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Biblical Call and Plan for Productivity

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton
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January 4, 2019 7:00 pm

Biblical Call and Plan for Productivity

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton

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January 4, 2019 7:00 pm

At first glance, productivity can seem a subject more suited for business-people than for Christians. But God’s Word, specifically Jesus’ parable of the talents in Matthew 25:14-30 [Open in Logos Bible Software (if available)] , is clear that God expects His followers to use and grow the resources and opportunities He gives—whether finances, skills, time—to advance His kingdom. God calls us to be productive...

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Broadcast of the single was previously a biblical call and plan productivity topic will discuss today right here on the Christian will be a radio program with a mission. If you sharpen the biblical worldview and to share the good news of Jesus Christ with those who have not put their faith in him.

I'm David. We hosted a Christian will of you in our website is the Christian worldview.or somebody joined us this morning for a live broadcast LIKE every Saturday morning between 8 and 9 AM central time.

In the topic today again is the biblical call and plan for productivity, not first glance productivity can seem a subject more suited for businesspeople than for Christians. But God's word.

Specifically Jesus parable of the talents in Matthew 25 is clear that God expects his followers to use and grow the resources and opportunity he gives with finances skills, time to advance his kingdom. God calls us to be productive with the question is how in an age where we are bombarded with information and distractions and options. How do we manage family and work in projects and tasks and events in church prioritizing and pursuing what's important over merely what's urgent and comes in front of us every day for guest today is Tim Shelley he's a noted blogger and pastor and author of the book are going to discuss do more better. A practical guide to productivity. He joins us today in the Christian world you and here's the first segment of that interview, Tim. It's great to have you back on the Christian review radio program. Let's start out by discussing why the topic of productivity is important for Christians to even consider that important topic because I believe at least the way I define productivity that that's exactly why God put us on the third.

Be productive, though, is one of the big topic publishing is the topic of productivity, but I think most people miss the real point reading short call from your book, do more better from page 16 and you give a definition of productivity.

There you say productivity is effectively stewarding your gifts, talents, time, energy and enthusiasm for the good of others in the glory of God. Productivity calls you to direct your whole life at this great goal of bringing glory to God by doing good for others. This call involves using your gifts, the spiritual gifts you were given when the Lord saved you. It involves deploying your talents, those areas of natural strength involves managing your time was 24 hours. God gives you each day involves making use of your energy, the strength or vitality that ebbs and flows through the day in the week and it even involves your enthusiasm. The passion and interest.

You can bring to those works.

You love to do.

God calls you to take all of that and to apply carefully, faithfully and consistently to the great goal of doing good to others like you to explain Tim what the world's concept of productivity is and compare it with the the biblical definition of productivity.

In light of that definition. You just gave a rub and are proud of productivity and very few of them are written from a Christian perspective of the functional new productivity. There seem to be bringing joy. Or doing good things for yourself or becoming wealthy or being able to retire early or something only that four hour workweek kind of thing in that.

That's a very self-centered view of productivity but will God put this on authority tells us to do good for others. Right we as Christians are to be in the business of doing good for others are supposed to live our lives for the benefit of other people, and of course also than for the glory of God in the way we glorify God is by doing those good deeds not good deeds that merit salvation rental equipment saved by the gospel is nothing good. We had to do to earn salvation, but we been given. Salvation is a free gift of the lead. We live than in a way we are giving ourselves a way for the good of others in the glory of God is in our living outside ourselves are living for other people and it's right there, we find a big trick all along has been.

This is what gives us the truth that affect far more joy to be found in living for others and for God's glory than in living selfishly. The book is due more better practical guide to productivity in our guest today is the author team Charlies you may know him from his blog at Shelley' is also a book reviewer for world magazine, author of several books. Tim you say and on page 39 of your book your primary pursuit in productivity is not doing more things, not simply that but doing more good as you are alluding to in your last answer. Generally speaking you can do more good for others. If you have fewer roles in projects than if you have more.

It is far better to dedicate lots of attention to those areas in which you are particularly talented or gifted, that it is to dedicate minimal attention to the many areas you are not only wants you quote you give yourself permission to stop trying to do it all to stop saying yes to everyone. Can you make your highest contribution toward the things that really matter, how do you think this idea Tim of just doing more rather than doing more for God's glory and for others good honey think the idea of doing more creeps into we know how to Christian the secular world. Physicists can be self-centered, but how does that view of just doing more, being more busy, therefore I'm productive. How does that creep into the Christian mindset good that can be done either so many good things we can do in a day striking a at rate about David. What a time with all the hurting people all the sick people lined up before him, and he would actually escape and go off to the wilderness on his own or he would leave that area to go to another area that there is lots of good veggies is left undone in order to do the few things that God called him to, and so he couldn't say yes to every good opportunity and people like us. Now you don't need to say no to good thing. Lots of good things we could do we need to focus on the best things the very few thing that God called us to delete ourselves ragged doing all the good, all the while were messing this thing the best Doing the things that God has called us to do and so there's there's a kind of satisfaction that may come in checking 100 items on the to do list in a day, but it's probably far more productive across two or three things off the list of the really the most important thing the things that are carrying out our God-given purpose. Let's talk about understanding the reason for why we exist as a key to being productive in a way that honors God you see on page 11 of your book you more better. God created you so he could receive glory from you and receive glory through you. This is an astonishing truth to consider in a deeply humbling one when you grasp it and apply it. It transforms everything about your life. The simple fact is you are not the point of your life.

You're not the star of your show if you live for yourself your own comfort your own glory your own fame you will miss out on your very purpose God created you to bring glory to him.

So let's talk about the steps to becoming more productive.

Interestingly, you put the fact that it's important to start out with an understanding for the reason for which you were created.

Maybe you could explain a little more. I will want to understand why created one. Now you got the information you need to know how to live well. We understand I've been created not to bring attention to myself not to seek peace or comfort myself not heard I've been created to draw attention to God to bring glory to God that really does bring about the complete shift, the fundamental shift in the land making about life no longer looking for security and myself no longer looking for simple world make me feel good. I'm looking at it like thinking what can I do that bring bring glory to God were things I can do that shine attention to him from living in a very very different way now and again would I live in that way.

I find all my this is the life God wants me to live. There's far more that affected in this life than any other one of the big deception though if you're listening to this and you're not a Christian. I understand sound really dull, living for the glory of God.

But until you're doing and you can understand the joy that you can understand that.

Now you're living out the very reason God created you.

You haven't been until now. They live for God's glory. You get to experience what it's like you get to experience this is really why were here. I guess today's team Charlies author and do more better practical guide to productivity and this is our new current offer on the Christian rule of you were offering for donation of any amount to the Christian rule of you can to skin contact with us the usual way through a website of the or toll-free by phone at 1888 646-2233. A donation of any amount for this book do more better. You talked about good works.

One of the reasons for which we are created. Tim you get into this and you and your book about the fact that sometimes it's hard for us in our Monday live for lack of a better phrase the things we do on a daily basis to see them as good works, or to try to alter them so they can be good works, and we think we have a non-spiritual life and we go off to the office every day, or we may have a mundane job, a janitor, just an electrician or something that doesn't seem very spiritual. So how we understand the notion of good works with the fact that what were doing may not seem highly spiritual really bad what it actually. All right, we tend to think that the pastors of the spiritual on preparing affirmative spiritual but wiring up a new light socket is not were absolutely wrong that we can be spiritual.

We can draw attention to God. We can do things that honor God and in any location in all of life. We really feel it go all the way back to the beginning where God gave humanity their marching orders. He told him to do this world has dominion over this world and in order for us to have dominion over this worldly need electricians and we need janitors and we need mom, stay-at-home mom to care for the children and raise them up today to do. We need people who are in job they may consider mundane, but they're not truly mundane because in all of those jobs you're carrying out God's purpose and your family. Drawing attention to him you doing good for other people and so you can be a distinctly Christian electrician can be a distinctly Christian mom, and not just your quiet time in all you do when you're joyfully focusing on other people and thinking to do good to them you in this book. Divide down life in the new five or six areas you recommend this and having a mission statement for each one in the pursuit of being more productive. Does give us a brief overview of that hill at some level a book like it has to get practical in the way I want people to get practical with the first survey of their life. Kind of. You can imagine stepping up and looking down at your life or something like that you're getting the view of your life and think what is it that I'm comparable for one of God made me personally responsible for laws. I think about that. I think God is made me husband and the father so I got to have an area of responsibility that accounts for my family right and that is also made me a member of a church area of responsibility and comparable to those people in covenant with those people responsible for them.

I got a job and that's one area of responsibility where I need to be thinking week by week. How can I bring glory to God I serve people through my job and so on. Most people can do that in five or six maybe seven or eight categories. They this is my life. Everything is accounted for in one of these categories and then want to encourage people to do is to look at each want to think how do I know I'm sick eating or failing. It would look like for me to live in this way, for the glory of God, though personally I want to be my mission statement be delighting in God, to the glory of God for the good of all people, as I think about my life and I delighting in God because if I'm delighting in God that glorifies God and I want to do good for other people personally. There's my mission.

I what will it take for me to live out that mission. What do I need to do personally to live out that mission and will can I do for others of the litter. That mission is the best way want people to think in the bookbag guide you step-by-step the putting that together, listening to an interview with team Charlies. The author of do more better practical guide to productivity wouldn't want to be more productive and have God say do a Sunday. Well done, thou good and faithful servant. You can order this book by calling us toll-free 1888 646-2233 you're just going to our website the Christian world donation of any amount to the Christian view will be back with more of this. There is an abundance of resources available in Christian bookstores and online sad reality is that many of them even some of the most popular do not lead to a sound and strong faith. The key aim of the Christian world deal is to identify and offer resources that are biblically faithful and deep in your walk with God in our online store. We have a wide range of resources for all ages, adult and children's books and DVDs, Bibles and devotionals, unique gifts and more so browse our and find enriching resources for yourself, family, friends, small group or church. You can also order by calling our office toll-free at 1888 646-2233, one AAA 646-2233 or visit the Christian world.more leisure to take advantage of two free resources that will keep you informed and sharpen your world. The first is the Christian world be weekly email which comes to your inbox each Friday. It contains the upcoming radio program along with need to read articles feature resources, special events, and audio of the previous program.

The second is the Christian world annual print letter which is delivered to your mailbox.

In November, it contains an year-end letter from host, David. We had a listing of our store, including DVDs, books, children's materials and you can sign up for the weekly email and annual print letter by visiting the Christian world.or calling one AAA 646-2233. Your email and mailing address will never be shared and you can unsubscribe at any time: one AAA 646-2233 or visit the's broadcast of the Christian worldview was previously aired. Thank you for joining us today on the Christian worldview radio program on David, we, the host in our topic is the biblical call plan for productivity. The world has lots of books and seminars and so forth. How to be more productive and is usually for your own benefit. Today were speaking about productivity from a biblical standpoint and how to be productive for the glory of God and the good of others and can Charlies is our guest is a noted blogger at his website. is a book reviewer, author of several books including one were talking about today do more better practical guide to productivity for new current offer. Let's get back to the interview with Tim Charlies.

Now you recommend some software tools to be used on the computer to becoming more productive.

Something ask you a two-pronged question here from the standpoint of those listing who are handy with the computer. Who do use computers in a regular basis. I wanted to explain what those tools are and how they divide your your productivities into three different areas but also I want you to get into and part B is the talk about for people who maybe are of an older generation, or even younger who just aren't computer users how can they take some of those tools without having the computer to and in the in the effort to become more productive for most of that we need to rely on three different tool and that back in all of life.

We are dependent upon our tool and that's okay.

God made us that way again to go back to benefit their God telling Adam any exercise dominion over this world spread out over this entire world and take ownership of the thing on my behalf. What Adam and Ahab. They were alone and naked in the garden. They were not going to carry out God's command unless they developed invented and used tool and so we believe that tools are good. We believe that tools are way that we carry out our calling and then when it comes to productivity tools, all of us. Do we have a calendar on the calendar do it helps us remember our appointment. Help us remember our meeting. Important things like that. Most of us have some way of remembering information that might be filing cabinet full of files in a paper in the file and then there's a new kind of cool that not that many people are using at method has management tool method tool that allows you to manage your path. Your project do and what I do in the book is help people understand either 320.

The calendar has management tool and information management tool to use paper-based wondered whether you electronic one really that important but if you use these three tools you combine them together and use them in harmony help that the really powerful together and helping you understand how to be productive and then guiding you in your productivity through. I think whether your business with your ministry, whether at home, whether you're retired with your student. All of us can use these tools to be more productive. Listeners get the book and read the specifics of utilizing those three tools all three areas with your computer person or not to mention it will be applicable to you that you repeat this phrase in the book several time this this organizing principle phrase a home for everything and like goals with like why is that so important that important because that little man. I think your mind and allow that to influence your life. Everything in life will be organized to follow that principally need to have a home for everything. A place for that thing lives were that thing exists. That is not being you and things that are similar should go together. Generally they think about he's going to come in from outside and got your keys in your hand or khakis there to be home in your house for those things go where you think and R all your keys should be together when it comes time to finding your keys or using your keys.

You know that we were to find well what true in the physical realm like that is true as well when it comes to our productivity when it comes to information comes the path.

There comes to appointment. We need to know where those things reside within a kind of productivity, and then learn how to use them so know that there's a home for everything has to live in the past management program information get filed for all my information goes and understands those things need to live together all past to be together a lot of bread or information better to have all around the place that actually keeps us from being productive is that the build we can trust and rely on a believe that the system really will guide us into doing the best thing which one they would want to do tomorrow not to do it all again with the goal of bringing God's glory. In doing more good for others. Plaintiff productivity not just checking boxes to get more done.

Tim Shelley is with us today in the Christian review talking about his new book due more better practical guide to productivity. You say that laziness busyness and lazy busyness. Those three things get in the way of productivity house so Tim, what time we are not productive because were lazy. Don't get around to it.

We have other things that put all the thing that can keep us from being productive, but sometimes we can do so many things that were not focusing on the main thing we can do 100 left important thing, all the while neglecting the one most important thing in and what can happen is if you can combine to form a perfect storm where I'm lazy for a while and I'm frantically busy, because I've been lazy and in both cases, I'm just not getting things done likening the right things done. The best thing on the most important is that we can avoid those two things hopefully were living in a far more productive way. One of the biggest things. The biggest obstacles that the computer generation faces today is what is the best way to manage all the electronic communication we receive, whether his email. Whether it's text on her cell phone, whether it's Facebook, alerts, tweets, how do we your whole last chapter of the book is on this and I want to give the whole thing away, but maybe you could just briefly give us an idea or two, so electronic communication doesn't get in the way of productivity wanted to learn how to use email well or at least have not email badly email really tender that that harms our productivity. Most of us aren't family dependent upon it, whether that personal communication or church or business in various ways we rely on email but most of the badly who got to learn how to master this form of communication before and after that not that hard to do it. A few simple rules you can put in place that will help you govern your use of email notification. Most of us have phones that are constantly beeping and buzzing vibrating in all that again we need to learn how to use them well and not use them poorly that a turnoff notification don't really need to be notified every time email viewer every time somebody update Facebook and then turnoff the thing I turnoff the sound to try and find times and places where your undistracted especially true for creative work, but whatever your most important work is learn how to do that in undistracted ways for a shorter period of time, bear down, you will get.

And then you can pop your head up and you can do those things that attracted to Joe is with us today in the Christian review, the author of do more better practical guide to productivity our topic for the day is the biblical call and plan for productivity talk much about that. The plan some of the sum the details of and even the biblical call at the beginning. The show will get more than that in chapter 9. Tim, you tell that shepherd live. The system Mr. read a couple sentences here.

You say motivation gives the desire and energy to begin making changes in your life, but it cannot sustain them.

This pure motivation can't however this does not mean you cannot be productive even when motivation is low, as many have pointed out motivation gets you started, but habits keep you going. You need to use those times of high motivation to build habits and to embed those habits in a system that way when motivation wanes, the system will keep you going. I think this is well said, especially at the beginning of the year where people are motivated to make changes in their life they want to live differently. They want to be more productive. They want to get on an exercise program.

They want to be more productive in their Bible reading. They want to share their faith more they want to be more hospitable in their home or maybe if ideas they want to do in the in the motivation starts, then it wanes and then they fall away from it by February or March and they get discouraged, speak further about this dynamic between motivations and habits and how this having a system gets us through those times when maybe our motivation levels and high yeah we can easily motivated. We read a good book or we could come to a pivotal time in life or start a new year and we find that motivation is high for a few days. Things are easy, but then that motivation falls off are no longer cited about that life changed. No longer excited about that new software tool or whatever it is that new journal and then pretty quickly find were right back where we are at it. Or maybe it's been a month or even realize I was trying to remember to do that but we need to do is build habits.

No, again, I know some Christians can balk at that as of habits are somehow bad, but actually believe God created us and that way he created us to that habit is very very important to end so we can build habits that can really help us live a better life. They can help us live a life or honoring to God. If we use habit well were you feeling habit badly. We can all see his habit. Well is what we need to do in our motivation at high start building good habits and over time those habits become ingrained in and then then they they kinda take over and fill building good habits is a very important virtual discipline, which is why you got to if you want to be consistent in reading your Bible, you probably find you do it at the same time in the same way at the same place.

That's because you built a very productive habit. You probably don't have the put go to church Sunday morning at 10 o'clock on your calendar because you remember you built the system habit to go there and so many ways. We should be building good habits that help with the kind of life we want to live before the Lord said to jealous with us today.

The Christian review talking book do more better.

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Not as good as get in contact with us. The usual ways I throw website easy way to or by phone. One AAA at 646-2233. That's her office number. We can also write to us as well. In our address is given throughout the program. During the breaks. We have just a few minutes left with him and then will open up the phone lines and asked some questions like, what struck you as being helpful in this discussion on productivity and what is help you be productive for God's glory and we all have a system whether we know it or not, it's just a question is whether that system, the productivity is is a good one that's going to lead us to God telling us well done good and faithful servant and result in in in gold, silver and precious stones rather than wood hay and stubble stumbled into those verse later in the program today. Let's get back to the last few minutes with the interviewer, Tim Challis, explain what it means is you write about the block to plan your day you will get into how to plan your day how to start your day based on the Latin phrase Coram Dale, what is that mean you will pray for the faith of God or in the presence of God. Along those lines that we have an exact translation in English but let me have this awareness that you are living your life for God, and again you living your life for the glory of God that God is there, but that God has made you for a purpose. He has certain expectations upon you as a human being upon you as a Christian, someone who in relationship with him and so I really believe that if you start your day can take a couple of minutes and just pause and think about the day ahead and plan out the day ahead of you using your tools well. Your tools really guide you in doing that. The hug understand and hear the things I could do today.

Here are the things I must do today and hear the things I can do. I think I'm gonna maybe I'll get to try to plan your day. Well certain numbered half laid out ahead of you neither think of going to accomplish the good about the glory of God in the day ahead. But that little time in the morning can be so so helpful in making you talk about your personal life.

Some some the things that you are your areas of responsibility went with family with work with blogging was writing with book reviewing with your service at church pastoring mentoring you're juggling a lot Tim and I was wondering if you would share with us maybe give us a picture of what your day is like me to give us a couple days during the week and you know from the time you get up just kind of give us an overview of how your day operates early. My body wake me up early in the very first thing I want to do is read the Bible and pray I don't really want that part of my productivity. You know I will know what I mean about that kind of transcend that I do that first thing spent time reading and praying and then his family up minutes during my workday to drop one starting my workday and that's what I'm doing what I call that Coram Dale and looking at the things I can do in the day ahead.

And now that I'm working from home now. Most the time a writer and so I'm laying out the tasks that like to do and usually at the Mexico long-term project, writing a blog or working on some articles or essays or something on some administrative type thing is usually a few things that can be done in a few minutes, then there's something that I could work all day, barely be making any progress in the mix that things like that.

I'm feeling a little low I can do some of that busywork, that administrative feeling creative. I can do the more difficult thing that my dad that way.

Sunday would be very different day where I'm at the church in the morning and evening service.

There's often things going on between them. Setting the damper on people in the parting with the Lord doing my little morning review and then I'm setting up how can I help people today what people do I need to invest in the people and some of my time.

I need to ask how I can pray for them to do. I need to follow up with very different days. The same big apartment house. I do good for the people today. What can I do that would be a blessing to them that the way I'm really trying to live my life since helpful so as a personal example and so thank you for sharing a bit of your life with us Tim final question is has to do with where productivity is seen in Scripture.

You talk about your book. The parable of the talents where in the end, the master says well done good and faithful slave.

You are faithful with a few things, I will put you in charge of many things. Enter into the joy of your master just as we conclude today Tim. Perhaps you could talk about how productivity is going to be something that were going to have to give account for two God where you see in Scripture encouragements for us to strive for the pursuit of productivity. Again, not just to do more to do more for God's glory for the good of others called it good for the good work developed a good work agreement height at all throughout all he finally called to do good for others and for me that huge motivator.

I want to do good and I know that bring Lori to God. What more could I want in life than to bring glory to God. Please see that connection I can glorify God if I'm doing good to others. So what can I do that and I see something like the parable of the talents that I'm thinking okay God gives us responsibilities God gives us the thing and he expects and demands and is worthy of an accounting and so I need to be prepared to think. Here's what I've done with the thing you gave me these children here time to give me this opportunity with this website will. Here's what I've done.

I want to be living with a clear conscience where I can someday say word here that I've done I know I will do it perfectly, but I know I can do it well or poorly, depending on how I approach it.

Depending on my view of productivity is my great desire is to do the things well and at the end of every day that I I did it for you. Feel handed to the Lord. I hope you found the conversation with Tim challenge the author and do more better helpful. I know to do an interview with him I learned a lot of things in several things I certainly want to apply to my own life in their own own effort pursuit of productivity. Again, if you are just joined us. We did a programmer interview today with Tim Challis on the biblical call and plan for productivity in light of his book do more better. It's our new current offer on the Christian will view typically with the current offer we we find a blocker we like resource a DVD. We offer this for a few weeks in a Doa Ana donation basis and it goes into our store after work so this particular book is our new current offered retail for nine 9920 page paperback.

It's a short book but it's solidly biblical and very helpful in the pursuit of productivity were offering for donation of any amount to the Christian will you if you perhaps want to become more productive yourself or or know someone that needs a better system using the time for for God's glory.

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What I like to do for the rest of the show today's open the phone lines I wrote down a few points that I thought were helpful to take away and what it means to pursue productivity for God's glory. One open the phone lines now and get your feedback and what struck you as being particularly helpful in this discussion of productivity or what is helped you if you feel like you've developed a system to be productive may be implemented.

Some of the things that thou Tim was recommending today and having your own system.

I talked about three different tools to to manager of our calendar, our tasks are information, whether you have a computer or not this is still applicable. You can give us a call in studio with your comments on the interview today on the topic of productivity. Our toll-free studio number is 187-765-5755, 1-877-655-6755 your thoughts. Your feedback on this topic of productivity. Take a short break will come back will get your phone calls and also some summary points on the pursuit of productivity for God's glory and the others in the good of others.

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Or you can just call us to do that. A lot of people partake in that enjoy that and our office number is one AAA eight 646-2233. In this issue of productivity has been something that as we started this year that I personally wanted to be able to improve upon working for you were in a radio program during writing the things I do. It can be easy, not in so much of a structure corporate environment, you know where you come to work and be there at nine and leave at five and so forth. It's important I it's easy to to drift off Acton and let things that just pop up not necessarily bad things, but email that comes in her phone calls or other distractions that aren't necessarily bad, but can keep you will keep me from being as as productive and working on the important things that needs to be able to get done for God's glory. I think a good example of this is book writing a book writing is is is a long-term project that need that there needs to be a planner system need to write eight hours a day. That needs to be a progression towards writing on a regular basis and an overview of the framework of the whole thing and not having done a couple books you might think that that's kind of in the bag for me that's not it's it's a difficult thing to do, just a discipline time to block out distractions. And it's easy just to go check your email box and see what's new.

You got mail that kind of thing. And so while this is been a personal thing for me starting this year, and a long way from the summa recommendations that Tim makes in this book do more better but that's part of the reason I want to share with you today but think it's that helpful. So I think number one productivity starts with understanding God's call and obeying it. If the old phrase dissatisfaction leads to action words, if if you examine yourself and see what you're doing with your time and realizing that maybe I'm not doing as much as I could do the gifts in this things opportunities God's given me for his glory. That dissatisfaction leads to to action to to change to understanding God's call to be productive for his glory, and God gives everyone gifts and opportunities in different ways and he rewards us based on our productivity.

In Matthew 25 I referenced earlier in the parable of the talents. There was the starts out by saying, for the kingdom of heaven is like a man about to go on a journey as this is God who called his own slaves or servants entrusted his possessions to them after one he gave five talents or to another to another, one on each according to his own ability. Anyone on his journey necessarily individual skill. This is the whole of the full package of what God gives us our life, in your relationships and finances and what we work in and so forth and goes on to say, this passage now after a long time to master of those plays came and settled accounts with them. One would receive the five talents came up about five more talents master you entrusted five talents to me. See, I have gained five more his master God said to him, well done good and faithful slave you were faithful with a few things, I will put you in charge of many things. Enter into the joy of your master and of course the second one received two talents I brought back to the one who had been given why they believe want to be getting one hit his eyes and he was he was condemned and he was shown not to really be a true follower of God, because he didn't see it is important to use what he was given for God's glory at all and so that the point of this really is that there is reward and we don't we don't get rewarded for salvation is not a reward of good works, but there is reward in heaven for doing things that are honoring and glorifying God will get into that in first Corinthians 3 just a second gold silver and precious stones rather than wood hay and stubble. So the first thing is productivity structured understanding God's call for us is take what we have and what were doing and use it for his glory is good. I think the point. The second point is that Tim mentioned in the interview is that he doesn't have his spiritual growth is part of his productivity system, keep it separate from that what you want to do that or not. That's up to you but I do think that is the foundation for our productivity.

Being in the word and praying and I think even even early in the day is the first thing in the day and are not disabled. If you wake up record records are sometime early today to get your mind renewed and to keep yourself directed your approach directed that day so that you can be thinking of everything you're going to be doing. You've Artie been washed with Scripture you think differently you think that if you don't read the Bible every day. Lyra three is going on or something Scripture does, it transforms us when we take it in every day we can be thinking the wrong way approaching the day wrongly, but we get into the word and let it transform us when we pray, it changes us. I think assets and important foundation to to be more productive .3 is to develop your own system and maybe taking the advice of Tim with some of the tools he mentions having a tool for your calendar, your advanced the information and also the task are two dues that you need to do is get all the of the tools artist, like I often refer to my phone my iPhone as a my backup brain because the other things I can't remember. I can't my passwords and phone numbers in my minds I have my backup brain yourself. Use the tools, technology can be a distracting think they also can be a helpful thing if we control it and it doesn't control us. But even if you don't earn into technical things computers you can still have sheets of paper. I used to do that before the computer age schedules and task information so forth and organizing things according those things and having a system to be able to help you be more productive .4 is just be wary of busyness or lazy busyness as he calls it. In answering the urgent over doing what's important in life. You have this information age that we have information easily at our fingertips at any moment of the day. You can check our email contracting news. We can watch television Facebook alerts Twitter feeds and robs us of so much of our time and attention that some of it is good we we can grow in become sharper biblical worldview by getting some this, but you can easily overtake overtake us and keep us from doing the really important things in life. Then lastly all this. I think that his point about approaching each thing we do each day in that courtroom Dale I whether it's interactions we have communications our thoughts with the intentionality of how to glorify God through it. Maybe just thinking about who can meet at work or have lunch with just thinking intentionally about how to glorify God through those interactions with the things we do throughout the day. Keep your mind focused the right way, thanks for joining us today in the program again you and get do more better the book hundred 20 page paperback is a short biblical and helpful book for donation of any amount to the Christian world view go to the Christian world or call 1888 646-2233 or address is given right after the program.

Don't forget next Sunday, January 31 is the deadline for the Masters college essay contest important next week's program will talk about analyze the presidential race as the primaries and caucuses start to be sure to join us for that and we do live in a changing world world in which God calls us to be productive.

We can count on Jesus Christ. Help us do that because he is the same yesterday today and forever. Have a good weekend everyone. We hope today's broadcast turned your heart toward God's word and his son to order a CD copy of today's program or sign up for our free weekly email or to find out how you can be reconciled to God through Jesus Christ go to our website the Christian, call us toll-free at one AAA 646-2233.

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