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5 Things to Maintain Stability and Peace in a Tumultuous 2019

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton
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January 11, 2019 7:00 pm

5 Things to Maintain Stability and Peace in a Tumultuous 2019

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton

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January 11, 2019 7:00 pm

Conservative radio show host Dennis Prager predicts in a column that 2019 will be a “dark year”. Our guest this weekend on The Christian Worldview, pastor Eric Davis, uses a different descriptor in his column—“tumultuous”.

Why the foreboding view of 2019 being a year of conflict, upheaval, and instability?

In the political realm, with the takeover of the U.S. House of Representatives by Democrats with particularly leftist ideology, there will be non-stop opposition to President Trump, even efforts to impeach, along with advocacy for Marxist/Socialist policies: bigger government, divisive identity politics, expanding abortion, open immigration, removing gun rights, etc., etc...

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I paying to maintain the ability and P in a tumultuous 2019 day right here on the Christian worldview radio program where the mission is to sharpen the biblical worldview of Christian and to share the good news for all people can be reconciled to God. Faith in Jesus Christ and David. We need a host of the program and our website is the

Thank you for joining us this morning as we discussed this topic of five things to maintain stability and peace in a tumultuous 2019.

Your conservative radio host Dennis Prager predicts in the column that 2019 will be a dark year in our guest this week on a Christian worldview pastor Eric Davis uses a different descriptor of this coming year. In his column. He called it tumultuous so why before Butte foreboding view of 2019 being a year of conflict upheaval and instability well in the political realm with the takeover of the US House of Representatives by Democrats with particularly leftist ideology is going to be nonstop opposition to Pres. Trump even efforts to impeach him along with the advocacy for really more socialistic policies of bigger central government divisive identity politics expanding abortion. Open immigration is receiving a battle right now removing gun rights and on and on and on. So the political realm be very divisive. In addition to that the homosexual and transgender moral revolution is going to continue to demand affirmation with Christians being punished for holding the biblical convictions gather that capitulation from within evangelicalism with calls for social justice and departure from all manner of doctrinal orthodoxy so disturbed that altogether along with a host of other issues and events, many of which we can even see at the moment. In 2019 does indeed promise to be tumultuous. So what's a Christian to do to maintain stability and peace in the midst of all that will pastor Eric Davis of cornerstone church in Jackson Hole, Wyoming is going to join us in just a few minutes to exhort us to do five things to maintain stability and peace in the coming year before we get to Erika's want to say we had to start the program today with me connecting via the phone or having kind of a network studio to studio connection with were working on what will be able to probably Lord willing, I'll resolve within by the second segment ourselves from starting out this way, but I want to read a column for just a couple paragraphs of that Dennis Prager column he wrote right to beginning of this year. He tells his his column.

The left will make 2019, a dark year and Prager started up a thing. I rarely make predictions, whether of election results renting else. My policy has always been to say that I a what I believe should be done, not what will be done, but I am making an exception with regard to America and 2019 2019 will be a dark year in America to thanks for the left control the House of Representatives and the news media, Americans will be kept in the fevered state throughout 2019, with innumerable hearings exposes criminal investigations and possible indictments of those around the president and the president himself. Truth will not be the point defamation will anything that might muddy the president no matter how spurious, no matter how thin the evidence will be pursued with gusto. The media will drop bombshell after bombshell if lives and careers are ruined, so much the better. No one should be associating with his present at Everett anyway.

As long as the left is concerned, skipping down the He says the Democrat party and the media will do to American political life.

What is done to the arts universities.

The high schools. The Boy Scouts race relations, religion, the happiness of so many women misled by feminism regarding marriage and career. The moral fabric of American life morality, reduced feelings, late-night television means to extreme Judaism Catholicism and Protestantism pro football and the sexual innocence of the young: it will poison it from the moral from the French Revolution.

To this day the two great aims of the left have been promising utopia to the mall, contented and accumulating as much power as possible. All moral values are subservient to these goals.

After all, what could be more important" social justice, equality, quote liberation liberation from the women's liberation from the sexual oppression of the patriarchy combating white privilege fighting the rape culture pervades campuses in saving life on planet Earth, and he goes on and on in his column to describe just what's going to make this a very dark tumultuous year is going to be that the movement of the revolution. You could call me BS in extreme words of the last to topple the Judeo-Christian worldview of this country. Okay, let's start with Eric Davis as we talk about five things that will maintain stability and peace in a tumultuous 2019. Eric is great to have you on the Christian worldview for the first time and I often asked first-time guests to tell us about your background, how you became a follower of Christ in the interesting story about how you ended up planting a church in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, great beer, David. Thank you for adding me as a pleasure to be on your show give you the Reader's Digest version out of a roundabout story, but I was not raised in a Christian home not raised in any type of Christian of upbringing whatsoever raised in the hippie culture of of Western Oregon in the late 70s early 80s I finished my undergraduate and engineering and plan to move out here to Jackson Hole to take a year off between grad school and sort of so my wild oats even more than I was the high you all that outdoorsy stuff and the Lord great kindness and sovereign mercy.

I came to faith in Christ out here. I definitely did not plan that I was not seeking God at all. I met my girlfriend who is my wife now for 16 almost 17 years and I was a hard-core revolutionist. You challenge me to study a little occultist design with the other workers there be a greater just from a scientific point of view I did before I became a Christian. I guess I became a creationist and then you know she said we can find out more about this creator in the book called the Bible. I was early 20s knew everything fresh out of university I follow-up in this book teach me came to see that there is one and only one God and Creator holy, kind, merciful, all wise God had sinned against him and I needed a Savior, which she graciously provided in the first of the work of the Lord Jesus Christ by faith in him. My wife and I got married years later I went to seminary I do set of instant hunger for the Bible to understand that I didn't know about you pastor limited the artist wanted to go to seminary study. This incredible book that is like no other and eventually through the mentorship of deer men at both Grace Community Church and the master seminary under their direction of the Lord had come out here 10 years ago with a small team of 10 of us.

We figured you notices maybe there's others like me who the Lord would draw who are out here who who need to hear the good news of the eviction and resurrection of Christ in a place so that so that the brief version that is just a miraculous story. As you mentioned sovereignty from the background you came out of just a quick follow-up question number. I'm assuming your parents are believers. Maybe they become believers. I don't know. But whether they think of your decision to become a follower of Christ and where are they now though initially it would be difficult for everybody you know I all my friends, family, to my knowledge at the time no one was a follower of Christ himself. I want to sell is persecuted, of course, but verbally and socially. It was you know Erickson the call to been brainwashed you lots of marble and I thought he was gonna be the successful engineer.

And what happened in my earlier days of faith. I don't understand the way the fullness of the way to God with salvation felt I became sort of combative and trying to convince people with your problem. Why don't you believe the Lord really had the discipline and season may have backed off a little bit. Show the middle of the Christ, pray for them and eventually I believe it of my father has come to faith in Christ. Maybe another family member to you know it's an ongoing thing. Ongoing issue of prayer for me if that the great struggle and others. Many of us out there who have family members that are not followers of Christ and of the great burden but no trust in the Lord's sovereignty in the my family is that warmed up to a little bit but you know it's a long-term thing.

I'm trusting God sovereignty unit. That's an amazing story. Thank you for sharing that pastor Eric Davis with us today in the Christian remove your radio program is the teaching pastor at cornerstone Church in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Want to get into our topic for today. Eric which is buckling your spiritual seatbelt for turbulence ahead in 2019. And you are in a column for the website. The cripple gate and that website is the cripple about what to do in a tumultuous 2019, just read the first paragraph and then follow up with some questions today.

You start out by saying you can already feel it this coming year is going to be a rowdy one again. Depravity didn't leapfrog 2018 and according to my Bible. It won't do so this year or any year until glory last year ended with a permit to logical Bhangra sinful bang among other things, year retired with a guy marrying a hologram. The normal political hullabaloo, a seven-year-old senselessly murdered a few New Year's Eve terrorist attacks, etc., etc., all that is likely an ominous ominous omen of things to come in 2019 and is nothing new, even more than our speculation. We know this year is going to be a rambunctious one. Second Timothy 313 says evil people and impostors will go on from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived in the first segment I read this column from Dennis Prager, the conservative talk show host is not a Christian but is the Jewish conservative thinker and he talked about the political things going on how the others been a leftist lurch in the Democrat party. The inevitable clashes with the president is been stock market volatility government shutdown battle over illegal immigration, religious freedom versus the homosexual transgender agenda on and on and on and he had a similar perspective from a different worldview standpoint that is going to be a very he called a dark you're coming so my question for you. Eric is his society becoming more chaotic that were somebody can become imprisoned. By the moment in which we live.

But I think society is becoming more chaotic and if so why that question is always easier to answer one you know the dust cleared and were maybe a few years or decades or more removed from from my viewpoint in the in the mix. I think so.

Even in the states. You can see a sort of moral degradation outwardly does this been happening over the years with different none like an aside everything but different things happening in homosexuality and entered the progression therein, and not other things that all about. Of course you know that he did decedent in the heart the depraved heart. Yeah, I think short answer yes. First of all, though, because the Bible says. The Bible clearly says that he decided there in second Timothy three that things aren't aren't going to get better course in Christ returns. We know they will. But in the meantime, we should expect the world to continue being the world and then suck. What are some of the things or situations or circumstances that make Christians feel unstable or a lack of peace. Okay much more coming up to answer that question.

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I think we share a sense status were paying attention to the news and what's going on but I think it just confirms what is likely ahead for Austin 2019. Our guest today and the program is Eric Davis either teaching pastor at cornerstone church in Jackson Hole, Wyoming district exit interview with Eric. What are some of the things the situations or circumstances that make Christians feel unstable or a lack of peace. I think the first answer that out of bad theology is not being anchored in the glorious eternal truth from the 66 books of the Bible. Initially, we might want answer that question and say well you know that circumstance and that of the liberal agenda are some of the things that Dennis Prager cited in, but I think that theology look we don't we don't put on the glasses of just that this here and now. Only this world and things happening at the cited we put on the glasses of Scripture of the sovereignty of God, of the goodness of God and we see through that. And those are the things are going to anchor us in a lack thereof, is that the Tasha from the anchor in the stability that we have in and are good.Davis with us today in the Christian will be the teaching pastor at cornerstone church in Jackson Hole, Wyoming talking about having peace or buckling your spiritual seatbelt for turbulence ahead in 2019 C can have a sense of stability and peace you get into in your article. What to do in a tumultuous 2019 we have this link that are homepage of the website the Christian world You have five fundamental keep the main things the main things were going to get into those in a minute things that will result in Christians feeling or having stability and peace in the midst of turbulent culture all around us, but I want to ask you the opposite question first. What are some of the things are lifestyle choices or ways of thinking that do not result in Christians having peace in the midst of chaotic times.

In other words, others give one a man think if I believe are just feasts in every night is spent watching endless cable news programs enough versus right battles and politics. You can start chewing on your arm that all were on right so you throw things at the television set, so that's one thing.

So what are some things that do not result the gift if we look at the world around us and we see all man things are bad. What's the wrong response for Christmas to do to what's going on around us.

You really are dated when we over your mind with the news and assorted tennis matches back and forth. I don't know about you but for me that doesn't result in greater trust, peace, greater stability in the Lord. I think the less time we spend in the Bible not good you know and Psalm one.

The very first psalmist put there for a reason.

There are some astonishing promises of the psalmist gives there.

He said like in verse two and on. He said if you're the person who is going to marinate his mind or her mind and the word of God or some huge promises you to be like this planted tree at the. The idea of stability to be yielding fruit, fruitfulness, your lease is not whether whatever you do to get a prosper if the opposite of the withered burden, worrying, writing individual at yeah I'm still living in this world where things are going from bad to worse and there is the same old chaos, but I'm I'm grounded we get away from the word of God.

No coincidence that the things that should not be destabilizing at the unit easily throw thought when were not plugged into our church when when the kingdom of man becomes a bigger deal to us in the kingdom of God and have a destabilizing factor unnecessarily discouraging factor when were not in prayer before the throne of grace. Rarely do I ever get someone in counseling. David, who you know is having a spiritual battle and battling an issue saying whatever it might be, and I asked him how is your prayer life. How is your Bible reading a great better than happy is a one-to-one correlation there. Those are a couple couple of things that they're not 20 dental as far as grounding and anchoring online and these chaotic times right you just listed three of the five fundamentals that working go into in a little more depth right now. Again, Eric Davis with us today pastor at cornerstone church in Jackson Hole, Wyoming on the Christian will you talking about the year ahead how to have us a sense of stability and peace you say in your column that water got people to do a miss a tumultuous 2019 hike.

We best prepare ourselves for the bumpy ride just about every year.

It's been a rough one for God's people and his word is given for such times as these, we need to keep the main things the main things you mentioned the first few as I mentioned last answer. Use of the first one is the read the Bible and not such a fundamental you say there's a sentence in which the crazier times get the more we need to read Scripture is really the only constant in the world. It's a lamp to see in dark times, Scripture life. The only safe path.

It anchors us when the worldly wins beat hard. It invigorates when we are weary it gives wisdom when swimming in a sea of foolishness, such as the short paragraph from your section on reading the Bible is as a key. So now we've heard this exhortation to read the Bible. Now, since our Sunday school days. So Eric, why do so few Christians read the Bible regularly than I mean I'm talking an almost daily basis.

How do you inspire someone to to dig into it more daily for man and people that that I get the pastor here I mean we lack faith. We would like to trust her so much to do. Kids in school get breakfast made get to work. Do this do that sure these immediate things before that are like little Chihuahuas bite on her ankle regatta. I gotta get that's all off my ankle first to the felt thing at the thing that I see, touch, deal, instead of you, now stepping back for a second and then wait a second, who is in charge of this world is nothing new under the sun.

It is him, with whom I have to do is him who I need to have fellowship with him on a daily basis and I believe few that sometimes we lose sight of the promises of God in Scripture, some of which we just mentioned, there, and Psalm one that when I dwell with God in his word, there's going to be a transforming effect on me and I think sometimes you don't realize that right away or other, you know, the normal daily grind gets in the way we lack faith, we lack faith that this word that God has given us is going to have this able lysing transforming peace giving effect that we need and if no coincidence I think of Psalm 93 David Wood says the Lord reigns clothing girded himself with strength.

The world is firmly established will not be moved that the perspective we need to have is we we see this political issues going on in the downgrade been in the back and forth that our God has established the world. It will not be moved everything going on under his sovereignty under his Lordship, God is not where the path they think back and forth and that on the carpet of the throne room of heaven is completely calm and in control and we lose our perspective we don't get into the Scriptures.

Let's get down to fundamental three which is pray a lot what to do in a tumultuous 2019 you write spending 10 minutes before the evening news can cause you to blow an arterial O-ring spending 10 minutes before the throne of grace and prayer will cause you to walk steady. How can we possibly hear in shoulder the daily devastating headlines. You say we can't and playing ostrich is not an option for Christians pray and keep praying and I'm glad you said that because when I said earlier, but you don't feed endlessly on the cable news debates every night. I don't say you shouldn't feed it all because I think it's important for Christians to be very informed about what's going on around us. We need to be really sharp need to be wise and discerning the great what was going on, but there needs to be plenty of balance. Visit we we are what the product what we take in is that you are what you eat right, you are not like take in so talk about how prayer settles us and how to develop a more disciplined prayer life that I let the great question is bring up David and on and I totally agree with you. We do need to be in or while our diet shouldn't solely consist of it is you mention cable news in these kind of things we we do need to be aware like a something that the cost of whom it was that you know they understood the times and knew what to do what I know what to do because there in the Bible. They were with the people of God.

They were in prayer so that you had a then it would do in light of the departed out of you mentioned is Claire. I think it was Dr. Marla Jones who said there's nothing harder than prayer again because this is a nonmaterial thing where we don't always see an immediate result instant gratification. What will I get from this enough. I changed my life. You got new oil likely now you got a clean house.

I pray sometimes it's like I might have to wait a little bit but the promises of God are huge and we as the people of God have to take hold of those and implement them into our lives in one of the critical ways, without which we cannot do this. To do that is prayer. Prayer this huge promises. The guy guarantees the prayer in first Peter five. I think of their 56.

He says only yourselves and the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you.

The proper time casting all your worries casting everything with burning you on him. Why, because he cares for you will how I do that how I tangibly asked that on him. It's through prayer.

Philippians 4, six and seven being another passage be anxious for nothing, while I not be a ship I can just turn off Mike Blaine's my Medicaid in different ways is that prayer is the cessation you may know God critical now. Okay, how do we do that I don't develop that okay much more coming up with Eric Davis right here on the Christian will your radio program that you shop itself. You can support the Christian world through Amazon smile program, which donates half a percent of the purchase price of eligible products to the charitable organization of your choice.

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How do we do that I don't develop that I think of Bible reading plan with prayer together like when duties privilege of the Christian life are critical prayer for the response to the word of God to what we read both thanking God for the promises that we see and petitioning God for the command order to make these happen in my life and starting simple. You know you don't need to be this to our prayer warrior right away if you are right simple start something five minutes today Bible you know for 510 minutes read the pray for five minutes. You gotta set a timer like I do turn off the phone.

Sometimes that's okay. Start somewhere.

Make the prayer list. Pray one day 30 for the nation. Pray another day for church today for your family.

These kind of things for yourself and to start somewhere. If you try to shoot two huge sometimes you know the shoot for the stars, Mike and discouraged because they don't meet that goal is adequate. No need to do that start somewhere and let that 10 minutes before the throne of grace. Watch as God will will he promises he will cause you to walk steady at the guaranty. I depend on pirated FF. I'm not pray and I I see myself destabilized David pretty easily as just, you know deal the normal grind of little pastor gave us a cornerstone church in Jackson Hole Wyoming with us today talking about what to do enough tumultuous 2019 based on his column. We have linked in our website right now the Christian real just in the interest of time, Eric, I'm going to combine the last two of the five on how to have stability in the midst of the tumultuous year you said number four was live godly lives in number five tell people the gospel so there's a way to live here there something we should do.

You mentioned, and in the in the column that is Paul the apostle Paul told his understudy. Pastor Titus what to do in the missive. His difficult culture. He was living was all about just living a godly life wasn't about all these complicated things and go pick up the government, although that's not a bad thing if you want do that but really he made a pretty simple this live a godly life will tell us what that means, and then share with us how we can increase our opportunities to tell people the good news about Christ.

First of all the previous three that we are critical to the last two in Scripture and prayer church.

Those are the things that are those are all like the greenhouse to my soul and the fertilizer, the nutrients to Michael so that when I go out I am prepared as much as possible and then all of my imperfections in a very imperfect world. I am prepared by the grace of God and live a godly life speak have an opportunity to speak about Christ speak about the good news now and then you're just not you can struggle more than you need to to do those two things if were not doing the previous three would Titus that always gets me because he lived in such an ungodly culture.

The book of Titus they are facing all the issues that were facing its capacity to meet the brief letter he just tell them what or men, young and older women younger women employees be kind to people who get enemies neck holding red-faced debates so you can discuss issues definitely discuss them but be gentle. Be peaceable, be merciful, be humble when you fail those we all do can be godly by asking forgiveness by apologizing and and I find in those normal interactions.

You know, we don't have to create new venues called and say hey create new venues to go share the gospel. Just as in the normal rhythms of life. The kind and speak about Christ and in those normal venues as we do interact and we do engage in the kind well what would you think about what you believe about that or you know this or not but you not believe that God is good.

He's in control. Things are thinner spin out of control perpetually that there is a Savior who one day this can return make perfect. All the junk that is imperfect right now and we can just say that people can think a minute lunch break.

You know how to hike whatever it is you do with fellow mom the mom's group of kids whatever and that's it.

Not always easy but it's not complicated in the previous three will give us strength to do the final will answer the needs it's true just in the course of life. This you have your setting your mind on things above by being in the word, not praying, and living a godly life. When you go out. This is the way you're thinking and you meet someone, maybe at the store just a clerk somewhere just in the course of conversation. Just pray for those conversations sometimes are turning you don't need to give the person a sermon at that moment, but sewing like spiritual seeds and asking some questions about the person you be surprised I need to do this, much more, but sometimes just what I have done is just amazing.

Just the kind of conversations that you can have an people don't get it elsewhere. Typically, because it is such an increasingly secular society now, so they're not conversant or not even knowledgeable about the gospel you as Christians who go to church for hearing on regular basis so thank you for that exhortation Eric in just the final question for you today. As we we talk about what to do in a tumultuous 2019.

You start at the beginning talking about what makes Christians feel unstable use of bad theology. You're not understanding God's purposes for what's going on the world are not as if he's out of control and easier wringing his hands in heaven.

How does the biblical view of the end times your understanding what's to come.

Not only we can understand it perfectly.

Some things are best shrouded anatomy seen a glass darkly and a few of these things, but God's told us a lot in his word about what's coming up so how does the biblical view of the end times figure into having stability and peace in the midst of a tumultuous year. When you know how things again and that being informed and you know it's a very good and there's no reason to worry. Things are completely you don't seem chaotic thematic and so they're not really God is in control. Actually somewhat of a functional atheist view for us to say that out of control or not a control my Bible in Psalm 93 said God got anything control yet is not always please living going on, but you can control it even more. He is getting exercises sovereignty. But he said no we don't know every little detail, but we know Christ is coming back bodily and I will be the best political social situation. The world has ever seen and he's going to right all wrongs you could it make just all the injustice in the deal with everything and by the way, we better be prepared by trusting in him beforehand. Believing in him making sure that we really have put our confidence in him alone and not of works like standing with God. When we know the end and we know the end is very good and we know who's in charge of the end when you sleep better at night. I think of you to be a little less combatant with maybe our our little neighbor about political issues just cannot have a peace giving effect in our daily lives is nothing more practical. Let me just follow up to the question about the end times, because I think there a lot of professing Christians out there who will say things are to get better.

We can Christians can take dominion over our society.

We can Christianize this country, or Christianize the world and then Christ will return. What's your response to that sort of theology that Christians in the church should be making things better and if things are getting better there something wrong with the church. We are called to pepper society as salt and light near the light of the world you know that your light shine before men, absolutely. Amen. Do that but step back for a minute and say what is the God-given mission of the church. It is to make disciples to preach the gospel is to speak.

The good news of Christ crucified and live a godly life. I don't see in Scripture. Anything that says you know Christians are going to progressively overtake the world and completely transform every neck and cranny of culture and then for the progressively leading to utilities. These great promises that God gives of the time in question because I don't see that I do see promises and then passed his life and going to get worse you read, you read Revelation you read about them. The things inch up to Christ's return. And it gets pretty rough on persecution, things get bad Christians don't have to fear can stick with the mission speaking the gospel living godly lives trust in him. And Christ promises he'll bring in that that this global earthly kingdom. She'll bring it till right all along. He will take care of all the things that sometimes the wonder man.

Why is the church doing more God is in control Christ that I will build my church. He's not asleep you building it.

We can trust and that we don't understand, is why things are getting better stick to the main thing.

God is in and make make good on all of his problems certainly will and Eric. We appreciate your turning our hearts and our minds back to the word in the promises of God today that he's in control he's going to make all things right.

Eventually when his son returns and in the meantime, even in the midst of difficulties. He gives the grace the supernatural power to do his will and to be sustained in a tumultuous world around us.

So thank you for coming on the Christian real view today.

We just enjoyed the conversation we resolve God's best to you, your family and cornerstone church in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. To be here with what I been listening to an interview with Eric Davis. The teaching pastor cornerstone church in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. If you want to find out more about Eric you can go to the church's website, which is cornerstone JHS in Jackson Hole, cornerstone, J.

He also blogged that the cripple and take a break final break of the day here in the Christian really going to come back within a give some summary comments about how to maintain stability and peace in this tumultuous 2019 say too much more coming up on the Christian worldview. The mission of the Christian world is to sharpen the biblical worldview of Christians and to share the good news that all people can be reconciled to God through Jesus Christ. When Christians have a stronger faith and when unbelievers come to saving faith lives and families and churches, even communities are change for the glory of God. The Christian world you as a listener supported ministry. You can help us in our mission to impact hearts and minds by making a donation of any amount or becoming a monthly partner.

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Now if you missed any of the interview today with Eric Davis on five things to maintain stability and peace in the tumultuous 2019. If you join the program. Late. Just be sure to go to a website that you can hear the full interview there usually have it uploaded within a couple hours after the programmers live on Saturday mornings and her website is the Christian world another encouragement this year is to set up for a free podcast of this program and some of you might think what the podcast how to do that. Most smart phones today will have a podcast that built right into it and so will take your smart phone search for the podcast abdomen within the podcast app you just search for the Christian world you perhaps my name the Christian review data, we will come up and you can download it. I automatically get the program every week. In addition to the short takes as well as to reproduce these short soundbites. Highlights of the program every week so listeners are enjoying those for those who you don't have the time to listen to a 45 minute podcast sold several things were trying to do this year to make the Christian world you more accessible to more people now just a few summary remarks on this on this topic today of maintaining student as stability and peace in the tumultuous 2019 and as I was thinking about Eric and he would we're talking about what makes Christians feel unstable. I mean the sense we often hear at that what we should be surprised your pagans will act like pagans, the unbelieving world the heck I can believe it should have to that I can follow the Bible they can reject it. So why are we surprised and that's true. And there's no question about that and I guess in a sense we shouldn't be surprised that the same sense I think of for a Christian who sees the sinfulness inside themselves, or even in the world around them encroaching in it should be troubling to think of traveling in and saddening to God you think about Paul on Mars Hill in acts 17 yet he was seeing them worship all these titles and so forth. And he was that I think of the word is Baxter troubled in his spirit about it. So I think there is a sense that yes we do, we do expect to a certain degree that things are going to be getting worse around it, but it's not that we just accept it and watch as the waited to move our lives. It troubled us because we know what God's will is we know how much it offends God and we don't want that with your spirits been transformed through salvation, even human nature you you don't want that line yourself and certainly don't want to further people because you know the consequences for living and rejection of God in other people's lives there. The ultimate consequences is judgment so you don't want that.

So I think it's understandable. So here we see as Christians receive the fact that other Christians you know in society right now get marginalized or persecuted for standing up for the biblical beliefs are called bigots are called homophobes. When this is completely untrue.

Of course it is these politically correct speech codes.

There's pressure to accommodate ally, you must not call someone by anything other than their preferred gender pronoun or else you're going to lose your business, your bakery, your photography business. If you don't participate in this homosexual wedding receive Christians getting punished soon losing your business is ready think there's troubling addict that makes us feel unstable not just because of one's enemies are often whatever the person that it's directed at the just for someone else. We where it hurts us and you know we see what's going on in the schools today. You know the that the nonbiblical totally secular worldview. Talk to our children in schools from edges from K all the way through the really leftist worldview and higher education you receive the corporate structure. Today's is very politically correct others.

There's laws that are clearly against God's will for society. You can't turn on the TV at night without seeing the godlessness and entertainment in the music industry to the political We talked about earlier in the program now give you just one quick example here of beginning this year that that this really the first day of the new Congress. We have this Muslim congressman from Michigan. Basically calling the president and obscenity and no again. Maybe it shouldn't surprise us, but I think it's just jarring to us and makes us feel like one of the future going to be land. This is become the discourse in this country so II think what makes Christians feel uncomfortable is the fact that we see that God rejecting society around us. But not only that, we also see what's going on in the church. The church that is now church of the courses in the generalization, but some of the big prominent, influential churches are clearly accommodating the culture and send standing up against the ungodly culture I think older Christians who are more traditional and orthodox in their beliefs. Your are concerned that that the church is becoming more like the world in order to cope with in the world and that's not cannot work out very well.

Typically the accommodations going to make the church compromise with the younger Christians.

The millennial generation yet not all that elevation.

Some of them moving towards more of a social gospel, which is what the mainline denominations did so many years ago and they're just basically social clubs that they don't preach a true saving gospel and found Dr. so we see the things that makes Christians feel unstable, but I think if we keep in mind what Eric said, and those are all fundamental things that he said in the interview today. I mean, they're just the basics but the fundamentals I learned from my sports background. If you could execute those. That's the key to being successful and so is he says number one. Read the Bible number two enthusiastically plug into a New Testament church. He didn't get into that one today in the program but that one the key one.

That's the one institution I got promises of glass in the Fellowship of the teaching and the growth that happens in that environment is low importance of trying to find a good Bible preaching church is so important in praying.

Number three crying a lot having a difficult prayer life life number for living godly lives and telling people about the gospel and those five fundamentals. I think stabilized us and they help us see the world. Yeah, I can expect what's going on around me. I'm not happy about it troubled me the least I can have a sense of peace and stability in the midst of it now.

This concludes with a verse or two because ultimately it is about resting and trusting on the promises that God has given his word. We are by no means living in the worst time in human history in America at least a means these believers in the New Testament on the book. The books are written or in very, very difficult times of persecution like first Peter 113 says therefore, prepare your minds for action sober.

Sure hope completely on the great brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ. As obedient children to conform to the former lusts with yours and your ignorant be like the holy one who, of whom it is written should be holy, for I am holy that the goal become like Christ. We thank you for joining us today in the Christian world view. We look forward to talking to you next week if we do live in a changing and challenging world that there is one thing we can always count on entrusting Jesus Christ and his work.

They are the same yesterday, today, in 2019 and forever, that we can. We hope to these broadcast turned your heart toward God's word and his son to receive a copy of today's program or sign up for our free weekly email or to find out how you can be reconciled to God through Jesus Christ go to our website the Christian world dawdle. Call us toll-free at one Tripoli 646-2233. Christian worldview is a weekly one-hour radio program that is furnished by the over comer foundation and is supported by listeners and sponsors must one of our current resources with your donation of any amount go to a Christian worldview dawdle or call us toll-free at one Tripoli 646-2230 3.2 Ascent Box 01, Excelsior, MN 55331 that's Box 401, Excelsior, MN 55331. Thanks for listening to the Christian world you until next time think biblically live according

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