I think it's important for everyone to keep in mind what he said as we head into these midterm elections.

First Timothy two says.

First of all, then I urge that entreaties and prayers, petitions and Thanksgiving be made on behalf of all men. For kings, and for all who are in authority so that we may lead a tranquil and quiet life in all godliness and dignity. This is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Savior, so we do need to be praying and fasting leading into this election on Tuesday that God would put those candidates who revere him and honor his way in positions of political influence in this country. So with the midterm elections before us until next time. On the Christian world view. Think biblically, vote accordingly. We hope today's broadcast turned your heart toward God's word and would receive a copy of today's program or sign up for our free weekly email or to find out how you can be reconciled to God through Jesus Christ go to our website the Christian, call us toll-free, one AAA 646-2233.

Christian worldview was a weekly one-hour radio program that is furnished by the overcoming foundation and is supported by listeners and sponsors request one of our current resources with your donation of any amount go to the Christian world or call us toll-free at one AAA eight 646-2233 was sent Box 01, Excelsior soda 55331 that's Box 401, Excelsior, MN 55331. Thanks for listening to the Christian world you until next time think biblically and live according

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